Alabama Blue

Health & Fitness
2.1 (150)
17.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
UTIC Insurance Company
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Alabama Blue

2.1 out of 5
150 Ratings
2 years ago, RubiconMan18
Improving, but near pointless.
Please update the cards so that when adding them to wallet they have the same information as the physical card. I tried to use the Apple wallet card at a pharmacy yesterday. Turns out that the Apple wallet cards this app adds is missing most of the information and did not have my rx info on it. Good start, but please fix it.
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2 years ago, Campst47
Not as bad as other reviewers say
The app works just like the website, which for me so far has been pretty cut and dry, easy to use. I had a question for customer support and they got back to me early morning the next business day with an answer to the question I actually asked (which isn’t true for a lot of customer supports out there). I love that my ID card is there in a digital format in case I don’t have the physical card. I docked it one star for the slow slow load screens, that’s the only issue I can see as of yet.
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3 years ago, fire mt pleasant ia mcd
Physician Stats
Just downloaded and have been messing with it. You can see in-network providers and they have their stats in # of procedures done as well as how sick their patients were! If you select the procedure a mini window pops up and is like “patients by this physician for this procedure were on average 20% sicker than other in network providers.” That’s DEFINITELY going to play into picking my physician! When selecting a physician the map doesn’t move so you have to kinda pick around it which is annoying, if it was more phone compatible would rate 5/5.
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11 months ago, wouldluvapizza
No way to contact for help
I can’t login. I’m stuck in an endless loop of trying to get help it tells me to login. I click elsewhere and I get an error message. I have no way of contacting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. This is the worst app I’ve ever encountered and I’ve seen some bad ones. Every upgrade it gets steadily worse. There’s no way to email for help. If I could email I could send them screenshots of what this piece of crap is doing. I guess for open enrollment I will just get another policy besides Blue Cross . You’re lousy app is going to cost you a customer.
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1 year ago, Fromonda
Database invalid
The app shows me the contract number I had 30 years ago. That's useless. No, there's not another contract if I select the dropdown arrow. Also, when registering as a new user, you are referred to your membership card. Maybe you could use the same field names as the ones used on the card? "Medicare Number" is not shown on the card.
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9 months ago, Aubmayfield
Will not you log in or show all your info or let you pay your bills
This app was good for a few months then went to sh*+ it will not let login to pay your bills. It only shows you 1 of the cards Fix it I pay out of pocket for by insurance
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2 years ago, newer itouch user
Some information shown the app is false
I have been using the app for many years. The Care Reminder Scorecard reports FALSE information. For me, it shows a score of 50% on the Care Reminder Scorecard. It claims “Overdue Tests:” with two listings for “UNCONTROLLED HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE”. I have been under doctors care for 7 years, it is tested frequently and I am on BP medication. These are in my ABCBS records Seeing this every time I use the app is demotivating. Another area of FALSE information is the report of my Total Cholesterol number. The number reported is from a test of September 7, 2017. I’ve had many cholesterol tests since 2017 and the most recent one was August 16, 2021, from a national laboratory for an INSURANCE WELLNESS CHECK!!!!!
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5 years ago, Improvisar
No better than the mobile site.
This app appears to just be a duplicate function of the mobile site, minus one feature: Touch ID access. If I use the app, I must first open LastPass to copy and paste my long, secure, pseudorandom password. Of course, once I’ve searched for my BCBSAL account, I’m one click from launching and auto-logging into the site, so that’s much faster, and lower friction. It does not have the one killer feature I was hoping to find, when installing the app: integration with the iOS wallet. Wallet access to my auto insurance cards is the only reason I have the StateFarm app on my phone, and would probably be the only reason to keep this app, if it had the feature.
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8 months ago, litlte p
AWFUL app.
Horrible. You can enter your information 1000 times and it will always tell you that you need to complete all fields despite all fields be completed as instructed. It’s useless. Unfortunately their website is as well. :/ they should invest more money into better technology. It’s scary to think they use technology for claim information …eep. They have terrible tech
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2 years ago, BXHendo
Add Apple Wallet Support Please
App is fine, just needs to catch up with some of the other states’ apps where you can add a digital version of your insurance card to Apple Wallet. Once less card is have to carry around would be a nice feature
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4 years ago, Chinq7
This app did really good for a year or so and now it won’t let me pay my bill... it just keeps wanting me to re submit and it’s annoying because I have to go they the website now and what’s the point in an app if you can’t do anything... Please fix!!
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4 years ago, varfed
Needs Wallet support
While I do appreciate the addition of Touch/Face ID, the app should allow the ID Card to be added to iOS's Wallet app. I have my ID Cards (e.g., my driver's license and auto insurance card) and Membership cards for everything else in my Wallet app, with the notable exception of my health insurance card.
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4 years ago, SimplyCruz_
Worst app in my phone.
I just got health insurance through my job and when I downloaded the app it reminded me of the time when everything was redirected to safari. It’s almost 2020 and we are getting an app that hasn’t been update since 2011? That’s ridiculous! Why haven’t this been facelifted like the California one? App is so bad that it lags to upload the pages it needs..
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4 years ago, Th3Randy
This is NOT an application...
This is the worst app I have on my phone. It’s not even an app, there’s no local functionality of the app, all it does is open its own crappy browser and logs into their also crappy mobile site! Please update this....whatever you want to call it to look like it’s 2019 and actually have local on device functionality.
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12 months ago, rainhider
Cannot submit a claim through the app
The apps options does not match the website options that you view on a bigger machine like a laptop or desktop. And you cannot submit a claim through the app. Why even have an app if a person can’t submit a claim through it
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10 months ago, emaleighsanchez
Verification stuck.
I cant login. For double verification, the app sends a text. I can type the numbers in, but after that, there’s no way to make the pinpad disappear…so I can’t continue from there because the “Verify Me” button is hidden under the pinpad. Now there’s no way to get into the app at all????
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3 years ago, Tim&Brenda
After a dozen or more attempts to sign I finally called customer support that issued me ANOTHER temporary pw to initialize app again. Still getting a time out message & circles back around requiring new PW. Most frustrating app I have ever encountered. I hope this is no indication of their customer care department as they obviously care nothing about their app performance.
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6 years ago, Josh PM
Needs a facelift
Functionally, the app works just fine. However, it needs a bit of a facelift. The UI looks quite dated and they need to have virtual ID card compatibility with Apple wallet so I can simply pull it up there rather than having to login into the app.
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4 years ago, J-spee88
Super buggy
This app is so buggy. It kept kicking me out of the “find a doctor” function. Please fix—or let us know if you don’t care about this app anymore so we can delete it. The only helpful function is seeing your ID card.
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2 years ago, Edward IIb
There is no point for me to keep this app. Every section I go into for information gives me the same comment: “Your employer manages your contract. Contact your employer for information”. I am deleting this as it is a waste of time, bandwidth and storage space.
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4 years ago, DamienSa
Slow loading
The takes too long to load and it doesn’t have an option to add the card to my Apple wallet
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1 year ago, NotAbleToLogIn4455
Same issue as nonickname330 Not fixed
I have the exact same issue as nonickname330. I can log in through a browser on any device, but not through the app. This is not fixed. They are apathetic about their pathetic app.
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6 years ago, Jouliio
Needs a little upgrade
The app does what it’s suppose to but how about making it work with Face ID or apple wallet . As much as I fork out a month for insurance at least make your app user friendly.
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2 years ago, NoNickname330
Won’t take login creds
No matter how many times I reset the password, the app won’t accept it. The mobile web page will accept it, as will the web page from a laptop computer, but the app won’t. Worthless.
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6 years ago, moonlightgsword
Well it does work
It does what you need it to but it’s slow and it could definitely use an updated UI. It’d be awesome if they’d add functionality to add your card to apple wallet.
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3 years ago, Peetyb
Latest version is useless
Kicks me out as idle literally seconds after logging in. They have removed the status graphs so I can’t tell where I stand with deductibles and out of pocket. The EOBs aren’t particularly helpful in themselves, but I can look at them all day, by golly. Pls fix!!!!
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4 years ago, Cdb0024
Doesn’t work well
The app doesn’t allow me to fill in information; the keyboard doesn’t pop up. It also doesn’t always allow me to scroll or swipe when I’m trying to find a doctor or service.
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2 years ago, WunyJo
App won’t open
After entering log in info it just spins. App won’t open. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. iPhone XR
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5 years ago, GilesAU
Connectivity Errors
I have deleted and downloaded the app numerous times and I just keep an error message that says there is no internet connection. I have internet connection, all my other apps work fine.
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6 years ago, Gary77590
Not user friendly
Logging in is ridiculous. Can never remember password. Where is 3D Touch access.
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10 months ago, JoshSLC
Cannot Verify Identity
Please update the app so that the pinpad goes away after you populate the secure pin provided by text/email. Cannot use the app without being able to verify identity and log in.
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2 years ago, Skippy Hitler von Satan
Not helpful or user friendly.
If you need a copy of your insurance card you have to provide the group ID. Which I don’t have because I don’t have my card. Then it locks you out.
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3 years ago, B Sad 21
Can’t even get the app to load
I would give this app 0 stars if I could. It won’t even load after login. Just disconnects me and forced me to sign in again and the process starts over and over. BCBS is seriously just the worst.
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3 years ago, JEM12156
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
The worst app on the internet in the whole history of the internet. Who ever designed this app needs to quit their job and become a toilet paper designer. Not too much they can screw up with that, oh no! I changed my mind. I need toilet paper that works.
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3 years ago, busyone5
Stopped functioning.
Has worked great, now freezes up and won’t let me pay my bill.
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3 years ago, Bigcountry1220
Logs out
Go to look at a claim and keeps getting logged out. Or takes so long for the home page to load, basically it never loads up. Can’t look at anything that I need to view
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5 years ago, ski2222
Old screen resolution
This app is still not updated for the new screen resolutions of the iPhone X, XS, and XR. Horrible that there are giant black bars on top and bottom of the screen. Why hasn’t this app been updated for the newer screen resolutions ?
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5 years ago, GoodGirl90352
Freezing every time I use it!!
This app freezes every time I try to find a doctor. Actually useless.
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4 years ago, INeedANewHobby
Does not work with current iOS
App does not work with current iOS. Was clunky to begin with but now it’s just easier to find what you want online, if you can find it.
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1 month ago, Thosapsucks
The app will only allow me to see my out of network deductible. Doesn’t allow to see in network out of pocket.
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1 year ago, SM0KEeater
Can’t Log In
I use the same credentials to log in on my web browser, but it doesn’t work in the app. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, gluppyfish
Locked out, says wrong user or password
This app needs work. Locked me out, even though I updated user ID and password. I gave up after about an hour of fooling with it.
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4 years ago, Rb82up
Poor app
You know for an insurance company that makes bajillion dollars, this app is pathetic. It almost makes want to cancel my insurance and find a new provider. And yes, I know I used “bajillion.” It’s a stupid made up word. Kind of like this app is stupid.
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4 years ago, Eve97Mcg
Absolutely horrible
Every time I click on find my doctor and get a list of doctors, the app freezes. It did it with my entire family phone.
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2 years ago, KaylaMRM73
Cannot access anything
Every time I go to look at claims or summary of benefits it states that it has been moved so I cannot look at anything.
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5 years ago, bellcase
There has to a better way!
It’s pretty but doesn’t seem to help verify anything! I was hoping this app would help without having to call but it doesn’t!
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4 years ago, StayJoy
Please fix it
It won’t let me go in and pay my bill. Keep saying I’m not authorized to use this app.
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1 year ago, zmrjmr
App unresponsive
After sign in it asked me to verify and once I did it said you’re verified and will not leave that screen so app is useless!
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3 years ago, tuckfamily
Why do you keep a broken app?
What is the purpose of this app? You can’t even get it to open. What junk clogging my phone. Why will you not fix this?
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4 years ago, Gazzini
Zero help
Download for the first time. Claims I already have an account. The “help” button does nothing. There is a reason this app has a rating less than 3.
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