Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

Health & Fitness
4.7 (71.3K)
180.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Asana Rebel GmbH
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.4 or later
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User Reviews for Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

4.69 out of 5
71.3K Ratings
2 months ago, Gucci0611
Feel Good Everyday!
I love this app, I’ve used it before and it helped me get into a better headspace. I downloaded it again and I’m very happy with the updated features. I especially love that I can choose to mute the music and just listen to the person speak. It’s so peaceful and so much better for my deen! Please don’t ever change this. Also, I would love it if you guys could include a feature to where we could choose to have all female instructors. Lastly, I love your collection of programs I just wish I could schedule the entire series I favorited into my calendar. Instead, I’m only able to schedule the recommended beginners course. Other than that, I love how I feel after each workout and noticing my steady progress in how my body changes for the better. I’d prefer if there was more conservative attire, I think that would be a great addition. The UI is very welcoming and easy to use. As for the widgets I’d like it if I could be reminded of the specific course I’m taking verses a randomly picked one, though it is nice to mix it up once and a while. I’d like and option for favorited programs with the streak. Thank you so much for putting so much care into this app! I hope you guys continue to improve and get support.🌷
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6 years ago, Jen1500
Was once in love
I used to rave about this app to EVERYONE I know, now... not at all. The last 6 months with this app had been difficult to say the least. There have been a lot of technical and development issues, aka having to restart the app EVERYDAY bc it would freeze, workouts “disappearing” and many more. The most disappointing thing about this app now is that the “coach” feature is gone. THE REASON I had purchased this app. I wanted to pick a goal style program aka “fat burn” or “Bikini body” and just have to open up my app and click the days workout because it was a 4-6 week guided program. I enjoy yoga but i don’t have a degree or certification in the best way to go about my program, that’s why I purchased the app and now that feature is GONE. Asana claims that they changed the formatting so people could be “free and flexible” with their work out, that’s fine and dandy for those people, but what about us over here who do not want it that way?! Why does it have to be one OR the other? Why can’t you integrate both old and new programs into one app? “Coaches programs” AND being able to be “free and flexible” with doing all of your own choosing? All in all this was once a great app so that’s why I didn’t go below a 3, but I am just so disappointed with the changes they made and I of course have the 1 year subscribe, soo. The changes they’ve made do not make working out easier, now it takes a pep talk to get myself motivated, when I used to be excited
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6 years ago, omg stop it already
Great workouts but the process is frustrating
I like the workouts a lot. I sweat. I’m losing fat and I’m getting stronger. But the process of getting an hours workout is frustrating. Each workout is 10 minutes plus warm up and cool down. I want 45 minutes of workout with one warmup and one cool down. So I can “add a workout” before the cool down starts and the app does the right thing (skips cool down and the next warmup). But what it doesn’t do well is report to my Apple activity. When I “add a workout”, and I finish doing 50-60 minutes, the app only reports one workout of 21-29 minutes (the typical warmup+workout+cool down), not the entire time I worked out. So to calculate the workout correctly on my phone, I have to skip through the cool down and skip sivasana and skip the next warmup. It’s too much downtime between workouts. And when I do that, it actually adds too much one because even though I skipped 10-15 minutes, the “whole workout” is considered to be 21-29 minutes (not just the additional 10 I actually worked out in the second and third sets). I would really like to build my own workouts. Also, fining workouts I’ve done before is clunky and you can’t click to start them from the list, you can get the name and then scroll to find it in another area. Also no search feature. Also I can’t figure out how to see previous month’s workouts.
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5 years ago, AJHENRY22
I like this app a lot!
The first time I paid for a subscription to Asana Rebel it was on accident. I clicked on the yearly rate to check it out and the transaction went right through. Oops! My friends made fun of me for weeks for accidentally spending $60 on an app. But once I started using the app, I didn’t regret it so much anymore! Within just a few weeks, I could already feel my body toning and strengthening. I like that there are different trainers and different music and differently themed workouts, so I’m not doing the same thing every single day. I also like that there are different intensities, so if I do a really difficult workout one day, I can switch to an easier one the next day. Although I got bored quickly with the available workouts, they soon added more videos so I had more to do. I even got my mom into yoga, and she never thought she would be able to do it! She loves the basics of vinyasa series. They are always updating this app and have great customer service! The only thing I don’t appreciate about this app is it’s price. I’m a college student, and I don’t have the money to drop $60 at once. Maybe if they gave me an option to pay $5 a month? I’m not sure that I’m going to pay for another years subscription because I don’t think I can afford it, but I really liked my time here. It will be difficult to replace this.
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5 years ago, KAYTOG
Old version was GREAT
I would gladly give my money every month to have the old program back. You had the option to start a 4-6 week long program based on your needs. The workouts were perfect and only took me about 2 weeks to start seeing incredible results. I even got abs for the first time in my life! Now that option is gone. You can still access the old workouts but they don’t register on their workout log anymore so it doesn’t show that you worked out for the day if you do an old workout. Also, there are only 5 workouts available from each old program (fatburn, bikini body, stretch & move, etc.) so there is no progression or building towards a long term goal. The new workouts are 5 minutes shorter than the old ones and include a 5 minute warmup and an 8 minute cooldown. So your actual workout is only about 10 minutes long, and has proven to been much less effective than the old ones. You spend more time warming up and cooking down than you do working out- what’s the point of that? The programs were what made this app great. I’ve seen lots of customers express similar concerns and I’m not sure why they don’t seem to care? They would be making loads more money if they incorporated both the old and the new. I’m only subscribing as long as the older workouts are still accessible. If those leave, I’ll finally cut ties...unless they decide to listen to the people who’ve supported them the longest. ✌🏼
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3 years ago, Fhhshgdjhhtavjefjkefjhsfvg
Amazing App
This is a truly transformational and amazing app! Not only does it provide exceptional yoga inspired workouts that you can tailor to your physical, mental and time related needs, but it also provides phenomenal tips and tools to empower you to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I was very skeptical initially; I honestly didn’t think that an app on my tiny phone screen could provide the studio quality yoga experience I was accustom to, but it has far exceeded my expectations. After reading hundreds of reviews I took the plunge and have LOVED my experience. Every day I can choose a new workout or combination of workouts to meet my specific needs and I can do it at my convenience. The additional features like the meditations, relaxation music and healthy recipes make this a well rounded app that help you focus on your overall health throughout the day. I also love the ability to set reminders or tailor a daily plan to help you stay on track and committed . Now that I’m incorporating the many components of Asana Rebel into my daily routine, I feel stronger and more in alignment both physically and mentally, which in turn is having a positive impact in many other areas of my life! I highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Kimmaklyn
I clicked one month subscription, just to try it out (I’ll come back to my subscription at the end of this review). I answered all the usual questions, and began my first workout. The video quit half way through the warm up, which could have been my WiFi. It happens. I switched off the WiFi to use data, and the video was still stuck. I tried restarting the app, and it automatically took me back to the beginning of the video as if it had no memory of where I was (For $15 a month, it should keep my place). So I tried fast forwarding to the part of the workout where I left off, but you can’t fast forward. So I chose to skip set, and it completely skipped the rest of the warm up. It went straight to the workout. I thought, “Fine, I guess I’m working out then.” I could not even keep up. It goes too fast. Sorry, but I do not want to hurt myself when I can’t keep up with good form. And since I know I can’t rewind or fast forward seconds at a time, there’s no way this is at all going to be compatible with my life - for $15/mo?! I went to cancel after activating my MONTHLY subscription literally 15 minutes before and it is set to take $60 worth out of my account. So now I have to try to stop apple from taking my money. Honestly, if it was just $15 that I lost I would have just been like “oh, well. That’s what I get for trying something that doesn’t offer a free trial.” This app is terrible! I do not trust this company! Do not waste your time or money!
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2 years ago, Reesis
Look forward to it
I love this program. I especially like the challenges and sets of workouts because I’m doing in the morning I just want to click on the next days workout and do it without much thought. Some other reviewers said there used to be more programs for long term success that were more effective, I would love that and thought that, from the ads, thats the way asana would be. I hope that is also done, that both the old and new ways are both available. My favorite flows are the ones by Jonah. I wish there was a feature to search by teacher, that’s one other improvement I would make to the app. I LOVE the feature where at the end of a workout there’s an option to do another one, it really encourages me to do that, and because I’m feeling so good after the workout I just did, its easy to do just a little bit more. This is the first time I’ve done any workout/yoga program where I truly look forward to doing it every day, and at the end I’m like “its already done?”, also that I don’t even have to psych myself up and “just do it”. Even the hard ones are a pleasure to do.
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5 years ago, Sazliner
Lots of options, could use more modifications and diverse body types
I primarily use this app for the exercise modules. While many of them are great, most are super downward dog centric, which is fabulous if you are one of their 104 lb 6’ tall yoga models. A ton of downward dog is not so rad if you are of a curvier or heavier build, or have any sort of issues with your shoulders, wrists, headaches/sinuses. It’s cool to see that they are getting WOC to model in some of their videos, but for the most part they still stick to the same emaciated ballerina body or in one woman’s instance, she’s muscular as hell but with close to 0 body fat. That’s totally cool if you are built like that, but most of us aren’t. I’d like to see better representation in their modules, there are many diverse body types who can do yoga. It would be nice if there were modifications thrown in for those of us who have injuries to our shoulders or knees. I do get a good workout from these videos, however they need to keep up with the zeitgeist of where we are at culturally: which is one of more inclusivity and diversity. Not super down with the #thinspo aspect of this, but again, I do get a good sweat and feel my muscles and form improving. Worth the $13 a month but the second I find something more inclusive I am jumping ship.
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2 months ago, WBKDDSPA
Latest version is a big step backwards! UPDATE
In the latest update Asana Rebel lost the ‘favorites’ selection on the bottom bar, so now instead of jumping to my favorites I have to click through 3 steps to go where I want. Secondly they’ve reinstalled the nag screen which requires user input to ‘finish workout’ as it has paused your savasana. So you have to sit up from rest and tap the button. Luckily though if you’re using Apple health and connected to your watch this is also where the app freezes on your watch. Great update man. They’d been dealing with connectivity issues forever but it was resolved for the past few months. Another weird new feature is that the music sound track to your selected class not cuts out after a minute or two. I’m a daily user for almost 500 days, and I’m pretty disappointed today because they had this stuff worked out really well. If those are corrected I give it 4 ⭐️⭐️ ALL OF THESE COMPLAINTS WERE ADDRESSED AND REMEDIED IN THE RECENT UPDATE. Wow. When does that happen. Well I can not say never because it just did and I’m grateful and feel heard. My user streak lives on!
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2 years ago, thezenpsycho
Great app, minor complaints
I switched over to Asana after being committed to a different yoga app for the past few years. I haven’t explored much beyond the workouts which have all been valuable so far. I love the diversity in instructors and hope to see more of that. I am a big fan of the workouts being 30 minutes or less. For the price point, there is great value with the recipes, meditations, music, etc. My main complaint is the obnoxious voice that pops up towards the end of the workout before the cooldown begins. I think we can all already see the button for ‘skip warmup’ or ‘skip cooldown’ that is there. It tends to take me out of my zone for a little bit. I see the appeal for some, but would love an option to turn this off at least. It would also be nice to have a filter included for common ailments (ie, achy shoulders, neck, tight hips, etc). I find that the search bar can miss out on some workouts if you’re not specific enough. The ability to plan your workouts for the day/week would be nice too so I can spend some time on a certain day planning my workouts for the week rather than a lot of searching and thinking each day about what might work.
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4 years ago, Ben Eastrize
Very good, needs a couple small changes to be great
I really like this app. I’m a relatively active person (weights, YOGA, HIIT) already and this app has many workouts that push me to the limit. I like that the app stops before the cool down and gives you the option to do another one. The one problem I have is, from what I can tell, is it’s difficult to keep track of the work outs I like AND why. You can “heart” a workout but that’s it. Some are good for serious HIIT, some are good for a moderate yoga-like workout and the descriptions can be too vague to know for sure what you’re getting into. Honestly, that would be fine if there was a way for me to track what I liked about them. Even a simple notes section or something associated to my “hearted” workout to indicate what I liked about it. Just a thought! Other option would be a more thorough description. Otherwise, I recommend this app to many people and have enjoyed all the new workouts lately!! Keep up the strong work and maybe add a better tracking system for those of us who are looking for different workouts at different times. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Briaxoxo
Expected to pay $60 upfront without even a trial
Ok app, it has a nice idea but I think it could be better if 1. they offered more for free. I’m not even being cheap, it seems the only option is the free app or $60 per year. Paying $60 up front for something I barely know anything about is a lot to ask, wish there was at least like a monthly subscription for $10 or a one week free trial or something because there’s hardly anything free on this app (one focusing song, three workouts (2 of which of 5 mins, the other 6 mins), one guided meditation, etc). You can only get about a day’s use out of this app before you have to pay to access more. 2. Apparently in older versions of this app there was an option to make a daily plan for yourself over the following weeks to help reach your goals. I was actually searching for something just like that when I came across this app! I would love if that were brought back. Right now it kinda forces you to only look at what you’re meant to do at that exact time of day. Not a big fan, but I kinda see the benefits of this more minimalistic, laid-back approach as well. Otherwise, this app is pretty cool, but I only downloaded it yesterday and it doesn’t look like it’ll be staying on my phone much longer.
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3 years ago, EMarieNYC
wait for what cool down? written to support with questions to no avail
The workouts in Asana Rebel are really great, especially if you need a short but effective one, and to supplement other kinds of exercise. I’m starting this again after losing conditioning so looking forward to building up strength with this. One thing I am missing is, at the end of the workout it will say “wait for the cool down” and then nothing. I will have to look through the workouts myself to find something which may or may not equate to a “cool down.” Perhaps I am remembering incorrectly, but I thought the last time I subscribed that it automatically linked to a cool down? I can do it myself, I have done my own “cool downs” but that’s not what I’m paying for. Also, written to support at least three times with simple questions (that I think I might have figured out just don’t have the answer i am looking for but don’t know). I have never received a response. For an app with paid content and a subscription I find that terrible customer service. I feel like they dropped the ball on this app, not the fault of the trainers who designed the workouts - which are a pretty great combination of yoga and strength training that you do not see many other places.
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2 years ago, Highly Annoyed by this app
Technical issues keep this from being awesome
I primarily use this app for the workouts. I have only had it for two weeks and it can be super frustrating at times. I love the idea of challenges only it is set up that you can’t do the 2nd or 3rd workout without doing the one before. I get it. It makes sense EXCEPT when you do the 1st workout but it never registers you as completing it so you can never progress and actually do the other workouts. If the developer just let us have access to any of the workouts in the series this wouldn’t be an issue or fix the issue!! And yes, I keep this app updated hoping this gets fixed. I have workout from and the gym for over 25 years. I still go to the gym but love having the option to do something from home when my time is more constrained. I love doing yoga so this seemed perfect. The workouts I have tried are good and I like that I can stack shorter ones on to the longer ones if I want a little more time working out. PLEASE PLEASE have your developer fix the issue on recognizing you completed the workout (it happens not just on the challenge ones) or do away with not being able to access all the workouts in the challenges.
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3 years ago, Chainz_wuwu
Makes fitness super approachable
I just turned 44 and was needing to refocus on my fitness. I also belong to a video yoga website but was finding I just wanted some more “workout” based options. Asana Rebel has been absolutely perfect for me because of the customized selection of workouts, their even pacing (not hyper like some cardio classes), and their length. Some days 20-25 minutes of strength training is all I can handle and this makes me feel like I am still able to engage and keep up even when I am still sore or have less time to devote. I am definitely building strength and tone quickly and in a way that doesn’t leave me decimated for days. The video and audio quality is excellent - loads better than the other site I am on. I like the music options and the home feed’s suggestions. I don’t have to go searching for what I want, it’s served to me which saves me the decision fatigue. I like the music options and will be checking out some of the recipe suggestions soon. Overall this just makes my fitness commitment super easy and very doable.
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6 years ago, Ruby Joye
I am so surprised by this app! When you first get in, it tried to get you to sign up immediately with a yearly sub, which I felt was a bad sign.. I mean I hadn’t even used it yet. I closed all the ad screens and they offered me a free trial, so I took it and tried it out. At first I was surprised by how simple it was.. it just shows you a list of full workouts and one short workout at the top. I felt like.. wait, that’s it? Turns out they change the short workout every morning. I started with the topmost workout and figured I would just make my way through the list. It was amazing. I’ve been doing yoga regularly for a few months now and I’ve never had such a motivating, smooth, and exhausting but enjoyable workout. The videos are super well done, and as a woman, seeing gorgeous and elegant bodies and poses is inspiring and motivating. I felt like they did an amazing job of structuring truly full workouts into the yoga sessions, and this could easily be the only app one uses to stay fit. I am excited to let my trial end and pay full price, they definitely deserve it. I will be using this from now on.
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7 years ago, PatriceMB
Life changing!
After not being able to do any impact exercises I was even struggling with biking but my knees can’t handle that everyday. I started this program. I love that there is not a over excessive talking instructor she is calm and you don’t have a coach if you don’t even want one but I actually like her and her little tidbits of info. So not only did I tone up very fast, I am strong, my back pain is gone, my mental focus is amazing and I am in such a better mood. I’m up to level III but I have done yoga in the past. It don’t even feel like work with the breaks and the stretch feels so good. I like this app because I can do it anywhere. You can pick a program and it gets harder as you progress. I love all the little short videos you can do in addition. I did the 5 supper fit exercises that work everything and I’m sore already. I don’t see how anyone could find this a bad idea. There is something for everyone. Continue to look for new poses as well to keep it interesting. Their really good with the flow from antagonistic to protagonist muscles, you want that. You will get really sore strong.
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5 years ago, Gorko
Love this app
The value is amazing, you get high quality, intense, customizable yoga work outs at your finger tips. It's so easy to just do a quick workout! I am a new Mom and this had changed my work out routine because I can do a quick 5 minute set or 30 minute set. I love the programs and have definitely noticed a change in my body since starting. Updating my review just for feedback: I’ve been using this program for probably three years. I loved how in the beginning they had programs that you would follow and a schedule. The programs were based on your level of experience and fitness. Now there is no reason or rhyme to the workouts and with the new update there is now intensity level shown so I start a workout that is wayyyyy too advanced for me and I get frustrated. I also wish there was a way to see what workouts I have already done while I am browsing so I don’t keep doing the same ones over and over. I would love if there was an option to build a program to custoMize and follow like way back when I did the beach body one. Thank you!
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5 years ago, DreaLee76
Great but missing some intuitive features
Hello, first I'll share that I really enjoy your app, but have one major hitch in using it as I want to: the workouts are too short and to do many I have to pause too long to scan through and skip the warm up. First and foremost PLEASE add a feature to allow me to skip warm ups (not just cool downs) for when I need to combine workouts to meet my needs. It would also be SOO helpful if you could add a feature allowing users to create "playlists," where we can mix and match our favorite workouts. Being that you provide no workouts longer than 26 minutes (as far as I have seen), these would be vital functions to add for paying subscribers to really get what we need from the app. It would also be great if you would add some longer (45 min+) workouts for each brand you offer (fat burn, strength, flexibility, etc.), but the first 2 are most important for flexibility. I would be recommending you a lot more if these features were available. I gave 3 stars because these features do not exist and I see in other reviews that you have gotten a lot of similar feedback and there doesn’t seem to be a response to that feedback. Thanks for your time!
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4 years ago, rrense
Hate spending money, but this is SO worth it!
I was always skeptical about paying for workout apps. I’ve been bouncing around trying to find a gym I like, or a yoga place I like, going between bootcamp or a personal trainer and everything else in between. It’s the coronavirus time right now and I obviously can’t go to the gym, but I love Asana Rebel so much. Seriously. This app has so much more than just exercise videos, it’s clear the creators want you to take a holistic approach to your health and really take everything into consideration. I have reminders for drinking water, meditating, doing homework, even sleep meditations or music to help me sleep. The workouts are amazing and every single one makes me feel glad to be working out. There’s really good recipes, too. You guys, this is totally worth the money. I’m gonna quit all my gym memberships (I have 2 right now) and only do this app with my husband from now on. THANK YOU ASANA REBEL! This is a seriously amazing quality app you have created. ♥️
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5 years ago, Mjspy
Changes to this app were not positive
Two years ago I started using this app and loved the way the programs were laid out. Each move was listed in the video so I found it very easy to work through. I loved the coach function as well and was very happy paying $10 a month for the subscription. I stoped using the app when they only allowed you to buy 3 month, 12 month, and forever subscriptions because I didn’t want to layout that much money. Side note- I’m pretty sure the app continued to charge the $10 a month but I no longer had access to the subscriber portion of the app. Will have to take that one up with Apple. Anyways, fast forward to today- I haven’t been working out as much as I would like. I thought of Asana rebel and decided to pay for it because of how positive my previous experience was. I started a workout and it kept glitching so I assumed the app might need an update. I updated and I am so disappointed. I hate every change they made right down to the logo, which now lacks personality. I liked the program/coach element and how personal it felt. I’m going to continue to try using it (because I paid for it) but I’m so disappointed.
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11 months ago, noderosa
Great content
It’s a great app with great content. But the apps on my iPhone and AppleTV aren’t syncing well. The calendar (dates you’ve used) is synced on the both apps. I’ve started a challenge on the phone app, and I’m doing the workouts using the Apple TV app. Which video I’ve done using the AppleTV app isn’t recorded on the challenge section of the phone app. (It looks like I still need to do the day 1 video to move on, even though I’ve done that already.) The check mark on the top right section (of the video, I’m a challenge on the phone app) isn’t working, so I cannot manually check that I’ve done that video to move on in the challenge. Also, it’s a little annoying that there’s no challenge section on the Apple TV app, so I’ll have to look for a video to move forward with the challenge. Could you please look into this? This could potentially discourage me. Thank you Update: thanks for your response but the app doesn’t let me manually check “done.” I’m seeing the check mark but even if I tap on it, it won’t change anything and I cannot move on to Day 2.
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1 year ago, LouiseChas
Just What I Need
I’ve been exercising everyday for the past 4 months using only Asana Rebel. I love the variety of programs that is offered, the daily/motivational quizzes, meditations, sleep sounds, recipes, and exercise trackers. What I enjoy so much are that the yoga programs incorporate strength, flexibility, and deep breathing with the instructors in each video coaching or reminding you to breathe, what muscles you need to be engaging, and how to perform the stretch or exercise. They make it easy for you to navigate through the programs as you select what you’d like to focus on- whether it be stress relief, building/strengthening your core, practicing cardio, wanting to get toned, etc. many of their exercises are 25-30 minutes in length and are great for busy people. I can truly say that with exercising daily with Asana Rebel, I have become more toned, have decreased body fat, I am feeling more energized, and flexible. This is definitely an exercise app that has made me look forward to working out each day.
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6 years ago, Diamond Doom
Cheaply made and doesn’t work, ever.
When I first logged on I could not access content without subscribing. I purchased what I thought was a monthly subscription, but I was charged for the entire year (obviously it was an annual subscription). Hopefully they’ve fixed this to not be so confusing now, I signed up a few updates ago. The audio is poorly mixed and they filmed it illegally without permits in my neighborhood. I realize through use that these are the people I caught in my neighbor’s yard, dangerously using my neighbor’s belongings for filming. As a Trapeze artist, I’m not faint of heart when it comes to acro, but as a former instructor I do know safety and would never condone breaking into private property to use somebody’s leisure equipment outside of its recommended confines without permission of the owners. That is insanity. Despite this I figured I’d paid over $100 for it, might as well use it for the year. 100% of the times I try to use the app it crashes at some point. Sometimes I get a black screen, sometimes a session just freezes. When the app does work and I use it, I wear my various monitoring devices which read less than half the calorie burn the app claims to provide. I hate to give a bad review to anybody, but this has become ridiculous.
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5 years ago, macie1127
Life changing app!
For almost a year and half now I have consistently used Asana Rebel on an (almost) daily basis. I began with zero yoga experience and used the videos and tips to teach myself. Fast forward to a few weeks back, I went to a yoga and surf retreat- this was my first time ever taking yoga with an actual in-person instructor! I could do EVERY move, and more, and the teacher was blown away by my skill level. She really didn’t believe me when I said I only used an app! All of that to say, I highly recommend this app for both the HITT style workouts for a good cardio workout and the slower yoga workouts. I also used it as my sole source of exercise for months when I injured my ankle and it worked wonderful for me to be able tailor exercise to what feels right for my body. The app is constantly improving and it is obvious that the app and the UI is well thought out and super user friendly. 10/10, this is app is worth every penny and will teach you more than you even realize!
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6 years ago, Lamashlitca
Great app, but soooo many glitches
I’ve been using Asana Rebel for almost two years now. I love the workouts.I love that the app as a coach program that gives you a different workout everyday and there are different programs you can do depending on your goals. However, I’ve never used any app that has as many technical issues as this one. Over the two years I’ve used it, there has been three or four times that a major feature of the app has gone away or been made more difficult to use because of some kind of glitch. It’s usually after they release a new update, which makes a little bit of sense. I can give them some grace on that. But it on average takes them WEEKS or even MONTHS to fix these glitches. They always throw out a date when it will be fixed and then the date comes and goes with no fix. They’re in the midst of another one right now. I don’t know if they need a new tech team or what, but they would easily have five stars from me if this whole cycle hasn’t happened over and over and over again. It’s really frustrating. Only reason I haven’t given up is because the workouts are REALLY good and I like the format.
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6 years ago, AimAgain
Features + variety = great! Technical support...not so much
Asana Rebel overall is my favorite way of practicing yoga; I’ve used it for over a year now. I like the coaching plans and workouts; Asana recently made an overhaul of its workouts and I like them - within a routine, there isn’t any repetition (I get bored easily). Downsides: with the new version, you can’t mirror workouts to your TV, even if you have an Apple mobile device and Apple TV. The app seems to believe you’re trying to record the workout, based on the error message you get. Yes, there is an Apple TV Asana Rebel app. Two dealbreaker problems with it: A) 4 out of 5 times, the TV app freezes during a workout, and there is no way to continue from that point other than starting over. Nope. B) The two apps (TV and mobile) don’t always talk to each other. They usually don’t talk with my Apple Watch either. I like the workouts enough to continue to subscribe, but if there were ever a dealbreaker issue with the mobile device app, I’d have a decision to make. I’ve reached out to technical support about the above issues, but there’s been no resolution.
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6 years ago, EEEsty
Great customer service and videos
I was hesitant to purchase this app when I’d been let down by classes and videos in the past. It’s hard to find something that flows and doesn’t have you sitting one second and back on your feet the next. But, as I watched a friend share her daily progress I decided to do it. Unfortunately when I installed the app it wouldn’t play videos. When I contacted customer service Lisa responded to me within 24 hours and set up my own Vimeo page so I could follow their workouts while they resolved the problems. She was very helpful and responsive and the selection they provided was more than I expected. I’m happy to report that they fixed whatever the problem was and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the app now. The videos and selection are amazing and I’m looking forward to challenging myself! I would highly recommend this Asana Rebel!
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6 years ago, ugh change it back
Used to love but now on the fence
When I first started using this app there were coaching programs that you could choose from such as “fat burn”, etc. and I love that. It gave you a designated workout for that day and if you chose to do an additional workout(s) you could. But then I stopped using the app because life got in the way and I went back to my actual gym. I had taken time off due to a back issue but still wanted to work out and I knew a yoga inspired workout would have been a great option. When I started using this app again, they completely changed everything and the coaches program I once loved was no longer an option and I instead had to choose the workout I wanted to do. Which is great to an extent until you know really know which one to choose, and you spend more time choosing a workout instead of actually working out. I wish they would change things back to how they were, or at least add that option back in. Slightly disappointed with this app now and I have the yearly subscription that of course just auto renewed last month....
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4 years ago, The Next Leading Man
Flawed subscription system/horrible user interfaice
I am beyond annoyed and flustered at Asana Rebel’s billing. No less than 4 times have I purchased a subscription at what is billed the “premium” package, only to be denied workouts and forced to buy a more expensive package that is the “true premium” or “unlock everything” package. This has resulted in over $250 in losses over the course of a year, via purchasing the “same product” over and over again. I have cancelled all subscriptions and will not be using this product again. I’ve found the workouts to be sufficiently challenging and a nice variety, but interacting with the screen at any point in the workout proves to be impossible. If you need time between movements/a movement is too much to do in a given moment, trying to pause for a breath can result in you missing an entire exercise, as the screen does not register your touches, which results in my personal frustration for needing to fiddle with both the pause button and the time icon/bar trying to recover that exercise. Unless sufficient software repairs are made to this app for its billing and interface, I would not recommend it. Decent content does not counterbalance a customer’s user experience.
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5 years ago, rachybear1997
Videos not playing
I bought a subscription earlier this week. I loved this app in the past but never purchased the full version (aka coach) in the past because it was too pricey. But the new price of $60 for one year is great! So I got it. It worked well for three days, but now, the videos aren’t playing. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I restarted my phone, which did nothing. I updated my phone, which did nothing. The only thing that works is deleting and redownloading the app, BUT it only works for one video and then they stop playing again. It’s not my connection, as it does the same on WiFi AND on data... not to mention all my other apps are fine. I like the workouts and how it keeps track but I’m very frustrated. I spend more time trying to get the app to work than working out! On top of that, the app won’t let me change my goal. When I used the app over a year ago I set my goal as weight loss but now I’m looking to get fitter and it won’t allow me to change that. All in all I love the workouts and the idea but the app really stinks. Since I paid for a year all at once I’ll keep using the app, but I’d rather not have to delete and download every time I want to workout. It’s frustrating.
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8 months ago, ❤️✌️🎂
Great When it Works
I’ve had trouble with projecting this app onto my tv. I cannot get the built-in feature to cast the video on the screen, so I was going about it by using the screen mirror on my iphone and going in that way. This worked for a while, but now when I try to do this, I can’t get the asana thumbnails to work without closing out the app multiple times and trying again. Other times, when I do get the thumbnails to work and I get to press “start workout”, the sound will play but the video will not (on both the tv and the phone). Still other times, the video will play but it won’t turn to landscape mode so I only see the very middle of the yoga mat…and still others, I will get the bottom left corner of the video. I do not know what is going on, but it is very frustrating. It often will take 5 minutes of me closing out the app and trying again and again before everything comes together. It would be a great app if these features would work. I love the videos when I can get them on my tv screen!
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8 months ago, infrequenreviewer
Auto renewal
I did like the app and used it for two years. I decided after the first renewal that I wasn’t going to renew again so I followed the instructions and disabled the renewal in my iTunes. Then, yesterday it was auto renewed via PayPal. I wrote to them right away and they responded that they could cancel my subscription but couldn’t send a refund and included a bolded text that said, auto renewals can not be refunded. So be careful. I think I must have originally signed up online and not on my phone. I’m not sure, but be sure to check everywhere if you want to avoid being charged for something. After writing this, I received a response that I needed to “be sure to cancel on the platform I signed up on” Gee, thanks. I used the app for at least two years so I didn’t remember. Otherwise, I would have. I specifically looked for instructions on how to cancel to avoid auto-renewals and only found instructions about cancelling via a phone, which is the only way I’ve ever used the app. But thanks for the does-me-no-good-now advice. I’m putting this out there so other people know to check.
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5 years ago, Few flaws
Navigation really lacking!
I am enjoying this app! The home page is beautiful, the health tips are fun, and the yoga teachers and music are great! The layout is very clean looking, however the navigation is clunky and lacking. I’ve been following along with a series, but each time I open the app there is no way to go straight to and access the collection I’m in the middle of doing! To navigate You would go to “search” where there is no search bar, confusing... the pages are full of pictures and font that look lovely, but it takes an unnecessary amount of time to wade through all the visual stimulation to find an individual workout. This app really needs to SAVE your last workouts, have a page for workouts you’ve recently completed and series you’re in the middle of and have a way to search straight to whatever your looking for. It’s SO frustrating to click on the progress calendar, see your last workout but not have a way to go right away from there, or anywhere to the collection you’re in!
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6 years ago, Cat Fell
Recent updates - got some good things, miss some of the old ones.
A great program, and I really like the new workouts you just added. Have been doing it almost daily for a year. I appreacite that the workouts are of different lengths so I can choose one that fits the time I have. I also love the feature that automatically suggests a new workout before the cool down of the previous one so I can keep the momentum going when I have time. The recent updates are nice, but I miss the feature where the program offers me new work out options and then goes straight to the workout segment skipping the warm up. Then I could usually do one warm-up, three work outs, and one cool down. I would also like to request that when the program suggests your next workout, it provide me with three options as I prefer to mix the “strength” work outs with the “get in shape” ones. You system currently only offers me either one or the other of these options, combined with the “flexibility” workouts.
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10 months ago, Notahappycamper225
Impossible to cancel, keep getting charged
Sent an email to support last year to cancel my subscription (my subscription is web based, not through the app which makes it very difficult to even find where to cancel). They attempted to charge me again this year, 3 days ago, using a checking account number that I no longer use but can’t close because I am out of state and it has to be done in person. I notified Asana Rebel again that I had already requested to cancel my subscription and to please cancel it immediately. They responded this time (not sure if it was an actual person or a bot) and said they would it and that it was canceled immediately. Just got a notice that they again tried to charge my bank account, my bank denied the charge so they charged my backup credit card on file! I have also been charged an overdraft fee. Complete and total bull****. The app is not worth the money. All of the programs are super easy/not challenging at all and are very repetitive. But if you want to pay $35 a year for the rest of your life to be guided how do stretches and jumping jacks by all means, you do you.
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6 years ago, mabaker22
Ok, music needs improvement, feels impersonal
I like the length of the workouts & ability to Add on if you want to extend it- however when you choose to add more, it asks if you want to add on a “24 min” (for example) workout but really it’s less than that because you have already done a warmup- little glitch that should be fixed just because when trying to figure out if you have time to do more, the time it’s showing you isn’t really correct. Like the instructors voice. The music is SUPER generic, which is probably my biggest complaint. Overall it’s ok, but there is just something a little off about the transitions between warm-up/workout/cool down that feels a little choppy, hate the “music”, and it doesn’t feel super engaging or personal- the instructor occasionally says “good job” or “you’re doing great”, but there is no attempt at eye contact or real engagement from the person on the screen doing the yoga. That’s ok since yoga is a personal practice, but there is also something a little lonely feeling about it, not the most motivating I guess.
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6 years ago, Mama3d
How haven’t they fixed this....
I was excited to get the app when I saw a post by someone I follow and she tagged this app. Unfortunately the app hasn’t made any improvements when you purchase it because it doesn’t tell u when purchasing that the whole year subscription will be taken out all at once. It also does not tell you that they do not offer month to month prescriptions. I don’t find it fair if someone wants to try out the app that they have no choice but into buying a whole year. when I address this issue after purchasing the app and finding this information out they told me that they know of the issue and are looking into making updates. But this app has been up for a while so I’m not sure why it has not been done. All it would take is a little coding to fit in a simple line above the prices that says full year subscription due at time of purchase. Or no month to month subscription. They admitted to not having anything to make customers aware before purchase. Highly disappointed and already changed my view on even wanting to use the app.
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3 years ago, Shamrockp
NOT for beginners
Saw ads on Facebook and Instagram and based on those thought this would be a good way to get in shape and incorporate/ learn yoga moves. There is only one challenge for beginners and it definitely is not beginner friendly. You need to have an understanding of yoga jargon. They go quickly from move to move and if you don’t know what they are talking about or have particularly good balance you will fall or fall behind like myself and be frustrated. There isn’t a lot of time to work on correct posture or guidance as to what that should be as they move through things quickly. If you are in decent shape have good balance, knowledgeable about yoga poses, and are a quick learner this would be great challenging workouts. There is a nutrition and mindfulness component. I’m not sure that I would call it particularly useful as you can find similar recipes and mindfulness ideas for free online. As a complete beginner after trying 2 different workouts without any successful ( fell trying to watch and move through one flow and tweaked back trying to see what pose should look like) I regret spending the money.
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5 months ago, Lisad 24
Buyer Beware
Wow. That’s disappointing. The renewal process is clear. Renewals are automatic and unfortunately you cannot cancel after this date and get a refund. Most companies are clear. That’s not the issue. The issue is most companies also will still issue a refund if you are within a couple weeks of the renewal occurring. Most people see the renewal on their credit card bill and then realize it’s something they haven’t used and then cancel it. If you are not honoring these requests as a company, that’s sad and not honoring a good future relationship with customers. It shows you don’t care about customers after their initial signup. Unfortunately this is resembles a flash in the pan business model and obviously not seeking a good relationship with customers but rather a one time membership fee, betting on customers not tracking their automatic renewals. Other companies that I have contacted for refund after an automated renewal was billed have gladly agreed to refund payments. That shows that they care about their longevity as a business and hope this good customer service encourages customers to return.
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6 years ago, Bellabear83
Great “workouts” but.....
I’ve been using Asana rebel for 6 months now and have seen great improvement in my overall body tone and I it use daily with my yoga practices but I waited and waited for the update to only be let down by the same thing that has me doubting this program I the first place. That problem is that the “workout” only last around 10 min where the rest of each “workout” is really slow and repetitive. Which brings me another point, this app has a great liking for repetitiveness so much as to where I get bored and skip around and then still get bored. And can we please make things all more difficult and more of an actual yoga workout/session. And those ladies doing the “workout” along with us are super boring also. They need to look alive and put some sweat effort into it or at least smile and look at the camera once in awhile. Well all that being said I should just cancel me subscription and plan to at the end of this month. Sorry Asana rebel you’ve taken enough of my time and money.
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1 year ago, Cjnboston
I would LOVE it except for one feature…
This app is pretty incredible. It has everything, from all levels of workouts, to different lengths of workouts, weight, water, and step tracking, recipe recommendations, health education, and a pretty solid attempt at gamification that should bring you back every day to workout. Why the low review? Because at literally the end of every workout, no matter how long/short/easy/hard it is, there is a prompt to DO ANOTHER ONE, and you can’t turn it off. And there isn’t a way to leave developer feedback on the app, which is the only reason I’m leaving a review. It feels incredibly body shaming and like you’re not doing enough, when one of the selling features of the app is “you don’t have to do very much every day”. And if you’re trying to build yourself up to just doing something, it’s incredibly discouraging, which makes me not recommend it to other people. I’m begging you - please give me a way to turn this off. It’s not helping the way you think it is. Make it optional.
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5 years ago, CO Mama
Great for Beginners
I started using these workouts in February this year and within a few weeks, I saw big improvements in my flexibility and strength. I still do the beginner workouts (they are challenging, but not so hard I feel like I can’t do them) and mix it into my weekly exercise regimen (walking, HITT & yoga.) The very best part for me was discovering how much it helped me prepare for my recovery from my hysterectomy. Because my arms were toned and used to supporting my body weight, I could easily lift myself up to move in and out of the bed just hours after my surgery. I also noticed I had great balance, even when I was coming off the sedation. I was never really into yoga before, but these workouts have helped me not only get strong, but just feel better about taking care of myself. I have to take a 6 week break while I heal, but I can’t wait to get back to the workouts!
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3 years ago, mmonr2020
Pretty good BUT could use some improvements
I’m really enjoying this app! However, it could use some fine-tuning. Pros: • The app and widgets are motivating. • The workouts are great! I have a 16 day streak going right now because I enjoy the workouts so much, and you don’t have to do a long workout to put the work in. The streak has also lasted for so long because the workouts are so addicting. I used to only work out 4 days a week. Whereas, now, I work out every day (sometimes twice a day) whether it be before work or after or both. Cons/ areas for improvement: • The app itself could be a little more detailed with guidance on how to make the most out of the app (eg. should I be working out 3x a day or only as much as I want or...). • I don’t like that the app sometimes freezes or something while you’re doing the workout and doesn’t recover. Then you have to restart the workout. If you try to fast forward to where you left off, you will either get stuck on the loading screen again or it may work. • I would like to use the widgets and daily planning on my phone and then do the workouts on my iPad since it has a bigger screen. However, I cant do that without breaking my streak because the app across platforms doesn’t sync. So I could do my daily workout on my iPad but it won’t syn to my phone and my streak is broken.
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1 year ago, maricsz
Sped up, weird yoga
This app is great if you like rushing through poses as fast as possible, and that’s about it. Yes you’ll get stronger. But this isn’t yoga. Yes all the positions are there, but this is NOT yoga. I’ve been several different kinds of doing yoga across different studios with different instructors for over 10 years and this app is NOT any of that. This app is purely and solely for a sped up version of “yoga” for strength building and is not meditative or relaxing at all, which even intense yoga workouts are supposed to have an element of. Even the “loosen hips” yoga class doesn’t settle into any stretches or movements for longer than 5 seconds (tops), and settling in in es exactly what’s needed for yoga to be effective in the way that it’s intended. This program is exactly what it looked like to me at the outset but I tried to give it a chance: it’s a white, capitalist interpretation of something and ruins it, just white capitalist interpretations of things ruin everything. Yes you will get strong, so if that’s all you want go for it. But this is not yoga.
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2 years ago, Jennocide99
Disappointed in some key user experience items
I recently purchased a subscription to lower my stress and to encourage myself to do yoga at home since the weather is turning colder. The app has a lot of great content and is easy to navigate, but my main issues are in settings and program progress. When I set up my account on the app I assumed I could change my settings (beginner level, dietary needs,etc.) as far as I can see there isn’t anywhere to update this. Additionally, because I set it to beginner the beginner videos show on my feed. So, I decided to go ahead and get through them (in case I had something to learn and to get them off of my feed). Yesterday I completed 2 of the 8, but it didn’t show any of this progress on the home feed screen. I had hoped that maybe upon the next day it would reset and realize those had been completed, but it didn’t… really hoping this is something that can be fixed/updated.
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6 years ago, JDHarvey
How do I cancel this app and auto-renewal? Is that done in iTunes on my laptop?
Does anyone know how to cancel the annual subscription? Like others here, I like the app but agree it’s missing some basic requirements to be en effective training aid: -No coaching feature where you could start a 4-6 week program with a defined goal and it guides you thru recommended workouts on daily basis (regardless of whether you missed a day, which happens from time to time) -No abilty to pause/rewind a workout while in the workout. I wanted to rewind slightly during a workout — which is not possible. And is you try to skip a section or go back, it either takes you to the end or to the very beginning and all your time was wasted — with no tracking of anything you did to that point. -No ability to string together workouts as noted by other users. -The library of workouts don’t change much so the content seems pretty stale. It’s the same flows over and over again, which isn’t very dynamic. It has potential to be very good if they addressed some of these issues. Or maybe I am just using it wrong? Either way, trying to find switch to turn of ‘auto-renew’, but that seems to be hidden away somewhere. My next step is to check my iTunes account on my laptop...
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6 years ago, Gregory and Tammy
Poor execution
I purchased this app because I was looking for some variety in workouts. I already exercise 5-6 days per week and sometimes I get bored. I figured I’d throw this in from time to time for some more variety. The problem is that I think these workouts are designed for people with no physical fitness. There is no intensity to them whatsoever. I’m not familiar with the workout philosophy where you take tons of breaks and keep your intensity low. Seems counterintuitive. The app is also terrible. I think these folks need to get themselves a software developer. When I first started using it, the welcome page had a lot of workouts. Some individual and some in groups (or sets). Now when I use it there is a list of about 20 workouts only. I cannot find the ones that I was doing previously. All of the groupings are gone. I’ve tried to log out and back in. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall. Nothing works. In summary I cannot believe that I paid for such a pile of crap. Think twice before purchasing a subscription.
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7 years ago, SilverSurfer212
Great for a Short Trial
I have had this app on a subscription basis for several months. I really value an app like this when I have a very demanding schedule that doesn’t give much time to go to a gym. This option is on demand. I like the design of the app but the skip preview function stopped working and hasn’t been repaired despite messages to the developers. The option to change music is nice but after several months, I was hoping for more/new options or the ability to sync with my own. Not the case. I was also hoping that there would be more variety between the workouts as well as new material added regularly. There hasn’t been a new workout since I joined and it’s the same ten to fifteen recorded sets put into different orders and branded as a variety of workouts. Overall, it’s great for a short time and then becomes something to decide if you want to keep putting up with after a while. Seeking new options. Wish the developers would update.
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