Aura: Meditation & Sleep, CBT

Health & Fitness
4.7 (31.5K)
186.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aura Health Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aura: Meditation & Sleep, CBT

4.66 out of 5
31.5K Ratings
1 year ago, care2191
Pretty impressive app
I did not continue after the free trial, although it is very tempting. I may come back later and try it again. It has meditations,prayers, soundscapes, positive information they call therapy which lasts a few minutes, breath work, hypnosis, ability to adjust the nature sounds or music in background of meditations, and even choose which nature sound you prefer, white or pink noise adjustment. I hate all the nature sounds in meditations so really appreciate I can mute them. Sometimes the content creator will add a bird or something but it was pretty minimal. You can follow content creators you like. There are live events. You can create playlists, like morning music and evening music. I saved some morning music that I really enjoyed using in the morning. It is very extensive content and it seems they have included a lot of genres. I would change one thing. Generally the sleep stories and meditation did not work for me. However one night, I think I went to sleep because I was just exhausted with no memory of the meditation I used. Unfortunately the next night I was unable to find what I used before, as I wanted to try it again. I gave it 5 stars because they have done a great job with this type of app. I wish it worked for my sleep like it seems to work for most people.
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8 months ago, Jaycgffg
Against 5 stars but gave 5 stars
Hi everyone, first off let me say this. I very rarely give a 5 star review because I believe everything could improve in one way or another. But Aura falls into the 5 star category. I am new to meditation. When I say that I mean consistent meditation. In the past I made the mistake that many have and tried to blank my mind and after a few failed attempts I gave up. So now a few years later and a bunch of technological improvements I began reading into the types of Buddhism and Taoism and meditation in general. I’ll try one app and come to a stop with it then it asks me to fork over 300 a year. I love meditation I love learning but I am not a wealthy man. 300 pays all my bills. Well I stumbled onto Aura and I love it. There not just one or two meditations and video from the owner telling you all the wonderful things you’ll get from the app if you pay the 300. I did the 7 day trial on aura and loved it. There’s stuff here for anyone. Anyone from beginner to expert. And meditation isn’t the only things here. There’s stories,mood trackers you can actually click on your current mood and be given suggestions for what meditation I could use for that particular mood. But enough rambling. Ooh wait they also offer the monthly payment plan too. So no locking you in for a year. So Aura…. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, 2005Phoenix
Finally able to fall asleep!
I’ve tried many sleep apps the last few years, and there were some that helped to some extent - but none have helped as much as the hypnosis tracks on Aura! There are dozens - maybe hundreds - to choose from, and I can tell within a minute or two if one is “speaking to me.” In the trial period, I was already figuring out which individuals I wanted to follow and which ones I wished I could permanently delete. In the past, lying with my eyes closed “trying” to sleep would just wind me up and make me feel agitated. Listening to the hypnosis audio that I like takes me to a place of openness and relaxation I’ve never before experienced. I can’t explain it; I just know it works for me. Instead of chasing sleep for literal hours, I generally fall asleep before a 30 min hypnosis audio is complete. I do still wake in the night at times, but I listen to another (or the same) hypnosis recordings, and I fall back to sleep quickly. The only downside is the cost, but if you have chronic insomnia like I have, it’s a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep. (Annual membership paid in advance works out to about $4/month, which is a bargain for what you get. To make it even a sweeter deal, my partner gifted me with an annual premium membership! He is awesome - and so is Aura!!
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3 years ago, Marissa Lee B
Best Sleep Since 10+ Years
I haven’t been sleeping well honestly in these past years. Father passed away in 2012 but it seems like yesterday and I also have a ton of emotional trauma throughout this long period. I have been a consistent yogi also for the past 20+ years and I struggled silencing my mind when it comes to bed time because of many pressures I am dealing with. I decided to listen to Aura based on other’s reviews and also because I didn’t have time to physically drive up to my yoga studio for group meditation and I was getting anxiety driving at night so this was a nice option! I opened my mind and super glad I gave Aura a chance to improve my physical and mental well being! I highly recommend Aura and if I could give a 1,000, 000 million stars ⭐️, I sincerely would. From the bottom of my soul, I thank you for creating a wonderful solution to improve my spiritual well being! I had many sleepless nights and also woke up for the first time, early and refreshed, and this is also helping with my depression. Thank You for helping me get closer to my old beautiful self. With sincere gratitude and prayers, thank you, thank you, thank you!
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2 years ago, H Kirejczyk
A note of “gratitude”
I must admit that at first, the thought of meditating, focusing on my breath, listening to soundscapes, and basically participating in everything that aura teaches us… was not some thing I thought I would benefit from… I just did not think it was for me! I am so happy at my misconceptions, and that I gave it a try. many of the lessons the practices, the coaches have begun to change my life, or at least started me on a positive process of growth ! You are all fantastic! I do have one question or a recommendation. My daughter is in her sophomore year at college studying pre-law. I am a nurse, so we share in many of the same challenges of stress, balance, preventing burnout. Do you have any specific meditations, or exercises that are geared towards over achieving college students that are starting their life journey? Perhaps a different level of perspective for that age group? I share many of my meditations and exercises with her however, it would be wonderful if you did have some thing specific tailored. to that point of their journey. Thank you for all that you do you are so very appreciated.! Heather Kirejczyk ❤️🙏
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5 years ago, shmalter
In this fast-paced world filled with deadlines, stress, covetable people or things, etc., we forget to focus on what really controls us and how we feel; our mind. Aura is great with mood monitoring and stability. Whether you’re up way too late thinking about “that one person”, or just in need of some general guidance. From the very first day, it learns about who you are and how to optimally serve you and your wellbeing. It works the best with its premium option (which let’s face it, the money is worth you and your peers’ sanity) and has multiple plans to best suit you and your budget. Listen, I could go on and on about it’s perks and benefits, but it’s honestly easiest for you to download the app for free and go through the free trial. Decide you don’t like it? Delete the app and cancel the trial! Nothing against you or your bank account. I’m sixteen years old and can afford it after a couple hours a week. Trust me, if you think the money would be a concern for you, I promise you it isn’t. I paid the yearly payment up front and don’t have to think about another one for 365 days. You are worth a couple bucks and some down time everyday.
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4 years ago, Yoliyogi
I love this app and it loves me back
Aura has been a morning and evening companion for at least a year now. The guided meditations center me throughout my day and help me settle into deep relaxed sleep at night. The variety of timed meditations, coaching, and life stories fits my changing needs and schedule. I can even extend meditation time beyond the guided meditation by using a snooze timer for the meditation music. The gratitude journal is a brilliant feature that supports a positive and empowering mindset each day, and the meditation guides—Lyndi, Dorothy, Glenn, Bradley and many more—are effective, supportive and empowering. In addition to the superb design and teachers, the customer service is unparalleled by any other app I’ve used. The team responds quickly and thoroughly to issues or questions. My one suggestion is to add an evening reflection journal or channel to parallel the gratitude journal. This would allow users to consider how they met their intentions and to visualize for the next day. But even without this feature, this app exceeds expectations for those who desire to start and grow into their meditation practice and for those seeking greater awareness and power from within.
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5 years ago, Captain America beats Iron Man
Why should I have to pay to be happy?!
I have been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, and AD-HD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and when I was playing Wordscapes, I kept seeing ads for this app. I decided to download it and figured it could be helpful. The meditations themselves are helpful but you can only do one 3-minute session every 2 hours. And you’re limited to what emotion you’re feeling?! How ridiculous is that?! And it was even worse when I first downloaded the app. It asked me how I was feeling and I couldn’t answer truthfully because the only option was okay, and I was not okay. The only way to access many of the features on aura is by upgrading to premium which is ridiculously expensive. Why should I have to pay to feel okay. And after all, money doesn’t buy happiness so what’s the point?!?! But the thing is, it isn’t just this app, but pretty much every meditation app that makes you pay. And this app called breethe, it was free to download (like this one) but as soon as I went on, it immediately made me have to pay if I wanted to use it so I deleted it right away. So I’m requesting that this app makes some improvements so I can actually feel happy or calm or able to sleep. That would be very much appreciated!
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4 months ago, Producer Wayne
Confusing and too many instructors with bad recordings
I want to like this app but it’s so confusing to find a good meditation. I’ll spend 10 minutes trying to find something to guide me. Second thing is, getting notifications about suggested meditations, I’m like “yeah that looks good, I’ll do that later”. Later, I open the app…. No idea where to find the suggested meditation. I really do not like this at all. Why couldn’t you send me an in app message? Then I could find it 💡 Seems like an easy thing to do, hope y’all do it soon or I will not be renewing. It really does annoy me that much. I get excited for the suggestion and then I’m met with disappointment and confusion. Third thing, way to many instructors. Makes it hard to find a good meditation to listen to. A lot of their recordings are bad. Their voices are way too loud compared to the nature and music sounds. Maybe I’m just spoiled I guess but I think there needs to be a better filter for who’s allowed to submit there audio, or maybe someone in charge of mixing them better. I literally just turned on the app to meditate and after I started 3 different ones, all sounding to bad to use, I had to come add this to my review. Hope to see improvements
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2 years ago, Mybellegirls
Perfectly curated blend of options to sleep by
and reliable for its intended use XOXO! Five Golden Stars to this amazing app! I rarely review an app but I dig options and was met with an array to select from, starting with varieties of rain. If my mind is too busy, I’ll need more than 15 minutes but have not once needed 30 to find sleep. Add sounds of fire, river, and/or birds to the rain. I’ve blended a few as my go-to mix. Sometimes I’ll play relaxation sounds mid-morning at my desk for 15 minutes before a Teams or Zoom meeting, putting me in a calm, stress-free state of mind to be clear and fully open to absorb the content. I discovered a new work hack! Then I listened to a story for the first time last night for 20 minutes and slept before it ended. It was time to write a review. There is more for me to explore as Aura is definitely worth the investment. The UI is intuitive. Simple. Big props to the developers, thanks for this experience - thoughtful how they’ve made it easy to share with friends because Aura is a wonderful gift to give.
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2 years ago, ndmel3
Warning: canceling is extremely difficult
Though the couple of items I listened to on Aura were good, I did not have time to use the app enough during my $2.99 trial of just a few days, so wasn’t willing to subscribe annually or even monthly until I have more time to use it. But wow do they not want you to stop the annual (pricey) renewal after the trial. I have never found it so hard to cancel a subscription as with this one. I couldn’t find a way via my Apple settings or App Store or within the app, so sent an email asking to cancel. Instead of cancelling, the reply just gave me instructions on where to find it within the app, as it is quite hidden under ‘contact us’ (remember I had already contacted them via email). You then have to click the right answer to avoid being asked over and over and over if you really want to cancel. Yes I do! Tip to the developers: don’t make it so hard and so frustrating to cancel that people never want to use this app again. I will use an alternative should I need one in the future - I almost felt like I was being scammed. Put it this way - if my mother was using this she would never have been able to work out how to cancel. But maybe that’s the point.
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1 year ago, Midazzle
Extremely limited if you want free version
Update: developers contacted me extremely fast when I left this review and I do appreciate that they care enough to do that so I boosted this a star. There is a very limited option for “free” users but I still wish apps like this weren’t so aggressive with pushing you to subscribe immediately and set up a new account etc. It’s like, just let me see what your app is about first. I am sure this is a nice service for paying customers but with all the subscriptions out there, I’m scrutinizing choices and with this one it was hard to know much about the content from the stuff that was free. Old review: I saw reviews of this app and downloaded it. I assumed that like any app of this kind, it would offer some sort of free content. I’ve been trying and trying, and as far as I can see, I cannot access anything unless I subscribe to their premium. I understand that it’s a free trial but that’s the way they try to hook you in. I have no desire to give yet another company my email so I can receive a ton of marketing emails every single day before I even know if I want the service. So now they just lost me and I’m going to delete the app.
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3 years ago, AppFixation
If I can, You certainly can...
I’ve never been a person that could stop doing stuff long enough to sit down and meditate. Even though I understood what the benefits would be, I never could make the time to do it. Until now! I started using Aura with a sleep meditation just before bedtime and I literally had the best sleep that I had in months. And I do not normally write reviews but this isn’t an ordinary situation. This APP has pretty powerful possibility to increase one’s potential through meditation. And even though I still can’t believe I’m writing this, it is true. From what I just discovered, you just need to give it the time to prove it by opening your mind and use Aura APP. Trust me, it works! The best part is, it is a multidimensional meditation APP that you can apply to your particular needs or situation. It is not just to help you sleep. I plan to dive into the life coaching too among the many others. Like me, you just need to stop what you’re doing and give Aura a chance.
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3 months ago, krazy koni with a k
Updated Review
Rewritten review after closer use. I originally gave this app a poor rating, but tried it again (after others similar just didn’t fit with my needs) and this app is absolutely the best. I don’t know if there was a major update, but the app is no longer ‘clunky’ as I earlier rated, and absolutely LOVE this app! There is just so much to it, and you can get private coaching for your specific needs. I did try the coaching, but was looking for something different (I’m in to sounds healing, binaural beats, ASMR etc…) but hard to find a coach for just that, or at least I haven’t found one yet. I’m chronically ill due to cancer and the side effects of all the poisons, and trying to find a natural healthy way to heal, keep me grounded and reduce stress/anxiety. Try this app, but give it the full trial before deciding not to purchase. The amount of sounds, music, story, meditations and hypnosis is simply ‘OFF THE CHARTS!!!
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4 years ago, intruthlove
Helpful and simple
I have been using Aura daily for the past 5 days. I very much enjoy using the App for mindfulness exercises. It has also helped me regain focus and clarity in my life by helping my identify the negative thoughts and lies I’ve held on to. I was a victim of abuse and neglect by parents and first husband. I’ve also suffered racial discrimination numerous times being half black in America. Through Aura’s lectures, I’ve been able to find meaning and purpose in my broken past and move forward to be a beautiful person. I have committed to a year of the service and am excited to see where I am in terms of wellbeing and accomplishment. The only thing I’d like to see improved is better functionality with the app itself. I don’t think the user functionality makes sense. Numerous times I’ve lost track of where I was in a program only to have to hit the rewind button backward. I would prefer seeing my entire length of time of the lecture upfront instead of just being able to rewind or fast forward in 15 sec intervals.
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5 years ago, DaniXD
My favorite meditation app
I have tried several different apps for meditation and mindfulness but this is my favorite one. It is very beginner friendly as the sessions are short, but very effective. I love the gratitude journal and how it encourages you to give feedback when the sessions are complete. I appreciate how it recommends meditations based on your emotions. I have found personally that different feelings or moods call for different styles of meditation and Aura is great at matching the recommendations to your needs. I have also found that the Aura community is very responsive and uplifting and I personally enjoy knowing that my feedback is being seen and appreciated by other people who are also seeking peace. I can’t say enough good things about this app. If you are hesitant, give it a try. I haven’t paid to unlock all of the features and I still find it very effective; this app has definitely helped me stay consistent in my mindfulness journey.
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10 months ago, Mshope1979
Aura delivers!
The site offers specific relevant content with an array of trained practitioners. I have used other apps in the past a liked them. But the content was often hit or miss. Aura, however, offers a variety of content types, meditation, hypnosis (which I had never tried but absolutely LOVE, my sleep has improved dramatically) affirmation, coaching, CBT all clearly marked and spanning a host of really specific topics. Want to be a better parent but don’t know how to break your current patterns with your kiddos? There’s content on that! Overwhelmed at work because of perfectionist tendencies? They have content on that too! Struggling with anxiety and depression leading to overeating? Check! I bought it for myself initially and expanded the membership to my family who are just starting to try it out and love it! I feel more calm, capable, clear headed and relaxed. I give Aura my highest recommendation!
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3 years ago, Skyler5524
do mot get a free trial they woll charge you immediately. I decided to try out the free trial thinking that they would charge me and as soon as i signed up for the free trial they charged me 60$. this company is STEALING from you please be aware before 60$ goes down the drain. this entire situation caused me more anxiety than anything else. BE AWARE. i am also a college student dealing with a lot on my plate. i don’t have money to just waste like that, i’m literally selling all of my clothes online just to make money. this is disgusting and the company should honestly be ashamed of themselves. i also read the terms and agreements very well thinking that i would be able to try out the app before having to pay. it also says that u can just pay 5 dollars a month instead and somehow it wouldn’t let me choose it. this company is nothing but disgusting they’re targeting people with mental health issues and stealing their money which is just absolutely disgusting. i emailed them to get a refund but looking at these other reviews i won’t be getting one which is just great. please give me a refund if you see this.
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1 year ago, Zarthequeen
This mindfulness app has many great categories within it. These different relaxation techniques play a role in our relaxation response to help calm our nervous system that controls our body’s involuntary functions, such as our parasympathetic system. A category that really stood out to me was the cognitive behavioral therapy section. CBT helps with eating, anxiety, personality, and mood disorders. What this does is helps develop coping skills, change they way we think, controls emotions, and behaviors for the better. This app also has a dialectical behavior therapy category, which helps with personality disorders. Overall this app is very beneficial to people who suffer with any disorder or who simply is just trying to live a healthier life style. It’s a great way to pull out your phone real quick to have some time for yourself and take that moment to readjust and continue on with your day!
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2 years ago, michelle-bomil
Absolutely phenomenal app
I never thought I’d develop insomnia at the age of 34 but here I sit at 42 with insomnia. I am a chronic pain patient so it is unbelievably difficult to just settle into bed never mind getting comfortable, and drifting off to sleep. I refuse to take a prescription sleep aid. I’ve watched a few people go through some crazy things on prescribed sleep medication and I already have many prescriptions for other conditions I do not want them. In a desperate whim one night I did a google search for the best apps for sleep. Google suggested AURA! I was skeptical I must say but definitely curious and excited at the thought of getting sleep. I also love them in the morning to wake up! I LOVE the brainwaves with the music and/or guided hypnosis. I have been sleeping and I definitely believe the brainwaves are helping with the pain. I just started using the tracks for healing. I’m excited!
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6 years ago, Amjoyg
Best Meditation App with a few kinks to work out
I have tried tons of meditation and anxiety apps but Aura has surprised me by being the app I turn to the most. Quick snippets of mediation and life coaching for what I need in the moment. A variety of voices and types of meditation leave me feeling as though it is an endless library and I will never feel bored. I would love to open my app to my feed or favorite channels and I do feel as though there are improvements that are needed in order to make it a bit more user friendly. If I understood how it worked the first tome I downloaded it, I’d never have deleted it! After becoming bored with competitor apps, i consistently went back to Aura. The layout and purpose of the app is initially confusing but once I knew where my favorites and subscriptions were I was a happy camper. Going forward this is the only meditation/feel good app I will be paying for.
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3 weeks ago, bridget.ann.t
Love the app, but there are some bugs
I love aura app and have had it for years! My favorites are the soundscapes to sleep. I wish they would update and add more sounds though. They recently (past six months) added “grey noise”, but it does not work. I have not been able to listen to it once. I click on it, but it doesn’t work. I have tried many times. I do think the price for the app is a bit pricey. I do utilize the meditations or coaching occasionally but mostly just use it for the sounds ( I love the brown noise). I wish there was a way to listen to downloaded tracks offline while in airplane mode. I’m so dependent on these sounds to sleep now, that I wish I could access while in airplane mode on flight or when traveling across the sea (cruise). The app requires me to re-log in when offline, which I cannot do so therefore cannot listen to my downloaded tracks offline like the app claims we can do. I wish these could be downloaded directly to my phone.
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1 month ago, I can’t tell 1006
Love it but I do have one tiny issue that most probably don’t have
Believe me I love it, the app has amazing quality and is vary helpful. I love the meditation videos or audios, and is a pretty simple app and I love that because most apps are really hard to adjust to and figure in out most apps is difficult. But I found this app to be pretty easy to figure out. But the only thing I have against this is the fact that you need to pay to have the most basic of the basic vids or audios. I find this quite annoying and would be happy if you could perhaps provide some free videos and audio. The firs time I got on this app I liked it but couldn’t find any free ones. But besides that it is amazing and would love to continue using the app. (Btw I mean no hate towards the creators, just wasted to state my opinion and didn’t mean to offend you in any way.)
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3 years ago, Daisy Grl MN
You won’t be sorry!
I’m using this app to help myself transition from an “early bird” to a “night owl” due to a change of work schedule and location for my job. I’m all over the options you can use for improving your sleep-quality and quantity-and I haven’t been disappointed! I’m SO grateful I stumbled across this app, and I can’t wait to get deeper into the other options Aura has selected personally for me! Look, do yourself a favor and do the free trial-you really don’t have anything to lose! If you like it, subscribe to it and see what it does for you! And if not-then hopefully you learned a little something new about yourself over the course of your free 7 days! I don’t know who came up with the concept for this app, but if I did I’d definitely want to shake their hand and say THANK YOU!!! The team at Aura have definitely got a good thing going here!!!
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5 years ago, willowgerl
Great app! I use this daily...
30-day streak right here. Love this! What I like: - Seemingly endless variety of meditations/music/stories (which I’m not really sure I “get” so haven’t listened to); - search function is pretty robust; - gamifying the creation of good habits is brilliant; - community “reflections” on the tracks is helpful; - customer support is prompt and friendly; - filter function on search results is great - sometimes I have a half hour to sit, sometime I can spare only three minutes. I like that I can still use the app regardless; - the variety of tracks is impressive, and a good number of them I’d rate as very high quality; - a la Pandora, I can thumbs up or thumbs down a track while it plays. Then it asks for a reason. If it’s content, it will find me something similar, but if I don’t like the instructor’s voice, it will never return that instructor to me again. What could be better: - The entrance/exit music is sweet but can be jarring, especially the exit music if it’s on a track intended to bring me down into a nap; Consider leaving off the exit music entirely. - i’d love to be able to see my history for the day, or for all time; - The app itself can be a little glitchy, taking a while for things to load, etc. But that’s about it. I really love this app and plan to continue using it every day. Thank you so much!
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3 years ago, Elisabeth617
Ok, so all the negative reviews talk only about the cost. I’m over that. I paid for an abundance of content which it has. But, there’s the problem. It’s so overwhelming I can’t ever get back to what I liked. I get an email every morning with a daily meditation, but I don't want to open email first thing. This should be a push notification. I fall asleep to a story, but if I wake back up I have to put my glasses on (oh, don’t get me started in the tiny fonts) and search through my favorites. Or saved. Or channels. Or listen later. Now I'm wide awake. Just have one place to bookmark please. I also like and dislike certain people. Would very much appreciate a dislike/don’t show again option so I don’t have to remember “oh, right I didn’t like this guy” once I’ve started something and then have to search all over. Lastly, I also use this on my desk top. I don’ always want ear buds in, it’s a bad look, but the mobile app and desktop versions are very different so I basically have to start over at the beginning again. I feel like I spend more time searching for the right meditation, story, music for my mood than I do actually listening. It’s all just very disorganized. That said, the content is great. Well worth the money. I use it multiple times a day. I just would really like more organized or less options. Thanks.
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2 years ago, JiaPia13
Game changing!
This app has literally transformed my sleep. I was struggling to fall asleep, and while doctors wanted to try medication, I sought a more natural solution. I have been using the different sleep meditations and hypnosis nightly and before I know it, I’m asleep. Two weeks with no problems falling asleep. I also feel better in the morning. A huge plus is the amount of choices you have. They feel endless at times, but it has been great for finding which ones work for me. Some of the voices are comforting and others are annoying, so I am glad it does not limit you to a few selections. I have not tried anything beyond the sleep support, but there is so much to try and explore with benefits beyond healthy sleep. I believe if you are intentional about improving you life and use this regularly, it can be a game changer!
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1 year ago, BrandTallDeb
Insight Timer is free - why pay for this?
I am turned off by the instant requirement to commit to pay if I forget to cancel a trial membership, with no other option to experience the supposedly purpose-driven product before committing to a subscription. Your first priority is profit, and that’s a moral issue with you using your poor mother’s depression to make you look altruistic. Don’t claim you are in it to help people like your mother and first make them sign up to subscribe first. Offer some free content to people who may need it and not be able to sign up. Show the value you claim you want to bring the world upfront. I downloaded the app, which looks like a direct rip off from Insight Timer’s UX and they offer their content free with an interesting support model. I couldn’t try even one experiences before you made me sign up for a we-hope-you-forget-free-trial. Just left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ll stick to generously supporting the plenitude of truly altruistic brands. I was drawn in by the story of the brothers, and turned off by the experience of commit-before-you-try.
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2 years ago, chelsesp
The best step you can take to getting a hold of your life
For years, Aura has been my go to app for all my mindfulness and meditation needs. I can honestly say that since using it, I’ve become a better version of myself. I have learned so many new healthy coping skills for stress, anxiety and depression and it has helped with my sleep. If you have the financial means to do so, subscribe to it. Aura makes it easy to remember to stop and take a moment for yourself. Our lives get so busy and the more we neglect our mental health and ignore our needs, the harder it becomes to handle. Aura reminds you to take a break, even if it’s for a minute, just to breathe and help you center yourself again. This is the app I’ve always needed and will always use. Thank you Aura for all the help you’ve provided over the years. I am forever grateful.
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3 years ago, YESYOU,READTHIS!
If you have depression or anxiety listen up!!
As someone who has dealt with clinical depression and anxiety it’s often hard for me to go to sleep at night because my mind starts wandering or I can’t relax my body and it gets frustrating to say the least. About a week or so ago I was introduced to this app by my angel of a mother and it has been AMAZING! I used to watch Tv to help me fall asleep and calm the mind but as you may or may not know, TV stimulates the brain. I have been using the 3 or 4 min meditations at night and then afterwards I personally like falling asleep to the “heavy rain” but different strokes for different folks, so you choose what you like best. To use these features you have to pay like 4 or 5 dollars a month and usually i’m pretty stingy about subscriptions but if i was only allowed one subscription in my life - this would be it. It’s worth every penny!
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12 months ago, NMHY
Better than other paid apps like Insight, Calm, and Fabulous
I’ve downloaded so many apps like this and haven’t been able to REALLY connect with any of them. I had an immediate connection with this app! It’s kind of like the best of all the other apps put into one! The blend of psychology and choices of so many different categories is awesome. It has inspiration, relaxation, sleep health, psychology, and more! Don’t get me wrong. It’s not gonna burden you with anything you don’t want, but it has all of it if you do. I don’t like paying for apps at all, but I’m happy to lay out the money for this one! The value is incredible!!!! You get a free trial, so you don’t have anything to lose! I hope this app is as amazing for you as it is for me! BTW this is the first review I’ve written. I had to do it, that’s how much I’m in love with this app!
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2 years ago, Izzy Fi
Beautiful app
I started with Calm and I still use it but recently read about Aura and decided to try it on using their 7 day trial. It’s amazing and so I now use Aura and Calm daily. There is so much content on Aura I haven’t even finished discovering yet, my favorite so far is the sleep hypnosis they offer. I would highly encourage anyone interested in meditation, beginner and experts to give Aura a try. I truly love both Aura and Calm, both are easy to navigate and understand. What drew me in even though I already had a membership with a fantastic meditation app that I’m very satisfied with was the look and that it was AI kind of peaked my interest, I wondered if it would feel weird whereas when I open my Calm app, it’s very soothing. So , I tried it out, fell in love with it and decided that I could use both apps in conjunction with one another.
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6 years ago, Ummmmnothanks
Perfect for a busy lifestyle
I’ve been using this app for 3 days now, and it’s the most consistent I’ve been with practicing mindfulness ever! I had the headspace app, but I found it too difficult to keep from being distracted for the entire length of the meditation. I didn’t like it because it was too much work and I felt defeated because I couldn’t do it for as long as they wanted me to. Aura offers meditation and mindfulness starting at 3 minutes in length and going up to 7 minutes!!!! This is absolutely perfect for me. I’m able to succeed at it, and the success has kept me coming back for more. I’m noticing a difference in the way I think and feel during the day, for the better. I’m a Counseling student, so I know the importance of self-care, and this app has helped me tremendously with my self-care during my busy schedule. I highly recommend Aura to anyone!
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2 years ago, Laurealtor85
Aura to the rescue!!
I’ve been dealing with anxiety for the last few years, and it has progressively getting worst. Many people told me about meditation, and I tried it once, and the way that it was set up did NOT work for me at all. I can’t just put my mind blank lol. A few days ago Aura pop up as one of apple’s best reviewed apps, and since that day I had dealt with a really bad anxiety attack, I decided to give it q try. This app has been amazing helping me sleep through the night, calm my mind (anxiety) driving in the car, and overall getting a grasp of peacefulness in my day that I hadn’t experienced in a while. I’m in awe at the power of mindful meditation, the amazing coaches, and the diversity of options that this app has to offer for any time of the mood, or really any mood. I wish I had discovered it before
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3 years ago, nancylovesace
So far, I love it!
As a RN working in an ICU/Covid unit, I’ve had to reach out for the first time in my 49 years to find some help and ways to deal with my stress, anxieties, fears, etc, in doing my job for my own sanity. I had to start taking my own advice, trying meditation, music, life coaching, for the first time. I looked thru the gazillions of apps but this one looked like the most well rounded one I could find, with lots of options to choose from. I signed up for the 7 day free trial, trying to take advantage of as much as I could before my trial ends because the cost is just something I can’t fit into the budget right now, since I’m the only income right now. BUT....I plan on coming back when I can and getting the yearly subscription, and I encourage everyone to give it a chance! I think everyone can benefit from a little self-love!!! Be safe!❤️❤️❤️
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1 year ago, Slmcinny
I’m so grateful for this!
I just wanted to say thank you for this app and all the many categories from meditations, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, sleeping relaxation. I can honestly say I have always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep until I started using Aura. I don’t wake up every 2 hours anymore. Some of the cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on here are amazing.. definitely worth paying the premium. Lastly the meditations I never used to believe in them but some days I can do two, three or four different ones depending on how I’m feeling and I feel amazing!! I recommend this to everyone even if you just splurge once. Take your time going through it. There are multiple speakers so you are able to find the one that connects with you. I can guarantee you won’t be sorry!!
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6 years ago, Michael Shane 76
My rating
Mini people always told me that they meditate. Me being a loving person and very excepting person always nodded and smiled. Not knowing much about meditation and how well it works. So on Valentine’s Day my husband bought me an Apple Watch which had A meditation app. I thought why not tried everyone always tells me how well meditation helps them through life. So I tried it it is better than any drug or psychiatry’s appointment . it is absolutely a miracle it relieves so many tensions and so much stress it teaches you mini lessons about life. I’ve missed out for many years but now I meditate and learn how to deal with life’s measurements we go tough in our life. I love it. People believe me it is absolutely the best miracle worker ive ever experience I see life in a new way now. And deal with life in a new way. You should try it’s been a very big success in my life.
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5 years ago, RWE8002
Believe the hype
I tried headspace and calm before trying aura. What I struggled with most with both headspace and calm is that even the shortest meditation is 10+ minutes. Also, sometimes I want to be motivated without having to meditate. I work in an office setting where it’s difficult to close my eyes and meditate, but I can certainly pop in my earbuds in listening to an inspiring story or life coaching session. That’s exactly what aura offers. I love the three-minute meditations for days when I’m really rushed, and I listen to the life coaching or stories back-and-forth on my way to work and throughout the day as a pick me up. I found myself reaching for my phone to turn this app on multiple times a day - something I could never say with its competitors. I’ve never paid for an app before, but this one is absolutely worth it.
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3 years ago, 74734
How would it make you feel if you were suffering, someone finally came alone and said “I can help,” and you turned to them in trust, truly hoping that they could help you, and the first thing they say to you is the nature of the payment plan for their service? For me, it makes me feel like money is the primary focus, and not whether Im okay or not. If what you have is truly worth having, people will happily make sure your monetary needs a met to keep you around. ** The problem the way the subscription is set up is that people are turned off by the nature of free trial subscriptions. Namely because many companies factor in profit made from people failing to cancel in time. So when people see things like that they assume it’s all about profit. You’d be far better changing it from a subscription base to in app purchase and making the primary function of the app more accessible without subscriptions. I’m sure you’ve noticed many people delete the app as soon as they hit the subscription screen. **
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2 years ago, Lil Jen1970
Best App ever!!
I have had insomnia what seems like forever!! I used everything including prescription medicine! But after using Aura I am happy to report that I no longer need my prescription sleep meds anymore!! Between the sleep stories and the hypnosis tracks I am out before the tracks are even done AND I sleep throughout the entire night! I have seen where people complain of the cost but I honestly can say it is SO worth it! The yearly premium cost is cheaper than the Calm app and it has thousands of different tracks. When you break the cost down it equals less than $4 a month! I was paying ten times that amount for my sleep meds! I told my Drs. About Aura and they are now recommending the app to their patients!! Thank you Aura. I would be lost without your app!
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5 years ago, LVT1000
Great content but a few experience issues
Hello, first I’d like to say I love the content on this app. There is a large variety of quality meditations and good voices. The only thing that makes it lose star are a couple execution issues with the experience: 1. Every meditation place a music bumper that says “Welcome to mindfulness with Aura.” I have two problems with this: first the music interferes with the programable sounds and music. Second, branding is suggesting, since I in the app already and in a suggestible state (ie. opening up for Meditation) I shouldn’t have to tell my brain “ignore this part” right before a meditation. 2. The moods feature (although really helpful in picking the right meditation quickly) adapts strongly to your very first choice on the first day, so when I go to meditate in the morning, and my mind is clear, the first thing I see is a reminder of the word Anxiety, because it’s there at the top of the list every time. I find that seeing the word Anxiety at the top of a list can trigger (or at the very least remind me that a different day, I was feeling) a state of anxiety. It would be much better to lay out the moods in a way that doesn’t make and implied suggestion or trigger, for example, not making them appear top to bottom or in a certain order, or spreading them around in a cloud.
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6 years ago, Mkmk1818
A useful toolbox worthy of the small fee/ cost
This is a splurge that repays itself in every manner possible, just by the very instance of my banner notice that it’s time to slow and ready self for a mini mindfulness session - in that it repays itself. However it’s had some really great short stories and motivating tales that are 100% on point. For anyone who struggles with getting centered and taking enough self care, this is one way to kind of make that time in a go go go go World. But when you get that banner alert- you must have agreement w self that unless you’re totally swamped up to your eyeballs in a deadline or something else that’s worthy of a trump card- you will stop. You will get mindful. Otherwise it’s just a app to take up GB’s on your phone. Pay the extra dollars for the upgraded. You’ll see what I mean!
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2 years ago, Tarastubbs69
Aura really helps in a variety of ways !
I started using Aura several months ago, mostly for sleep , but have found I like to use it also for focus, stress /anxiety relief and relaxation. I have a very stressful job that requires me to be able to frequently change gears and stay focused all day long . Aura really helps to relax me when things start to feel a little crazy and focuses me when I am working on projects despite interruptions . Because of work stress , I wake up during the night and start thinking about work related rhings and it’s very hard to go back to sleep, Aura helps me do this through the stories , sounds and coaching. If you have any of the same issues , I believe it will help you too ! You get a lot of return on your investment with Aura!
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1 year ago, Rosalinda Wind turbine
This app is amazing!
I struggle with G.A.D and a few other metal illnesses and learning disabilities. This app has been really helpful so far. When I first got it I didn’t use it for a bit because I was skeptical of it. Sometimes when I’m really severely anxious my brain doesn’t want me to help myself even though I know I need help. I find it really hard to deep breathe or journal or do other things that are supposed to help. One of the other things I have is ADHD and I find it really hard to just focus on my breath. I especially love the guided meditations on this app for this exact reason. They help me focus on something else and even if I miss a few details or I’m distracted it’s still just as helpful! I would recommend this to anyone who can use or needs it!
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3 years ago, mmayrob
Do it- it’s $5/mo
If you’re on the fence, do it. It’s worth the $60/yr. I told myself just don’t stop at the $1-5 section when I go to target at boom there’s my $5/mo to cover the cost. I suffer from anxiety and it gives me terrible revenge bedtime procrastination. I needed to find a way to calm my brain. I also didn’t feel like I could just put down my phone. Aura is my non-social media bedtime routine. I scroll for a bit because there is SO MUCH CONTENT! Then find something to listen to. The stories have background music and you can set a timer to continue the background noise after the story finishes. You pick things that you want to work on and it makes mixes built for you but you can also search what’s popular or search for specific things. I bought for nighttime but I also find that doing a morning life coach something early morning or at lunch really helps my productivity. Reminder though, it’s about what you put in. So if you don’t commit, you won’t get as much out. Also this is a tool to help with mental health, not a magic tool to cure it. Con: I wish I didn’t have to commit to a year. I’ll probably use it but I think I would have liked to do $5/mo instead of $60/year all at once.
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4 years ago, LumiSense
Highly effective app
Exceptional meditation app - despite rarely so, I deal with anxiety attacks that later result in lethargy and racing thoughts until I am able to recover. Although I can’t speak for everyone, this meditation app has definitely helped me divert my anxious thoughts until I begin to feel them fade away. As of now, I am in the “fading” process in which I still get racing thoughts, but my my mind is slowly repairing itself. Ps, this app is even more effective when accompanied by external activities such as exercising, or perhaps by simply having a cup of tea. Again, my anxiety is not severe so I cannot speak for everyone. That being said, it’s a wonderful app for those ranging from non-existent anxiety to severe anxiety. There is nothing bad that could happen by trying it out, only good. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Jack LaBounty
A review on Aura
As someone who is a psychology minor, I have some positive things to say about this app. In abnormal psychology, we’ve learned about the treatment of anxiety disorders. I feel like this app is most helpful for anxiety because this app has sections dedicated to mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness and being aware of your surroundings are commonly used to treat anxiety. I also feel like this app could be helpful for bipolar disorder because this app also has a section for sleep. Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy is used to help set up daily routines, setting up a sleep schedule is emphasized in this treatment. Using this app’s sleep section would be helpful for getting better sleep. Overall, this app wouldn’t replace medication and therapy, but it is a good supplement for anyone having mental health issues like anxiety.
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5 years ago, swimer 08
Great nothings wrong with it 😃😃😃
I just did it for the first time I was super dizzy so I listened to the video and now I’m not dizzy. I love it because once you pick what you feel the app knows exactly what you need to help you feel better happier and if you pick you can’t sleep you can go right to sleep after I hope if you are Reading the reviews right now to see if it’s a good app I hope you get it and I helped and you get it because of this I think this is the best meditation app and I am only 10 and I think that you should get this app. And I hope you read the whole thing read all other reviews because I thought that was really helpful that’s why I got them because of the reviews. :-) Thank you if you read on and I hope you get it!
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1 year ago, GalacticJungleKitty
Treat yourself with Aura. The gift that gives back daily.
There are numerous reasons to have this life changing app. I can finally meditate!! I have been able to calm my mind from my racing thoughts. I find myself doing a few meditations a day, for focus, calming anxiety and sleep to name a few. I have coupled that with the wonderful life coaching sessions which have inspired me in many ways. Letting go of past negative thoughts and fears. Learning disciplines for productivity and focus and learning to love myself again. Become one with your breath and begin a beautiful journey to your Best Self. I will be getting the family plan to share with those who I know can really use this tool as well. So much gratitude for all of you at Aura.
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10 months ago, Odalette!
Great content, UI may not be for everyone
I am in the trial period and there are A Lot of things I really really enjoy about this app. I definitely recommend trying it out. The thing that started as a minor irritation that has now gotten under my skin is the app's insistence that I immediately do another practice. There doesn't seem to be a setting to turn this off. When you are done with a session, instead of bringing you back to the main area it just starts to play whatever they've decided is next in line. Even if I wanted to listen to another one, I want to choose my own. It may sound petty, but it's quickly become an irritant that interferes with whatever peace was just gained from listening. I'm not likely to continue past the trial.
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