Alo Moves

Health & Fitness
4.9 (21.7K)
61 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alo, LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alo Moves

4.9 out of 5
21.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Thianne J
I swear by this app
I’ve had recurring shoulder problems for about a year and a half now from rock climbing (I travel, making it difficult to get regular physical therapy). They have a shoulder pain relief series that has done wonders for me. This series is seriously a mini physical therapist in your pocket. My shoulder feels much more stable and mobile than it has all year. Additionally, I started the “discover your splits series.” I haven never been able to do the splits (probably about 6 inches off the ground). I started doing a daily split-stretch routine for about a month (by myself), and I wasn’t making any progress. THEN, i started this series and 11 days in...boom. I can do the splits on my right side. I still can’t believe it because I have never been able to do the splits in my whole life. I’m stull working on my left side, but I am actually so impressed by this app and its capabilities. Excited to explore more of their videos!!
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2 months ago, Ofphie
App and website inconsistent
I love the classes that are offered but the interface between mobile use and the website is in consistent. For instance, you can create whole playlists on the website but are not able to do that on the app. You can what classes you have done with a simple “Completed” in the bottom right corner of the video thumbnails on the apps but not able to see those completed on the website. And the tags attached to videos for searching seem to be off too. Like when I search for a video, typing exactly what it is titled, it won’t come up…so I have to rely on using my history of recent classes taken or search for it the same way I found it the first time by using filters and hope new classes haven’t been added that would make the search harder. And some of the classes allow you to decrease the level of background music which is almost always too loud, but not all of them do this which…when the music is too loud, takes away from the experience of the class sometimes.
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4 years ago, Pattypinies
Exercises are great but app needs some improvements
I started trying the app a week ago and I really like the exercises however I found that some things don’t work quite well on the app: - the filter function is very basic. I wanted to search all the beginner programs and they don’t have a way to do so even though they categorize the programs on beginner, intermediate, etc - when you add a program to your practice it doesn’t keep track of the classes you have done (marking them as completed) so you have to remember which one was the last one you did... I did the same class twice today because of this - the play / pause button is weird... I have a 4 yo that sometimes interrupts me and I usually press pause but in some cases the video started again from the beginning Otherwise I’m liking the videos and I feel they are challenging so I will keep using it. I also like that it has meditation (last year I was paying for exercise and meditation apps separately).
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4 years ago, gartena
Love this app
I tried this app on a whim because I had heard it was the best yoga app out there and I was missing my in person yoga classes. I am so glad I did. I have been using for about 6 weeks now and it has really helped me amp up my yoga practice. I have been an avid yogi for years but my practice was stale because the classes at my gym, while enjoyable, are too repetitive and do not push me in new directions. Getting more of a challenge and having many different types of yoga classes available has gotten me more excited about yoga again. I can already see improvements in my strength - I had been working handstands for over a year on my own but I’ve progressed immensely in the last month through more focus and quality training. I will definitely be keeping my subscription even when the gym reopens.
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3 months ago, Jksid
Cast to TV doesn’t work
Love the app and the workouts, but only being able to use my tiny phone screen is a major downfall. Too often, I have to pause workouts to rewind, get closer to the screen to watch and then rewind to catch up with the move again. Not exactly the smooth flow to a workout that I want. The app and their website says you can cast to a device or TV, but it’s never worked for me and lots of others users have had similar issues in online forums. I’ve tried two different smart TVs, a fire stick, a Roku box and even just casting to my laptop for a slightly bigger screen. Nope! When trying to cast, I always get the same error message that there are no devices available despite everything being on the same network. I’m a super tech savvy person, have wasted an hour troubleshooting with the same results. Very frustrating. Others who have had success, say music is an issue. Alo, PLEASE work on this with your developers.
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3 years ago, rodrigoescobar
Great content but the apps leave much to be desired
Alo moves is one of my favourite subscriptions in terms of content. It is really fantastic but the quality of the apps is not great. There’s constant flickering of the screen when you go into a series to check it out and come back to the previous screen with the content not being in the place where it was. This is very disorienting when you’re trying to find new series to add to your practice. The iPad app seems to be just a blown out version of the iPhone app that doesn’t really take advantage of the bigger screen. It therefore has the same issues as the iPhone. The Apple TV app doesn’t even allow you to perform a search and most of the series’ sections are empty. Also, when a video finishes on the Apple TV, the screen remains black instead of automatically take you to the screen where the video is played. I find this very odd. The Apple TV also does not signal which classes you’ve already done. This is something the iPhone does. For some reason, the calendar on your profile does not get populated with the workouts you’ve done automatically. This seems rather odd considering that the information is already there in their servers and the user can select the privacy level within the community. Again, great content but the apps really need some substantial amount of work. It also wouldn’t be a terrible idea to add social median links to the instructor profiles.
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4 years ago, Ginadell2112
I had seen ads for Alo Moves for years. I was always mesmerized by the abilities of the instructors, moving through the space with ease. I was skeptical though. I wasn’t sure the classes would be accessible for a beginner/intermediate student and I figured it was pricey. I was too curious though and I clicked through. Come to find out it’s quite affordable, muchhh cheaper than most gyms, and there are plenty of classes for all skill types! I have been doing some intermediate foundation building classes for less than two weeks now and I already feel much more flexibility and definitely a lot more strength! I can already tell some of the fun, “inaccessible” poses I’ve always wanted to achieve are right around the corner for me! I love this app and I would recommend it to anyone!!
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2 years ago, littykitt
Love this app but…
I love Alo moves, been using it for years. I love the options, the teachers and everything. With that being said, I was a little disappointed when they had this September challenge to complete 9 classes in this series for a chance to be put in the drawing to win several different prizes. The challenge was very difficult, the classes were very advanced but I stuck it out. There were 3 different winners and I knew the odds of me winning were slim; however, after the challenge was over there was nothing. No email announcing the winner, nothing on the Alo app either. Although I clearly hadn’t won, It would have been nice to have some closing the the challenge. Some email or something on the app announcing the winners.. without it it made me wonder if they even selected people to win. Although I will continue to use this app faithfully because it IS great, it put a bad taste in my mouth.
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2 years ago, Nicolinad22
The only way I workout
I started using this app when my favorite yoga studio closed a couple of years ago. I quickly discovered the barre classes that I loved and produced amazing results. I have found my favorite instructors, like Emily Sierra and rotate through her series and individual classes. There is always something new! I love her prompts. She goes over the next exercise while you’re repping out the current exercise. It makes for a seamless transition to the next move. I love her reminders for keeping your form and her vast knowledge of body mechanics. I love that I can do these while away and there are plenty of body weight exercises that need no equipment. I’ve been hooked for at least 2 years now!
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1 year ago, Yogi Flo
Glitchy App
The Idea of Alo is better than it’s app. The App has improved since first downloading and subscribing, but there are still glitches that make it a hassle to use the app. A few examples are when you are scrolling through videos. every couple of scrolls of the finger the loading lags taking you back to where you were two previous scrolls ago. The saved videos no longer actually save or show on “your practice”. So every time you look for a video you are scrolling through the whole category which is very time consuming. Lastly there is a 50% chance that the app will not connect for air play when you try. All of these things together make it very frustrating to deal with the app and I’m actually thinking about finding a different app because of it. Hoping they see this and fix those glitches before it actually come to that.
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4 months ago, samanthamala
Best instructors, meh app.
If this was just a review of the instructors it would be 5 stars easily. They are the reason I renew year after year. They are truly the greatest instructors I’ve ever had, especially those who were around when it was called Codyapp - Ashley, Dylan, Talia, Megan Currie, etc. The app has always been a little disappointing. My main gripe is that I cannot cast to my Roku tv, nor do they have an app for Roku. The search function is not the greatest. The class descriptions need a full overhaul, including a list of what equipment is needed. The “community” tab is mostly people logging their classes (why aren’t classes auto-logged?) and makes it useless clutter, would love to see this be geared towards feedback and discussion so that we know what the class entails. The whole thing is just sort of messy. But honestly, I’m not going anywhere.
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2 years ago, saba408
Great content, could improve functionality
I’ve used this since before it was Alo Yoga (shoutout to the OG Codyapp). There’s great content on the app and I love that there’s a variety of options for different skills and levels. I love that there’s something for everyone. I wish the filters worked better on the search. The “type” filter doesn’t work at all on my Apple TV and only displays the option for “all”, so I end up having to look for what I want on my browser first. I also noticed when I upload photos with my workout , they end up stretched out/looking wide. I used to log progress photos with my workouts but don’t anymore because of this distortion. Finally, I have a suggestion that I think would make the platform more usable. First of all, there’s a TON of content. I like to save things to “My Practice” but I think it would be helpful to have an option to make folders/categorize beyond that point (ex: under 15 min, hips, etc.). I have a lot of videos saved to my practice and it simply takes too long to find what I’m looking for even if I’ve saved it. It’s hard to fit time to workout in the day. 5 extra minutes spent searching for what I need can make or break whether I have enough time to exercise.
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3 years ago, Jenyeji
Great app for yoga!
I love this app and have been using almost daily for months. There’s a few area for improvement though; I wish each class had its own difficulty level instead of just for the whole series because each class can vary greatly in difficulty level. Also it would be VERY helpful if the description listed equipments needed (e.g. yoga blocks, straps, etc). I also wish there was a way to see how many times I’ve done a class or when is the last time I did a class. This is useful because I tend to repeat a number of classes and it would be nice to know when I last repeated a class. There’s no way to see a list of classes you did in chronological order, you have to click on each date on the calendar to do that. I think it’d be useful to have a list rather than a calendar also.
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1 year ago, Ocgirls
Not compatible with AppleTV
I love the classes but when I try to use the app on my AppleTV, it is terrible. There is no way to find barre classes. Did they remove the barre classes? All I see is yoga. The section to choose a style doesn’t have anything on the drop-down menu. Whoever is in charge of categorizing these classes needs to be fired. The competitors like Peloton and FitOn are way more organized. There is no way to do airplay or screencast from my iPhone. It says no devices available. The only way to find a class is to search on your phone, find the class you want to take, and then go to AppleTV, search by instructor and scroll through all of the classes until you find the class. The classes are very good and tend to be more challenging than other apps but the technical issues make it so incredibly frustrating.
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3 years ago, Cnnthusiast
Great Programs
The 30 day core challenge is really making me feel more confident and empowered ti resume and power start my fitness journey. After 1.5 years of not getting much exercise due to covid restrictions, this challenge is giving the core strength I know is important to any fitness journey. Kupah and Calvin rock! I wish the app was a bit better about reminding you which classes you have already completed in the circuit. The black checkmarks sometimes come and go when the app is launched. Sometimes they are indicated in the series list and sometimes I have to click into the class to see if it has a check mark.
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4 years ago, mafron15
Inspiring and diverse class styles
I love alo moves! Yoga/meditation were always on the peripheries of my mind, but I never fully embraced them. I picked up alo moves because I was interested in the 21 Days yoga series by Briohny Smith (found out via Instagram). Honestly I’ve been in the app almost every day since. And, I’m so happy to be practicing every day because of genuine interest and feeling supported by the instructors in the classes I’ve taken. It’s amazing how they can do that even though I’ve never taken a class with any of them in person! The reason for my 4 star rather than 5 is because of 1) a recent app upgrade they’ve made where they redesigned the home page and I miss the large hero images that pointed out new classes and 2) Wish there the community feature had more to it.
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4 years ago, Nays9
Great videos, needs to be more user friendly
I accidentally paid for the whole year after a free trial, and I’m SO happy I did. The instructors and videos are some of the best yoga practices I’ve ever done, some even better than years of live classes. However, the app is absolutely packed with videos and needs much more organization. It’s very difficult to search for specific things and the whole app just feels bloated and hard to navigate. I would like to see some updates that make it more searchable, easier to find new practices, ways to stay updated to on your favorite instructors, and I would like some practice sections divided up by how much time you have to practice. All these features are already there! They’re just kind of hidden and hard to access
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2 years ago, MeAShark
Been using for years
I started with this platform when it was still codyapp. Favorites are still Meghan Currie, Dylan Werner and Patrick Beach; but also love now the additional Kundalini with Gurmukh!! Other new great teacher is Josh Kramer. I like the physically challenging classes but also the deep appreciation for yoga these teachers have. As for the app, the music option is great although mostly I play my own. If I could choose one upgrade would be to track progress and class like Peloton. Peloton has it figured out in terms of fitness tracker with the overview option to see the month at a glance. Overall it’s a high quality app that I will forever use- and I’ve tried a lot of platforms!! 4 stars only due to the element I spoke of…
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4 years ago, deejshelton
Great Content, Clunky Functionality
Alo has put together an AMAZING collection of videos for all kinds of practices at all levels and intensities. I use this multiple times a day to get my workouts in, recover, and even meditate to bring it all to a close. Unfortunately, the filter function isn’t great when exploring classes as it doesn’t always respect the time stamps or the style. The video and audio quality are great, but the pause/play function doesn’t alternate automatically and you have to toggle each time (very annoying when taking a skill class and you need to rewatch). Also, in the most recent update the app keeps crashing when some series are tapped on (this happens to me for the Power Barre series every time).
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4 years ago, Francesca.h
Great content, ok execution
There are so many classes for yogis of all skill levels. I love the emphasis on skills like arm balances and handstands. The app has amazing content, but it's really hard to find what you're looking for. The classes destination gives you thousands of classes without an accessible tool to produce meaningful results. The difference between series and playlists isn't clear enough. The series / programs should have a way to measure progress, not just act as a playlist for videos. There's a missed opportunity here to guide students through a structured program. App is finicky and I find many flows to be not intuitive. If the team can figure out how to add more robust search and recommendations then this app would be great.
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4 years ago, xomayaox
Beautiful Content
Well filmed, nice locations, easy to understand, great instructors. I wish there were more filters (time, length, difficulty). The videos are grouped by instructor and have these “series” which you can do. Personally I do yoga for working out so I wish there were more “studio” like experiences that were 1hour long or LIVE classes. I don’t like having to string together a bunch of 20 min workouts. They don’t put out a lot of new content. I will prob switch to something that has more new content / live workouts once this runs out to fit my workout style but I love this app so hopefully they will try to follow suite to how other apps are changing with covid.
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2 years ago, ggomes888
I love using Alo Moves daily for my workouts! There’s so much variety in workout intensity and so many videos to challenge yourself to try new things. One thing I wish was available is an easier way to plan your workouts. I usually write down in my journal which ones I’m planning to take on which days. Having a way to plan in the app would make it so much easier to prepare for the week or even just the next day. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using Alo Moves. I get way more out of the workouts than going to the gym and doing my own thing. I’ve learned so much from so many instructors
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5 months ago, ray1234567891234456
Love it!
So far best workout app I’ve had I love having choices between how long I want to go for. I love having categories for what I wanna work on and I love having options of doing individuals or a whole series playlist that I can do. I did it every other day for two weeks and I already started seeing results from just the quick 5 to 10 minute workouts, you need little to none equipment to do these workouts and the coaches are so motivational. They are really encouraging and it helps when it becomes a hard to push through. 10 out of 10 worth the money.
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2 years ago, MyEggsCoolOff
Decent App, but…
The app is ok with some good content. The selection isn’t the greatest. However, their business practices are a bit deceptive, so make sure you know how it works. Typically, when you subscribe to something through the App Store, you can cancel through the App Store. Not this app. After the initial year, the price is just way too high for what you get. I did enjoy some of the workouts and some were staples for me. I just can’t justify $215 for the limited selection offered. So, if you need to cancel, you’ll need to do it through the website. You can’t even do it through the app. I believe they make it as difficult as possible so that people are either unaware or give up trying to cancel.
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4 years ago, candid lola
Small investment with huge results
I’ve been doing this for 12 weeks and it’s been truly transformative. Even on days where I don’t feel like I have time to workout, I can always carve off 10 or 20 minutes for a class and be shaking and dripping in sweat after. The range in classes—length wise, target areas, and level of difficulty—is exceptional. Love the instructors. Love the creativity and energy. Love how I feel now that I’ve incorporated yoga workouts when I don’t have 2+ hours to go to a studio or do a conventional yoga class (though the app has those too). Also love incorporating sound baths and meditation journeys to my routine. Honestly cannot day enough good things.
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2 years ago, Anna LVK
Great content, but app has much to improve on
Top notch instructors and classes on Alo moves. I’ve been using it since covid started and haven’t been back to a yoga studio since then. The fitness classes are excellent as well. The app itself has a lot to improve on. The app crashes often and the search is pretty useless. Any search query, such as a pose you want to work on, will not return as many results as it should. Would also love more playlists and an auto play feature to make stacking classes more seamless. Help with discovering new classes is also desirable when there are so many options. Many yoga instructors have left so would also love to see more variety in teaching styles. Ashley Galvin and Josh Kramer are great, but I’m itching for more variety. The Apple TV app is even worse than the mobile app. Filters don’t even work and the app does not auto refresh with the newest classes. I’ve been using this app for two years and have been looking forward to overall improvements in the app’s usability. I haven’t seen that yet.
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7 months ago, Safetitia
The right app for me
I’ve tried different apps and I own a Mirror but I always come back to Alomoves. I just like that the classes are not only focused on performance and maximum sweat but also what feels good. The calming aesthetic is also very pleasing. Other apps can be quite aggressive and loud (the music, the colors, the trainers), this one is consistent even for vigorous exercise. Not sure what it is maybe more feminine and caring vibe. I love all the mobility series and lower back pain classes, even my husband is doing them with me. Also the price is right. So definitely my favorite app. I wish I can play it on my Mirror ;)
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3 months ago, Jordy6612
I love this app!
The variety of workouts is what keeps me here, though to be honest, I’ve only explored a few types of workouts. I’m doing a second run through of a Pilates series, as I wanted to see how much of a difference I can notice in my strength the second time through (very noticeable increase, btw). I’ve never found a platform that made me feel enthusiastic about the workouts as this one does. The Pilates workouts are legit, the mindfulness classes are fantastic, and I’m not going anywhere seeking more or better. I’m here to stay, Alo, and appreciative of what you’re giving me. Thank you!
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2 years ago, onelittlethingatatime
Everything you need
Honestly I’ve had this app for almost 3 years and still impresses me how good this is. The variety of classes, challenges and not only yoga, but other mindfulness practices, classes, and more about meditation, breathing exercise. I like that it goes towards more challenging yoga style, but you can honestly find any level you are in. My favorites to do are meditations for sleep, warm-up workouts, yoga (up to 90 min!!), and breathing exercises. Every teacher knows how to explain you well alignment and that is really important to me to don’t get injured when training by myself at home.
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12 months ago, Marlcat
Great, but some suggestions
I’ve used this app for 2-3 years now, and I love it. I have, however, noticed some recent problems with my saved classes. Originally it wasn’t showing them at all—now it shows them, but will only display the first 20 saved classes. Also, I would love if there was a way to filter by which classes you’ve done and which you haven’t! This would encourage me to try new workouts that maybe flew under the radar before. Overall, this app has been amazing, and I can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.
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4 years ago, kitganache
Great product, but the app needs improvement
I love all the classes, but using the app on my iOS phone and Apple TV is frustrating. It’s very difficult to navigate on Apple TV and there is no home page view like on the website, I enjoy seeing the recommended sessions. When viewing on my phone the lists bounce around and change order constantly. The search should be for everything, not just series and community, I often search for a one off class. I would also like a better way of tracking my history, on my computer it shows a check next to the classes I have taken in my current series, but the Apple TV doesn’t show anything. I’m new to Alo Moves, but these are my initial observations.
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6 months ago, Patkawaii
Good but needs improvements
I like this app mostly for its contents and exercises than for the app itself. I think it could be so much better. Filtering is non-existent in my saved exercises; you can only sort by duration, newest and alphabetically. Also, when I’m browsing new exercises and series, you can’t tell if you’ve already added them to your practice or not, unless you actually click on it. I like variety and if I’m browsing for new things, it would be great if the app could tell you if you’ve already added it. Lastly, I understand Alo is mostly a yoga brand, but please please please more barre exercises! If they are with Emily, even better… I absolutely love her exercises.
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3 years ago, Croninwarrior
It’s SO good!!
I am an advanced lifter type dude (from CrossFit, to cage fighting, owning a gym, etc etc) and had a lot of heavy knot type soft tissue type injuries and wanted to completely ease off the weights until I was 100%. This has been helping immensely as it’s all the little muscles that weren’t getting worked that allowed those knots to form in the first place. If your goal is something like mine, don’t forget about massages, foam rolling, PT, etc. but utilize this. For reference I’m doing daily yoga on this app, then Dylan’s fascia stretching, then some strength work on this app if I feel up to it (body weight stuff).
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2 years ago, Emdago
Best yoga app 2022
Love this app so much they have so many different series and classes covering every genre of yoga. They have Pilates strength training and guided meditations. The classes are all downloadable so u can take your phone on a hike with you where u don’t have service and get your gratitude on. You can customize a workout with their unique method of stacking classes like adding a 10 minute morning flow with a 5 minute booty burn. The settings are serine with some exceptionally beautiful locations and instructors that make you smile. Shout out to tawny and Jacy my personal favs! 🙏🏽❤️ Thanks ALO!
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4 years ago, rose red winters
Love the classes but app needs some updating
I agree with everyone who has said the classes are great but the app needs some work. If I want to stream from the app it’s fine but I can’t get it to cast to my chromecast. They also haven’t updated the app to include playlists and the videos I save or complete on my computer don’t sync to app. I know it’s a work in progress so looking forward to when everything works seamlessly. Update: the playlists still aren’t on the app but the saved classes do sync now so that’s nice! I really wish there were ratings attached to classes because sometimes I get really overwhelmed and waste a lot of time picking which class so try.
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1 year ago, issue with delayed start
5 stars for content; 3 for interface/app
Echoing what a lot of reviews have to say on content. It feels “deeper” and more “authentic” than counterpart programs at Peloton and Apple Fitness which are very much designed to fit the specific allotted time. But perhaps that same perk is what is making it difficult for Alo Moves to figure out how to improve its filtering? What if I want to find a strength focused yoga practice that’s less than 65 minutes with X instructor? Or a pilates class with or without equipment? Or a glutes focused strength class? I’d use this SOOOOO much more if some of those basic searching features that were accustomed to in every other fitness app and/or tech-centric part of our lives.
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3 years ago, AwfulAppWaste$
Great App. Amazing Classes.
Best yoga app out there. The classes are outstanding. But the platform needs work as it’s only available on portable screen devices. An HDMI/Lightening Adapter is needed to watch it on a TV. Airplay capabilities aren’t available. Roku /fire stick/smart tvs are not compatible. Apple TV devices 5 and older are the only supported tv’s. But an HDMI adapter gets the job done. I wouldn’t recommend the app if you don’t have an adapter because it’s really not worth it to watch on an iPhone the classes are terrific as all the instructors just can’t really utilize and move w full functionality if you have to stare at a tiny screen
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4 years ago, Ellen527
Just OK
There are a couple very skilled teachers on this app who deliver very well thought out classes, however they are far and few between. I’m extra critical because I am a physical therapist. The app needs more options to filter by, it’s hard to find a class I want to do. There’s also a glitch when I am scrolling through classes where the list constantly reloads way back up towards the top, super annoying and seems like something that could be fixed. When I apply a time filter the classes that show up do not fit the filter. I do not like how Alo normalizes hyper mobility. And when did ballistic stretching become a thing again? People will be injuring themselves if they don’t know how to modify.
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2 years ago, Thebeeeesssssstttttt
Content is great
Absolutely love the content on the app, the instructors, etc! The app itself can be extremely annoying because it can be slow and finicky to get to the actual content. I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall it on my phone 3 or 4 times now because sometimes the app randomly won’t work. I’ll click on it, the logo will come up, then the app will just shut down. I’ve tried everything else to fix it and have reached out to alo moves with no response. Reinstalling the app seems to work. Again, the content itself is GREAT! The app could use work.
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2 years ago, Skylor O
Try with a purchase of Alo wear!
I got a free-month trial from purchasing Alo sportswear and decided to give it a shot while quarantining. This app is no joke! I would heavily recommend it to travelers who lift regularly and would like to get into yoga but don’t want to or have access to yoga classes. The download feature, although only in apps, was a huge plus! The only downside is that it doesn’t have the option to play music in the background as the web version does; you can play your own, but the volume ratio gets finicky.
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3 years ago, marikoyang
Great content, interface could use a little work
I love the workouts on here and how often they're updated – it really does feel more like a studio experience than your typical workout app. However, the app interface does feel a little clunky. I can't immediately pause a video by touching the center of the screen, and it often instead sends my video ahead or back. Also, it would be great to have the radio interface better integrated into the controls, rather than having to click until it shows up in the upper right hand corner. Otherwise, have had a great experience so far!
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1 year ago, teresadgh
Obsessed with Alomoves for +3 years
I discovered Alomoves during the pandemic when I started doing new workouts like as Pilates or Barre. I used to just use it for Yoga classes because the instructors and the classes you get are the best out there, even when I go live to NYC studios, the yoga classes aren’t as challenging and advanced. I’m now using it for Pilates and Barre workouts and I love the incredible variety of workouts they have (different lengths, intensity, level etc). I love how they bring new instructors every month, I highly highly recommend!
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2 years ago, AgaKurV
Fabulous app but new version needs some work
This is a fabulous app but the new update has a few bugs to work out! Please bring back the check mark to show which classes are complete in a series when viewing the whole series. The way it is now you have to open each individual class in a series to see if it's complete or not. It would be much easier to scroll through the list of classes and have a little check mark (or anything) to indicate if the class is done without having to click through each class.
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4 years ago, elle_2x
Great yoga app
Not really a yogi but I needed something extra and to help with de-bulking muscles from HIIT over the last 5 years. Glad I found the FB add—first week and the classes have been great so far. Great instructors and motivating to see some seriously toned and strong bodies. Reason for 4 stars is I use the Apple TV app a lot for this, and it doesn’t sync up my practice in real time, the Apple TV app’s filters are also non-functional making it harder to navigate. Other than that, this is a very professional presentation of yoga with top notch instructors.
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4 years ago, SoccerGal6
Great app but...
Love the app, love the variety, love the workouts...but as other have said, it needs more organization or a better way to search. There is a filter on the classes but it is limited the instructor & type of class (barre, meditation, vinyasa). A few added filters would be a huge help like length of class, level & intensity, especially for those of us new to yoga type classes. And there is no way to make suggestions or contact them through the app, the provide only a physical mailing address. So making the suggestion through my rating (I personally think that’s poor customer service).
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4 years ago, ALD075
Only Yoga App I use!
I’ve been searching a while for a yoga app to help build and continue my practice.... and this is the only one I’ve found worth it. The instructors are top notch, there are no shortages of classes, and the app itself is very easy to use. I was worried at first that there would be a disconnect between classes in a studio and classes on the app, but I was very wrong - it feels like you’re right in the room. If you’re looking for an easy and effortless way to challenge your practice, this is the app for you!
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3 months ago, jaxieboo
Content is 💯 but buggy UI/UX
LOVE the content (easy 5 stars) so I renewed. But the app has so many bugs even after every update. Now that mirroring works (thank you!), the filters don’t. I am looking at an instructor and want to see their series and everything comes up. This has been an issue for some time now… really frustrating. Alo is literally my favorite fitness subscription but app dev and UI/UX need improvement. Expensive subscription to have all these bugs. Please fix so I can recommend more people to use this app cuz the instructors and classes are frickin awesome. It’s embarrassing to recommend the app to others frfr.
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3 years ago, Ki.Fitz
Best Fitness App......PERIODT
They have something for EVERYBODY! Being able to choose from a variety of different fitness styles, ranging from beginner to expert levels, and choosing intensity, and how long a work out is is the best. 5 min core. 30 min Vinyasa. 15 min arms. 20 min meditation. They have singing bowl videos !! They even have yoga for kids !! My son loves it. Downloaded the app on his tablet so he was able to do it on his own whenever he wanted. And the diversity of all the instructors and settings is very heartwarming. Gym membership for what!?!.!. Lol.
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3 years ago, Aidalicious
I found my gym and trainer replacement!
When my gym closed because of the pandemic I tried out Alo Moves and have been hooked ever since. I now have about six trainers at a fraction of the price. I can work out whenever I want. I get a huge variety of different kinds of workouts/movements for a range of skill levels. The video and music are high quality. The trainers are obviously skilled and I get a lot of informative and helpful training tips during the workouts. I’m a huge fan! Thank you for keeping me healthy during the pandemic and beyond.
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4 years ago, Somebody21295
No real levels
Theoretically, I really like this app. What i liked: the broad range of activities. What I didn’t like (hated!) was the high intensity from the very first exercise. There was no ability to find beginner level skills classes. They were too hard, too intense, and opened with strength moves I couldn’t do. I found it really hard to follow the instructions on the Pilates classes when I was in the pose and couldn’t see my screen. The instructors spend too much time randomly talking about other things, leaving you hanging half in and half out of poses. There was no ability to chose how long you wanted your yoga practice. This isn’t an app to learn new things. This is only for already high level fitness junkies.
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