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Aetna Life Insurance Company
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User Reviews for Aetna Health

4.67 out of 5
286.6K Ratings
3 years ago, delaware ohio customer
Aetna Mobile
Latest update will not let you login. Says session timed out. Fix Me again. I have written to you before. Your app will not log me into my account like it used to. I used to be able to login and access my claims, look up providers, and view my membership card. You changed something to stop that. I was told that my policy didn’t cover that. So which mobile app should I download to let me do what you advertise to do that? I pay enough in premiums to allow that. ????????? No response means I am right about your app not working correctly. It used to work okay. Something changed. No I’m not going to say anymore. )$&6());)6)$;$£££
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2 years ago, LeahD1215
Provider In-Network Info Doesn’t Match
I’m looking for a cardiologist and I’ve been using the app for a while. A few cardiologists are listed as 2 specialties—Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease Physician. Those that are have an ! In their info that says they’re In Network but ‘certain providers may be out of network for certain specialities at this location: Cardiology’. How can that be? Functionally those two specialties are the same thing. All a Cardiologist does is Cardiology, how can he be listed as out of network for a location for the only thing he does there? The doctors office themselves says they take Aetna insurance all the time, but then what does that ! mean? On the website it says nothing about out of network specialties for any provider and it even lets me use the price estimation tool for that location. Aetna needs to get their information correct one way or another, most people can’t waste time or money accidentally going to an appointment for a provider that’s actually out of network because the app and website have different info. Calling is no help either, I’ve gotten 2 opposite answers from 2 different people, but the second person emailed me a provider list as proof showing the doctor I want to see as In Network as a Cardiovascular Disease Physician. Do I have to check every doctor I want to see 3 times now to average out the answer? I don’t even trust the Provider List I was given at this point.
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5 years ago, earth on cirs
Do not use Aetna App to make a payment
Aetna failed to process my payment to provider twice. I placed payment for two of my claims using this Aetna mobile app. They both failed. I’ve got past due notice from the provider after I made payment. I called them to explain that I made payment via Aetna mobile app already and had a receipt. Then, a few days later, I’ve got refund for this payment, it was almost month later since I made a payment. I called the provider and apologized this late payment which was not my fault and sent a check them immediately. Now, another claim, I paid for the claim on Mar 19, 2019. Today, on May 14, I’ve got past due notice from the provider. So far, I didn’t see refund logged for the claim on the Aetna mobile app, so I thought my payment was processed and sent to the provider successfully. I called Aetna, I was on hold for a few minutes, and this is what they said: They, Aetna, sent my payment to the provider on May 25, 2019, 6 days after I made a payment via Aetna mobile app. However, the provider never cash it, hence my payment was automatically refunded. Then, why the refund wasn’t shown app soon? And, why payment process didn’t work? Why the provider never cash my payment, is it their fault or Aetna’s fault? My conclusion: I will never use Aetna mobile app to make my payment to provider. I will use my HSA account, the provider’s online payment system, or send a check!
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2 years ago, TrueSpleen
Still the poorest and most inefficient health insurance app
The Aetna app has been consistent in two areas for the last several years, consistency in lack of redesign for the app and consistent poor performance. The app has not changed in years, it provides little to know real useful information without diverting you back to the web based platform, which is an exercise in how many times you can login despite being logged in on the app and the three previous tabs opened in your browser. The answers provided by Aetna are akin to a poorly written mystery novel, you know something happened and you owe some amount of money to someone but you are never really sure. Do not worry, there is a link that will explain it too you; nope it’s just another tab asking you to log in again. The one true feature of this app and Atena’s entire platform is security. No one can login that many times unless it is the user and secondly you can never get actual useful information about your healthcare coverage to utilize it in the best way possible, which lets be honest is the real goal of Aetna. My only wish is that employer moves away from them, as for the app abandon all hope ye who enters.
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1 month ago, HokieMochi
Poorly designed
Poorly designed and provides little useable information. Recent studies have shown the largest health care companies such as Aetna have grown to a size that makes them too big to fail as in no one in health care can compete with them. I have some of the best insurance money can be as I work a great union job. I used to go to a family pharmacy in my home town but aetna bought cvs and decided to make routine things such as a vaccine a medical benefit and not a pharmacy benefit. Why would they do that? Well most pharmacy’s and especially the small ones do not have the ability to bill medically, it requires an entirely different and expensive system. Ao Aetna forcefully picked the pharmacy i have to use and it just so happens to be theirs. I live in a rural area so I have to drive over a half hour to the closest CVS. This is just one small instance, but yeah if you’re asking my opinion on rating anything related to the for profit healthcare industry that we have in the U.S. that provides worse care for an astronomically higher cost, then it’s going to be one star. Would not recommend, I hope you’re whole company is outlawed one day.
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2 years ago, Smat68
User friendly App helps navigating your providers & bills
Nice App for searching Network providers and also easy access to check all the claims. Some providers details needs to be updated as after the Pandemic there are lot of changes occurred. The Payment system is 50% good & 50% bad , as it takes almost 30 days and more once you pay by Credit Card in the App however the providers doesn’t get the money immediately. It will be better if the App provides Payment details / links for providers and not AETNA Payment department which pays provider through a third party agent. I strongly disagree the payment mode as once we received a Letter from Provider stating that they had handed over to a third party to chase our payment whereas we had paid 2 months ago via our Credit Card. The issue was that we were not notified about the payment return back to our Credit Card after a month which is not our fault. This App is only good for searching Network providers.
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5 years ago, Not-Mozart
Doesn’t function well. Infrastructure is 20th century.
Most recent issue: I lost my job and needed a document stating my last day of coverage, which was about 1 week away. Aetna could not produce a digital version, mail and fax were the only option. They absolutely would not help in my effort to get new coverage in a week, and could only say “I’m sorry” to the fact that their terrible infrastructure was going to leave me without coverage for a month. They don’t seem to understand that there are humans on the customer side of their business. UX failure: I cannot search for a doctor (there is no search bar). Cannot filter doctors. The only way you can find a doctor is to walk in front of the office building because it’s based on location with no other way of functioning. From a UX, and general usability position this app is dumb and pointless. What’s worse is when I had to call, the person took 10 min to do the search I could do myself, then they could only provide me with a phone number. Then after that the doctor office themselves won’t book appointments on Friday at all. I feel like I just warped into 1983.
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2 months ago, Sick&Traumatized
This is the worst insurance coverage and customer service
I had sepsis and was in the hospital with the flu and Covid on oxygen when I decided to switch to Aetna for a better health plan. I called and asked for the Aetna Elite PPO plan asked with the plan that included comprehensive deluxe dental plan for $30/monthly to be added to my plan. I am disabled and was on oxygen at the time I spoke to the agent to change my plan. The representative never added the extra dental to my plan and this was their incompetency and mistake. I now have pain in my mouth and no extra dental coverage because they refuse to add it on and are making me wait until October 2024! That’s 6 months from now. I am so disappointed that they feel it is acceptable to leave a member and patient in pain and will not help by adding this deluxe dental plan and claim although I requested the add on April 15th they cannot accommodate me because I had 1 month from March 1st when the insurance coverage with Aetna began. Disgusting treatment to me as a patient who is trying to avoid further medical issues and take care of my teeth. I am leaving this Aetna insurance.
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3 months ago, MzDHG
$1200 wellness allowance
One of the biggest differences in the Aetna Medicare Advantage from other plans that drew me into the program was the annual$1200 allowance for activities and items that enhance my wellbeing. Well, they have made this a bit cumbersome. I have requested these forms ( which must arrive at my home address via “snail mail”- who DOES things this way in today’s age with scanners, cameras that can photograph receipts, etc etc) I started requesting these forms (phone requests by phone to customer service-to the number on the back of my card) THREE weeks ago and again about a week ago- but have received no forms. I am very disappointed! I have bought a bike and equipment for that bike- trusting Aetna to follow through. This company has not, as yet met their obligation. They make it difficult to figure out how to claim the allowance (not easy to access the information on their site), difficult to file for the allowance (snail mail- really?), and when you finally go through those worm holes, they don’t follow through on their end with their process. I had Humana before and things were pretty smooth, though they didn’t dangle the $1200 carrot- this company needs to simplify this process and secondly, they need to work on their integrity and keep promises made- wondering what other ways they might disappoint.
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2 years ago, Helinoob
Sadly just like the website for Dental
My experience is based on Aetna Dental PPO. Dont know how useful it is for other coverages. I give it two stars: one for being able to access my ID card, one for being able to view claims. For determining my specific coverages it is as useless as their website. For instance, my Plan Summary page tells me that it pays 80% of “Major Services”. It doesn’t say what those services are or what my annual limit is. It tells me to look at Plan Documents for specific coverage information. When I go to Plan Documents I am greeted by an empty page that says I have no plan documents. The Plan Summary page has an option labeled Spending Details. When I click that link it takes me to a blank page that tells me to go to the Plan Summary (the page I just came from) to view my spending details. Majority of the app is just a copy of the dysfunctional website, even though the website urges you to get the app to see all the details of your coverage. PATHETIC
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3 years ago, ifubai
Issues with App/Website
Overall you’ve finally come close to getting it right!!! However normally I use your Mail-order Pharmacy for my medications. For one offs and emergency fills I’ve always used Walmart on Hope Church Rd. For whatever reason you have defaulted my local Pharmacy to Medley, whom I’ve never used, let alone heard of. Each time I try and price a medication you default me to Medley. Can’t you fix this??? Related to Pharmacy issues being a heart patient I’ve always kept Nitroglycerin Spray on hand for its convenience. But when I try and price it, your App/Site gives me an error that pricing isn’t available. I’ve asked about this multiple times and have been requested to attach a screenshot. Problem is you won’t accept screenshots or embedded images. Go figure. Lastly someone dropped the ball and I’m out of my 40 mg Furesomide and although the app says it’s available there doesn’t seem to be a way to request it. Thanks, Jack Collins
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12 months ago, ssfano
Dollar before member
I am a diabetic and had all just about in control using Tresiba and Mounjaro. It was a hard road suffering through Trulicity and Ozempic before finally having Mounjaro do well with my body. Had brought my A1C from 11 to 7.9 and changed to Aetna from another insurance. I had no idea that an insurance company would decide it just dd not like what I was taking. After so months of steady improvement, Aetna decided it did not want me on Mounjaro citing I had to take four of the five they requested first. I explained this was the third of the five that they were asking for though my body at 6 months of Mounjaro was doing great. Why switch something that is working? Long story short, they would not cover my medicine and then declined the one they said I had to take. Three months of fighting them and yes my A1C is climbing up again and I feel really bad. The only thing I can see here is their dollar was more important then their member. When do insurance companies now tell doctors what they need to prescribe to their patient?
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3 years ago, R.Ouk
Aetna error/terrible customer service
I recently had a baby. We met our deductible and out of pocket maximum during that time. We received bills in the mail amounting to over $4k over our out of pocket max. I called customer service eight times and was told something different every time and no one could resolve the issue. We have insurance for a reason. We pay a good amount for our premium and we have a high deductible and max oop. We are willing to pay our max oop, which is no issue. Unfortunately, no one at Aetna can do their job and guide us in the right direction, so now two of my bills went to collections. No one seems to care and no one is being held accountable. When I asked to speak to a supervisor the reps said they don’t have one. How is that even possible? It’s not. There is always someone above someone and always someone in charge. This is causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. Stay away from Aetna! Also, the app is terrible! It doesn’t give us all of the information we need to navigate our claims properly.
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3 months ago, Gma 9
Terrible customer service
I am forced to use CVS Caremark for prescription because CVS owns Aetna. I called and spoke to someone with Aetna and set up a new account to start receiving my prescription through CVS Caremark. Was told they would contact my doctor to request the subscription. They NEVER did contact my doctor however they show that the prescription was ordered 12 days ago and show the status as “processing “. When I asked why the status was still processing more than a week after I had called them they said they hadn’t received a prescription from my doctor and that I could either call them and request that they contact my doctor or I could contact my doctor myself. They put the blame all on me and said once they received the prescription it would be 4-5 days before they would send my prescription. I only have 5 pills left so will run out before I receive my prescription. They said I can pay extra to expedite shipping. What a joke! They take no responsibility and could care less.
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4 years ago, anonqowirueufidj
Difficult to search for providers, impossible to have to log ins
Overall, I was excited to use the app rather than having to call Aetna all the time, but I have two problems with this one: (1) I have aetna for my dental (through my work, and I am the primary account holder) and my medical (through my husband). With the old Aetna app, I had two different logins to see medical or dental. Now both logins go to my medical insurance only and I can’t see my dental insurance details at all. There should be a possibility to have two cards and two accounts stored on the app. (2) When I go to ‘Search for providers’ all I can search for are the popular searches that the app suggests, I can’t type in what providers I need myself. Would be great if both of the above could be fixed. Also would be amazing if you could get pre-approval and understand how much you would be charged for each procedure with a specific doctor through the app rather than having to call.
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3 years ago, Lyon>LA
5 Stars in 2015!
So yes, if I jumped on this app in 2015 I probably would have given it 5 stars, just look at all this information!! Sadly it’s 2021, and Aetna’s algorithm leaves a lot to be desired. Tried to find a Chiropractor, app tells me “You can use these Chiropractors in the area buddy!” and so I say thank you app, and book an appointment. Luckily the woman at the desk at the Doctor’s office was sharp, and after calling me back three times, finally realized that I was NOT cleared to go to their offices, since they were in network, but not in the “medical group” I selected. Like I said, in 2015, sure no problem. In 2021, you show me WHO I CAN ACTUALLY GO TO or you failed. Add to that the fact that the app makes me type out my sign in every time (doesn’t remember me, won’t use face recognition) and this app seems more like the winner at a 9th Grade Science Fair then something a Fortune 500 company paid a developer thousands and thousands for...
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1 year ago, poor review from retiree
Aetna is denying my preauthorizations and I feel like I have to fight for my health care at a point in my life where I’m retired and having health issues and suffering daily with pain and my day to day activities are affected. I suffered collapsed discs in my cervical spine in 2020 and have gone through steps to improve my health by way of physical therapy, steroid injections, and am at a point where I saw a neurosurgeon and together after CT scan and MRI we came to the conclusion that surgery is medically necessary. Aetna has required I have more physical therapy. I had to stop pt because it was causing more pain. I went for 8 months. I feel as though I have done all I can to get better but am at a point now where pt will not achieve the goal of improved condition. It’s degenerative disc disease protruding into spinal space pressing on nerves. I want to try pt, but don’t want to do it if it isn’t helping. My review is not a good one but I’m living with daily pain and denied health care I need.
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1 month ago, nicolesaed
Signing in glitch
Every time I sign in, the app asks me to set up my preferences. The first thing it says is that they don’t have an email on file, which is not right because I’ve added my email multiple times. At the second step it asks me for my phone number again and best time for contacting. Third step, language preferences. Step four is paperless settings. Fifth step - my demographics. After filling in this information every time I want to sign in, it gives me an error message saying: “ Something Went Wrong We're sorry, there's a problem on our side. Try again or cancel to go back to the home screen.” Then I tap on Try Again and it takes me to a screen that says “ We've saved those preferences to your account. Thanks for helping us learn how we can meet your needs.” I’ve uninstalled and installed the app multiple times and I still get this issue. It’s been an ongoing thing for 2 years already.
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2 years ago, Jersey gal 813
Coverage let down.
I am a 57 year old woman. I have had several life or death surgeries. These surgeries required me to have both my legs opened up and resulted in me losing half a foot. Aetna was good enough to send me to a L tag rehab. I am not sure if I was sent there just because of the extended antibiotics and the wound vac or what. I have been finished with the antibiotics, but still require wound care daily. I can not stand on my left leg with a walker for more than 2 minutes. My right leg is still several weeks from being allowed to bare weight. Aetna has refused the Dr request to send me down a step to acute rehab. I imagine this acute rehab is cheaper and now almost 2 weeks have been wasted in fighting to try and get me to a facility that could really help me get stronger & more stable on my foot. I just don’t understand it. Please help me to get better.
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6 months ago, Newcomer 3
I recently enrolled Aetna and I am having a hard time in order to make my first payment and try to get the monthly payments deducted from my checking account . I was sent to another website similar to PayPal (can’t remember the name right now because I am extremely upset) and after all the process of information I had to provide along with 5 (yes,5) security questions, provide my account number and routing number, identify twice the foros to prove that I am not a robot…… after more than 30 minutes, the site could not find my account. So, I guess I will have to go back to the old fashion snail mail system that I hated on my previous healthcare provider Simply. You are also sending me a bunch of letters and in all of them I still cannot find what type of plan I am enrolled in so I can direct the payments online… not a good start definitely.
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1 year ago, Old_Man_John
Aetna App
Overall the app is easy to navigate. The only issue is that there is no tab to make payments on your plan. I can’t tell you how long I spent searching so I wasn’t late on my monthly bill. Finally, after thinking I’m crazy and must be missing something I went to the web and search there. Sure enough you have to create a different account on a different Aetna site in order to pay your bill. All they have to do is add a tab that says “pay your bill “ linking you to the other site in order to have a smooth transaction. No one will ever know it is a different site. Besides that everything else seems to be easy and straight forward.
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5 months ago, GoldenMama1
Not user friendly
App not user friendly nor is Aetna!!!! I do not want to have mail in prescriptions nor do I like being forced. My husband had a horrendous time with multiple attempts and finally had to contact a human and then it still too 2 times to get his prescriptions set up. I do not want mail I prescriptions. Customer service is very unfriendly. Finding a contact Aetna option is non existent. Aetna is not user or friendly at all!! App or the Web site is not user friendly. I can not look up doctors available on my plan. I cannot look up imaging facilities available to me. I cannot get basic information about my plan. Does this mean my coverage is not user friendly too!?!? Makes me very skeptical. I just left Medica medical because I pay so much out of pocket and it’s brand new and at least they have a user friendly website.
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4 years ago, CrlticRaven84
Blank screen...?
This app has a lot of potential, unfortunately, this is my second time downloading the app with roughly 3 months in between and still getting a blank white screen. Thinking it may be my connection... however it is not. Fix the bugs and I may download it again. *UPDATE* Okay so after almost 5 months I decided to try to download the app again. Thinking that the developers would have had plenty of time to do some updates and bug fixes... WRONG download the app and... blank white screen. My family and I use (Mailhandlers) Aetna insurance and would really love to use this app. But again I download it, open it and blank white screen!?!? Yet my wife downloads the same app on her phone and it works as it should?!?!? Answers would be great I want to use the app. Since I am one of millions who pump money into this insurance company. A functioning app would be great
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5 years ago, KD 0809&
In November of 2018 you took back claims that were paid on my daughter whom I carry primary insurance. I called you multiple times to address her double coverage and explanation of benefits with her secondary coverage. You called them and they also explained and you took primary coverage but the bills never got paid. I called again and talked to sandy on 5/9/19 and she told me that she would call Aetna and take back and have all bills processed that they had. Today I got a collections notice in the mail for all those bills that your service reps told me they were absolutely taken care of. I’m extremely angry and will be writing a letter to the ceo of the company I work for. I’ll also be calling your management on Monday. I’ve had your insurance for almost 17 years, this is outrageous and ridiculous how much time and energy I’ve put into this, only to be extremely disappointed In your company.
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1 year ago, crazee21
Very Pleased So Far
I just retired in December ‘22 so January ‘23 was the beginning of my foray into Medicare. I chose Aetna Medicare Advantage as it provided the best low cost option for me. I had to chose the HMO since I didn’t want to spend all of my retirement dollars on benefits. I have to say I have been pleased. I have had to pay some out of pocket fees for special doctor visits, but there is no monthly premium, no fees for generic drugs and low out of pocket maximum. What’s not to like? Thank you Aetna for providing a plan for those of us who cannot afford the higher cost plans which I was able to afford when working.
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5 years ago, ChromeChomsky
I can’t even log-in and the redirect site has been down for weeks
I’ve had Aetna for a year and have never been able to log onto this app. I’ve reset my password twice, and spoken to customer service about potential account lockout. Each time I try to sign in, the app displays a page that states that the service is momentarily down and offers to redirect to a secure log-in webpage. No luck there either, as it just instructs me to do whatever I need to do by calling customer service with the phone number on my card. I get mail about how awesome the Aetna app is, and the features honestly sound great. Virtual therapy session offerings, wireless prescription mgmt, online dermatologist recommendations- but I can’t even log on. I’m going to be talking to my employer about why we even get our insurance through Aetna when other providers actually care about having an online presence.
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5 years ago, JaybirdM
No Signature Required!
When I order my specialty pharmacy medications it’s very nice to work with your employee that answers the call, the problem is you will not send them without someone signing for them. You tell the customer that a signature is required by Medicare but this is NOT true. Medicare doesn’t require a signature, your internal policies and procedures do. I’ve been taking these medications for 7.5 years and every insurance company, including yours, has processed the order with no signature required. When I started taking these medications 7.5 years ago you were my specialty pharmacy and did NOT require a signature. I hope you decide to allow the patient to order their medications without a signature.
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5 years ago, Randymartine312
Worthless so far
I registered online and have been able to get in through my computer, but when I try to go in through the app it auto-replies with a message that it’s only for limited users. What is the point of making the app available if only a limited number of people are using it, or can use it. My health insurance goes live on June 1 and everything about United Health was ready and working weeks before. Developers: please don’t ask me to email you with the problem. Either take it off Apple App Store until it’s fully functional for EVERYONE, or FIX IT!
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11 months ago, Big Dyna
Only a fair tool. Not. Do good
This is a poor quality application tool. Very few things bug me but this tool gets deleted an reloaded to fix issues more then anything I use. Information on claims is ten days slower then is useful. Notifications do not dismiss after acknowledgment. Support? None!!! Been reporting these issues for a month and nothing. Now on to there service. The encore they use for evaluating needed services is evil. Terribly non empathetic. And do far unhealthy unhelpful and plain stupid. Had to go on disability to get the attention of joe wrong they are on third diagnostic efforts. Three levels of in network doctors request denied. Very stressful. If I wasn't locked into this insurance through my job I would fire them then sue them gor insurary and mentss as l anguish.
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6 months ago, kev-miester
Not Reliable Information
My company went from United Healthcare to Aetna last year, & I’ve come across a lot of issues with not just the app, but Aetna overall (that’s a different story.) One of my providers has been in network this whole time, but Aetna’s billing system seems to be super buggy (confirmed not just by my provider, but also an agent from Aetna) where even though my provider has contacted them multiple times to resolve the billing issue, they’re still getting billed as if they’re out of network. The app states that I’ve hit my deductible (which I have) but because of billing issues, that it only counts towards out of network now. I can only hope that my company will one day go back to UHC, or a better provider, but for now, I’ll have to deal with Aetnas garbage unfortunately…
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1 year ago, bitoguy
Impossible to Search Approved Pharmaceuticals
Tried searching whether a doctor recommended pharmaceutical was covered, after more than an hour and a high level of frustration and the app bouncing me back and forth to the member site and back to the app (shouldn’t the app have access to the member site without asking me to login again?) It never revealed a view of the covered pharmaceuticals list. I gave up trying with the app, and used a link on my PC to view it. Why did they take care to hide it from the app? Why is the app not intuitive to use? Ever hire a usability consultant to make the app easy to use? It needs a lot of design work to bring it to even a mediocre user tool Aetna. And it’s years away from being a pleasure to use.
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2 years ago, sgdesai74
For god sake please
For god sake , please respect prescription refills suggested by doctors, you don’t want to act like a doctor all the time, if you want to control medication then you treat the people directly and prescribe medications for 90 days or 365 days or till end of life whichever is best for you. God sake , let doctor evaluate and decide medication duration, medication course and treatment plan, dosage can change or may be withdrawn , so let doctor decide what is best for the patients, don’t interfere in the middle of treatment and make arbitrary decisions on refills without talking to doctors, please relax and be patient world is not going end by December 31st 2022 be kind to yourself and others , do not shock customers with medication refills and make them scape goat at pharmacy stores If this is what your policies are then you won and I lost in cat and mouse game !!!
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4 years ago, 06050601kk
Finding providers
What I want to use the Aetna app and website for most is to find a local provider. Often I have done my own research to determine who I would like to see, then I will check on the app to find out if the are in network. The functionality of this used to be relatively simple - when I would type in a name I would see a result of that doctor or practice, and there would be a line that indicated whether or not they were in network. Now when I type on a specific name it just gives me a list of similar types of doctors, but doesn’t actually give me the results I am looking for. Even if the doctor is out of network, I want to see the answer to the search that I put in. It is beyond frustrating to use this function of the app, and I still can’t get the answers that I am looking for.
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5 years ago, Pal1134
Best health app ever - it goes 1 better than labcorp
OMG, What have you done Aetna. They have outdone themselves. I used to have such a. Hard time understanding medical bills but now it’s a walk in the park. You can immediately know what’s your deductible, how far you are. What claims have been charged, how much etc. Also the search functionality is so super awesome. There is no slow websites to deal with or those dreaded long phone calls. Have not tried the payment functionality yet but I look forward to trying more features on this. Keep up the good work.
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2 months ago, Manny281
App is horrible, search feature is terrible
this app is hard to navigate, when you type in the search area for a doctor or a location is very hard to come up with that location, it looks like he has a lot of good features, but the features right now are not working effectively so it’s trash. I’m only able to speak about this app because I’ve had a different insurance company and their app was so much user-friendly and easier to use than this one, it’s very difficult when I’m searching for anything like a clinic, hospital, or Primary Care doctor, using the search button is essentially trash. I wish they would improve it because it would make it much easier.
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4 years ago, maramros666
Improvement Needed Overall
I see a lot of room for improvement. I’m new to Aetna but, my previous HMO had a fantastic setup. Here I struggle to find my Doctors number and I believe they should make a section where you can make your doctor appointments online. In addition, they should make your medical history available to you (accessible online). Therefore, I would revamp their whole online setup and make it “user friendly”. I can already tell you the difficulties my wife and I are having with getting Aetna to schedule appointments or providers to call us back for her ultrasound sound appointments to checkout our baby’s development during her pregnancy. I wish I could switch back to my old HMO but, I’m stuck where my job offers health insurance.
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9 months ago, FloatingFi5h
Less than useless!
I’ve tried to find a healthcare provider through this app several times but all of their information is incorrect. It’ll say it’s been updated today but you call the place and it’s the complete wrong department or that location doesn’t even exist! Then if you want to compare medical costs it takes you to the phone browser where it makes you login again and restart your process of looking up treatment. I might as well have just used the website if the app was so dysfunctional! Not that it matters because the information on the website is the same incorrect information. I recommend staying away from this app when using it for anything other than an id card.
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5 years ago, Margishk
Misleading UI
The IU is misleading. Even though you complete the daily bubble, you may not get credit for that day. You need to go into the health app, then active calories and then data and sources and then select your apple watch from that list. Then you would see the calories for watch day. You need to make sure this number hits 600 to get the points. The bubble completion doesn’t really matter. So basically this app is useless and unreliable as you need to use health app and dig in too much to check if your daily goal is complete or not
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5 years ago, Lindsay99739
Unable to pay claims
I am unable to pay claims through the app. After entering payment info, I get a confirmation screen and then it says processing. It continues to say processing forever and I have to completely exit the app. I’ve tried this with several different providers, multiple payment methods, and over a couple of weeks time. It simply does not work. When I called Aetna about the issue I was told to not use the app to pay my claims. This is an unacceptable response when the purpose is to manage and pay claims. I am also frustrated that I am unable to login as myself and view my children’s claims. I have to be logged into my husband’s account to see them. As I am the member of the household who manages our children’s medical appointments and bills, this makes it difficult.
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8 months ago, namelessinalabama
So much incorrect information it’s ridiculous
I hate using this app to find providers… so much of the information is incorrect. I called 22 (I counted) provides to find one specialist and the majority of the providers I called didn’t even provide the service the app listed them for…. Or theirs was a weird caveat the app forgot to mention like they only work with children or they only do home visits at extra cost. That was an extreme case but each time I use the app I run into so much I correct info. Their incorrect information reporting process is also ridiculously time consuming. Not to mention I still see some of the incorrect info I’ve reported on months later. I’m convinced the app is intentionally unusable at this point.
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1 year ago, Keep Your Commitments
Non response
I have contacted the consignee or representative several times requesting a letter confirming my healthcare coverage. Each time I was told a email with requested document would be sent along with a document via mail. The initial call occurred 3 weeks ago with 2-3 follow up calls. Still no email or mailed document received. Was told that the action would occur within 24-48 hours. Looking more like 24-48 days or weeks! This has been a very frustrating interaction with your representatives who have not met their commitments to their customers. The communication ends with a request for me to participate in a survey. Previous responses I have tried to be positive but no more. Frustrating is building with your inactions on my simple request!
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5 months ago, BRS4
Lost ability to record a bill paid outside app - bring it back!!!!
Overall I am have been happy with the app. It is helpful when you can pay a provider directly through the app and keep track of the whole family’s claims. I used to be able to enter payments to providers that didn’t accept payment through the app. With a HDHP, it is very annoying this feature was removed! It is much harder to track things now because you can’t filer by claims with a balance because there is no way to clear the balance for a bill paid directly to the provider.
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5 years ago, Poorhob
Latest update 3.4.0 is terrible
Doesn’t appear that much testing was done prior to deployment of the latest mobile app release. First thing it broke was Face ID login. Even after signing in manually Face ID shows enabled but still doesn’t work. Also the supposed new features aren’t showing available. Though it shows the version to be updated to 3.4.0 the app still is older version. Tried deleting the app and reinstalled it with same results. I have the latest IOS 12.3.1...this pretty pathetic from an IT perspective.
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3 weeks ago, Markhl2
Too hard to export the info on my card
1. To see an image of the whole card I had to tap ID cards, View All Card Information, export using the up arrow button at top right, and save to Photos! 2. It would be easier if the Zoom button brought up an image of the whole card. 3. Also I do not see a way to get the information such as member number in text format. I really do not want to read an image and type in my whole information. Please change the Copy button to save text to the clipboard
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5 years ago, dheiunejdins
Use of HSA
It would be great if I could store my HSA card within the apps, or a related digital wallet, so I can pay claims much more easily without punching in all the card details repeatedly. My wife recently had a medical episode which resulted in about 10 separate claims for the bundle of care. I had to open each claim and punch in the card number, name, expiration date, etc. to pay each claim through the app. On the positive side - it’s a huge improvement to be able to pay claims through the app versus waiting for paper bills to arrive.
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3 years ago, tyguyone
Getting better, but missing key features
While this app is getting better over time, it is still missing two important features. The first is the message center. I receive an email notification that I have a new message, and when I tap to open it, it opens the app. However the app does not have the message centre in it. When I go to the browser to view it there, it opens the app automatically. Frustrating experience. I would also like the ability to submit a claim via the app so that I don’t have to switch to my browser on my computer.
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3 years ago, Faisal-19
Huge upgrade from last versions. Just missing one thing
I’ve had Aetna health app for two years now. A year ago this app was mostly useless because my plan could appear on the app. However, after the new updates it became available with a much better interface. I love the Apple wallet feature however i wish if it included the Rx bin number that’s available on the physical card. Other than that it’s 👌🏼 Thank you Aetna for updating the app and I hope you add the Rx bin number to the digital card.
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4 months ago, AstroBryGuy
Terrible company, horrible insurance experience
Aetna makes the Heath Insurance user experience quite awful. It should be seamless. In go to my in-network doctor, get treatment, pay my in-network costs. But not with Aetna. They find every way they can to make the process more expensive and difficult for the patient. Patients are expected to up-to-date on exactly which procedures their doctor orders that Aetna will actually pay for. Does your doctor think a particular test or treatment is medically necessary, but the accountants at Aetna disagree? Too bad. The accountants can overrule your doctor. Might your health suffer? Aetna doesn’t care. If it costs more than your future insurance premiums, they’d would rather you shut up and die.
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4 years ago, Arodenbeck
Needs accessibility improvements
I am a blind user, and while the app works pretty decent with the iOS screen reader Voiceover, there are some pretty annoying bugs. When you look at the list of available providers, it often scrolls all the way to the bottom, showing the furthest rather than the nearest. This happens as you browse through, so you can begin to see nearer providers, but then it scrolls, and you lose what you were looking at. This could be a real problem if you want something in the middle. For a medical app, I would think accessibility testing would have been top of mind, so as to not leave users with no way to find in-network providers.
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11 months ago, Dumpette
Horrible Insurance
I am shocked at how horrible Aetna Insurance is. I made my women’s wellness appointment 6 months out along with a referral appointment for a mammogram and ultrasound (due to medical history, I have to have a mammogram and ultrasound every 6 months). I found out today, a week before my appointment Aetna no longer covers where I have been going for years and who was also in our Aetna network 6 months ago! I now have to find a new place to go to. This is absolutely ridiculous! They won’t cover this, but should I actually have breast cancer, they will cover those expenses…moral is Aetna is not good for preventative care. I am disappointed and we will be switching back to BCBS as soon as this year is up.
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