ASICS Runkeeper—Run Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.8 (342.4K)
101.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
FitnessKeeper, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for ASICS Runkeeper—Run Tracker

4.82 out of 5
342.4K Ratings
2 years ago, hunter1rees
This has helped me so much
This app creates custom plans for your needs. It created a 6 week plan to run my first 5k, and to my surprise, I am now on week 5. The coaches are fantastic and very motivating. My coach helped me find the strength within myself to keep pushing and keep showing up every time. In 2 weeks, I will have ran my first 5k, and I couldn’t be more excited. If you want to make a change in your life, I recommend this app. This app also has features that allow controlling your music from the app. You can select a playlist to start automatically every time you start to run. The app also comes with an Apple Watch app that gives you more control as you run. There is a lot of additional features that make this app worth downloading and buying the subscription. Just give it a try. There is a huge library of other plans and runs you can try at any time. Lastly, I would strongly advise adding volume controls for the music and the coach separately in the settings. Sometimes my music is far too quiet for me to enjoy, and sometimes it is too loud to hear my coach. This feature would be great!
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2 years ago, BeccaDeMolition
Great motivator!
This app is wonderful- I’ve only been using it just over a year (still free version) and I must say it’s so fun! I’m finding myself using it more all the time. I just love knowing what my stats are ie: mileage and speed, on a hike or causal quick walk around the neighborhood. The different voices you can choose from are fun too- and you can always turn that off if you don’t want to hear it. Being able to track total mileage for a day/week/month, compare to previous months, or set a distance goal and push for it has been really cool and motivating. (Word to wise: Take Baby Steps!) When I feel like I’m not doing great it’s nice to see how far I’ve come literally and figuratively in the last year. (Over 200 miles!) Plus- there’s a lot of settings you can fiddle around with and ways to interact more (or less) like turning off the emails. It’s a well made app, almost haven’t had any issues with it- and after I fiddle some more and see how well it’s helping me get back into the almost-daily-walking/ movement saddle, well- I just may spring for the paid version.
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3 years ago, jdbdkslcc
I am finally a runner!!
I have HATED running my entire life. My mom and sister are the marathon running people that I thought were crazy. We run a 5K every year on Thanksgiving and I have always hated it. This year after the run I decided that I was going to try to start running. My sister suggested this app to me and after the first 3 trial workouts I fell in love with it (not the running, but the app). I trained for and ran my first 5K and was amazed when I could actually run the 5K without taking a single walking break (considering the fact that I couldn’t successfully jog a single mile before). Only 3 months after getting this app I jogged an entire 5 miles without stopping. Thank you Runkeeper!! Update 1: Thanks to Runkeeper, I finished my first half marathon! Update: I decided that I wanted to start doing more strength training went to cancel my Runkeeper just to find out I was too late and my yearly subscription had already gone through. I emailed customer service and they were so happy to help me! Not only is Runkeeper an amazing app, their customer service is exceptional!
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5 years ago, Smithandwesson21
I don’t want to create an account - deleting Runkeeper
I previously rated this app with 5 stars (see below) Since it will no longer allow use of the app without creating an account and logging in, I will be deleting Runkeeper and finding another app to use. There are many running apps out there to choose from and I am willing to pay for a one-time purchase - as long as logging in is not a requirement. ======= My previous review follows: ====== Love this app. I opened the app for the first time, pressed start, and took off running. Every 5 minutes, it reported my time, distance, and rate in minutes/mile for me to hear while I run. While running, it displays a map following my tracks. Also it displays stats during the run - which r not really needed to look at since I hear them every 5 min. When finished running, i pressed stop and it recited a summary of my workout for me to listen to while I warmed down. Then allowed me to write notes about the workout before I saved it. There was no learning curve for using this app. It was very intuitive. I can call up saved runs and view the map of my tracks as well as the stats. It also compares all my runs and displays my best in a summary of all runs. I have not created an account. And I'm still on version 5.5. There are many more features in this app which I have not felt the need to use yet.
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3 years ago, Lvms91
Love the app, needs some tweaks tho
While I wouldn’t call myself a runner, I’m definitely a person that runs consistently and this app helps me track my runs and stay consistent. I bought the paid version last fall because I wanted to explore the paid features, particularly the training programs as I was looking for something to keep me accountable while still being feasible considering my fitness level and lifestyle. I’ve done the 5k guided training, which I love. After a winter break I started a gentle training regimen with the app. I picked three workouts a week that are about 20 minutes in length. These are adjusted as you progress through your regimen. The frustrating thing is that there’s no option to “pause” your training program if you need to (maybe due to small injuries, weather, lack of access to safe running locations, etc.). So the program will either progress whether you completed that week’s training or you have to end the program entirely and restart from square one. If there is a pause button, I haven’t been able to find it easily. Please add a pause button to the training programs!!!
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1 year ago, RUSerioussss
Three Stars
The typical running/activity tracking app. I give it three starts for it has the basic functions that this type of app has. It tracks my activities, running, walking, biking, hiking, etc. It offers Challenges for you to keep yourself feel the sense of accomplishment. However, the activities are not special, because you will find them in almost any other apps just like it. I am not a hardcore runner or anything in particular for that matter, so it suits my basic needs. Now the two starts it doesn’t earn. The user interface is very boring. At times, it’s rather confuse to do or wouldn’t do what it wants me to do. For example, I want to add the shoes I use to run with. It doesn’t allow you to track the dates where of you are switching shoes during the week. It will not allow me to go back to the day before and add the shoes that I am currently adding today. It will over ride any other shoes on record in between the dates. The accuracy of the distance being track. But then again, this is a hard one for any apps to master, for that matter. However, I run the same distance most of the time, but the app will track it with quite a margin in the differences.
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3 years ago, whyNotjustNever
Great and Simple to Use!
This app is really helpful for people of all categories of running. It’s lighthearted, cheerful, enthusiastic, and very encouraging. After a few times of usage, it is one of the easiest running apps I’ve encountered. There are a LOT of features you can access that help with different areas of expertise and determination levels. It’s even pretty good for those who aren’t looking for a community aspect to their exercising (although it does offer a community aspect). Overall, it helps you keep track of a lot of different measurements, and the voices for announcing your stats are adorable! Honestly, that’s my favorite part about this app. I only wish there were more! I think it’s really fun to alternate between the voices depending on your music and what kind of exercise you’re feeling that day. I haven’t yet tried setting goals, but there are some pretty good options for them! There’s also a planned marathon-type option for those who are looking to really get serious! Overall, this app is really helpful, unique, and fun. Hope everyone enjoys it!
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2 years ago, MoreBetterCookies
Walking with Runkeeper
I guess my motivation is to try to stay a little healthy. But, walking allows me to find new restaurants, shops and things I missed most of my life by driving. Since May 5, 2020 I have walked 1,155 plus miles, Runkeeper helps me walk a little faster, try a little harder. It helps me not watch TV. At 68 years old, it’s like a little companion. A couple of features I would like to see, a break button or two, one for a bathroom stop and another for a food break. Here’s how they could work, there would be a pause button, if you tap that, you then select bathroom or food stop, bathroom break, 5 minutes, food stop, 30 minutes or an hour, once the app notices your on the move again, it starts itself, but doesn’t speak until you start actually moving more than three or four inches. I sometimes walk 3-5 hours in a day, but, if I stop to eat, sometimes I forget to restart the app. It would also be great, if you had walking contest, not just running. It would probably motivate me to walk even more. Just saying!!! Enjoy!
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3 years ago, C L O U D Z
Lost data
I have used runkeeper for several years and recommended to others. I have been very satisfied but now I have a major problem. On Monday 4/8/19 after walking I reviewed my progress and found that all my accumulated data had been lost for 2018 and up to the 8th for 2019. I attempted to reboot my iPhone but no solution. Assumed after my walk today runkeeper would at least update the two weekly walks. Nothing! I have searched all avenues of the app but cannot find a means to seek help from runkeeper hopefully this review will reach their techs or someone who has faced this issue. I’m not complaining rather I am just seeking assistance in a solution to my problem. Today, 8/3/21 experienced loss of data daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Same as lost data review above. Sent three emails to support address but no response. There is no phone # to call so no response equals no solutions. This is a terrible customer service protocol for a longtime user who has recommended RK to numerous individuals.
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3 years ago, HNA17
New issue: manual entries and Apple Watch
I have use Runkeeper for about 10 years and loved it. Then I got an Apple Watch. I was excited that I could use them together and even tried to overlook the glitches. But in the past 2 weeks or so I noticed adding exercise equipment (e.g. a treadmill) wasn’t an option for manual entries and also noticed when I entered a manual [treadmill] entry so it would record in Runkeeper, it is giving me double Exercise points on the watch and Fitness app (the green ring). I noticed it a couple times so did a test this morning. It was true. Did a quick 5 minutes on the treadmill. Fitness ring went up 5 minutes appropriately based on heart rate, etc...from wearing the watch. I went into Runkeeper to manually enter the distance and time from the treadmill, and in the 1 minute it took me to manually enter the info, the Watch’s green exercise minutes went up by another 5 minute. Please help! I would like to still wear my watch when I’m on the treadmill...but also want the distance/times tracked on Runkeeper. I just started using the treadmill instead of outside GPS activity only, so maybe it’s something I’ve clicked in terms of how it’s reading/writing with the watch? Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, BrianDev
Been using 6 Years, It’s gone way downhill
Started using this app in 2013. I’ve logged 1,349 activities. But in the past two years, the app just randomly quits in the middle of a workout. I’ve tried uninstalling, RE-installing. I’ve tried on my watch and my phone and on various versions of iOS. There’s only one consistent thing about it... crashing. This evening I was going for a PR on running distance. I have a long sordid history of injuries so getting back out and running any kind of distance is big for me. Hitting a PR is an especially tall task given the fact that my orthopedist told me I’d never run again. I’ve overcome a lot to get to the point where I am today. 1 mile away from my goal and the app crashed. My watch battery was good. My music app was streaming music fine so I know I had a solid data connection. The app did what it does on just about every workout... it just randomly stops tracking the workout. This problem started about 2 years ago. At first it was random and rare. Then, it started happening more often. This year has been the worst since I’ve been using it. If ASICS didn’t have the capital to stand behind the product they shouldn’t have invested. I’ll have to try the PR again but record it on a reliable app.
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5 years ago, Hiryu87
Run data lost! Repeatedly!
I tried Runkeeper, really I tried. Over the years I've had an Apple Watch I tried to rely on the watch app. I live the GPS tracking and the robust data in the phone app, but I simply can't use an app that is unreliable. Specifically, when I use the native watch app I will regularly lose runs. I'll finish the run and try to stop it on the watch and the app will not Jake pausing, stopping and recording the run. At various points in the process it will just crash to the first screen and the run will not be recorded. This had happened MANY times and is utterly frustrating. This NEVER happens with the Apple Watch Workout app. It's not as fancy and detailed as Runkeeper, but it works reliably. At the end of the day that's more important. The dad thing is that after leaving Runkeeper years ago due to this problem, I came back to it after getting a new Series 4 Apple Watch, certain that they must have fixed these problems over the years. Nope, still randomly loses runs. Doesn't crash as much which is good I guess, but the point of a fitness tracker is to accurately and consistently track your fitness. When it can't do that then it's worthless. Makes me sad, but later Runkeeper. Maybe these issues will get fixed in another 5 years or so...
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3 years ago, Regular User 2835
Runkeeper Go Training Plan doesn’t Sync Correctly
I purchased Runkeeper Go for the training plans and now regret it. I was excited to see that each training workout showed up on my watch. However, half the time it doesn’t sync correctly. The first two runs done this way showed up in the training log section, and in the regular Runkeeper log correctly. Then, one run didn’t show up in the training log section, but was in the regular log. That meant the training section kept reminding me to do the run and didn’t count it as completed. I had to delete the run and add it back in manually. I tried to contact support on that but never heard back. Then, yesterday, I did another run and it logged in the training section fine, but it was duplicated in the regular log - with one entry showing the red triangle as not synced. When I removed that one, it also deleted it out of the training log. So, I once again had to delete the whole thing and add it in manually. This defeats the whole purpose of having this app. I wish I would have never wasted my money on the upgrade.
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5 years ago, young4evernalways
Well played
I was super excited about this app! I downloaded it because I’m trying to get into running and I needed some help doing so. I set t up for my first 5k. I loved the personal running coach right in my ear. I love that I can still play music while using this app. I loved the helpful tips and coaching. BUT.... when I went out for my 4th run, I discovered that it was no longer free. To go any father, to have any more coaching, I needed to pay a subscription. $35 for a year or $10/month. Of course I didn’t pay. Rather, I went back home... and I didn’t ru. For a week!! I couldn’t find anything else that I liked that was free. So I finally bit the bullet and got the subscription. Of course I can’t afford it. If I could, I wouldn’t have gotten an app! I would have gotten a gym membership! But they had me hooked and I needed motivation to run. I’m doing the 1 year subscription, and then I’m canceling. If I’m not running in my own in year I shouldn’t be running at all. Well played Run Keeper, well played.
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3 years ago, EmilyGrace24
Overall very satisfied
This app can be a bit glitchy at times (every once in a while it will just act like I haven’t been running at all for the past five minutes since my last audio stat, saying I’m still at the same distance I was before - maybe this is an issue with gps though…?) but overall I like it a lot. I find I can customize it more than other running apps, which I appreciate. There are a few improvements that, if made, would definitely make this a 5 star+ app, most of which fall under the Custom Run function: When setting up repeats of slow/steady/fast intervals by *time* (not distance intervals) I still would like to be able to repeat my intervals until I hit a specific *distance.* Example: 2 minutes fast, 1 minute slow, repeat: until I reach 3 miles. A similar ability under the Pace function would be great. I have used the app in both its free version and paid, and you really do get a lot out of the free version, so that’s awesome. When I do pay for the app, I’m generally training for something specific, and want to use the Customized Training Plan function. My one complaint there, is I’d like to be able to tweak my plan once I’m in it, without having to cancel and start over. Twice now I have started a plan, only to realize I set either a too ambitious or too modest goal, and the pace of the plan isn’t working for me. You should be able to adjust the end goal without canceling the plan. Change those things, and this app would be darn near perfect.
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6 years ago, TravisRunner
Good Apple Watch App, could be better
This app is probably the best Apple Watch app I have used so far in terms of accuracy of distance and current pace when your not using your phone. Although the current pace jumps back and forth a little much, it is very close to my actual pace. The face of the app in the watch can be changed while you run which is good and bad depending on if you accidentally hit the screen. The reason I did not give the app a five star is because it still can be improved significantly. You cannot customize the watch app on the phone app which can be frustrating. I’ve tried to change it so there is no countdown before the run but there still is a 3 second delay anyways. When you first start a run the display takes a couple seconds to come up, and is also hard to stop when you are tired. I like the activity apps way of stopping and starting runs where you simultaneously press the power button and home button on the watch much more. This will make speed and interval workouts much easier to track.
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4 years ago, Bog726
Inundated by sex advertisements
Well, I thought I would love this. The subscription service has good traits and I like the training programs that are customizable to specific goals and current activity level. The app lets you know how fast you’re going and calls out whether you’re at target or below at intervals you select. Great! Two problems I face that make me wish I had never installed it. 1) the maps interface consistently under-measures my distance. I have gotten so obsessed with this I went on a run with THREE additional devices, all of which showed that I had gone farther than RunKeeper gave me credit for. I suppose this is great if you want your race time to be faster than practice? 2) I consistently get messaged by users on the app who are advertising hookups or hot singles near me. I had to re-check my privacy settings to see that my activity was only visible to friends, but it turns out MAPS are hidden but activity is default visible to everyone. Getting pinged by users with half-naked profile pics is just a super duper turnoff. Runkeeper needs to do a better job moderating the community so that this is a safe space to work out, not a skeezy spam source.
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7 years ago, Lance Murdock
Great experience until it stopped being reliable
For a couple of months I’ve been using Runkeeper and loved it. It’s simple but rich watch complication was just perfect. But over the past two weeks I’ve had three runs that I’ll start from my watch and see distance increase. However at a later time, like say when I know I’ve hit my next mile, I’ll check my time and the distance will have reset to 0.00. The timer is still going and luckily I run the same route in my neighborhood so I just have to get on a computer to fix my distance. But the point of this review is for users to beware that this app will spoil you and when it doesn’t work, it’s quite frustrating by comparison. I will keep checking for updates both firmware and AppStore hoping that this issue disappears. Update: Tracked a 5K this morning from my watch, reviewed the stats as my 2nd fastest 5K on my phone. Then I went to my dashboard to see my week stats and the activity changed to a 0.09mi run lasting 35 seconds. So I’m officially done trusting this app. I will leave my rating because it really was awesome when it worked well.
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2 years ago, Kps1956
Longtime User
I have been using Runkeeper for over ten years and love it - and I used the basic free version. It’s as accurate as any other running app (that I’ve tried), records details of all my runs, shows the route I ran on a map, tracks my various shoes and miles on each. My favorite part is all the stats that can be voiced at each set distance or time. On short runs I set them for every quarter mile. For longer runs, I set for every mile. I have it voice my total time, distance run, pace, current pace, average heart rate and current heart rate. This lets me know if I need to pickup pace or perhaps slow my pace because HR is getting too high. I really like going back and looking at past runs and comparing them to my current runs. I know other runners like different apps and a lot of that is because of familiarity. I’ve tried the most popular ones and I’ll not change from Runkeeper unless something incredible is released.
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3 years ago, I love Erin
I love Erin - Runkeeper changed my life
I was not an exerciser. I was not fit. Mid-pandemic I decided I’d better get my lungs in shape in case I caught COVID. I was 51 (female). With Erin’s coaching in the “my first 5 K” program I became a runner! I started may 1st 2020. It is now mid January. I had a bit of a fall off in December- I’m learning to run in the cold. I have run over 370 miles since May 1st, I have lost 30 pounds, I can run 8 miles without stopping. And I had no major injuries. I’m in the middle of the “run a 10 k” training. I’ve had to re start 3 times (winter-cold-Christmas). But I feel like I have a lifelong habit now. My recommendations for new runners with a little extra weight and some knee pain (1) get new shoes and change them out every 250 miles (2) glucosamine and chondroitin supplements (3) let Erin coach you through the first 5 k. You will hear her voice in your head forever! (That’s actually a good thing-,I missed her a lot after that program was over. They should have her do more re)
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5 years ago, Gygyjkfyhh
Love it
July30, 2919; I have been using the paid version and enjoy it. There are a few things I will put on here because I am not electronic savvy and can’t figure out how to contact Runkeeper. 1-what happed to horse riding? 2-why do I have to pick an active for a goal-for example I want to set a distance goal. I have to pick from about 5 different activities. Well what if I walk one day and go for a hike the next day and after that I run. Only one of the activities are counted. 3-why is it so hard to contact you? I really do enjoy the app. There are just a few things that I would like to see improved on. I really like this app. I am able to pace myself. This app helps me to see see how fast I am walking real time. I like the challenges. They help to keep me motivated. It is fun to see were you have walked using the map. It would be nice though if it could sense that I stopped. It messes up my average pace when I stop and it keeps timing me. I just have the free version so far.
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5 years ago, Nehemahm
This app is AWESOME
I absolutely love this app. I am not a runner and I used to hate running because the thought of it intimidated me so much. I didn't know what I was doing and I wasn't consistent because of that. This app provides guidance while you are running and let me tell you, it has made ALL the difference. There is a voice guiding you as you are running. It feels like I have my own personal trainer. I literally talk back to the voice sometimes lol. (You can also STILL listen to music as you run and the voice guides you). I feel stronger with each run, I can endure more and I just love the fact that we ease into things. We don't go beast mode from day 1 because whoever created this app knows that learning to run takes time and practice and that is why the app allows you to take a break between each interval - you walk for a few minutes then jog then sprint. It's really awesome and I'm so happy I downloaded it. The first 3 workouts are free and then you have to pay.
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4 years ago, brownsfan31
Great Run Tracking App
I have racked up nearly 200 runs and almost 1,000 Miles over the last 2 years on Asics Run Keeper and it is a really great app that I would recommend to anyone. It is very accurate; it allows you to listen to your music while tracking; and it has voice reminders that you can set to your preferred setting that are very helpful. It also lets you manually enter your shoe by brand and model and keeps track of how many miles you've run in them while giving you alerts when it's time for a new pair. I have been using the free version and have never purchased anything from it and I am more than satisfied. Not over the top on pushing you to buy subscriptions either which is nice. Asics has never reached out to me or compensated me for any of this review. It is completely honest from someone who considers themself an avid runner. This is a great run tracking app that is designed well and very functional for a "phone runner".
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4 years ago, Norm Mc
Used to be the best app
I’ve been using Runkeeper for over 3 years now. It was excellent. Now I will look for a new app since last upgrade. I have the Apple Iwatch and I loved that the phone and Iwatch synced. I had my heart rate monitored constantly from the watch, but while walking could easily see all the stats on the phone. Now stuck with just using the watch. It’s cold out. I can’t easily get to watch to see rates and distance. Had better access to phone plus easier to read and hear. All my friends and relatives used runkeeper. NO ONE likes it now since the phone and watch are not synced. Went from 5 star to 1 with last upgrade. Plus before upgrade you could use either watch or phone independently too. Why kill the sync? I thought upgrades were to make something better not make me remove the app from my phone. Don’t get this app unless they put it back the way it was.
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2 years ago, Jason0713
Favorite running app!
After Endomondo abandoned me, I was at a loss for a good tracking app. I tried Strava and a few others, but this one beatthem all by a 5k! I do pay for the subscription, however, it’s worth every penny. I am now being coached, and am a better runner then before. I am running longer and faster. If someone told me a 5k would become quick cardio day, AND I would have energy left over, I would have laughed in your face. But it’s now my reality. The trainings start super slow, and build at a good pace. If it becomeS too hard, I just repeat the ones before it that I can do until the hard ones become more tolerable and the next thing I know they are the easy session. Every now and then I do one of the very first session that started me off and I can see how far I have come. This is great for those beginning and those who are experienced. It’s nice to have a coach in your corner!
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7 years ago, JohnEB
No free plans on iPhone anymore? Samsung only?
Ive run with both iPhones and Samsung phones and I am realizing with their latest updates, you cannot set any training goals and use the basic free plans on iPhone without subscription but the option is still available on the Samsung phones. Ridiculous. Also this seems to waste my battery quite a bit. It would be helpful to have a marathon power save feature which would help the phone to preserve energy during the long runs of 15+ miles. And another thing, the apple watch and iphone dont actually sync when you start from one or the other. If You have to start from your phone because your set workout doesnt show on the watch, you have to start from both separately and hope that at the end they grab the correct stats from the phone. Otherwise if you start your run from the phone and forget to from your watch, starting later will show current stats from the phone but when you finish you may get the stats from wherever you started from the apple watch.
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6 years ago, laniho
Long time user - will switch to another running app
I’ve been using RK since 2010. It was the best app ever for stats, GPS accuracy, and training plans. I’ve been a paying subscriber for many years and I loved the audio couching plans, which were very serious and truly helped me prepare for races, from 5k to half marathons. Now these plans are completely gone. I tried many times to set up a “personal” plan for a race, but what I get is a lousy 4-day plan (while I want to run 5-6 days), with vague instructions about comfortable, slow, long runs, etc. No variation, no audio couching anymore. Why should I pay for this miserable service that I could even find for free somewhere else? I’d rather buy a Garmin watch and listen to my music in my iPhone. Also, better forget about using Apple Watch, which will give you crazy stats and record zigzag runs in the map. I just don’t use the watch anymore with RK. So again, why should I continue to use this app, and even worse, why should I pay for it? This is extremely disappointing. I’m doing some research to find a better app with audio coaching and better training plans. It’s a shame to be basically forced out after 9 years.
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5 years ago, notmikegolis
Great cardio app for all levels of fitness
Let’s just say...this app is hands down the best one out there. I have been weight lifting everyday the last 10 years (currently 24 years old) so I’m pretty fit BUT lack completely in cardio. As of this year, I decided to ramp up my cardio with a bike. Long story short - to this date I logged over 362 miles and counting since Jan 1 of 2019. One great thing this app can do is set and track goals. My goal for 2019 is 600 miles (50miles/month). The app allows you to track how much your progressing with your goals. Nike run app and others don’t even come close to this app. Another thing that’s great is you don’t need to purchase the app to use most of the functions. Even though I am now considering purchasing the yearly subscription, the free app gives you much more than what a beginner needs. Again hands down the best app and I look forward to completing my current goal and shooting even higher in 2020!
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6 years ago, Nicknamebhgfug
Inaccurate, makes a great freezer
I downloaded the free app because my spouse did so I figured we'd bike together and have great data to use. I ride much more frequently than her and for the first week and a half it was mediocre. Frequently pauses even though I'm not stopped causing inaccurate data although it also pauses when my ride does so auto pause seems to work. I'm sure nobody wants random pause enabled but there's no way to disable that. Somehow it calculates calories burned without any data. No matter if I bring a 50 pound trailer or have my dog pulling me or ride 3 miles or 5 miles it always says about 300 calories burned. This just can't be accurate. Now, my phone is just freezing and I'm loosing home button functionality when I try to stop the trip. Luckily I'm able to turn off my phone and that allows it to function properly again. But again that is not a fantastic feature. So basically between the random pausing, inaccurate calorie counter, and the freezing this app is trash. I can't possibly imagine someone would want to buy this. If you're considering this app and you've read this far I've heard Strava works well so I'm gonna go try that now.
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4 years ago, angry runner 2
Data farming with a running feature
Because of corona I have to run outside. I got this app to track my miles and I hate it. When your running for time you need the app to move as smoothly as possible. This kept giving me pop ups nagging me to upgrade that I had to swipe away between strides. It’s counter intuitive in design and the first time I tried it didn’t log my run at all. My next run I finished and tried to stop my clock so I could record my time. I tired to bring up the app and it went to the camera. This happened three times. I got my wife to make sure I wasn’t insane or dying of heat stroke. She said you probably have to take a photo to end the run. So I took a picture of my middle finger and sure enough the app started working again! Then I got a pop up saying the app would like to access ALL my photos!!! what do you suppose this company is doing with your photos?! Who are they selling all that data to? That’s at best. At worst they are collecting your nudes for their own voyeuristic delight. How long before a disgruntled employee puts all those purloined photos online or a hacker gets hold of them. And all I wanted was a glorified pedometer. Just ridiculous.
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4 years ago, AC45678
So I used this app several years ago, back when I was actively running. I had a heart issue that put a halt to that, but now I’m able to start running again. I downloaded Runkeeper yesterday thinking it would be the same great app, but there’s been a lot of changes. Initially I thought the app just became a bit slicker, which is fine. But now I see you have to have a subscription for any training plan. Those used to be free, or at least some of them were. So then I thought the 5k training plan was the only free one, which I was willing to work with, but after the first few runs I notice that’s behind a subscription too! I understand the app and developers need to make money for their work, but it would’ve been nice to at least have a couple training plans that were still free. I always loved Runkeeper, but I already have several subscriptions to other apps and really don’t want to have to add another. Everything is a subscription these days which is kinda annoying. I’d rather just pay a one time flat fee. Oh well. Guess I’ll see what other free run apps are out there.
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4 years ago, Tazo2011
Paid for Pro, Got worse
I was using free for the past two years and decided 2020 was a good year to try the pro version. This month it’s failed twice. First on May 17th my app states No GPS Data Available. But on the computer I can see it. Then last week, May 24th my run doesn’t show up in the feed. When I check Compare Runs, there it is, but incomplete tracking as I made a full circle, start and finish the same spot. Never had problems with the free version. So now it’s been three weeks and whoever was “working” on my stats is gone after deleting every run prior to March of this year. That’s two years of runs and cycling. Gone. And I ran my fourth fastest mile today, but RunKeeper tells me I’m 8 minutes off my fastest run. Why? Because today there are three runs of 0 miles, 0 minutes listed for this month. My advice, keep your money and don’t bother with this crap app.
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7 years ago, ErikP310
Best displayon Apple Watch 2, but simply not trustworthy
I’ve tried and ran with all the major running apps - Nike+, strava, etc. while training this year for a marathon. Runkeeper would easily be my favorite if it worked correctly. Lately the total time has been showing a consistent 0:03 on the Apple Watch 2 no matter how long you’re running. Sometimes swiping the watch screen to the pause page and then back fixes this, sometimes it doesn’t. Then it will also bug out and ruin your runs. For example, on my marathon training run today, during the 19th mile (of 20) the Watch app randomly added 10 miles to my total, and started reading 29 miles. All the averages and pace changed to numbers as if I had gone that far. I thought I could fix it on the phoneme online post run, but the run never synced to the phone, despite saving it after stopping. Now the Apple activity app on my phone shows a 30 mile run with the correct total time, but it’s as if runkeeper never knew I went running. 🤷‍♂️ Back to strava I guess, which doesn’t have nearly as elegant an in-run experience, but at least doesn’t crash and bug out and won’t lose my data.
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5 months ago, Meg E. H.
Overall Good, Could Benefit from Customizability
This app led me to my first successful marathon, so I can’t complain too much! The paid version provides a “custom” training plan based on your pace goals and race date, but there’s no adjusting the plan once it’s been dictated. You can’t adjust the days of your planned runs (though you can complete them earlier or later if needed, they just show up as if you’ve skipped them) or adjust your pacing/pace goals if you’re not meeting your metrics. You can’t add scheduled days off if you’ll be out of town or if you get sick. The plans seem to be identical each time (I just started a second marathon plan and it’s the same as the first one was), and there’s no way to customize if you feel like you need to do more sprint workouts vs relaxed runs. I also wish there was a way to set plans not based on race distance (i.e, to make it a goal to run faster overall, rather than aiming for a specific distance).
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4 years ago, Tenacious-TL
I've used this app for many years now. It is reliable and functional. Each time I open the app, I know it will operate without fault. Every time I’ve experimented with other fitness apps I’ve found myself comparing them to Runkeeper and never found them comparable. As an elite member, my family appreciates the piece of mind the live tracking gives them. I run trails in remote areas and they know where I am if I need help. The interface between IOS version of RunKeeper and the Fitbit Versa 1 was spotty though. It took a long time for the Versa to connect to RunKeeper and sometimes it didn’t connect at all. I now have the Apple Watch 5 and the interface between Apple Watch and RunKeeper on IOS is exactly what I hoped for. Since the Apple Watch is a GPS device Runkeeper will run directly off the watch. The built in heart monitor is an added bonus. Keep up the good work Runkeeper.
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2 years ago, TedRuns
Thanks for the latest update - Edit, still a glitch
Edit: although the horrible GPS glitch was resolved, I still have an inconsistent problem with the app starting on my Apple Watch when I start a run from my phone. The watch app opens, but does not begin on its own. It worked yesterday, but not today. And this has been an ongoing problem since before the iOS 15.2 issue. I tried closing both the apps on my phone and watch and reopening, but that didn’t resolve the problem. Frustrating. Original post: After 10 years of using Runkeeper, I was ready to move on because of the recent glitch with iOS 15.2. My app would not track my runs unless I had the app open and visible on my phone, and the connection to my Apple Watch was inconsistent. I only wish the issue had been avoided or fixed more quickly. Would have saved a couple weeks of frustrated running experiences. Glad it was resolved.
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12 months ago, Ann…Michigan
Perfect Mix of Run Recap Details!!!
Perfect for my running! Easy to use, and shows running distances, elevation, weekly workouts, and tracking data in comparison of previous months and years. Adding a pic to your running workout is a great bonus, too! I run in rural areas and trails mostly, so it’s pretty cool to add a nice recap photo of trees, hills, deer, etc. The “feed” option is a quick way to “scroll” through your runs from most recent to previous ones. I’m a big fan of knowing and keeping track of my mileage per week, so this app works great for me. There are plenty of training options and races within the app. Switching between different forms of exercise (running, walking, cycling, etc) is simple. I love the map it shows me during and after my workout is complete, also. I’ve tried several other running apps, and this one works the absolute best for me!
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7 years ago, P.O.S. 88
Some problems
App does basically what it should but has some irritating, basic flaws. First, the announcing of your pace is all screwed up – it doesn’t give you the correct pace of your last mile, or your average pace, or anything as far as I can tell. The numbers I was told during my run were completely different than the ones shown in stats after I finished. Also, the voice that tells you your stats during your run speaks WAY too slowly and enunciates every syllable in a harsh, grating way. Would be helpful if I had hearing problems but it’s annoying and unnecessary. There are issues when you ask for stats every mile – often it announces you’ve run e.g. 2.01 miles. Seriously?! And when I ran with it yesterday, it said I had run “one miles.” This is like programming 101! Come on guys, get it together! I turned off the voice because I got sick of running a mile and hearing “Total distance. One. Point. Zero. One. Miles.....Average Pace. Seven minutes. Forty two seconds. Per mile.......Total time. Seven minutes. Forty three seconds.”
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6 years ago, Lee in Houston
Very good but needs some improvements.
I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and 9 runs. Everything works well but I have had some glitches on occasions. Once my activity just ended abruptly at the 7th mile of an 11 mile run. I couldn’t restart , so I had to start another activity for the rest of my run. I use an Apple Watch to control the app. Another thing that I don’t like is there is no way to revert back to a run activity if you accidentally press the end button on the watch. All you can do is Save or Discard. It would be nice to have a cancel option so you can return it the Resume/End option screen. I’m hoping the new version released recently fixes this. I know these are my fault but it would be nice to have more options if you press the wrong button which is easy to do while running. I’ve also had the notifications turnoff for no reason. I think Runkeeper has the potential to be a five star app but for now all I can give it is four.
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4 years ago, Rebecca Hodgson
More coach Erin, please 💛💛💛
Erin’s 5k coaching turned me into a lover of running. I have always hated running with a particular kind of psychological stuckness. I’ve done multiple sprint triathlons— and WALKED the running part. Just. Couldn’t. Deal. Until Erin’s encouraging, contagious positivity snapped me out of my usual way of thinking about running! I look forward to my runs every other day and feel sad about rest days. Who am I?? Thank you Erin, thank you Runkeeper. Please please please add longer distance running programs with Erin. I just signed up for a half marathon in May. I’m nervous to do it without her. The best part of this app to me, is the freedom I get from my own head when I run. I just listen to what Erin tells me to think, feel, do, and believe about myself— then I do those things. There’s no space for my own self doubt or internal resistance. She is an incredible coach and brings so much value to this app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Aw252
Used to love - now not so sure
I loved Runkeeper for back when I was doing outdoor runs. Now I am on the treadmill (easier on the joints and now don’t have to worry about daylight or weather). The “stopwatch” mode is supposed to be used for indoor running. I have two major issues with it. First, every time I close the app it switches back from stopwatch mode to GPS mode, so I have to switch it back at the start of every run. Second, for my training plan a lot of the runs are broken into intervals based on distance (not time), and/or the warm up is based on distance; well the app can’t tell your distance when on a treadmill, so you are just stuck in that interval and it doesn’t proceed on. There’s no way to change the interval to a time instead, and/or no button to go to the next interval. I have to write down the intervals and do them manually on the treadmill, and then manually enter the run into the app. I really enjoyed the app before but now because of this I am just not using it. It is not robust enough for indoor running sadly.
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6 years ago, Smelly330
Great but could still use work
In general I really enjoy this app, especially the way it integrates with other apps. I particularly enjoy being able to create my own interval run (I don’t know if this feature is only available with the paid upgrade). Cons however are a few glitches including the notification feature- I can no longer see new notifications within the app when someone likes or comments on a workout unless I go INTO the actual workout itself, and occasionally it will opt to shuffle ALL of my music instead of playing only the playlist I selected within the app. And every once in awhile the app will crash repeatedly when trying to save a workout, fortunately I’ve never lost data- just irritating to have to go out and back in a few times to get it to finally save. If they can smooth out those bugs then I’d be a super happy customer!
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4 years ago, AguasS23?!
Love it !
Love this app I’ve tried so many running apps before and they either froze when I opened other apps for example pandora/Spotify or Snapchat. Also they were too much , for example they either have too much information or had extra options and honestly all I wanted was to keep track of my runs/pace/time/miles/and my running tracks so basically the simple things and I found it with this ! So if your looking for a simple running app I definitely recommend this one. This app also has other options if you wish to apply them but it doesn’t force it which is good. Also you can modify your entry at the end of a run for example how you felt during the run , you can add a description and even post a picture. So yeah love this app! If that wasn’t enough it also let’s you know when you beat your time or beat the amount of miles you’ve ran before.
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5 years ago, Ccccccccccc cc c
Extremely Inaccurate
12-29 - Update didn’t fix or improve anything. Still extremely inaccurate. I run laps, on an indoor track, that I know equal 3 miles. App. says I’ve run about 5.5 or 6. ??????? I’m a slow runner. I run a 12 to 13 minute mile. App. says I’m running a 3 to 4 minute mile. WTAF?!?!???? Are you ever going to fix this? 12-21 - App. waaaaayyyy overestimates running distance. Been running on an indoor track recently and doing a three mile run. Runkeeper says I’m doing between 6 and 7 ????? Because I change locations doesn’t mean the app. shouldn’t be accurate. We’ll see if today’s update improved anything. 1-5 - No, I’m not experiencing GPS inaccuracies. My GPS works fine for location and with any other app. It works fine in that location for other things. It’s your app. that doesn’t work!! So, it’s useless unless you guys can fix it.
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4 years ago, jaymariee93
Enjoyable to Dreadful
I’m not new to fitness but I am new to running, so this app was really great for me initially! I loved how much it motivated me and provided enough recovery between intervals. I couldn’t wait for the next day to run again. But it got dreadful quick. Not that the app is bad, it’s still good.... I just wish I could tailor my training programs to accommodate my health conditions. Not only am I new to running, but also have asthma and a heart arrhythmia. Immediately jumping to 30 seconds to catch my breathe is not sufficient to go back into 90 seconds of running. It would be great to have options that provided appropriate rest:run times that matched these guidelines for the special population. It’s even worse feeling bad about yourself for not jumping right into the run because of still trying to catch my breath with my heart rate pushing 200bpm. I just wish that this app provided a little more flexibility within training programs, being mindful of those with health conditions who are trying to work through them.
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5 years ago, Sally7612
Please bring back app to Today on lock screen
Your app is so frustrating to use. First, you remove the feature from the home screen, which made it difficult to use when I’m doing track workouts. So once I got the Apple Watch, I thought that would resolve my complaint. But then your app kept resetting during my runs and I would lose the data. It was especially frustrating during a 16 mile run when the app reset TWICE during the same run! After that, I decided to stop using your app and use a more reliable running app. I thought I would give it a try again almost one year later and ONCE AGAIN, your app reset! I wish you would improve your app. I have had this app for almost 8 years, and it has not improved at all over this time. You are so far behind the other apps. Why don’t you have segments like Strava? It’s extremely popular. And you’re not doing anything to make it better. I once used to pay the subscription, but it’s no longer worth it.
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4 years ago, harry buttcrack
This app used to be great
I’ve used this app for years and loved it. The last 6 months it is junk. The biggest thing is every activity I do with Apple Watch it multiplies it. It’s even adding activities to previous weeks so now I have hundreds of miles logged that I didn’t even do. That in turn is adding miles to shoe tracker and telling me I need new shoes after a few weeks. I thought maybe the app wasn’t compatible with my older iPhone 6 so I upgraded to a 10 and with no better results. Every activity I do with the phone when I go to save it the app tells me the server is slow and it can’t sync activity. Most of the time activities aren’t even showing in the feed, friends don’t get notified when I complete an activity. Now with the latest update they’ve removed the connection between the watch and phone so now I can’t monitor my heart rate when cycling. Now with over 5,000 miles logged I guess I need to find a new app to use. Very disappointing! Update: before writing this review I was in contact with support numerous times and seems there was no solution. They said they were working on it.
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4 years ago, seamickdee
Using it since 2013...
This does a good job of mapping and providing useful feedback even in the free version. I appreciated in the past the global runs and little challenges and the community building early on when I was running the Boston Marathon in 2014 and got to visit their office! When I’ve been able to afford it and been training for something I’ve found it worth upgrading to the paid Go subscription and in general, when i can afford it, I’ve liked supporting this Boston based company. Not sure about all the ASICS integrations, I’ve not been training so much since that happened, but we’ll see. So far the customer service has been helpful, like reversing my recent renewal which didn’t give any notice and which I wasn’t able to afford at this time. Appreciated the understanding — that kind of customer treatment keeps you around and coming back when you can.
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6 years ago, scyboran
Great app, but opportunities for improvement
I really like my fit bit Charge 2 and all of the aspects of my health that I can track with the app. Sometimes the app is way off on distance. On November 3 I ran 4.7 miles but it recorded 6.1 miles. On December 1, my daughter ran 3 miles and it recorded 4.7 miles. When you look at the map, you can see that the GPS is going all over the place. Runkeeper has a correct GPS feature, but the algorithm makes it just as far off in the other direction. One time it overstated my run by a mile and after I used the correct GPS it understated my run by a mile. I think there are opportunities to enhance the app to provide suggestions for improving your health. It would be great if the app would track your health patterns and give you reminders for small, incremental, and achievable changes that would have the greatest impact on a person's health. It would also be great if they could give you an overall health score, a compilation of all of the different measures. If someone isn't tracking something, like water consumption, that weight of the overall health score would get a zero. It would be even greater if the overall health score were validated relative to health outcomes such as costs absences personal perception of health, etc. Then you would be able to show a user how an incremental change in one of the items could impact overall health.
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2 months ago, C snoops
Like it, but....
I do like the run keeper app. It has a lot of functionality. The one thing that drives me crazy is that I run in a treadmill everyday. Although it will allow me to select treadmill as my activity. It is not holding that and defaults to other. It could be a user error, but I've tried it a few different ways to no avail. For enhanced functionality I would like to see it allow me to record that I am running in an incline. Keep in mind, I have not paid for the upgraded app which could include the incline functionality. I would also like to include/record the particular running program I used (ie: cardio, fat burn, manual, etc.) I have been pleased and used it when I've been out for a bike ride with good results. Thanks! Also, I have a monthly goal, and I accepted a 14 day challenge for 14 miles. It is not showing progress. Last issue I don’t see a way to contact for bugs or issues.
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