ABCmouse – Kids Learning Games

4.5 (857.5K)
625.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Age of Learning, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABCmouse – Kids Learning Games

4.49 out of 5
857.5K Ratings
2 years ago, PCG73
Prizes and pets
The prices are the same no matter what level the child is at. My son started at level 2. He is on level 10 now. Same prizes. Nothing ever changes. You need to provide them with a sense of earning new prizes as they level up. He has stopped buying prizes because there is nothing new. Pet situation is just as bad. Leveling up the pet does not result in any new functions. My son worked tirelessly to make his dragon a champion. We thought once it achieved this it would be able to fly or shoot fireballs. No such thing happened. That’s just lazy programming. You need to increase the ability of pets to keep kids engaged and motivated. They want to see a benefit from all their hard work. Saying they are a champion is simply not enough. Finally, I said this before, you need to move in the direction of CAT (computer assisted testing). This is true of the learning path as well as the assessment tests. My son is 6. He is finishing the 2nd grade learning sequence. He has been bored for some time. The path has lost its challenge. He was reading 2 years go. The puzzles are too simple. You need to remove the ability for them to complete them at level 1 when they can do them at level 9 or 10. Don”t give them an easy out. They will just advance through the puzzle at level 1 so they can move quickly. Finally, your assessment test should incorporate a timer. I need for my son to learn to take the test under timed conditions.
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4 years ago, LFarrow
Great activities. Terrible customer service.
The activities in the math and reading section are good, but the customer service is terrible. When you are doing the math section, there are two or three skills the child is working on at a time. Well one of the math games on my child’s account isn’t working properly and won’t let my child put the correct answer. I have tried over and over to put the right answer in but there must be a bug and it doesn’t work. I have contacted customer support on three separate occasions to have them address the issue. I sent the first email on April 4. It took 10 days for them to respond and I was told to uninstall and reinstall the app and update my iOS. Did both, game is still not working. I have since then reached out three more times and have heard nothing back. My son cannot move past this skill even though he knows how to do it because the game won’t let him enter the correct answer. There is no other way to contact customer support except the email link on the app. No one responds and I can’t seem to locate a number. For the amount of money we pay to use this service, there should be a better way to get support. There are much better apps that do the same thing for less money and better support for their customers. I’m frustrated that we paid for this app and my son cannot even make any progress because the developers can’t get their act together to fix this one simple thing.
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7 months ago, SueieSusie
A perfectly wonderful app for my child.
My child is on the autism spectrum and she learns best when there is less pressure and more gradual build up in learning and comprehending new concepts. ABC mouse offers exactly that. In my opinion, depending on your child’s ability to be productive independently, this app will vary in what you can get out of it. I have seen complaints about children spending too much time with the virtual hamster or doing too much art but obviously a child will do easier more fun things if you don’t monitor them, and that goes for any app or resource. My daughter is being homeschooled and is being taught interactively with ABC mouse, so her teacher keeps her hamster time limited to after school hours or when breaks are taken. She has learned quite a lot on ABC mouse since she started using it 3 months ago, from rhyming words and understanding what words have the same startling sounds to learning more shapes with interactive visual activities. Lastly I will highly recommend getting and using the ‘Assessment Center’ resource as it helps to cater their lessons to their exact needs and helps you understand where they are at academically and what progress is being made with a chronological graph to compare the assessments.
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4 years ago, MoonApr
Updated review
Customer service helped. I figured out that I can just limit in the settings that the child must have a password to use tickets to keep her from wasting time on the shop. Still with the puzzles is my only small concern. They directed me that the puzzles level can be adjusted... but can not be adjusted as a standard setting. In other words every time she does a puzzle, I must adjust the level because otherwise it’ll always start as level 1 where she can just tap to place instead of actually thinking of where to place anything. I checked to see if this remained consistent on the curriculum set and tried all the way to 10 for (I think) represented 4th grade. Always can just tap into place and must set level per puzzle. Just a suggestion to help make the puzzles more changeling and educational: make it where the parents can set the puzzles difficulty as a regular, not each time. Sorry that was so long. Love everything else. She still has a lot of work to get caught up as it is and we’re doing everything we can, including hoping this fun way of learning will make her do better. ✌🏻💖
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4 years ago, JES3681
Doesn’t work as advertised
I don’t usually leave negative reviews however this product and its customer service/support is terrible. While the concept is spot on the app just doesn’t work. We purchased the yearly ABC Mouse subscription for my 3 year old daughter. She used the learning path for about 20 minutes, which she loved because each lesson had a different activity, game or song. That was short lived when one of the lessons freezes and fails to load.(level 1, lesson 12, reading all about cows). There is no way to bypass the lesson and I’ve tried everything to get it to work to include deleting and reinstalling the app. I called customer service and they are not taking calls and do not have an option to leave a message. I then emailed customer support only to receive an automated reply and nothing to follow. This app is supposed to be for children to help them learn if it doesn’t work and the company isn’t going to fix the issues they shouldn’t be selling it. Very displeased with this. Update - the only response I received was to delete the app and re-download, which had already been tried (as stated in the review and in messages to customer service). I still have not received a response from customer service regarding any course of action, or a refund, as we still cannot advance past the same lesson. This company is a scam.
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4 years ago, craystrider
Love it/but
Is awesome and covers a range of skills. You can tell thought and care is put into it. I have two big issues, one is I haven’t found a way to keep my child locked into there name only and from poking around into other more parental areas of the app. The can’t change anything without a password but they get to info related screens easily and problematical for me. They have siblings with accounts and sometimes poke around and accidentally change a different account or my 2 year old during her FreeTime play with abc mouse alway always always clicked over into the I think more parental area. Like the first screen for assessments or stuff like that. The second is, having time limits I can set for the class pet. Soon as I’m not looking for 10 minutes the kids find there way over to the class pet and mindless move around the pet toys and loose to much time on that screen. I would heavily suggest getting a good UI team to rethink kid/multi kid/ parent management screen limits similar to screen time and guided access for various features in the app. The whole idea would be how can we keep the kid locked into the more educational parts and give the parents a way to get to what they need with some additional steps the kids can’t overcome.
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2 years ago, ARC2755
I’ve seen ads for ABC Mouse and tried the free trial when my oldest was 2. She was not interested and could not drag and drop as is needed for every game. Most of it was way above her head. I recently decided to pay for a full year because my daughter is now 4. I’m still really disappointed. Many things can’t be navigated without being able to read (example: buttons that read “Continue”). As others have said, things default to easy levels (so puzzles basically complete themselves), and when we finally find a game she WANTS to do on repeat, the only way to do that it seems is to use the search function and type in the name of the game (ridiculous for a 4y/o). Even for an adult the amount of search, hunt, find, repeat - the idea is cool but I think maybe they tried to do more than they were capable of. Plus there s are huge lags where my child is wondering if she needs to hit another button, did something lock up, did she miss something? Nope. It’s just super slow. Just have to wait. But then verbal instructions from the app go so quickly we both miss them most of the time. I like the idea but it’s not worth the money. They have a lot of improvements to make before it’s at all worth paying anything for.
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12 months ago, Momma Bei
It’s like private/summer school
I have been using abc mouse since my child was 3. She was naturally very smart and I wanted to keep her progress going. At 3 I had her starting on Kindergartner level just to see how well she would absorb the information and she did amazingly. I’m a stay at home mom abc mouse allowed me to keep her homeschooled till 1st grade. I will say to really exceed I recommend 2 things! 1. Keep a schedule. It’s important for kids to have a routine it’s all about structure. It also prepares them for school or maintains a school atmosphere during summer. 2. Split the work. ABCmouse online is great BUT handwriting is still VERY IMPORTANT. Abc mouse has workbooks that u should I use. What I do is early afternoon 12ish she does online work then I go to circuclum overview see what they focused on (ex:math) and I make her do a workbook of the opposite (ex:reading/writing) after a break so she gets both lessons in a day. One before lunch and one after.
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1 year ago, xnananabatmanx
So many bugs/wrong answers!
There are puzzles that don’t work right when she is trying to slide the word where it needs to be and then she can’t continue on the learning path. I reinstalled, updated, and even got a new tablet for her thinking the old one was junk for some reason. Now the pictures don’t match the presidents or whoever they are making her label in the puzzle. Frederick Douglass can’t have his name under him…instead, he needs a pair of names I’ve never heard of to be his names in order to move on. It’s frustrating because she’s supposed to be learning from this and now she thinks he must have 2 identities! It’s not like this is a free app. I would expect mixups from something with ads…I pay for this..and it’s so glitchy. She FREAKS out everytime it says she completed something and goes to give her tickets and doesn’t show the large total she has accumulated so she thinks they got taken away. Nope…just another glitch. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the computer, tablet, or my phone. Always something going happeninf that I need to figure out what the right *wrong* answer is.
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6 years ago, Sam21536
Began using app at 18 months
Granddaughter does her “homework” every morning after breakfast. Brady is now 20 months old and can start and run the app unassisted on my iPad, but I still monitor. She loves the games & puzzles and art projects. The songs are barely tolerated because there is no corresponding video & many songs are just plain lame. She expects songs like on the Dave&Ava app. She absolutely HATES the books offered on this app, as there are no monsters, dinosaurs, glittery unicorns or super heroes. We read regular paper books after ABCMouse time is over. I recommend the app because it gives focus and structure and she finds enough features to keep her interested. She already knew her alphabet and numbers up to 10 before we subscribed, but I can see how this app will gradually progress her learning to word recognition and reading. Plus there are few apps available for the ignored age 1 to 2 kids. Most apps for this age are baby rattle types. Your mileage may vary.
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4 years ago, Disappointed homeschool Mom
Freezes at lessons just as it did 10 years ago with my son
I got the yearly subscription for my daughter since my son had it before but now it seems to still be an issue with progress and the next activity lessons. It says to click but then just freezes and does NOTHING. I also paid for the assessments as well with the the one year subscription and I am highly disappointed and I really love the app but what’s the point of paying for a subscription that doesn’t work? I also got the automated response saying to reinstall, update device, etc... still nothing. I recommend to every parent to not buy anything from this app unless you do the trial for the month to see how far it gets you. But even then you might waste your time since it’s a faulty app. I’m sick of trying to troubleshoot something I paid for that did the same thing a decade ago. I love the lessons and everything else but if you aren’t able to have this app running up to our standards it is downright pointless to be paying for. Education should honestly be free for us who need it. I speak on behalf of all parents with kids. So now I want to know what is going to be done since I am very dissatisfied.
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1 month ago, AlexSalam
Amazing, Fun, Engaging, Educational
My daughter has absolutely loved ABC Mouse. My spouse and I homeschool our daughter. We use various parts of curriculums (not from ABC Mouse) and we use ABC Mouse to supplement her curriculum and also to give her educational game/entertainment options after she finishes her schoolwork. She uses ABC Mouse 7 days a week. Sometimes she will play on it for up to 2 hours at a time, especially on long commute rides. It’s very engaging and has what feels like an endless amount of materials for her to review and play with. It’s been worth every penny and we plan to continue to use it to its highest grade/learning level, and we plan to use it for our future children as well. Not only does it have its learning path and educational games, but my daughter is able to earn “tickets” in the game when she completes lessons. She can then spend these in the in game store for her in game room and in game fish tanks. She also has to feed her fish and clean the tanks, making her engaged with learning the importance of having responsibilities. We subscribe annually and I recommend everyone else does the same, it is very much worth your money! I couldn’t ask for a better educational app. I asked my daughter what she would like to say to put her input into this review as she is too young to have her own account to review on. She said “I love ABC Mouse! It’s totally cool!”
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9 months ago, fiamma the cat🧜🏻‍♀️
Please read before downloading
Hi! I’m here to tell you about my experience with this product. My 4 year old saw this while she was watching TV and really wanted it. So after a lot of her begging, I purchased the app, expecting an amazing learning experience for my daughter. Well, it’s just not. I tried to get logged in but it made me pay 100 bucks just to play. So I paid and logged in. It kept glitching so I rebooted it. That worked, but when we got in, my child Was singing old Mac Donald with the app and she was supposed to get tickets for it but she didn’t. She was really mad. I told her to try a little more and see if it worked. She got to about 300 tickets but when we came back the next day all the data was deleted 😅. I am really mad because no one wants to pay so much to log into to a glitchy awful app and then have to pay it again. So I deleted it. My daughter was super mad. I am also upset with adventure academy. You can read that one if you look at my review on adventure academy. Thank you for reading. Please fix the glitches because from now on I will be ignoring this developer completely.
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4 years ago, joeDaddy19
Just about perfect
Always heard about ABC Mouse from commercials on the pbs channel. It was perfect timing for us to check it out: our daughter just turned 3 and COVID-19 Quarantine was in full swing. Our daughter is doing great with ABC Mouse and gets a lot from it. This app, coupled with mock hour-long “school time” at home with her Mom has really boosted our daughter’s vocabulary, letter recognition, phonics, recognizing patterns, and learning numbers. Definitely recommend a touch screen device, as this is more intuitive to a young one than using a mouse. The only thing is I wish we could turn off or control the app advertisements that scroll at the top main menu... when our daughter selected one, it led to the episode/show section of the app. These are not very interactive in-app shows. Hopefully there will be a control feature for this in the future. Other than that.. ABC Mouse is super amazing!
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4 years ago, Tnbhjjvvcf
I login and can’t get past the yellow entry page.
Update: they were just overloaded with all the new users that suddenly flooded their site when everyone’s school closed. My son loves the app and is saving up his tickets for a “rainy day”. Didn’t realize it would also teach my kindergartener about finances. Lol Great app and customer support getting out the word that everything was going to be fixed ASAP. Thanks! The app will not load any further than the yellow entry page. On the rare occasion it goes past after several minutes, the app force closes and I’ll have to login and start this evil mess all over again. My 5th gen iPad 5 is fully updated and so is the app. WiFi is working well with everything else and I’ve tried a soft reset on the iPad as well as deleting out the app and re downloading it. It is also having the exact same issue on an iPad mini.
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3 years ago, fatima42990
Good but the platform cares more about money than actually helping children
I do enjoy using this app with my son. But I do not enjoy how the platform introduces new features. Get children making progress with those features and use to them ONLY TO HAVE THEM BE REMOVED into a separate app with additional fees. This has happened twice so far. 1st with the Shapeys and then with Miracle and Nano. Both were awesome additions. But then you remove them. Not only do you remove them without warning but also leave the buttons there on the screen to remind children “hey remember these games you don’t have access to anymore … cry and ask your parents where it has gone every time you return to play.” So now to want $80 a year for ABCmouse and $80 a year for math with the Shapeys and $80 a year for reading with Miracle and Nano. How did $80 a year turn into $240 a year. Really remove the faces of the Shapeys and Nano from the ABCmouse homepage as they are not a part of that subscription.
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3 years ago, S.Red.
Stealing money through an educational app for children
You guys are disgusting. You use children’s education to steal. I signed up with google account through an email that I don’t have access to anymore, and through my paypal account. I asked you to cancel my subscription and you said you couldn’t because I needed to go to my google account. So, since I cannot, you will keep taking money out of my account, refusing to find a way to cancel my subscription. You also refused to give me a refund of the last theft that you did by taking money out of my account even though it had said that ABCmouse was successfully canceled at some point. Even though I kept asking for help to unsubscribe. This is just frustrating and just completely disgusting. The little control they have over their subscription proves how desperate they are to steal money. Now I am stuck with an account from this app, taking money out of my account every month, without being used, and without having the option to unsubscribe. What is left for me to do is take my card out of PayPal to prevent them from taking money from me any further.
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2 years ago, why I love abc mouse
How I persuade my learning.❤️☹️😁❤️‍🔥
The way I was doing bad in school and my parents didn’t not know what to do so when they saw abc Mouse they were like maybe this will help her at school so my parents just started downloading it on me and my and my brother and we were producing to learn and we was doing better and my brother was doing better my baby sister even started school just two days ago and guess what she’s already in first grade because of ABC mouse it really helps your children to have fun learning when you learn and I didn’t like learning back then but look at me now I’m in high school and I love it and I’m going to college tomorrow and I want to bring ABC mouse with me because it has ages up to 21 to 3 and it has really been so much fun and it is so much easier to learn than too just learn I love abc mouse and that it helps you learn.❤️‍🔥😍💗😃😀😄😁.
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2 years ago, jess_0308
Love & Would give 5 stars but…
My older son used this app religiously about 5-6 years ago. He absolutely loved everything about it. Recently I Signed my 5 year old up for it, I was extremely disappointed to see so much of the content hadn't changed. It’s also extremely glitchy and slow on the fire tablet. He started playing on our MAC and had the same issues, so he easily lost Interest. The graphics definitely need to be updated along with the games. Overall it’s a GREAT program for learning, I wish it had newer content that had a more modern vibe. Would love to keep my subscription going but I just can’t keep my youngest interested and I’m positive it’s because visually it lacks in comparison to other programs available.
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4 years ago, Chilly Lilly
Support issues
My daughter loves working with this app, and I love it as well the only reason I gave it a 3 out of 5 is because when we first downloaded and signed up it took days for the app to work on both my phone and her tablet. I emailed support and I never got a response on how to fix it or to help me figure it out. I got a response over a week later on rated the app. Time has passed and she has been doing about two hours a day on it so far. Now I understand that due to the virus there has been a lot of extra activity, but she has been stuck on a section for 5 days. Neither her tablet or my phone will load the new section I emailed support the next day thinking it was just a lot of activity and I would give it time. Still no response. It has been over a week. We have resorted to just playing games until we find something for her to do. I didn’t want to take this up here, I am just tired of waiting on a response and hopefully this get me further. Thank you for you time.
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2 years ago, Yohuallix
Great concept, poor execution
My son and I love the ABC Mouse program. I think it’s great, but unfortunately, with every update the app works worse and worse. Every time I update the app, it takes forever to recognize my account (when it actually does, because there have been times when it does recognize it. Period.). My son uses a tablet to play with ABC Mouse, so, when we are totally unable to sign in in the app, we use the web browser, but that doesn’t offer a better solution, because the games use a lot of RAM to load, and a tablet seems to not have enough for that. The games constantly stick or take forever to load. That’s not fun at all. For the amount of money ABC Mouse want per month, it should work flawlessly, in my humble opinion. It would be great if these issues could be fixed, since I consider AbC Mouse a good aid to help children moving academically forward despite all the challenges the pandemic brought for schools worldwide.
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4 years ago, Gwenwivar
Autistic Daughter
Going into this three years ago I thought it was a gimmick. I turned it on and handed over the iPad to my then two year old girl. She loved it. She played up until she hit 4 1/2 years old where she got bored and hardly played. By then her sister who was just turning 2 picked it up and started playing. At 5 and a few months my oldest was diagnosed ASD and I got her back into the app full force by changing the settings to level 8. She is thriving on it now. She is now in Kindergarten and doing double digit addition and my 3 year old is spouting off the letters of the alphabet every time she sees them and shapes. This has definitely given both my children a head start in school. Once my oldest is done with the top level of ABC Mouse I am definitely continuing her on to the University app. Thank you to the developers for being a huge part of my children’s educational success.
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6 years ago, Kitty409
One stop education center for ages 2 to 8
I’ve been using ABC mouse with my countless nieces and nephews for the past six years. This program is totally awesome. It has numerous ways of accessing the material: including the learning path, the classroom, and the map. It has numerous videos games puzzles. It has all the reading a child would need until third grade. I can’t speak highly enough of this program. I currently have two separate subscriptions for three nieces and three nephews of mine. Up until now, I have had numerous subscriptions to other programs; However, none is like ABC mouse! After school, my little ones run to get on ABC mouse. They are so excited to work with this program. They ask me to do more lessons. They love the whole idea of earning tickets and purchasing things that they can interact with. Thanks ABC mouse for such a wonderful, complete, and engaging program!
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3 years ago, Aurora Hazel
I love ABCmouse 👍🏽❤️
ABC mouse is helpful for your kids and I know that because I am a kid. My sister plays it and I am eight now and I still play it. for each activity they give you three tickets I was able to name three things that I learned in the video that I watched. The reason why I play it every time I get the chance to is because all the time they are constantly adding new activities, games, and videos I don’t just play it because that though. I know people say this a lot but, it actually teaches me things I didn’t know before it makes learning easy for kids and it makes kids want to learn because they will have fun learning once they play ABC mouse. I recommend this game for your kids. if you do download it I hope you have fun playing and learning with the one and only and the most extraordinary ABC mouse!
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6 years ago, TWINkiesMommy2009
Billing practices are shady.
I cancelled ABC Mouse over the phone with a representative in January because my children were too old for the program and we were no longer needing it (they’re nearly 9 years old). Apparently the representative “paused” my account and so they resumed charging me three months later. I didn’t catch it right away and I haven’t received a single email from them since June 2017 so it was very much out of sight, out of mind. I called again and she told me the account had been paused, that I did it, and they have a non-refund policy. They ended up refunding me the past 60 days though they charged me $9.95 for the last 3 days. My rate at the time I cancelled was $7.95. They wouldn’t budge on refunding the last 3 charges they did without permission. I researched a bit when I got off the phone with them and they’ve had multiple BBB cases and also have reports on RipOff Reports. It’s disappointing that they have these shady billing practices because my children enjoyed them and they were good for them while we used it. Off to dispute the charges through PayPal that they refused to refund. 😕
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1 year ago, EVERYTHING'S TAKEN!!!
It said it deleted all of my sisters tickets
First off I’m writing this on my sisters iPad. Ok, About 10 minutes ago My sister and I were playing ABC mouse on this iPad. She’s 5 and I help her because she can’t read the instructions. We were playing pet park and one of the lessons she already did. She did it again because she really liked it the first time. At the end it said “You already received tickets for doing this activity five times today” When it was done it said she had 0 tickets. I looked on the home page, ZERO. TICKETS!!!! She worked so hard for those tickets, now they are gone. JK!!!!!! But it scared us SO bad. Thank god it didn’t actually delete them, but we thought they were gone. ABC mouse, PLEASEEEEEE Fix this bug, save thousands of tears. Pleaseeeeeeee🥺? Sorry if your mad I tricked you, but that’s exactly what it did to us
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4 years ago, NateBobBenton
Do not download!
to;dr: Poor customer service, no response to emails, difficult to cancel, advertised one price but instead got another, app is clunky and slow, and activities are not engaging enough to keep my kids attentions The "activities" are buggy and slow on the app and are worse on the web. My kids are preschool age and they don't have the patience to wait thirty seconds or more while the activity loads. My kids are three and four were supposed to be free since March 2020 because of the pandemic but I've been paying 9.95/month instead. I tried sending emails to support and I was ignored multiple times. I've read the "5" star reviews and they seem formulaic so they are probably fake. Cancelling was incredibly difficult. I had to sign up for the service and pay from the website but had to cancel on the app. When I downloaded the app on my iPhone 11 the keyboard and cancellation screen would format right for my screen so I couldn't cancel there. I tried sending a message to Age of "Learning" (should be Age of Scamming) and never had a response.
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5 years ago, XxJadaLovexX
This is the best learning thing ever!!!
I’ve been teaching for 16 years. And thank you very much I appreciate it! Cause my daughter has been reading a lot and she’s making it into school. And the teacher is like “oh my gosh when did your kid learn this awesome stuff!” I said “Oh try abc mouse it’s the best learning app ever!” And my teacher was so surprised. And the teacher tried it out. And all of the kids were learning so well the teacher smiled at me. And the kids all spelled well and she said. “Oh thank you very much. I needed this the kids grades are very low and I love this! There spelling good they can spell their names now I’m like so happy! Thank you very much I’m giving this game 5 stars!” And that’s it (thank you very very so so much I wish I could give you a hug. you deserve it!) I wish you could reply and say “I hope you enjoyed this app and. have a happy day!
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6 years ago, momof3homeschooled
Kills the ipad battery
I have mixed opinions on this app. The app is good not great because my almost 4 year old can’t run this app on her own correctly as it’s much stuff to click on and get lost in doing without actually learning the things I WANT her to learn. With that being said their actually learning items are great for correcting her while still letting her win the game. I find the app run extremely slow and glitches a lot I hoped that they had fixed this issue since the last time we had this app which was 4 years ago but they didn’t. I also have a large ipad which battery normally last all day with my kids playing on it all day but with abc mouse app in use it will take a whole 2 hours to kill the battery. So it’s definitely not for use if you can’t afford for the ipad battery to die like doctor visits or long car rides. Outside of that the app is actually great as long as you make sure they are using it right.
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6 years ago, JPPhil
Update crashes
We’ve used abc mouse with our grandchildren for a long time. The update two weeks ago broke the program so bad it won’t even load. Crashes every time - can’t even get to the login screen. And this is on an iPhone 8 Plus! Same thing happens on a first generation iPad Air. Both devices are running the latest iOS version. It needs to be fixed soonest or we will have to cancel and attempt to get our money back. UPDATE: After about six hours of actually talking to them on the phone, and a dozen emails back and forth, they finally got it fixed. The issue was that in order to get more grandkids on the program we had to upgrade to a Teacher account and they canceled our old Family account. The devices were still logged into the now deleted Family account. They had to log us out on their end, we had to log in and out again on our devices, uninstall and reinstall the apps, etc. Lots to go through, but glad it now works. As a retired computer professional, I’m used to this sort of thing, but I’m sure the average grandma or grandpa would have given up by now. Anyway, it’s all here for whomever wants to refer to how it got fixed. The program is definitely worth five stars, when it works, which now it does!
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6 years ago, november morn
App needs work
I agree with the other reviews that it’s extremely annoying that there is no home button and you have to go through every previous screen to get back to the main screen. Sometimes even that doesn’t work and I have to close app. The biggest upset however is that I have to reset my password EVERY time I have to change settings in the parents section. Yesterday I put a restriction so my child couldn’t purchase and also put a time limit and guess what? I catch him this morning buying things in the app. He depleted almost all of his 1300 tickets and I went back to settings. Again, I had to reset my password and none of the changes I made yesterday were applied. The lessons are great, I just think the software and app need major upgrading. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, i need them gone
Update requests
This game is the best learning experience I’m seven years old in first grade but I still have a lot to learn so this game is super fun for me but I just want to request some updates I want some more outfits so you can have even more fun with your character customization and add some more furniture as well and also add new activities add anything you don’t have before also can you add some daily tickets for every day like tickets every day any amount is fine some new coloring pages some new learning activities I absolutely love the books so please add some new books and also I’m trying to delete a picture that I made because I’m tired of it and it asked me a question that if I actually want to delete the picture I clicked yes I checked if it was still there and it was please fix it
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4 years ago, llFrostbyte
Love it so far!
I tried learning games of all sorts on my phone, the tablet everything. My son never wanted to sit and learn anything. Reading books is just as bad, so I started the free trial on pc and he won’t get off my computer, I downloaded it onto my phone just in case we were out and about and I needed to distract him. He loves it, and the rewards system is perfect he wants to pass levels and get the little prizes. My son is 4 and I just started him at the 2year level so we can work through everything and it gets him used to using a mouse and not just constantly touching a screen. I think it’s worth it a far, I may update after the 30 days but so far I think it’s great from what I’m seeing and just in literally 5 minutes he was hooked on it!
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4 years ago, blin425
As a teacher, I have heard many of my elementary colleagues talk about this app. Since my daughter has to work from home during this time, and her husband is an essential worker,I go take care of my 3 year old grandson. I thought this would be perfect while his daycare is closed. I absolutely love the learning path and all of the material. HOWEVER, the program has locked up on level 1, lesson 12 (cow). I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. I downloaded it to another device... same problem. I then saw someone else was having this same issue. I decided to wait and see if it would be fixed so we have been doing different activities. He loves the books, but today we tried 3 different stories and they to did not play. I did read to him manually but this defeats the purpose. PLEASE fix the bug. Once it is fixed I will revise my star rating.
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4 years ago, Nhughey37
Maybe I can get a response on here?
I had previously cancelled my ABC mouse account because my oldest son just wasn’t interested. I have since re-actived my account since my youngest son loves it. I didn’t mind spending the money as long as it was getting used. However logging in has been intermittent at best(at frist), and now we can’t even get in. I have changed my password, I contacted customer support got the automatic replay email. Since I have paid for this service and have not been able to use it, if I don’t get a response soon my next step is to cancel my account again(if I can get logged in), get my money back(even if I have to dispute the charge with my bank) and report the extremely poor quality of this online learning to the BBB. It’s one thing to pay for a service and have it work intermittent but this has been a nightmare. Oh my last contact with “customer service” was March 20th. I hope this works because he really likes this but I can’t justify spending that kinda of money on something that doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, pandacookie17
Constant crashing, deleting and redownloading.
Great material for kids if you can even let it run for a minute without a game crashing. I’ve had to delete and reinstall so many times I’m about ready to keep it off my child’s iPad for good. We loved it at first but within Minutes of using the app it would freeze. For how much they charge monthly theirs no excuse for this constant crash. I am willing to pay for this but as it is it’s not even worth calling it a working product. I’ll try again next month and see if they’ve fixed the bugs in this app. Not worth a penny until it actually runs without freezing every minute. FYI we have the latest iPad mini bought 2021 and fully updated. No reason that it’ll be a unit issue.
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4 years ago, Jessb18
Really fun and educational
This is a really good app for kids and it is like a classroom but you can take it anywhere it is really fun and educational app me and my brother love it. There is one thing you can change is when I am in the car it doesn’t work. Overall it is a really fun app!!!! Me and my brother really like this app I like that we can buy close and toys for are room and the fun activities and the gifts you get in the learning path and the classroom is fun and the hamster and the fish and the pets you can get are fun too. But if you can add a bowling game my brother would be so happy because he loves bowling. And if you can add a Maltese puppy for 45 tickets or 90 tickets? But this is the best app for kids that are going to pre-k. And I love that it is so fun and all of the fun activities!!!!!! Get this app it is so much fun!! From Alyssa Berkowitz
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1 year ago, Fair- Minded
No progression, No support, Impossible to cancel.
Got it for my 4 year old. Loved it for the first couple weeks but it got stale VERY fast. Despite winning games continuously, it was the same games, same questions, same answers…. It’s just a loop. There is absolutely no noticeable advancement. I even sat with it to try and help it advance. Nothing. After about a month of really trying to work through it, the interest was completely gone. The subscription if for a year so I canceled after about 6 months, but they STILL CHARGED MY CARD after a year. I tried, at great length, to contact them but just got a runaround of automated messages. Even for tech support. There is no actual customer service or tech support. It’s ALL automated. Once they get your payment info, they literally charge you until it gets shut off by the payment company. That was the only way I was able to get out of it. I have no idea how they have any decent reviews. It’s total garbage and a SCAM.
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2 years ago, Vitapiubella
BEWARE OF CONTINUAL BILLING!! I cancelled this ABC Mouse App YEARS ago but just caught a pop alert on my phone up from my credit card (not from ABC Mouse) that I was getting an annual renewal charge today. I contacted customer support who told me I’ve been being billed annually for years now. Huh?!? Somehow I missed seeing the annual renewal charges on my statement until now. My renewal rate is Dec 19, so those annual charges were lost in all the Christmas purchases I made. The customer service person assured me my account would be cancelled today. I just got a confirmation email saying it’s been cancelled and that I’ll be refunded this current charge. Hopefully that really happens. I seem to recall this exact same sort of thing happened to me years ago when I first cancelled ABC Mouse, but I was charged again thereafter. I had to call in and get it reversed. Unfortunately I never verified things the following year, because if I had, I wouldn’t have been being charged all these years. I no longer have any trust in ABC Mouse, so I’m putting a reminder on my phone calendar for next year to make sure I don’t get re-charged yet again. As for the app itself, my kid used it many years ago and liked it, but given my experience of being charged hundreds of dollars after cancellation, all I can do is warn people to NEVER sign up for ABC Mouse to begin with. So, consider yourself warned…
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3 years ago, AColomer
Horrible Customer Service
After being excited to use this app with my children, I paid for the year subscription and that’s when the problem began. After paying, and receiving an email confirmation that payment went through, I have tried for over a week to log in without success. I tried reaching out to the customer service via email & chat whom gave me instructions to “restore” purchase to be able to log in. From there, it would have me log in. On “restoring” the purchase I get the message that the account has already been purchased but when I try to log in (or try to recover password) I get message saying that email account does not exist/is not a member of abcmouse...this has been an endless loop of explaining the problem and simply getting the same response that gets me no where. Will be reaching out to the App Store and to my credit card to get this purchase cancelled and credited. Waste of time.
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2 years ago, Reviewed by 123456789
Buyer Beware
Let me preface this by saying the product is great and definitely deserves the praise. But the problem resolution and subsequent customer support is horrid. I have attempted to reset password multiple times but never received the promised link neither in my email account or it’s spam folder. I have contacted customer support on two occasions and both times have been quick to tell me my email account is not in their system. Both times I have to submit a copy of the apple receipt to wit customer support (CS) promptly tells as follows: AGENT (Dalia ): I think I know what could be the issue. It appears Apple’s iTunes server has not yet sent your information to our database This even though ABCmouse website links to apple when I purchased app. All attempts to reset password ends with ABCmouse promising to send a link that never arrives. I am not their (ABCmouse or apple’s) technician. I have neither the skill set or access to correct whatever flaw is in the process. I am just a consumer out $120 with a 5 year old who can’t access her favorite program because other adults think dodging a problem is the best $olution.
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5 years ago, PiG ina MiG
Ok, not great
My daughter enjoys this app and we will probably keep it for a few more months, but to be honest I am not super impressed. First, this app has SO many glitches. Seriously, pay some software engineers to come in and clean up. Second, they make it way too easy for kids to do repetitive actions without actually learning anything, ie. color pages that they can just click done on, videos that they can watch over and over, or puzzles that they just click on the pieces and they fall into place instead of having to place them where they go. Third, it is a little ridiculous to charge $10 a month. I don’t feel like it provides anything new to justify a monthly subscription vs a one time purchase. Overall I am just not feeling like she is learning very much and I think she just breezes through. Oh well, there are much better ones out there.
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4 years ago, Goddess💗
Suggestions for abc mouse
Hi can you guess please consider adding a bit more control for parents of kids account. For example allow us to assign a task for the day etc .. because my daughter gets bored and will tend to just watch the show. I would like her to be a bit more active in her learning. Also please can you add a button where I can send her a pop up say great job or thumbs. What about a window where I call her and tell her I’m proud of her work. Maybe a window where she sees and can talk to me. I would like this so much as it will make more engaging and uniting. I work so I would like to be able to commutate with her while she plays her games/ activities to give her encouragement. Pleaseeeee!! Thank you
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4 years ago, reviewedfromipad
Doesn’t work properly
I bought a brand new iPad just for my daughter to use this app. She loves the app when it’s working, which is half the time. Everything is up to date and the app has been reinstalled several times with the same results. First issue was she couldn’t do her activities as they wouldn’t load. Contacted customer support letting them know the issue and that we did make sure everything was up to date and reinstalled per their troubleshooting. Their response was to make sure everything was updated and to reinstall and to contact them again if it continued, which it did. Now it won’t even start up. Again everything is up to date and again reinstalled several times. Not wasting time with customer support has they will tell me to do the same thing in their troubleshooting section. Hopefully it works itself out soon so my daughter can play again.
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4 years ago, ownebrj
Bad app blank screens several games can’t be played because they never load
I really dislike it and so do my kids. There are blank screens all the time. It never loads properly. I changed internet service and it was the same thing. I got it for my son when he was 5 or 6 years old he is now 9. He used it for a few months I cancelled before the year was over because he hated it. I received a charge on my debit card last week and I’m not happy. I don’t know if I’ve been charged all these years and didn’t realize it. I opened another subscription two months ago for my daughter different debit card and email address than my son she was having the same issues my son had when he was using it several years ago. I got the free month and cancelled a day late so I had to pay the 9 dollars it’s fine because it was my mistake. I should have cancelled on time. I’m very angry about the $59 charge I recently received on the debit card I used several years ago.
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6 years ago, Porky714
Not All That Impressed
We had this app for my child for couple of years. Honestly there are other wonderful educational apps that will help your child stay more focused. ABC Mouse has waaaay too much on its app. So if you are not by your child’s side at all times while he’s playing it my toddler was just watching videos instead of doing this learning pass, he would get bored fast with it. The pet thing would ALWAYS be slow, you press the button to feed or wash and sound comes way later plus pets don’t really do anything but stand there. Would’ve been way more interesting if child could interact with the pet and it would have some emotions back other than just stand there. My child is way more entertained with PBS app and its FREE. The way to cancel would be to unsubscribe on your device (phone or tablet) or block it on your card. I’ve heard from many people that if you call them to cancel it’s useless.
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2 months ago, RiceTribeMomma
No refunds!
ABC mouse has horrible customer service. They charged us for a year subscription when I’m almost certain I cancelled ours last year. There were no warning emails that your account is about to renew. The day I saw the charge I went online to dispute and the bot in chat kept telling me “no refunds” but “we’ll refund you 50%” then “Oops there has been an error, let me transfer you” then nothing for over 25 minutes. This happened twice and still no resolution. If you give the customer service interaction a poor score , they just say “ Sorry you had a bad experience!” —edited to update-finally got through to a person and after another lengthy hold and starting a ticket we were able to get a full refund. It was not an easy remedy and hopefully they streamline it in the future.
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1 year ago, EmmaLee66
Updated Review: cannot recommend
We have used this app since 2019. It’s never functioned correctly, but I’ve kept it because my autistic kid loves it. To be completely honest, the only appeal of paying the high yearly subscription price was the games, but those are the glitchiest part of the program. They function the way they’re supposed to about 30% of the time, and never if you play more than once like the website recommends. Most often the sound cuts out and that’s horrible when the kid is half way through the game and all of the instructions are audio. Puzzles glitch and the pieces don’t go where they’re supposed to. Sometimes the app just freezes and won’t let you in no matter how many times you restart it, uninstall, redownload, or log back in. For such a well known program and the amount of money you pay for it, you’d think it would work better, but it doesn’t.
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3 years ago, Team Cuteness
Amazing for kids
My kids absolutely LOVE this game! They love getting tickets to buy new clothes, pets, furniture etc. The one downfall to this game is that they keep saying to me that once you have bought something you can’t sell it. So they have tons of extra of everything that they used to want and don’t want anymore. I know that it is a very little detail but I, my kids, and probably other users want this to happen. I really hope that you can add that in soon. Besides, that one little thing, the entire rest of the game is the best game ever (I’m not exaggerating when I say it, my own kids said it to me yesterday.) So I highly recommend you getting this app for your child, especially if they are stubborn with learning.
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3 years ago, Sabrina :P
Still need to talk to your kids
While I love 98% of the contact on ABC mouse I do want to point out that the word fat occurs a few times in different stories and perpetuates body shaming with a story called Sam the cat where he was called fat and lazy for staying indoors and playing video games and none of his friends would play with him until he got fed and played outside and then he lost the weight and he had friends which I don’t think is a great message. Also there is some Health culture stuff that puts good and bad labels on different foods and activities so I just want to point out they are learning good habits but on the other side of that they might be feeling shameful of the food they have available at home if they aren’t in a economic state to have the freshest food :(
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