PictureThis - Plant Identifier

4.8 (907.5K)
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Glority Global Group Ltd.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PictureThis - Plant Identifier

4.81 out of 5
907.5K Ratings
4 months ago, Sandpaper Doll
Keeps getting better
I started using this app about 6 months ago and it did ok with identifying my plants. I recently started using it again because I found it was more accurately identifying plants (tested at nurseries and such). The love the app design putting the camera ID button in an easy to find place so I can quickly ID those useless “hi, I’m a plant” labels in the big box stores. I love the photo and note journaling capabilities so I can chronicalize my plants journey through life. The water and fertilizing tracking and notifications are great since you have the option to either use their seasonal calculations based on the plant species, or set it up manually. I’ve used some of the genus-specific soil recipes that it offers and they have worked well for my plants. The light meter is somewhat helpful and they added the ability to save your light setting when you are capturing the light. It helps to place a blank white strip of paper (about 20# or 24# paper) over the camera to help diffuse the light. Unfortunately I don’t trust the educational videos because I have seen their videos give “tips” that contradict both the information in the text as well as general internet advice. Wishlist: would love a function to set tracking and reminders for pest treatments. Would also love if you added more Hoya and orchid varieties in the picture ID catalog.
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3 years ago, libbby213
Fabulous and useful
Incredibly useful app. Does an awesome job identifying plants and shows great photo examples so you can be sure you’re getting the right results! Has care tips, tells you if a plant is potentially hazardous, shows commonly asked questions and their answers, and so much more. Love that I can “save to my garden” and look back at what I’ve scanned and reread the info anytime. Love the “diagnose” feature as well!! Had helped us identify different diseases and root rot and gives advice for care. Turns out we planted some (hardware store purchased) basil that had some infection in the roots that seeps into the soil, so now we can’t plant basil or mint or anything in our garden for several years. Would never have known without this app! Would have just thought the stalks were turning black because I have a black thumb 😂 My only critique is the cost of the “full version” of the app. I would be *happy* to pay the developers for their hard work on this app because it’s really so incredible, but $30 a YEAR is much too steep for me. What happened to apps being a couple bucks at most? What’s the deal with this whole yearly subscription thing?? I personally feel like the creators would make more money by charging less and having more buyers, but I’m no accountant. I’ll just keep clicking “continue with free version” til the cows come home.
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2 months ago, therapyrocks
Free Option is Useful!
I use the free option and overall I would recommend this app for plant identification and plant care reminders. I try to use an app for a while before I write a good review. There are NOT annoying ads. Each time I open the app it does ask me to purchase the full version but I click “cancel” and move on. I use this app frequently to take pictures of plants and identify the species. For free you can also take pictures of plants you own and add them to “my garden.” You can add pictures over time and see a timeline of the growth of your plants which is cool. It will suggest proper water and fertilization schedules for your plants and you can set up reminders/notifications to water or fertilize each of your plants. On I-phone there is also a widget you can add to your screen for the care reminders, I like it more than just the app icon. There are added benefits if you pay for it like bird identification and you can unlock more information about the plants you identify and you can use something called 360 identify which is supposed to be more accurate. I have used the bird identification before because it used to be part of the free option and it was accurate. I hope this helps someone else decide whether or not to try this app! It’s worth a download to compare it to other apps you are considering.
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1 year ago, Éclair22
So Helpful and Accurate!
This app is absolutely amazing! It was able to quickly and correctly identify every plant in my garden, including one I had spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to identify on my own. I almost want the premium version because the features look so, so nice. Actually, I probably would buy it except that I have very low income and I probably wouldn’t get a whole ton of use out of it anyway. 😂 Anyway, this is absolutely a five star app! The design is great and comprehensive, and it holds a wealth of useful information you would have to surf the web for hours to find otherwise. Plus, I just love the light meter, diagnose, My Garden, and seasonal tips features. So helpful. If I had any suggestions at all, it would be to include options in the surveys (such as the one in the watering frequency calculator) for non-potted plants, and to allow you to edit the diagnosis as you can the plant names. However, these things did not detract from my experience at all, and this was still absolutely mind blowing! The accuracy, while not always perfect, is truly top notch. I applaud the developers, design team, and everyone who worked on this. You are all amazing. ❤️ All you plant lovers out there, totally support these guys by getting the premium version if (unlike me) you can afford it. Five stars!
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3 years ago, NC1
Not specific Enough, Had trouble identifying Pine and Crab Apple
Overall, I like the App. I didn’t have time to try the ‘diagnostic’ part of the App. I used it to identify some trees, flowers, bushes and vegetables in my yard and my neighbors’ yards. It did pretty well, identifying about 80% accuracy. It had difficulty identifying the pine trees and it never got the Crab Apple correct (which is small right now, and has no flowers). It identified Rose of Sharon plant, but could not tell me which color flowers were on each plant. Similarly, it got the Garden Dahlia correct, but could not further differentiate the type of flowers on the plant. The nice part is that you could send instant feedback if it identifies a plant incorrectly, and you know what the plant should be! If you don’t know, you can still send feedback easily. I couldn’t find a way to categorize my plants into Trees, bushes, flowers or vegetable garden plants. That improvement would be awesome! I could not create a separate tab for another person’s yard plants. That would make it better for people who might want to use it for their gardening business. This App shows promise, but I don’t want to pay $30 a year for the App. Nice App, but needs better plant differentiation and customization into Trees, bushes, vegetables, etc… I like that they have some gardening books in the App, but you can’t download them and read in another reader App. You must read them in the App.
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4 years ago, AvocadoWizard
Great app with little disturbance
I love this app It’s so easy to just whip out the app anywhere and snap a pic of any plant and get almost instant results with nice information to annoy your family with! There is only two problems I have encountered. The most pressing problem is that if no WiFi is available you obviously must use data to get results. This isn’t much of a problem as everyone now a days has data or some form of connection. I have a solution for this but first I will say the second problem I have with this app is that it’s constantly pushing you to purchase the subscription. You can easily press the x at the top right corner but I think it’s very easy to accidentally buy it. Now back to my solution for the data thing. I suggest that the app devs make an option to download the entire database on your phone. This would obviously take up some space on your phone but I think it’s worth it. Also I feel that this feature should only be available for subscribed members. Don’t raise the price or anything because I think it’s quite pricey as is. Other than that this app is great! I’ve seen a few apps like this where you take a picture and it takes like 12 hours for results. I think that’s ridiculous. This app is instant. 10/5
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4 years ago, Goobwar
I manage an academic greenhouse and this app has actually helped me to narrow down the taxonomy for a few specimen that have been left unidentified or completely misidentified for years. The newer feature that identifies plant stress has also been an extremely useful teaching tool in helping my students understand the signs and symptoms of plant pest and pathogen infestations. The invasives warning has been especially useful for my students to understand and identify invasives on the campus ecological preserve too. I will be downloading this app on all devices for students in ecology to use this upcoming semester. Love it and frequently recommend to everyone even off campus. It’s obviously not perfect (not sure why some would think a plant ID app would work on mushrooms haha) but it is accurate in providing the correct genera or at least family which can then be used in conjunction with a field guide. As someone who has built multiple phone applications myself and lives a life centered around botany and computer science, I honestly am beyond impressed. I just hope most of the features remain free (if that changes possibly provide a university bundle subscription?) :) **note: I have not tried the app on unidentified specimen in the herbarium yet but am very curious
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3 years ago, Plaid11
Great app
This app does wonders. I may not use it all that often but it is great when I do. The only downside, like a couple other posts, I thought they changed it to where you had to pay to use it. They have it to where the subscription comes up right away and it looks like the only way to do anything is by purchasing the subscription. There a “restore” in the top left and a “cancel” in the top right. The issue with those, they are grayed out so much that they aren’t the easiest to see. I saw the restore one first and it still took quite a while to see the cancel. Where most may not have an issue with finding the cancel so you can advance without purchasing the subscription, some may have a harder time locating the “cancel” and just delete the app and give a bad review. I had this downloaded for quite a long time and have used it before and don’t ever remember the subscription thing being there when you first open. I noticed it months ago and figured it was because I was using iOS 15 beta. Clearly that’s not the case anymore but I didn’t notice the “cancel” in the top right. I would suggest not having it grayed out but making both of those completely white if you’re going to have them so small. 5 star app aside from that issue.
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5 years ago, Ddthntstheus
Too many bugs
I did the free week trial of premium access, and loved the plant identification part. I loved that part so much i subscibed to the yearly. And canceled the next day. The problem, is that the premium is supposed to give unlimited plant identification. But the free week has only has three or so free, before you have to buy another by watching an ad or sharing it on face book or something. Even though i bought a subscription, i still could not access the ident, because my subscription didnt start until the free week ended. And the “free week” forced me to watch ads to get idents. This was yesterday, so i sent them an email about the problem. Today, i still hadnt received a reply. So Today i had to earn an ident. I hate ads, so i tried sharing to fb. i tried sharing to earn a free ident, but it couldnt connect. It asked if i wanted to automatically connect when available, i said yes. Then the screen went dark and i could get back to other features of the app. 45 minutes later, it was still dark. Total bs. I canceled, since they didnt even bother to reply to my email. Wish i could give it a 5 star, but the bugs and bad customer service forces me to give only a fair rating.
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4 years ago, annuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Not very accurate
So I tried this app, and some things weren’t correct. I took a picture of some lichen and needed some help identifying what type of lichen it was. I found this app and I thought “huh I’ll give it a spin”, and used the picture of the lichen. It said that the lichen, though completely covering the stick, was a Black Cherry Tree. I thought, “well, this isn’t right.” So then I was skeptical so I tried a picture of some Star Moss I had found to see if it could be trusted,(I’m a huge moss lover!). So I entered in the picture of the Star Moss and it said Moss Campion. So not 100% reliable, but it did say that the Star Moss was moss, but it wasn’t the right type. I entered in another picture of a mushroom I had found. It said it was a type of tree that stood about 98 feet tall, A MUSHROOM! So I wouldn’t try it. I also saw that the ad was showing the wrong plants for poison oak and ivy and the other plant, but I know poisonous and dangerous things when I see it, and those weren’t dangerous on the ad they were showing. I live in the middle of the country out in Ohio, and I go into our woods a lot. So I know most plant species, like say an oak tree for example, a sycamore, different types of moss like badge moss and star moss and fern moss, etc. I am pretty skilled at it except for the lichens, and fungi, and epiphytes. So I do NOT recommend this app. Consult an expert for how to tell what type of plant it is, not this lying piece of garbage.
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2 years ago, Hashbaz Ben
Great Content, Worst Business Model Ever
The app does a fabulous job identifying plants. I tried to trick it with a slightly wilted two-week-old bunch of cilantro in my fridge, but the app nailed it. It also identified the ginger I planted last month and which hasn’t fully developed its first leaf. Impressive. Yet the business model is the stupidest and sneakiest ever. I’d happily pay for the app to reward the hard work. But I’m never going to subscribe for $30 every year—much more than other apps I use daily. So instead of getting paid for a sale, the developers end up with nothing. And at every turn the app tries to trick you into subscribing. Click on the innocent “Continue” button as you identify a plant and you suddenly find yourself being asked to confirm your subscription. That happens perhaps a half dozen times every session — with only a faint grey “cancel” link in barely legible 3-point type to save you. Why the developers, who clearly are smart folks, think that they’re like Microsoft (my Office subscription isn’t all that much more!) and that folks will want to subscribe for a substantial amount is a mystery. If I’d had the option just to buy the app with a one-time purchase I’d have paid and given it 5 stars (and they’d have gotten my money). As it is, I’ll give 3 stars and they get no payment. Mystifying.
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4 years ago, Blanket Beauty
#1 among all education apps? You’ve got to be kidding!
A plant identification app has one primary purpose: to accurately identify plants. This one doesn’t. I live with a plant professional with over 35 years of experience. I purchased the app two days ago and since then have taken 48 photos of plants in our yard. Of these, Plant Identifier has accurately identified 20 of them. I took photos a second and third time at different angles and distances. In several cases, the app would come up with a different identification of the plant in the photo each time the photo was taken, but with another wrong identification. In some, the IDs were not even close to the correct name of the plant. Not only that, but few of the plants I’ve photographed have been identified by variety—the most important way to compare plants within a particular genus or species. But with Plant Identifier, every snake plant is identified as just that, “snake plant,” no matter how different the many different varieties look from each other. For those of you who thought you were purchasing a great plant identifier app, think again. Many of the plants you have identified using Plant Identifier have been misidentified, if my average so far of less than 50% accuracy has any merit at all. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a professional who knows the plants you are adding to your collection, as I have, I am sorry to have to tell you that you have purchased a bum steer.
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3 years ago, itsthatgurl1
It’s ok - UPDATE!!!!!
Update: Not sure what’s going on since the recent update but I’m getting no internet errors when I try to complete the tasks. Everything else works as normal. But now I have overdue care tasks on all my plants. I’ve reached out to for help and it has not been fixed. Very disappointing. I paid for a full year so I’ve been trying to stick it out but I’m having to use other apps to track the care of my plants. I’ll most likely cancel my subscription and subscribe to the premium version of one of those instead. Original: Its the best app I’ve found for identification and tracking but it’s far from great. It’s ID’d almost all of my plants as Jade Plants at some point and none of them are Jade. And most of the information provided is the same but has whatever plant you’re looking at inserted. So once you’ve read it a few times you’ll recognize it immediately on each new plant. That wouldn’t be terrible but the same pictures are used for every plant so they’re not really helpful at all. If I’m looking for propagation instructions for an aloe plant, why would I want to see pictures of the process for a crassula? Would also be helpful if you could combine results. I have some that were ID’d as one thing when I first got them but found out they were actually something else recently. It would be nice to combine those results to have an accurate record of those plants.
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5 years ago, JEMMjams
Mostly great
I’ve tried several plant ID apps and Picture This is by far the best. It’s easy to use and I often get a match for the plant I am trying to ID. I like that the common and Latin name are often both provided. It’s very helpful that there are pics in the database of plants at different stages of growth—some flowers look very different as they move through the stages, which can make identifying them difficult. It works best for me if I take pics of plants and then go in the house and have my laptop handy as I use the app to ID them. I can see everything better and if I am unsure of the ID provided I can hop on the computer to do a search. One frustration: once you add a pic, if you can’t ID it right away but figure it out later, you cannot update the listing—you can only add a comment, so it always shows as unidentified. I also wish there was a way to sort the listings in your collection rather only having them listed in reverse chronological order. If there can only be one sort order, I would prefer alphabetical so I could easily see and delete duplicates and have pics of the same plant at different stages grouped by together. I love being able to see pics from gardeners all over the place and make comments and read the comments of others.
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2 years ago, robinrawks
I have really enjoyed this app and used it quite a bit last year, so when it came time to renew my subscription I renewed without hesitation. I went a few months without using it and had limited storage on my iPhone, so I upgraded yesterday. I see it in my Apple ID subscriptions, and when I look for this app in the App Store it shows I am subscribed. My subscription doesn’t expire until March 2023. I had to re-install the app to my new phone, and despite my subscription still being active I am prompted to purchase a new subscription when I open the app. I have looked for a way to contact Glority Global Group Ltd. and can’t seem to find anything concrete. I am happy to change my rating when this issue gets resolved, and prompt resolution will yield a higher rating. Update: It took several days, but I did receive response with guidance on how to restore my membership. It was not until then that I noticed the greyed out RESTORE option in the top left corner of the that was pushing to sell me on an annual subscription. The app is useful. The RESTORE option needs to be more visible, otherwise users might feel as though you are tricking them into taking more of their money. Not cool.
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1 year ago, AirPatrol1
Amazing and accurate
I have downloaded the trial 7 day trial and experimented with tree and plant identification and all other features. I am amazed at the accuracy of all features as I know the answers already as a seasoned grower I find the accuracy to be spot on. The app may be pricey but the in formation and features make this the best plant app on the App Store. I use the iPhone 14 pro max and the better the camera the better and more accurate the plant and tree identifier and if their is a disease or sickness a snap of the plant 3 times is all it takes so the price is well worth the info. The work and time the developer (s) spent putting this together took a lot of work. So I recommend paying the yearly fee. These guys worked hard to provide all the info and research plus the photo plant identifier is a plus. So if your serious about gardening, a farmer, a plant enthusiast even pest and bird identifier has been spot on. So I recommend above any other app and I have tried all on apples App Store. To those thsose that put all this together excellent work guys. And thank you for every feature you have put in this package app. Kevin L Hall
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4 years ago, sarzeut
Don’t do it
Latest update: after reading countless other reviews, this has happened to SO MANY people who have downloaded this app. Whoever writes the “developer response” doesn’t seem to care. I have already emailed support with no response. This company is a scam. I have tried every way possible to end my subscription but any way I access my subscriptions, it does not allow me to cancel or end this membership. At this point I am forced to work with my bank about removing the charge. I just wish more would be done so that this can stop happening to other people in the future. I guess that’s how this company makes their money.... *** I have been attempting to end my membership for a week now after accidentally signing up for a premium membership. Seemed like I just picked up my phone and suddenly it was signing up for a subscription I didn’t want. I believe this app made it too easy for that to happen. I immediately attempted to end my membership and after checking my email - it forces me to manage the membership through iTunes. In order to do this properly, I’ve had to remove iTunes and re download it on my computer just to even get to the page they are trying to open from the link in the email. Overall, what I am trying to say is this app is NOT user friendly and I strongly believe they designed it in a way to take money from their customers and make it difficult to get it back.
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4 years ago, Sophie Owl
Amazing app!
This app is amazing! You can easily take pictures of any plant or tree, and it will give you the closest plants to it. I think it gets it correct 95% of the time! It isn’t absolutely perfect, but this is probably as close as it gets! It has a super useful Diagnosing option, that can let you figure out what is wrong with a plant, and describes in detail how to fix it, wether it is bugs, sunlight, water, or pests. Now that we are quarantined at home, I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, and this app is teaching me so much that I didn’t know. The only complaints that I have are the expenses of the premium level. I understand that the app designers have to make money somehow, but it is still too much for me. I am not a serious gardener, I just do it for fun. Maybe they could have different levels of premium, like a level for gardeners who are just curious, for gardeners who are very serious, and for garden professors, or photographers who need to learn about plants for their job. Anyways, I love this app a lot, and would totally recommend it for anyone who loves to grow plants. While it has some flaws, it is better than anything else out there.
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11 months ago, 👁of the ☀️
Very useful app, but has a lot to be improved
I love this app, it is one of my most used apps. I use it daily on hikes to help me learn plants around me or to confirm my identifications of plants. However, you must not rely on this app, it should only be used as a tool. It gets a lot of things incorrect. As for the drawbacks, it does get a lot of things wrong. The app is unable to differentiate between a lot of species of plants that may look similar, I’ve noticed this with my cacti. It has misidentified about 1/3 of my cacti, and sometimes will come up with different identifications based on the photo. This is something that can definitely be improved. The biggest drawback to this app, is the diagnosis tool. This is something on the Pro version. It’s not worth paying for. I have used it many times so far and only a handful of times has it gotten a diagnosis correct. It tends to say sick plants are healthy or say there is a pest issue when there is very clearly not. Every other time, it tells me that a plant is healthy when it is showing clear signs of stress. It is especially horrible at identifying what is wrong with cacti. It works better with plants that have leaves or trees.
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2 years ago, mcat614
App has a lot of great features but customer service isn’t great
Update: this app drains your battery in 30 min. I really want to use this app because I have invested quite a bit of time adding all my plants but the customer service is not up to par. Features disappear after an upgrade and the only info on the upgrade is “minor fixes to improve user experience”. This is the details for every upgrade. When you contact customer service they always tell you to reboot even if you are asking a question on a feature. Features that would make this app worth $30 Ability to copy the details of an existing plant instead of adding it new Add my own reminders When changing the name of the plant don’t erase existing data - give the ‘x’ in the corner. Have a section with upcoming reminders by date so it is easy to see Search under reminders for a plant to see when it is due to be watered When choosing snooze for a reminder it should move out of items that need to be done that day. It should move to the date chosen. Ability to water or fertilize on a different date than the current reminder but have it show up as done Bring back the change head photo Being back light meter tool Thank you
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2 years ago, AmyKMcIlwain
Tremendous Aide but needs a tiny ergonomics tweak…
App has been a wonderful help and identifying our very extensive garden that we recently acquired via a new home purchase. We have been able to identify dozens and dozens of flowers, weeds, and vegetables in our glorious verdant garden. However with one tiny tweak to help with one-handed operations on an iPhone 13pro…If the app designers could add a back button at the bottom of the screen after taking a photo. When I take a picture aka scan a plant, I don’t necessarily want save it to my garden but just see what the results are mostly to determine if it is a weed. I usually take a picture with one hand and have a glove or tools in the other. My thumb can’t reach to the top left corner of my screen because of my larger size phone.I then have to let go of my tools and remove my glove so I can use two hands to hold the phone and hit the back button on the plant results page. Having a back button to go back to the scanning option at the bottom of the results screen would be ergonomically super helpful! I am constantly using this app to scan plants.
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4 years ago, Baking in Bako
Professional biologist thumbs-up
I’m an environmental consultant with a wildlife ecology background, but in the last year have been finding myself in more of a botanist role. It’s been an interesting (frustrating) transition, there are literally thousands of plant species in California alone, and learning lesser-known family characteristics has been challenging...gotta love asters and poaceae...but it’s so gratifying when I can finally ID a plant that’s been bugging me. I only just discovered this app about two months ago, on the recommendation of a fellow professional biologist, and it performs way above what I thought it would. I thought maybe it would identify common horticultural plants like tulips or almond trees. I’m sure it can, but it’s also very good at identifying naturalized plant species. The suggested species identifications are usually in the correct family and sometimes genus, and after checking afterward I usually agree. Plant keying is still very important in order to determine species and subspecies when rare and endangered [sub]species are being considered. A qualified botanist should conduct surveys during the appropriate survey periods.
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1 year ago, Slumbertime101
A truly excellent app!
I recently found myself with some time on my hands to hike the trails of Balboa Park in San Diego. I practiced herbal medicine for many years under my acupuncture license in several states, but it's been a long time since I identified and collected plants in the wild. So, I thought it would be fun if I could identify some of the local plants. Spoiler alert: most of them do not appear to be of any medicinal value, but they're still fun to look at. This is the second or third app of this sort that I have tested, and it is infinitely better than any of the others. When you first open the app, it looks like you need to buy a subscription to use it, but that is not the case. You can dismiss the subscription prompt and open the camera to snap a pic. I'm not sure exactly what you get with the subscription, but it looks like it would be useful for a serious hobbyist and awesome for serious home gardening enthusiasts and organic farmers. In fact, an organic farmer friend of mine says that he regularly uses it to identify weeds in his crops. Enthusiastically recommended with no conflict of interest.
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4 years ago, Y_ panda
What a great way to pass the time
Such an amazing app. Learning the trees around me from the roof top. cant wait to get a leaf sample to far and label. This is making learning fun. Being a student means having a question about something and learning about it to satisfy the thirst of learning . This is what I try to inspire and em ole in my students. This is why I opened a virtual school so students can have fun learning again, online. Things they are interested about, exposing your self to new knowledge and information. Let me show you how I think. Every-time I come from the roof I start sneezing a lot. I know I have allergies from an allergy test, but couldn’t remember the name of the tree pollen. So I googled pollen index in my neighborhood. Then I realized apples weather app wasn’t proving me the information I needed. And I need to outsource. Downloaded a reputable app that gives me daily allergy notifications about the pollen count and learned the 3 types of pollen and how to reduce sneezing. Then I used this app to go a step further to figure out what trees surround me as they are the culprits of my allergy. Haven’t done the analysis but I will . All and all, we like this app!
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3 years ago, Cwoo1111111
Updated: Love it, but I’d add one thing..
Update: I’m THRILLED to see the integration of the ability to add progress photos!! Thank you, developers!!! 😁 This app is exactly what I was looking for in being able to take a picture of my plants, and keep library that could help me remember watering schedules and also provide useful information when my plants look unhealthy. One thing I really wish I had the option for is adding progress photos of my plants without having to add an entire new entry to my garden. I hope to see an “album” feature with each garden entry. Even now I can’t see the full photo of my own plant without pulling the screen down, and once I let go, it goes back to the half photo at the top of the page. I’d even pay to have such a feature, lol. If I see this integrated in a future update, I’d instantly change to 5 stars. Other than that, great job in design and ease of use! I don’t leave reviews often, but I love this app enough to hope that this review might be seen and taken into consideration with future updates. 😁
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3 years ago, jenniv77
Best plant app - highly recommend
This app works extremely well at not only identifying the plants you find (even in low light) but also gives you very detailed information on the plant. I’ve found that after a few months of regular use, this app has been correct 99% of the time. If you don’t have LTE while hiking, etc, you can take a photo and upload later for identification. The app will save all of the plants you upload and you can either leave them on your main list, add them to “your garden” or delete them. If you’re a nature lover and find new plants often, I highly recommend paying for premium as well. So much extra information and even some poetry. On a personal note, we can also thank this app for solving a skin problem mystery. My husband had unknowingly weed whacked some poison ivy on our new property (not far from woods and a river). The doctor misdiagnosed him. We downloaded this app and identified that we did in fact have poison ivy on a the property and he was able to get the correct treatment.
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2 months ago, Revolta Art
Perhaps better than the rest?!
I’ve had the best experience with Picture This over several other plant identification apps. It’s been accurate 80-95% of the time with exceptions generally of trees and grasses that look similar to others; for example it thinks that acacia trees are mesquite trees when not in bloom. I often don’t even get an ID on some of the other apps like I-nature or I-seek even though I know a lot of my friends rave over the app. I’m just super content with this one. I’ve spent the last 3-4years using this app daily/weekly to ID plants and occasionally bugs and birds and it gives good responses and facts like regions where it’s native/invasive so I’m learning beyond the name. I’ve been working to remove nonnative invasive species that are detrimental to the Sonoran Desert so when I’m uncertain, it’s helpful to cross-reference and make sure I’m not removing beneficial species. I love it. I’m also working on a coloring book with regional plants and species so this app has been a huge part of my research process as I learn. Thanks Picture This!
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3 years ago, BellaBuckeye
Horrible instructions, great identifier
This is EXCELLENT for identifying plants, but their instructions are WRONG & INCONSISTENT! I have a brown thumb so I spent the extra money for premium and almost killed all my plants with their instructions!!! Sunlight & water are practically the two most important instructions for plants and their sunlight is TOTALLY OFF & water is often wrong!! For example: When the plant first pops up listing the care in a graph form, every single one of my 15 plants says something like FULL SHADE and it’s not until you click deeply into the professionals care tab that is a written booklet form that you get the correct care like BRIGHT INDIRECT LIGHT. Every single one of my plants is off!! One says BRIGHT LIGHT then the pro page says PARTIAL SHADE. Not one single plant is correct and even watering care is often wrong!!! I was caring for my plants by the initial & secondary page coming up and almost killed all my plants I got from my mother's funeral…which have so much meaning and sentiment to me. I want to keep these in her memory because she was a beautiful Gardner. I would give 0 stars for their inaccuracy on care but it definitely deserves the 3 stars for identification.
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11 months ago, Dizzy stars
Tremendous help in only a couple of weeks!
Due to various life events, our garden needs serious replanning and planting. I value using native plants very highly. This app not only has helped me identify those that I already have, but also those I might wish to incorporate into my plans. Now I know what I need to remove, what to add and where to put the ones I want. It also lets me know how to care for these plants as well. I’ve identified over 30 plants, possibly over 50, in only about 2 weeks. I also can find out what condition my plants are in and how to make them healthier. Further, I can tell which plants may be planted near each other and which need to be tightly controlled. As for adding new plants, the information provided tells me the best method for propagating them and the best times to accomplish this. Another big bonus has to do with our USDA Zone. We are in a unique location and our zone is one grade colder than the area surrounding us. Also, I’ve noticed that global warming has affected our area so that plants I would never have considered adding to my garden could be potential new additions in my planning. I found this out through a feature of the app which displays the plants other people nearby own. This is reassuring, because nobody wants to spend time, money and effort on a hunch. There are many other features to the app I could write about, but it would take too much time and make the review less appealing to read. I suggest you give it a try!
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3 years ago, CraftyInAZ
My favorite app
This app is wonderful. I have the annual membership because I bought a new home a year ago and there were many things planted already that I had no idea what they were. I use this app all the time just to see what kind of weeds I have too, it helps me identify the nasty ones before they go to seed and spread. Some plants that are similar like peaches and nectarines may show up as the same plant but they’re in the same family so that doesn’t bother me and I guess I’ll know which one it is when they give me fruit! I will probably be a lifetime subscriber to this app as I find uses for it everywhere. Oh, even in stores and at plant nurseries I use this if something doesn’t seem right, just to confirm it looks like what the tag says. A great tool! If I had one suggestion it would be specifically for grapes, to be able to tell the different types apart, but this is a tough one you can’t find many resources on this anywhere, so I can’t take away points for that, it’s just perfect !
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11 months ago, JennR88
New version, less info
Edit: had to dock another star off after the version upgrade where there’s even less info unless you pay the $30. I totally get that everyone needs to get paid for their work and time but isn’t that why you have ads? Have literally not found a completely free app for plants with all info included which kinda blows. Especially these days where everything has doubled if not tripled in price. Except pay of course. Oh and now it deletes your snap history as well unless you pay to keep it. Pretty disappointed. Everything is always about money now. Obsessed with this app! It is super accurate at identifying plant types and helps you to understand how to care for them with fun facts about plant name origins and uses along with zone, light, pest, etc. info. I have the app 4 out of 5 stars because a lot of the info is limited, especially succulent, or repetitive including the auto diagnosis. Not sure if it’s any less repetitive if you pay the $30/year upgraded price (which I thought was a little steep for a hobby app) but that’s what Google is for right?
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3 years ago, DevRecruiter
It works - no, really, it does!
We just bought the house we’re in and moved in this past winter. It’s an older home, but we could easily tell that at least one of the previous owners spent huge time, and money, on the landscaping and gardens. Being an amateur gardener, I didn’t know what to expect come the Spring when everything starts to grow. I found PictureThis as I wanted some kind of plant guide app. I’ve been blown away by it’s ability to identify the plants, shrubs, and trees that are in this yard. I did notice early on that, on rare occasions, it struggled to accurately identify some trees and shrubs that didn’t have leaves yet and no clearly unique bark or other features. However, once everything started to bud and sprout, it has been 100% accurate. I have a close family member who is a master gardener and confirmed that it’s spot on. I’ve identified and cataloged over 80 different varieties of flowers, ground covers, shrubs, trees, etc. Its exciting to see something new come up and instantly know what it is.
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12 months ago, Zan2004
Not impressed
Idk what’s worse the miss identification of common house plants or the barrage of “ENJOY PREMIUM” which thx for the reminder but every 5 minutes really? Google search engine is more accurate and has more photos for common plants. In all honesty my hope on this app would have this classifying lucky bamboo as a real bamboo. It’s just a step under some other apps I haven’t had much time to look into it as I’m still confused on what plants I own now thx for that, and the frustration of being barraged by a premium add fee. If I want it then I’ll get it add it to the loading screen and settings and it be better. If you wanted the app to be “premium” then sell it that way instead of making an app hard to use. When there are free options that do it better. I initially tried this app to see if I can find something that will let me list all my stuff substrate, care routine, ect. In one app something that allows me to add all my plants aquatic, terrestrial, hydroponic, aquaponic ect. I haven’t had much time to really dive in the ui(user interface) and ue(user experience) is just lacking I had to write a review.
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2 years ago, VonRothbart
One of my top apps
I’m an avid gardener but often go beyond my sphere of knowledge in botany, especially with identifying plants and trees. PictureThis has become my go to app for plant and tree identification. Whenever I’m unsure if I’m about to pick a weed or my recently planted sprouts PictureThis is there the help. It is very accurate even when the picture is crowded with other plant life and gives the option to correct if you know better. Another feature I love about PictureThis is the organization options. Recently I’ve expanded my gardens and I’m easily able to group everything together in the app. This is where the care information is great because I can see all my plants in a particular garden and figure out the best care schedule for that garden. If you have a small garden and you already know everything in there then this app may be more than you need. But if you have anything beyond that or want to identify that cool-looking plant on your next hike then this is a must have.
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3 years ago, WazerCraze(r)
Definitely 2 happy thumbs up!
I just downloaded this app almost 2 weeks ago and 3 of my friends have already downloaded it and sent me texts telling me how much they absolutely LOVE this app! It is incredibly helpful and fun for all shades and levels of green thumbs! It’s especially great when you’re browsing the nursery because with one picture you have every bit of info about the plant you are interested in 🪴as well as all the tips and tricks to taking care of your new leafy friend 🤗💚 The only thing that makes me extremely sad is that I cannot afford to upgrade to the pricey premium app (which is also the only reason I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5) which I would love so so much to have! Do you foresee the monthly subscription payment going down even a little bit anytime soon? Thank you so very much for creating an amazingly brilliant app, and allowing me to get outside and feel like a human being again, I don’t know what I would do without this app! Two thumbs up and tons and tons of congratulations on a much well deserved app!
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2 months ago, Nanllyn123456789
Great app for gardeners
This app is a must have if you love plants. It gives all the info you need for your plants along with care reminders. You can take a picture of your flowers/plants and it will add “Your Garden” where you can add notes and care notifications. Also when you take pictures this app can tell you if the plant looks healthy or not. It can give you suggestion what might be wrong and how to correct the issue. There is so much more you can do than identifying plants …. It will identify trees, weeds, butterflies and other bugs. This developer continues to update app and address requests for additions to the app. I tried the other competitor, although that’s been almost 5 years ago so the app could be different, but back then it couldn’t compare to Picture This. I have a annual subscription to this app because it is so reasonable and extremely useful. If you are not sure about this app. I say just buy it … I can’t imagine you wouldn’t find it very helpful.
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2 years ago, MicrowavedSoda
Great App!
I love this app! It’s been very accurate with most types of plants that I’ve encountered so far and has lots of information about them! I also love the feature of being able to add and suggest plants that you cannot find cataloged. The insect identifier also works surprisingly well! There have been a couple times where the photo I took wasn’t very good or the insect was very small but both times it quickly and accurately identified them! I personally have found that it has difficulty identifying mushrooms. When you do try to search up a mushroom, it only will get as specific as a family or genus of mushrooms (at least in my experience). Though a lot mushrooms are very difficult to identify even for knowledgeable people, so I understand that and even just getting a possible family/genus with the app has helped me to more quickly identify mushrooms with other resources! I’d recommend this app for anyone with a curiosity about the world around them! Thank you!
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4 years ago, guitarD-42
Picture This VS. “Key to Vascular Plants of N.America “
I was a Biology major in college ( Vert Zoo ) graduated with a BS degree in 1976. I took a couple of Botany courses to round out the the Bio Degree, and one was “Local Flora”. The class consisted of lab work and a ton of field work. Quizzes and major tests were in the field and the professor would pick out a particular plant and ask you to identify it , by head knowledge of Common Name and Genus and species. If you did not recognize the plant , you could use the book Key to Vascular Plants of N. Am. And you had a standard allotment of time to accurately key out the unknown plant. The “ Picture This “ App would have been a very useful tool in identifying and learning all the required information to hopefully get an A in the Class. My Biology days are long gone, but I still have a very keen interest in identifying and knowing what is out in our local environment, in both Zoology and Botany. If everyone had this App, then there would be no excuse for anyone not recognizing Toxicodendron radicans “Poison Ivy”in the field. Sincerely, JST
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7 months ago, Chela 2003
I would never use it again ever
It truly is a shame. This app was kind of cool, but my experience is a nightmare: downloaded the free app to helping Neighbor in September. I didn’t have my cards hooked up or anything like that and I chose. I made no choice on whether I wanted a month year. Whatever after the free trial was up the free trial was I don’t know like a week or maybe 30 days I don’t know but it’s the end of November the day before Thanksgiving. I was hooking up my card to download storage and within two minutes. These people illegally took $30 for a year subscription without any consent or follow up, after the free trial had been up for more than a month probably too. I’m on disability and these people illegally took money out of my account the day before Thanksgiving. Now I am unable to afford to pay for the rest of what I need for Thanksgiving day dinner for my family. I’ve sent my request and what happened to them I have threatened legal out of my account, but that doesn’t change the fact that tomorrow I have to get up and make do without certain items or if I run out of anything because this people that run this or greedy. I’ll update as soon as I hear anything back from them.
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2 years ago, Jajahdhsbh
Broken login but still charging me.
Update: Notice how the developer response doesn’t solve a single problem in my original review? And just directs me to the folks I said I’d already been talking to? I really want to like this app but their developers suuuuuuck. Original Review: I thought this app was great until I tried family sharing. Everything about this experience has been bad. I used an apple-generated email to create an account. But I needed to log in on the other family-member’s phone for it to work. I used the apple-generated email to request a password reset so I could use the email on my partner’s phone for family-sharing but PictureThis has not registered their email servers to send to apple’s email-routing. So I unbound the auto-generated email so I could use my email. Whoops. My account is bound to the Apple-generated email that no longer exists. I’ve been talking to “support” for a month and they keep suggesting solutions that don’t apply to this app or to my situation. Now when I open the app it says my subscription expired. But, guess what? If I try to subscribe it fails because I already have a subscription. Deleting this and will go directly to Apple to refund my 1-year family plan.
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3 months ago, AshB1717
Been using since 2020
Been using this app exclusively since its launch. I’ve tried other apps here and there just to see how they compare and this one is far superior. Still won’t identify fungus, mushrooms, mold, etc but I understand why as well. It’s very handy to have and I literally use this daily. It has given me a greater love and appreciation for plants. Thank you. Great app and it has definitely saved me from Virginia Creeper vs Poison Ivy. Gets a little quirky when there are other plants nearby. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is it won’t identify fungi. I wish it would let me know what was safe and wasn’t. I had my dog get a hold of a mushroom and I wanted to know if it was safe or not. It would be much quicker to look it up here than Google. Also I wish this app would say it is this but if not it might be... sometimes I know it’s not a certain plant but it keeps saying it is. Easy to use and nice to have when you are hiking or gardening.
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3 years ago, Shaydylady77
Great but not perfect. Some plants not in database
I bought some plants for my garden and went to add them to “my garden” in the app, but the app does not have a plant matching that of the label from the garden Centre. And I could not find an option to self-add a label myself... just make a comment. So the plant identifier called it a petunia based on photo identification, but the plant itself is a Calibrachoa hybrid. Similar, I know but it would be nice to have the option to be exact. When using a text search, there was a single type of calibrachoa in the app database but it didn’t seem to be a good match for the plant I had... for one thing, according to the app, the color of my flowers didn’t exist for that plant family. I’m no plant expert (which is why I am using this app), so things got confusing quickly. For the meantime, I am keeping it incorrectly labeled as Petunia based on photo identification but will note the exact details from the label that came with the plant supplied by the garden Centre. And I’m guessing that will be sufficient to keep it alive and thriving.
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11 months ago, Sdog123456789
Perfect for plant lovers, but photos/records disappear
I love this app! It helps keep my plants organized, I no longer have to memorize their names or look them up all the time, and the notes are perfect for tracking progress of your plant! One huge downside I recently discovered though, after I cleaned out some older pictures on my phone. When you delete a picture from your phone, it also deletes it from the app. That means it will also delete the first time you added the plant and move the “added plant” date to the most recent photo you DO have on your phone. This is a big problem for me, I have over 150 plants (mostly succulents) and simply don’t have space of my phone for all the progress pictures of all my plants, so I was hoping these saved in the app but nope! Now it’s hard for me to figure out when I got different plants, their actual progress etc when these pictures/logs keep disappearing. One way around this would be to add a text log when you add them to keep the date, but that’s again too much work for so many plants.
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3 years ago, dreammidnite
Suggestion for Developers!!!
i love this app. it’s wonderful. works great, accurate, and a clean design. Although there is one thing that could make this app much better and more enjoyable. I was using this app for a school project to find certain species of leaves. I needed to quickly identify every different species of tree I walked by. I wanted to be quick. But after you scan you have to hit a tiny little button to get ready for another scan. This gets frustrating when you have leaves in your other hand and your trying to hit a small button across the whole screen with the same hand your holding your phone with. It would be great to see the back arrow button much bigger or have it in the lower corners so you don’t have to reach as far with one hand. other than that this app is fantastic and i highly recommend downloading this app for fun or for knowledge OR if you trying to do a school project like me.
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3 years ago, nds1963
“Update to: In-app purchases” translate “subscription required “
In fine print below the subscription advertisement that comes up EVERY time I open the app, there is an option to use the “limited” version for free. It is in fine print and a very faded font and there isn’t an X visible anywhere to exit out of the paywall, but it does work without paying. I still dislike the feeling of an attempt to trick me into a subscription on an app that is in the App Store as free with in-app purchases available. I thought I would give this app a chance. Who forgave a couple of plants that they can’t identify? I saw “in app purchases “ listed in the App Store and assumed some basic plants for free and a charge for more complexity. As soon as I opened the app, it asked me to subscribe - with a 7day free trial that I would then, of course, have to remember to cancel. I thought I’d come to the description and see if that was clear and I had just missed it. It isn’t. What I did find were other reviews showing people had trouble canceling at the end of the free trial. No thank you.
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2 years ago, wolverine 1984
Kinda of misleading
I came upon this App by a short video add. on Instagram. The misleading part comes @ the very start of the add/video!! It shows A picture being recorded threw the App of what is known as a “Tree Cookie” AKA Circular cross section cut of a Log/Tree. Showing every growth ring in the tree from center out. App then tells #1 Age of the tree #2 Type of Tree/Wood thats scanned, & #3 all the things from its Latin name ect. It’s not a far stretch I feel to make an App that does #1 & #3 But I have not found a decent app on the store that does a identifier of Wood sections like there (video) claims. As for the other identifying features in the app like plants, pets etc. I can’t give any feedback on because I did not try after no luck in identifying any “Tree Cookies” I photograph. Still the user interface was very well done and for the most part I guess their advertising was well done because it got me to get the app even though it might be misleading that’s my only negative I guess lol Kinda reminds me of a sports car that looks really good but doesn’t even start up! Lol
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4 years ago, frogmtman
Amazing tool for any farmer or forester !
This app is totally amazing. When you find a plant and you don’t know what it is simple pull up the app point camera and shoot. Most likely in 5 seconds you have the answer right before you. It doesn’t stop there it gives alternate names the plant properties what kind of conditions the plant needs to flourish. If it’s a plant you enjoy and wish to keep healthy this app actually analyzes the plant and provides information you need to know to improve the plants health. I actually had the agriculture extension agent out to help me identify a plant I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to know if it was poison or anything bad you wouldn’t want in your hay. The agent couldn’t tell me anything about the plant so I would not use for hay. With this app open point shoot and there’s your answer right in front of you. I could have used this app hundreds of times during my lifetime. Oh well as they say “ Better Late Than Never”
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3 years ago, ThatFluffyBotonist
The best identification algorithm on the market!
Thank you to the developers! Gone are the days of carrying field guides and flipping through pages while hiking. One snap from this app and I have instant reliable results. If I feel a discrepancy in the result I can reach out to a botanist directly through the app for further investigation. I was weary to allow AI to think for me when building maps of the local plant life, however my concerns were put to rest when I discovered this app. I have been using this app extensively and daily. As of now I have absolutely no complaints. The identification database and algorithm are unmatched when compared to other available platforms on the Apple App Store. One feature I would LOVE to see in this app (and I think many customers of my likeness would feel the same).. PLEASE add a map and utilize metadata from photos for GPS coordinates so I can more easily build plant maps. I can use Google Photos to do something similar but that requires juggling apps, copy/ pasting multiple times and is quite the hassle. If there was a streamlined method I would happily pay a premium for access. Perhaps you could pull from Googles API and pass the charge to us? I’m sure there’s a way. Please do consider. TLDR: the app is fantastic and does exactly as advertised better than anyone else on the market. I would like to see a map feature added ASAP. Thanks again. Cheers!
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3 years ago, Capitol Riot MeeMaw
Save the animals!
I really like this app, but I think it would be greatly improved if a simple “toxic?: yes or no” would be added to the plant info. Sometimes it will tell you if it’s toxic in the “frequently asked questions”, but most of the time I scroll through, find nothing, and go to google. It is mildly annoying and takes up some extra time, so if the app design homies would consider changing that it would be wonderful! Besides that, the app is pretty lit. I wasn’t going to pay for the subscription, but ended up doing it anyways because of how many cool extra features the premium subscription has. The 360 plant identifier has been nothing but accurate so far. The diagnosis feature seems to be not working so well, though. I have used it twice and both times it said my plant had root rot, which was not the case. Overall, I would recommend it. The $30 subscription is a little pricey, but nice to be able to forget about that for the rest of the year.
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3 years ago, Einnalee
Do you ever see a flower, plant, or fruit and wonder “what is that?”
I walk the neighborhood for exercise and would often see beautiful or weird-looking plants, and say to my walking partners, “what the heck is that?” Now, I just pull out my mobile phone and snap a picture with this app. It’s great for identifying all sorts of trees, plants, fruit, and fungi. I am curious by nature and it is so much fun to be able to quickly and easily answer my “what is that?” questions. My daughter and I planted a garden and I’m starting to use the app to photograph and add the plants to my digital garden. My only complaint is that for a few plants in my garden, the app identification is somewhat generic. For example, we’ve planted collards and kale and the app identifies both as cabbage, but neither collards nor kale are included in the list of varieties. I’m not sure what that’s about. I use the free version of the app but I know there are still many more things I can do with it.
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