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Apollo Neuro
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Apollo Neuro

4.4 out of 5
944 Ratings
1 year ago, Gila_Girl
Mixed Feelings - Device Good, App Meh
I wear the device on my ankle every night to help me sleep. I have it scheduled to come back on at 2:00 am which is when I typically stir if I am going to wake up. The scheduling rarely works. The app also shows me as having used the device once in the last 30 days despite me wearing it every night and turning on the sleep mode as the last thing I do before putting my phone down and turning off the light. Also, if you run the battery down to zero, you have to redo the Bluetooth pairing after charging. Does it help? I think so. I can be tightly wound, and this seems to help me fall asleep and get a better nights sleep. I did have an issue with my first device rattling after a firmware upgrade last year. It was replaced quickly, so I am pleased with the service. Hopefully with the latest app and firmware upgrade today the Bluetooth pairing and scheduling issues will improve.
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3 years ago, dg12309748394)2926
Future is now Wearable Plant Medicine
Alter your consciousness and change how you feel. Bold statements for a wearable. When you first strap into this experience the glitch in your matrix begins. It starts like any good drama with some doubt that this vibration is going to do anything and your skepticism seems to be alarmingly confirmed. You are then disappointed and regret not having the money for true plant medicine and refuse to admit it to yourself and continue to utilize it while people look at you and think you are on house arrest. Then one day BOOM plot change you sigh an extra long breath at a stop light and hold the exhale and are rocketed into a euphoric change of consciousness. You quickly realize this is radiating from your device you had blasphemously failed to have faith in. You insist your loved ones try it because the world deserves this. You loan it to your significant other for a week and when they say uh here I don’t care about this and then you are rapidly reminded of the security and serenity it has become my security blanket in the midst of the pandemic isolation. I use it daily and when combined with an earthing mat, Nu Calm, and Hapbee plus deep breathing will take your meditation to the next level as measured with Muse.
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4 weeks ago, Kenziethefox
Gave me my life back
I was suffering from long covid which left me with life altering nervous system disregulation. I had seen some people on a support group saying that the Apollo Neuro really helped them so I finally purchased one for myself. I had spent the better part of the last 3 years in fight or flight and after one day with the Apollo I felt the difference. My POTS symptoms have since completely cleared up. No more adrenaline dumps either. I finally feel at ease in my body. It was a total game changer for me and I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone suffering from the effects of long covid, other nervous system issues, or anxiety. I also wanted to note that I hesitated with this purchase due to the negative reviews about battery life, connectivity issues, etc. I haven’t had a single issue. I find the battery lasts me a full day and gets me through my next mornings program before I have to charge it. And that’s with me running a full days programs and a few extras when I need them. I’ve never had a problem with the app or connecting the device in the 2 months I've been using it.
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2 years ago, pattymayo123456
So impressed
I am so impressed with this product. My sleep cycle has been so off for years, I truly think I have undiagnosed insomnia. I don’t think I get enough rem sleep. Anyway, this product is already affecting my energy levels. I am currently doing the “rest and recover” after a long weekend with the fam for Christmas. It immediately affected my bodily vibrations. My nervous system gets insanely frazzled so easily. I’m basically a cat. So I felt the soothing affect of the vibrations right away. Honestly the 60 minute time limit isn’t enough for me that’s how much I enjoy the feeling. You can adjust intensity level through the app, which was soo easy to set up. I’ve tried acupuncture and other vibrating/massaging/heating/slight shock waves etc to keep my nervous system regulated. It’s so sensitive and keeps me from truly relaxing often, and inflames my insides often. None of this is fun. I take vitamins and stay / eat healthy as well, but this is by far the most effective method of easing up my nervous system. I thank you for making this product. So far, I’ve had this product for half a day and I want ten more. Great job!
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3 years ago, tylerdunstan
Powerful Wellness Tool
I suffer from several neurological disorders including PTSD and Apollo has been a welcome addition to my recovery journey. The great thing about Apollo are the different Modes. The team at Apollo has done a great job creating Modes that easily fit into my everyday life - energy in the morning, meditation during my breathing mindfulness time, etc. I’ve also found the social and open Mode to be helpful with social anxiety. I use the Energy mode during workout and love the Rebuild and recover post-workout. I have ADHD and I’ve found the Clear and Focused to be helpful for when I need an extra boost to jump into or stay in a focused work mode. The device is small and versatile for either your wrist or ankle (I change the location throughout the day depending on where I am and what I’m doing). Finally, Apollo has excellent customer service. They’ve always been prompt and helpful anytime an issue has come up or I have a question. Life is hard, but Apollo is something I recommend frequently as one of my best tools to make things a little bit easier. Thanks Apollo!
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2 years ago, anxiousashleyhaha
I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety almost 8 years ago. I’ve been on medication for years, usually helpful but always with side effects, increased anxiety, migraines, insomnia etc. I looked into Apollo and was skeptical at first but desperate to try anything that would pick up where meds were lacking. This device, I’ve only had for a day and it’s already changing my life. I may just have an overly sensitive nervous system but the second I put it on, it already started working. I put it on clear and focused and felt the effects immediately. Increased focus, cleared my mind and helped with anxiety. The feeling is indescribable. Its just like a low pur from a cat on your skin, but in your body, you feel a flow of dopamine. You can kinda feel your blood vessels expanding, similar to the experience of taking niacin but much more relaxing. Again, I may just be overly sensitive to the effects but it’s been life changing for me already. Very excited to try it at work! Thanks Apollo!!
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11 months ago, AnnieDNoahP
App not great, Device fantastic!
The device itself is cutting edge science. The app is from the Sone Age. It’s hard to believe the same company out both out. The app — doesn’t let you opt out or modify cookies in any way, doesn’t reveal privacy policy when tapped, is clunky and infuriating daily. There is a library full of data and blogs and research on the app, but the only way to get there is through one obscure “learn more” link in the “Me!” section. Maddening. The device — is amazing. It’s helped me sleep better/more soundly, has improved my HRV, has improved my mood, and helps me manage stress better. I became interested in Apollo in 2018 after hearing about it on the Bulletpriof podcast in an interview about its use for TBI recovery in veterans. Thought it could help my partner recover. He can’t stand it, doesn’t see the need. You can lead a horse to water… I am so glad I am using it. I can tell there have been vascular changes in my body since I started using it. I don’t know what else it’s doing, but I feel better when I wear and use regularly. There’s nothing else like it—it will help you too.
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2 months ago, J & ME
Not Family-Friendly
This device is life-changing for those of us, adults and children, who have highly-sensitive nervous systems. It brings immense regulation to myself and my Autistic kids all of us who also have ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety. So much so I purchased additional devices in order for us to not have to share. Except, I can’t connect more than one device to an app on a phone, and even so, cannot use the same login on an old phone to connect. This means I need four devices, with four different logins to provide connection for four devices. Or 5, 2, anything more than one. This is ridiculous and stressful to deal with for a device that brings calm!! The subscription cost for is also unattainable to get access to additional vibes when the device itself already costs so much (not saying the device cost isn’t worth it though). I hope that development can consider this accessibility upgrade both allowing multiple devices in the app to one account and also a more affordable monthly/yearly subscription. To clarify I know the device can be run without the app but as far as I’ve been able to figure out it will only run the last program it was set to.
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2 years ago, Tenay10i
Latest firmware update stopped working
Recently brushed the cobwebs off my Apollo Neuro to try it again. I used it successfully for a couple of days but after I updated the firmware yesterday, the app no longer works. It opens and pulls up a program but I cannot modify the time or the intensity, and I cannot press play. That makes it all a big paperweight. Turning my phone off and on didn’t help at all. Please fix this ASAP. Additionally, the Bluetooth settings are very inconvenient. I go in and out of places that require me to turn my Bluetooth off and on again all day. Turning Bluetooth off can be done by the app (which is inconvenient, since I can’t bring my phone everywhere, but it is better than nothing) but turning Bluetooth on requires plugging into the charger? If you moved the Bluetooth off and on functions to the buttons on the device itself (for example, hold both buttons down for 3 seconds to turn Bluetooth off; repeat to turn it on), it would be much more functional for those of us who work in EMF-restricted areas.
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3 years ago, CorySTL
Best money I’ve spent in a long time
When I bought the Apollo band a few months ago, I was desperate to try anything that might help alleviate my stress and insomnia. Nothing seemed to be working — supplements, meditation, breathing exercises, nothing. Even though I was and still am taking trazodone, my sleep quality would constantly fluctuate for no discernible reason. After about a week of using the band, I noticed that something had changed — my sleep quality actually starting improving. Now that 5 months have passed passed, I can say with certainty that my Apollo helped me turn a corner on m insomnia. I still take trazodone and other supplements, but now a good night’s sleep is more common than not. Yes, the app needs more stability fixes and functionality. But it’s not that hard to resync the app and the band and get it working again. Best money I’ve ever spent on a sleep remedy. Go buy it, now.
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2 years ago, ramake89
Please Fix the App!
I’ll echo the others and say that the device works well and is indeed effective against anxiety, panic, and fight or flight. While wearing this device, stressful events that would normally send me into a panic just roll off me. If I’m even slightly triggered I will activate the device and it helps immediately. It’s a little miraculous to be honest. So high praise! The app however needs a major facelift. I have to hit play on the session I want about 10 times before it will actually start playing. That part is not a calming experience for me. I do wish there were a few additional sessions as well. A panic attack or SOS mode would be pretty cool. It’s a pricey device, so I would expect a little bit more from the app. But, I love the device and use it daily.
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3 years ago, NeuroMD430
Better than caffeine!!!
As a neurologist, I was somewhat skeptical about Apollo but it sounded interesting and I thought it might benefit some of my patients so I decided to try it out. I was really tired the other evening and had some work to do. I didn’t want to have my usual black tea for a caffeine boost because i knew that I would later have trouble falling asleep. So I decided to try my recently acquired Apollo on the Energy and wake up setting. To my happy surprise after literally 2 or 3 minutes I felt more energetic and awake and was able to finish what I had to. I ran Apollo for about 30 minutes and 2 hours later after my work was done, I was able to blissfully fall asleep without difficulty. I’ll try the other settings and report back but the Energy and Wakeup setting alone was worth the purchase. I highly recommend Apollo!
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1 year ago, 💃 happy
I love my Apollo bracelet. I’ve had it for seven months I was very hyper with an attention span of a minute it was crazy. This bracelet has changed my life. I am now calmer with a better attention span. I can now sleep through the night were before I was up and down all night. Sort of I miss the nights, but now I enjoy being a day person. The only negative about the bracelet is the band. I am on my second band …I am a very active person . With the type of job I have I am on the move all the time . when I get home I am at the gym ,gardening ,biking, cooking shopping, etc. etc. I am constantly using my hands. I am getting ready to order my third band . I would suggest a snap buckle anything to hold it on securely As you can see, I use it a lot. I love this bracelet for all aspects of my life . thank you.
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11 months ago, Suchjoy
Great concept, lousy design
I love my Apollo. Helps me regulate my sensory overwhelm like little else does. Which is why the design flaws annoy me so much - it’s an amazing product / medical device that needs to keep users in mind. For example: it either needs to have a replaceable, rechargeable battery or it needs to be able to be used while it’s charging. Not being able to use the device for 4 hours when someone has come to rely upon it to function is not okay. Particularly since Apollo keeps reminding us to use it at night, help us to sleep, etc - so you can’t charge the device overnight. Another major design flaw is ONLY being able to use the app to control the mode. This is most inconvenient at night, when I need to choose sleep mode, and have to use my blue-light, sleep-disrupting mobile device to do so. The Apollo boasts about its incredible uses for sleep and insomnia, but requires us to betray basic sleep hygiene. So I’m often stuck choosing between a jolt awake + Apollo’s sleep mode or hoping that I can sleep through the night on my own. If they don’t want to put the “mode selection” on the physical device, then they at least need a sleep mode button. I hope they’ll work on some functional redesign soon, because I’d be recommending this device to everyone I know, particularly those with sensory sensitivities.
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7 months ago, Abigail Fannie
Horrible Tech Support for Defective Alarm
I don’t even know if this review will get through to anyone, as the last one didn’t… But after repeated efforts of doing everything tech-support recommended to try to fix the problem I have with my alarm not working consistently, they basically told me I was lying; that it on their end it was “working.” This was after sending multiple screenshots I sent showing when the alarm was supposed to go off and didn’t, and explaining that I put my hand on my Apollo to make sure it was working and it was definitely not on. I’ve had this thing for going on nine months and cannot rely on the alarm because you guys think I’m lying, and because you haven’t read the email chain where I have repeatedly told you guys I have tried everything you wanted me to try and it’s still not working. So I basically am using half of what I’d like to use the Apollo for. This is not acceptable!!!
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1 year ago, Joselynk
Fell in love with first wear
I really didn’t know what to expect wearing this device. I knew if I didn’t like it, I could get my money back so I had nothing to lose. I suffer from anxiety due to my ADHD and was hoping this would help. I was amazed after using it for about a week and seeing my resting heart rate was slowly going down. I felt calmer and grounded feeling the Apollo’s slight pulses. When I put it in focus mode, I get so much done without getting sidetracked. I use Social mode for when I’m training clients and have to be talkative, I’m an introvert😀 After a hard workout or a stressful event, I use Recover mode. Bottom line, I feel so much calmer and grounded through out my day and I sleep so soundly at night using the sleep mode. I’m a believer and I tell everyone about it!
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1 year ago, rwmossman
Pleasantly surprised
I am among the most skeptical people on earth so spending $400 on this was a huge stretch for me. I tried to be positive but that’s not my strong suit. I followed the simple instructions, using the defaults. Tried it on my arm, leg and hip. I prefer the leg unless I’m reclining, then I like the hip location using the clip provided. Not great when you are active around the house as it tends to move around easily. Now the best part. It helps. For some of you that may not seem like much, for those of us suffering daily, it can be huge. I hope it provides relief for others as it has for me. I have no understanding of the science but I appreciate the work of those who do. Thank you. My life is better because of your efforts.
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7 months ago, Peacefulzenjen
Doesn’t reliably play scheduled vibes
As much as I’m enjoying my Apollo, after a few months of owning it, my schedule vibes stopped playing. Sometimes I would receive a notification for a scheduled vibe, and the only way to play it is if I hit the notification which said play now. They stop playing on their own, and sometimes the notifications don’t always pop up for my scheduled vibe. I used to use the Apollo Nuro as my alarm to wake me up, but I can no longer do that because my morning scheduled wake up vibe never comes on! Nor does my sleep vibe come on at night anymore. I updated the app. I reset my Apollo as per their tech dept, and I do not have sleep focus on on my iPhone phone. it’s very frustrating to pay this much for a device only to have the tech be unreliable, and make the device a pain to work with. It’s supposed to destress my life, not cause more of it.
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2 years ago, #doctoralstudentproblems
Relief without medication
I am not someone who normally struggles with anxiety but we have lived through some very abnormal times and like it or not anxiety became my companion. I did not want to take medication so I looked for an alternative. I came upon this device and decided to take a chance on it. I’ve been wearing it for several weeks and over time it has significantly tamed my anxiety concerns. Is it 100% effective.. no …but it is as close as I imagine anything can be outside of medication. This does not come with side effects so I’m very happy I took a chance on it. You can wear it on your wrist or your ankle. It’s pretty discrete.
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7 months ago, Sue174
Every update breaks scheduled vibes
It’s really frustrating after years of relying on my Apollo to fall asleep at night when the scheduled vibes stop working every couple of months. This happens almost every time the firmware updates. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice as well as restored my device to factory settings. Last time this happened it took them several weeks to fix. The number reason I bought this was for my sleep! It’s counterproductive and disruptive to have to unlock my phone to start the sleep vibe cycle after I’ve already put it away for the night. The most recent app version forces you to see ads for a device you already have or for multipacks of their crappy velcro bands that don’t stay fastened or else constantly tries to upsell you on their subscription service. It’s pretty insulting, frankly. I already gave you a couple hundred bucks, Apollo, don’t be greedy. Fix your app, please!
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2 years ago, Bluebird222
Words can’t describe using the Apollo Neuro… it’s just something you have to experience. I haven’t felt so consistently strong and energetic in ages. It’s fun and easy to use throughout the day selecting different programs to augment whatever task I may be doing. Each program is its own delight. I think my favorite is rebuild and recover. I use it after exercising and any strenuous activity. I feel my recovery time is amazingly fast. I work night shift and between four and five in the morning when I hit the so-called wall I use the energy and wake up or the clear and focused. It’s truly a game changer. I have been using it since December 10th and it only seems to be getting better!
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9 months ago, Happy HRV
Outstanding device for HRV
I purchased the Apollo Neuro for improved HRV. Within one week I saw consistent improvement and now, within three weeks, my improvements have exceded my expectations. I do wear it all day and love that I can preset a schedule tailored to me by Apollo Neuro. It's easy and I usually forget it's running in the background. An added plus, when I wake and struggle to fall back to sleep, I can simply touch two buttons and my last "fall asleep" vibe will play again helping me fall back asleep. Apollo Neuro's customer service is fabulous, quick and efficient at helping me when I've had questions. Thank you Apollo Neuro for helping me to feel more relaxed, rested and calm.
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2 years ago, Diana Kusunoki
Device is great, app is slow and limited
I seriously love this device because it helps me overcome my anxiety and fall asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. The app, however, is quite cumbersome and the UXer in me compelled me to write my first review in years. It takes a long amount of time to load/connect. Even though the interface looks simple, it takes a frustrating amount of time to pick the program I want to play. I just want it to quickly play when I tap the program and then if I want to change the settings tap on a more menu that’s off the the top right. Everything seems to have a delay. Please include a fast way to restart a program directly from the device and a way to pick programs from a widget or watch so I don’t have to wait forever for this app to load. It would be nice to see the battery charge on that widget too.
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1 year ago, abritelight
app overhaul is disappointing
i’ve had my neuro for about ten weeks now and overall enjoy the device, however the app overhaul that was just released is really disappointing. so far overall functionality seems okay, but all the new pages and designs are harsh. the feel is very ‘busy’ now, no longer calm and relaxing to use the app. i now have to click around more to get to the pages that are most useful to me (like usage) which is annoying. and i really miss the meditative simplicity of the old app interface— not fun to feel stressed out looking at an app that is meant to help with emotional states! i know you cannot please everyone when you release a big overhaul like this really had me questioning whether they AB tested their design on anyone!
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1 year ago, Moon unit222
Amazing wearable technology
Apollo Neuro is an incredible wearable technology for the nervous system!I heard a lot about the Apollo from You Made it Weird podcast and I never really thought it was going to work as well as it does. I am so glad I decided to buy one! Apollo helps me when I am stressed, when I need to recover from a workout, winding down before bed, and sleeping. It’s especially helpful in going back to sleep when I wake in the night. Since I started using the Apollo, I have slept better and feel more even keel in my body. The app functions well and the wearable is something you simply have to experience to believe.
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1 year ago, Lori S, Re-stARTist
Ongoing issues with app not tracking my usage
I use this device to try to help with regulating my sensitive nervous system so I am focused on getting at least 3 hours a day of usage. However, when the app isn’t able to track my usage, it fails on what’s important to me as a user who paid over $300 for this piece of wearable technology. They told me with the latest app upgrade, the issue was fixed. It worked for a month, but now doesn’t. How accurate is the measurement of my “benefits” from usage if you can’t get the usage measurement right? So frustrating!! I hope you can get this fixed AGAIN, soon. Update 5/3/23: it was fixed within a few days this time. I’m hopeful it will remain this way.
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2 years ago, hzjpmp
App bad - device good
It keeps resetting my streak every time I get to 26 days. The notifications are not as configurable as they could be. The device itself has made a small, but noticeable difference. Please focus on the app. UPDATE: got to 49 day streak and then it reset to 0 days. No response. Downgrading review. Save your money. I stopped using it and my anxiety disappeared. It's junk. I just heard from the developer asking that I contact customer support. I already did that. No solutions. I’ve been far less depressed and anxious since I stopped using it that I will never go back. One interesting tidbit though, I used the sleep setting and it kept me awake and the energy/wake up setting put me to sleep. Interesting huh? I also asked for links to the studies on PubMed or other professional study publishing platform and was told they couldn’t give those to me.
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3 years ago, megyud
Amazing tool!
I have been using Apollo for only a month or so, and I already see the benefits! My sleep quality is better, including my HRV and I have more energy overall. My mornings are much easier, which is a miracle for me. I can definitely tell the difference when I am not wearing it. It’s easy to stay calm and collected when everything is calm around me, but it’s harder to keep my anxiety at bay when the waves crash above me. By the time I realize that I’m spiraling, it’s hard to get back from the ‘fight or flight’ mode, and Apollo has been a tremendous help with it! I LOVE it, and I keep recommending to everyone!
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1 year ago, Shelby_on_the_lees
Better than Adderall for focus!
I’ve suffered from ADHD for my entire adult life. Medication works wonders, but also causes me to experience intermittent night sweats. I’ve been using the Apollo Neuro for a couple years now and haven’t taken any medication since. If I use the “Focus” setting I can burn through four hour blocks of time on my work without looking up. It’s incredible. I’m also pretty introverted and the “Social” setting helps me put my best foot forward for social engagements, even when my social battery is on empty. Biofeedback is real and this device has changed my life tremendously for the better.
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7 months ago, LongCovidrecovery
So far, so good
I've had my Apollo for only one week, but am seeing a rise in my stats on my health apps. I find it easy to use, and customer service is excellent in responding to my questions. I feel more centered, having used it for both daytime and sleep stability. It fits my small wrist, but it is bulky... I'd love if it were smaller, but it's working for me, and is very easy to use with either the device buttons or the app, which is a clean design, and does not have to stay open while using (does not drain phone battery). Device battery lasts all day and recharges in about an hour.
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7 months ago, User mmklooñlll
I have a schedule but for some reason all My day usage hasn’t counted and my Apollo benefits score instead of increase has been decreased. We are busy and stress people for that reason we use Apollo and we don’t have enough time to open app and verify if our schedule program is running and have been counted correctly. I meant anything I received a reminder about my vibe program should start I have to open the app and run it some time when I open from my notification no gos directly to run the schedule something is run with this update
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1 week ago, Kiluishark
A great product and a great company
Above all this product actually helps. Since using it I’ve noticed my anxiety significantly decrease and sleep quality improve. They’re also constantly adding new experiences which shows their commitment to the user. I recently had some issues and the customer service team went above and beyond in helping me get it resolved. It’s rare you find a a health startup that isn’t solely focused on revenue but that’s Apollo. I think they deeply care about the mission and the impact their product has on people’s lives.
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3 months ago, LK====
Changing for the worse
I have owned and used an Apollo device for years. I struggle with insomnia and Apollo used to help me sleep. Well tonight they decided to change that. In the middle of a Monday night, while trying to get back to sleep using the same device I’ve used for years, suddenly I’m forced to take a 10 page survey before I can use the app. I can’t skip it or do it later. Then I’m forced to set up a login. I’ve been using this app attached to my device for years and suddenly I’m forced to enter my email and other data. And they want to control a schedule for my device. Looks like I’ll be tossing my Apollo soon as they’ve forgotten that they need to provide customers with value. Not force customers to use their product in a way that only benefits themselves.
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Incredible Health Device!
This device with it's 7 different modes/programs is just unbelievable! True to its claims of promoting better health, it truly does just that. My wife and I are experiencing much improved health, both physically and mentally from it. It has strengthened my lower weak back immensely to the point I don’t have to do daily toe touches anymore, and not throwing the back out at the drop of a hat. Also greatly reduced muscle aches and soreness from daily exercises and 5 miles walks. It has helped with my bad sleeping, I still wake up 3-5 times nightly, but Apollo has made it so easy to fall back asleep (especially when using ‘Sleep and Renew’ program) night after night! For my wife, it’s helped her a lot in staying more focused with clarity and more energy, along with calmness. Last, unfortunately the velcro band that comes with it is quite inferior of an accompaniment to this GREAT DEVICE, (velcro’s adhesiveness is short lived).
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9 months ago, Mane*A
Apollo Neuro
Apollo Neuro device helped me tremendously especially in improving my sleep. So when the battery stopped charging after using it for couple of years, I needed to fix it right away. I contacted Apollo Neuro customer service. They informed me that the device needs to be replaced. My problem was that the device was outside the limited one-year warranty. However, they made an exception and replaced my device for free. Apollo Neuro device and customer service are outstanding and cannot recommend enough.
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6 months ago, Ms Cindy Lou
Effects good, device glitchy and unreliable
When my Apollo works, it’s great. The focus feature really does help me focus. The sleep feature seems to help me sleep. But the device itself is beyond glitchy. Sometimes, it just bricks—after having been fully charged moments before. Other times, it refuses to connect to the app, so I can’t use it at all. And there’s virtually no customer service — just a stupid chatbot that sends unhelpful articles. It would almost be less frustrating if it didn’t work at all, in which case I’d just throw the stupid thing away. Instead, the effects are so good when it does work that I waste hours trying to make it work when it doesn’t. Do better, Apollo.
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3 years ago, Mermaid giggle
Nothing but miraculous
I suffer from extreme period panic that destroys my life. I’ve lost everything on 3 different occasions because I could not function due to constant flight or fight. I recent received a recommendation to try the Apollo neuro. It’s changed my life. I’m able to stay calm and relaxed while driving, which has always triggered the stress response for me. I was able to stop taking antidepressants. I sleep better and my creativity is flowing to where I’m creating art everyday. Recently told my friends about it and they all want one. A friend with back pain from previous disc surgery used mine for 1 hour and was out of pain. I highly recommend.
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11 months ago, ranazonce
Good for long term
I have been wearing my Apollo Neuro for over three years and would not consider trying to live or attempting to fall asleep without it! I have lent it to an adult friend with ADHD and watched him go from 90 mph to a calm 30 mph within minutes of being introduced to the focus program. I've heard it doesn't work for everyone but it does for me and for me the cost was well worth it. I even bought my friend one as well to help him combat his ADHD because that's how well I think it works! Awesome product!
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2 years ago, Fire Protection
Fix wake up alarm bug in app
One of the main reasons I got this was to use this to gently wake up in the morning. The schedule features work throughout the day but when it comes to one mode the “Energy and Wake up mode” it has not worked yet. I set it for 5:30am for 30 min. And I have an alarm set for 6am. I wake up early and open the app and see it’s 5:40 and the schedule mode has not started yet!! I’ve tried this for 2 weeks now and it will not play the mode when schedule. Every other mode works when scheduled, but not the wake up function. Please fix the bug in the app. This is not a cheap device. I will happily upgrade my review after to full stars.
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3 years ago, alprincipio
STILL having problems with the app?
After so many reviews from customers who love the device but have problems with the app, why hasn’t the app been fixed, improved, and made a little more sophisticated —like, by a lot? I’ve had my device for two days, and this is the second night that my device won’t connect to my phone. It works fine during the day but stops connecting around the times when I want to use the sleep mode. What’s up, Apollo Neuro? There all these complaints about the app for your device that people seem to love. Don’t tell us you are working on it. Just fix the app!
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2 years ago, Areka
Great device, great app update
I use my Apollo Neuro almost daily for anxiety and to help me get or stay asleep. It truly is a lifesaver and it’s helped me ease back into normal life after being isolated during the pandemic. The developers really seemed to listen to user feedback in the 2.2 update and included app features that were wanted by a lot of users. I’m grateful for that and for purchasing a product that has a dedicated team behind it trying to make it even better.
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2 years ago, Craig Herberg
Nice device, software work in progress
As of May 31, 2022, the current version 2.2.0, and firmware 1.2.5, only logs its usage if I pause a session, then CLOSE the app. When I reopen the app, it will log its usage and write to Apple Health, after I CLOSE and reopen Apple Health. This is with a brand new Apollo device. The scheduler will remind me that a scheduled session is about to start, but not actually start it. Hopefully, these problems will be fixed in a future release of the app. One more thing. My experience is that one tap is enough, but it may take over 10 seconds for the app to respond to a tap on Play or Pause. Craig Herberg
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3 months ago, berkeley_philo
Predatory behavior
Recently Apollo rolled out a new paid feature that requires gathering data about your daily habits to implement. I wasn't interested, so I dismissed this screen, but today, I couldn't get into the app--and thus couldn't use the device I'd paid for--without answering the questions (which pertain to a subscription service that I'd have to pay extra for in order for the questions to even apply to me). This is predatory, anti-consumer behavior, and all the more reason not to support any company that requires an app to use a product you've already paid for. They'll do precisely this: hold hostage something you've already bought until you hand over your data.
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2 years ago, Twmmie
Love my Apollo Neuro
I have found this wearable to be the best I have used. I wear it on the inside of my left leg and I sometimes forget it is there. I use the program methodology and it works wonders. I sleep better, feel calmer when I am in difficult conversations and actually get an energy boost using the energy and wake-up. Overall I would say the only way they can improve is to find a way to use something so I don’t have to change it.
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2 years ago, mo9090x
App working well so far
I’m 2 days and 383 minutes in and so far I’m impressed with the device. The app has been straight forward to understand and hasn’t had any bugs for me. As for the hardware it seems like it helps for anxiety and relaxation although I’m still evaluating if it helps with sleep. I need to give it more time to see if it’s helping or the placebo effect. So far it’s a keeper and I’ve been putting it to the test!
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2 years ago, Ambiluv
Most Inconsistent App I’ve Ever Used
I LOVE the device itself and absolutely recommend it, but the app makes using the device extremely frustrating because of its inconsistency. Will it work or will it not? It’s irritating and worsens my anxiety many times simply attempting to turn the device on or change the setting. I was hopeful with the last update that the issues would be resolved, but unfortunately not. The app, at best… is sometimey. Which is so unfortunate because again the device is amazing. It really detracts from the brilliance of the device itself. As I’ve seen so many others plead…. Please fix the app!
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2 years ago, Keepwell
Device bricked after 2 years
Device has potential. Just didn’t think it is worth $200 per year ($400 / 2 years of use before battery no longer can be recharged). No support on their website with info on how to replace the battery. I understand these devices won’t last forever, just would have appreciated some transparency from the company on the issue. App itself is okay. No new programs during the time I had a working device. After latest firmware update, the time it took for the device to connect got longer. Was enjoying experimenting with the app and device, but durability concerns prevents a positive review of the app and device.
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2 years ago, DECSP
App keeps crashing
Absolutely love the device - it helps with anxiety, stress and social situations. I use it every day. But the app is absolutely *terrible*. It crashes more times than it works so I’m constantly shutting down and restarting the app. Considering the device is so expensive and the app is the ONLY way to use it, this has to be fixed. I have no idea what is going on but the app will either crash without connecting, or seemingly connect saying the battery is 100% but it is not connected, or freeze up. Love my device but hate, hate, hate the app. If it gets fixed I’ll up the rating, but dang…
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3 years ago, BMan25771934
Shortcuts? Siri Integration? Please Apollo!
I love my Apollo but the app doesn’t see many developments. I can’t think of an app that would be better suited for use in Shortcuts, Siri, or IFTTT than Apollo. It’s mind boggling that this isn’t the highest priority for the team…being able to trigger different modes automatically (i.e. arriving to work, getting home, when your heart rate increases, etc.) would be an absolute game-changer for the utility of Apollo. It’s really the only product where this would be a massive feature addition, not just a fun bonus feature. Please Apollo…PLEASE!
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2 years ago, esther seymour
This device lasted less than a year with me using it not even once a day. Considering how much it cost, I’m gonna say it wasn’t worth it, but it did help me fall asleep at night. The app could use a bunch of interface improvements, like you should be able to customize the length of time you want to use a mode, and create “playlists” to play different modes back to back without pulling out your phone, because that can be detrimental to sleep patterns. Even pairing it with Siri or Alexa would make it more user friendly. But all of this is moot since my device kicked the bucket.
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