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User Reviews for Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips

4.7 out of 5
19.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Kevin_in_cs
Very helpful
I have no complaints. (I just submitted a question, but it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet rated the app I’m trusting for an answer—perhaps because it hadn’t pestered me for a rating, as many apps do. And I realize there are likely many questions to be answered ahead of mine, so this isn’t some “rating bribe” to have my question answered quickly.) I’ve found many new apps through AppAdvice that I’ve acquired and use, which I might not have found on my own because certain search words hadn’t occurred to me to find them by; nor would I have known that they had gone free in the first place. Thank you! One minor side-question (which I’ll try to make an effort to answer on my own in the meantime) is whether there’s an index to AppAdvice’s questions, or is it arranged only by the date of each issue? Thanks again. Update! I just found the answer to this question: 3rd item in FAQ. (I knew I should have just checked first!)
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4 years ago, igloo ocerous
Helpful... but
Typically I checked this app everyday to find the odd great price/value app. Unfortunately the selection is not always so great. I started checking the app daily after I had bumped an app that I just narrowly missed on apps gone free (bumping is recommending an app to go free), and after around seven months no sign of it. No discredit to the developers as I don’t know how they work these deals out. Regardless I love this app and it gives me something to look forward to every day! Sometimes it has great deals on apps or in app purchases that are free, and I even remember a valued subscription for a language app of about $50! It didn’t turn out to be a great fit for me but I am in awe of the great deals you can find on this app. The only other thing I feel worth mentioning is that it seems laggy. I like to check the app early in the morning, and sometimes in the middle of a day it doesn’t show the apps for that day. For example, today is Sunday and it is still showing the apps for Friday. Usually this glitch resolved itself after 2 days at most, but sometimes by then when I check for the previous missed days, their time free has already expired. I would still definitely recommend this app to anyone who doesn’t like to pay for apps! You don’t see a lot of great and easy platforms like this anywhere else. Definitely one of my favorite apps!
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2 years ago, Tpkyt
app great but many apps subscription or being abandoned
Problem is that many apps that go free are subscription after a month or dropping support and being abandoned in favor of their new app or quitting iOS. Apps gone free is good, but many times useless due to circumstances beyond their control. I love maths, science, learning, and awesome mindmap, outlandish todo lists even if its in Japanese or some other language and schedulers etc. But maybe I got enough apps and simply need to stop being an app junkie. Lastly, I cant afford subscription apps so always skip those. Too many apps that appear to be out of Russia or China which scares me because of their government has questionable ethics. One app has been on here too many times in short order. But developer has NOT abandoned app and was having technical difficulties which they fixed! Update: And apparently are having again?! ( no new issues this week) Thus they are on the ball with fixes on their end even if the app itself doesn‘t get updated that often. They dont waste time fixing what isnt broken which is awesome! Tues, weds, thurs - no new issues. I hope all is well on their end and this was only a scheduled holiday and not the result or weather, war or other calamity.
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6 years ago, trhdavis
The one app I use daily!
The best app ever! It never fails. It gives the chance to try and get exposed to different apps! You can find the best and favorite of what you use your iPhone or IPad for without spending money then find out you don’t use or enjoy it. Then it shows you similar apps and apps by the same creator whose apps you enjoy! It exposes you to all areas and also unless an app from previous days has expired you can still get if. I love it and use it so much except for my calendar and medicine reminder, I use it the most. I love , love it! Also it is the only app that if it makes changes it asks how you like it and gives you the option to the format you liked better. OH ......I have had since it’s creation and this is the first time it has asked me rate it! This one does not ask you to rate before you try it or get asked to rate it about 5 or 6 times during one usage! Thank you for this app!
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5 years ago, specialappssk
Use it daily!
I LOVE this app and use it daily to see what new apps are free. I have found quite a few useful apps this way for myself, and my students. The interface is simple and straightforward, no crazy ads or redirects- just access to free apps. It will notify you if you want each day, which I do use. You can also view other apps from previous days and weeks by simply scrolling down to view- it will tell you when an app deal has expired, and I have found that to be accurate. I like that it also includes in-app purchase deals that go free, such as “remove ads for free today” so you can access content, or receive a feature that normally has a fee. Thanks for the update so it will continue working with the latest iOS.
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6 years ago, Juliiiiiih1985
I literally have checked this app every day with excitement for years now
I don't appreciate them writing a review for me lol but I guess I would have said this anyway. I do use this app every day and I have downloaded apps that are worth a lot of money now to me... Once you download them you have them forever w your Apple ID so it's great even if I don't need it right now I download it because I might need it in the future and that has happened a few times,, this what they wanted me to say lol "Seriously don't hesitate go ahead and download this, you can't go wrong. NEVER any technical issues and you have nothing to lose by trying all these usually paid apps for FREE! I have so many beautiful games I would have never found thanks to AppsGoneFree"
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7 years ago, Monsterpopple
Thank you!
I'm not sure about the new app/format yet, so far I haven't been able to download anything - 1 app appears to no longer be free (even though it's the same day and doesn't say "EXPIRED")and another isn't available in the US. Shrug. I appreciate the enthusiasm for the new format on the devs end. Will stick with it and find out how it all plays out. It's the least I could do - I've been collecting apps from Appsgonefree for many many years and I'm grateful for the effort and consistency the devs have displayed and provided. Yeah, some apps reappear every now and then and other times the apps are less than premium...but it's still fun to check everyday and try Apps that I wouldn't know of otherwise or try because it was too "risky" to purchase. I love finding apps that i'm pleasantly surprised by - and it happens just often enough that Appsgonefree was the ONLY notification i've never turned off. Thanks again devs - i hope we can maintain our relationship and maybe even improve it. I don't write many reviews but you can count on the fact that i praise and make sure everyone i know with an iPhone dls your app. It really is like being a kid at xmas for 5-30 mins a day - who DOESN'T want THAT?!
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5 years ago, BrianKann16
What a great resource, what a great source!
Yes, there are in fact other locations where we can go for tons of Apps for the iPhone, iPad, WatchOS, even TV OS and I’m not sure, maybe even CarPlay. The beauty here that I like, though, as I THINK I understand it, is that The business model here allows this group to make revenue off of advertisers and not how many apps they sell, no matter how crappy they are. I say that with complete 100% respect for my beloved Apple. But I think this is a outstanding way to do Apps, with researched and written recommendations and reviews. The model also seems to prevent them from setting out to set records on how many apps they can fill the store with, instead focusing on only the better and best of each type of App.
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7 years ago, GeekyGirl007
Original format was much simpler & better
I enjoyed the old format of this app much better, but I appreciate the developers giving the option to toggle the new format to "off" so it looks close to the original version in terms of layout. That being said, the new pastel color scheme stays and is not enjoyable to look as like the original version color scheme was. I also find the "it's for you if" and "you can pass if" sections are very unhelpful and I don't find that it offers real advice on who it's for. A lot of times I feel the reasonings here don't make a lot of sense and simply grasp at straws. I feel the app would have a better feel without this section. I give this app three stars for the ease of use, good and new free apps daily, and giving the option to toggle back to the original layout at least. Thanks for listening to my feedback!
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7 years ago, Mandiimew
This App is a MUST HAVE
I used to have the original app (apps gone free) and it was amazing then although pretty poorly designed and simple. But that was okay because all I wanted to know was what the best apps were each day for free. It's so cool because even if I don't want the app right now, i can install it while it's free for the day, then uninstall it and I'll forever be able to install that app for free! The new design is beautiful and easy to use with just enough added on. Not too much, just enough. Loving the advice section before the list of apps everyday. I never leave reviews on apps but this app is so awesome and so useful everyday that I just had to leave this review. Thanks for creating this application!
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2 years ago, drewleo625
Been a loyal user for YEARS.
Can we PLEASE add a favorite o bookmark feature in the app? Some of the apps seem useful and I’d download them but would have no use at the time. By the time I actually want to use it I’ve already long forgotten the name of the app and there’s no way for me to go back and find it even if I actually installed it cuz my purchase history is too long. Having a bookmark or favorite feature in app would allow users to track what they have downloaded. Or even if they didn’t take advantage of the free promo, at least they can still go back and see if the app is worth it. Thanks for reading, if it gets read.
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7 years ago, Comavet
It seems like the quality off apps offered has decreased
I used the original version for a few years and downloaded some interesting and useful apps and a few real bargains. But nowadays it seems like 80% of the listed apps are games, which I have no interest in. I'm interested mostly in iOS utilities, productivity enhancers, self-improvement, and fitness apps. It seems to me they used to fairly regularly make up around 40% of the listed apps and now they make up about 5-10%. Nowadays I feel like why should I bother to look at this app anymore, when the vast majority of offerings are now games? Perhaps this has to do with fewer developers offering their apps free, even for a limited time. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I think the number of serious apps available from AppsAdvice/AppsGoneFree has declined.
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2 years ago, darkphoenix7231
Definitely 5-star app
I’ve had AppAdvice for awhile now and the one thing I dislike about most apps is the fact as soon as you down load it you get a pop up asking to rate their app. They are just wanting you to rate it before you even get to use it and that’s the whole point they don’t want you to use it first because they already know the app isn’t what they say it is but with AppAdvice you get what they say you’ll l get it’s an awesome app and I have gotten apps off it that are really great apps I would and have shared and also recommended AppAdvice to all my friends and a thank you to the developers for making such a great app
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2 years ago, grailpuffin
So Many Shiny Apps to Try…
I really like having access to try so many apps. There’s always a wide variety that show up from week to week for all interests from utility apps to games for toddlers. Some have become essential go-to apps for me and I never would have discovered them without AppsGoneFree. Other apps, I’ll try for a few weeks and if I find I’m not using them, delete them. Either way, there’s no cost to get a hands-on experience with apps and you can benefit a developer out by writing a positive review, either to help them to acquire more paying customers or them improve the product with a constructive critique.
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6 years ago, camobutterfly08
This is an excellent source to find totally FREE, no BS, apps and games. And if the app is already free, then read the description for instructions because it will tell you how to UNLOCK SPECIAL FEATURES or get something you would normally have to pay for (In-App Purchases) for nothing! So yes, the apps are in fact 100% FREE OF ANY CHARGE! And when you find an app or game you enjoy and think others might enjoy it as well, BE SURE TO SHARE!!! I have found myself addicted to so many games I found on AppAdvice and others will ask what I’m playing only to discover it costs $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99 when they look in the App Store. But I got it for FREE through AppAdvice!!!!! Winning.
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3 years ago, Tiano_NYC
Is the love affair ending?
This relationship needs to be reinvented. For a year plus, AppsGoneFree was my first stop in the morning and my last stop at night, waiting for me everyday. Lately, I find myself maybe 3x a week checking in only to leave empty handed, frustrated and bored. Don't get me wrong if you are new to Apps then you'll fall in love like I did with its easy UI, streamline format and beautiful resolution. The price value relationship is unbeatable. Now, it's repetitive and juvenile. It's the same App different developer. I've now downloaded the same convertor and a heart monitor 6 times. I want the good days back when there was a variety and sophistication to each app presented. It felt
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5 years ago, Jo0305
Best APP ever!
Seriously, I love this app. Not only do I get to downtown apps for free that normally cost money, but it’s also opened my eyes to so many useful and fun apps I hadn’t heard of before. If I have any problem with it at all, it’s that now I have way too many apps on my phone lol. One request for the developers: if it’s possible, could you add a “watch list” that users could add paid app names to that we hope go on sale? Then send a notification when one does? There are some days I forget to look and I’d hate to miss an app I was hoping for. A few years ago, I used another price-watch app that had this and it was super useful. Thanks for all you do!
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7 years ago, Staufr
Great App
This is a great app that I try to reference daily. The only complaint that I have is that I may have become an app hoarder. If an app sounds at all interesting I will download it but then I will postpone actually testing it out so I end up with a pile of new apps. To attempt to help organize this I just use the last page on my phone for new apps and then create groups to categorize them. Then, when I need to use that type of app, I will give it a try. Then I either keep the app and move it to a permanent spot on another page, or delete it after leaving a rating so I know not to download that app again.
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6 years ago, Ididn'tjustfalloffthetruck
Quality Continues to Dimish
This used to be one of my top few fav. apps. I’ve been a user since way before the transition to the current version. It used to offer so many very useful, quality apps for Free about 6-8 per day. Now it’s 3 & I’m expecting it to drop lower or to 0 soon. I!ve checked this app almost everyday for years. It might be more by habit, today. I’m very disappointed even saddened to see such an excellent app slowly dwindle away. 3 Stars for nostalgia & a dim glimmer of hope. To me, it's like a small-mid size company doing great things that gets bought by a Venture Capitalist & streamlined, downsized both quality & product suffer big-time. It runs on a shoestring, but it doesn’t work so good. Waiting for the final shoe to drop. American business in a nutshell
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2 years ago, lavenderlily3
Great app!! …But it needs this!
I love this app!! I have had it for years and never had any issues with it. I finally decided to leave a review because I can’t seem to find a search button to be able to search the apps that have gone free recently and in the past, so I can check to see if an app I have, had been free with a promo to get rid of ads when I got it. I would love it if a search function could be added! That would be incredibly useful to me and I am sure, other users of this app. I will give 5 stars if one can be added! I hope you will please add this feature in your next update! Thank you for reading my review!
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1 year ago, VbMe
I have grown to expect this…
As usual, I went in and try to download an app from AppAdvice, well, it was already expired. It wasn’t even 12 noon yet on the same day it came out. Are they getting cheap or what don’t wanna pay for it anymore? It’s very very frustrating, so is there a time limit on this you have to get up like at the crack of dawn make sure you get one of these apps for free? I sent them a screenshot that had the date the time and everything on it I haven’t heard from them yet, but I hope I do because I’mJust about ready to delete this app because this has happened between three-five times to me already. So set your alarm so you can get up early and take advantage of these apps. Don’t get me wrong. I love this app, but this is getting tiresome.
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7 years ago, redhedoo7
Best App EVER!
Imagine every day being given new recommended apps to try for free. Seriously, whoever is picking these seems to know exactly what I need and like and my criteria for a good app. Sometimes those apps cost anywhere between 99 cents and 15 bucks when they are at full price. I have found some wonderful treasures here over the years including Monument Valley, which I love. I have found games, cookbooks, relaxation, sleep, wake, family organization apps that I use every day. So checkin every day and don't forget to check the dates you missed. Some expire in hours but some will be free for a month. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, Irritable.
Free Trial is Not Free
I love this app. I’ve gotten some amazing free apps out of it that would normally cost me money. HOWEVER, I’m seeing an increasing number of apps that were already free, but they are highlighting it’s free trial period. Today we have one where they even tell us we need to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends as to not be charged. That’s not a free app. It’s not even that special. Trial periods are nothing new. I’d rather have one less app featured then have that because it feels like I’m being cheated I’m a weird way. Some of the apps also seem to expire before the day is even over, which is annoying. “Here is this free app you can’t have because it expired sometime in the middle of the day.” But the new apps also seem to roll over at weird times (maybe different times each day—I haven’t kept track to be certain). Realistically I can’t complain much because they are getting us free apps that aren’t normally free. And it’s a solid program. These are just some things I’d like to see addressed in a future update.
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7 years ago, Flutterbug007
Longtime user, first time disappointed
I've used and recommended Apps Gone Free since 2014. It's been on the first page of every iPhone since and I still check it daily. I've enjoyed exploring the wide range of apps featured. I wasn't sold on the new format or name at first just because I was so used to the old version. However, I ended up reading a few of the articles and ended up warming up. For the past few weeks, every app I've tried to download is not free when I get it from the App Store. I've sent in a question regarding this frustration but have yet to receive a response. I am about ready to just delete the app and move on. It's really a bummer considering how much I use it. I'll probably have some withdrawals :-(
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7 years ago, TamanduaBandeira
Recent updates are issued
This app has always been fine, besides being a nice reference of new apps and developments on a day-by-day basis. Unfortunately, the most recent updates stopped working after a few hours, what seems to be a server issue (however, I have been able to make it come alive by simply uninstalling and reinstalling again, what really doesn't seem to be server-related issue). Anyway, I hope these recent issues are quickly solved. I'll be happy to review App Advice back to 5-Star as soon as a stable version is achieved... Review update: back to 5-Star as promised... Good job!
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4 years ago, Fiftyish female
Best App You Didn’t Know You Wanted
I’ve had this app for a number of years. I go through spurts when I check it daily and others when I’m too busy to think about it. I’ve gotten some really good apps that have since been improved and now cost more than I saved with App Advice. I’ve even written a few developers/companies and asked for help to restore the app when I have an account but forgot my password. When App Advice says you get the premium App, you do, and if you forget your password a few years down the road it’s all good. Very handy apps for free, yes please!
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4 years ago, Rickthefishman
So happy I found them again!!!!
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found that these guys have not only stayed updated for my current OS, but they have even improved the experience with interesting perspective from very knowledgeable and savvy writers. They stand apart in some significant ways. Go read the details and see what I’m saying for yourself, then get this downloaded RIGHT NOW!! I first started using this in 2013 with my first iPhone when they were called Apps Gone Free. Went without any Apple devices shortly thereafter for six years once my employer stopped supporting the iPhone. Let’s face it, Apple devices don’t come cheap. I just got my iPad as a gift and have been trying off and on to find them searching various phrases in the AppStore. Accidentally discovered due to still using my original AppleID, that there was a history of all my old apps. YES! YES! YES!
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2 years ago, Fam_94
Pretty good, except for one thing
The app has been decent enough about finding good free apps, the main reason it’s a 4 star instead of 5 is from the subscription based apps that they list from time to time. I always thought the whole idea of this app was to find other apps that were legitimately free for a limited time. While the trial apps are technically that, it doesn’t feel right in my opinion to push something that you’d have to pay for down the line anyways. Those aren’t aligned with the core concept of this app in my mind. Otherwise it’s not too bad.
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2 years ago, Musique'
This app has worked wonderfully, for years! All of a sudden,two days ago, it would open,& even show the apps for that day. But, only for a few seconds! Then, I’d get a message saying my internet isn’t connected! And, it IS CONNECTED!! For the record…it’s also saying the same thing with my new Ultimate Golf ⛳️ game. I have one of the new iPhones,& I have recently updated the phone. That,sometimes,may adversely affect the app. So, *DEVELOPER*…Would you PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS?? NO ONE OF US can do this like YOU CAN!! Please, work the problem! I don’t want to delete a great app! My other games work fine, as does the apps on my TV, AND my Apple TV. Please help!!
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7 months ago, scottgsmith62
Sure has been nice using this app
No, the app is not working any longer. But I am still giving it five stars. Over the years I have enjoyed this app so much, and I have found apps from it that I still use today, after five years. All the apps I’ve found have been free of course, and their app is free as well… not a bad deal. Here is to hoping they get it working again. But even if they do not, it’s been great having it so long. Thanks AppAdvice.
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6 years ago, Nsu4782
Definitely A Must Have App
Absolutely❤️love❤️this free app. I literally open this App every single day. Each day they feature 4-6 apps that are free for a limited time and/or free apps with a limited time unlock feature. I’ve downloaded so many new apps for free, that I typically wouldn’t have even thought of searching for in the App Store. Another thing that I absolutely❤️love❤️about this app is the vast range of all different types of genres that they offer. There are apps for kids, gamers, teachers, techs, world travelers, etc.
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3 years ago, donnitamaria
I love this app just one problem…
I use this app almost daily for years but unfortunately it stays stuck on a day sometimes and won’t update to the next day like for today June 29, 2021 it’s stuck on June 28th and I don’t know how to fix it. I close the app, restart my phone but it’s still on that day, and sometimes the deals on the apps last only for a bit so by the time it has updated to the next day the deal offered for free has expired. If that could be fixed the app would be 5 stars. Good work!
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7 years ago, KatieS32404
An ace is an ace!
I dont write reviews but but very rarely. And believe me, when i say i know apps, i know apps. I have MS and 75of my life is my online time. I rarely gone out, i live on a heavy does of pain meds ( oxy and morphine) 4 times a day every day so my apps are very important to my actual sanity. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔zzx🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔! See what i mean?! LOL! So like Daryl with his bow i consider pretty much on the mechanics of an APP conisueri look at both all i as i lit,and use this applityuuu
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2 months ago, VirtualVof83
Get great apps for free
Love the premise of this site. Whoever said "No more free lunches" had never been to this site / app. These apps aren't lame spps/ games no one has heard of either. Yes, some of them are really new but I haven't come across an app that wouldn't appeal to someone. Sticker apps, games, both retro and new, shooter, first player, strategic, kids and adult games and apps. There are translation apps, planet / calendar apps, meditating and work out apps that cover the watches, iPhone and iPad! It’s a must have!
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4 years ago, Creek Forest Jackson
Great way to try apps
I am one who doesn’t want to pay for apps. I am on disability and have no resources for entertainment. This app is great for trying out apps that cost normally for free. I have discovered quite a few I don’t know how I lived without! Some were fun for a short time. In general this app has been a wonderful way to explore the otherwise inaccessible. I’ve gathered a wide variety apps from utility to games to photo touches to grandkids educationals! Love it!💜
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7 years ago, Stormblessed89
One of my favorites
This is one of my favorite apps ever. I have used Apps Gone Free for years, so I'm glad that while new features have been added, there is still an option to switch to "Classic Mode" in the settings of this app if you want things to look like the original Apps Gone Free app. But the new features are cool enough that I actually haven't been using classic mode anyway. Love the AppAdvice app too. Thanks for all the work you've put in to making AppAdvice excellent!
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6 years ago, 40cedar
Not what it’s cracked up to be!
I have been using this app for as long as I can remember and always found it very beneficial. But over the last many months, it’s become of little use and benefit. What is totally free is getting less and less. Of late most “free” are not really free BUT are “upgradeable” to Pro versions for a cost! The question then becomes, why do I need this App? Just use the App Store. My other beefs are: app repeats seemingly all the time now and the majority of titles offered are for “little folk” with not much for adults. Lastly, there are many FREE apps that are NEVER spotlighted in this app leading me to believe it’s become pay for advertising and not that the devs are seeking real free apps that are beneficial for users.
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6 years ago, Jafsr
Much Better than Imaginable
I thought when I saw this app appear that it was going to be one of those run of the mill images to advertise for for new developers. Well it wasn’t. It had poignant moments that were truly of interest across the board. And offered for free? Excellence and integrity are two words that come to mind in describing this app. I could go on and on but I won’t by simply stating that this app is “much better than imaginable”,
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4 years ago, Deebi27
Is This The Best or What?
I love to open the app each day to see what app is waiting for me to download! Keep up the great work! Great app!! I thought these apps were available FREE for 24 hours? Now frequently the are apps the have expired within an hour of coming up other there is more time. Tonight I went to check and 4 of 5 were expired before midnight or about 13 hours after more notification.
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6 years ago, Camper0414
Fun new apps to explore
Everyday there are fun new apps to explore! You never know what your going to find when you open the app daily! Some are perfect for you and others might be perfect for someone else. I do wish there was a way to see the entire on-going list at one time! The days stay up to date but you must look at each day to see if you missed any or are trying to relocate an app.
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7 years ago, Jordanlc33
Apps gone free section doesn't mean it's all free
I downloaded this app primarily to see what paid apps are currently free in the App Store. Well, there's a catch. While there may be a few that are actually free (including the features in the app), it turns out that most of the apps being offered for free, have now moved to an in app purchase structure. So basically, the app has become more like a freemium app and you must do in app purchases to unlock all the features. FAR FROM BEING FREE. I wish this app actually described what is actually free versus which are free, but must pay to unlock all its features. I feel like I have been mislead. Wish the app folks for this were more upfront and honest about it.
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2 years ago, PhelineCat
Please change the logo!
I agree with the reviewer who found too many similar to what s/he already has. I check the list once a week or so. Something that sounds trivial even to me- I hate the icon. I really hate it. Something about it rubs me the wrong way. Maybe because it doesn't really look like how we see prices now and the colors are unpleasant. The brown is particularly dreadful- and where would you find brown price tags anyway?
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2 years ago, Love Info!
Discovered lots of Good Apps this way!
Thank you for this daily service! Each day I find several apps with short descriptions. These are apps I’ve never heard of. But, on occasion I have found a description that interest me, I download the app, and have discovered several really interesting and unique apps that I am enjoying to this day!! Thank you for providing this service!!
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1 year ago, 2jeep2wanda
Money saver supreme!
The app has been on downtime-prob for upgrading but even using past offers there are amazing free apps everyday. I’ve used this for years, tried others but always come back to AppAdvice. Most of the dailies are fully free offers-sometimes there are in app purchases but read the instructions as many times these too are waived.
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8 months ago, Ever Yves’Vii Sadd
I use the app daily and it hasn’t updated since the 3rd of October 2023. Did I miss an announcement about the app? Around a week or so ago, iOSsnoops (a website with a similar premise) abruptly shut down with no warning simply because the person who ran the site said it wasn’t worth the time, money, and effort to keep it up before accusing other unnamed sites of stealing their hardwork researching for app deals and then posting it as their own content. Were they talking about AppAdvice?
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4 years ago, i Love iToys
Bye bye
Used to love this app. I downloaded so many useful or fun apps for free when I first got my first iPad so long ago 😊 Unfortunately, the new app model is free with in-app purchases and I haven't found anything useful from this app in ages. The free apps shown are repetitive-- frankly if you keep going free once a month, you are just doing it to show up in these apps. I would prefer a model that highlights great apps by genre and you can put a watch on it (or on a company) for price drops. I hope that exists but I am deleting this one regardless.
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2 years ago, L84aflight
Love this app! However…
… it seems that user can no longer contact the developer for questions and/ot issues. It hasn’t featured anything in days (one week, so far). At times when you click on the app icon, the app opens to a blank screen. I suspect that the new apple iOS update has messed with it, in terms of compatibility.
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6 years ago, NCIceman
An extremely valuable app
Each day, you never know what hidden gem AppAdvice might bring you. The app itself is free, and it links to a good collection of free apps each day. A great way for new or experienced iOS device users to build up there app collection. There’s also the advice section which might help you find the best app in a category for your needs. An app I reference every day.
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4 years ago, Duveldog
Freebies For Everyone!!!
This is a great app to have an opportunity to get some awesome paid apps for free, or partially free! Even if you aren’t sure if you’d like an app that’s featured, you have nothing to lose by “purchasing” it for FREE, and giving it a try. If you don’t like it, simply delete it and you haven’t lost a thing! If you like it...well, you got it FREE! Nothing to lose; everything to gain! Nirvana (in an app)!
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2 years ago, saclark1
Worse than before
Been using AppAdvice and the Apps Gone Free for a number of years now. In the beginning it was predictively updated on a daily basis typically in the morning hours. Now he can go weeks in some cases with no updates. The apps go on free section and separate app is still showing the same apps for almost a full two weeks. additionally they’ve gone to a new lo-res flat graphics where everything is very flat and looks like it was colored by a second grader. You had a great thing going; I don’t know what or why you decided to destroy this app.
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