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Meditation Oasis
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3 years ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Attunement

5 out of 5
6 Ratings
8 years ago, There'sAFrogInMyTent
Relaxing music
Simple app, just a few great music choices that relax and inspire. Very simple to use and set duration of play. I own several of this company's apps and they're all great.
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10 years ago, neomar
Enduring Value
I use this often at work to focus and screen out external sounds. Unlike some more assertive and pricey MP3 tracks that I've tried, this music never bores me or becomes irritating. I wish they would add a 60 and 120 minute option to the duration choices bar. The "Relax and Rest" app from the same developers is one of the best guided relaxation resources that I've found. Gets me to sleep no matter how wound up I may be.
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10 years ago, Slack Key Fan
Latest Update Unusable
Perhaps the intent was good, but his latest update (11-13) has created a big mess. I have a 4th generation iPod and this has wreaked havoc with the app. It's one thing to "optimize" an app for the newest iOS, but making the previously-lovely app now largely unusable is a low blow. Frankly, it looks like this update was done in haste. Specifically: Graphics and wallpaper on many of the 7 selections are faded (yet a few are OK -- at least in parts) and timing buttons are not live so who knows how long the music will go. Will it stop after 5 minutes on every selection or will it go for 30? No way to know. I could go on and on, but won't. It's just a mish-mash. I'm very unhappy as I thought this version would be an improvement on a really great product, but now it's not easy, simple or soothing to deal with -- which kind of defeats the purpose of the app, doesn't it?
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12 years ago, Immunodoc
Wonderful! Calming & soothing.
I love this app and use it regularly. I generally only use the playlist as it gives me the option of building my own combination of melodies and allows me the longest playing time. I recently used this while waiting in a crowded airport and it was just the right thing to shut out the noise and stress all around me. I only gave it 4 stars because you can't play it in the background while running a different app. Add this ability (and maybe some additional melodies) in an upgrade and I'd give it 5 stars for sure.
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10 years ago, Simple Sleep Sounds
I'm loving this app, I've used it every night since I downloaded it. Only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is cuz I don't think I'm using it as intended. I go straight to the playlist, select all the sleepy ones then select 120 mins & I'm snoring. I like it better than other ambient sound apps I've tried cuz it's simple! I hate the ones that have a ton if individual sounds that you have to try & mix/match spending more time messing with it than sleeping. I haven't listened to all the tracks on this app but I very much like all the soothing (relax, heal, etc.) ones.
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12 years ago, Andy's wife 03
Back to Zen
I love this app and the music. I work in Human Resources and it can get very busy and stressful as we not only bring people on board, loss of life, illness, many extenuating circumstances. The music I chose for my play list allows me to refocus, fills me with peace and calmness. I can also choose to energize if I prefer. This is an excellent app. The only thing I would do is provide an up grade with additional songs. Great job!
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13 years ago, Yoga teacher RMC
Relief at it's best
As a yoga teacher and as a person who suffers from chronic pain I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to sleep better, relax more and feel more at peace. This app has helped me through many tough moments. It's a useful tool for pain management and the stress that comes with it. Thanks Mary and Richard. Namaste
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11 years ago, Seek/Find
Soooooooo Relaxing
This is just what I've been looking for! I love the selections that are available. I can play a certain selection while at work when I'm having a hectic day to help keep me calm and a different selection at night to help me unwind and fall to sleep. I love this app!
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12 years ago, Crystal-pure
I am an Empath/Intuitive. I am very dependent on the this app, especially "GROUNDING". Thank you for obeying your inner guidance to create it. I find when I concentrate of the music it gets me into the required state faster. An excellent tool for meditation, persons who suffer from Depression or persons who have trouble Sleeping. I recommend this app.
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11 years ago, KeeryKeery
So so chill
Note that I only use the relaxing tracks and cannot comment on the energizing tracks. That said, I love listening to the relaxing tracks before going to bed. These help me fall asleep no matter what sort of day I had. Recommended highly!
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11 years ago, Dianna2
Wonderful App
This is a wonderful app. I listen to it when I come home from work (while I make dinner) and as I'm getting into bed. Very relaxing and enjoyable. I recommend this highly.
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11 years ago, Muggle born
Love this app!
The music is very soothing and has made it possible for this sleep-deprived, stressed out worker bee to get a good night's sleep. By creating a playlist of the music you can have 2 hours of playtime.
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11 years ago, Oiy1
I really enjoy this app!
I listen to it while I am carving and it enhances the experience and helps me to really focus on the energy of the wood. I also often listen to it to fall asleep to! Wonderful!
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11 years ago, run4fun22
Get it! Worth every penny!
Very nice app! I have been a listener and user of Meditation Oasis podcasts and various products for years. They are the best! I find myself using this particular app to relax or begin a restful nights sleep.
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11 years ago, Monkeygirl252001
Great App!
I love that you can create a playlist or set the length of time you wish to listen. I use it to study by sometimes and other times to help me fall asleep. Perfect for me!
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10 years ago, Mamakita
Chakra Balance
I practice reiki and enjoy this app. The mediation exercises help me relax when I have trouble sleeping (bonus) and help me ground and center myself before doing reiki on myself or someone else. Soothing voice and easy to use. I'm glad I found the app!
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12 years ago, DoubleTap112358
I have a theory that my mind resonates with certain music. "Surrender" caused me to instantly enter a meditative state with my attention flowing with the music--an unexpected and wonderful experience.
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11 years ago, Ravenairy
Simple and beneficial
Been using it for years and still go back to it. Move the music and quotes
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10 years ago, Mdeniseg1979
Love this app!
I put the Grounding & Primordial tunes while working at coffee shops to help me filter out background noise - they act as a timer too. The others help me relax in general. Awesome sounds.
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12 years ago, solohans
A Must Listen
This music helped me get through one very disconcerted night. It was worth the price for that alone. I really like the grounding segment. It's a very clever composition.
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10 years ago, Muffie's Mom
Wonderful calming music
I am so grateful for Attunement. I use it every day for meditation. I like that it is timed, helps me to stay on my morning schedule.
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12 years ago, Byefly
It's great
I Listen on the commuter train and can relax or fall asleep quickly. A couple of tracks are better for me than others, but it gets the job done and it is not offensive.
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12 years ago, RNheal
I actually use this site for my patients when we practice relaxation breathing and guided imagery! The elective time frames facilitate my usage patients love it as do I!
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11 years ago, DreamRider2
No advertising pop ups. Choice of Relaxing and/ or Energizing music. It really helps me to go to sleep. Grandchildren are asking for my sleep music. Con; has too few choices.
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12 years ago, Lotustwo
This is a great App. The music is perfect for the mood I want to experience. I have several of their other apps and love them. Thanks to Meditation Oasis!
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11 years ago, barrow32
Love it!
I listen to this while working in the yard and also relaxing before bed. Very helpful!
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11 years ago, MS.SNOW
One of my favorite apps
This is a must have if you are looking for a meditation app.
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11 years ago, Miss A. K. Condon
Great app!
Best app I have! I use it every night to go to sleep, when I write in my journal, and to meditate!
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11 years ago, Ahhappydaze
Great app. It works perfectly every time and I think it's helping me.
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13 years ago, Heather Jean Wallock
Not so much
I have been a massage therapist for over ten years. I have listened to hours of massage music. I would consider this music app pretty terrible. Nothing original and very boring.
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11 years ago, KS-G
Love it.
Have found it very useful for focusing and bringing myself back to center.
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11 years ago, TL SQ
Very Insightful
Just what i needed to begin my education of chakras after becoming a yoga devotee
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14 years ago, Ahtela75
Stress relief and relaxation at it's best!
This music is wonderful and soothing. Great for stress relief, relaxation and an overall sense of peace.
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12 years ago, Doc287
I like it.
It's a good app. More possible choices would make it better.
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11 years ago, GimmeSushi
It's good!
I like this app a lot. I use it during my massage therapy sessions and it is good ;)
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11 years ago, Staciland
Great App
Use this app frequently and really enjoy it.
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11 years ago, Ontomore4
Recommend highly
Very nice.
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12 years ago, Spiritualgirlygirl
Great app
Love listening to this at bedtime ~ puts me right to sleep!
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11 years ago, gudcol
Great for meditating and easy to use!
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10 years ago, miclaney
Calming for as long as I want
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11 years ago, Ron McCray
Great Meditation App
I find this app great for meditation and relaxation.
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11 years ago, Eoliasalsa
Great App
Love this app it helps me focus and relax!
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11 years ago, Cuetip
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11 years ago, Prodigal2
5/Stars: Very mindful meditation app
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11 years ago, MizzSnazzle
Love it!!
Really helps me relax in the tub, or fall asleep at night. :-)
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12 years ago, JHud1111
Very Soothing!
Very relaxing ... helps me meditate and unwind so I sleep sounder ü
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11 years ago, Solstice Woman
Reiki Master/practioner
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11 years ago, Dptouch4u
Excellent music! A+
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12 years ago, JC Mixer
Solid app...
Good app for meditation.
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11 years ago, Botnee
Soothing music, great for meditation :)
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