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2.6 (242)
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Current version
AlayaCare Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AlayaCare

2.55 out of 5
242 Ratings
2 years ago, Whaddup777
Note Submission Failure
I use this app to clock in and out of my shift. I also use it to create and submit my shift note. The program is a lot more user friendly on my phone compared to the tablets my employer provides, so I prefer to use the iOS app. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to successfully submit my note at the end of my shift whenever I use the iOS app. I also have coworkers who have iPhones and have run into the same issue. I triple check to make sure all required boxes and blanks are completed. My employer then told me that I missed a required box and that is why the note failed to submit. I am sure on their end that is the case, but on my end I don’t see it! It would be nice for the program to bring me to the empty box that needs to be filled if that is the reason my note cannot be submitted. I would love to be able to regularly use the iOS app instead of the tablet!
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2 months ago, Gaglyanne
Worst experience so far
I just started working for the company using this platform about a month ago. Since I have started using it I’ve had nothing but issues. When I go to clock out and put all of my care notes in it will put the notes in and say I’ve clocked out, but it leaves me clocked in for hours. I’ve double checked many times. It also doesn’t always clock me in either. So my client and I will get assaulted with phone calls asking if I’m even there. Which I am. Often times when I go to clock in it says server error. I have a new client, and now I have no access to their information that I need to know. I also can’t see their address. So I have to call in to figure it out. I was also scheduled 40 hours a week with a new client, but the system had a glitch, nothing was saved, and someone else got the client. Now I’m down to 20 hours a week. I can’t pay my bills off of 20 hours a week. The scheduling employee told me about the issue. I can’t believe with the poor reviews that the company would even use this app especially when handling sensitive information, and the fact that dozens of employees need this information to be 100# accurate and correct at all times. and We need to be able to be able to review client info for safety and care for our clients. Needs a lot of work!
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1 year ago, KY caregiver
Client/caregiver Signature issues
I have been using this app for 2-3yrs now. For the past few months I have had issues when it comes to having the client sign/caregiver sign at the end of my times. I go in click on the signature and get kicked completely out of the app all together! I have spoke to my IT guy and we have tried everything to get it to wk!!! Nothing does!!! I have an I phone 12 so it’s not the latest version but also not the oldest. Please fix this issue! Very irritating and makes my job a lot harder!!! Update March 15th 2023: New Version of app, yet same problem exists! Still unable to get signatures and get kicked completely out of the app! IT for my company can NOT figure it out, yet I keep saying it has ti do something with I phone 12’s specifically! There was an update our higher ups had to do months ago, which wasn’t supposed to affect us.. yet, here we are even with this “new version” it still isn’t working correctly! It’s gotten to the point I will probably lose my job bc I have to have this app that DOES NOT WORK! Does not work on my I phone or on the tablets!! Please fix this issue Alyacare!!!
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3 weeks ago, Macgirl1978
Losing notes/assessment
I use the ioS app on my cell and haven't had too many problems until lately. I've been noticing the app has problems identifying my location even when I'm standing right beside the patient! About a month ago the app would sign me out after not making an entry within a certain as yet undetermined amount of time, and to get back to my notes I would have to reboot my phone and sign on again. I don't know how my notes didn't get lost that way but rebooting allowed me to sign on again and pick up my notes where I last left off. Thank goodness. The worst has happened since the latest update 3 weeks ago. I've lost all my notes and assessments one day at 3pm and just last week at 6:30 pm and that was after correctly saving each entry. I work 12 hour shifts so now I've resorted to paper notes again because I can't lose all my data at 10.5 hours into my 12 hr shift. So I deleted the app and reuploaded it again in hopes that will take care of the problem. I will see what happens next shift I work.
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1 year ago, TheJuLeZ
Cannot see entire week/month schedule/no plan of care
This app would be much more helpful if I could see my weekly and monthly schedule. Also, if there is no active plan of care on file, we are unable to use the app to clock in and out and check off completed tasks. Patients are entitled to “basic personal care needs” and I hope Medicaid/Medicare would approve of a default plan of care inside the app for us to use. For internal agency patients the app is great because there is already a plan of care on file. Contracts from outside agencies often do not provide a plan of care and the app cannot be used for those patients.
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2 years ago, Shmojode
Lost notes after submission
We started out with the App in August, I prefer to use my IPad since tablet at client’s home is very slow. I was submitting nursing notes without any issues until October, all of the sudden notes weren’t submitted, they were either “failed”or completely lost. I noticed that when the note was submitted, a small dialogue box would come up saying that the note was “in cue”, I believe this is the reason I ended up having to re-write a nursing note in paper, which I was very hesitant to do because to me it’s double charting(note somewhere in cyberspace??) I hope this issue is resolved soon. The very small dialog box we get for charting is annoying and time consuming, I like to see my full note as full page before submitting. The assessment notes- when asked if we did a task (vitals) it takes you to a separate dialogue box to answer yes or no questions…just keep it on the same page…seconds are precious to nurses
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2 years ago, friend of Nestor
Alayacare review
The app is fairly easy to use however I found a few glitches. #1, I’m not able to go back more than 10 days to two weeks to see what hours I have worked or what I may have submitted and if I don’t keep my own records, I have no way of confirming if my compensation is correct. Also, when I’m typing in visit notes, I frequently have to start over because what I’ve typed disappears if I do one back space or something, I’m not sure what it is, but it just completely disappears and I have to start the note again. Little issues that I’m sure it can be cleared with time and attention.
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1 year ago, Dizzle McShizzle
New update causes inadvertent clocking
The latest update is an improvement, but the clock in/out button is right next to where you would swipe up to get out of the app. This causes you to clock in/out inadvertently on a fairly regular basis. The button should be move up from the bottom to prevent this. The app remains slow and the the fact that it doesn’t know when you’re logged out is ridiculous. It very frustrating to clock out of a visit only to find out that it didn’t work because you needed to log back in. IF I’M LOGGED OUT, DON’T SHOW ME THE SCREEN!!!!
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2 years ago, ChanBengel
Good concept but clunky
The appearance of the app is clean and appealing but the app itself tends to be slow to load and clunky. Drop down menus lead to longer loading times where tic boxes would have worked better. I’ve consistently had issues with clicking in and out. I was generally clocking in on my phone when arriving and then using the tablet provided by my office to chart and clock out. I’ve had severe notes from my office that I do not appear to have clocked out at the end of my shift, as though the two devices are unable to communicate with each other despite these actions occurring under the same account.
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3 months ago, Saab1901
Log in issues
I am unable to login after the initial login at the start of my shift. I have to always restart my phone to be able to login. When I start my shift and I type the time I start my shift, after saving the draft, it gets deleted. I have to wait to the end of my shift to type it
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3 years ago, smokeblunts$
It’s ok
I use this app for work and all I can say is that for the most part it’s good but it does get a little frustrating when you open the app and enter your password it acts like it’s going to load but it doesn’t then it says for you to enter password again and this happens every time at least 3x each I also think this app would benefit from the users fingerprint being able to access to open app it will save a lot of time plus what I stated above when having to keep re entering the password 3x for each time you open the app just the fingerprint alone option would be so much more convenient
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1 year ago, 47853DJ
Saved changes not working
I’ve been using this app for a few months. It had been working fine until recently. I’m using it to chart. When I save my draft, the page says that my changes have been saved in my document. When I open up my chart document again, most of my charting is gone. This has been incredibly frustrating! I shouldn’t have to chart something 4+ times and get my client’s signature multiple times. Please fix the bugs.
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1 year ago, crazyk520
I use this app for clocking in and out at work. I find it very frustrating that takes so long to load. It doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or full signal cellular data it takes forever. And then sometimes it won’t let me log in. Like today I couldn’t punch out it kept saying the request time out. No matter what I did today it wouldn’t work. But when it does work right it’s great.
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5 months ago, B8mb888
Needs an Auto Save feature
I use this app to clock in and out of work and submit documentation but its very tedious to use. I can understand why Alayacare may log me out automatically but there were times when I documented and it either didn’t submit my note after i clicked submit or kick me out when i lost wifi and i had to redo notes! This needs to be fixed please!
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1 year ago, NinaReads
I use Alayacare on my iPhone 13. Recently the app started booting me out frequently, requiring me to completely log back in. Many times I have to start my narrative note from scratch or it’s missing the most recent entry. This is not just costing me extra time in documenting but sometimes I have to try to recall valuable information, such as a blood sugar reading, that disappeared from my notes.
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3 years ago, rem0ra
App needs serious work
Logging in is so frustrating. This app repeatedly logs you out. It also repeatedly makes you do a two-point verification, even when you select 7 day bypass. I wish my job didn’t use this app. It frustrates you before your work day even begins, not good! When you try to clock out it logs you out instead, then you have to log back in twice just to clock out. Something is seriously wrong. Please fix this app!!!!!
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3 days ago, Rczas
Constantly crashes
There’s nothing worse than losing your patient notes after putting a lot of thought and effort into them, crashes when you try to sign a note or just because. I’ve had to re-enter notes up to four times and constantly save which kicks me out of the forms. This app needs serious fixing.
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12 months ago, miss_chemical_romance
app getting worse
This app used to be at least A LITTLE user friendly. But now I have to log back in every single time I open the app (multiple times during a shift sometimes). This is entirely inconvenient given the fact that I don’t normally just have 5 extra minutes to spare before and after work. I also dislike the fact that you can only see your schedule a week ahead.
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1 year ago, GlenHansardJunkie
Barely works
Can’t log in more than half of the time
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2 years ago, Reginab27
Updates made worse
Since the update my app will barely let me log in and do the things I need to on it. I have had to sit on the phone with the office two days now in a week to try to get the app working correctly. This is taking time away from things I should be doing. Yet my app is STILL not working correctly! Very disappointing
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3 months ago, Tellapecker
Needs work!
This app wastes so much of my time & frankly, distracts from my patient care. It’s as if the designers failed to consult an actual (working) nurse during its design. For example, I should be able to view the “tasks” from prior shifts or other nurses in order to assess effectiveness of certain treatments &/or their progress - instead of going in “blind” or continuing same methods that are not effective… Big flaw here, folks!
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3 years ago, LES5847
Most user friendly homecare app in the market
Continuos makes the lives of my field staff that much easier with the ease to access schedules they are assigned. Truly makes this process seamless.
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1 year ago, jjmo1298
Tired of working with this APP!!!
I’ve had to work with this app since December. It’s glitchy, has areas that I’m not at all sure why the app does what it does. Such as at times making you sign back in to clock out or have clients/families sign. It makes my day harder and truthfully is getting to be the last straw before trying something new profession wise. NOT A FAN!!!!
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2 years ago, radravu
I was thrilled on the first day I used it and it worked fine. However the following days and weeks the app had glitches, I had to find ways to make it work right. Kept calling my supervisor about the problems, she tried to help, it worked for that day, but the next, same problem. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, chelsailor
Works when it feels like working
The amount of times you guys log me out is ridiculous and I’m constantly having a buggy/glitches when logging out. And some of my clients live out in the middle of no where so signal is weak and I have a hard time using this app at all.
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3 months ago, SPM424
Kicked off at least 20 times a shift
I’m kicked off at least 20 times per 12 hour shift and have to log back in 20+ times. I spend more time trying to get Alaycare to work than I do providing care to people I’m paid to care for. The good news is my employer is disgusted with Alaycare and moving to another charting company. I can’t wait!
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1 week ago, NDLPN123
Doesn’t save forms
This app persistently does not save draft forms and doesn’t clock out as expected. I have struggled with this app for several month already and none of the updates have resolves these issues. When are they going to be resolved?
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2 years ago, Jess Jansure
This app frequently will not let me submit notes causing me to double up on my work by having to write a paper note. Not to mention it only goes line by line and usually takes me the whole way to the top or the bottom. I’d like to be able to proofread my note and it’s almost impossible!
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5 months ago, FL caregiver
Not a fan of this app. So many times information is lost/not saved and uploading it from a draft standpoint is almost non-existence. Updates need to take place to make this less frustrating to use.
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2 years ago, Mazeikeen 007
App experience
When your logged in after awhile of using it , it’ll just log you out randomly at times and not save your data to the app so it can be a pain to log back in and re start over .
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3 years ago, fk alayacare !!!
Horrible app
This app is absolutely useless never lets me clock in and stays on loading for like three minutes then I clock in late for work the next day it’ll show that I never clocked out but I did it never determines my location it always Logs me out very stressful and my hours are all out of whack now
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2 years ago, Antoin72574
Won’t let me clock out
The app won’t let me clock out. When I clock out, it says I have to fill out complete tasks. The n when I fill out complete tasks and go back to clock out, it says the same thing. It’s keeps me going through this over and over. I can never clock out.
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9 months ago, KERRILYNN77
This app has become a mandate to use. One would think that the rating would be more then a 2.5 stars. This app has so many glitches, I can't even list them all. Worst app ever! Sooooooo frustrating to use!!!!
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1 year ago, Worker 22
This app isn’t that great. Tablet for work doesn’t work good. Usually a problem to chart and doesn’t let me submit and phone app was better but lately has been terrible to chart on for work.
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2 years ago, Sorrel Baby
Alaya Care
I was very fustrated about the App, until I realize that’s it’s not the APP but the location that I’m at.
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5 months ago, Ticked off nurse
Awful ap
If I could give a zero, I WOULD. THE MOST GOOD AWFUL AP! It does not save your work, glitches regularly, have to redo notes over and over throughout most 12 hr shifts!! The most stressful useless app ever and would much prefer going back to paper.. your work doesn't magically disappear!!
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1 year ago, ckp113
Lost notes
Using this app is the only stressful thing about my job. I would chart, app tells me it’s saved to web/device, but when I go back to finish charting, all the data is missing and I have to start from scratch.
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3 years ago, ll1962
No problems with app
I use this app each day. It’s fantastic.
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2 years ago, Brijbern
Feels like an alpha test.
It needs some serious work and quality of life improvements. The text window for typing notes is unreasonably small, even when using the website.
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2 months ago, Julian120500
Horrible app
I can’t wait for my company to get rid of this app. Nothing good about it…just a waste of my precious time. Trying to log in to type my notes and it keeps crashing on me…so frustrating!
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3 weeks ago, savothi
Bad app, need a lot to improve
This app makes so hard to lock in and out. Sometimes, I am unable to lock out or lock in the app. Some of the feature you can’t save. Not very user friendly.
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3 years ago, DannyTBI
Amazing App!
User friendly application! Really enjoyed using the app!
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2 years ago, Mintav
App is ok and easy to use but to be honest, I use electronic charting so my clock in and clock out is already documented on there. Basically, this app is useless.
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10 months ago, Tired1961
Constantly losing entries
I am constantly having to retype entries even after saving each entry. My employer does nothing. My employer said there would be an update on 9/6/23, and sent out an email telling us to update. BUT THERE WAS NO UPDATE! I am disgusted.
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1 year ago, send garcia
Can’t even get any of my requests
Can’t even get any more request so I can get more hours on this app and have it OK for my job they’re not popping up on my work request to help them with more hours
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3 years ago, Jared Levy
Really great app
Always works and is super reliable
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1 year ago, irritatedx50
Recent Update
The recent update completely removed signing in with Face ID and instead has a “LogIn or LogOut” option. It is redundant to have a “logout” option when signing in.
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2 years ago, Crackpie
Within a week it stopped letting me clock out or in as well as kicking me out all together. I can’t even sign in so my boss has to just take my word that I showed up.
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2 years ago, tgmovers
Alaya Clock in excellent system for employer
Excellent System to clock in, love this system.
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3 months ago, Jerseyjulie
Failure after failure.
I have to power down my phone everytime I need to access my nursing notes or sign in and out. Very frustrating.
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