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User Reviews for Apple News

4.63 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
1 year ago, Rusti Lea
Too far left - Telling It Like It Is
Stop making the right look like the villains using every chance you get to bring down former President Trump and others. Omit the propaganda. My brother was a graduate of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. I may know more than most about journalism because of him, and the fact that I also write. I do not need cooked-up “factual” opinions - to convince me of anything. Drop the opinions and deliver the news. You seem to do a reasonably great job on everything but politics - the things that make our lives, nation and world go ‘round. It’s far too important to be unable to strike a balance instead of further creating a division that will take a miracle to bring together. Of course I know there are those who do not want a balance. That would be - the Left with their fake news taking us down a road of ruin and destruction. Please Do Not Be A Part of That! Thank you for allowing me to vent. Of course, you do have some great writers. Thank you, again.
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3 days ago, Joe_in_LA
Buggy and lacking for an older app
This review focuses on the shortcomings of the app. I like the content, with many issues below: 1) why do I constantly have to reset the font sizes for each article to my preferred font size? That’s idiotic. 2) why are there so many old (1-4 weeks old) articles in my “latest news” feed? 3) why can’t I listen to everything, like I could in Safari? The handful of podcasts is not enough. 4) search? No way to search News?!? 5) no Reader mode, with standard text size, font, colors. 6) why in the world would I ever want to read a PDF of a magazine on an iPhone screen? Too lazy to convert it to text, Apple?? 7) blocking channels blocks nothing but the image. 8) the app is quick to forget where you were: listening or reading is a mess when you take a short break. Good luck resuming. News resets. 9) Down voting content does absolutely nothing. News still pushes blocked content; it still appears in the feed. So no matter how much you might not want to read WSJ opinions, they will still be there. Stupid. 10) ads. Yep, $13 per month and you still get endless and often weird ads. 11) audio pre populates with things random content, not why you like. 12) overall, the user experience is basically trash, but the diversity of sources makes up for the terrible app. Some things Apple does well News is not one of them. Siri and News demonstrate laziness and a lack of focus on the customer or just plain old incompetence. PS I block the endless ads with NextDNS.
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3 years ago, RyanVb
Clearly biased news app
I have the paid version of apple news. One of the options is to block publishers you don’t like to read and “like” publishers you do. You would think the point of this is to customize your news feed with articles you would be interested in reading. However it does almost the opposite. It seems apple is intent on pushing their stories regardless of my preferences or directly against my blatant request to block specific channels. Why provide the feature if you are simply going to avoid it. As a company that holds itself as the protector of privacy and rights, this is a sad and obvious example that actions speak louder then words. Case in point, to see how ingrained this was to the algorithm that chooses stories on my main board. I blocked the channel “the Washington post” I also disliked every story they posted for the past 2 weeks. I likewise did the opposite for the daily wire. Liking the channel itself and asking for “request more” on every story they published again for two weeks. What was the result? I still get headline new feed stories with “this article you’ve blocked, would you like to ready it” from the Washington post and still nothing from the daily wire. I get it, maybe you have a clear biased against specific news outlets, but don’t hide behind creating hallow user rights and fake choice options for your readers.
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2 months ago, (JimJr)
seriously?? Ads, Ads, Stop showing nudity!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m looking over Apple News , kids next to me and from (wallpaper*) full, extra large nudity pic … what the heck??? Those who put up these articles …. Grow Up!! Apple: you should know better then to keep allowing nudity front and center on your news app!!!!!!! apple news reminds me of googles terrible tactics. thought apple was supposed to be better then that. ads, ads, ads designed to get you to buy news+ ????? See a mortgage ad. Then another a short ways down an article, then the same ad again, and again, and again. Apple even allows article which shows some forms of nudity so I decide to block the news source. Apple thought it would be smart to still show blank articles that I blocked with a message saying you blocked this. Do you want to see the article? Is this a joke? If I blocked the news source. Do you think I want to keep seeing this? Tried giving Apple News a try again. Hoping they actually care about there paying customers and put a stop to this nonsense. Nope , permanently deleting Apple News. Tried again. Nope ads,ads,ads. One article had 8 ads, all the exact same ad. Just plain silly!!!!! Update , the Sunday times , full nudity . What the heck apple ???? You turning into a porn news source ?????? Fri, jun 7 article . Get this garbage off Apple News!!!!!!!!!
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2 months ago, nicmwill
Bias news containing misinformation worthless app
Journalism is either near the end of dying or dead. Apple News promotes a lot of bias news containing verifiable misinformation & false news (who writes this junk & how is it they aren’t out of business yet). It’s really sad as most just want facts & information without obvious bias (nearly every article you read always states “Republican says without evidence” while they lay out the evidence they do have supporting their statements & you will rarely if ever see any kind of comment like that if a Democrat makes a statement & rarely do they ever give any supporting information. So we are to take whatever a Democrat states by their word & always be suspicious of what a Republican says (even when the Republican has evidence & a Democrat has zero evidence & states it’s dangerous to question them)? Come on, no one is this stupid right, question them all & reporting should be fair. Either make the comment on all or don’t do it at all. Any time an article shows blatant bias like this I immediately report the article for verifiable misinformation & block the channel. I now am left with nearly no channels so the app is useless to me now all because of these biased writers (can’t even call them journalists at this point, zero integrity & care for truth). No wonder the country is filled with so many confused people.
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8 months ago, lincolnwinfield
Syncing never works
This review is specifically because the My Sports section is very poorly executed. The My Sports section has never actually worked as intended for me since I subscribed and the internet had very little suggestion of how to fix this or even acknowledgment that it's a problem from apple. The only way I got it to work on one of my devices was completely by accident when I was forced to change my icloud password due to a fraudulent sign in attempt. Upon changing my password and signing in the My Sports section actually stayed toggled and worked ONLY on my iphone. The moment I tried to open up my news app on my ipad the entire problem was reset and now the My Sports section does not work for me on a single device anymore. Realllllllly obvious this feature hasn't been perfected or even given much attention at all. This isn't to mention that the feed I was able to access for the brief period of time that it worked on my iphone was inexplicably not featuring several things I'd selected to follow. The design/personalization and execution of how the feed looks and the users inability to shift the location of anything within the feed make this feature that had me excited on the surface a pretty sure fail.
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2 years ago, JimsDeb
Disappointing at best
I love my iPhone, iPad, an MAC book-so I had high hopes when I received a free upgrade to Apple + News after upgrading my devices. Sadly I have been very disappointed. While Apple has been innovative with other apps, this one is a very disappointing—and obviously no one cares as the reviews have consistently been poor and yet there is no improvement. For a company of this caliber, this shouldn’t be this hard to fix! 1. The app is sluggish, doesn’t load easily or completely; ads load fast but story content falters frequently with constant spinning/searching for content that is so frustrating 2. When I block content I don’t want, it shows up anyway—so why did you bother to ask me? 3. The content doesn’t really reflect news—it’s more opinion focused—and I find that irritating. I’m an adult and I can certainly make up my own mind—I don’t need to be pushed toward ANY direction with an algorithm just because somebody thought it would be helpful—I don’t want this kind of help as it is NOT helpful 4. I pay for the content so why am I constantly being teased with additional content that requires additional payment? Seriously? I hate clickbate—same with all of the celebrity items—news flash—celebrities are not news!!
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1 year ago, 123456789101971
You need better stories
Better and more in-depth stories are bedded as well a more open and unbiased language! Wether a leftist or right need to be able to understand and see the truth without being led one way or the other! In this day one would assume there would be more integrity and more writers and companies being held accountable both legally as well financially or either jail time for false or stories misleading! The truth is more important than a hot story. Find a base of readers because the truth is more important and your base will only grow and will stand by you thru peaks and valleys. Quality well what is quality? In my mind quality is knowing wether 16, 25,40,55 or older all Will understand the story the same and get the same storyline for the truth is never changing as a lie does nothing but change. I know competitive markets push stories to be overwhelming and it is possible to overwhelm with truth other than fiction. Life is short and legacy’s are only what one prints, so one will either be remember as a truth based foundation or found fraudulent over time! Which would you prefer to be is what you will be for what one puts out is simply what one is. I have so much more to say but that would take so much time. Thank you for your time…
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2 years ago, DarkSquared42
If the app stops being active it loses back trail, and still accessibility issues
Sometimes you can drill very far down the list of related articles, but still want to go back a few to drill down another path of related articles and so on. If somebody calls, or you have to open a banking app, whatever, news tends to be one of the first apps that the phone deactivates in the app switcher. So then when you go back you lose your entire back trail, and the best you can do is grab some articles from your history. Unfortunately, it seems that with history, the related links change. News has always had accessibility issues with voiceover. The rotor changes it’s ordering of items; when video or social media posts are embedded in articles, as they are increasingly these days, strange behavior occurs such as jumping back to the top of the article or acting like it’s the end of the article (things that sighted users would never put up with). Sometimes advertising in the articles also causes reading to stop or loop or get stuck.
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2 years ago, MickyC6625
Can’t Block Channels
I’ve gotten used to the huge ads (gotta love Apple Services, right?😏). But what finally made me stop using this app is the inability to actually block a channel. There are some channels that I don’t want to see and some that I find offensive. Apple News will not fully block them. I continue to get the headlines with the message that I blocked the channel, but do I want to see the channel anyway? NO, Apple, I don’t! That’s why I blocked the channel! I tried all the suggestions on the forums. I unblocked and re-blocked the channel, flipped the restricted switch in Settings, restarted the app, restarted the device, deleted and restored the app - multiple times in every conceivable order. And still, the blocked channels show up. I’m done. I just downloaded Google News and wonder of wonders, it actually removes channels from the screen when I block them, even when I use the suggest less option (which never worked in Apple News either). I badly want to use Apple products and services - I like the privacy features a lot. But their quest to squeeze every last penny causes them to ignore the usability of their services. I know Google will use my views to build a profile. But at least their products work!
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3 years ago, NadmanET
Partisan and pay walls
I have not paid for a subscription so maybe the experience is different if you do. However, I have found the articles they post to be very left leaning. I lean left myself but I don’t need to be in my echo chamber of righteousness all the time… I like articles that make you think and present both sides. I understand this is rare because of where the content comes from but at least they could present articles from both sides in my feed. I also think there’s a fundamental problem with Apple (or Google) being in the news game. Companies with so much access to our personal data should not be charged with informing us of the world around us. Sadly there are no easy answers here… I’m not the first to say that this is one of the biggest challenges we face today as a society. Anyways, as much as I would prefer to use this app and its beautiful layout (which imho is its greatest strength… it really does LOOK good) I will continue using Google as my primary news feed. It’s free and, at least in my feed, seems to feel more like news than propaganda. OH and the notifications that I never asked for from this app are click bate at its worst, leveraging your fear, anger, and self-righteousness to get you engaged.
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1 year ago, Nebra81
A great simple news reader that replaces other news apps for me.
I used to use flipboard as my reader for awhile until this came along. It works well, and delivers the news and is easy to favorite the topics and publications that “I” want to see. I’ve seen others who complain about this showing a bias here and there but, you can always block topics easily or dislike an article so it learns what to show you in the future. All works well for me that way. 99% if the time I go to the topics I follow, go in settings and “ restrict stories in today “ so it keeps it limited to what my followed topics are ( doesn’t show everything but it’s irrelevant because I click into the topics anyway ) and I’m good. My only critique would be, or maybe something I’d wish for, is for there to be more outlets than simply the general type or allow more of a way to follow topics then it would be perfect. So for now, it’s a 4 star.
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2 months ago, k8gladst1
I took off one star because the puzzle section is slightly broken
The News app’s new word game, “Quartiles” (in the “Puzzle” section of the News app) has a problem, because it disqualifies many words that are, in fact, legitimate words that appear in just about every dictionary of English. For instance, today’s game included the word-parts “ur” and “ic”: so I put them together to produce the word “uric” (which is in most dictionaries), but the game told me that this word is not in the games word-list. This has happened several times, often with rather common words, all of which I have confirmed to actually be in every dictionary I’ve checked. (I normally check at least five dictionaries when this happens, just to make sure). Therefore, this game needs a larger and more realistic word list (so that actual words aren’t falsely identified by the game as non-words), And the user probably needs some way to be told exactly WHICH dictionary is being used (by the game) to determine whether a word is real or not.
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5 days ago, dutchboy78
Drains your battery quickly (with a fire hose)
I’ve enjoyed using Apple news because it seems to be well targeted and well rounded, as well as being convenient and up-to-date. I don’t have much time to read the magazines offered so that’s a waste of usage. That being said, I was constantly wondering why I was having to recharge after three or four hours of reading news, and looked at the health of my battery and which apps were using the most power. Apple news was drawing an amazingly high 52% of my total! There are other good news services without the huge size 18 combat boot footprint. And having to recharge constantly as a pain. People have written that their phones discharge even in airplane mode on a flight, no matter what settings you put on them. If you fix your problems I might come back. But until then… I have Reuters, Euronews, NewsNation, AP, and Haystack News which offers a bunch of the majors…. all for free! Euronews is one of the most well-balanced news shows I have seen, and it covers the globe instead of just American provincialism.
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12 months ago, Deep dive into myself.
Pick on trump everyday.
Why are we always picking on trump or any of our past presidents. We should go back to. Take up for our own. No matter our background we need to stop hating on America. If it’s not good here then why are we here. We never talk about our accomplishments as a nation. I don’t see any one person that has it as bad as some in other nations. We don’t have to agree to believe in hope and kindness. It’s always bashing the ones we don’t agree with. If I do that then I believe the problem lies with in me. I try but most of the time I fail. I will keep trying to get better as a human. Got to admire all our past presidents. It takes courage to run for president. Myself I could never muster that kind of courage. I thank everyone of our past presidents for their courage. I believe most people wouldn’t if they could sacrifice their lives families for that high office. I will take a look at myself before I voice my opinion about any person from now on. Let the love of freedom shine.
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2 years ago, media_frenzy
Do I have a choice? Not really.
Regardless to what the setup protocol says, “select the things that interest you and the media outlets you want to hear from”. I am pounded daily with liberal left-supporting media companies in my news highlights, news of the day, breaking news, and stories of interest emailed to me. I have actively search for the news media outlets I want to hear from. Additionally, when I get of story of interest notifications from a news company of my preference, I would click “read story”. Instead, it would simply take me to the Apple News page. While stories from say CNN would populate my screen upon clicking “read story”. As of recent, this no longer is an issue. So let’s call it an intentional glitch that was fixed. I’m a loyal Apple customer since the Apple Mac SE! I back and trust Apple with their policies on privacy and security of personal information. However. The intentional push of the company’s political and other views on me via news outlets — even when I request NOT to receive news from specific outlets — you’re not about letting me be me to choose my own preferences. You’re actually not being much better than Meta. Controlling.
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2 years ago, CowboyDiplomacy1
Overall Great, with One Quick Annoyance
I love the concept of having one professional look and easy to use app that I can get the news one instead of needing to shift through a million very poorly made apps or drowning in ads on websites. Also being able to manage all of my subscriptions in one place is all too awesome. The one criticism I have, however, is the search function. With all of the Heard/Depp news I wanted to dig up her story in the Washington post which I’m subscribed to and logged into within Apple News. A search in Apple News turned up nothing, but a search on Google turned up her essay in the first result. Even when I copied and pasted the exact title of her article it still didn’t show up in Apple News. This is quite annoying to see when trying to get all sides of an issue, and I sincerely hope Apple fixes it as it’s my only real criticism about the app at the moment.
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11 months ago, X-Hen
Why did you change it? Won’t resume my audio news feeds!! 😡
This is super frustrating apple😡 - News+ I subscribe to and is my favorite news source as it aggregated everything and now you’ve gone and changed it. Why? The best is audio news, But what happened? Now i open the app i have to swipe 5 times to find my old audio news streams I was listening to and they are buried in your app and they often resume from the beginning. not where I left off😡😡 Super frustrating and dangerous when i’m in a car and I can’t resume my last stream. Instead it now drags me to the latest news topics on things I don’t care about - as much as I love Rihanna, I was listening. to something else. 🙄🙃 Leave well enough alone, please! If your developers are bored, have them make this app work on my old iphone6 - which would be better for the environment to repurpose old tech, you know?🌎
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1 year ago, JohnTheCvnt
Unpopular opinion, but I love it
It’s a great, one stop shop for getting news, magazines, catalogs, etc. They might not have everything you’re looking for but what they do have is still great. Obviously it has issues such as putting a News+ paywall in front of articles that don’t have paywalls in the actual site for the publication. However it makes it easy to pay just one monthly payment to get access to plenty of news outlets and magazines that will get you past paywalls that the publications might have (like Wall Street Journal with 3 free articles a month and others like that). I don’t mind paying for news because we need more reputable journalists and outlets that can make money to keep being reputable. People will have their own, valid, opinions on the app because of the issues it does have but it does work great and gives me what I want for the most part.
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2 years ago, Reonté J.
The Greatest News App
I’ve been using this App for well over a year now. I did not subscribe, therefore I only read the FREE articles, which there is a plethora of from different News Publications with an expansive range of different genres and topics of discussion. Because of this I didn’t really feel the need to get a subscription, but because I come across so many articles that seem very interesting and that I would like to read, I’m considering giving in and paying for the subscription 😂. If you’re an avid reader and/or like to stay current on events, advancements, breakthroughs, advice, politics, etc. I greatly recommend getting an Apple News+ Subscription. And for those that are on the fence about getting a subscription or if you are a little cash strapped that’s okay, just stick to the free articles for the time being. Just read and enjoy the app 😊
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6 months ago, mytw0b1ts
Plenty of room for improvement.
Finally caved and signed up for the free trial of News+ and I truly have mixed feelings. Being honest, the app feels very incomplete if you don’t have a News+ subscription because a lot of the “featured” articles require a subscription so you’re constantly plagued with pay walls. Now that I have a subscription it feels more like a complete app but I’m also discovering that a subscription doesn’t unlock all content - for instance, the Washington Post is an additional $5.99/month on its own which just feels very Apple. One in-app purchase is never enough and in-app purchases are a monster that Apple birthed. Outlets you block still show up in featured but it displays a “you chose to block this outlet” box and it’s like yeahhhh so why are you showing me references to it? Mind you that’s valuable space that could be delivering me more curated content that I actually DO care about. Articles lure you in with descriptions of videos like watch the moment when X happened but then you go in the article and the video is not related to any part of the article. It’s effectively click baiting you and it’s gotten a lot worse lately on Apple News. Finally Magazines seem really out of place here. Almost like a horrible after thought. At times you get articles from magazines that are featured or even new magazine editions but there’s no way to bookmark magazines to come back to them later from the standard newsfeed view - even though they’re presented there.
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9 months ago, Phlat5
One New TERRIBLE Addition To This App
I use this app every day and have for years. Used to be a 5 star app. With the newest iOS 17 update there is now a “New Stories” button that pops up at the top of the screen. HUGE problem with this is when you are backing out of an article to get back to the main feed, that back button is in the same place as the Top Stories button which scrolls you all the way back to the top of the main feed. So when you hit the back button, 90% of the time you also accidentally hit the Top Stories button and are thrown to the top of the feed and thus losing your place and are then forced to endlessly scroll down to try and find where you left off. This drives me crazy. And there is no way to disable this new feature. This was not well thought out at all. I hope they get rid of it or at least position it elsewhere in the next update. If not I doubt I will be renewing my subscription. ☹️ C’mon Apple, you can fix this.
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2 years ago, adrichards88
Fantastic! —With one caveat!
Before Covid, I loved sitting in bookstores at the cafe and going through magazines for articles, just letting my interest guide me. I’d read as much or as little as the content gripped or bored me. This app gives you so much content for $10 a month. Incredible. Well done apple. The low ratings I don’t understand. There is one reason why I’m not giving it five stars. I am a political moderate. I enjoy reading both sides of the argument. But this app has an obviously “left” bent. It’s so obvious that it becomes obnoxious. Channels get added to your left bar and you can’t remove them. I read about black history and social justice from “woke” authors. But when it is shoved in your face it just makes you dislike anything the authors might have to say. Just be a newsstand, please. Let me go where I want. Some more conservative magazines would also be awesome. It is overwhelmingly liberal in its content options. Otherwise great app!
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3 months ago, Harmon B.
Children’s memories of a previous life.
Some of the things spoken of in this article align with the beliefs that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe. We believe in a pre-mortal existence where we are spirit sons, and daughters of God, the eternal Father. Created in His image and likeness. We are taught about family relationships in the pre earth life . We have family on earth in our mortal existence. We believe in family relationships after this life. We believe that all children are innocent before God. We believe the age of accountability is eight years of age. We believe in the covenants that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We believe that indigenous members of the Americas are a remnant of the house of Israel. See The Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus Christ, all men and women will be resurrected and live eternally. There is much more to learn and to have faith in. Good luck. Harmon Butterfield is my name.
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1 year ago, PMcGowanJohnson
I’m a news junky so
But I dislike the stories that allege a showing of something remarkable and hype of the internet making a stir about it, but the photos are all stock photos and you have to go somewhere else to actually see they are alluding too. Just stop that! Buzz feed comes to mind. That said, I love the variety of news, and particularly hard news and serious opinion articles. And the arts and culture, and literature and mechanics, too. While I get the New York Times and the Washington Post Independant of your various news articles, and I hate that you have dangling news that I cannot acquire in your feed, I do like that the other sources are available and readable through your service. So, I’m saying in general, stop the disingenuous slop click bait, and increase the real news and I’ll be happier with it, though I’m pretty happy now! Regards, PMJ
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1 year ago, Uri Neren
biased, and charging for free news
Apple has added a second layer of profit motivation, to an already biased for-profit news industry, that is obviously biasing this 'news' feed. A good portion of the articles they sell you in apple news plus is free on the web which seems very misleading/corrupt. Almost more importantly, a good portion of what they feed us is advertising couched as an article. And when they get click through referral fees from those vendors, how can we trust apple to control our feed? It is concerning that sources I delete keep showing up in my feed, the percentage of them that are obviously paid advertisements/ not news, the absence of certain trusted sources, and a number of other things that are indicators of news bias. The apple news app gives me the lowest confidence (out of the many similar apps) that I am getting an unbiased view of the many valid perspectives on a given topic. It is also going to further polarization, and ignorance, due to the algorithms that Apple leadership has chosen for apple news.
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9 months ago, Lion6693702
We live in a strange world now. In some ways I feel like George Jetson:) Life has come at us in many new ways…some freeing us and others constricting us, with others down right scaring us. My position is: If there is ANY program that can help smooth out this bumpy ride…I’m for it, or at least it is worth looking into to see how this program effects our situation. And to close, a complaint… Why do we need to be the investigators and researchers for us to acquire financial helps or other kinds of assistance. MANY that are qualified to receive benefits “can’t” expend the energy and time to look into these things. MANY are just downright fading in their thinking and physical abilities that required to find their answers. In brief, we are fading, slowly, in all of our abilities. To do this research is “too much to bear”, so we don’t even start the process. Secondly, “WE” have paid the salaries of the governmental workers that do this work. So, you take our money, live very well on it, and still expect us to do the research that is really your job! You should be happy to help us old folk that paved the way for you, fought in your wars, provided for you, taught you in the schools, and created this country and it’s success…all for you, just as our parents and others did for us. The other DJT;)
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2 years ago, rhgold53
Continuous Crashing
This app just crashes all the time for no apparent reason, usually right in the middle of reading something. And then when you reopen it, you’re back at the top, far from whatever you were trying to read. After no help from Apple Tech support (although she did see it spontaneously crash during screen share), I visited a Genius Bar and they did a complete reboot of my iPad, forcing me to re-create everything as if it were a newly purchased device. It still didn’t help, and now I’m left with a mess on my iPad. It doesn’t crash on my iPhone or Mac, so obviously there’s something incompatible with the iPad’s hardware. I see that another reviewer noted that the problem started with iPadOS 15 and has worsened with 16. That is my experience too. After 4 Apple support phone calls, including one with a higher level tech, and a visit to a Genius Bar, and adjusting various settings and doing restores and reinstalls, it still crashes within 5 minutes!! I don’t know what to do anymore. APPLE, ARE YOU LISTENING?? THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE IPAD VERSION OF THIS APP THAT NEEDS FIXING!!
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3 years ago, itriumph
Images too small
Dear Apple News, before you changed the size of the pictures or images and the set up in Apple. News was perfect. You have to remember that not everyone has perfect vision. My vision is not perfect I wear trifocals and I find the images much too small I have my phone set to zoom and I still find them irritatingly inadequate. I think what would be fair is allowing the reader to choose their own set up. The reason I say this is because you’re forcing small images on me and I don’t want anyone to say I am forcing large images on them. I purposely bought a larger phone iPhone promax 13 looking forward to a larger screen. Instead I find a larger screen that is packed with more images and smaller fonts causing difficulty to read. Needless to say something that I found enjoyment in it’s no longer available to me. BM
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2 months ago, Le Croissant avec Chantilli
Apple News is the best news aggregator in the markets and this is why !
It is programable in your on. iPhone it allows forwarding and reposting of news It allow copy block and read out loud though the iPhone and esencial feature that makes the app a delight - and most news are free with the exception of the worst news outfits like the New Yorker Magazine that is all gossip and no objectivity and thus they make you pay but don’t fall for it - many more venues have the same information - or like the Los Ángeles times another bias and gossipy publication that also has the Hutspah of trying to make you pay for content - I would recommend apple to allow advertisers in the content and offer it all free of charge as a benefit to apple users Amalgamating benefits is customer service Summary the Apple News is indeed awesome use it you will like it
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2 months ago, Monkey Marvel
Massive Writers’ Failure of Communication
Many of the writers are so poor at the craft of writing that they destroy any chances of developing meaningful relationships with the readers. Many sentences are poorly worded and therefore, the meaning and intent of the message is lost. Furthermore, the writers’ inability to craft sensible, straightforward statements becomes lost, and sentences are often left to be ambiguous by default. The reader has to read many of the phrases over and over again, and then, the reader must work to piece together the relevance of the written words to the rest of the article. The writers make reading a very unpleasant experience that requires a lot of puzzle-solving brain work. It becomes frustrating and annoying. Furthermore, it detracts from creating an understandable image - a goal which all writers are trying to achieve. Additionally , the poor word choice and poor order of word placement in a sentence prohibits any inspirational insight into the mind of the writer. It’s shocking to see how many of the articles are of such poor quality.
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11 months ago, alexi_9999
Today’s Low Review of News on My IPhone
Every day I go through all the news headlines in different sections on my iPhone. I find many interesting articles thus I’m forced to pare down the list. Reading all of them would mean a lot of things I need to do would not get done. Now I am learning that I don’t have to worry about choosing a few to read. Why is that you wonder? It is because when I click on a headline & get taken to an article that I’m anxious to read I find a page that has the article has been blocked. Sometimes the block even includes part of the title. Blocked. Included in the block is a message telling me to subscribe to the individual newspaper or magazine carrying the article. Please tell me why I’m being tortured with this? Each article is with a different publisher. I get the newspaper at home & even have some of the magazines carrying the articles. Now you want me to pay again. When you hear the news ads on your tv you watch one channel that will carry all the news.
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11 months ago, Lockwood5poet
Horses do more than race
I rolled my eyes at first when the new “My Sports” feature came out. To me, sportsball is sportsball, no matter the size/shape of the ball(s) or how they’re pursuing or avoiding it. Then I realized this might actually be a way to filter out all the sportsball articles and finally read some news about the horse world (hopefully dressage and combined training and 3-day eventing). I was psyched to see the horse icon as an option in My Sports and picked that plus “Olympics” as my only two categories. Imagine my disappointment to find out the only horse-related content coming out of My Sports was horse racing. Horses do SO much more than race, and there are many fabulous publications out there covering it: “Chronicle of the Horse,” “Practical Horseman,” “Equus,” not to mention news stories coming directly from orgs like the USEA and USET. Heck, there’s even competitive college equestrian teams all over the country. Why is there ZILCH about any of this available through My Sports? …Not even polo, I should add, which also involves a ball. 🤷‍♀️
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3 years ago, cultured curator
Keeps crashing!
I really enjoy all the access to the headlines, different news outlets and magazines. I also like being able to curate my news via the “thumbs up or thumbs down” that is offered. However over the past few days it has been crashing and dumping me out of the App, every few minutes. I have the latest iOS software. Very frustrating to be reading a great article and then lose your place and not be able to find it… I also would like the ability to print out an occasional article. I have tried putting pages / articles through different types of app software, using Safari, etc. and nothing has worked, The normal Print app has not been accessible. I only get a blank or watermarked page printed. It’s important for me to be able to occasionally print articles, instead of ideas & info. just getting lost out there, on the Internet. I feel the subscription should allow me to print. Thanks
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6 months ago, Gregory F. Miller
Great News Aggregator
I use the Apple News app nearly every single time I pick up my phone and I trust that the news stream is unbiased but you can select your news outlet preferences. Select them very carefully to avoid news bias to keep yourself from being disinformed by right-wing crazy lying news. You can remove the crazy ones but my one complaint is that news articles from crazy news (Like Fox News) still appears in my stream, it’s just marked as “Hidden” but you still see it, which defeats the whole purpose. I suspect it’s because they don’t want to alienate their advertisers which prevents us from using this forum as a protest against irresponsible news outlets. My only problem with Apple news is that even if you pay for News+, you still have to look at ads. So what’s the point of paying for it?
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11 months ago, GiseIglesias
Excellent Work!! Bravo
Big applause to the managing of this app collaboration of all media, reporters ,the real people the impressive articles keep me extremely informed! Just another positive way to share with my children excellent reporting. I have my daughter attending FIU, a son part of homeland security, another daughter that made me grandma and my youngest Alfredo 9 the most talented. I love to share with them every article. We dispute converse on all articles shared. We all went cloudspotting on mars just because of the informative avenues you provide! Excellent! Keep up the Amazing Work !! Blessings, Giselle Exotic Rides of Miami Just a quick note - when will you share a kids news column? Children are in need of some good quality teaching in a forum where news becomes increasingly interesting. I have great ideas !! Keep shining your voice of great news 🏆
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11 months ago, wisewomans
The news about the news.”
The best parts about your news articles are that I receive immediately breaking news from numerous news sources. The problems are that much of your news is boring junk such as which boring celebrity has a new person to date or has gotten pregnant. Remember the old saying, “Dog bites man is not news. Man bites dog is news.” Also, the reader should know the news from the first sentence or paragraph. Your writers often go on and on so that the reader quits reading without ever reaching the point of the story. Are they paid by the word like Charles Dickens and need longer stories to make a living? And most articles by presumably professional writers contain grammatical errors. At times I can’t even figure out who “they” refers back to in the previous paragraph. Quick fix: have the writers proofread their work before sending it out. They would probably find most of the errors. And if only you would not comment on every extremely ordinary outfit that Kate/Meghan is wearing!
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10 months ago, aeames
Paid version is well worth your time
The amount of ads in the non-paid version was enough to have me switch to Google news for a while. I upgraded my phone and got the chance to try out a subscription to Apple News for 3 months, and I’m a little blown away at how much better it is. I don’t watch cable news and rarely have time local channel news, so getting access to all the major magazines and and newspapers in an app that I can browse on my time and save for later if I need has been a highly useful feature. I especially found the audio portion of the app really good. I’m strongly considering keeping this subscription when the trial ends. If you’re like me and loath sitting down to watch jaded cable news to try and piece together a full story, give this a shot.
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1 month ago, Xanderhud
Repetitive headlines
Long time paying user here. This app really needs to keep track of which articles you’ve read already and/or skipped over 10 times to be more aggressive surfacing unread content. They also removed displaying how old an article is after it gets over a certain age. That’s clearly to trick the reader into reading older content that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Usually it’s articles I’ve seen hundreds of times already and skipped and they just get older and older until they stop even showing how old it is, and I still don’t want to read them. I likely will stop paying for this service. Also they sometimes have a different headline shown in the feed than on the article itself, which is especially irritating when the headline is too long to be shown and truncates off, so then you open then article to try to read the headline but can’t because it’s a different headline. It feels like baiting you into opening an article. Whatever metrics they are optimizing for are not the right ones.
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5 months ago, chadpbrown
This product could be great, but just isn’t. The placement is excellent; everything else is poor. The layouts are terrible and hard to read, filled with low-quality and repetitive ads. The stories they carry are much better on the original sources, and are often available there for free despite being behind a paywall inside Apple News. Sharing stories is likewise terrible, with the focus seemingly on getting users to funnel other people through this bad app rather than actually sharing the story. On top of this, news stories are frequently recycled, reappearing after having been skipped days before. The sections are poorly curated, lacking even basic filtering like prioritizing specific teams in sports or even specific *sports*. It gives higher placement to pushing Apple podcast episodes than to local news from my location. Over the years, I’ve seen several good iOS news apps die, so I understand that the field must be tough, but this is the worst iOS news app I’ve tried, and the most expensive.
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1 year ago, thisnamesux
Get rid of the full page 3 month trial ad
UPDATE…deleting this app for good. Contacted Apple Support and was told the only way to get the nagware ad to stop was to accept the offer. No one should be forced to subscribe in order to use a free app with a paid option. Sadly I was considering buying a subscription later this year, but will not even consider it now. I will not support this type of behavior from any company’s Marketing Team. Following the IOS 16.3 I am getting presented with a full screen “Activate Free 3 Month Trial” page every time I exit an article. This has made the News app unusable. I do not wish to activate the trial and should not be harassed to do so. This is an unacceptable level of “Guerilla Marketing” and frankly I’m a little disappointed that Apple’s Marketing Team would stoop to this level to increase their subscriber base. If this persists after the next IOS update it will be goodbye to Apple News for me forever. If this marketing approach permeates to other Apple “free” apps, you will be saying goodbye to a long standing loyal Apple consumer and beta tester.
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1 year ago, celphiriox
Love it, just a few minor issues
Great news app. Clean, simple, supports OLED dark mode, etc. Good stuff. However, it has a couple of minor issues that are quite annoying. 1. iPhone kills the app in the background, so if I was in the middle of an article, I lose it. Sometimes, it gives me the option to jump back in. 90% of the time it doesn’t. Really frustrating since I’ve missed out on a ton of great reads. Only workaround is to save the article and jump back into it later. 2. My likes and dislikes don’t seem to do anything to teach News what I actually want to read. And when I block a channel (such as ESPN) it still shows up in the feed, albeit blocked. Why have a like/dislike feature if it won’t even learn my preferences? 3. I wish the main page was easier to personalize, and there was an option to remove unwanted sections or easily dislike news I don’t want there. Instead I usually just scroll all the way through to the good stuff 4. There are ads in many subscription-based articles. I thought the whole point was that I pay a subscription and get ad-free access to some of the articles? Doesn’t make sense. Knowing Apple, I’m doubtful stuff like this would ever be fixed. Regardless, $10 a month is a steal for getting access to so many of these articles.
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12 months ago, teen angle
San Diego the city I was born in.
San Diego has so many wonderful things to do in it. I was born in the San Diego Navy Hospital in 1945. I’ve been able to explore the history and culture of the city. Balboa Park is one of my favorite places to visit. I love the beaches and remember the wooden roller coaster in Mission beach. I rode it many times when I was a kid. I loved watching the Chargers play football and was very upset when they moved to Los Angeles. Now I watch our Padres play on Television. I love them and I alway will. After being married and moving around California and then to my husband wanted to retire in Wyoming. But when he passed away my son wanted me to sell my house and move back to El Cajon. I now live with my daughter and son-in-law in El Cajon because I can’t afford to live in a senior apartment. Rent’s are ridiculous. I still love San Diego and East County.
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3 months ago, John Gregorio
News has developed greatly over the years, but can still improve.
I love the News app. Happily subscribed to News+. I usually start my mornings with Apple News Today during my commute and reading a few headlines before work begins. Have my magazines like Rolling Stone and Time that are given a modern look in the app. Loveeeee the Sports section! And sharing articles through iMessage is clean and simple. Integration with Apple’s greater ecosystem is what you’d expect. That being said, I want to see MORE from this app. News has the potential to be a much bigger part of Apple’s ecosystem. For example, a News+ subscription should give me access to some live news content in the Apple TV app. Imagine getting live feeds from all the major sources like CNN Fox and MSNBC all within that app. Apple One for sure would benefit from this. More newspapers should get on board the service as well (local newspapers especially). Was sad to see NYT go but there’s promise with them coming back one day with the Athletic and Wirecutter making its way over recently. More non-News+ subscriptions like Washington Post and Bloomberg would be nice to see as well (even if the prices for them are higher). In all, over the years Apple News has grown and developed into what has become my digital daily newspaper.
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4 months ago, News aficianado
Really should be called DNC News
If you want to read about how awful and rotten Republicans are and how amazing and incredible Democrats are, this is the app for you. Just looking at the feed, there is absolutely NO balance. The closest you can get is the Wall Street Journal, but even those articles are cherry picked to cast centrist or center-right figures as racist, bigoted, evil, or all of the above. There have been entire days where my feed is all articles making fun of Trump. Why am I paying for this? Even when I block outlets, I see, “Blocked. Read anyway.” Why would I want to read it anyway after I blocked it? The algorithm is completely fixed, so your preferences are completely ignored. People wondering why the world is so divided? This app is the perfect answer. One-sided stories, intentionally misleading headlines, and no ability to even register an opinion. You can do better, Apple. If you truly want to make the world a better place, start by taking off your blinders and giving people more say in the news they consume.
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2 years ago, Duhass
Propaganda promoter
I have left so many reviews of this app but still use it because I have no other way to receive news and topics of interests, so I’ve given it one star for this in addition to the obligatory star. I own everything Apple, even stocks so I am not only disappointed of the obvious fact that Apple (and many other Big Tech) are so obviously biased that its beyond indoctrinating—its sickening. I know what you maybe thinking and judging(shame on you, I haven’t even begun): If I’m opposed to Far-Left everything I’m obviously the problem and am not capable of, or willing to read information I disagree with, which is not true. This is beyond information bias, for instance, if you “block” X News and it displays “You’ve blocked X News, would you like to see it anyway?” Is not really blocking, its making it slightly less obvious. My real criticism (although I really do strongly dislike the aforementioned block feature) its the fact that if something replaces it thats even further reaching than before. I’d go to other news providers but I can not afford it momentarily coupled with the fact that thinking like YOURS has made anything else practically criminal so there aren’t any. Also, this lengthy article was made even more irritating but a true testament of my dedication and willpower by the fact that the keyboard (cover) doesn’t connect properly and skips, auto-deletes, jumps 4 spaces.
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2 years ago, Alick32
Why the ads?
I love Apple and it is rare that I find myself irritated by anything you do but today I find myself irritated. I pay for News+ each month yet when I am scrolling through articles, they are littered with ads. Are you not drawing enough revenue from the subscriptions? As I understand it, subscription revenue is a part of your evolving growth strategy. If I have to look at ugly ads anyway, why do I need to pay for a subscription? Can you bump me $0.50 more for ad free news articles? I would understand finding ads in the magazines but I don’t understand having to endure them in an article about preventing a railroad strike. Edited: I just lowered my rating by one star for the ads. The words respect night mode but not the ads. I lowered my brightness completely but they still glow with a very bright white light. I like to read News in the early morning hours in bed so this is very uncomfortable.
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1 year ago, John Putman
You Might Not Be Old Enough To Read This
Years ago, (no, not centuries), well - mostly we’re talking about the 20th century, there was an oft used concept of a clipping service. In companies throughout America certain Executives had exclusive employ of an ‘Executive Secretary’. It was a common job function for them to go through designated newspapers and magazines and ‘clip’ (neatly cut out with scissors) articles they came to know would ‘brief ‘ their boss on subjects of professional and personal interest. This was also a practice of others like the independently wealthy, celebrities and Royals. Apple News reminds me of those days, except it utilises machine learning to garner your personal interests while keeping you advised of the most important of current events worldwide. Essentially, a clipping service for the masses. Apple, well done. -max
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10 months ago, bobby.exe
Good but not great
The news app is ver good and all, But if you get it shows you a screen to make you get Apple News+ and it’s expensive. No one with a brain would get News+ it’s to expensive, Apple users get it when they get a phone and you can read some story’s not much tho, they need to lower prices and maybe just make it free because we work hard for money and this is not how we spend on this. This is to show that Apple is a company that only want money, This mostly happen after Steve Jobs passing. Once Tim Cook got the company he only made it for the money and not for the fans, In Apples earlier years in the 2000s and early 2010s he did not make it about the money, He went to the conferences even tho his company was failing, He cared for his fans, And loved them dearly. But Tim Cook making a phone with the same camera look same and changing it a little bit. This is not for what Steve Jobs wanted.
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1 year ago, -el_
Stop moving the UI around
After 16.5, the thumbs up/down and share buttons have been moved to the top and thumbs up/down has been combined so you have to tap it before selecting, making it where once you could do a single tap, no you have to go into a submenu. Not to mention it’s all crammed in the same spot alerts come from. Does Apple use its own products? Alerts on iPhones come from the top of the phone. It is frustratingly annoying to have UI functions in the same spot that alerts are going to show up. Nothing is more annoying than going to click share/save/like and then happening to get an alert at the same time and now I’m hijacked into an app I’m not trying to get in. Not to mention the ergonomics of having to now use two hands to do what could be done with just one prior to the latest update. This is just a thoughtless and dysfunctional redesign that makes the app less user friendly than it was prior to the change.
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