ActivityTracker Pedometer

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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ActivityTracker Pedometer

4.78 out of 5
92.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Lion Iron Group
What else do you need?
Great data collection, easy to see all KPis on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so as we all know we go through different stretches. This is just one tool to use to make sure you are recognizing not only day to day activity but long term can help spot signs of valleys and peaks. If the valley is too low, find something you want and then use this one click tool to make sure you reach the peak. No need to not try and maintain that peak level again but as long as you avoid and valley for more than one day. Long term you can use this tool to truly measure progress on the pursuit of happiness! No really though, easy download give the thought process a try the first time you use it! Lioniron
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7 months ago, Scout 2009
Incorrect mileage counts
Now we walk 9 miles a day and I’ve had to “ tweak “ the step length several times. It just starts tracking fairly well then it will lose a mile or more on the same trails we do every morning. So even implementing your suggested “ fix” does not work all that well. As stated in original rating below it barely counts the back now 2 miles of trails and there is a very strong cell signal there so that’s not it either. I would have to take the step length up to 48 or so get a reading so I’ll just “ guesstimate “ until I find more accurate system. I’m so sorry I paid $4 for this app! I walk pretty much the same 3.7 mile walk every morning with my dog. The only time it varies is when we add the last part of trails on so more steps NOT FEWER! Every 2-4 days this app screws me out of 1-2 miles! Since it’s pretty much same morning walk I don’t get it! Even parked my car at last part that it NEVER counts more than .3 miles and started walking 1.2 miles by its self! Did that walk today with regular walk all it registered was 2.7 miles! Looking for more accurate app. Need CORRECT info for ortho doc. Reply to developers: I already tried the custom step settings. This app seems to have MAJOR issues with any type of non flat terrain.
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3 years ago, Green_Knight6713
Good, Needs Fixing Though
I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love it. There’s only one problem, which seems very minor in my opinion, but still can pose an annoyance. The problem is, it does not not take into account the total amount of floors climbed. I live in a house with two staircases, one that leads to a higher floor and another that leads to a lower floor, in between both staircases is the front door. And from my mental remembrance, I’ve walked at most six times on them in the last week, however it counts no amount. Additionally, the calories, I go on a NordicTrack treadmill in my house and when I take note of how many calories were burned, I also check on the app to see if it corresponds. However, it doesn’t even seem to count half the amount of calories burned. As a result, for these bits of information, I’ve taken out a half-star for each one, leaving 4 out of 5 stars. This is a good and very useful app, one that I absolutely love, however, it needs some slight fixing. The steps and tracked minutes of walking seem satisfactory, despite the slightly difference in walking; 50 steps and no change has been monitored, however, walking 50 more steps at a greater than the previous one adds in those steps. I sincerely hope this criticism helps the devs with fixing the problems I’ve encountered.
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4 years ago, cupcakecats
3 1/2 Stars
This app is great and all, but I’ve noticed that if you walk 6 steps, and go back into the app, it won’t change the number. It’s like you need to do 50 steps for it to realize that it needs to change. So basically, it’s not real accurate. I also notice that it has changed the number of calories and minutes. So I was checking the app, and there was a certain number of calories and minutes. Then I checked back on the app, and the calories and minutes were at a lower number. This doesn’t make sense, seeing how the number can either stay the same or be larger. It literally does not make sense for the calories and minutes to go backwards, seeing how that’s close to impossible. So the app can be taken as an estimate for how much exercise you have done, but it’s not to great for the accurate exercise amount in my book.
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6 years ago, PagesWritten
L’il Bits to Fix over Coffee
The app looks great and gives a nice history, but fails to count steps if you don’t walk very far. I vacuumed the house to the tune of 0 additional steps. Also, I paid for the pro version because I thought it would sync with my watch, a Fit Bit Blaze. Apparently, you need an Apple Watch for sync to be effective 😐. Overall, if you never set your phone down and walk away from it AND you walk far enough for the app to recognize your effort to create a greater step count, you’ll enjoy this app. It knows exactly when I get in bed and when I get out of bed, assuming I picked up the phone when I woke. There were instances of 13 hours of sleep counted on days that I didn’t use my phone as an alarm and went about my day. It’s not perfect, but this app has a lot of promise with just a few glitches to muddle through.
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2 years ago, Jessneed
Notifications error
** I tried emailing support but it will not work. When you hit send on the support webpage, it turns yellow and does nothing. I am forced to leave a review as my only form of contact. ** I am a PRO user and enjoy the app. I have been getting odd notifications from the app recently. In the morning I get notifications that I am halfway to my goal while eating breakfast. My goal is 7500 per day and I probably have about 500 at this point. I just received a notification that I have met and even exceeded my goal. Again, my goal is 7500 and I am currently at 5500. This has been happening the last week or so. I have the most current version on my devices. iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7. Any idea how to fix this? Once this is resolved I will change my review.
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2 months ago, trucky2640
Activity Tracker is really good
I find it to stay fairly accurate for almost anything I do / with one notable exception. I have a three acre lot, and cut it using a riding mower. For reasons that I cannot understand Activity Tracker gives me credit for steps while I am riding the mower. It is not a one to one relationship (as in for every +/- 3 feet I ride I get a step), but it does show me as having made steps. This does not happen in a car or a bus or an airplane... so perhaps I am getting some secret exercise when riding on my John Deere that only Activity Tracker knows about! My only complaint is that I occasionally hav I rboo my phone because Activity Tracker locks up
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5 years ago, Mcdivots
Does a pretty good job. Needs just a tweak or two
I like that this app does not lie to you about how many Calories you have burned with your steps. Most of the others vastly overstate that, and this seems to be much more realistic. It was very easy to enter my information and get it ready to go. It seems to capture the steps very well, and I like the Apple Watch functionality. My only issue, and the reason I did four and not five stars is how long it takes to update your step count. Sometimes it is 5-10 minutes before it all shows up, and it takes a while to show up on the watch correctly. But in the end I recommend this application
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2 years ago, mf54
Nice app BUT...
I ditched my Fitbit and have been using this tracker for several months now. I’ve been happy with it until the latest update. It’s harder for older eyes to read, and I really really really miss that it no longer shows me the percentage of my goal. I guess this information is available on a graph, but it’s tiny and difficult to decipher. Please restore that feature. I found it very motivating when I looked at that number. UPDATE: I’m still using and enjoying this app (paying for PRO), but since the last update it is no longer giving me credit for reaching the daily step goal. I have exceeded the goal everyday this week (Sun-Fri), but it has only given me credit for 4days.
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3 years ago, Skitter1950
Zero step days
Excellent app and it was easy to get counter calibrated to count my steps with great accuracy. BUT, if I do not open the app DURING a given day that day(s) history will be recorded as zero steps. At least that’s what I have concluded. So be sure you open the app at least once every day if you want a “look back” history. Update: I contacted app and they responded NEXT DAY ! App needs to be opened at least once per week to import Apple Health data. If you go more than seven days just go to profile settings and select import data from Apple health and zero-step days will be updated. Worked like a charm.
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3 years ago, Kstnay
After the developers touched base with me twice after I gave feedback, they have reverted this app back to the lovely way it kept track of things before! I love the interface and had switched to a different app that I didn’t like as well (but at least it was accurate), but now I’m back to using this one, as it now appears to be working properly. Note: I do not use an Apple Watch. Thanks to the developers who actually listen! I also emailed a query to ask how to get my small widget back, but I did get that figured out already, so no need to respond. A+ for your efforts!
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4 years ago, anrerp
Watch app is terrible! Complication doesn't work! Watch step count is off!
I bought ActivityTracker "Pro" for Apple Watch in order to use the complication to display steps. After paying for Pro and unlocking it, the complication still says "UPGRADE TO PRO". Further, the step count on the phone often doesn't match the step count in the Apple Health app or even the ActivityTracker PHONE app! I've tested this with the "Sync Watch & Health" turned on and turned off. The phone app always matches with Apple Health, but the watch only matches sometimes. The counts on the watch go up and down like crazy! I have requested Apple for a refund. I will be trying out other apps. EDIT: I tried the steps the developer mentioned, but it still doesn't work. There's another app that costs half as much and works wonderfully on the Apple Watch. I have now switched to that and requested a refund for this one.
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5 months ago, CarolynBikerGirl
Love this app!
I love this app and how easy it is to use. The only thing I find to be inaccurate is the flights of stairs each day. I often find it to be missing several flights each day. I would also like if I didn’t have to wait until the next day to see my total number of counted flights. I still love the app though. I have found the stairs issue with every app I’ve tried along with the Fitbit. Not one has regularly counted the flights accurately. This app also counts the calories burned and distance besides the number of steps and flights of stairs.
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9 months ago, NV1Z
First rate!
It may seem like such a little thing, but this was the first app I tried that actually told me how to use it. I tried a couple of the “free” (ad-supported) apps and wondered why I could not get them to work AT ALL! As it turns out, one has to enable motion-detection in the settings. Since this was my first time using an app that detected motion as a fitness tracker I assumed the same thing that enabled GPS to work also made this app work. One would think any app that depended on a certain setting would also inform you if the setting was incorrect. Oops.
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3 years ago, sherjox
Pretty good app but not very accurate
I like the app design and everything and I don’t know if this is the app’s fault or my phones fault. I have noticed it is really not accurate.. like at all. Today for instance, I went for a 3 mile jog and I know for a fact it was 3 miles because it was around a track. My phone was kept in a tight fitting jogging Fanny pack around my waist the whole time. When I got home to check the app it said I have about 5,000 steps and have walked 2.3 miles. I know I ran 3 and I was walking around a bunch before my jog too so it should be even higher. This has happened more than a few times now. So something is either off with my phone or off with the app. Not sure which one.
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4 years ago, Uninterested Party
Very Accurate
I’ve tested the mileage tracking repeatedly, and it is always spot on. I use the auto feature for step length, too, so there was no tedious stride measure and calibrating. Two things I would change: 1) When I check my mileage, I often have to X out of the hourly and weekly activity tracker, and I usually have to tap the X several times. I just want to check my mileage and keep moving. 2) I would love a reset option. I’d like to keep my everyday mileage separate from my workout mileage.
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7 years ago, Maven802
Sometimes doesn't count flights of stairs
Below is a previous technical issue which the developer fixed. Hoping there's a fix to this one too! I've been using this app for a couple months now with good results, but more recently have been finding that on and off it doesn't count my flights. I just walked up 6 flights of stairs and it says 0. My phone is on low power mode but I don't think that should make a difference. Hoping for a fix! Thanks. Past issue: I am having the same issue as others. I just downloaded & installed it, enabled everything. It sits there with the logo in the background as an open app but when I actually open it it just closes away back to the background. Tried reinstalling. Hope it gets fixed so I can use it! Update: Thanks to the developer for a prompt response! I had already tried that but did it again and now it works! Yay! If you're someone who had the same problem, try deleting and reinstalling and it may now actually work.
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5 years ago, squeak825
Good replacement for Stepz, but couple of annoyances
Ever since Stepz forced their most recent upgrade on everyone and it lost 3 years of my past data with it (and reimported it highly-inflated from Health app), I have been looking for a better replacement. So far this has been solid and the best option. I like the design of the widget, and overall the app works really well. A bit slow to report new steps to the widget or badge icon, but does catch up. Two minor annoyances: 1) I wish there was a toggle setting to turn off all of the animations. Kind of annoying to have to wait for the big circle to fill in to see your steps for the day—especially if you just want to look at quickly, and do it multiple times a day. It is cool the first 10x, but gets old quick. Give me the option to just show the numbers, especially when scrolling in your history. 2) Wish there was a roll-up for a monthly and annual steps/distance. Nice to look back and compare year over year totals.
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4 years ago, jtrudo69
Very disappointed.
I bought this app hoping it would track my steps as I was running. I’ve been using Fitbit and the Fitbit tracks steps immediately as steps are taken . I’ve had this thing on all day and it hasn’t tracked a single step. I followed all the instructions to get it to work including the sync data and privacy and it does nothing. Save your money and don’t buy this app. Update. I restarted my Apple Watch and the steps finally updated. However it looks like every time I want the steps to update I have to either restart the watch or wait a half hour. Absolutely ridiculous. I download pedometer ++ for free and it works and updates just fine. I lost some money on this piece of junk app. Be sure you don’t do the same. These developers should be ashamed of themselves.
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3 months ago, Falb33
Funny glitch))
I like this app, I really do. Have been using it for a long time on my iPhone. Recently I’ve got an Apple Watch so I purchased a Pro version to see all the numbers on the screen. A few days ago I came across a funny app glitch: despite the lesser amount of steps I walked - the final number just got much bigger. After going over changes of my daily activity I came to a funny conclusion - the app recognizes hands’ movements while KNITTING as steps. Thus I gained around 1,000 daily extra steps just for knitting a hat! Hope the developers will be able to fix this flaw.
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6 months ago, Patch196
Love it but
Love the simplicity of the tracker and it’s got me paying attention to how much I walk per day and Making sure I reach my goal , which brings me to why I only gave it 4 stars. Everything is set on my iPhone and Apple watch but they don’t always sync and when they do the app takes the lower steps. The other day I had 3,340 steps on my iPhone but the watch had 2,958 when they finally synced the phone also said 2958. If there is a delay in syncing I can deal with that but I would like it if would take the correct step count.
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4 years ago, AlexKay12:
Good but... needs work.
*updated response after developer responded...*** My watch is ALWAYS on, my phone is in my leg pocket on my workout pants... assuming your user is ‘dumb’ well, now I wish I could give you ZERO stars. Also, I shouldn’t have to ‘adjust’ my step length, considering a fitbit or another walking app doesn’t require anything but keeping your watch on. And ‘ I don’t walk much doing chores’ ?!?! Excuse you??? So, you know the layout of my house, how many sq. Feet it is and what exactly I do? Again... RUDE! I wanted to like this app, really I did, but... I just ran 6 miles and it only accounted for 3.6. That to me is a fail. I’ve been noticing that when I’m in my house walking around and doing chores it doesn’t even account for those. So, I give one star & deleting app. Not worth it. —
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6 years ago, Assfjkl1234
Activity Tracker Pedometer review & suggestion.
Very useful application. I had major back surgery a short time ago and need to walk about 250 steps per hour during the day. This app is quite helpful in tracking my steps. Occasionally the steps do not register on my step counter. It would be great if I could add the steps the application misses for one reason of the other. Otherwise, this is a colorful, easy to read and well thought thru step counter.
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7 years ago, ScratchDiver
Does not show stairs climbed on Apple Watch
I purchased this app and paid to unlock pro features for more money but it does not display stairs climbed on the Apple Watch, only shows them in the phone app. If stairs climbed is added to the Watch display I would increase my rating to 5 stars. Update with response to developer: Yes even though the phone is doing the stair counting, I would still want to see this data on the watch as it’s much more convenient to see at a glance rather than taking phone out of pocket etc. Adding one star for quick developer response
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2 years ago, ardnastrub
Floor tracking doesn’t work…
Unlike other apps (Fitbit, garmin , etc), Activity tracker does not track floors unless you were actually climbing stairs. For example I did a very steep hike with an elevation gain of 1200’ , equal to climbing 112 flights of stairs and the tracker showed 5 floors! The rep told me this:” A flight of stair climbed is considered when you gain 10 feet (3 meters) in elevation and take about 16 steps. This is a very sensitive measurement which unfortunately can be wrong sometimes”. And then, subsequently this “ From what I understand, you didn’t actually climb floors today, rather went for a hike. The elevation gained during a hike can’t be measured this way.” No refunds. What a waste of money for the “Pro” version. I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS APP,
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2 years ago, Buddy_9
No need for a subscription
I like this app. It has a nice looking interface that’s easy to use. The information is clear and easy to find. I would really like the extra features found in the pro version but there’s absolutely no need to have a subscription for something that’s completely internal to your phone. Ridiculous! I would happily pay a one time fee for the pro version, within reason. That’s the only reason why I didn’t give it five stars.
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4 years ago, jb200997
Doesn’t work, don’t buy
As the last couple of reviews state, doesn’t update counts properly on watch or phone. Restarting watch does not solve it (poor response by developer). Paid $5. iTunes will not refund, get instant denial so developer must have zero refund policy regardless of them saying in here to request refund. Don’t buy. Doesn’t work. Counts don’t update on watch, and phone count stays the same for days on end unless you open app and then it may update but most cases still doesn’t match what watch says. Sync on and background updates on. Turn sync off is another response by developer. Why would you do that? You want them to sync! Developer needs to TEST his product!
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7 years ago, Late Milkman
Surprised at how much I use it
Not just as an exorcise monitor. It's amazing how much time and effort I save by doing my job more efficiently. By checking the app after each change in my daily routine, I can see what works best. I work as an HVAC tech and spend several hours of each day walking on top of commercial buildings. I've cut my average down from eleven miles to under nine. Twenty flights of stairs down to sixteen. At 66 years old, these knees only have a few steps left.
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5 months ago, Inflexible1
Great app
I like this a lot. Works well good interface. Goes to the watch. However, the watch data seems to overrule this sometimes. I use a standing desk and have kept my phone in my pocket to count steps. I have a second pedometer app which does not connect to my watch and sync, the numbers are different and seem to average with my watch, which is not moving. Not sure how to fix that.
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7 months ago, Classic Rk Lvr
Love it
I am an avid hiker of the mountains in Tucson. I love seeing how far I’ve gone and how many steps. I had to adjust it once to my stride and now it’s pretty perfect. This is a great tool for anyone who exercises or wants to exercise. For some strange reason all of a sudden it’s not giving me the flights climbed until the next day, which it’s never done before the last iPhone update. I hope that gets straightened out.
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7 years ago, Waynep207
I love the Activity Tracker app. It shows all the info I’m looking for for my progress. I would and recommend it to everyone. I would like to see an option to change or update the data. In a future update for this reason. I deleted some data from my iPhone by myself stake. That I would like in Activity Tracker that I don’t know how to get back. I did write them down so have info just don’t see where I can add it into Activity Tracker.
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6 years ago, JFyhuhiuyt1gh
In striving to reach any goal tracking your progress quickly and easily is essential. If this can be accomplished in conjunction with appealing graphics, so much the better. This app has such appealing graphics it’s really fun to use! I’ve used it for only a few days but it makes staying on track almost like a game and I find myself actually looking forward to adding more strides to my day in an effort to reach my goal. A+++++
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6 years ago, deathrowjuliet
Stopped working
Months ago, this app seemed to be working ok. Then, I was surprised by the results, often showing way less time, way less steps I took and smaller distance I walked. I finally updated to pro hoping it would take care of these errors. The results are even worst, I still have ads at bottom of page... I don’t know why I though paying more money for it would actually fix the app.
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7 years ago, Betty Jean Elizabeth
I checked it with some other trackers running at the same time and all were coming up with the same number of steps so I guess it's accurate. I like that it shows the last number of steps on the outside of icon but it would be better if it kept a running total on the outside of the icon. Sometimes I forget to check before it changes over to the next day so I don't know my total for this day. I like to keep track of my steps in MyNetDiary app.
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4 years ago, valharp
Great app
Got an Apple Watch to replace my Garmin Vivosmart HR. I’m used to really keeping track of my steps, and Apple’s Activities app just didn’t show the data the way I wanted and was used to. ActivityTracker gives me exactly what I am used to from the Garmin app, but with better graphics and more flexible parameters. It’s worth the $4.99 one-time fee (hooray - no subscription!) to integrate it fully with the Apple Watch. Very happy with this app - recommend it wholeheartedly!
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4 years ago, _-_-___-_-_
Broken for iOS 13 and watch iOS 6
In the Q and A on their website they confirm that there are synchronisation issues with iOS 13 and watchOS 6, which they claim is out of their control which indicates they are not trying to resolve. On the current operating system versions I’m finding the information to be too inaccurate which is a shame because I liked the widget/complication and this is the only reason it gets the two stars. I’m regretting paying to upgrade to the Pro version as hidden in the Q and A is an admission that it’s broken and doesn’t work with the current OS versions.
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5 days ago, JP/SP
My daily activity program
I keep active using the daily activity program daily and keep a record for my accomplishments using the daily program. I don’t think I could keep up with the activity documentation without the Activity Program in my iPhone. Thank you for having this program available on Cell phones.
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1 month ago, Just ani
Found this app myself!
I have really enjoyed tracking my steps. I don’t always have my phone on me which makes me realize I am missing recording my steps. So I carry it in my pocket or a fanny pack. It’s so exciting to see how many steps I’ve done that day and to even get congratulations! I feel like I’m doing something good for myself & am more aware. Really appreciate this app!
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4 years ago, halmal101
This app seems great and useful but I have one problem. I put in all my information and the step trackers and other things still say I have done nothing, not even moved. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. I got this app hoping it would help me and so far it has done nothing but take up space. Please consider reading this.
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4 years ago, trailheadseeker
Progress! Progress!! Progress!!!
It’s simple. Keeps track of what we don’t—basic exercise that explains why we’re so tired, what kind of progress we’re making, or how we need to step it up. Our health is our everything, so this tracker is fantastic keeping track of me and it’s so simple how can you go wrong? Try it. It’s free. It’s carefree. It points to what you are doing or not, so you can adjust your lifestyle.
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5 years ago, Peloquin1981
Apple Watch issues
So the app seems to work fine on the phone, but the app barely seems to work on the Apple Watch. Step counts and info are not being updated in the watch, and the complications do not seem to work at all for some reason. *Update* app suddenly started working on the watch and now I’ll continue to use to see how I feel about it in a few weeks.
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6 months ago, Wamua
Walk in time
I like this because i am disabled and to keep track of my steps lets me see how well my epidurals and pain meds are doing comfort wise. I have a comfort zone bit pushing out of it, sometimes makes for a lot of pain. This way, i can track how far i can go and not die of pain and how far I should not go, on a daily basis. Thank you!
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2 months ago, dpr365
Activity Tracker
Is the Most Detailed Pedometer tracking App I’ve come across since I’ve had my Phone. I have and use others such as FitBit which is On my Phone but is for my moms Watch. Because at the time she had an IPhone 4 and it wouldn’t accommodate it. There is also the Apple Health app that will track your Steps/Activity & My Fitness Pal which is a Diet & Activity Tracker. Wish it had more Flexibility as for Tracking Food intake ( Caliries )
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4 years ago, Jimpilot5
No watch app update
Update: 3.1 update now has complications working. Changed to 5 stars, happy with app Overall loved this app. Does just what I needed until IOS 14. All watch complications broke. Contacted Developer and they promised a fix within a few days. I know Apple didn’t give them much time to fix apps prior to releasing IOS 14, but it’s been 3 weeks. When they update IOS complications I will update
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3 days ago, Bob L 5245
Pretty good activity tracker
I use Activity Tracker to make sure I hit my daily goal of 7,000 steps at least 3 times a week, and this app is a handy way to do that. It shows your weekly progress at the bottom of the screen, and it feels good to see 3 or 4 check marks there at the end of the week to mark the days I’ve reached my goal.
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4 years ago, MLFAMF
Stopped Tracking
Love this app but stopped tracking on my iPhone. I can see my daily data on watch (IPhone 5) but on my phone stopped tracking as of yesterday. Cloudy screen, cannot get to open. Can see past history but as of yesterday, shows no activity. Had over 7,000 steps and gym workout. Nothing registered.
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4 months ago, Rebeccahope2
I really love the way it track my every step. It helps me push myself to keep doing alittle more everyday when I need it. My goal started at 5,000 then I went up to 10,000 and 15,000 all the way to 20,000 so I know that it has helped me lose weight just by walking and being able to see my accomplishments
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5 years ago, didimydoe
Love the visual motivation
I really like the badge that displays my steps as it keeps me motivated throughout the day. I have noticed, however, a large discrepancy is calories burned in the app vs linking the native apple health app to MyFitnessPal. I’m not sure what the reason is for this. MyFitnessPal says I burned 80 calories and this app shows 234 calories. I definitely feel the 234 is more accurate as I did a 45 minute cardio workout this morning so there must be something off with MyFitnessPal.
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8 months ago, vegaprincess
Love it
About 5 years ago I was using a cane and/or a walker to get around. After physical therapy I’m doing much better. Having this app tracking my steps and my calories burned is very motivating. I try very hard to meet my daily goal and I’ve set a goal to be able to walk a 5k next summer. Thank you for being a part of my health journey.
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4 years ago, jodiot
Doesn’t keep sync
App on my Apple Watch appears stay in line with my health app (data collected is almost identical), however the app on my actual iPhone does consistently has different measurements and if I don’t take my phone with me (which is the entire reason I went for a gps/cellular model watch), the data is even that much more skewed. No settings area as far as I can tell. No reminders to hit goals. Complete waste of 5 bucks if you ask me. 2 stars for a pretty interface but the app is mostly useless if you want reliable tracking.
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