Health & Fitness
4.5 (71)
4.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mellowmuse Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ambi

4.45 out of 5
71 Ratings
8 years ago, Ethana123
This is fantastic but needs a few things...
The app desperately needs a sleep timer. This is one of the best ambient noise generators out there, and the reverb function is obviously a huge benefit, but people don't always consciously listen to this app....
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9 years ago, J N Rork
Best looking and sounding noise app on the App Store
In a sea of poorly designed and spammy white noise apps, Ambi stands out with its beautiful minimalist design and purely functional feature set. You can set your own levels on eight different frequency channels, and the “floating bubble” oscillator adds a nice amount of gentle randomness. I only wish the developer would release a paid version, as the ads are annoying and a harsh clash to the aesthetic.
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5 years ago, LCLMomma1392
Simple and perfect
Ive trieed all the fancy white noise apps there are. This one is my favorite. Its just simple and the noise is the best, its soft, not so high pitched and staticy like most "noise" apps, and mixes with other apps. The only tthingg I wish was to have option to tturnn off the bubble things so noise was even smoother without that tiny crackling in with it. But its still the smoothest and best one out there. Thankyou!! -Michelle
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6 years ago, Rex Larsen
New version issues
The new version has some serious issues, digital reverb has decreased in sound quality significantly. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but I don’t even use it even more. The equalizer resets your settings every time the app closes, rather than saving as it used to. Swiping from screen to screen is unresponsive most of the time. It has made me want to leave the app, even though I’ve been using it daily for a couple of years now. I hope that there are some fixes soon!
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6 months ago, @noobtodamax_pol
Neat Design, Works great
The ball bouncing around as a randomizer is pretty cool feature. The mixing works well, but I usually just use it for the brown noise alone. The only complaint would be to speed up the loading time and get that sweet healing brown noise injected right into my veins!!! Sheeeeesh*SHHHSHSHSHSHHHHHHHSHSH*
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1 year ago, kramerkramerkramer
I bought the “full feature set” and cannot access the features. It tells me to buy again after attempting to set the timer, for instance…I tried purchasing it again assuming I’d get a notification that I had “already purchased” the upgrade but was charged twice. Please advise.
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3 years ago, Jmluxem
Needs dark mode
Manages to still be one of the better noise generators available. I’ve paid for Pro but this app desperately needs a Dark Mode. Please!
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9 years ago, misterctw
best ambient app
I love it. wish it worked with the built in timer function of iOS or had a sleep timer though.
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9 years ago, Gigi Musique
Amazing rich sound
I love this app. It's my security blanket, pillow, teddy bear and I'm off to sleep. I love the equalizer. I eliminated all the upper tones to make a deep rich velvety noise that soothes and tranquilizes. Awesome product.
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9 years ago, johnwessolomon88
New equalizer feature is excellent!
Iphone 5 with ios8. I have had no problems.
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6 years ago, Annzabrain
Works Perfectly!
White noise that slowly ebbs and flows gently keeps Ambi as my most used app for years. I love it!
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2 years ago, Chezzwizz
Good Static
This app does a great job with various color noise, but seems like it has some potential where a more tonal noise selection might be generated.
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7 years ago, Giantbluemonkey
great app
i use it all the time to sleep. also can run it behind music while traveling as a noise canceling feature. the eq is a great feature. simple, effective, and useful.
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6 years ago, mouseware
New version buggy
New version in 3 years buggy. Resets settings every time app is opened. Swiping from screen to screen doesn’t respond half the time. Shouldn’t have upgraded to latest on iPhone X
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5 years ago, dynobridge
Needs to go lower
Pretty but doesn’t go low enough
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10 years ago, wafertwister
Stops when screen off
5s w/latest iOS (7.1?) - sound stops when screen auto locks or I press power button.
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10 years ago, Asymmeter
Lovely, but missing some crucial features
I use noise to sleep, so not being able to shut off the screen while using this app is a killer. It's also missing a pause/play function, but I do very much like the design and simplicity of use. The sound is very harsh and buzzy compared to most, and I could only find one tolerable position for sleep. I'd like to be able to dial in more low end and tone down the high frequencies a lot more (I'm combating thumping club noise and rumbling roads). Just a bit more range or being able to flip to an eq, or a hi-cut switch ought to do it. The reverb function is awesome. It doesn't quite rescue most of the dial, but in the softer position that feeling of depth is brilliant. Lots of issues here, but I like the core idea here enough that I would happily come back to Ambi over any others if fixed.
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10 years ago, ARF Nun
Not very restful!
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9 years ago, Bunderbunder
The new version crashes immediately on startup every time. 4s with iOS 7.
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