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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Apple Health

3.07 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
5 months ago, Artelf
As others have said, I want to like this app. It has a lot of features that I’m looking for, but it has a number of problems that are very frustrating within the state of mind part of the health app. It allows you to make comments to present a context for your momentary feelings, but after those are written, there’s no way to access the full text or even your full list of emotions if you had more than five or six. Feeling a lot these days, lol. How helpful can that note be if you can’t review it at another time. Additionally, when using the speech to text feature to fill in your notes is difficult if you tend to pause while thinking because it will cut off and then when you try to click back into the field to continue writing it starts you in the middle of your sentence. I think of Apple products as being of top quality. These kinds of navigational issues feel silly to be found within an app produced by a company I expect to be better than average.
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10 months ago, KellyHMN
Terrible Graphics and Not Customizable
Please hire someone who is familiar with how to present data graphically in an appropriate way. Your graphs have no labels on the axis so it’s impossible to actually understand visually at a quick glance. And for the love of god use a simple line graph to represent continuous data over time. I really want to use and like the graphs but it’s so hard to understand when I went to sleep and woke up at a quick glance or understand my heart rate over time without clicking on every data point due to lack of labels. Additionally, let me customize which metrics I want to view on the main dashboard and the particular order. I already know when I’m going to get my period (a lot of women do! If you’d ask us and not assume, you’d know this!) so I don’t need that listed first (also at most it’s only relevant like a week of the month anyway)! I want my daily step count front and center, followed by sleep and heart rate. From each metric I’d like to click into the graphic representation over time, not scroll through a bunch of confusing graphs all on the main page. Take a hint from the Fitbit app! PLEASE improve this so I can justify buying an Apple Watch over my old beloved Fitbit that was sooo much better at displaying my health metrics.
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4 months ago, BIG-AL13
One Veteran
Now that the VA has a new app, SMHD, to share health data. It has improved, but not perfected, sharing of personal health data among healthcare providers. There are still many providers, and multiple patient portal services, that do not easily interface with APPLE HEALTH. The app needs better report functions to permit downloading and printing data and summaries that can be shared with specialist providers. My cardiologist and my nephrologist are pleased to get what related data I can forward to them to help round out their picture of me. It gives them more confidence than a one-off snapshot of my vitals taken during an office appointment. It also allows telehealth consultations to have more basis for presumptive care decisions. With the increasing availability of home health monitoring technologies, tools, and associated apps, we have better data such as O2Sats, BP, AFIB, Blood Glucose; and therefore early warning of health issues. More effort needs to be put into collecting, correlating, and reporting pertinent data to our healthcare providers.
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12 months ago, Schönes Liv
I’m a fan, but it could be better
I would love to see the option for reminders of basic hygiene and stuff. I struggle with ADHD, and can sometimes forget to brush my teeth. It would be nice to see the ability for dentistry notifications as well. Like I had a tooth pain in this area today, I’m going to note it so when I go to the dentist I can talk to them about it. I would also love to have a more dynamic home page, because when I’m opening the app to log medications it can take me a minute to locate it if I don’t click the notification. I’d love to see a calendar of my consistency when taking my meds, and when I tend to forget them if I do. In the cycle tracking, I’d love to have a little more variety in the options or even just an option to take notes. Like on the first day of my period, my cramps are much worse than the last day, but I still have cramps. I would love to see a scale of pain, almost or a scale of how heavy my flow is. Nevertheless, it’s a great app and very helpful.
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2 years ago, Lovelykamara
Saved my moms life
So I just configured my moms Apple Watch and updated it about 5 days ago she is bad with technology and had the watch for 2 years and never updates it or learns the features. I showed her how to use ecg and the hr rate apps, my mom does have an enlarged heart but it has been under control for years. Yesterday my mom said her heart felt funny so I asked her to check her heart rate which was in the 110 range which wasn’t good. I told her to take an ekg and she did and immediately said she was in a fib and we were able to show her doctors in the emergency room the multiple ekgs she took. She is stable and hopefully will be able to make a speedy recovery but I feel safer knowing she has these tools at her disposal. Hopefully they will have a blood pressure feature soon for the Apple Watch and when they do we will be purchasing for my mom with the quickness. Greatful to Apple for always pushing the standards of technology.
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2 years ago, DasRalphster
It’s ok needs work but falls short
Not totally satisfied w/this app. Considering this app can draw data from veryfit & loseit apps. It can literally add meals and other data from both and doesn't do so successfully. I use also myair and 23andme apps. That can add further details. From sleep and breathing to DNA data. That can add to health and future possible patterns. If someone like myself chooses to allow such data to be consented. Shouldn't this be allowed? I think the health app falls way short in this regard. Example : Caffeine it's added in lose it but won't be added in health app. Even if a category can be added. Even combined to add to the information arsenal under health or other health information, Why not? I think when it comes to the idea that both my air and very fit or very fit pro apps can run similar but also add to the data. It would just be a tweak by the user to make any corrections to fine tune what ever is needed. Instead of manually adding something that is already in the apps. Just saying
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2 years ago, Saint Bernard 2
Needs medication and note entry capability
I really like the app but I think there should be somewhere I can add medications taken and at what time as well as notes. In particular, I use the headache log, since I get a lot of headaches and migraines for various reasons, some of them unknown, and I would really like to be able to add on that log (see on the headache chart) if I took any pain relief, what type of pain relief, and when I took the pain relief. I would like to be able to look at the headache chart at a later date, see when my headache pain reduced or went away, and know if my headache went away on its own or if it needed help. Additionally to this I would like to be able to write notes, or maybe have a checklist, so I can add any factors that may be contributing, like high sugar intake, dehydration through lack of liquids or heat stroke, loud noises, etc. and how I felt ie nausea, light or sound sensitivity, thumping or steady pain, etc. That way I could see if there is a pattern and maybe what I should and should not avoid.
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3 months ago, carl j (he/they)
3.5 stars- good,needs improvements
i mostly use it for cycle tracking and headphone volume and mood check in things, which is cool im actually kinda fascinated by the volume stuff. (just realized i should include im trans lol, i get a period but i'm not a girl :P) imo there are a couple problems with the cycle tracking. i like the symptoms stuff but i think you should be able to type it in yourself. also i skipped a period and as a result had a 54-day cycle, and it threw off the cycle predictions. it wont let me input that i skipped a period, so my data is off now for idk how much longer. it's frustrating :( also, with the mood checkins, you should be able to type in how you're feeling in addition to selecting things, like i almost always feel different/more intense things than what's offered. i would greatly appreciate being able to type there. if you cant do that, at least add some more feelings, and try to be inclusive of trans and neurodivergent people who feel different things than "normal" people. like for trans inclusivity maybe add feelings of Dysphoria or Self-Disliking(not hatred though). idk thats just something that isn't available atm that i would appreciate. other than that i don't really know what to say but i think it's a helpful app in a lot of ways. though you could definitely add a section where you could just kinda vent on like a note page or something. thanks for reading my ted talk lol
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1 year ago, slyghtly sad lady
It’s great but there’s one thing
I’m a trans gal I take estrogen injections weekly. This typically means my cycle is 7 days. The menstrual cycle part of the app would be cool it even lets you adjust it. It just doesn’t adjust it low enough. It stops at 10 days. It could stop at 7? I’m a small part of the population I get that not every app can have features for everyone. But I think allowing the app to go down to 7 or have an “injection gals section”. Apple is so open to saying they welcome everyone. I feel like this is a situation where the application could do better to represent the branding Apple is known for. If you look at a retail store it’s a mix of different people working there. I’m sure Apple has sensitivity training this would be an actual way you could aid the trans community with a neat inclusive feature hardly anyone will notice. I’m sure it was set to 10 because it’s unreasonable for a cis gender woman to have a shorter cycle according to common medical scientific understanding. This is an edge case but it would make me feel included. Im sure other trans gals too.
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1 year ago, hhwestpalm
Happy so far. I’m hoping Freestyle Liebre will be able to sync with the health. I purchased a Bluetooth BP cup that is supposed that could be used with the app so I don’t have to manually input. I also purchased a bathroom scale to keep track of weight as well thats sync to the app, my Dr really likes that I’m keeping track and working toward my Goals. And she is able to view and see monthly’s, weekly and daily progress.., Also, I wish there was a way that you could put someone else on the app as well. For instance. My father, who is elderly, he does not have a smart phone. nor Would even know how to use one. But I do like the app to keep track of all vitals, medication’s, at home blood pressure monitoring, plus and the other vitals that comes with this app. It’s good for me to keep track of it. and Show it to doctors when we go in. Or to pull everything up a healthcare facility. I cannot find a way to add another Unto to my app.
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1 year ago, Private5477
Go from good (3 stars) to great (5 stars)
The good stuff: I like and use this app. I use it for tracking my steps and other activity, mindfulness minutes, and a few other health goals. I like that it connects to Peloton and other apps to make all the tracking easier. Where it could be better: The most important thing (for me) that I want to use this app for is tracking my menstrual periods. This is where it is not meeting my needs. I am 51. The period tracking is completely biased towards younger women tracking for purposes of getting pregnant or not getting pregnant. All the information is geared towards this age group. There is nothing - zero information - about perimenopause or menopause in this section of the app. It is not even acknowledged as a factor that could affect someone’s cycle… It would be GREAT if you add some AI and info relevant to the menstrual cycles of the over 20 million women (in the US alone) in the 45-55 age group. I will happily rate this app 5 stars if you do.
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2 years ago, TinePatterson
Over all good app
I would like to see more options for the menstrual cycle. There are some symptoms get that others don’t. So I would like to see more symptoms added. Or even better than that is an add button to customize it with as many different symptoms as needed. Like my daughter gets really bad body odor. I get extra sensitive skin on my legs. It’s hurts to be touched on my legs. Swollen fingers, wrist, ankle, and feet. Leg pain and extra sweating in the crotch. Just different things that I can think of thanks to my daughter. Anyway. I would love to see either one or the other or even both added to the app on the next update. I would also like to add my daughter to my app. My daughter has special needs and I keep track of everything. Her period is being one of them. It would do her absolutely no good if she doesn’t even understand what’s going on.
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9 months ago, tiny angl
This is ridiculous!
This was working good for a while. But for the last week or two weeks it’s been saying I walked twice as many miles than I really did. But what really upsets me is the lack of customer support that I am getting from Apple! I text Apple and they couldn’t help me over text so someone had to call me the next day. I don’t know why they don’t have a department who can help me with this through chat. Anyways, I talked to this person over the phone yesterday and they said to update my phone. I did that and I’m still having the same problem. Last night I text Apple about this again to set up another call for 2 o’clock on Saturday. But 2 o’clock came and I received no call. So I text Apple about it. They said no one will be available to help me with this until 2 PM October 7. First of all why wasn’t I told last night that Saturday meant October 7 and not today? Second of all why in the world do I have to wait a whole week for this to get fixed. Absolutely ridiculous Apple!!!!
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2 years ago, RYRN
Med ID - where Med Hx is?
What happened to a Simple Word like version of my Med Hx that I wrote before. Now it seems to have disappeared after I linked my Med records from Kaiser. I just want a snap shot of My medical & surgical history plus my medications and allergies - that is all what is needed in case Of an emergency. Now I cannot find that. The app linked to Kaiser and if something happens to me say in another country - they will have a hard time going through my medications since Kaiser Lists them according to when they were refilled even Though some meds are discontinued. Please give us the capability to write a summary without linking it to my actual medical records at Kaiser. I am a registered Nurse I know what I need to reveal in case of An emergency. You need a RN CONSULTANT to develop this App. I can be your consultant. 😊then I found it under Medical ID. It’s kind of confusing. I had to play around to find this synopsis of my medical hx!
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1 year ago, RiseStrongHSP
Apple Health APP has a mind of its own!
The concept is great! But, i have my Apple Health-APP turned off as my medical health information I do NOT wish to keep it on my iPhone for privacy and confidentiality purposes. The Apple ‘HEALTH-APP’ continues to TRACK my ‘Resting-Energy’ and ‘Steps’ and i have ALL selection-choices turned OFF. I have tried MANY different options to turn the Health-Details off, and the Apple Health App will NOT respond to my requests. The app continues! TRACKING my personal health history. So, I continued to delete my personal information AND deleted the Health-APP. But, it is still stored my personal health data in the General iPhone Settings history, and iCloud. This app does NOT work, effectively! I have noticed with MANY of Apple apps that just because I have the app as inactive, or turned OFF in Cellular settings, and my TRACKING apps turned OFF as well, an APP still CAN track and collect data. I have been very diligent in finding solutions, including calling Apple. But, NO resolve.👎🏼 Time for a new phone! Thank you! 🙏🏼
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3 years ago, Gflo90
Cluttered, Confusing, Inaccurate
I have the iwatch 6. I use this especially to track sleep. This app is so innacurate and it dosnt help my situation. For one, when you set up your sleeping schedule, even if you jump into bed earlier, youre going to wake up with the sleep schedule marked that you wrote. Therefore, if you set it for 12:30 like me then got in bed like 8-9, your app will not show you were in bed from 8-12:30. That is a whole 4.5 hours of lost time in the health app, and this can be very negative when it comes to say a loved on looking at your information and proving your word wrong over some app. No ones looking at my app but this is a true possibility for other people. This is an issue that should be addressed because its important to be 100% accurate. especially when this tech has the best tools for monitoring my person. Besides that the app has become to cluttered, so dusfuntional, I barely know how to navigate theough it now, and it gives me a headache. I am looking into erasing all data and discontinuing the app but apple also makes this bery hard.
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4 months ago, DataJunkie13
Terrible analytics & data accessibility
The app layout and functionality is AWFUL. It’s difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Graphs and charts don’t have axes. And what’s wrong with line charts for time series data??? There’s no way to customize charts. It’s extremely difficult to find, download and analyze your data. Spent an hour on google searching how best to do this. Only way is to download ALL metrics combined in an XML file that requires a lot of manual manipulation to structure it into a usable format. HealthKit seems promising but only if you want to create an app for anyone to download from Apple Store. What about my own personal app (eg. a Power BI report) with real time health data (and only because this Health app is so awful!)? I’m really reluctant to download third party apps due to lax data privacy and security for most apps. PLEASE Apple, allow us to take control of and own our data in a more accessible and secure way!! If this option is already available via HealthKit, then this needs to be more clearly communicated.
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8 months ago, LJeff2
User needs ability to add medical records
The app is a very good start, but it needs some additional options. I turned off all the fitness stuff that is a waste of time to me and the doctors. I just use the daily vitals gathered from BP, Heart, and O2 device apps. The main reason I have for using this app is to consolidate medical records and heath data into a single, shareable, source, so that I can provide that data quickly and accurately to all providers of my health care that need to know. When you see a provider. Time is very limited. Trying to remember, convey, and for them to correctly record, that important past history is an area where most mistakes occur. This mis-information, or the lack of important information, waste valuable time and money when those things really matter the most. Some heath providers don’t use Apple Health and this void in critical information creates gaps in the overall knowledge needed to make accurate and meaningful diagnoses of the true root cause of a medical condition. Please provide users with the ability to add documentation and complete medical data. I can understand keeping user inputs separate from data gathered from the providers, but at least make it an available option. This would take this app to a whole new level of efficiency and usability.
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10 months ago, J_STR8
Apple Health Dissatisfaction
This application has never met my expectations. I’ve given it chance after chance to prove me wrong, but I always come to the conclusion that the aesthetics do not meet functionality. Case in point, I have the watch so I choose cycle, do roughly 8 miles and end the workout to see that it shows I have moved 0 ft. My evaluation changed hundreds of feet though. These things happen regularly and quite frankly it’s disappointing because apple has always performed well with the most pointless apps like FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Living in modern times and no being able to track distance for a workout is extremely below the mark. The funniest part about it is that it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing Siri is always available and listening. I know I’ve went on a bit of a long winded spill, but these things are unacceptable for the prices we pay for the equipment that continues not to deliver. My suggestion is to try other approaches if you enjoy tracking your activities.
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3 years ago, gemini12
Medication & Menstrual Tracker
I love this app, especially within the past two years. I like how everything is in one spot. But I do have a couple requests: -medication tracker: I have adhd and honestly think that I forget my pill in the mornings, when I didn’t. So it would be nice to have a calendar that references that. It would also be helpful to keep track of the days I didn’t take the meds, purposely. Maybe even symptom tracking integration? -period tracker: I really love the sleek look of it. And I just started to go-use it with Flo. And I would definitely get rid of Flo once there is more options to track such as mood, more symptoms, and able to mention any life stressors that could impact a period’s cycle. Also, I know a lot of people would appreciate for there to be a calendar view for the whole year when showing cycles; past and future predictions.
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12 months ago, 132737046
Missing important data for medication’s
When you start using the app to track your medication‘s, the one thing I noticed is that there’s no option to actually put the real start date of when you started taking that medication. That’s important information as it shows the time period that you’ve been taking it. The app only lets you choose the day that you start entering the medication information and does not let you put in the correct date, which in my case could be a few years. It automatically defaults the day that you start entering the medication information. Otherwise, I like all the available information in the app as it makes it easy for me to provide new doctors with my health history. It also allows me to search previous information when consulting with my current doctors.
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2 years ago, The Quiet Lion
Data helpful; two suggestions for improvement
Overall, I really like this app. It’s great to see so much detail about my health in one place. It helps me make decisions about how best to adjust my lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleep) to improve my overall health. I do have two suggestions for additions to the app. I have experimented with the app quite a bit and searched the online forums, but have not found a way to do the following. If there already are ways to do what I describe below, please disregard these suggestions. 1. Please add a way to view total calories burned for a day. I don’t hate math, but having to add active and resting calories every day is a chore. I do realize the total calories burned can be found in the Fitness app; however, I’d like to use Apple Health the way for which, I believe, it was designed — a one-stop shop. It would be very convenient. 2. Please add the option to view a Summary page of health data for any day in the past. In its current form, only a Summary of today’s health data is viewable. I understand I can go into each category (active energy, steps, resting energy, etc.) and from there select the day, week, month, or year I’d like to view. But it would be so helpful to see this data on one page. Thank you!
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3 months ago, Gamezer
Needs Improvement
I like how the app helps you log and sends a reminder. But it’s only twice daily. Why can’t you set how many logs you want a day? I enjoy that you can type in what you are feeling. And I like how they are trying to help folks and see what their health mindset is. But why is the initial second part so short? It should be like a diary. A sentence or a few words isn’t going to cut it. If a person has a toxic relationship, they cant log everything because it’s limited. Open it up developers!! This can be SOOOO important helping social workers, police, courts, counselors, and each other. Let all the points be limitless, so things can be logged. And let the medication notification be changed. If the medication was taken sooner it should reflect such as a person puts in, the app won’t allow it. If these things get fixed, an easy 5 star review!
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3 years ago, Nickname? wth?
Mostly awesome, missing a big piece
I love the Apple Health app. It’s ability to track and store health data is impressive and very comprehensive. I also enjoy the insight provided within the app about the different facets of health it tracks. My one complaint: the app doesn’t automatically track nutrient information. While of course tracking calories is a vital part of health, most especially for weight loss, nutrient tracking is an important piece of health evaluation and monitoring. I really hope Apple invests in the ability to automatically log foods and track all nutritional information. Yes, there are many apps that do this but the ability to automatically track/log nutrient information in additional to all of the other metrics found in health, this app is one step away from being the end-all, be-all of health apps.
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1 year ago, GCulff
Very useful but could be improved
On the plus side, I love how this app tracks my exercise. The miles and steps are great references, and I’ve come to rely on them. The number of miles per hour makes no sense though. I almost always hike a mile in a half hour on an average wooded trail. That’s 2 mph. But somehow, the app thinks I walk 2.7 mph. Is it excluding the times I stop to take a photo or look at something on my walks? Maybe. I wish this app had a more user-friendly interface. I’d also appreciate if I could decide how I want it to display info and what messages I want. I don’t want “ You walked less this month than the month before” as the first thing I see. I want positive reinforcement like, “Nice job, you walked every day this week!” even if my walks were shorter. The user should be able to select the kinds of data and messages that are helpful.
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1 year ago, Sincerelyfav
Make it cross compatible with all the apple devices.
My reasoning I’m giving it a low rating & I have a some opinions that would benefit for the App. 1. Why isn’t it not available for Mac’s & iPad’s? For me I use my iPad device better for my art designing, as my medical assistant & documentations notebook. It would be more beneficial using it on the iPad especially with the mini & air models. Especially who are in the medical field who uses the iPad with their patients & there more potential usage for nurses & doctors. Now, me seeing as the patients using the software. For, me having it on 4 apple devices (watch, iPhone, iPad Pro & MacBook Pro) should naturally flow and benefit well from each other. Having it on the Mac I could turn it into a file to store away my medical records instead only having it on my phone. 2. It’s lacking something in between. Personally, It’s missing something cause I shouldn’t leave the app to write in a note app. That one thing it needs is a lil note section when adding the data entry. So I can put the any additional symptoms I’m feeling during the moment so I can included the certain data entry. Also, I didn’t see any section for mental health for ADHD, and other mental & emotional issues For the ones that need help somewhere. I’m trying to use the app for its full functionalities for my entire health system. It definitely needs to add more symptoms. I know the app have so much more potential.
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2 years ago, sam-ਸੈਮ
Got much much worse after the recent updates
This app used to be very good and would give me the quick status of the updated steps as I walk with refresh until the last update few months back. Now, it won’t give an update until it decides on its own randomly, even to restart the app or pull multiple refreshes. The worst thing is, most of other apps takes data from this app and updates, they all gets messed up. I am requesting apple team to fix it since this is a core featured functionality the reason I purchased this very very expensive device. Now you are having me to pay for very expensive apps for the same thing that used to be working fine. I am giving the rating of two star for the inconvenience and delays in the update that causes me anxiety and walk me extra to absorb the delay. E.g. I walked 1100 steps extra when it updated me that I have completed 15k steps ( while I had completed 16k + )
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3 years ago, ReeRee1908
It saved my life
Some may have certain opinions of this app, but I have nothing but great things to say. It saved my life. I discovered having a heart health issue all from getting an alert from this app that detected heart rhythm irregularities. After a few alerts due to detections I decided to see my doctor. After a visit to my physician I was referred to a cardiologist. From there a number of tests were done that included an ultrasound and stressed test. I learned that I have ventricular tachycardia. This is not as major as atrial fribillation but without detection or treatment it would lead to a number of heart health issues like afib, heart attack and/or stroke. So as I tell this story to all who will listen, be sure to use this app and took care of your health! I will always utilize this app.
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4 months ago, Asst Village Idiot
Many shortcomings
I’m not sure what database this uses for the meds, but it’s missing a lot. When I try to create compound meds, I can’t put the milligrams of the components in. Or for multivitamins, which are mostly missing, if I have to me the one to create it, I should be able to put the milligrams of each of the components. Vitamins and multivitamins should be listed by brand I think. Each company has slightly different formulae for multivitamins for example. This is woefully missing. Also for med schedule, not all meds are permanent. Many, like antibiotics, are only for a week or two, but we cannot put in end dates. After end date, the prescription should automatically go to the archives. It maybe should ask how missed doses should be treated, if it adds a day to the duration or not.
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2 years ago, The Floods
Cycle tracking needs help!
I want to like the cycle tracking with new temp tracking from the Apple Watch so much. As a cycle tracking educator, I find it so annoying that the cycle day # is not visible everywhere on the cycle tracking watch and app. I also am unimpressed with the temps, the change from baseline is not helpful at all! I need to see a temp number easily visible to be able to meet the rules for being post peak, but there is this game of hide and seek to find that temp each day. This technology should be able to meet the needs of cycle tracking users everywhere and there is no BBT method that uses “change from baseline” to determine ovulation. Please use health professionals who are trained in cycle tracking to help with these developments. Marquette Method instructors are available! Adding after a cycle of use with the temp tracking. It did not pick up a temp shift at all!
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2 years ago, Feeling defrauded
Good start but needs improvement
Overall, the app is pretty good, but it could use some improvement to become excellent. My review at this time we'll focus on the sleep feature and sleep tracking of REM cycles with the Apple Watch. I was really excited to see this feature launch, and it's the reason why I bought the Apple Watch. While it is really cool, here are some improvements that I suggest: - Capture times that people sleep outside of scheduled sleep hours (e.g. naps, going to bed early, sleeping in late). - Capture multiple sleep periods per night when applicable (e.g. someone waking up in the middle of the night, staying awake for an extended period of time and going back to sleep). - If possible, it would be really cool to also have more live data accessible when sleeping (for connecting with Shortcuts or app developers). - Provide more integration of sleep data into Shortcuts.
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4 months ago, katamusprime
It doesn’t track ADHD meds as medications that affect heart rate, otherwise love all the data
There’s an option to add “medications that affect heart rate” in the health app but it only allows for traditional heart meds and not other non-heart meds that also affect the heart. My ADHD meds raise my BP and my heart rate and it’s important to keep track of that because I’m also fairly athletic, so when I don’t take my meds my resting heart rate is very low, like in the 40’s, but when I take my meds my resting heart rate is in the mid 50’s to upper 60’s. It makes a big difference when calculating my max HR for my workouts. My zones are really inaccurate right now because of it. I just did a 2 hour workout with 75% in Zone 4 and 25% in Zone 5 according to my watch. It did not feel that hard! I wish that data was more accurate.
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1 year ago, Ames_iPhone
Lacking Important Data Points & Integration
I am having heart rate problems and need to check it throughout each day. I wish this app had the heart rate monitor that google fit does or at the very least - allow google fit to write it into the health app so all my info is in the same place. I know you can’t have it all, but heart rate is a pretty basic health data point! I also wish we could rearrange the favorites list so it makes sense to us - I would like the medications tab at the top of the list and to put certain items together and the few things I do most frequently / most important ones at the top below the medications. I also wish I could record taking medicine on a previous date incase I forgot to enter it on that day!! It looks like I skipped days when my memory to record that I took them actually caused the blanks
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2 years ago, AntonX777
Your Life In Your Hands
Wow Apple Health has truest changes the way I see and establish my health. The ability to have many streams of data and results is phenomenal. I can’t wait to see update. Only Feedback I can add is I would Love to have Personal View of data that is visually teaching. Water levels represented by body, heart rate as amazing notification that catches attention, or even a way to graph multiple lab data results visually. Outside of that I honestly have IPhone because of Apple Health. Also Apple If your reading this can we have dedicated data for those whom are HIV Positive or those who have other life Long illnesses. Let’s make Health a System for Justice 🫡💗💗 Update: iOS 16 medicine tracker doesn’t allow “hey siri, did I take my medicine”? Can this be connected 🙏🏿
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1 month ago, betteroffusingbrowser
Overly busy and unclear interface with limited functionality
Honestly at this point I’d rather track my health info in a notes app. I have to minimize and simplify so much to fit the limited options offered, and then the app just lacks the ability to track normal health concerns Iike allergy symptoms. Every other app I’ve used has allowed you to аdd your own labels or symptoms, so it’s pretty frustrating that they’ve chosen to limit it to such a narrow list. It’s like they just took the top 8 symptoms listed by AI when you google a condition or issue, which would be fine maybe for a limited resource company……but last I checked, apple probably has the budget to add a few more toggle able list items or a text box entry. Every time I try to consistently use this, I’m immediately reminded of how useless it is, but unfortunately I own an Apple Watch so I don’t really have other options.
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1 year ago, Anatigger
Like it, but want to love it.
I really like this app that being said, it’s a bit hard to navigate and it’s really missing a widget for the home screen. I adore the widget for the lock screen and would love one for the home screen as well. There are many times that I want to mark down my medication and I go and open my phone and realize oops the widget was on the lock screen and instead of going back and I have to go and hunt for my health app. It be easier if I can have a widget on both screens. I would like to add that I appreciate all the ovulation data but what about those of us going through menopause?? It would be awesome to have the ability to track our progress, symptoms and hormones as well. Why do we not count? Why the negativity against anyone in the older generation apple?
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2 years ago, labshmo
Skipped Medications
You can schedule your medications by time of day. It’s easy to log the medications you’ve taken as it automatically timestamps when you took them (if you remember to do so when you actually take them). There is an option to indicate that a specific medication was skipped but there is a flaw in the design. It timestamps the skipped using the current time when it should be using the scheduled time. For example: If my schedule includes taking a pain pill at 1:00 PM and I realize three hours later that I never took it, and don’t plan to take it, and flag it as skipped, the app records it as skipped at 4:00 PM even though I actually skipped it at 1:00 PM. I can edit the time to correct it to show 1:00 PM instead. Other than this minor annoyance, I think the app is pretty good.
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4 weeks ago, imani08
To share a bit more information than I probably should, I am perimenopausal. In order to be in full menopause, a woman must be without a period for 12 months. I am using the app to track my cycle, because my doctors ask me the date of my last period. The app marks my cycles as “irregular”. When asked to provide a reason, I’m given the choices of Pregnancy, Contraception, Breast Feeding. When I can’t select one of those options, the app suggests I see my doctor, because obviously something must be wrong. I have to drill down into the various articles to find any mention of Menopause. Please update the app to accommodate mature women monitoring their irregular cycles through menopause. I’d appreciate a response to know that you have received this feature request.
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6 months ago, Cj Chango
Love the changes, need more!!
Love the mental health change and the sections about mental well being and I think it’s something this day and age needs to recover from all the traumas that have done to us. We need more to this!!!! More categories in emotions, like positive emotions! More positive emotions!!! Positive, happy, hopeful, nervous, tense, anxious, determined, glad, worried, insecure, confused, proud, safe, bored, excited, content, energetic, shocked, alive, relived, surprised, restless, confident, lonely, low, regretful, neutral, strong, calm, determined, grateful, inspired, content, negative, eager to name a few. Love your guys work keep it up!!!!!!! Find better and easier ways for us users to give input instead of finding the App Store to give a review. Ask your users for occasional response worthy input! Apps do it all the time I know Apple can.
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3 years ago, J.topher
A wonderful hub for tracking health data— with a couple of problems
Honestly, I love being able to aggregate dat from multiple sources in one place. I’ve become especially fond of the Health App since I picked up my Apple Watch and taken up a fierce journey for my health. The charting and data delivery is straightforward and well styled. It’s a useful tool for collecting and reviewing health data and trends. I do have a couple of complaints though— I don’t understand why the group of “Favorites” cannot be arranged by the end user. Seems like a simple feature that isn’t included. No matter how you select your favorites they will dock to the open screen in a random, mix-matched order with points from different sub categories shuffled together. There also seems to be a bug between Apple Health and the Apple Watch concerning the Cardio Fitness metric (or VO2Max)— where Health and the Watch don’t connect and share data as the y should. It seems like there should be some kind of metric specific “reset” for situations like this or a setting option to disable/enable Cardio Fitness, but there isn’t. The inclusion of these features could create a more robust and enjoyable experience for the user base.
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2 years ago, dtsv dgzhd
Hate it!!!!
So basically there’s this app called Health app that which I’m writing of the a review about it and this is the right one app so basically you get it on your phone without any like thing like you already have it you cannot delete it that’s a first off and also it’s literally driving me insane I’m halfway insane literally because of this because basically it’s literally telling me so basically you can’t delete us and we’re gonna put random and you cannot delete your account from this to him it’s gonna put random alarms which Is terrible and also if you basically it’s unreasonable when you sign up to actually have it because then there’s no point of having a wallpaper for your front thing to see your notifications from really no point because you can’t even sit because of a black screen put in your way and now my phone is not dead then how am I going to be writing a review but still hate it
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1 year ago, mother_65
Good Records, But Still Missing More.
This app is very useful, for personal information gathering & keeping. However, in regards to medication timekeeping, it would be useful to be able to log the Actual Time(s) of meds, instead of having to accept (like when I forget, or am unable to log) the current time that I access the App. This is in addition to some of the other many “wishes” that users have mentioned. For example…. My log times are set for 9am & 9pm. Unable to immediately log those meds times, I may have a 12 noon, or 10:54pm log. Or…. I may forget to access the App for a Whole day, still knowing that I have taken my meds. To me, this is somewhat important, as I have “missed” days in the App, which are incorrect. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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2 years ago, candymeowntain
I want this be more useful for tracking
I really love most of Apple’s built-in apps, and try to make the most them as much as I can so I can utilize them across my devices to sync up. As a woman, the Health app updates have had a lot of promise and potential, most notably Cycle Tracking. The new update includes medications, which I have a huge amount of hope for future updates. I hope it includes being able to log the date you started this medication so that you can see the history of this medication and how long it’s been taken. As someone who needs to take multiple medications, at different times, and likes the Health App very much, this update would be extremely helpful for keeping track, organizing, and recalling this medical information for myself and my doctors.
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11 months ago, jecardin
So many missing features
Honestly, the app isn’t great. There’s been multiple times where my watch has incorrectly tracked stand, exercise, calorie minutes and in order to correct this I have to individually delete each minute (sometimes down to seconds). There should be an option to select multiple entries and delete them all. Otherwise it’s individually delete or delete all. It’s also crazy that I can’t delete achievements that were incorrectly won. Or that the achievements don’t automatically get deleted when I correct inaccurate measurements. I know part of the issue is the integration between my watch and the health app. Regardless it should be easier to correct inaccurate reporting especially when relying on the app so much.
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12 months ago, MSylain
[Feedback] Good app. But of course could still be innovated
Good day: I’ve been using the app for a couple months now. I just want provide some feedback on the app. Here’s just a small Quality of Life feature I think could help the app: For medication when your logging medication; double tapping the “Taken” button to log it instead of the two step to log would be nice. And additionally a Left handed mode for the app. Being left handed when I’m one handing the phone I often have to reposition the phone in my hand or bring up my other hand to do most of everything. So a feature that practically horizontally flips/mirrors the app world be nice for someone like me. That’s all. Thanks for the read. Have a good one.
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1 year ago, lovelygameepj
Overall I really like this app but one thing that I hate about this app
I like who this can track your medicals and subscribe apps to use to improve your health but 1 problem. They subscribe you use Pokémon Go to improve your steps I really don’t like that they will but Pokémon Go because a lot of things bad happen to people playing Pokémon go I a lot people can play Pokémon go and they don’t Pay attention to want doing people been get hurt and at risk of death from Pokémon some people get shot by Pokémon go I love this app so much I but don’t like the fact they said Pokémon Go I love Pokémon go and this app very much but I like for app you suggested we should get to help us of this app is safe for people to play thank you for reading this I really love this game👏🏾
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9 months ago, ryanthekinggg
This app is so great. I use it for many of my health related stuff! I’ve been using the mindfulness feature where I can document my mood and I love how it works EXCEPT I should be able to log my feelings in depth with a notes section. Trying to remember my feelings for my provider would be a lot easier if I had the amazing UI you guys have made but also seeing my notes. Clicking certain words doesn’t do enough. To add to that the field you guys provide has a very low character limit. Please just add a note right into the “Logging” process. I hope you all see this and update this asap. I really want this in my Apple ecosystem too but I need to have a place to put all my feelings down.
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1 year ago, Naomi Lynne Bam
Minor Changes Needed
This app is wonderful and has changed my view of my body and helped me become more aware of what’s going on within it. The only things missing are more forms of annotated contraceptives. Vasectomy, Hysterectomy, Tubal Ligation, etc. are not available as options. There is the standard birth control and then “Other”. It seems like a small thing and sometimes these forms of contraceptive (Hysterectomy excluded) fail; however, these are common forms of contraception. Adding them wouldn’t take anything away from the app and would only better the user experience. This would give a full scope of bodily functions and insight into past surgeries that can be used within conversations with medical professionals.
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2 years ago, BrieTiana
I love it but… I have a few suggestions
I like this app and I like that you can write down how many grams of dietary sugar cholesterol and all those other things, and today I got a very good rate of potassium and all the healthy chemicals, and I got 78 g on sugar, or milligrams, but I have some suggestions for this app, you guys should create a food/health diary, and maybe you could give us a list of healthy recipes? That would be healthy, oops I’m sorry I mean helpful, i’m at the end of the day it would be cool if you were to tell us that we did great or bad, for example if we got 80 µg on vitamin A, you would tell us that we did a good job, I would like for you guys to add into the Health app, I love this app and please give into my suggestions and features
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12 months ago, Daleth9123
Needs improvement
As much as I love this app it definitely needs some improvements. There should be a way to add day by day notes to better keep track of various things and levels of any and everything that we go through or have to do a regular basis. I hate having to go to my notes app or write everything down just so that I can better explain things at my next drs visit. Same goes for the menstrual tracking because every cycle is different and it would be nice to be able to document the process better than just picking different symptoms that may have occurred because the more details that we can document the better it is for us and less stressful.
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