Alive by Whitney Simmons

Health & Fitness
4.9 (35.9K)
104.1 MB
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Current version
Whitney Simmons App, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alive by Whitney Simmons

4.9 out of 5
35.9K Ratings
7 months ago, DarlaAnne
Loving it!
I am fairly new to the gym because in the past I was so intimidated by all the machines and people but this app plus encouragement from my husband has changed everything for me! I started going to the gym with my husband and doing his intense workouts with him that seemed a bit much for me. Once I felt a little more confident I went searching for an app I could use to venture out on my own at the gym. I tried a different app at first and it was ok but I didn’t feel it was helpful for me in a gym setting. Whitney had popped up on my tik tok and I started following her during this time. I felt really connected to Whitney’s message that it’s a great day to be alive and bubbly personality. I saw that her app had a free 7 day trial so I signed up! Nervously I brought my phone to the gym and followed one workout and it was great 🙌🏻 I loved that there is a warm up and cool down along with the workout and that there are video cues plus the breaks between each set and exercise. The one tiny thing I’d love to see is tips on how to do the exercises. This is my third month using the app and I’m on my second program. On top of the confidence I’ve built at the gym from having the guidance of this app, I’ve also seen amazing results! I have yet to dive into the mental health aspects of the app just yet but I love that it’s built in with building a healthy body. Overall the Alive app is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough!
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1 year ago, Neverkared
Honest review from someone who suffers from anxiety and has had a full hip replacement in the last year. After completing my PT I was told to continue working out to keep the lingering pain away. I knew for me that meant weight training, but it’s honestly so overwhelming walking into the gym. Whitney has laid out work out plans that are great for various different levels. I love the alternative workouts for each set if you are struggling with one form. I appreciate that you can keep track of the weight you’ve used through the app and the timed rest between each rep are EVERYTHING! I will admit I do prefer using the app when I have my watch linked! It makes everything easier and keeps me from using my phone every second. The only con is that there isn’t an in depth explanation of the correct form, this app isn’t designed for someone who’s never worked out before. I constantly watch the clips and for me that’s enough to figure out my form. But if you haven’t ever been to the gym before I recommend watching some videos of correct form and studying that before using the app. That being said it is SOOOO much cheaper than having a personal trainer and you honestly you are getting SO much more than a personal trainer offers. (In my opinion from someone who’s paid for a trainer before!)
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4 years ago, Aliah jai
First of all WOW! I have been using the alive app for awhile now. I love the workouts and they are very nicely set up and easy to navigate. They make me feel strong and accomplished! Recently since I am staying at home away from the gyms I have done a few days of the new alive inside program. Let me just say, these are CHALLENGING. I started working out consistently 5 times a week about three months ago. I bet there is a lot of people like me who had to work really hard to create the habit of going to the gym weekly. When all this craziness hit and the gyms shut down, I was so worried about losing my progress and goals that I have set. I have been using the alive app ever since it came out and decided to open it back up to do a dumbbell only workout that I have previously done at my gym. I was pleasantly surprised to see that whit released an at home program. It it set up so perfectly and truly helps me stay motivated and organized. (Which is very important for me). It even lays out my rest days. Which is awesome. I love how these workouts aren’t overkill and too long. The workouts aren’t boring and don’t make you “hate” home workouts. Which I always used to say. With that being said they do still get the job done. Your amazing! Thanks whit! ❤️
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6 months ago, Alee101!
I absolutely love this app, It’s affordable for me, which i appreciate because I don’t want to spend 25$ on an app that has half or less of what Alive app has to offer. I love the syncing of the Apple Watch, it’s very easy to use and a lot quicker to just manage when in between or during sessions. I like the whole set up of the programs, very clear and easy to use, it’s also great that it’s esthetically pleasing to the eye. I do however, wish they would add a way for you to see up close or to be able to click on the image to see a 360 view of the movement, I would also love to see a way for the app to show you the next movement coming up as a preview so you know what equipment can be used and if not available what other options you could grab to substitute. Lastly, i really really wish this app had a nutrition part to it! I would to see it have a way for us to track our macros and us be able to see how much we’re in taking and working on for our personal goals. I just think it would make this app so so worth it, which is why i gave it 4 stars because now i have multiple apps to track other things i wish all came in one app. Overall, this is a very good useful app, I love Whitney and her bubbly personality and i just appreciate this app so much. Thanks Whitt you’ve helped me so much mentally in the Gym 🩷
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3 years ago, NatPiper1017
There could be more guidance
I really like the workouts, but I think there are some easy ways to improve the usability of the app. One being that there is no guidance other than the videos, and sometimes there are hard to see details on the exercises and the form. And there are somethings that are important to help prevent injury (Ie should my feet be flexed? Should I engage my core?) I’ve never seen some of these exercises before and have had to google them to make sure I’m doing it right after experiencing pain in my knees and lower back, and I wasn’t. It would also be really helpful, especially on the cardio workouts and the timed sets, if there was 3-5 seconds to transition to the next exercise and see what the next exercise it. When I’m supposed to go from a 30 second plank to a weighted squat, I lose 5 or more seconds of work checking which exercise is coming, getting up, grabbing my weights and setting into the exercise. Even just a verbal que of “prison squats, 30 seconds” would help transition faster. As much as I want to memorize the sets, I forget the order of things some verbal questions would be helpful for the days you need to keep moving and keep your heart rate up. I really like the work outs my arms are still dead 2 days later, I just think for the monthly price, these are features a lot of other apps have that would really improve the usability.
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3 years ago, Anonymous Jesus
Great so far
Im still new to the app. I decided to try alive 2.0. Its great to have a program to stick to and follow along that was curated from a social media fitness person i am familiar with and trust that they put their all into the programs. I tend to overwhelm myself with trying to figure out what i should be doing at the gym and end up being all over the place instead of sticking to a plan and then getting discouraged.. so now with sticking to this that weight had been lifted. Im on week 2 & its been challenging but in the best way. Wish it incorporated abs and core more but i do like that there are also the separate workouts that you can do instead of a whole program so i think i will add that on my own once im a a couple weeks further into the plan. I would like if along with each workout there would be tips on better form or how to achieve optimal results (ex: powering through it fast, or going slow and steady, or holding each rep a cpl seconds, etc..), modifiers or alternate workouts if equipment isnt available.. & possibly show the main muscle groups targeted with each specific workout, but these are minor things & the app is already awesome without those suggestions but i think it would just add to the awesomeness. I really want to stay committed and get through the 10 week program. I will update with how i feel once ive completed it!
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3 years ago, Nfcheer14
LOVE LOVE LOVE but could use minor improvements
First of all, I love this app and these workouts, my favorite workout app on the market!!! The colors are beautiful and the design is so sleek and pleasing to the eye. The workouts and programs are perfect for anyone, whether you are beginning strength training for the first time or you’ve got some experience. I’m seriously sore with every workout, it’s incredible. My suggestions are small but with a few tweaks, this could seriously be the best workout app out there!! 1) it would be nice if there were some tips/modifications for workouts, sometimes I don’t have the equipment on hand and I would love to have another option for that set. Also being a somewhat of a beginner it would super helpful to include some tips to get the most out of that movement, or at least somewhere we can find more info on form and ways to avoid injury. 2) I wish that it would keep the program I’m currently doing at the forefront of the carousel on the home page, or even a tab for “Program” where I can just start the next workout for the day. It’s small but it’s slightly annoying that I have to scroll every time to find my current program and the upcoming workout everyday. Otherwise I am huge fan and I recommend to anyone looking for an easy to follow guide for working out!! 💛✨
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6 months ago, Diva101cg
Absolutely love it!
I don’t usually write reviews, but I really need to express how much I love this app. I am a 28 year old stay at home mother of a 17month old, and I love that this app completely takes away the thought of working out. I can’t get to the gym as often as I would like because I would need a sitter, but with minimal equipment I can not only work out at home but I also enjoy it! I’ve been fit my whole life so I never had to think much about what to do at the gym, but with this app no “at home work out” research is necessary! I just follow along and even the warm ups, cool downs and breaks are timed for me! I’ve also seen many new workouts through the weeks so it keeps it interesting and away from the monotony that sometimes comes with home workouts. Also, I love the “weekly” format because it motivates me to get in the amount of workouts per week that each schedule calls for. It’s a motivation to not fall behind. Lastly, the journal and journey tracking aspects are so great as well. I feel like I am equipped and empowered to get back into the shape I want without expensive programs or needing a sitter and hating the workouts.
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2 years ago, Sammy Okay
Better than I could have hoped
I wanted to wait until I was done with at least one program before I gave a review and I’m so happy to give this app five stars without hesitation. I’ve never been able to stick to the gym and have tried other programs before but this time, with this app, it actually stuck. I just finished the beginner program which for me was still quite a challenge, and I’m so proud to say that my strength and fitness have improved SO much over the last six weeks. I never have to worry about what to do once I get to the gym, all I need to focus on is getting there and the app does the rest for me. The workouts are balanced and incredibly well thought out, the visuals make it easy to get my form right, and the interface is so simple and clean. I really appreciate all the work that went into this app. And now that I’m done with the beginner program it’s exciting to know that I still have so much more fresh content to work through. Plus the journaling feature has brought more gratitude into my day. I will be using this app probably forever. Thank you!
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12 months ago, First Time in a Long Time
Great App but improvements needed
I love this app. It gets me moving, and helps me feel a thousand times less awkward at the gym because I walk in with my ALIVE plan. BUT there are some additions I would love to see: - The ability to look at alternate movements before starting the workout/being able to log weight for the alternate movements. And actually being able to select that movement vs. just viewing it during the workout. -The ability to log cardio and that being added to your overall journey stats. A year to year highlights would be cool. UPDATE: -Improvement in customer service needed. People are nice enough I guess, but terrible service. Slow to respond and noted that an issue was resolved when it wasn’t. Also, if you need help over a weekend, you’re out of luck which is a huge bummer since customer service is not available. Would maybe be bearable if response time during the week was faster, and if issues were being resolved. After reading other reviews, I’m going to switch to a different fitness app when my subscription expires despite overall enjoying it. I started using this app because I am an OG fan of Whitney, but there are other good fitness apps with good customer service. Not worth the frustration of dealing with the support team.
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1 year ago, mynameisnotandy
Amazing app!
I’m a UX/UI designer and first of all, the user experience and clean UI in this app is top tier (except maybe some accessibility issues with colors - might want to check your contrast!) Second, I already pay for an expensive gym AND peloton and didn’t want to add another payment for workouts to my budget, but after following Whitney on tiktok for awhile, I thought I’d give it a go. Immediate subscribe. I love it so much and has helped me even more than I ever thought possible! I love how it connects to the Apple Watch and love to see the movements. My only complaints: 1. the calories/workout time was not tracking correctly (always said I worked out for only 2 min) - though this seems to be working now after the last update?? 2. I wish there were a few angles for the workout video because sometimes it’s hard to see Whitney’s stance. Maybe a few bullet point reminders to go along with it of what to keep in mind for form would help, i.e. tight core, toes pointed out, etc. Overall, HUGE FAN!!
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2 years ago, juliajohnson416
love the workouts but agree with others on changes!
I’ve always bought workout routines because I get lost in the gym, or will become too repetitive, and/or not know what muscle groups to focus on. I love how every plan is widely different so when I get bored of one I can swap to another. It’s a little pricey, I wish I could just pay for the year subscription but it’s too expensive for a college student. I also wish there were a couple changes to the usability! The breaks are just too long for me, 120 seconds in between sets are ridiculous, and there’s no way to change it. I understand some people need this but I have to keep touching my phone to skip the breaks. I agreed with others when they say there should be verbal cues, or notes on the exercises bc I also watch and rewatch the videos to see if I’m doing exercises right. A BIG change needs to have the notes about the sets in the big workout screen! I didn’t know that we’re drop setting dumbell lateral raises because I can only see it in the overview! I’m also combining Alive 2.0 and Alive inside 2.0 by replacing the full body with HIIT and abs, bc it needs more cardio. Overall big fan of the app! Just needs some small changes!
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4 years ago, hannahchangg
Great app!!
I love this app and I love the workouts! I downloaded this for the Alive Inside program since gyms are not open, there are lots of great and creative exercises that don’t need a lot of space to complete. Alive Inside 2.0 was just released too and it’s even better!! Gyms are still not open where I am, but I still feel stronger with the alive inside programs. The only things preventing me from giving five stars are: 1. There’s a huge lag in the video when a workout starts, sometimes I have to wait for it to play so I can see/remember the move, then I’d have to restart the timer for that workout to do it; it wastes time. / 2. When there’s a right/left split there’s no time in between to switch so you lose a couple seconds on the other side. / 3. There’s too little time for set up between one exercise and the next, so again I have to reset the timer, otherwise I’d have to rush to set up for the next exercise and that’s probably even more stressful than the actual workout haha. Even five extra seconds would help! Small issues, hopefully an easy fix, but it would make the app and workout experience better and smoother!
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1 year ago, oncea lover now a hater
Really like it needs some improvement
This has the potential to be the best workout app on the market. Pros I love that your can track your weights and it also tells you how many reps on your Apple Watch. The videos are so so helpful and I’ve really enjoyed the workouts so far they have lined up with my personal fitness goals. Where I think it can be improved is as a previous reviewer mentioned it would be helpful to have your current workout out plan front and center without having to scroll to find it. Audio cues would also be helpful for the exercise so I don’t have to keep going back to my phone. And this last one might not be a huge deal but it’s irritating to me. The workout time and active calories is not syncing correctly with my watch. It will say 16 minutes and 32 calories burned when I worked out for an hour and I’m dripping sweat. I know I’m still doing the work regardless of what my watch says but tracking my exercise and seeing my trends in Apple health is one of the main reasons I got an Apple Watch and I would just like for it to be accurate.
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3 years ago, arhols
I love this app! There are options for the gym as well as options for at home with little or no equipment. My favorite part is the timer. It helps me keep track of breaks and allows me to work as efficiently as possible. I love the new feature, which allows for a warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of every workout. You can opt out of using this if you are short on time or have planned your own warm up (or cool down). I have nothing negative to say about this app. If I was forced to add something.. what if you added a tab for just instruction on form. Something similar to the “push”, “pull” or “at-home” tab. Once “form” is selected you can click on “deadlift”, “squat”, “push-up”, etc and it would be a short clip on correct form for beginners. I think your clips are already helpful, but some people may really enjoy an explanation to recite in their minds while learning correct form. Again, this is an addition that I would add if I were forced to add anything. I think this is an awesome app. I have loved to watch the growth of Alive.
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4 years ago, Itsmayii
My soulmate workout!
This workout was recommended by my best friend and to be honest, I had my doubts. I’ve tried ebooks and other home workouts and I’ve struggled to stick with it. With quarantine, the workouts were just not working for me and bored me. BUT I LOVE WHITNEYS APP! I’ve been using her app 5 days a week for 5 weeks now and it is amazing. It’s so easy to follow, some days I only have to workout for 20 minutes, and you have 10-20 second breaks in between the workout moves!!! It keeps me on a schedule with a variety of cardio and strength training. And I’m a little dramatic so I like to wear my matching gym shark apparel while I workout with Whitney so I can feel like Whitney! Haha!!! It is a little pricey but compared to my old gym membership price, I’m not complaining. I’m lucky I have a gym in my complex so I cancelled my gym membership!! But I’ll stop rambling. Try it for one week free and see if you like it! If it doesn’t work for you, then move on. But if it does, you will see results (with proper diet, of course) and feel absolutely ALIVE!!!
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5 months ago, PStar97
Been using this app for 2 years
I’ve been able to maintain my consistency specially because of THIS APP. 🔥 The Begin Challenge are probably my fave because they mix it up with the exercises which keeps it exciting! I hope to see more Intermediate-ADV level workouts soon! ❤️ Suggestions for improvement: ☑️Visual of how much weight goes on the 45lb. Barbells based on the weight I entered. I guess like an “in-app calculator” (lazy girl request lol). ☑️Making the workouts downloadable so when I don’t have signal I can still see the instructional videos and enter in the weights I did ☑️ A tab that shows collectivey the exercises I’ve been doing and what weights I’ve been doing for those exercises so there is a visual on one screen of how much strengthI’ve gained over time. Almost like a “workout history” tab ❤️Thank you so much for reading! I love the app and I only buy the yearly renewal not only because of the deal but because I won’t ever switch to another app. Love you girly ❤️
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3 years ago, Haley Richter Photo
Beautiful App to help with healthy habit forming!
I’ve been trying to find a solid workout program for a year and I think I’ve finally found it! The first thing I was drawn to was the beauty and simplicity of the app- it’s so simple, and sleek in design which makes it intuitive and easy to use. Working out needs to be easy for me, and nothing is easier than opening up this app and having which workouts I needs to do for how long right in front of me (with the ability to customize break time depending how motivated I’m feeling!) Seeing progress is also super rewarding listing how many workouts have been completed and how many active minutes I’ve spent in the app. The second thing is the actual programs- I’m just about finished the 10 week alive strong program and am feel so much stronger than before! I’m looking forward to starting Alive 2.0 next week! As a note, I have none of the gym equipment needed and just work with two sets of dumbbells and a kettle bell and am seeing progress.
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1 year ago, rae-rae0702
I am actually sad to write this because I have been an OG fan of Whit and this app. I was fraudulently charged by the company and they refuse to refund me or even respond to me. I’ve sent countless emails and help forum submissions with them ignoring the majority of them or them lying and saying it’s apples fault. Well I called Apple and they informed me that was completely false and recommended I contact the company back and provide them with apples number so they could set it straight, but no worry they won’t contact me back. Attempts to post on the Facebook simply asking for help not even being rude were denied for posting and comments were ignored by admins … but other members commented and shared the same story as mine. I now have to go through a lengthy credit card dispute and completely get a new card thanks to this app. Update: after months I was finally responded to with an apology for my experience requesting that I reach out to support. As stated in my review I tried multiple times and still had to rely on my bank to fight this. Clearly they didn’t care enough to read my review or attempt to fix the wrong as evidenced by a general automated “I’m sorry reach out to support” response.
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4 years ago, demmram
Hoping to see more!
I think this app is really great, I like the display and aesthetic of the app. I enjoy the weight tracker and progress photo section! The first workout I did kicked my but and i really enjoyed it! I look forward to seeing what else the app has to offer in the future! The way the daily workouts are listed is a bit confusing and will take some getting used to with the rest time between. I wish there was an option to remove the rest timer out of the workouts. I don’t like how the total active minutes are calculated at the end, i wish it would be calculated from when you start the workout till the end, it only calculates based on how long you spend on each set and I tend to forget to pick put my phone to move onto the next one. I spent over an hour at the gym and the active minutes was only 32. I also would like to see a feature that allows for the amount of weight you use for each exercise as it can also be a great indicator of progress.
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2 years ago, majuicyfruit
Really great app! 10/10 would recommend
I’ve been using the Alive fitness app for about a year now and absolutely love it. In fact, I just saw my end of the year recap and I’ve completed 133 workouts on the app! I used to put together my own daily workouts but was looking for something with more consistency and I’ve been following Whitney on IG for a while so I decided to try her app. I think it’s totally worth the money - I love how user friendly it is and how well it’s organized. I have only done a few of her 8 and 10 week programs but I really enjoy the warm ups and cool downs since it reminds me to stretch before and after each work out, plus the added 5-min warm up cardio in some of the programs helps me get more cardio in my routine. Overall would recommend this app to anyone looking for a great and consistent workout plan! I would love to see another more advanced weight training program but I’m sure she plans to add more in the future :)
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12 months ago, dawnosaurr
Great!! Can use improvements though.
I absolutely love using this app to structure my workouts. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and easy to use! I also love whitney and love supporting her! A few suggestions: some of the warm up/cool downs need to be updated or they need to add more. i skip a ton of these (especially the rocking ones) and i’ve noticed it’s all the same warm ups and cooldowns. it’s VERY redundant and i feel like there could always be more, especially ones that are catered to the muscle group of the day. Would love to see more abs workouts integrated into programs. like a couple “arms and abs” days per week. The app glitches out sometimes when i’m trying to move my workouts to different days within my program. The only way to fix this is to force quit the app and try again and sometimes it takes me multiple tries to get it to work. I workout at home and sometimes don’t have the right equipment. it would be great to have other suggestions to work the same muscles just a different option. Along with that, proper form descriptions would be awesome. Sometimes when I go out of town there’s no way to “skip” workouts. if i do two workouts one week and then try to continue the next week it still keeps me on the same week. no way to restart the week or reschedule. and you can technically skip if you just complete the workout but that’s not what i want to do. there are no ways you can delete or edit any of your progress photos or weigh ins.
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11 months ago, Tina639
Will use until the end of time!!!
I love this app!!! I’m on my fourth program (2x Whitney, 2x Libby). I can absolutely feel myself getting stronger. Whitney and Libby make it so easy for me to workout. I don’t have to think of my split, what exercises I should do, remember what weight I used last time, etc. I just do what Whitney and Libby tell me to do! I’m still able to fit in cardio or yoga in any program. My absolute favorite feature is tracking my weight and reps, followed by the app syncing with my Apple Watch. There are some improvements to be made (the watch can lag with what’s going on within the app during a workout) and I wish I could add notes to my exercise (e.g. I do the alternate exercise using a different weight vs. the primary exercise, which throws off my weight and reps tracking). I don’t use the journal feature since I’m more of a handwritten girlie. I look forward to their challenges and I will use this app until the end of time!!!
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3 years ago, Kinsey R
All Around My Favorite Workout App
I am not a massive gym rat or anything, but I got this at the beginning of the pandemic to help me get some movement. I did the Alive Inside program in its entirety and I saw major results. I don’t weigh myself, but physically, my body changed dramatically and my strength was amazing. I love the new updates that they’re coming out with! I am so excited that they finally have warm ups, as I was starting to injure myself without proper warm ups. I guess my only critiques would be that it is not the most beginner friendly. I work out somewhat regularly and I still really really struggle with some of the workouts sometimes, having to give up occasionally, which is disheartening and makes me just want to quit it all together. I think it would be a really great thing if they could add some modifications if someone is say, not able to do push ups for the 45 seconds, or offer a separate, more beginner friendly program. I know Whitney is at the peak of fitness, so I’m sure her lighter programs feel like beginner stuff to her, but for someone that works at a computer all day and rarely gets to be active, it’s a lot, haha. I think it would also be really great if it offered tips on form during some of the exercises so that people don’t potentially injure themselves or do a workout improperly. But really, I would give this app like an A-, and I think it really has a ton of potential for getting all the way there to an A+
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4 years ago, 27jsdhy
I am loving this app so far! The content is 5 star quality and I really like the ease of use, the layout of the app, and programs. My only complaint is that when you start a program, you essentially have to do the days in order because the rest of the week is locked. I’ve only been able to preview the next days workout and not able to view the entire week of workouts. I understand that there is probably some protection of content as the reason for the workouts to release day by day. However, depending on my schedule It is not always possible for me to do the workouts of the week on the specified days preset. It would be helpful if all workouts for an allotted week of the program would release all together at the beginning of the week. This would allow users to change the workout days and rest days as their time allows during the week. As other reviewers have mentioned, I would also like to see a feature that allows users to log weight used for exercises in the programs.
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2 years ago, Tsamara7
Obsessed is an understatement
If I could give this app more stars, I would. I’ve been using this app for over one year. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to start working out and are intimated, confused or needing a little guidance. This simplifies everything. I cannot and will not workout without this app. I’ve see tremendous results just by using this app. I’ve completed three programs and I’m currently on my fourth. (If I had been more consistent with my workout schedule, I would’ve completed more programs by now but I’m still so proud of my progress. I also love the ability to track my weight and progress photos as well as the journaling features because the creator Whitney Simmons is a big advocate for physical and mental health being equally important. Get the app. You will not be disappointed! I’ve never written a review for an app before, but I cannot talk highly enough about an app that has helped me so much.
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8 months ago, Bloenote
I love the app but they took my money!
I loved using the app. I had used it for the trial period. When it came time to pay my bank account got charged twice. I thought I had the situation figured out but the next day my subscription was canceled (as if I didn’t pay twice already now). Because I didn’t “have” the subscription through the app I re-put in my card information 3 different times and each time through the app it showed that my card got declined. But I got another charge on my account. That was 3 times now that I got charged for the subscription. (And as a college student… this kinda added up) I tried to reach out to the support team at a very reasonable hour of the day ( enough time for anyone to respond to the message if their team was looking) and now I am down a large amount of money and have to wait til after the weekend to get any sort of response. I loved the app and would still like to use it but it is hard to imagine that yesterday I could get the support team to be messaging me at the latest time into the night but they can’t even look at a message sent at a regular time during the day.
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1 year ago, blehnig
Love this app.
Overall, I love this app. I love the variety of programs and challenge options. I am about to finish the Alive Beginner program (I probably should have done 1.0 but I wanted to get a feel for things lol). I love the variety of exercise moves. They show variations and cycle out so you don’t get bored with anything. The way it links with my watch is amazing as well! I Can tell these programs are going to push me! My only negative was the length of the workouts. I like to do the activations and warm up/cool down which add maybe 12 mins total but my workouts can last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours ! A lot of the time I have to finish my workout and do the cool down after I go back home and take my kids to school. It’s doable just a lot compared to anything I’ve ever done, esp for a beginner program. That being said , it’s not enough for me to stop! I will continue to pay for this app and will probably do a challenge next to utilize the journaling part of this app as well 🫶🏼
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7 months ago, brainybrunette
Fantastic… but could use some updates
This app really helped me learn to love lifting. It is super ADHD friendly - videos for each set, alternatives below, weights used tracking, etc. If I could ask for ask for anything to add, it could use: - a place to jot down notes on each exercise so I don’t have to try to remember if I used the machine or dumbbells or did an alternative move - more alternatives - I sometimes do cable squats instead of leg press but there’s nowhere to note that. There’s also not a way to swap out the movement for an alternative in a way that the app keeps track - move the End Workout button: I’ve accidentally hit it dozens of times and ended my workout early a few times - make the programs more editable and flexible. I love the Lift with Libby programs because of the flexibility it allows with moving things around, waiting until I mark each workout as done to move on, etc. The Alive programs don’t allow for this flexibility, so I’ve yet to do one for longer than a day or two. The programs should be easier to do again as well, as it took a while to figure out how to redo one of the Lift programs without the app getting confused about what point I’m at. That said, I really do love this app and recommend it to everyone, but I think these things would make a much smoother experience for most people.
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5 months ago, daniellenicolec129
Good enough, but missing a lot
I tried this app for a few weeks and while I did appreciate the fact that there are different programs you could choose from, and the exercises were able to be modified, I feel it’s severely lacking direction when it comes to beginners lifting weights. There’s no mention of RPE or RIR or any terms that people might use to describe how hard each movement should be. I think this app is great for people who are intimidated and want to get into working out, but if you want serious muscle growth I don’t think this is right for you. Also, it makes me a little skeptical to see an app made by someone with seemingly no health science or even personal training certifications. It’s cool if certain things helped Whitney grow, but when using this you don’t know if it’s coming from someone with extensive knowledge of muscle growth or just a famous influencer. NOTHING against her at all, I love her videos, I just would like to see some more qualifications before I pay for an app like this.
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4 years ago, Cutie 87
LOVE this app!!
I have been following Whitney for a few years now and I love everything about this app! The workouts are great and are beginner friendly but definitely challenging and the layout of the app is great. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there is a glitch on how many days a program has been active/done. For instance I’ve been doing Alive inside (10/10 recommend this program) and today was my third day and third workout and it only says that I’m one day into this program. But other than that every thing about the app is perfect! I love the journey layout, the timer and the sound ques. If I want to get picky, but probably doesn’t need to be done, I wish I could preview the next workout during the rest period of the previous exercise so I know exactly how to do the next exercise and I don’t waste time figuring out the move. But very nice job I really do love this app and really recommend it!
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3 years ago, Miredtr
Worth it!
I just completed the 4 week Alive Inside program. I am down 5 lbs and I can see a lot more definition in my figure. I am able to complete all of the exercises now without failure or modification. When I started I could not, I can see and feel that I am in so much better shape after just 4 weeks. I am SO EXCITED to start the 6 week program. I am enjoying these workouts as my me time. The app is so easy to use I love how she put it together it’s brilliant. I cannot thank Whitney enough for putting this together. It has been so worth it for me. I hope she does more inside programs as I can’t go to the gym! I would also love to see tips in the app from her on proper form for some of the common strength training exercises in the app. I think I have it right and it definitely shows you as you are going through the workout so it would just be a bonus to have some verbal tips as well.
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4 years ago, kateyack
Start of a Fantastic Workout App
This workout app has fantastic potential. I have always loved Whitney’s workouts and I am glad I have them all in one place instead of searching and saving instagram for workout moves. It is in the first week so the app is lagging a bit - but I expect that. I love how the colors are bright and easy to see with bold font. I also enjoy not only how it demonstrates moves, but the rest counter as well. It also gives you a total workout timer and achievements which are nice. I hope in the future that home workouts are added or even a feature that you could switch out certain workout moves. I work out in a small community gym so it would be nice if someone is using the cable machine for instance I could switch it to another move option. Also I hope that she adds maybe a nutrition component or even a community board aspect. Overall, great workout app!! Love it and I’m excited to see it continue to develop and improve.
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2 months ago, Dunwrryboutit
Good but in beta still…
First I LOVE the programs on the app and the journal tab etc. but as someone who’s been lifting for years, there’s a lot of things missing that are necessary for a workout. There needs to be a notes section under each exercise you complete (so you can note things like used dumbbells instead etc, every gym is different and I could note SO many things). There also needs to be an info tab explaining exercises - videos are not enough to explain form to avoid injury. Also warm up sets!! You can’t jump into a 5 rep exercise without at least 2 warm up sets. And there’s no where to note this (could be in a notes section!). Also, I’m not necessarily going to hit the exact suggested reps when I do an exercises, but when you adjust the reps and then go to do the exercise again, your revised reps aren’t listed but the suggested ones. Frustrating bc I want to track my reps properly.
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4 years ago, xomakeupxo
So thankful for this App!
I’m really enjoying having this! I downloaded it the day it released and have been doing workouts with it every single day. I’m currently on week 2 day 6 of the 8 week alive challenge. It’s been extremely helpful knowing what i’m going to do in the gym and where to go next. I don’t walk around the gym looking like a lost puppy anymore. I’m also less anxious because I have direction and a distraction. I also feel like I got a good workout in. I’ve been sore each day so I definitely know it’s working. There’s already been two updates on the app which have really improved it and I know it’ll just keep improving as time goes on. My only suggestions are: -To have some instructions for each workout that way I know I’m doing the workout correctly. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just visually what’s going on. -To give some tips for the workout. Tell us how much weight you’re lifting. -To have modifications for each workout. Sometimes the gym gets crowded so I have to improvise if I can’t get on a certain machine. Or a lot of times I have to do my workout at home (stay at home mom over here) so I have no machines to work with. - Have warm ups and cool downs -Maybe eventually add healthy meal and snack ideas. I will definitely continue to use this! Thank you so much for creating this amazing app!
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4 years ago, kelsiem12
LOVE IT!! But.....
I love Whitney and have watched her videos for years so I was really looking forward to trying her app! I typically use the Sweat app and wanted to finish the PWR At Home program before switching to Alive. I’ve done the Alive Inside program for a week now and i love the workouts. I always feel so accomplished at the end! The only problems I have are that there is no set warm up or cool down functions. Its important to do both of those things in order to avoid injury, so I do them myself before and after the workouts. It would be nice to add a follow along feature for that in the future! I also wish that there was a description of each move in order to make sure you have correct form. Something thats more just for convenience would be if she spoke the move so you didnt have to look at the screen when the next move came up. If she added these features I would love it even more!! Definitely worth the money imo💓💓
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2 years ago, seraphimsong
Love this app!
If you’re new to working out or just need a plan for when you’re in the gym or at home, this app is perfect for you! These workouts are made to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re just starting out or have been strength training for awhile. I love the programming because the last thing I want to do is think up my own workout. I also love that you can add the widget to your Home Screen to see what day and what workout your on or if it’s a rest day. I love that it shows that you’ve completed it too, makes me feel so accomplished! The fact that it now connects to your Apple Watch makes it that much user friendly. Don’t wanna do leg fat today? No problem, you can move the workouts around in the week to make it work for your schedule. This app makes it so easy to stick to your workout plan!
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4 years ago, alex.squared
The ALMOST Perfect Workout App
I’ve been using this app for about a week now and I truly love it. I love Whitney, she is amazing and creates the greatest workouts. She shows you what she’s doing and it’s very nice and structured with different work out programs and individual workouts as well. My only complaint is: I wish she gave examples of alternatives to using a cable machine, or any other equipment that a lot of us don’t have available to us at home. I don’t want to spend $15 on an app per month plus a gym membership and for the people that do have a gym membership-gyms are closed right now so they don’t have access to those things either. I find myself having to leave the app and look for ways to do things with dumbbells or any other alternatives that I would LOVE if she provided in the app! Other than that, I love it and will continue to use it and look for alternative ways to perform the workouts with what I have available to me at home.
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3 years ago, A$H<3
Listen Linda, you NEED this app. I have always been skeptical of workout apps. I have been working out for years and I know what I’m doing I used to work for a personal training company. However, I felt kind of burnt out and just wasn’t really feeling my workouts. I LOVE Whitney and everything she stands for so I decided to get her app to switch up my workouts to get in great shape for my wedding. $15 a month is literally a steal for this app. It’s like having a personal trainer. I am so motivated to do my workouts I haven’t missed a day in over a month. I love that the rests are timed it gets me in and out of the gym and keeps me from being distracted on my phone etc. It even motivates me to do abs um...who is she?!? I literally cannot say enough good things about this app. I have told basically everyone I know about it. Whitney is a goddess. That’s all.
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2 years ago, Googieh
I love this app but I have a few suggestions
I started doing Whitney’s workouts on the Gymshark app and decided to try out the Alive app. Some things I appreciated about the Gymshark app were the verbal explanations of the move, the written, and then just a silent video of the move being conducted. I think working in some of those Gymshark features would be a great addition to the Alive app. It would also be stellar if in the Next Up area there would also be the next exercise so I can mentally prepare for where I need to go and what I need to have ready. I find myself pausing a lot and it’s annoying. Another suggestion is to move the “End Workout” button at the bottom of the screen to somewhere a little harder to accidentally hit because I keep accidentally touching it and it really has no business being there.
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4 years ago, MrsHance
A year and a half ago I hired a personal trainer to help get me back into shape but unfortunately after training for 14 months he moved away. I’ve been trying to stay consistent in the gym but lost a lot of my motivation and I was afraid I would start losing a lot of my progress. I found something and someone who challenged me in all the good ways....thanks to Whitney’s “Alive” app I feel like I have that back in my life again! I am so incredibly impressed and pleased with this app and the lay out! Today was my first day and it kicked my booty hard but I loved it! I love that there’s a video dome starting how to correctly perform each move and I love that the timer counts down for me so I know how long to rest in between each set! I love that the moves are challenging but simple too! Bravo to everyone who helped create this app and thank you! I can’t wait to workout tomorrow!!!!
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4 months ago, Aubeezy23
Great app for gym beginners and gym pros!!
I love love love this app!! I’m on my second 8 week program and it’s so easy to keep track of my progress and I love how straight forward the workouts are. Having the demonstration of each workout on a video loop is really helpful!! Totally a 5 star app but If I had ONE thing to complain about is that sometimes I hit “quit workout” when I really meant to hit “end workout” and it wipes out my whole workout! I really wish there was something that was like “are you sure you want to end/quit workout?” just as a safety net. I’ve gone back and reopened the workout and just hit end workout so I still get it in my program count but I lose the time I spent. I’ve gotten way more cautious with ending my workouts but I could definitely see myself making the same mistake 🙈🙈
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4 months ago, Bcmorales
The best workout app!!
I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s unlike any other I’ve tried thus far. Working out was always a hobby of mine until I got pregnant. For the full 9 months plus a year postpartum, I stopped working out and lost my desire to workout. I didn’t know where to start again, but knew I wanted to make a change. On Jan 1st I paid for the full year, and it has changed everything in the best way! I now have so much more motivation and excitement when it comes to working out again. I go in knowing exactly what I’m doing and am able to adjust as needed. There’s lots of different programs and now even programs for pregnancy and postpartum (which is awesome). I’m so thankful for this app helping me be able to invest in myself again! (Which is hard as a mom) Well done Whitney and the Alive team!
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2 years ago, KayleighR2
Best Workout App!
I’ve tried multiple “instagram fitness” style apps, and Alive is hands down the most practical. All the workouts are easy to follow, you can do different guides and programs or daily workouts for different categories. The exercises are never awkward or leave me going “how am I supposed to do that in real life.” I also used to NEVER warm up or cool down, so I do appreciate those options which you can use or skip. The only changes I would like to see is a way to add substitutes or alternative exercises. They show on the bottom but it’s usually just one and you can’t add it to replace what you’re doing. I’d also like to see a way to track your weights for different exercises to help see the progress! Overall this is a great & practical app that I’ve recommended to lots of people so far
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2 years ago,
Good App but didn’t work for me
Overall I like this app and the exercises. I’ve only done the alive inside ones and they were good, but there are just a couple of things that bothered me. The time listed under the workouts aren’t completely accurate because they don’t include the warm up and cool down, which I always do. This makes it hard to plan the appropriate amount of time to work out. It’ll be like 20 min longer. And some of the workouts are pretty long, which some people might like, but I didn’t because having to gear up for a 1.5 workout take more motivation and time. I just think I would find myself actually doing it more if it were shorter. Also, there isn’t enough time between some workouts to switch between proper equipment and position. I am glad they finally got the apple watch app, although it’s glitchy. All together, I used it for a few months but this will be my last.
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3 years ago, TrajanPro
Wonderful. Approachable for beginners- advanced
I waited for 8 weeks to leave a review. This app has me coming back daily. I go to the gym, I feel focused and clear about what I’m doing and that I’m not waisting time. I’m far from bored, seeing results and not killing myself on cardio machines day after day. Personally I’ve followed whit for a longtime and find her workouts dynamic, interesting and inspiring. Small nit: it would be helpful for weight sets to know if you are increasing per rep. Example 10,12.5,15lbs of the same exercise at the same reps. I’ve sometimes found myself studying my screen at the gym to make sure I understood the details. Perhaps an option that gives some pointers? I LOVE the timers and the ability to play your music over. Such a great app 10 stars! Thanks Whit it’s a beautiful day to be alive!
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10 months ago, Valeriiablunt
Absolutely love this app!!
Awesome app, you did a great job on designing! Also short videos are my personal favorite way to workout instead of full length video. The only thing that I’d give my feedback/suggestion on.. I LOVE your challenges because it keeps you on track but it’d be amazing if users could create their own “challenge” or workout for a week. That way every time I wake up in the morning I don’t have to go to the app and pick which workout I want to do today, I would just create “challenge” aka plan for week on Sunday. It’ll be super convenient for ppl who have limited time for workout in the morning. Thank you for your hard work 👏 highly recommend this app!! I have tried MANY of them, this one is super easy to use, great interface, amazing sets of workout!
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2 years ago, mrobins10
Great workouts, but app on the phone and watch both need work
I have been following Whitney for years and really like her content and workouts! The app has great programs and it’s great to just follow a step by step workout and not have to think while I’m in the gym.I do have a few suggestions though.. 1. When you’re in the middle of one workout, you can’t go back and look at others to compare weights. For example, if you lifted RDLs yesterday and today are doing sumo DLs for the first time in the app, you can’t go back to yesterday’s workout to see what you lifted in RDLs to gauge what you might want to try in sumos. 2. I know the Apple Watch app is new but it is giving me SO much trouble. I’ve been using it daily since it launched a week ago and I have not had a single day of seamless syncing. Even though my health app on my phone allows Alive to receive all data from my watch and fitness apps and vice versa, it will not sync. For a couple days I was just turning on both Alive and recording a workout like normal on the watch, but today I tried just logging it through Alive to see if it would show up in my rings and nope. Alive app says I have 57 mins but it only recorded 7 seconds in my fitness app even though I was using the watch app the entire workout. Overall, I like the workouts and content but the experience could be vastly improvements with some minor tweaks and corrections so it syncs well!
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2 years ago, Aviatrix36!
Very helpful from a girl with gym anxiety
I loved this app so much because it was like working out with a coach or best friend. I struggled a lot going to the gym wandering around and not knowing if I’m doing the proper stance etc. the app has great pictures to make sure I have my body positioned correctly and walks you through everything! The timer was especially sooo helpful. Sadly, I had to unsubscribe as I’m saving to move out and it was just too costly for me at the moment. I love Whitney and wish I could support this more because it really will help a lot of people! There were very minor bugs, only being that if I went backwards to rewatch a set the video would freeze but it was easy to fix just one more tap and it went back on. No biggie at all. If you can afford it definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, hhjjggjhygv
I love having the planned workouts before coming to the gym, very user friendly. The only thing is that sometimes some of the exercises show different videos of the exercise instead of the one it says to do or it will show a stretching one, this is probably some bug or something but it’s happened a lot since I had the app which is frustrating. I also wished that they had a description on how to do the exercises in case you need more information or can’t see the video. Otherwise I think it’s good I’m glad they added Libbie I was kind of over paying for the same stuff but it did bring a change and hope they continue adding new workouts. It’s also nice they add different levels and different exercises in case you can’t do one. Overall would recommend just wish they would fix the video issue.
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