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User Reviews for Reddit

4.76 out of 5
2.9M Ratings
3 years ago, ReadersRLeaders
Fix the Bottom Bar Please!
Writing a review hoping this gets fixed so I can change the rating to five stars. The app will randomly change the orientation of the tabs at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the app will open with my home page and five buttons at the bottom with the notifications on the far right, which is ideal. However, sometimes it opens to the world news tab and instead of a notifications tab, there is one that says “more” with three dots, where I can then click on notifications from a menu. Not only is this an annoying extra couple steps, there is no need for it since there is nothing else. On top of that, when I view my notifications this way, I cannot get to my profile in the same notifications tab. I can bring up the sidebar while viewing notifications, but when I click on my profile it just returns to my notification feed. Thought it was something that surely would have gotten caught and fixed quickly but the app was updated two days ago and this is still happening.
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3 years ago, seal_eggs
Please let me remove the scroll button!
Overall the app is quite good. Very fluid, easy to navigate to my favorite subreddits quickly; basically does everything I’d expect from a Reddit client. HOWEVER, there is one feature that drives me absolutely batty. The scroll button. You know the one. The one where you accidentally click it and it sends you to the bottom of the thread you’re currently reading. There is already a perfectly good feature for this: pressing and holding on the screen collapses the current top-level comment and all child comments. I have had this app since the day it came out and have never, not once, pressed that button on purpose. Most of the time I just stick it in the top right corner and it stays out of the way, where it still creates a minor visual annoyance, but if that was all that happened I would not be writing this review. No, not only can I not get rid of it, it won’t even stay where I put it. Every so often, the button will jump back to its default location, and will not let me move it above that height on the screen. It’s annoying, it’s USELESS, because as I said there is already a feature that accomplishes the same thing, and I can’t remove it. Absolutely horrible feature. Please remove it from the app or at the very least give me an option to remove it. As it stands this app is two stars. Remove this infernal button and it will be five.
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2 years ago, :--,)
You cannot have an opinion and you have to think the same way everyone else does :/!
The issue with Reddit is you can’t actually have an opinion, and by that I mean valid opinions that are harmless such as which chip flavor is better or little things like that. The downvote feature penalizes you for getting downvoted, such as it’ll hide your comments or not let you post on certain subreddits if you don’t have enough. For example on the hello fresh subreddit, there was a question asking if they think the price is worth it and only people who agreed yes had upvotes and they downvoted anyone who said they personally didn’t feel like it was worth it. You make a thread asking a question and to have people voice their different harmless opinions, yet they got downvoted? This just proves you have to think the same mindset as everyone else, which is just not how the real world works. The downvote feature should be replaced with if a comment gets reported a certain amount of time it’s automatically deleted, since there could be racist comments or creepy ones that need to get deleted which is understandable. Yet it’s tiring to get downvoted for simple things. People will literally go as far as checking your whole post history and page just to add on to a downvote and prove their point, which is super … odd to me. I honestly just don’t like posting at this point, because even for simple questions I get downvoted if people find it too boring, which is dumb.
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2 years ago, best revievws
Very sensitive community/should have better guidelines
You can’t even state your own opinion with out getting bashed even if it is valid. People make hate pages about other people and im sure it says that you are not supposed to support any sort of bullying or harassment or send links or @ other people and screenshots. The community is just full of sad and awful people who think they know everything and say they want to make the world a better place but then make snark pages about people just because they view the world differently or have a different opinion. So many people get away with nasty hateful things on this platform to where it is worse than tiktok and twitter combined. Honestly the way the app is advertised makes it seem like a wonderful community and so supportive but in reality everyone on their brings u down. No wonder why so many people are depressed on this platform the whole thing is full of hate and ugliness. I don’t know if the owners or people that run the platform know what really happens on their but they should have alot more control on what is said and posted on their just like other platforms. There are seriously older adults on their along with probably minors that talk horribly about one another. The whole community is just horrible its self literally can’t even scroll down without seeing a post hating on someone; just full of so many sad people that think they are doing something right in the world.
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2 years ago, Video editor 23
Banned for no reason
This app is so sensitive. I got heavily downvoted then BANNED PERMANENTLY for saying ‘I think you need to read the post again..’ which the person did.. He asked a question that was ANSWERED IN THE POST and was heavily informed about that exact question. And since I got downvoted hard, and I guess some people reported me, I got banned. I tried to make another account but they banned that one too. I’m scared that they banned my IP address because my mom uses Reddit and I don't want her account to get banned just because mine did.. I looked up this issue and this is a HUGE problem on reddit. You literally can’t have your own opinion on this app, or say anything that will POSSIBLY upset people. And if you do, its downvotes, downvotes, downvotes. Then it will be led by subreddit banning or permanent banning. I can understand if someone was being racist, homophobic or just disrespectful. But I see the simplest comments get downvoted. One time, on r/aww it was a video of a woman with her dog at the gym and the dog was being cute or whatever. Some people were wondering why she was allowed to have a dog at the gym so someone answered saying, “She owns the gym, so thats why the dog is there:)” and it had -30 DOWNVOTES??!! WHY?! People on that app are SO sensitive! And they were right!! I looked it up and she did own the gym! And guess what? I tried to click on their account and it was banned. Probably for literally just that one comment. Do better Reddit.
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3 years ago, TheGlobfather
Mods have too much power
The way Reddit works essentially is that anyone can claim a subreddit that isn’t already taken and create their own mod team. This means if you don’t want people to talk about baseball cards and you are the first person to get the subreddit r/baseballcards you can essentially shut down any conversation from ever happening about the subject on the platform. Not only that, if they actually want to let people talk about it they can police and ban them w/o giving any reason meaning subreddits often become home to power hungry mods who ban you for disagreeing with them even if not directly. Reddit has no problem with this because the site is big enough that the people effected don’t make enough noise to cause problems for the rest of the users nor do they have any form of recourse. They can appeal to the mod team of the subreddit but they will more than likely end up talking to the person who banned them. You can appeal directly to the Reddit mod team but like I said, they won’t care because as a mod you can ban anyone for any reason so they will say they aren’t breaking any rules. And don’t fool yourself if you are thinking this kind of degenerate mod behavior is exclusive to political subs and the like, it is every corner of reddit. The mods have too much power so of course it goes to their heads. There needs to be some kind of standard mods are held to, it has completely ruined the website.
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11 months ago, TheSociaIGadfly
The mods and admins enforce rules selectively, so it’s kind of the Wild West.
After being trashed by dozens of redditors for expressing views which comport with my Jewish ethics and in a way which exhibits autism/Asperger’s, I reported numerous abusive and harassing posts and plead with moderators and the Reddit admin to take action. One of the moderators then mocked me and suggested that I was being a “Karen.” I then reported this abuse to Reddit admin, but no apparent action was taken, nor was the comment removed. The same moderator even linked to a post on my personal page as a means of brigading and furthering the harassment. Of course, I reported that post to Reddit admin, but you can guess what happened in response: nothing. So I decided to fight fire with fire as a means of making a point. Naturally, I was temporarily banned from Reddit. Way to go, admin. You let people pile on the guy for expressing his Jewish values and for communicating in a style that’s common for autistic people, but you immediately took action to ban the same guy the moment that he responded in kind as a means of demonstrating the arbitrary methods of selective enforcement. You proved the very point that I set out to make. You don’t have to bother with lifting my ban since my conduct was just my attempts to set fire to the place on my way out. I was done with Reddit by that point because you utterly failed to enforce the standards which you purport to value in your policy.
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11 months ago, shantoast
Not nearly as enjoyable of an experience
I’ve used Apollo to access Reddit ever since I’ve had an account, so I never knew what the native app experience was like and why so many people said it was trash. Now I know. It lacks so many features, it keeps turning my notifications back on, and it’s totally bogged down with ads. Even worse, it keeps populating my feed with “recommended” subreddits because I happened to read one post in there once, but then not showing me posts from the majority of the subreddits I follow. Seriously, half my feed is ads and recommended subreddits I don’t care about (otherwise I’d subscribe to them), and the other half is posts from the same 4-5 subreddits that I am subscribed to. I’m literally missing out on 95% of the content I want to see (as indicated BY SUBSCRIBING) and then getting inundated with content I don’t want and didn’t ask for. What a horrible UX design. Your UI design could use an overhaul as well. Even something as seemingly simple as following a comment thread is difficult because there is nothing that helps differentiate the comment level, so the longer the thread gets, the harder it is to tell which child comment goes to which parent comment. I mean, come on. Reddit is a conversational forum! Being able to easily follow the conversation is UI 101! Anyway. I can now honestly say I agree - this app is trash. It’s too bad Reddit DGAF.
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1 year ago, HaywüdJablowmi
Does not care about users, moderators, or developers
At one point in time Reddit was a free speech centric community with quality content and communities and at this point in time it is an over-corporatized and over-valued app. The Reddit team has shown its lack of care for users with third party readers, developers of apps and bots that can help everything from getting you a job to automoderation, and moderators by making their jobs harder and threatening to replace the founders do once great communities for expressing their opinion on the current state of Reddit. Furthermore they are even unwilling to work with some developers who are willing to pay for the API access. This company has consistently said one thing and done the exact opposite for the last few years and the site is suffering because of it. With a notable example being Reddit stating they’d like to avoid being like elon and then weeks later admitting they’re actively replicating his business model which quite blatantly killed Twitter. After June 30th I will no longer be using or supporting Reddit, an app I once loved as an alternative to other social media platforms offered. I highly recommend no one else does either. Good luck with an IPO for a site based on the volunteer work of others after you’ve angered everyone who built your success, because I feel the near future for Reddit contains a lot of internal sabotage and debt.
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3 months ago, Silverdude95
New UI gestures oversight
Within the past day or two there was an update to UI gestures when tapping into a post. Functionality before was that you could tap a post to pull up a full view of the image/video/media. For galleries, you could swipe left and right to either end and stay in the post. There was a button for the comments section. Swipe up went to related posts in the same subreddit/feed. Swipe down went back to the card view of the feed. This works fine. With the new change, when swiping left, you don’t hit a stop with galleries anymore. It will move on to the next recommended post. If that post is a gallery as well, you have to swipe through ALL the images in the gallery to get to the next recommended post. There’s no other way to continue seeing recommended posts. There’s also no way to stay confined within a single post/gallery anymore since there is no stop. Swipe up used to be next recommended post, replaced with comments. There was already a button for comments in at least 2-3 places I could think of for a post. Now, the new gestures make the UX more difficult instead of intuitive. They weren’t all that intuitive to begin with, but this makes it more redundant for comments, and harder for post discoverability. I’d love to see more customize-ability with these settings, or at least a way to revert.
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12 months ago, Cali 2.0
Instagram 2.0
Final Update: I’ve used this app for 5+ years and am now deleting it. Between the rearranged USI making it harder to enjoy, the recent API issue, and the ads, my god the ads. It seems every third post is an ad and they’re never anything I’m interested in. There are thousands of Christian’s ads that are just completely tone death. Also the content quality has just diminished. It’s great for wasting time but there really isn’t anything that interesting going on anymore. I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s just a huge waste of time. I’m deleting it for good now. Finally time to go out and touch grass. The recent updates have really killed the magic of Reddit. It feels like an Instagram clone now. They made the list of subreddits harder to access and replaced them with a “feed” of popular stuff that I’m not interested in. The ads and recommended communities are excessive and Intrusive. Very much has gone from, online form for discussion, to social media “check out my avatar” and upvote my posts! A lot of the magic that made Reddit unique has given way to the pressure of becoming a social media platform. If you want to look at pictures get Instagram instead. Has been a great opportunity for me to quit though. This app is a complete waste of time and would not recommend. Given 2 stars just for what Reddit used to be. The interface has ceased to be user friendly
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2 years ago, wowdude18
Reddit has been a good app until now
I love this app, I really do but when the developers made it so when you tap a photo or a video it goes to this different player that when you scroll up it goes to a random video from a subreddit that you haven’t joined. I mean yes I know why that it was changed to do that, so you can have more variety on watching similar content. For awhile I got passed that for videos by taping a photo and swiping to the left to get to the video but now in a recent update they made it so taping on photos does the same thing with videos which at least for me it really annoying. I know just me saying this won’t get anything changed so I’m hoping that other people agree with me or at least make it a setting to change it back to the way it was before you changed it to what you have now for a video player. Adding this after making this review, also why did the developers get rid of the sorting system that they had to change it to new, hot, top, or controversial it’s just bad app design to get rid of these things that people love about Reddit but changing it to this, I’m not really mad just annoyed and kinda disappointed in the developers on getting rid of the sort option and changing the video player
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1 year ago, Christine K
The only social media/sharing site I use
I've been using Reddit for 6 years, and while there's been a lot of changes-some good and some bad-it's still the best media platform, by far. The voting system and user content personalization keeps the content fresh and of decent quality. I never get bored. There's such great variety on here: politics, science, literature, world/local news, popular news, comedy, idiotic comments, philosophical conversation, support groups, --the list is literally endless, and if you can't find the sub you want, they're very easy to make up (although moderating can be a pain sometimes, I hear). The app itself is well-designed, and easier to navigate than it's sister app, Alien Blue. That said, I wish there was a way to easily (or at all) quote (c&p) other users and/or to access the content on the site in safari. I actually have the question our on r/reddithelp as to whether these are possible (I thought they were), so if I find they are, I'll update the review. Update, June 2023. My how the mighty have fallen. I’m not even wasting my time outlining all of the ways Reddit has let its users down. I’ve begun to suspect it’s intentional, as the last bastion of progressive discourse online. Regardless, and for many, many other reasons, after over a decade as a user and sometime-mod, I’m absolutely done with Reddit. This site is destined for the garbage.
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3 years ago, Legoboy5
The Real Problem
So I’ve been on Reddit for around a week and I really loved it! The community was great and there was a lot to do there until recently. One day I went on and seemed to not be able to comment or post anything. I then found out a thing called being Shadowbanned which is what reddit dose to people if they break there rules. I find this reasonable as there needs to be a moderated platform for people. I looked more into it and went to the subreddit r/shadowban to see if I was shadowbanned and turns out I was. I then took the past 30 mins to got though the comments and posts I ever made and didn’t see anything. Of course if I got shadowbanned I have to happen to break the rules somehow, so I went to the mods them self’s to not be unshadowbanned but more of what I did wrong. Unfortunately to the dismay of me they never replied so I sent them any message asking kindly what I have done. The same thing happened and to this day I still don’t know why I got shadowbanned. Though all of this I’ve made 3 accounts and all shaowbanned trying to to break the rules, one of those accounts I literally made only 3 comments. I never written a Apple review before but this app has gotten me so upset I had to write a review. Reddit needs to implement something for people and get there acted together if they ever want me back again, I’m really disappointed with everything they did.
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1 year ago, EinnUlfr
Word’s Can’t Explain…Or Can They?
First of all if anyone thinks that you will be treated fairly, that you will have a voice, or a place where you can have a different mindset from everyone else, where you don’t feel like the website is controlled by the Gestapo, or Stalin’s NKVD, or feel pressured to “go with the flow” to be treated as “sheep”. Well then this app isn’t for you. Because it certainly wasn’t for me. It doesn’t matter how polite you are, how cordial or reasonable you are you have to build up “Karma” and a reputation to even post a comment. I had a comment stating “Mario Cart Be Like:” and it got taken down because it quote: “Violated rules and guidelines” but yet everyone on that same page is using curse words and other vulgar types of language. I put in an inquiry to see if I could get the situation resolved and I was a bit frustrated but at the same time I wanted to make sure I was being respectful. And I was essentially told to give a less “triggered inquiry” So me being me I chose to be the bigger man and apologize even though I had nothing to apologize for. But I stated to them many times that I come in peace and my objective is humor but not the type that makes targets or victims of anyone. And they told me to give a less “triggered response”. Which tells me the wheel is spinning inside their head but the hamster is dead. If you can’t stand ignorance avoid this.
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1 month ago, hangryguynow
Use a 3rd party client (for your own sake).
The native Reddit app is a dumpster fire of an experience for almost all users. Discounting the absolutely horrible actions of Reddit’s CEO over the last month or two, this app has been unusable (in most people’s opinion) for years. Mods can’t use this app to keep Reddits communities safe, the UI shows how little they care about the users that make this app great, and they clearly don’t support or care about users who have disabilities. Reddit has clearly succumb to the pressure of corporate greed approaching their IPO as a potentially public company. Huffman has gone off the rails and falsely accused third party developers of actual crimes they never committed, and even doubled down about these allegations even with evidence disproving them. Reddit was once a great powerhouse and asset to the internet at large, but has swiftly deteriorated into a state that I cannot support at all. For your sake, the sake of individuals who have had their reputation tarnished unjustly, and the sake of those with disabilities, dont use this app. Or if possible, stop using Reddit entirely. Pathetic. Edit a few months down the road: Things are still predictably horrible. Videos don’t load, images glitch out when viewing full screen, and then general user experience has gone downhill since u/spez decided to pursuer money over a good platform. This app is done.
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9 months ago, jaitttt
They need a new moderator system.
I’m tired of my account being temporarily banned for 7 days on certain subreddits when I don’t do anything wrong. If a mod doesn’t like something you say that’s all it takes even if it’s civil. If you try to appeal it, most of the time the message won’t even send. The mod and appeal system is a joke, because the mod that made the ban refuses to change their mind. The app is broken half the time and doesn’t work. Either server error or try again later. I never bully or harass anyone. My latest ban was because I gave my opinion on a post that someone asked for opinions. Yes that’s it. The mods reasoning was “don’t yuck someone else’s yum”. The OP was literally asking for fashion advice. I was civil and simply stated I didn’t like ONE out of the 7 outfits in question. That resulted in my account being temporary banned for 7 days. They allow anyone to be moderators and if they don’t agree with you, they can do whatever they want. I see many bullying comments that get ignored. I guess on Reddit you’re allowed to be a bully as long as the mod agrees with you. Freedom of speech is only allowed on Reddit if the mod agrees with you. Broken app and broken mod system.
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9 months ago, ladybug1144
Keeps resetting my notification settings
I have repeatedly (and repeatedly, and repeatedly, and—) changed my settings so that I don’t get random notifications for things like recommended or trending posts. I only want notifications for things like replies to my own posts and comments, and changing the settings temporarily fixes this for me. However, without fail, after maybe a couple months it randomly resets so that all notifications are selected and I start getting a bunch I don’t want again, and have to go back in and deselect a bunch of them all over again. Based on the tons of complaints I’ve found all over Reddit’s own platform, this has been an issue for a very long time for many many people and there doesn’t seem to have ever been any attempt on Reddit’s behalf to solve it. Considering this is the only app I’ve ever had this problem with, it seems like at this point they either just really don’t care whether their app works right or they’re actively trying to annoy their user base with unwanted notifications on purpose. Honestly the app is fine otherwise, this really is the only reason I’m rating it one star because it’s such a stupid bug for an app this size to have, unless it really is on purpose but either way I get more annoyed each time it happens. This should be an easy fix guys, so dumb.
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2 years ago, Aznaocnk
The UI “updates” are terrible and not user-friendly!
HEADS UP! THE PREVIEW IS NOTHING LIKE WHAT THE APP LOOKS LIKE NOW! Continuously, Reddit App developers change the UI not to fix bugs but to make a worse experience for users. Reddit used to have a UI design that set it apart and was functional. Now the app is designed to emulate other social media apps and it does not fit with existing design choices. The new video player is somehow worse than the video player that existed previously (and was never fixed, despite constant bug reports). Sorting options have been removed from the top of the tabs and placed within the profile menu (and only lets you sort for home now). That means instead of one click to sort, it’s now three. They’ve decided, in their infinite wisdom, to change how the upvote, comment, and share buttons are displayed. Instead of across the entire bottom of a post, spread out so you know what you’re clicking, it’s all now squished to the bottom left of the post. They choose to overhaul the design of the UI repeatedly, straying further and further away from what made Reddit unique while not fixing any of the existing issues. I could go on and on about the horrible choices they continue to make, and how they don’t listen to the community about what we actually want out of the app, but they clearly don’t listen (duh).
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2 years ago, Cubsfan623
Where are my communities?
Well, it finally happened - I finally ditched the official Reddit app for a Reddit client. A lot of users have had issues with many of the updates and general usability of the official app over the last couple of years but I hung in there. The final straw for me was when an update released a couple of weeks ago made it so my communities no longer display and it times out whole searching for them. I researched it, and others are experiencing the same thing which has been reported to Reddit but no fix has been provided in the handful of subsequent updates. I tried out a few other options and landed on an app that is reminiscent of Reddit’s glory days, complete with a responsive developer who interacts with the community and updates the app based on suggestions from actual users. Sorry Reddit, I love the platform but your app has degenerated so much I’ve decided it’s time to go - I’m leaving you for a third party app. Even if this bug were to be fixed and you change your ways, I’m happy with my new crush and don’t foresee myself coming back to you. It was fun while it lasted and I’ll look back on those years fondly, but you’ve changed for the worst - best of luck to you and your developers. Off I go, to spend time with my new Reddit squeeze :)
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11 months ago, ZaxLofful
Good Until Recent Update
I have been using the app for about 3 years now and it was great….Until the latest update. The problem in question is related to photos. You use to be able to click a photo and then double-tap to zoom in….Now you cannot. On top of that, it now opens the photo with the post text forcibly overlaid at the bottom. This will cut off the content for some of the photos. You use to be able to “light-tap” and the overlaid text would disappear, but now the “light tap” just does nothing. It also disables the ability for me to do the “force click” on my iPhone. Using the pressure sensor on the screen you could essentially “right-click” and it would bring up the share menu. All three of these features disappeared/appeared in the last two weeks. It’s absolutely awful and makes browsing Reddit an absolute chore. I’m not sure who or what made them change direction on such an simple feature. Making it infinitely more complicated without providing any actual features/improvements. Edit: Additionally in another new update. They made it so that if you click the like button, it actives the share button automatically afterwards….Now every time I like something, the app lags and tries to get me to share it….I have to close it and the app to get it to stop. WORST UPDATE IN THE HISTORY OF APPS.
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12 months ago, WhiteBird6944
Stay back, and don't come back until their API prices are reverted.
As of now with the abysmal prices of Reddit's API plus their absolutely narcissistic way that they have handled the community's answers, the user are now less valuable than the revenue their API calls produce. Many apps will be shutting down TOMORROW because the prices they have been given are madness. For instance, Apollo, a 3rd party app that has been running for the past 10 years, and has even been recognized by iPhone (i.e. WWDC) is 24 cents for every 1000 API calls, with each call being sent for just about anything you do. Comment? Call. Post? Call. Upvote or downvote? Either one is a call. With all of those costing 24 cents to Apollo to give to Reddit, this amounts to 2 million dollars, MONTHLY. Keep in mind, the sole maker of the app, u/iamthatis AKA Christian, ran the app and only supported himself through completely optional extras. Apollo won't even be the only casualty of such a change. Narwhal, Reddit is Fun, etc. u/spez AKA Steve Huffman, you have gave each and every moderator team, the people who made your servers live, a singular clap then a "Screw you". Maybe that 2 Million a month won't be so worth it when you'll have a community that loathes you, and if you don't know what "loath" means, which I completely understand by this point, this means you'll be considered the enemy of Reddit.
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10 months ago, Therearenonamesavailable3
The website is great but this app is hot garbage
I enjoy using Reddit for all types of things from help with specific subjects, to entertainment. That is why it pains me to say that this app is horrible. On mobile, Reddit forces you to use the app to view content from many of its subreddit but the app has to be closed and restarted every few minutes due to bugs. There are many issues but my biggest complaints are videos playing their audio over other videos, comments don’t post sometimes and sometimes they post twice, sometimes the app just stops loading things as if my internet went out but I check other apps and my internet is just fine, and the most common/most annoying bug where the video will play for about 10 seconds then mute itself. I unmute it then 10 seconds later it mutes again. I can’t use this app for more than 10 minutes without experiencing one of these bugs and the only way to fix it is to close and reopen the app. There are far more apps and if you have slow internet, watching videos is basically impossible as every time you fast forward or rewind it has to reload the whole thing and the video doesn’t play unless it’s fully loaded. There are many bugs and some have been around for a while. The website is great, but the app is hot garbage.
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1 year ago, gree0232
Stop deleting one-star reviews
As others have reviewed, it has a serious moderation issue. It’s gotten much worse because Reddit now smashed admins (Reddit employees) onto larger communities. While this may bring some good tech support, they also appear to have gone trolling for the most dishonest, toxic people they can find. They are either too lazy to give you anything other than a canned response or vile, abusive, clowns who gaslight their victims. It’s been made worse by allowing users to directly report anything to admins. Now packs of idiots run around reporting anything they disagree with or issuing false reports on people who happen to catch their abusive eyes. The communities I frequented were well moderatored. It was the admins who were absolutely out of control. It is not a joke to say that they lie, abuse, and, in my case, actually tried to change the log to hide what they were doing. Customer Service is non-existent. Anything short of public scorn gets ignored. If you pursue Newsweek, you’ll occasionally get a puff piece about something off of Reddit. That’s the most you need to invest in this app. Horrible user experience created by abusive employees. You can be absolutely fine on the forum, but it’s Reddit employees themselves that ruin it for everyone. Wall Street is refusing to issue an IPO, you be wise to invest the same amount: nothing.
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2 years ago, 𝙺𝚒𝚝𝙺𝚛
Perfect App
Reddit is the best social media app available out of every single social media app that the majority of the population uses, like even though TikTok is very main stream right now, it can get really old, always seeing the same videos and what not, but Reddit however is like a fresh breath of air, constantly updated, pages for every single content out there- literally anything you can think of and you want to see wether it’s just a hobby, something funny, wanting to learn new stuff or even just people fighting, wanting to find something new, or you are curious legit anything you can think of you will be able to find a Reddit page for it, I never have any issues with Reddit— no lagging, no connection issues, I never seen the same videos over and over again, the app is super easy to use and learn so no excuses to not have the app unless you just really don’t want to download it or have an account, you can just go through Reddit with a guest account aswell, perfect app! Deserves all 5 stars I gave it, keep doing you reddit !! 😁😁😁☺️
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2 years ago, Blueblur
Not Working, Design Changes Hurt User Experience
This app was working just fine until the recent updates where Reddit has (1) swapped the video player with a TikTok wannabe video players and forced videos to sticky to the top of posts and (2) replaced the bottom communities tab that conveniently listed recent communities, favorited communities, and all other joined communities with an Pinterest-like browse tab which includes none of my communities. Now to get my communities list I have to tap a More button in the left - which is difficult to reach on an iPhone 12 Max - to open a side pane that wasn’t loading until I opened and closed the app a bunch of times (suggested by an admin on r/Redditmobile). What’s even worse is that if I want to jump to another one of my communities I **cannot**. I’m forced to tap the arrow in the top of the screen to exit the community, then I have to tap the More button to open the pane AGAIN, and then I can scroll to my desired community. The extra tap is annoying and frustrating. I wish these forced changes were optional so I could sidestep these weird choices whatever leaders at Reddit are forcing because they want to increase engagement in more boring normie communities that may have more ads.
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1 year ago, JEMathey
Constantly making terrible updates, never to be fixed
Devs can’t leave a good thing alone. App is constantly being updated and every time it is, it gets more frustrating to use. Good features are constantly being taken away and not replaced. Meanwhile, frustrating features that don’t make sense are all more common. Click on post title, and it no longer takes you to comments. It opens video player instead. Try to swipe on comment to collapse, and it changes the post entirely. It’s really feels like the people that make this app don’t use it at all. Not to mention they switched to a native video player that doesn’t work a large percentage of the time. What once was a reliable system, has been replaced by a faulty system that is consistently not working. It’d be different if this was experimental, or fixed with time. Instead, these changes are introduced with no concern for the user base, and what feels like no intention of being fixed. The community does not receive it well, and announces their displeasure. Then they are left that way, to never be touched again. Not very happy with the way this app has been managed the last few years. Going to have to switch to an alternative.
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11 months ago, Jesse’sMom
Homophobic Employee
I am a long time customer of Keezers going back to the 80s so I was thrilled to see that a location has opened in my Porter Square neighborhood. I recently had alterations done to a dress for a wedding and I sent my son and his friend there to find clothing and have alterations done for the same weddings. Today my son went to pick up his jacket and to purchase a shirt. While he was shopping an older man with glasses and a beard was helping some customers and talking loudly about “trannies”. This word is a slur for transgender people and is as offensive as using the N word. My son let the man know the correct, inoffensive word for what he was talking about, to which the man replied that he didn’t care. My son then told him that he is a transgender person and that he found his language offensive. The man repeated that he didn’t care. If this man is an employee he should be fired immediately for this behavior as a representative of the business. If this person is the new owner, SHAME ON YOU! I will never shop in Keezers again and I will let all of my neighbors and friends know not to shop there. I will also post reviews describing the disgusting treatment of my son in this store. This is completely unacceptable and I will do everything in my power to make it clear this behavior won’t be tolerated.
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2 years ago, Clip_123
Now requires account to follow
I’m not really into social media due to the lack of privacy and mundane content. Reddit is the most I do. I really liked that I could follow more positive, uplifting feeds and as a result didn’t have to stroll thru everything. Since it was updated (the previous one, not the one 5 days ago), now it asks you to create an account to follow specific feeds. I don’t know if you can still view only your chose feeds cuz I don’t care to create an account when I didn’t have to before. Looking at Reddit in its entirety influences me negatively, hence the reason I only followed Calvin & Hobbes, Earth Porn, Humans Being Bros, and Animals Being Bros. Before the update, Reddit started with my feed and I had the option to view Popular. Now all you have is Popular and News. I gave the new update a try for over two months but now I find myself feeling anxious or angry after strolling Reddit, just as I used to do before I began following more positive feeds only. Creating an account may be a simple matter for many but it’s not for me. To me it’s another way for tech to have some of your private information when it’s not necessary. I don’t do comments or votes so why should I have to sign in? So after giving the new Reddit a try, I’ve decided it’s best for me to delete it.
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1 year ago, Fix your issues like yesterday
Coolest people and App
You get to Scroll through Weird Avatars some Reptilian features some Asian,some Bohemian like all with different colors. I found it took too long to match up the character Avatar and the Colors I wanted but was Happy to find One I could deal with. So then you anonymously search vast subjects your interested in. Because you believe No One Can Identify You, You can be Free to Tell the Truth about something and that is so needed today when some people and some in powerful positions are telling us what we can say and what we can’t. Why do some people want to have total control over others? We don’t become our Best Self without the Freedom to Think outside the Box. Respect others perspectives. Sure some have decided to strictly stay true to their own convictions, culture, or education, but we can all learn something from each other from personal experiences that can be told on a Social Media platform that won’t shame you, or threaten to cancel you. We Become Better at Being Human when we remember we are All Humans Being.
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11 months ago, Afroninja1999===
Threatened w/ ban for reporting animal abuse
Automated message warned me that i would be permanently banned if i keep false reporting. I have only reported blatant rule breaks such as animal abuse and sexism. Examples of animal abuse and sexism: kids put fish in a toilet while laughing and then flushed the toilet. Woman was saying men are genetically inferior and need to be cleansed from the gene pool. Reddit reviewed both and said that there was no rule break. Now i have been suspended for quoting a racist that i was responding to. They were saying variations of “why is it always [insert group of people based on skin color] doing x y z”, and i made an intelligent response after quoting the racist, clearly making a case for antiracism. I got suspended for “attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people” because reddit doesn't know what quotation marks mean. I have since found out that this is a common occurrence. Worst of all, this app is absolute brain rot and should be avoided at all costs. Over Fifty percent of redditors are children and the other half are people immature enough to use an app run by children for children. Ive already muted over fifty subreddits, but the brain rot has pervaded to ever corner of reddit. 6 years ago the app was better (but still a waste of time) and it has been in a sharp decline for at least 3 years now.
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1 year ago, NuttyArwen
Changes to the app has been crappy to say the least 👎🏻
Most recent version does not show long image captions. Some previous versions only let you see the caption when you click the image (hate it). Some older versions show the caption on top of the image (which is what I prefer), but it cuts off and does not show the entire caption. What’s worse is that instead of showing “more” to let users see the full caption when you click the image, doing that completely makes the caption disappear! Please make it so the image captions are either fully displayed on top of the photo without having to click on the photo, OR make it so captions are partially displayed on top of the photos and clicking the photo displays the entire caption or gives us the “more” option to see the full caption. Also, PLEASE stop changing the UI and please stop showing me subreddits that I did not join. I only want to see the subreddits I joined when I open the app. If I want to see other subreddits, I will manually search them up!!
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3 years ago, struthious cheeseburger
I haven’t had any issues with the app till now—video player, I’m looking at you.
Man, sometimes I like to watch 5 second long videos, read the comments for a couple minutes, and get on with my day. Unfortunately now I can’t even do that because the video keeps looping, which turns my comment reading session into a torture session. Come on, is that tiktok ripoff trend so lucrative that you have to jump on it too? Nobody on Reddit wants tiktok on the platform—if they did they’d be using tiktok. Stop trying to be like the social media giants and go back to being your own thing! That’s why your user base exists and you’re gonna lose a lot of us if you keep making these awful choices. Ok but for real, the video player UI is just awful. On everything else the upvote/downvote buttons are on the left, but on the video player they’re on the right. The pause button is tiny. Pressing the “comments” icon takes you to the video instead of the comments, and to read the comments you have to pause the video first (if you care about your sanity). Scrolling on the video no longer takes you to the comments but to another random video. You can do better. Or wait, how bout you just go back to what was there? I never had an issue with the old player.
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4 years ago, maawolfe36
One annoyance...
I honestly like the official Reddit app way better than any other third-party apps I've tried. However, I have one minor annoyance that's grown into a major gripe over time: whenever I use Safari to Google search something, and a Reddit post is in the search results, if I click the link there's a pop-up that says "See Reddit in..." and I have the option to open the page in the Reddit app or continue with the web browser. My problem is, whenever I try to open the page in the Reddit app, I'm sent to the app store as if I hadn't installed the app. I have never been able to open a link from Safari in the Reddit app, and I've tried everything. The app is up to date, I've tried opening the app before clicking the link and it still won't take me to the app. Honestly, if this was fixed I'd give 5 stars. The Reddit app is really good. But this is just so annoying, and it's difficult to search for a specific post within the app so there's no real workaround. So I'm just hoping the devs see this and find a way to fix it. I'm using an iPhone XR 128GB, if that matters.
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4 months ago, mpamberg
Chamberlain Garage Door
I bought a new Chmberlain Garage Door last July. About 10 days after it was installed it stopped working. When I called, I was told to make sure it was lined up. Still didn’t work. I called back and was told they would somebody to our house but there would be a service charge. I told him to forget it that I would hire somebody else. And I hung up. Got a call back and was told they would come out, no charge. When he came over. He was not happy and mumbled at me. He fixed it. I asked what was wrong and could I fix it in the future. He mumbled again an left. Same thing happened in two months. I called another company and the man fixed it in a few minutes. He told me that there was something wrong with the motor and I should call Chamerlin. I looked through the paperwork that I had but there was no phone number. I tried the internet and again could not fine a phone number. Unfortunately I forgot about it. Past weekend it happened again. I have a call in with a different vendor and plan on buying a new garage door
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1 year ago, Monte943
Zero Customer Service
I was actually a huge fan of Reddit. I frequently purchased coins to give away fake internet awards, I purchased many of their collectibles and I finally started paying for premium. I much preferred Reddit over other social media apps like Discord and Twitter, but that all changed thanks to my experience these last few months. I was just before my two year cake day and ended up with something I’m told is an “IP ban” a ban evasion that never occurred because I was no longer banned in the sub at the time the comments were made. It all started after I was unbanned from a community and as soon as I posted my first comment in that sub, I received a temporary ban. After the temp ban was over, I reached out to the subreddit mods and to support to make sure that I was officially in the clear to make comments in that sub again. The mods said I was fine, but Reddit support never responded. I took a chance and made a comment on that sub again and, boom….permanent ban. I have made multiple requests to support with zero response, other than “the ban stands”. It’s as if nobody is reading or investigating what I have been explaining. Any reasonable person could look at the evidence I am providing (screen shots from the mods) and see that the permanent ban was in error.
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7 months ago, 0xevelyn
Honestly just use the website
I wanted to give the app a try, I really did. Mostly so that I wouldn’t have to look at the ugly “USE APP” button plastered on top of the mobile website. But I just could not do it. Even if you turn off notifications, the app has in-app little orange indicators that they constantly pester you with. Every day it sends me a popular post from a subreddit I am already subscribed to. There’s an annoying little orange dot that won’t go away until I look at it. Multiple times per day it gives me a little notification about subreddit chats or something. I’ve literally never used subreddit chats and do not want to. Somehow the list of chats that it notifies me about keeps growing, AND THE STUPID ORANGE DOT WILL NOT GO AWAY UNTIL I TAP ON ALL OF THEM. There is no way to turn this off. This is by far the most frustrating app user experience I’ve encountered. update: now it’s not even possible to get the mobile website to stop asking you to download the app. do yourself a favor and just quit reddit altogether. ask yourself why a company that basically only makes money on advertising is so insistent that you download their app, to the extent that they are removing features from their formerly functional website to influence your decision.
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12 months ago, WeavePap
A forced, and frustrating, mess
Let me be clear: I have used the Apollo app for my Reddit needs for about 2 years now. Prior to this I was using the official Reddit app. I didn’t “hate” the official app, but in comparison to so many apps in the App Store, it felt very behind and lackluster. Bad loading times, the UI was horrible, and just an overall poor experience that I put up with because “it’ll get better.” After switching to Apollo on a whim, I found a solution to every single issue the official Reddit app had for me at the time. Everything, every little detail, was so thought out. The UI, the gestures to comment, upvote/downvote, etc. was so useful and felt so natural on an iPhone. However, Reddit has forced Apollo to close, and I decided to give the official app another go. While it improved since I last used it, it certainly is not the best app to use Reddit on. That one is gone, all by Reddit’s own doing. Reddit should really take what Apollo did so well and use that to build onto their own app. The little details do go a long way, and I genuinely believe the Reddit app could benefit by taking these details and working them into their app. But the fact that they are, for lack of better term, forcing this decision to use a much worse app is truly a shame.
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2 years ago, WeegeeJuice2
Let’s talk about the app itself, and not the website
Honestly I’d have to recommend that anyone installing Reddit for the first time find a different app to use it. Long time Reddit users have almost always hated the official app, but I never really understood their problem with it. I liked the UI, and there were a bunch of useful QoL features that other Reddit apps didn’t have. That is no longer the case. ~1.5 years ago every update started breaking or outright stripping those features. They’re always small changes. No one change really makes that big of an impact. Things like no longer being able to change the view (card, normal, compact) on search results, the weird comment ‘tray’ that prevents you from swiping horizontally between posts, the endless compatibility issues with various embedded video hosting sites, etc. The official app isn’t as broken as some people make it out to be. However, I still advise that new users not climb onboard the sinking ship. Any features you like/get used to in the official app will be removed before long, and there will be no way to get it back. Find an app made by a 3rd party that factors community feedback into development decisions.
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2 years ago, Snoozing_Lemur
Useless updates and unintuitive AI
Wow! This app was great a few years ago; always my go-to! It was easy to navigate and preferred it over the desktop version. But ever since they changed the video player, it’s been going downhill. The community has been vocal about the bad updates and begged to go back, but the developers basically told everyone to kick sand. I dealt with the video player because I didn’t like any alternatives, but recently, they moved the ‘sort by’ menu to the settings! You know how to tap 3 buttons to get to the menu vs the original 1. Why would they change this? Incompetence. For the sake of changing stuff, they change THE most used feature on the app. With this update, it is my final use of this horrid app. Maybe it will change in the future, but with other social media platforms incorporating videos into their app, I doubt Reddit mobile will stray away. The best thing about Reddit was that it was a social media platform that didn’t *feel* like a social media app, but now they’re moving in that direction with their exclusive, dumb ideas. It’s a shame, I’ll be using the alternative and learning it from the beginning because Reddit mobile is NOT getting better and getting much, much worse. 1 star. Terrible app. Deleted.
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2 years ago, AlfredBordenBernardFallon
Worse All The Time
If I want to seek out new subreddits, I will do that. If I’m curious what videos other users are watching, I will find out. But when I launch Reddit, I want to see the feed I’ve curated for myself first and foremost. The ads are awful enough. Reddit’s suggestions only add to the clutter. That I can disable these suggestions is beside the point. I am able to decide for myself what I want to see and participate in. Even more frustrating are the icons at the top of my feed that notify me there are live audio conversations in various subreddits. Although I’d disabled every so-called feature that seemed remotely related, I could not rid myself of these icons. I wondered, did I have to visit each individual subreddit to disable these? Are they permanent UI fixtures? The answer to the last, according to a comment on a changelog post, is yes. For now, at least, and for too long. The team “will be building a toggle” to opt out of the live bar. They implemented the feature and didn’t bother to provide users a choice in whether to participate. They’ll get around to that. Create separate feeds for suggestions and live dialogue, put them beside Popular and News, fine. I’ve no doubt some percentage of the user base are interested. But don’t opt in on my behalf.
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4 months ago, mozillameister
Censorship is unreal
So I wanted to make a post first to the admins but since I can’t this will have to suffice. I challenged a lot of the narratives that were coming out regarding vaccine efficacy and waning immunity back in July from preprints (that are now published). Instead of accepting the debate, I was permanently banned from several subreddits. Okay, fine. So I create a new account because your company essentially banned my speech. I posted completely different comments on a totally different topic (and nothing controversial either) that just so happens to be in the same subreddit. What happens? Permabanned. I used a completely different email and everything. Literally it must have been through my device ID. Like you shove content down my throat automatically, and whenever I create an account (forgetting I was banned) that account now gets auto banned just for using the device. Not ONLY was I vindicated by what I was saying through the science, but now I am unable to speak on any other topics just because I posted something some of the mods didn’t personally like several months back. This is the issue with censorship. You silence voices and create an echo chamber, and additionally those voices that are silenced now become enemies of the entire system.
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3 months ago, JRapahel03
Taking away my 1st amendment right
I am a new user and I stated my opinion that some game characters have been modified to look less attractive then they did in previous game installments which is a FACT. Other people didn’t like that I said it under a post that was full of people who obviously disagreed so they mass downvoted my comment which I did and said nothing wrong in, but because they mass downvoted because they disagreed I can’t post under certain pages because my downvotes are too high?!? So I’m not allowed to voice an opinion which did no harm to anyone and was not hurtful or bad in any manner other than some people who see the fact but want less attractive female characters in games so they downvoted me. Repulsive behavior and if you are going to take away my freedom of speech due to a certain post people disagree with me you should be held 100% liable for any speech on your platform. You and pages do not override my 1st amendment right. It’s one thing if I was blocked but pages declining my post asking a question for help because again, I’m new to this app and posted my opinion under a post which most people under that specific post disagreed and again I did not do anything wrong. This app and company are reprehensible, disgusting.
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3 months ago, ThatOneStickman
Finicky at best.
For a company that wouldn't stop at anything to score a few extra dimes, this app is remarkably poorly optimized. Sometimes the home feed will show only one subreddit, sometimes it'll outright stop loading posts, and the touch controls aren't the best at all, which is very surprising. On iPad, a decent number of buttons (for example, the upvote and downvote buttons) are tiny. Honestly, the size of the buttons makes it seem like they don't want you to vote. The buttons were so small, that I accidentally tapped an advertisement instead of the upvote button. Swiping is poorly utilized, as you can't swipe to quickly upvote/save posts, instead swiping will simply close posts. The landscape orientation is also very poor, and is too much of a hassle. I don't even know why they made landscape even an option outside of media, because it's just cumbersome otherwise. If I have to give this app one plus, it's that it makes finding new subreddits quite easy. It recommends subreddits that have a similar vibe as the ones you've viewed, which is sorta good, if you ask me. Unfortunately, the minuses outweigh the pluses by a lot. If the planets align, and you somehow get five minutes of this app's best, then yeah, it's decent I guess.
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12 months ago, Veritech 67
Terrible App
If I could leave a 0-star rating I would. This app has problems galore that looking through reviews of it from the past 6 months would only list probably half of them. More development time was probably spent in creating those tacky Reddit NFTs than on this app. Previously you could use reliable and helpful third-party apps that had three times the features than this sorry-excuse for a web browser, but now this is all that remains since they charge absolutely ludicrous prices to the developers of the third-party apps who can’t possibly afford to pay it. I barely ever use Reddit anymore: previously I would surf Reddit via Apollo (an actual competently developed app), but I refuse to use this waste of phone storage space in Apollo’s place. As a result, I and many others have stopped browsing Reddit almost entirely. We all have much better things to do on our computers than waste time on Reddit of all things. As per usual of the dim-witted and greedy Reddit leadership, this lapse of sane decision-making will no doubt hasten the sites already imminent death because no one in their right mind would use an app that still has the same major bugs, issues, and missing features that it did when it released years ago.
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9 months ago, Stanl3yrockz
This app is straying further from god…
Honestly. If I could give this a 0 star review I would. This app wont be better than thier 3rd party counter parts for a couple of reason. 1. Got to do multiple steps just to save photos. Don’t know what the issue is with long pressing and saving a photo but here I gotta go thru 2 menu options just to download a image I wanna save…. Regardless if its a image to save for a build in a game or a image for a wallpaper… 2 steps too many. 2. CANT SAVE VIDEOS. The only reddit app used to let you save video to a device. Then it was changed…. Which is why I used Apollo (will always be the best reddit app) in the first place. Anytime I wanna save a video I could only save it in app and or crosspost it. I got friends that don’t use reddit (I can see why now) so I used to save videos I thought was helpful or funny so they didn’t have to go to their site or download the app to see it. If you wanna gatekeep people from using your api at least find out what they were doing over your garage app. That way it was more justified for removing the api( better word, extorting) usage and making this app better. Ill see how this app changed but its been months now and its only gotten worse so I’ll probably wont change review.
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3 years ago, GwenivereMoon
Somebody Janked Up iOS Users Posting This Update
Sooooo... I literally CAN NOT post anywhere now because I am getting the message "Not Allowed In This Community" on every single subreddit. I can comment, vote, give awards, and even spend currency on your app without any issue... ??!!BUT I CAN'T POST ANYWHERE BECAUSE YOUR iOS APP IS MAKING ME AS EITHER NSFW OR SOMETHING ALONG THAT LINES THAT'S LEFT ME BARRED FROM DOING THE ONE THING I USE REDDIT FOR!!?? It's not just myself but also many other iOS users whom are experiencing the exact same problem with no response, fix in app, tech support, or an update to fix this MAJOR BUG. If you aren't aware of this issue by now then you should be. An I can go figure you are all well aware; but you just don't care unless it is affecting a large majority, all users, or could hinder the income of this lazy but more than capable to be a better company regardless of current worth it should/could be... Money and Power must truly be something... Because every company that is built on a foundation of users like myself; every last one of these companies have forgotten why they are running a social networking community to begin with. For the user becomes a thing of the past... Every time... An it becomes ALL ABOUT HOW MUCH MORE OF A PERCENT THEY CAN NET NEXT ROUND
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1 year ago, Delusional Teen
reddit still requires work in a lot of areas
I downloaded reddit for the pure enjoyment of having some place to post and interact with different communities. However, I noticed when receiving a follower you don’t have the option of “knowing” who follows you but you get a notification saying that person followed you. It’s annoying not being able to see who interacts with your posts from time to time or who follows you. Another thing is inbox messages you can’t delete them from your reddit inbox meaning they’ll stay there until you delete your account completely. Wish that wasn’t the case but sadly that’s how reddit is, the app isn’t really successful in managing followers like you can easily remove them on instagram or check who’s following you. Spam bots follow but you can’t get them to unfollow you which is ridiculous. Although I love reddit and the platform because you can post anonymously on reddit posts. I wish they’d focus on the important things of the app, like managing inbox messages and managing your followers or remove followers from your profile without deleting your account.
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1 year ago, AshleeLC
Terrible app, and it’s your only option starting July 1st
Do you love having ads for religious extremism shoved down your throat multiple times a day? Do you wish there was no way to get this content out of your feed, no matter how much you report it or attempt to block the advertiser? This is the app for you! “Why, simply use a third-party app that doesn’t have ads!” Well, starting July 1st, third-party apps are shutting down due to Reddit imposing a brand new API pricing strategy that could cost third-party apps millions to continue running. Not only do these third-party apps provide a better user-experience than the god awful official app, it provides better accessibility options for disabled folks, as well as better modding tools for the people who generously donate their time to keep Reddit’s communities thriving. It’s a selfish, greedy move no matter how you spin it. I never felt the need to use third-party apps, but I understand their importance. If I wasn’t getting Jesus ads shoved down my throat every two seconds, I may have stuck around despite this awful decision, but this is my final straw. Based on the number of subreddits protesting this decision, I doubt I’m the only one. Hope y’all enjoy watching your user base dwindle.
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1 year ago, Thephoenixlights
Ruined by abusive mods and lack of customer service
Reddit used to be fun. Unfortunately, they ignore suspension appeals and attempts to receive customer service, while letting random basement dwellers to act as kings of the app, not only banning people unfairly from subs, but abusing the report function to get people suspended out of spite. Don’t spend money here. Don’t expect someone to help when you have an issue. You’d think when they allow coin purchases, they’d at least have a handful of people responding to help requests. Nope! Toss your money into the oblivion and prepare to be totally ignored by Reddit’s staff. Update for 2023: I got permanently suspended for “abuse of the report function” which I don’t even know how is possible. I’ve only ever reported heinous bullying and hatred. I tried to appeal and their response was emailing me to tell me that subreddits are run by mods who can do what they want (I wasn’t banned from a subreddit, but Reddit as a whole, which was clear from my appeal) and then banning all of my other accounts permanently as well. Legitimately didn’t think any social media could be worse than FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok or Nextdoor…but Reddit is. Their treatment of customers (I’ve actually spent money to support them) is absolutely disgusting.
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