Air Force PT Test - USAF PT Calculator

Health & Fitness
3.8 (80)
18.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Charles Vanderhoff
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Air Force PT Test - USAF PT Calculator

3.78 out of 5
80 Ratings
7 years ago, Tom-FL
Great app for tracking scores on the go
This is a great app for tracking your practice and assessment scores on the go. It's also easy to play with different scores to know where practicing and improving will most increase your score.
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7 years ago, AvidListener2345
Annoying user interface
This has a really annoying interface. When scrolling up and down to look at the score (which is all the way on the bottom), your finger keeps hitting the waist measurement area, so you're constantly having to change it back. I'm also not too fond of having to type things in. The look and feel of this app needs some work.
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5 years ago, Jbr98
For example...the waste measurement scale goes up by inches rather than half inches. This app looks nice and has potential, but is garbage as-is. Use the official USAF seems to have the best, most accurate PT Test Calculator out there. I forgot it was embedded within the app until I stupidly downloaded about 3-4 other garbage apps on my phone, then I thought to check the USAF app itself to see if there was something there—there is...and it works perfectly. :-)
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6 years ago, Brad Bunz
About as useful as a piece of paper
The free version does nothing that you can’t do by looking at the standards sheet on the internet and calculating your score manually. The paid version (which I did not buy) graphs your progress which is cool, but also something a pencil does. If you really like using apps to circumvent doing math then I guess this is for you. The UI is pretty good though.
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1 year ago, LucJacobs
Not up to date with new standards
This tool is useless in its current form until it updates to the new standards.
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3 years ago, Sir APP Hensley VII
Needs to be updated
This app needs to be updated so that it follows all of the new requirements.
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3 years ago, OneMoreRepFan
Needs Update for New Standards
Loved this app until the standards updated and the app didn’t.
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2 years ago, daytrader365
Out Of Date Standards
Used to be great, but standards are updated and app is wrong.
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7 months ago, 7400North
Get Rid of it
This app is outdated
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7 years ago, Jmendy01
Need to update standards...
Decent app but it will give incorrect scores if the minimums aren't met. For instance if you're 30-39 and do 38 sit-ups your score is zero for that portion but the app still gives you points. In addition, the flag versus medal can be misleading. If you meet the minimums for all portions you should have four medals and still fail. The app shows the failure but also "flags" the minimums. I understand that that is reason for failure but the flag should only signify not meeting the minimum because there are dozens of ways to pass if you meet the minimums. Even though I got a medal for push-ups I could do five more and not run faster and still pass. Hope that makes sense. And the opposite is true, I got all medals for meeting the minimums even though my score is under 75.
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7 years ago, Sydney3608
Works fine
It works well for anyone who is not exempt. If your exempt any portion, it doesn't calculate that. If you aren't except, it's accurate and easy to use!
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8 years ago, Darkiris4
About time!!!
Does exactly as advertised. Quickly and easily calculates score and even logs and graphs past scores in the pro version. Very clean interface. Nice job!!!
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7 years ago, TLC 48228
I like
This is a very useful app
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7 years ago, Thereisonlyonetruth
Awesome app from an awesome developer!
Not sure why no one has rated this app yet, but I got to say it is fantastic. Vandersoft always offers quality PT apps!
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7 years ago, Sadaf2917
Quick check on ur goal
Easy to use and apply.
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7 years ago, Copperhead117
If you can see pass paying the pro fee.. good for what it is.👌
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8 years ago, Jb sherwood
If you're looking for a place to log pt scores, this is the app for you. If you are looking for a reference to know what reps/time will get you what score without having to input values, look elsewhere.
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7 years ago, 808Tai
I don't normally write reviews but this app is amazing!
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8 years ago, Eross0374
Do not use this app. It is inaccurate, specifically, you do not get points for a component if you are exempt from the component. You are better off using the charts in the reg.
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7 years ago, Klaciko
Great app
Love it! Easy and accurate
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7 years ago, RKMilner
Inaccurate Calculation
Points are correct for individual components, but the total calculation is inaccurate and gives too many points.
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8 years ago, Intel LT
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8 years ago, Aaaaaaaahdhhd
Wrong formulas
Minimums are wrong, and exemptions shouldn't give you max points
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7 years ago, AF MSGT
Complete garbage. Has a passing score with a 42" waist
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8 years ago, AllenKronos
Make zero sense. Look elsewhere
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7 years ago, Meyouhappy
Calculations off
40-49 male calculations are off
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8 months ago, God USA
20. 70. Join
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8 years ago, Insayne69
Warning for exemptions!
Easy to use, however there is a major problem! This does not properly calculate for exemptions. AFI 36-2905 paragraph 3.10.4 states that with exemptions, the score will be calculated based on the percentage of the testable components. So let's take a theoretical 30-35 year old male (me) who is exempt from sit-ups and the run (but not cardio exempt). This app says I can do 27 push-ups, pass the 2km walk (which is counted as an exemption for scoring purposes), have a 39" waist and pass with an 87.6. This is incorrect because I get 5/10 points for the push-ups and 12.6/20 for the waist. The calculation for this is as follows: 5+12.6=17.6 ... (17.6/30)*100 = 0.59*100 = 59%. Major difference, and to pass with the same waist size, I'd have to max out those push-ups (at least 57): 10+12.6=22.6 ... (22.6/30)*100 = 0.75*100 = 75%. The discrepancy is because this app is applying full points to the exempted components when it should have removed them. So in my example above, it added the full 10 points from the sit-ups and 60 points for the run, then divided by a possible 100 points. So this app calculated: 5+12.6+10+60=87.6 ... I don't even need to finish that, you can see that's the end result (because if I divide by 100 then multiply by 100, it will be the original number) and is exactly what the app came up with. If this gets fixed, then the app will be great.
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