adidas Running: Walk & Run App

Health & Fitness
4.8 (88.8K)
353.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for adidas Running: Walk & Run App

4.79 out of 5
88.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Shredded Cheddar
Change for the good
You know I used to not believe in cell phones, or the whole smartphone technology. But ever since I bought my first IPhone my whole opinion has changed. It’s amazing how I can use one app for one thing and another app learns and thinks through how to calculate and complete tasks. I downloaded the Adidas running app and it tracks my walking and biking and my Adidas app communicates with it to keep track of my points that I earn, basically without me lifting a finger. Totally magic and I couldn’t live without it. Adidas does an awesome job giving their customers great service all around, I can’t believe you can earn points by excercising, something you can’t live without doing anyways. All the incentive to believe in the world we live in today and keep on doing what I do to do my part on this planet that we live on. Thankyou.
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2 years ago, cmonchristina
Used to be great
This was my favorite running app bar none for years. I paid for the premium membership back when I hardly had two nickels to rub together because it had so many great features. But it seems with the updates and things shifting around they’ve gotten rid of some of my old favorite features that I used to use to help monitor progress, like only showing one total average pace per session. I used to love after my session seeing all the information and details and especially seeing my fastest and slowest paces per mile through the session. When I finished my session today after not having used the app for a while, I was shocked at what little information was provided at the end compared to what used to be given. I searched all over the app looking for more info before realizing it’d been gutted. Really a bummer, because I’ve loved this app so much and it’ll be tough to try to adjust to another one. It’s probably still great for those who want a streamlined experience or who didn’t come to love what we used to have, so have nothing to compare it to, but I think it’ll be the first year I cancel my premium subscription since starting it years ago.
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5 years ago, parade72
Just okay
Update: after the most recent update, the voice alerts during runs either don't work or became too soft (even with phone on maximum volume) so they cannot be heard. I can no longer tell when I have completed half the run and need to turn around. I checked the help section in the app but the search field it opens in the browser doesn't work either (I can type in the search terms but clicking "Done" or the magnifying glass does nothing). I guess I shouldn't use automatic updates on this app. Old review : I have only used it for a few weeks and likely only basic features compared to others, but it has been fantastic so far. A really nice feature it has that my previous app did not is to set a workout goal, in duration, distance, or other, and during the workout it will let you know when you are halfway done (very useful during a run so I know when to turn around). It also tells you the pace periodically. It download the map when I have access to internet and the app works when I lose wifi during a run. I haven't looked at the history data yet but so far it has everything I was looking for
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5 years ago, Malfoy R
It's almost perfect
It does almost everything right but there are a few things I think are missing and one thing that I feel is wrong. What's missing: 1. The option to have app state your pace at certain intervals aside from when it completes a mile. I currently have to keep Runkeeper open and running simultaneously to get those numbers. 2. When you're looking at your stats after the run, you can't get exact numbers on the graph like you could on the web interface when running your finger/pointer over it. Let's bring that to the app if the we interface is going away. What's wrong: I'm not sure how this isn't the default action but why does the timer not hard stop when you've completed the task? If I set the distance for 5k , the timer/activity should stop when I hit the 5k. That is not what happens! The voice says you completed it but the timer continues into you manually end the activity. That's unacceptable for those of us who are constantly trying to beat a time. We need to know the time it took us to run the distance, not how long it takes us to run the distance, take the phone out of our arm holder, unlock, and swipe to pause. Seconds matter. Autopause isn't a worthy substitute because it takes a moment to register you stopped moving but then unpauses when you're trying to get your phone free. Give an option to have the time stop when a duration/goal is complete and I'll give this a five star.
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6 years ago, Maida K
First review
I am going to be updating this as I use it longer. My first review is not a positive one. Yes , I paid for the premier version. Today I was supposed to do a 40 minute run. I start up the app on my Apple Watch and to my disappointment the Runtastic app only works with your watch if you have your phone on you. Not a chance am I carrying my phone while I run (iPhone 7). So that's a big disappointment so far. The Runtastic app in general (on the watch) freezes way to often. Too many glitches. I will keep updating as I go, not sure if the money I paid for this is worth it yet. Time will tell. Oh, I cannot find my initial test results anywhere!! I know I entered them but they are nowhere to be found on the app. Update 2: I have the new watch and it’s been a while since I’ve used the app. So far I’m doing the 5k intermediate training plan and everything is going really great. Pros: easy to sync between my watch and phone. Person talks to you and provides count downs. Music controlled within app. Cons: I still think that this app only works while your phone is with you. For example,’I don’t think I can start my plan for my 5k with my watch alone, I have to navigate to it with my phone and then have my phone on me. The watch simply mimics my phone. Data read back could be better. In addition to seeing my pace a cross each mile. I would love to see what my pace is for the timed intervals. That’s it for now. Will keep updating.
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3 months ago, Ruindil
Still works, but getting worse…
The app still functions for what I mainly use it for: keeping track of my distance, pace, and heart rate when I run. What’s getting worse: a few updates ago the summary screen changed from a perfectly normal font to a (quite frankly) rather ugly font. Shrug. Not sure why they would do that, but, hey, still works. Review update: A broken feature is now working again! And after looking around at other running apps, I now appreciate even more that this app features a summary screen with a graph showing both heart rate and speed over time and not just an average per mile. That feature along with the voice alert when my heart rate changes zones (which are adjustable) keep this as my go-to running app… even when the font is ugly!
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4 years ago, dgreen962
Overall pretty good
Overall its a pretty good app that has helped me get on a regular regimen with goals and something to compete against (myself and my times). I use it multiple times per week and it helps me immensely but it has a few issues. Problems: 1. Accuracy: Lately the gps signal has been great until I start a run and then it gives me a message that my signal is low and as a result my distances and times are often inaccurate. I run the same 2 routes every run but its off by as much as .2 miles sometimes. Somedays, on the same route i have no gps signal issues and everything is great but because of the accuracy issue with the gps, my pace and such are often way off. 2. I put my shoes in to the app to keep track of miles on my shoes (excellent idea for a feature) but it only logged one run to those shoes and I just checked after a month of 2-3 mile runs, 3-4 times weekly, it only has logged 2 hours. On paper its a great feature if it worked. 3. The voice notification speaks too quietly if listening to music while running. If my music is off I can hear it but otherwise its too quiet. It would be great if a) it could automatically turn down your music while it gives the pace notification louder than the music. And b) you could set the pace notification to more often than a mile Other than that its great and my running journey would have likely ended long ago had it not been for the app
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1 year ago, TomásitoLindo
Has re-jumpstarted my 🚴‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♂️routine!
Works seemlessly w/Apple Watch Ultra, can begin workouts from watch or iPhone App & avoids double counting workouts in Health, Fitness, Zones & Runtastic, and keeps a constant sync so if I log a workout in Fitness it shows up in Runtastic dashboard 🥰. The liw maintenance on fitness tracking makes this app so useful, as I can keep my tech-time down to assisting my workouts, instead of managing data cleansing & app settings, as is the problematic case with many other fitness apps. The audio cues for segments & pace keep my motivation up to push a little harder each run/ride. Works great for cycling & running, indoors & out. I can't imagine how'd to keep up without this beautiful combo of products ! Thank you 🙏 adidas for having our backs, wrists, legs... well you get the pic 😘
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5 years ago, Teacherman123
Incredibly Helpful Tool for During the Run
I used this to train for and complete my first marathon. The gps tracking, even when I did not have internet while running in other countries, is my primary draw. I also love that it gives the interactive map with pacing. One thing to keep it from 5 stars is the planning feature. It is not customizable enough to be really helpful. For example, it should have you set a date and then back track a plan for you, rather than determine when you are done. Also, I trained for my marathon intensely for 7 weeks, and although I know that’s not advised, it was what I did, so I would have liked the option to shorten the time. Instead, I found internet training plans and used this app as active tracking, which it did exceptionally well.
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5 years ago, Marcozr1
Cant stop an activity after 1.5 mile
I have been using this app since 2012. Not a runner, and don't need/use the coaching features. I mainly use this app to track my running leading to and during my annual fitness test and i never had this issue before. The problem I have is that there is no way to stop/end an activity. I have to double tap home and close the app, reopen the app, to get the option to end activity. That is the only way to stop it. Trying to figure this out and to do this while running slows me down and gives me an inaccurate idea of my running time is. It only happens after 1 mile. Took screenshots that i can share if needed.
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2 months ago, Chiashurb
Poor data availability
As a tracker, this app is fine, I guess. Basically just like all the others. A number of features are behind a subscription paywall, which makes sense for something like Strava but less so for an app that, to me, exists to promote Adidas shoes. That said I would not downcheck my rating based on the paywall as I respect the developer’s right to monetize their app as they see fit. The main reason for my 1-star review is the complete lack of data availability. Strava sync? Nope. GPX export? Also no. You can download from the website but it’s a deal where you press the button and wait potentially 7 days to receive a data archive—not just a neat activity download. The share button in-app is set up to share an image representing a workout, so that’s also a no-go. There’s lots of reasons to use a handful of apps, including sport-specific features or training programs, and I currently pay for 3. I’m deleting this one because it’s just too hard to integrate into my personal health data ecosystem.
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4 years ago, kishore babu
Pausing mid-run and losing my data
I use an iPhone 6S+ running the latest updated versions of iOS 13 and the Adidas app. For the last week, the app unexpectedly pauses without informing me while I’m running. So my data is not being saved. I ran 7 km this morning but the app paused at 1.3 km. I knew the app was not working because I wasn’t getting feedback while running. Not that I can do anything about it till my run is over, at which point, it informs me that there is an incomplete run and asks if I want to save it or not? Duh! I ended up manually saving my run. The app is unusable as of now. Besides, the feedback option within the app doesn’t actually have an option to give feedback, which is why I’m writing here. Grr! I still give the app 4 star review because I have been using it for many years without any issues, while it used to be called Runtastic.
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3 years ago, Jewski16
Doesn’t properly track
I really wanted to like this app, especially since you get to earn points towards Adidas while doing a normal run activities. However, it lacks so many things that make it functional for tracking your runs. First, it never tracks the correct distance. Often times off by a significant amount such as running 1 mile but only tracking at you did .1 miles. But my biggest grape is that it says it works with the Apple Watch but it does not. 70% of the time it does not display your current stats on the watch while running which is the whole point of having a watch while running. So you can’t keep track of your current pacing, heart rate, etc.I’ve gone through all of the recommended steps such as uninstalling the app on both my watch and phone and restarting my devices and still it has the same problems. Developers of this app please take a look at apps like RunKeeper to see how your app should work.
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4 years ago, R Anthony
Disappointing UI
The app is unnecessarily cumbersome. The integration of accessing iTunes from within the app is nice, but I don’t need immediate access to my camera or some of the other features. The fact that it took two full runs before I started to see it record any data was a bummer, and 4 runs before I was able to find a way to get it to record from my Apple Watch when I didn’t have my phone with me. I generally don’t do shorter runs (under 7 miles or less than an hour) with my phone. I had to do a deep search just to find where the setting was located, and it was not accessible while the app was active/recording activity. I have 4 runs that were either not tracked, or only partially tracked. Nike Run Club (NRC), or the Apple activity app are far more user friendly and just worked without any fiddling. I tried the app because of a Creators Club contest that Adidas was running, giving away a pair of Adizero Adios Pros, but it didn’t even record my runs to be able to qualify.
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5 years ago, Krellblue11
App has gotten worse
This app has gotten worse over the years since it was MiCoach. I would drop this app and my still, but I don’t want to loose all my past runs and the data why the developers have removed the ability to customize training, doing an assessment, even small things like the training week in the app ends on a Saturday. My last training day ends on a Sunday, it makes it harder to accurately track your progress when the developers of the app are gigging against you! Let me tell you when my week starts, let me tell you (like I used to be able to) what days I run for my training schedule. Tell me how many miles each day to run in the schedule. None of this, run easy for 40 minutes. That tells me nothing, that’s not a training schedule, that’s a generalized recommendation. I actually should give this app a 1 star because of how good it used to be and how bad Adidas has made it.
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6 years ago, -Kev
Regular Runner’s Need
Tracks speed, time, distance, elevation... it’s a good app for keeping track of your runs so that you can hold yourself accountable. It also shows your hot zones so you can see where you took a rest and where you were killin it. It uses GPS so it does effect your battery, but not as bad some other apps. It does what it says it does and it does it well, more than you can say about a lot of apps. It also gives you updates when you hit each mile marker. Extremely helpful for days when you just want to run a couple miles, you can hit it right on the nose. Highly recommend for a regular runner.
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4 years ago, esteffe7575
Locked out of account, no way to contact support
I have used this app for 3 years as a paying premium member, and have loved it. Today I was logged out of my account. (no big deal). Attempts to log back in and reset my password on both the app and website have failed. There is no customer support contact for login help, as you must log in to submit a support request. Please reply to this so I can change my review and continue using your great product. Update: Took 5 days to get a support response email. Since then, I have received 4 emails from support with canned fixes like “install the latest version” or “ follow this link to reset your password”. I am now 15 days out from the initial problem and still can’t access the account I am paying for as a premium subscriber. Average turnaround email is about 48 hours... to solve a login issue!!! You can do better.
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1 year ago, Murknots
It’s only missing one thing
I’ve used this app for years. It is fantastic for walking, running, and most other activities. The only thing that needs to be added is the ability to keep track of stair climbing on a gym machine. The selection in the app is for stair climbing IRL. It does not track on the machine and there is no way to enter the number of flights manually. Otherwise a great app! Update: Not sure how I feel about the recent update. The layout is not as user friendly. Also there is still no way to manually enter flights climbed when on a stairclimber machine. Update: More user friendly but still no way to enter flights climbed on a machine.
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4 years ago, USMCtrumpet
Bring back micoach!
Yes I still miss micoach. I used both runtastic and micoach for years before they merged but runtastic always was kind of my backup tracker. Micoach was awesome because of the coaching feature. Now I just use my watch but I still uploaded everything to runtastic. Now the web version is gone - ok fine. But now when I upload (one at a time by the way), it just assumes everything is a run (even though a simple algorithm could probably check the file name which says what it is!), fine I’ll change all the activity types for the walks and hikes. And now, if I change the activity type it doesn’t count for challenges. I really don’t know why I use this anymore because it’s mostly just frustrating but I guess it’s my backup...
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3 years ago, Krstnchrry
Thankful for Improvement
I recently reviewed this app which I’ve been using since 2013. I was disappointed because I could no longer access my personal 8 year history of running and other exercise events. 8 years!! It had also stopped recording my run times accurately. Since writing that review, I am now able to retrieve all of my history and the timing is back on track and I’m officially back to loving this app! I appreciate our 8 year relationship and hope it continues to stay on track by keeping me on track! Thank you!!
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4 years ago, Andrea35647586)
Is this a beta test?
RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: Yes I contacted support. It says it in my review. Stop copying and pasting generic responses. I can’t believe you can’t set this app to stop the timer when you’ve hit your distance goal. You can set a 5k but it will keep going after you’ve hit that distance, resulting in extra seconds as you fumble to make it stop. This would even be fine if it kept timing but still captured the time you hit 5k. What is the point of even setting a goal? Next, if you do not share your photo immediately, you can’t share it later. Even though your photo is in there, you can only use their default photos. Tech support finally admitted it wasnt possible after I sent them a screencast of me following the process they gave me and not being able to use my photo. The developer wrote me in German for some reason just directing me back to the support article that does not work. This is not a user issue. These 2 things do not work. I sentence screencast showing me following the directions to a T. I can’t believe you actually charge people for this. This seems like a beta test. Did you even consult one runner when developing this? Nike Run Club is much better and free.
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4 years ago, mlarusse
Very useful, but...
I’m more or less a big fan of this app. I find it invaluable when trying to stay in shape to play soccer as a 44 year old or to recover from injury or not let the wings and beer add up over the years. The data the free version provides is great and it’s fairly intuitive to use. My big hangup is the lack of accuracy with the satellite data. I run the same route fairly regularly, and I have seen some wild variances on distance covered and the trace of my route on the map. Also, I’ll include the standard spoiled westerner critique and say I wish I didn’t have to pay for some of the other data; but that’s capitalism. Overall, it’s quite nicely done. It’s just that without accurate distance and mapping, it starts to defeat the purpose. With that fixed it’s a sold 4.5 in my book.
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5 years ago, Vongx
Was good but not so much now
I’ve used this app for several years. It was tracking my distance by gps on my phone accurately until the last 6 months. Now it tracks my pace at 80 seconds faster than it should. I tried the fixes suggested with no luck. It was tracking on my Apple Watch accurately so I stopped using the app on the phone while running and was using the app only on the Apple watch. But now the app isn’t tracking accurately on my watch. It tracks my pace at 60 seconds slower than it should . Before anyone purchases a promembership, I’d suggest they test the free version to make sure gps tracks distance accurately on the phone/watch. For me it did accurately for years, but not lately.
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6 years ago, bce37
Long time user, recently disappointed
I’ve been using this app for over a year, and up until now I’ve been really satisfied. However, the last several times I’ve used the app, the location technology has been glitching, giving me inaccurate distances. These are my regular running loops, so I know the accurate distances by heart. It’s showing on my distance map that I’m running far more than I actually am, which messes up my average mile times, which I am trying to regularly track for training purposes. I love the app, but not so much recently due to these distance inaccuracies.
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4 years ago, hdkbdajrbxsjfbsf
Creator club points
The app itself is great and it tracks my statistics really well, but it’s not logging the creator club points I earned properly. I even logged out and logged back into the app. For example I did 2 workouts today and ran a mile, but it only counted one of the workouts I did to give me points for. I also joined a challenge and I didn’t receive my 50 points! I’m really working hard to unlock higher levels of the creator club so it would be really great if I could acquire the points I earned! And one more problem, this just happened - there is a big black box on one of my route photos. This is the first time is happened and I don’t know why. Please please fix all of these bugs, and I’ll be happy to give a 5 start review because like I said, the app itself is great!
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5 years ago, TimTime72
Great App- Easy to use
I’ve used this app for many years. It’s easy to download, connect and go. I listen to my music the whole time and there is no interruption. When you reach your milestones it lets you know so it’s a nice little motivator to keep going. My wife and I both use it to have playful competition to see who ends the week with the most activity. This world is not the same anymore and it’s easy to lose focus with all the stresses coming at you every day. We start with runtastic to keep us connected to our main purpose- to be present and enjoy life! Download and go get em.
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5 years ago, timmy76
I love this app
I have been using this app for about a month now and I’m really enjoying the results. I have never been a runner. When I signed up with the Results app Runtastic came as a part of it so I figured why not give it a try. The interval training has helped me to increase my time little by little. I love the challenge. The only thing that I would like to see is treadmill tracking. I don’t run outside so the distance and calorie numbers are way off. If I edit those numbers then it will make it ineligible for the challenges that I am in the process of doing. Hope that this will become an option in the near future.
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5 years ago, Ldhjdjdhskdhf
Get going!
I love this app. It’s not just a passive tracker, it gives you really insightful articles on nutrition, recovery and cross training. It motivates me to be better while giving me the information to do so. With ever present challenges and multiple activities there’s something for everyone at every level who wants to get active. There’s also a great sense of community. With The goal feature creates a sense of progress and accountability. I wish they would bring back the percentage of your goal accomplished along with the weekly miles you need to accomplish it back though.
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5 years ago, (HeavensFury)
Money hungry greedy app developers!
This app used to be pretty good. You could run, track your progress, and then see the saved data. There were lots of added bonus features if you paid for them. Like a personalized couch, encouragement, a very detailed run and workout plan. It was worth it for people to buy the extra stuff. Now all they have is track your run, and an overview at the end. You can’t even see old runs unless you pay for them! That is ridiculously greedy. Almost every other free running app you can see previous runs! This is not good marketing or planning. I don’t even want to pay for the extra added on content like I used to because that is just wrong to not have a basic level of running and then what you did in the past. Runtastic you lost another customer!
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5 years ago, Joanith25
Great app!
I love this app. I use it to track my stats and see improvement over time. I like the leaderboard feature so I can see how I stack up with my friends. And it has a good variety of statistics available that it measures for you automatically, which is nice. One feature I wish it had, though, is a better route planner. I still use Map My Run to get suggested routes when I’m traveling or when I’m bored with my usual routes. I wish Runtastic either let me easily pre-plan where I should go (and then see my path on the map while I am running) and/or suggested routes that other people in my area have done, like Map My Run does.
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6 years ago, Waxspna
Great app
I recently have been going through some tough times in my life and decided to try some training programs. I downloaded an app called Results and also Runtastic. Results is a fitness app that you can do anywhere and Runtastic works together in sync with it to add wonderful cardio to your goals. I do it on my own time and have been true to the goals I set. I’m not only seeing results, but I’m actually looking forward to keeping up with my goals. A small fee that’s worth it! It’s got me excited about the marathon next year!
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4 years ago, Chemflyer
Missing Critical Features
I was a long time satisfied and PAID user of Runtastic Roadbike Pro. Adidas bought them out and shut down that great app (without warning). I can no longer log into Runtastic Roadbike Pro. I have been forced to migrate to Adidas Running. There are two critical features missing from Running that makes this app nearly worthless for my needs. Roadbike Pro had access to the “Open Cycle Map”, which showed al trails and bike paths, not just roads. That was where I preferred to bike, not on roads. That map is missing from Running. I was also able to download those Open Cycle Maps for use offline when I am biking in areas without cell coverage. That is also missing in Running. Without the Open Cycle Map and ability to download it for use offline, this app is just 1 Star.
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3 years ago, Bbnglodt
Average at Best
I have the paid/premium version of thE app. Without that it doesn’t store much data. Even without I can’t sort the data to look at what I want, which is basic. For example if I want to track my pace over a few months I can’t do that without going into each run event. I can see the distances and total time... but not the pace. Sure I could math it out but... they could just put it in there. I can do that on the under armor app. It’s things like that which make this app average. For a free app look elsewhere. If you like adidas and the creators club, you need this app though as each mile logged gets you points. That’s literally the only reason to choose this app over better, less expensive options.
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6 years ago, MKB58
All I wanted to do is track distance
All I wanted to do is track distance while I ride my bike or walk and then have it sync to my Apple activity and health app. I wanted to also be able to enter things manually on occasion as I don’t always carry my phone (I know, sacrilege). This sounded like it would fit the bill, so I downloaded it. Well it wants me to sign in with my Facebook login, which I don’t have, or activate some account. I don’t like giving out information to those that don’t need it. I just want an app that lives on my phone and does what little I need it to do. So I deleted the app straight away. Sorry, given all the news about personal information right now, I am just not going to start giving it out now, since I have no Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media apps.
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2 years ago, Wordwashedup
Will not allow sync with iPhone 14 and Apple Watch SE (version 2)
There is a functional option to sync the app with an Apple Watch. It does not work. I purchased the watch to track horseback riding mileage, which I have done with the app on my old iPhone 8 for years. The app does significantly drain my phone battery life, so I had hoped that using the watch would remediate this problem. Both my iPhone 14 phone and the watch are new and running the latest IOS versions. Unfortunately, the option to add an Apple Watch just does not work. It gets as far as the grant permissions screen (completed) and will not allow you to select “Next” to progress any further. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, MrsQuevedo
Was amazing when I had my iPhone 7.
Since I upgraded to the iPhone 12,I have had the problem of the app not registering my gps location. So sometimes my miles are short or sometimes they are long. When I look at the trouble shooting page it gives me all these nice things to do. But none of them work. Still says that my location is not turn on and that I should turn it on. Did that 10 times and made sure it was on while I was only using the app. Guess what still said the same thing after my run. I wish it was the same as when I had my iPhone 7, you would think that having a better phone the app would shine but it took a big L. Maybe an update would fix this problem 🤷🏽‍♂️ On this app. Meaning you guys need to update your adidas app.
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5 years ago, Angel the mile runner
Issues with the app
The app is overall great app to track your running but there is an issue. The app closes itself out after a certain amount of time jogging very slowly and that is not fun. Today I was running and closed down on me in the middle of my run and messed up my activity. I ran about 4.1 miles but the app only tracked 3.7 due to it shutting off. It would be great if the app would not do that. I think this app is worth 5 stars but because of today’s problem I will give it a four star rating.
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3 years ago, Jared111111
App Update
I BOUGHT this app 5 years ago when it was Runtastic Pro. Over that time I have run countless miles and been able to track all of my data. Since the most recent update (2 weeks ago) they have redesigned the progress tracker, which basically was just hiding all of your data tracking behind a pay wall. Now you have to subscribe to a Pro membership to see you own progress except for your monthly stats. What a terrible money grab. They need your membership money to pay for the app environment and all of the extra bells and whistles. So if you are a runner just looking to track your stats and not interested in paying $9.99 a month then avoid this app. So disappointed in the company.
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4 years ago, criticsBOB
Used it quite some time. I even became a premium member which was the first major disappointment. The choice of plans is extremely limited, especially if you’re looking for age ranges 40+. Once chosen a plan I realized they are just time controlled and an overlay to the regular recording feature, which means the voice announcements overlay each other or delayed each other. I once got a 3,4 and 5 km announcement right in row with some awkward silence before that. Stopping your exercise is a real mess also especially on the Apple Watch. Speaking of the watch - last two times the app stopped recording distance (not time!) and needed a tap to go on (6 series). Resume: time for another running app!
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4 years ago, NYChiquitita
Love this app...
Love 💕 this app! I would’ve given it five ⭐️ stars, if ADIDAS/RUNTASTIC would update software to use on my Apple Watch while working out outdoors without carrying iPhone AND making it available to set in my ‘complications’ face-watch! I’ve been using to track my inline-skating workouts! Very few workout apps are compatible (track and sync) inline skating. Thanks for that ADIDAS/Runtastic! Been using Runtastic since 2016 before they changed name 💁🏼‍♀️! Def recommend! PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE.... make it possible to add to my face-watch as a complication and available to use app w/o carrying phone foe GPS tracking capability! Thanks 😊
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5 years ago, NicolePizzaLover
I love a lot of things about this app. I love how it announces when you reached your first mile, counts how many calories you burn, shows on the map where you run, does optional “live” runs on social media so people can cheer you on and you hear it while you run, and keeps track of all previous runs you have done so you can look back each one an compare your progress throughout the weeks/months/years. There’s a lot more I love about this app, and this is all just with the free version.
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3 years ago, levdavid12345
Well made app, strava and Apple Watch issues
First of all, I really love how the runtastic apps are made. I use iPad for the body weight workouts at home and my apple watch + phone for runs. However, I noticed that my watch is sometimes not reflective of what is going on with a run (it would think my run stopped or paused while it is actually going). Also I have most of my friends on strava and would prefer having my runs reflected there, but the integration hasn’t been smooth (no map and time zones are not converted correctly)
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4 years ago, BigEWannabe
Update: What happened to voice coach?
This app used to work perfectly. I’ve had this app for years. Recently I’ve been doing interval training and the voice coach now stops coaching after the first interval. The app continues to run, but the voice coach stops. Really frustrating having to look at phone while running to check intervals. Update! I sent a note to support and they responded to me very quickly and my issue has been resolved. Thank you!
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3 years ago, tadoogie
Apple Watch app is awful
I used this app exclusively for more than 3 years without an Apple Watch, and I really liked it. Recently purchased an Apple Watch to have more data about fitness and the like. The watch app is almost useless. It has failed to log more than half of my jogs. And, sometimes you will start the jog on the Watch, and it won’t log your distance until the first time you look at the watch. In some instances, I have started my jog (with the 15-second delay) and not checked the watch until I’m 2mi into the jog, only to find that it’s only then starting to track my distance! Looking for another option.
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4 years ago, Tiger attacks
Crashing problems
In my opinion the only two things a running app needs is to not crash, and to track where you run. This app used to be better but recently the app crashes multiple times per run, losing my stats. The app also sometimes has gps issues where I would normally have good gps, but then I go back to see my workout and it looks like I ran zig-zags across my county, when I only run on a straight trail most of the time.
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3 years ago, BitTheApple
When it was Runtastic it was Fantastic
Had to download this Adidas version of original Runtastic app since it became deactivated last week. I have attempted to set up the Adidas iWatch app several times and continue to get the prompt to finish setting up app on iPhone by setting up location permissions to allow while using app. When I go to the app on my phone, it doesn’t allow you to finish setting up the watch because the “next” button is not “clickable” to move forward setting up the app. Basically, this app is useless if it won’t connect to my iWatch. I use to use the original Runtastic app daily so I’m disappointed that I’ll have to find another app to track my fitness since this app is useless to me now.
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4 years ago, MusicGal Mermaid
Excellent app
I’ve tried many other activity apps before but this one is by far the best because it gives you a countdown to start. I love that because I can press it and then take a few moments to take my phone away in preparation for my jog. The second thing is, I love it gives you a recap of your work out. Three I find that it’s the best of tracking both speed and distance of all the apps I’ve tried on the market including its major
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5 years ago, sathya88
Excellent app
I am wondering using this app each morning again and again. Very accurate calculation of speed and load on every piece of distance. This app provides a very useful core functionality and you can add special trainings programs from professionals. But I would like to see in app more a body specific data e.g. whole amount of steps. In some cases gps data didn’t provide objective information about distance. If I come in a shop with low level of gps signal I see fake data about distance after coming out from the shop.
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6 years ago, jimmydx
Mostly great
I see features are being added often and i like to keep discovering new ways to keep my workouts fresh. However there’s something I don’t understand and it’s why do they have so many activities to choose from (besides running) but don’t offer workouts for all of them. I just really need to be able to access my custom intervals for specific activities (like elliptical). This doesn’t make any sense to me and seems like such a basic feature. This is a deal breaker for me but I do expect this to be supported in the near future.
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2 years ago, Fake Notification numbers
Add-on/plug in, data export issue. Uncomfortable mantality.
One of the very main reason I thought using this app was because it was directly linked to another app I like, Relive. However, after a month I paid and joined the premium account, the app end the partnership with Relive. And now, it gave me issue about exporting my data. The exported data the website generated is a .json format instead of .gpx format,Which is incompatible to most of the other apps. Overall by itself, the app is pretty decent. However for what I need my data compatible to other apps, the app is just keeps pulling back inch by inch. I’m not comfortable with this kind of mantality.
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