Baby Countdown ‎

Health & Fitness
4.4 (175)
88.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sevenlogics, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby Countdown ‎

4.35 out of 5
175 Ratings
7 years ago, Monkey4Girl
There's not a lot of different options for background photos but over all I do like this app.
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5 years ago, Nana DeMar
We are on our second grandchild this was my go to app every morning when I got up and every evening when I went to bed through her whole pregnancy. Couldn’t wait to load it again every morning it reminds me of the happiness headed our way!
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8 years ago, Izzabiff
Very cute way to share how much time is left with family and friends. Helps when you're on your third child and you just don't keep up with the days like the first.
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6 years ago, Memy2686
Clicked on the plus sign too see what other options are was automatically charged 2.99 for an add on. I have no idea what it is for or anything. I was just checking out the app. Highly disappointed don’t know what it was i paid for app keeps changing my due to 9 months from now when i have 2 left so countdown is inaccurate. Wish i could give zero stars
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6 years ago, 🙊✨
Excellent app
Over the course of my pregnancy I’ve used this app! It’s a really good way of reminding one about what’s most important and who your doing everything for. 💕💕
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6 years ago, CiCi 18
Disappointed. Glad it counts down until due date, however, it won’t allow me to share on Facebook. It prompts you to do so then an error message comes up. I downloaded this app to share with family and friends, but looks like it’s not working...
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7 years ago, BrockandLeslie
I love this app, counts down until the baby is due and then count how many days old the baby is after
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6 years ago, Rudysmom13
Count Down
Love that it keeps track of how many days I have left.
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7 years ago, Jm267003
Love the count down
Love this app. The count down makes it simple to know when my bundle of joy is due.
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5 years ago, P789fhjk
So fun!
It keeps me on track with the days when things get overwhelming!
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13 years ago, i<3pigees
Loved it! It helped me count down until my little Noble arrived. <3 I do wish it had some extra simple features, like being able to choose between some different fonts, and to have the ability to select individually if you want to show years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Also a way to make the background another color besides black would be lovely. I do especially love that after your baby is born it keeps track of how old they are. Great feature!
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2 years ago, Lmbrc@comcast
Don’t buy
Great that you can personalize but upgrading does not give you the ability to share your slide show with family and friends. You only get the same basic snapshot as in free version. Waste of money!
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4 years ago, mycuprunover
I used this app to count the days until my grandson arrived and I loved it! Thank you!
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6 years ago, j froggy
Not worth it
I wanted a countdown to display on my desktop or set as wallpaper but there's not an option for that. I even paid the 2.99 for the premium which is only for editing the title!! I wish I could give it zero stars!!
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8 years ago, Baby's dog
I've used this app a couple of times and it's great!
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7 years ago, CSTdavis
Cool App
Does exactly what I want it to do, tell me how many days are left.
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7 years ago, DCox2015
Simple but does the job
It's plain and simple...
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7 years ago, lollipop282
Great app!
Clear and concise and nice customization options.
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7 years ago, MsPiggy858
Full of pop-ups and spam
I used this app with my first child, but this time around it pops-up telling me there are "viruses detected." Can only get out by closing the app. I no longer suggest this app.
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3 years ago, Ms.Pumpkin22
Should consider adding couple African American children feet or hands or whatever….. just saying…. Not everyone is fair skin…
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7 years ago, IAmCandiiB
Ughh I used to love this app. It's now been frozen for about a week now. I tried to delete and reinstall. I'm so mad. #Delete
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4 years ago, Mario Tejada
Ads everywhere
You guys ruined the app placing ads on the actual countdown
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8 years ago, Chelsea la chaparrita
I like this App
I like this app, it helped my husband and I count down to the birth of our baby which is only ten days away at the moment. I just wish the backgrounds that are available on my iPad for free were also available on my phone but some of them aren't and my phone is an iPhone.
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9 years ago, DomBrasi
Don't waste your money!!
The app (pay version or free) does nothing but let u create a ticker countdown of the birth of your baby. You cannot share the active ticker to anyone. It's for your eyes only within the app. Useless. The only sharing it offers is a screenshot of the countdown and u can post it on social media. What's the point of a ticker countdown if all it shows is a STILL screenshot for people to see. It should post as an ACTIVE countdown. We as mothers obviously know our own due date. You would think this company got that. I wasted 2.99 I could've bought a pacifier or burping cloth for my infant with that. Thanks for the robbery. You'd never make it on Shark Tank.
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10 years ago, Mamaskogs
Not that impressed
I'm using it since I had to pay. I would love the option to use my own picture on the background. The color options and such remind me of the 90s . The whole app seems out of date. Plus there is always a notification flag on it from another app in it. It's very spammy feeling. Everything has to be"unlocked" before it can be used. Sorry but if I'm paying , I want everything up front. Ghetto.
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9 years ago, apple.teacher
Great app
I wanted a count down- this is perfect. I loved that I could pick a song from my iTunes library to go with it. Whoever below said you can't share it obviously doesn't know how to take a screen shot and send that picture as a text or email. That's how I've shared to Facebook too. I only have the free version. Works great!!!
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12 years ago, Sigal bens
Love and hate
I love this app but the only problem I have is When I go to choose a picture from my photo library it always chooses the wrong picture for me.... I click on the one I want but a different picture pops up, please fix this bug it's driving me crazy Other then that it's a great app!
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8 years ago, Thelordismygod
Fun app
Great to track down the days until your due date. I like the many options of tracking, weeks, months, hours, minutes, etc. I also like that you can add or subtract those options as you see fit.
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11 years ago, Bnoshea
I guess it does what it is supposed to do. I wish it had more pictures to choose from, that it could be a ticker always activated, and that it could be turned the horizontal way as well....but it does count down like it says. And it's free.
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8 years ago, aloha23girl
Enjoy it
I enjoy it. It does what I need it to do. Maybe wish there were a little more background options but then again it's not like I look at it everyday until I get closer to my due date.
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10 years ago, Nikkiv620
Cute app
Keeps track of how many days you have left in your pregnancy, great little preparation tool! You can also enter sweepstakes when you've earned points within the app. Would recommend!
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13 years ago, Vickery08
Waiting for baby!
I am using it to count down to when my husband and I can start trying again! We have had two miscarriages and can't try right now but soon the countdown will be at zero!
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11 years ago, cocoaSHANiSE
5 stars 👍👍
this is by far the best countdown app I've ever used .. all the others crashed . and the pictures and font change make it more exciting to use . I'd keep it even if I wasn't expecting !
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8 years ago, Kacall77
Good app
And it's a good all it does is just track you for your time and your weeks that you're pregnant so it's OK if you're going to forget like what day of the week it doesn't do too much more
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10 years ago, Slotsareaddicting
There isn't much to this app but at least it gives you what you want! A count down with some decent back drops. Wish it was more customizable though
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9 years ago, RAMACE01
This will be my third time using.
Overall it's a good app but could use some improvements. Maybe be able to place it in the phones background.
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9 years ago, Virtuous 5:5
Efficient and Simple to Use
I really enjoy using this app and what it has to offer. It can be personalized and is simple to use. Making countdowns is creative and fun with this app!
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12 years ago, Anniegh76
You should be able to chose how many months you are!
When you get this app you aren't always 1 month or something! Sometimes your a different month, so if you could change the amount of months it would be 5 's! Thanks!
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11 years ago, La batt
Good app for keeping track
I like this app, but I wish it had more features, such as how many weeks I am, and more background pictures to choose from. Cute app though :)
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11 years ago, mattysgirl
Great app
I really fell in love with this app. One of my fav features is the actual countdown. Customizable font and font color. I took a screenshot and sent it to daddy to be. So many great useful features.
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14 years ago, Spababgy
Like it
Like the fact that you can use your own picture
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13 years ago, K&S-pod
Good countdown
However, that's kinda all it is. If you do have something you are looking forward to this is nice to have. Will keep this app.
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10 years ago, Hunter1233
It helps me keep track on how many days are left &$ let me share with my family and friends on social media sites I love it !
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11 years ago, yoli6926
Great app
People always ask me how much longer i have till my babys born and with this app I can tell them a more accurate response
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11 years ago, Repomagoo
Perfect app!
Gotta love this app, with my busy schedule and everyone asking me when is the baby coming, Bammm! Whip out my phone and show it off. Count Down!
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12 years ago, Kissmorticia
Baby and wedding countdowns are great!
I used the wedding countdown a few months ago and loved it! Just downloaded for baby now that we're expecting, and it's just as fun and cute!
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11 years ago, Rachelnicole95
Love this app
Does what it says and it is a fun way to keep track of how much longer you have to meet your little one!
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13 years ago, funsk8 Ray
Good app to have
Let's you know the time remaining as well as adding pics and connecting with Facebook. Simple and easy to use.
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9 years ago, Charli Gaal
Meh 😕
It is ok but it is kinda useless I thought it would be like you know kinda more than a date and pic it is a waste of storage on your phone and usually a mother should know when the baby is due right so if you are kinda bored and downloading apps this may not be a good app to download
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12 years ago, DianaM87
I love this app. With all these hormones raging it's easy to forget my own age, this makes it easy to remember when I'll meet my son. :)
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