Baby games for one year olds.

4.5 (43.7K)
150.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
22learn, LLC
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby games for one year olds.

4.51 out of 5
43.7K Ratings
3 years ago, 🥤 lemonade
Great app five out of five stars
My three old loves this app she was delighted after I gave her the little game pass I think it was worth my money though only problem that I’m having is every time my six-year-old he’s my little sweet your old playing this app she gets jealous so she tries to play it but when she does she is not learning anything so I would be more than happy if they came out with a version for six year olds I don’t think I’m acting t my three old loves this app she was delighted after I gave her the little game pass I think it was worth my money though only problem that I’m having is every time my six-year-old sees my little sweet your old playing this app she gets jealous so she tries to play it but when she does she is not learning anything so I would be more than happy if they came out with a version for six year olds I don’t think I’m asking for too much sorry if you can’t get to this quick enough but seems like there’s an update so I think you guys have been working for a long time hope it’s not too much to ask again just
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11 months ago, kitty corageious
This game constantly provides me hours of enjoyment. It faces me with challenges and new exciting things every challenge! Constantly has the gears in my head turning, entertaining both me and my 17yo brother. Ive been playing this game for months now! The music is a combination of beauty and happiness at once. Sometimes i lay and bed and simply think about how beautiful this game really is. Ive succesfully convinced all my friends to start playing. They love it so much! I constantly get messages whenever my friends complete a new level! I have no issues with this game and it is 100% top tier. I would definetely reccomend to everyone of all ages. To silly creatures and pretty music, this game has me tied. Ive grown attached to it in a spiritual and physical way. No game ive ever come across has relieved me this much stress. I feel complete with this review, though words cannot describe how much more i have to say. With warm, gentle, loving, sweet regards - a loving member of this community <3
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4 years ago, Naz Mom 💜
Only have the free version
I currently play this with my 1 year old and he loves it. I love that when you go to the educational part ie. fruits it’s literally 5 segments just under that one learning tool. It’s 2 sides to the game and it’s really his favorite very colorful and they definitely cheer the babies on it’s a mixture of fun and learning 💜 I just hate you have to buy the full app at $4 to get all features but the free version is great it makes you wanna buy the full version.
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7 years ago, Jonny12key
App not ready for babies or young toddlers!
I don't know what the designers and programmers of this app were thinking. How could they make an app designed for babies and toddlers, that cannot accept more than one area of the screen pressed at a time (because almost certainly, the babies and toddlers will grip the screen with one hand [balance/support themselves] while trying to press a button using a finger on the other hand, or will accidentally touch an adjacent part of the screen with a hand that's trying to press a button), and also making no provision for a button to work, if a finger is SLID off the button, instead of crisply lifting it. Because that's EXACTLY how babies and toddlers touch things. The button targets are also very small, for learning/developing fingers. It makes this app nearly useless, and upsetting to the parent, watching their child attempt 20 presses in a row, rendering zero results. Please implement multitouch (so that the app isn't held hostage to a finger touching the screen on the side somewhere), smart zones that ignore errant presses around the button target, make the targets larger, and make buttons work even if the finger is slid off of the target. And give me my money back, until you do.
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4 years ago, Velvetlips87
My toddler loves it!!!
I think this app is really well made keeps my daughter entertained I did rate it 4 stars only because I do wish a couple more categories were available for free or maybe even given a free trial period to see if I think it’s worth the purchase for the rest of the categories. So my daughter is stuck the just her animals, shapes, and toys categories that aren’t much in all honesty but they just did a new circus area if that wasn’t there this would get a 3. Overall I like the app I’m probably going to go ahead and purchase it and see how it goes!
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6 years ago, Kierstabug
Great game!!
My 2yr old son loves this game he in the first few days of playing it has learned 3 new words! I unlocked everything when i got the app so he could learn as much as he can and it’s so worth it!! $2.99 it’s much to unlock the ENTIRE 200 flash cards I’d pay more on physical flash cards than that! We play it on the iPad so it’s a bigger screen definitely recommend using it on a tablet of some sort instead of your phone! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, nelly318
This is an amazing app! My 2 year old loves it. He has learned so much from this app.... animals, colors, shapes, etc. They have 6 different categories on the school side as well as number learning 1-20 and the alphabet letters. It also has musical instruments and the sounds they make. The list goes on and on 💕😂 I couldn’t help it so I bought the full version for $4 and I’m not disappointed. My son has learned so much!!!
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4 years ago, Esengomingi
Great learning tool
This game is great, my daughter loves it and is learning so much from it. I totally recommend getting the full version. However, for some reasons I am not able to get the full version on my iPad even though I already paid for it on my iPhone. This needs to be fixed because I don’t see why I should pay twice for just using a different device.
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7 years ago, robo1224
Little one seems to enjoy
Pros: We've only had it for a bit but my gbaby seems to enjoy the parts she can play. Cons: 1.) the buttons are TINY. 2.) The locked and unlocked games are right next to each other AND there are FAR more of the locked ones. Seeing as how the 'locks' are microscopic, it's easy for a toddler to get frustrated QUICK. 3.) I don't like to be 'forced' to write a review to open a section. For heaven's sake, it's a THIRD section, out of how many?? Have a heart. It's for KIDS, you know??
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4 years ago, crys & paul
Great App
One of the best and most interactive apps out there. It kept my 11 month year old engaged for longer than any other apps...I’m impressed. I had fun playing this with my little one. I’ve never wanted to purchase any apps for my baby because he didn’t care for the ones I’ve downloaded before but this one is def one to buy.
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3 years ago, Asher1911
Crap program that pops up but after almost everything. Title says for one year olds and it’s for 4+. Over uses resources and literally just a cash grab attempt. From what is available for free I’d never purchase and am rather disgusted by this cheap attempt at cash. If it wasn’t for needing a thumb print to purchase any kid could buy it without effort and even if for the proper age these games are free and available on multiple websites and services. It may be ok if it wasn’t such an obvious cash grab for near nothing. Uninstalled within an hour.
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5 years ago, fathersbornfathers
Great game for kids early education
awesome this app helps out with early development and learning numbers colors shapes and more it help your child on different learning levels that are set to each individual child learning abilities from educational development in so many different way I will recommend this at 100% Thanks Fathers Who Care
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1 year ago, mommymillennial
New to use
I literally just downloaded this game like five minutes ago while at work and I’ve been messing with it to see if it would be good for my 15 month old, I think she will enjoy this. But the ladybug is glitched. That’s the only thing I found wrong withThis app.
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2 years ago, lchmomma
Love this app
My daughter is one years old and I paid the 3.99 for the upgrade. It comes with the shapes for free and my daughter learned them so fast so I paid for the colors and other ones. She is so smart, already knows her shapes, colors, animals, etc. this app is very good I love it
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5 months ago, nickbrina
The The Daily Caller reported on Tuesday night the first of two reports that
The first time I saw it was at my parents and it made my stomach feel so good I just wanted you guys know it is so hard and you can tell that it hurts to think of you all that way
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3 years ago, imbeinghonestwithreviews
Good, not really for one year olds though.
Amazing! Me and my sister, Chloe love to learn for Chloe and me play this game to help her learn, she is 4 years old btw. We call this app learning ladybug. Love this game.. maybe add more thing for free and new updates. Definitely recommend this game for toddlers. 5/5!
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4 years ago, Steph20B
Good but too many locked features
I understand I am using the free version so there are modules my child can’t get too, but there are so many locked options that she clicks on them and becomes frustrated with the app itself. I wish there was a way to hide the locked features, my daughter loves it otherwise.
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4 years ago, Kavista
Great app worth the money
My son has been playing this since he was 1 year old. He is so smart he even figured out the hidden things you can press on like the balloons and bell at the main hub. I have enjoyed watching him progress. Thanks for the new update it’s great!
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5 years ago, JLM213
Fabulous learning game
My son loves this game. He is only one and tries to mimic the names of the animals and shapes. It’s so cute! He was waiting for me to unlock the rest of the games. Good thing they have the parent lock on it so that they won’t accidentally purchase something
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4 years ago, 25nik
Keeps my 1.5 yr old entertained however they could make it a little easier for their tiny hands some they usually hold the phone with two hands and get frustrated trying to move the objects with one hand in the way. Could make one more available. It also mentioned if I wrote a review I would get a free category and I have yet to receive one.
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4 years ago, missbenzo21
16 month old intrigued
I downloaded this game for my 16 month old and right off the bat she started touching the screen. Right away I asked her where the duck was and she pointed right to it. Of course, my husband and I looked at each other in amazement. I can only imagine what she will be able to do with the other features.
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5 years ago, nadifish
My 2.5 daughter loves it
This game is so great specially for toddlers. It has number, letters, Animals.. etc you name it. My daughter plays it every day while learning at the same time. I would recommend it to anybody with a little one. They learn quick
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6 years ago, AddyMcDowell
Awesome app!
I downloaded this app on my iPad to be used by my 9 month old granddaughter. She and I worked together on the app while traveling around New Zealand for a month in the backseat of our rental car. It was engaging and educational. Thank you so very much!
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6 years ago, Maraviax3
In game purchases
Within a minute of downloading, the one year old (apparently this apps target demographic) had touched things that popped up in game purchase dialogs. Within the next 5 minutes I had to exit out of it asking for my iTunes password for purchases 3 more times. It seems to me like this is designed to make purchasing by babies of parents who don’t have App Store settings correct extremely likely/easy. Deleted.
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4 years ago, sillybean0001
Awesome for my one year old, he loves it!
I think this app is awesome because my son can play on it for as long as he likes. It teaches him new things at a very young age,this is why this app needs all the appreciation it can get.
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6 years ago, Melodylikesfarmgames
Baby really liked it
My one year old had a lot of fun with this game. Simple and easy to use but lots of options. The music buttons were a little odd. Didn’t understand why sometimes they said bye bye and sometimes they played music. But he liked it.
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6 years ago, Acruzer1025
Wish there was a bit more with the free version
This is a good learning app for kids and my daughter seems to enjoy it. I just wish there was a bit more available on the free version. I can't justify spending money on an app that my daughter will more than likely only use a handful of times.
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4 years ago, standrc
The one or two games you can open are very educational. I wish you didn’t have to pay for the other games not all families can afford it.
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4 years ago, WorldWarZzz
Free version
It’s ok. Kids constantly hit the locked items and get stuck. Do you wind up avoiding the game altogether or paying the full version price. Not a ton of variety otherwise. It keeps their attention for a few minutes.
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5 years ago, Annkaleialoha
Great game
My one year old can actually pay attention to this for a few minutes before running off. No other game can keep his attention as long lol
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5 years ago, hyper_cupcake
Great app
I would recommend this game for 8 and under because my kids have this and they always say they want to stay home just to play this game thank u❤️🙂
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4 years ago, hc8174
Only one category unlocked
A bit annoying that only one category is unlocked and the toddler sees and wants to play with the other categories. It’s hard to evaluate whether it’s worth spending money to unlock when we can’t see the other category.
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4 years ago, NNLotus
Lots of different ways to play
Looks like a lot of different free options. Too easy for baby to hit options that are locked which are to be purchased but at least there’s a parent lock.
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5 years ago, mommajin
It’s ok
It’s ok for a free baby game only thing I don’t like is that they have a lot of games locked that they keep on the screen so my baby keeps tapping those but I do like that they have a math problem lock on there so the baby won’t buy anything
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6 years ago, Robyntwc
Disappointed in all the locked games
I really think this will be fun. I think the items that are unlocked are lower than my child (2 yo) and she will get bored. This may not be for us if we can't get the harder ones unlocked.
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7 years ago, Beccathepowerful
Amazing learning fun
My granddaughter is 19 months and just loves the interactive learning this app provides her. I would recommend to anyone looking for a way for their kids to learn while making it fun.
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5 years ago, Agdfall01
So far I like it wish you didn’t have to pay to unlock stuff or rate it to unlock something
So far I like it wish you didn’t have to pay to unlock stuff or rate it to unlock something
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6 years ago, sarahwean
Review app
The app has been amazing!!! It helped my 2year old on our flight the entire time!!! Wish I would have gotten this earlier for our other long haul flight!
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4 years ago, yasssssssss money
Needs work..
Ok game it could be way better it is probably and old game my sister wanted to play a game on my phone so I said ok I picked the first one it was ok...then it got boring and most of the stuff you have to buy it gets annoying when you can’t 15 more other games she likes it but she does get upset when she can not play the other games please update the voices it creeps me out sincerely Wolf Girl.…………
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5 years ago, 51Bub
Great preschool game
A few free things are available. I downloaded this for a baby, so it’s kind of advanced for him. But definitely worth it for toddlers/preschool age kids. It’s a few dollars to unlock all the games.
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5 years ago, APsMommy
It’s a decent app for babies to hear the names of certain shapes and colors but it isn’t interesting enough to keep my 10 month olds attention.
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6 years ago, gaadaayaa
Writing review in exchange for unlocking feature
Been trying it out for about 2 min. Got a popup to review game to unlock a level. Might be a good app. A concern i have is there are in app purchases available. I hope my young one doesn't accidentally or on purpose buy the in app purchase
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5 years ago, busy two year old mom
Excellent for busy two year old
Kept my two year old busy while I completed housework. Almost forget she was home she was so engaged.
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4 years ago, rnjspdbrn
Need to unlock full game
Why not just give option to unlock games from beginning? Otherwise seems good
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4 years ago, Not a happy Nonni
Great learning tool..
My granddaughter enjoys several of the exercises, I am just surprised it is listed as free when clearly each level or category only has one or two free then $4 each..disappointing
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5 years ago, Njhawk
Little one has too many fingers
Occasionally my little one will point but mostly uses all her fingers on the screen which does nothing. Not very useful for a little
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4 years ago, Lalylo
great activity for my child
My son loves this app. He gets the joy of screen time but has to use his brain as well. It’s a win for both of us!
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4 years ago, Ewaz 11
I found this game very helpful for my son he can learn some basic words while playing this interesting game
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5 years ago, baking machine
Graphics are nice
This is a cute game for looking and matching. The graphics and sound are good. There are three games you can play for free then you have to purchase. My youngest who is two will likely like this most.
Show more
3 years ago, StarSharon
There’s almost no free content
There are only a single small group of things that you can do on each page. The amount of free is so limited it’s not worth your time and everything is for sale. If you add in one group of things its $4.99. Even if everything was free, it’s not that great an app.
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