BabyName - find it together

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User Reviews for BabyName - find it together

4.15 out of 5
19.9K Ratings
6 years ago, drob0687
Baby boy 👶🏻
My husband and I used this app to find a name for our son that was born in October 2017. My husband works 84 hours a week, so it was hard sometimes to conversate as much as we’d like to find a name we BOTH liked. We ended up agreeing on a few names, then on the day of his birth we agreed on a name that fitted him best! We love our sweet Bentley 💙 and everyone loves his name. The reason I gave 4 stars was for a few reasons.. (1) if it was a few days since I had been in the app, I would return and accidentally swipe the wrong way. I suppose that wouldn’t be so bad if (2) you were able to delete names you wanted to remove inched added to the “Matches” list. Even as we were narrowing down our names, it would have been nice to eliminate names off the list. (3) The pushing for upgrade is a little bit much as well.. There are other apps that are completely FREE, and don’t have issues I listed above. Overall I would recommend this to someone who was in search of a baby name. It’s nice to have access to meaning of name, and the option of boy, girl, and neutral names. ❤️
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7 years ago, Borntolaugh27
Fun app, needs some work
This app is fun and is a great way to see what names both you and your partner like. This cuts down tremendously on conversations about names, as you can just quickly compare ones you like. I like that you can pull it out for a few minutes a day and can quickly go through 50 names! I like that boy names are blue, girl names are pink, and gender neutral names are purple; it adds a fun detail! Some of the names are very old-fashioned and unique, so you'll see names on here you may never have thought of otherwise. Some people may find this frustrating, but I love that there is a wide variation of names. One suggestion, and the reason I had to give only 4 stars, is that once you have discarded a name you can't change your mind. On the Kinder app you can easily change it, but on this app you have to pay! That is ridiculous, as it is easy to accidentally swipe the wrong way. Aside from this one annoyance, it is a fun and useful app!
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2 years ago, Amz1979
This app is great, with a few tweaks it would be awesome
We are trying to conceive and want a list of names ready to go if we are successful. I saw this app in an article online and thought it might be fun so we gave it a try. I am happy to report we have found a couple names that we hadn’t even considered that we agree on already and we just installed yesterday. A few tweaks though would make this app amazing. 1) The ability to undo a swipe if you make a mistake. 2) The ability to delete a name from the match list as you are trying to narrow down your list. (Maybe make it so your partner has to approve the deletion??) and 3) Add name pronunciations as I found myself Googling quite a few of them. Make these improvements and this app would definately be a 5 star rating!
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7 years ago, JGra305
Good idea needs some work
The app is a great idea but it can be frustrating. Once I discard a name, it should be discarded but if I change the filter, it resets the names so I end up swiping through names I have already discarded. The names a really older names, which can be good if you are interested in older names. Some might find this to be a draw back, I do not. I do find it frustrating that there are also a lot of derivations or spellings of the same name, hence the 5K names. I would like there to be some sort of counter like this filter has 45 names and as you swipe, you have 3 names you like and 32 names you discarded. This gives me some goals to get through since often my husband and I would like to say, "ok, we will review 50 names after today." We may hate all 50 but it makes it feel more manageable. You have to buy filters to access names. This may annoy some people. For me, it is annoying that I cannot choose my filters. Further, it would be nice to just have a pay option that comes with all the filters/names from the beginning. I do not see this as a game so paying to "unlocking" filters like you might levels in candy crush is annoying. Regardless of the sex of your baby, choose names for both sexes, as often the sex and the name do not match. Algot, which is a Swedish man's name comes up as a girl's name for example. Overall, the app lacks luster in its current state but has great potential.
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5 years ago, BabyBee D
Fun and helpful with one tiny caveat
This is a fun app and can really help a couple finally find their baby’s name. My husband and I are enjoying it and agreed on at least one name we hadn’t before thanks to this. But one big caveat - I upgraded to the paid version because it promised 5,000 more names but no matter how much I use the app I see the same names over and over and over. Maybe most of those 5,000 new names are for girls and I’m looking for a boy? Or maybe that’s a false claim? Not sure but that part is frustrating. I do like the filters that come with the paid version, very helpful for choosing a name with a specific letter. Overall a good, fun experience.
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4 years ago, CarolineMake-UpArtist
Repetitive and asks you every 2 seconds to review
I love the idea of this app, the concept is fun, the reality is tedious. The names are repetitive and even when you discard them, you get asked again. Also, you get asked to review the app EVERY few moments, even after we paid $2.99 to unlock more names having gone through the first lot. As for that payment, that didn’t seem to do much either. There are tons of trendy names on the first version and second version, and loads of last names as first names, but there are a couple of more traditional names that I quite like, which I never saw. Normal, popular, traditional names, which I thought was really odd. Even after spending an extra $2.99 to unlock. I wouldn’t have left this review, as each to their own, maybe you’ll like it, but after being harassed by the app constantly to review it, here I am doing an unfavorable review. You asked me to app!
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3 years ago, ECRobles
Don’t bother, just Google.
I downloaded this app to use with my husband and decided to upgrade for more names. He would also have to pay the upgrade fee to see the “new” names I liked which it think is ridiculous. This app is terrible at remembering names you have already seen so you see the same names over and over when you get back on, sometimes they are names that are already on your liked list and sometimes even the same name twice in a row. Also, many times you will see the same name spelled differently, for example Eric and Erik would be two different names. These should be listed as alternative spellings of the same name. Overall the filters to see different names were okay but using the filters is the only way I didn’t see Cassandra and Lucas as every 20th name. Don’t waste your money on upgrading the names just Google unique names instead. I’d love to have my money back for this app.
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2 years ago, Davexv
Good concept, “meh” execution
I really like the idea of a “Tinder-style” app; swipe right when you like a name, swipe left when you don’t, easily match mutually liked names with your partner. There are a few glaring issues, though. The first is repetition. We’ll get the same name spelled twelve different ways even when we say no. E.g., Jason, Jasen, Jayson, Jaysen, Jacen. Seems ridiculous. You also get exotic, weird, or made up names with seemingly no rhyme or reason. We got Rock, Toto, Cazzie, Pharoah, and Cat all in a row for recommended boys names. We figured the $3 would be worth the extra name and filters but were disappointed to see it was not. We searched names based on our nationalities and were incredibly disappointed to see they were inauthentic/totally made up. This app was a fun way to kill some time finding *SOME* names we liked, but we’ll end up looking elsewhere for a name.
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2 years ago, Branderville
Great thought. Needs better execution
The thought behind this app is amazing. It can really help narrow choices in the vast sea of names you look at to pick “the one” for your child. However, the names and different spellings of each name count as different names. It would be more helpful to add them all to one card with all the various spellings. If you don’t like Caiden, you may not like it as Kaiden either. Repeating the same variations can be frustrating. Outside of that, they just need a deeper depth of options and it would be golden. I still think this would be a great place to start especially if both partners are super picky and/or stubborn like in our house. Naming children has always been a list of maybe names until they were born. This app can do a great list for just that.
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4 weeks ago, Waterlilley
Baby names
This app is so ever having problems loading with new names my girlfriend and I was using the for a little while and all sudden it stop working the right way we try open to to do more names and it comes up the egg breaks open and says oops there is something wrong try again so I kepted trying again and again and nothing is working for odd reasons. I don’t know what is going on. I try go out and come back in a few times that didn’t help and I tried unloading and reload but that still doesn’t work. So some need get on here and fix this app because a lot love this kinda app and it easy to see the word with people that has bad eyes and not only that I love because it also have name meanings on here to I am so sad that this happened to both of us.
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5 years ago, Vert101
Great idea, execution is lacking
Pros: This is a great concept when finding time to compare name lists is difficult and there are a lot of great names that I would not have thought of. Cons: If I swipe left on the name, it shouldn’t come back up. Different spellings/versions of the same name are repeated (Nathan & Nate or Chloe & Khloe are on different cards) and other times listed as an alternative to the main name (Kaylee w/ Kayleigh + 4 more options are on the same card) - pick a system. The names are sometimes midgendered (girls names are blue, boys names are pink). If the editor is unsure maybe just make purple the default. It’d be nice to have: the ability to share lists with more than one person as more than just my partner and my opinions are going into this process. As others have said, it’d be great to be able to add and sort the names you like.
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6 years ago, SoManyNamesAlreadyTaken7492
Needs work
This is a good concept but needs some improvements to really be useful. For one thing, you should be able to either manually add or easily find names you think of outside the app. As it is, we have to keep a separate list of names we’re considering. For another, it lacks really common names that should be in there. I paid for the filters and have gone through every name in some of the letters only to not be able to find specific names we’d already thought of. So if the really common names we’re specifically looking for aren’t in there, how much can we trust the app as a good resource for names? Again, it has a lot of potential, but needs some work. As it stands now, it can help spark ideas but is definitely not at the level that it can be a primary resource.
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3 years ago, KimbraStarr
Unimpressed with selection or features
Being able to connect with your partner for matches is a good feature, but overall very unimpressed for several reasons. Many of the names are repetitive - if I swipe left on Madelyn, I don’t then need to see Madalynn or Madeline or Madaline - it’s the same name so should be eliminated. Should be able to choose lists to be shown options from, therefore eliminating being shown options from lists you’re not interested in, i.e. I’m not of asian decent so I’m not interested in being shown Chinese names. I should be able to not have to continuously swipe through those names with everything else. Soooo many of your choices will be from lists you may have no interest in, in addition to the fact there are a ton of names I never saw before being told I swiped through everything...REALLY.
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2 years ago, anynicknameiwouldhavechosenistaken
Good premise but poor core functionality
We thought this was a neat way to load up possible names without having to debate the merits of each one till we had a few matches. I spent a fair bit of swipes going through names from other cultures and spent the $3 to unlock "5000" more names and all the filters. I must have gone through another 25 names under the American filter and found myself at the end of the list 3min after I paid for unlocking the app. If the app was actually updated with real names and not crowdsourced nonsense like "Banjo" meaning "great music" or "Semaj" meaning "James spelled backwards" this could be something great! Unfortunately for me I parted with my $3 a little too quickly. With no updates in years (I should have checked) buyer beware. Could have been so much more.
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2 years ago, objects lying around the house
Fun idea, mediocre implementation
Like others have said, the app has promise but is flawed. Constant nags for reviews, even after paying for the $2.99 upgrade. And even after paying, there are additional things they want even more money for, like being able to reverse a swipe or get rid of ads. The nationalities are comically bad (I chose Canadian, because I'm Canadian, and was given 5 names before I ran out, meanwhile "African" is apparently a nation now). Very repetitive names. No way to filter for only names that start with T or don't end with N or anything else. Took what should have been fun and made it tedious. But it did work to give us a list of maybe 15 names to consider and talk about further. We'll probably switch to another app to get more variety, tho.
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6 years ago, vanessa_siu
Great idea, could be better executed
The idea for this app is simple, but so useful! A couple of complaints: 1.) my partner paid for the upgrades, but the app kept advertising upgrades to me which led me to believe that I was not able to see the names my partner saw, so I paid for it unnecessarily. I think my pregnancy hormones are making me very upset about this $3...; 2.) you are only able to work through one filter at a time, and if your partner changes the filter, it wipes your progress within the previous filter; 3.) regardless that I paid for my filters unnecessarily, I don’t find the actual filters very helpful. It felt that I could see a larger range of names with just the free version without getting bored of one category of names.
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3 months ago, Example0
Fun. Collab. Helpful
I’m not sure, maybe a timer. Or maybe a middle button so that you can see it again. Maybe that’s already built-in. If so, I’ll suggestions. That’s awesome. maybe some sort of picture because not everybody sees color the same way so the names being associated with this intended for guy girl could use a visual. let people design, their male, female and neutral visual, game of eyes at a little bit more. And show it to friends still have questions about that engagement time is important . when you’re trying to help people into considering something.
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3 years ago, aub0214
Love the app but it gives me a headache
I never leave reviews, but i just had to let others know that this has happened to me when using the app. The colors and vibrance as well as how the background flashes to another color when you swipe messes with my eyes and literally gives me a migraine after minutes of using it. I wish there was an option to tone down the colors or change the color scheme because I can’t use the app and wish that I could. Even with my iPhones brightness all the way down, I get a migraine. Love the idea and the app other than that.
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7 years ago, CourtyMae
Great concept, needs better follow thru
The idea of the two accounts linking is great, but there are some other things that need work. When you discard a name, it will still cycle back through. I don't think it should cycle through unless you've gone through all names. There should be some kind of alert if you and your partner pick the same name but different spellings. There isn't, And there are so many different spellings- so you could both like the same name, and the app won't alert you because you picked different spellings of it. I wish there was a maybe button so names would cycle back through or go on a different list, so I have time to mull them over. Also, a pronunciation for each, and a search engine would be great.
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7 years ago, worm600
Good Idea With Some Tweaks
This is a lot of fun and a great idea. There are a few features needed to make this useful. First, it's not possible to see whether you and your partner are synced or how far through each list you both are. Did you not match on a name because one of you rejected it, or because they never saw the name to swipe? I would recommend a progress bar or at least an indicator when both of you are caught up to each other. (I'm assuming you're shown the names in the same order.) Second, the app needs to let you suggest names (that then are shown to your partner). It's silly to have to swipe through thousands of names to get to the one you are looking for. Finally, some usability suggestions. The meanings are often off, sometimes wildly so (I was shown back-to-back versions of the the same name from different languages; somehow the meanings were different). Also, put all the spellings on a single card and let the user pick their preference... otherwise you can never tell if someone dislikes the name or the alternate spelling.
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6 years ago, Doodlebug7777
Needs improvement
It’s a nice, simple to use app. My husband and I are very specific about the first letter of the name we want. We paid the 99 cents in order to filter that letter. No biggie. It still asks us multiple times to pay more money for certain filters. Not interested. One way it could definitely be improved is by having an option of seeing, or even better hearing, the pronunciation of the name. All in all it’s a cool app to be able to link with your partner and browse names together without having to sit and read through lists at the same time. It works for its intended purpose. 4 stars.
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4 years ago, AmandaKate223
Not impressed
I found that a lot of the same name but different spelling would come up, and a lot with Chinese origin for some reason. I wish there were some filters that were free. I also think it would be nice to add a feature where you can type in a name to add to your list. Since it doesn’t, I have to have a separate list on my phone, which kind of makes the app pointless. I also wish you could undo it when you accidentally swipe no for a name that you like or the other way around. Overall, I feel like this app is a waste of time if you are looking for a name that is a little different or less common, but not something totally off the wall. If you want a common name, then it would probably be ok.
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1 year ago, Amanda LaPanda
Terrible app, will take your money
My partner and I downloaded this app to help us choose a baby name as the concept is good. However you only receive a limited amount of names before you have to start paying for more. It’s only $2 or something for 1000 names so I paid. There is absolutely no way I got 1000 more names, it was probably like 50, we scrolled through the names in less than 1 hour. So I tried to contact this company to see if I had done something wrong and maybe not downloaded the package correctly of something. It was very hard to find an email address. I found a couple of different ones and sent off emails to see if I got a response. Nope. Nothing from no one. Money gone. No names, no nothing. Complete rip off.
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2 years ago, rhomble
Simple is great but maybe a little too simple
It is a wonderfully simple and cleanly designed interface. Simplicity is wonderful but only if it doesn’t mean loosing basic features right? All you can do is swipe. I’m not a fan of an app being free and super limited unless you pay. It should just be free or not imo. I would love to be able to search for and save names that we already like so that all the name ideas are in one place. If that functionality was available it would easily be a five star for me!
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2 years ago, karigoes
Obscure names, limited functionality
Overall a fun concept but could be better executed. The catalog of “free” names is limited and repetitive, with many very bizarre selections while missing the most popular and common baby names. Additionally it would be nice to be able to input names into the system that could then appear on your partners list to see if they match. I think the concept is great but I’m not convinced it would be worth paying for the additional features based on my initial experience with the free name list. I feel like I waste a lot of time rather than actually generating a strong list of possible names.
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3 years ago, MommyOst
Do not buy the expansion packs!!
This is a fun concept but many common names are not on the app which was surprising. Also some technical issues like not being able to go back after saying yes or no to a name and change your response. Also many names are lumped together which makes I difficult to specify which you like (ex. Kylie and Kaylee together). Low review is mostly for the purchased extension packs. I purchased the extra packs thinking I would have additional names to go through, only to realize I paid only to FILTER the names. I paid $2.99 for all the expansion packs and 3 swipes later was told I had been through all the names. HIGHLY dissatisfied with this.
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3 years ago, anon83626182
Good idea but so tedious/not fun
I think this could be much better with a few improvements. It’s frustrating to see so many different spelling variations of the same name on different cards when you’ve already swiped left on that name. Further, there’s no filter in the free version to help narrow down to names of your child’s ethnicity, meaning you will have to go through a ton of names that aren’t options for you. I don’t know how it’s organized and if it’s totally random, but I feel like the only names I see are unrecognizable/new to me or the most popular American names from the 80s. It hasn’t really been helpful for us and starts to feel like work after awhile.
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4 years ago, Kristenfromseattle
You have to pay to undo your last swipe!
Great idea but they nickel and dime you. I don’t mind an app with a one-time upgrade price so you can try it out and decide to purchase. But you can buy the undo function, more name options, and ad-free as separate purchases. Because the purchase options are in different places and sometimes only pop up sporadically, I don’t have faith that there aren’t more hidden fees. If they bundled it I might consider buying, but I’m afraid to sink money into something that still won’t work. Also it’s too easy to swipe past names you like. My husband and I both accidentally rejected the same name that we both knew we liked already! With no undo, it’s brutal.
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4 years ago, Haiku Fan 2
Fun but could improve
Got through the list in a day. The list of names is a bit limited and there is no information on pronunciation or name origin. If you’re willing to pay you can get 5,000 more names. There should be a way for users to suggest names to add to the app. There should also be a way to add your own names and share them with your partner. I’d like some Vietnamese names as well as more Norwegian, Irish and French. There are plenty of free resources online that can be used to supplement their list. I’d be willing to watch ads for more names. Seems silly to buy what you can get for free elsewhere, especially since they don’t provide as much info as free online sites.
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7 years ago, J__xyz__123:/
Not the best selection, crashes a lot
I thought this might be fun to try with my husband while we still don't know the gender of our baby. This app has an awesome concept, but the execution is lagging pretty hard. The app crashes A LOT. The name selection is either very, very obscure (the first boy name that came up for me was Theodrus...) or extremely common (I've had Amanda and Angela pop up three times already after disliking the name each time). You can buy packs for additional unique names, but it's kind of silly because given the spectrum of what they consider to be interesting was already reaaaallly out there. Overall, not my favorite. We may just end up doing research on our own.
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7 years ago, CplusK
Nice Idea
This is the best app I've found for searching for baby names with a partner. That said, it could still use some work. Things I like: 1️⃣ The color-coding makes it easy to see which gender name I'm voting on. 2️⃣ I can easily go through several dozen names in a matter of minutes. 3️⃣ There's a wide variety of names to choose from. Things I don't like: 1️⃣ You have to pay to undo a swipe and to add filters. I understand the creators have to make money somehow, but I'd rather deal with in-app ads rather than pay a ridiculous amount just to make the app fully functional. This is my biggest reason for only giving 3/5 stars in this review. I hate feeling like the creators are greedy. 2️⃣ Even when I swipe on a name, I notice the same name pops up again, although it may be spelled differently or have a different meaning displayed. It's a little confusing. 3️⃣ I can't see how many names I've swiped through or export my favs anywhere else, which is mildly annoying.
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4 years ago, oarka0723
Fine but needs improvement
The idea of app is great, it’s indeed great way to entertain yourself and partner, and it has wide variety of names. However, I wish there would be a way to undo your actions in case I swiped in a wrong direction. Or at least have a chance to remove names that I swiped by mistake from the list of names that I liked. Also, once my partner chose the filter which did not match with mine, the app got frozen for me. Same happen to his app when I changed the filter. The app is good but need more engineering solutions in place.
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1 year ago, Ggftyxcghnsdxcb
Like swiping, Not names choices
We upgraded to Eoic package. So far the names seem pretty basic. We both unique names so we were hoping for a unique assist. . I do enjoy the swiping, ability to add names, and the pairing up with your partner for matches. Found that fun, especially since we are a military family and we’re separated due to deployment. It allowed us to participate while in different time zones. I do wish that you could add others once the parents chose their favorites. Unfortunately, if you add another partner and erases your previous names. Not cool, especially since we purchased highest monthly package.
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5 years ago, allie-light
Kind of frustrating..
So my husband and I found out about this app through Shawn east and I had really high hopes for it. We’re expecting our second child in March and found out it’s a girl, as we only had a boy name picked out we turned to the app. As we go through the names on here we found that it’s not matching our answers and we have to manually go through the names and pick the ones we agreed on. We’ve both deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times and just can’t seem to figure out why it’s not connecting. I hope the creators fix it soon. 😕
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5 years ago, Slim2223
Want to like this App
I really want to like this app, but it’s been two days and I’m giving up. The concept is great, and the linking thing with a partner seems fun in theory. But, the names are so strange. And they are so repetitive. I have swiped left on the same name multiple times, just to have it show up again. Also, there are so many different spellings of names that this almost feels like a waste of time. If I swipe left on a name, I don’t want to see it again. I like that there is a way to organize. But there are not many “typical” names on the list. As someone else said, a lot of biblical names, so maybe that would be good if that’s what you’re going for.
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6 years ago, LydiaJS
Ok - could use some improvements
Generally, I like this app. However, here are a few things that really downgrade the experience: 1) not being able to search and add names you already know you like; 2) I paid the $.99 to be able to go back to names I changed my mind, because I accidentally swiped the wrong way. After paying, I learned this wasn’t retroactive, so I can’t go back to that name anyway after paying; and 3) it would be nice if there was an option to view several names at once in a list format to make the process a little faster.
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7 years ago, Ghini-222
App kept crashing
Yesterday my husband and I spent a couple hours swiping through names separately. Every 10 minutes I'd receive an error "Oops Something is Wrong with the Server. Try again later." However I was able to keep swiping through names. Then it reached the point where the app no longer worked at all; I would open the app and automatically received that error. I have the most recent iOS on my iPhone, have the most up-to-date version of this app, and have tried restarting my phone. I'm extremely frustrated as both my husband and I wasted a couple hours going through names and I can no longer use the app. I have emailed the app but no response.
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2 months ago, Butt lick
The names are…..ridiculous
So, it is easy to use but I wish you could look up names to add to your list that you know you already like. Also, the names it gives you are really ridiculous most of the time. In order to filter down, you have to pay money. Basically any feature that would be useful requires paying for. I have another free baby name app that gives a ton more information on a name, a search feature and you can rate by dislike, like, love. I’m going to uninstall this one because the names it comes up with 95% of the time are pretty absurd.
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3 years ago, Lamarsh_Fish
Waste of time, but good concept
The concept of swiping with your partner for names is great, but the database of names and filters they have on this are utterly horrible, and made this app a huge waste of time for us. Save yourself the time and just use Google to hone in the name type you want and search those lists. No matter how I tweeked the settings of this app, or how many filters I purchased, the names it produced were all over the place and mostly bizarre. It repeated names I disliked over and over. For other cultures names, it uses the archaic versions of those names that I think few people would consider, not the new popular names from those cultures. The whole thing is bizarre in my opinion.
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7 years ago, Steph_Bresemann
Good premise falls flat
The idea is great especially considering my husband and I missed the whole "tinder" experience of swiping left and right. But the names you don't pay for are either odd biblical names like Zephaniah or names that nobody in their right mind would choose. Every so often it asks you if you want to pay for expansion packs but it just doesn't seem worth it considering their choices of freebies. I do like that there's a list of "matches" between my husband and I but it's hard to match on names like zebedee or Zephaniah. Please let us see more names that are worth our time!
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5 years ago, cjoy512
Cool concept, but could be improved
I love the idea of this app and it is definitely a fun way to see how my husband and I match up on some baby names. That said, it could use some work. A lot of the names are just ridiculously obscure, I suppose maybe if you pay extra you’d get some more common or popular names, but with every resource out there I don’t really feel the need to buy an upgrade just to get more names. It also repeats names frequently which is annoying. The ability to add our own names to the list would be nice as well.
Show more
3 years ago, ksr235
Filters are terrible
It has a ton of names which I think is good, but many of them are a different spelling of the same name. I got the filters thinking This would help screen out names we knew we weren’t interested in and that I could select more than one at a time — e.g. if you use the alphabetical filter you can only see names that start with one letter at a time, like only “b” names, versus selecting names that start with “a”, “e”, and “i” — but the filters are not actually helpful and just add more time to going through the lists. Great in concept, awful in functionality.
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6 years ago, sz726
App is good. Majority of suggestions are odd though
App works as it should and is a great idea. Main complaints are that they ask for a review or to share with friends every 5-10 swipes. Many names duplicated many times. Also majority of the names are pretty out there. Certainly nice to see names you don’t see but some of the suggestions are just crazy. Barely any popular names. Lots of ethnic names (Indian, Hispanic, etc.). Overall Id recommend just be aware you will have to go through a lot of names that would never be possibilities.
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6 years ago, Cmribold
Descent app but has major issues
First issue is that they clearly ignored the iOS human interface guidelines about being annoying. “Don’t be a pest. Repeated rating prompts can be irritating, and may even negatively influence the user’s opinion of your app. Allow at least a week or two between rating requests and only prompt again after the user has demonstrated additional engagement with your app.” -Apple Human Interface Guidelines They prompt for ratings every 20 names or so which is super annoying. Also after paying for all the upgrades I could including undo (which I think is a little ridiculous) the undo functionality only works for one name previous (which is also very annoying) Also it would be so simple to add the functionality where a user could just edit their liked names and add ones that they like manually, but nope you can’t do that either. If they put some more care into their app I’d be willing to give it a 5 star but as is it’s very half baked.
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6 years ago, JoshTE
Good concept, flawed execution
Neat idea, but the creators were just plain lazy. The master list the app uses is clearly a hodgepodge of large name lists they’ve juxtaposed together from Google searches. In rare cases, various spellings of the same name are combined on one card, but most of the time they are not, leaving you to reject the same name in different spellings a dozen times. There are numerous spelling errors and the meanings of the names are often not properly researched and just guessed at. Creative idea on how to help people choose a baby name, but I’m wildly unimpressed at the low effort invested into this. Clearly just a get rich quick scheme that backfired.
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4 years ago, Bkacevich
Where are all of the names?!
A lot of potential however BERY disappointing. GREAT IDEA for an app. I love the idea. My fiancée and I matched on a few names but then it got really repetitive so I paid the 2.99 for the upgrade and got filters to go through alphabetically. The 2.99 did not make much of a difference. There are a quite a few names that I know I like that I never saw and then there are a lot of really odd names. Also, if you’re looking for a traditional ethnic name they have maybe a random 5-10 of them here so this app is no good for that. This app needs to work on getting a better name list going.
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6 years ago, whitea42
Lacks traditional names
The app has a lot of names, and offers the option to focus on certain regions, famous names, etc. however, you can’t choose to only show traditional names. I would like to see the ability for a write in name which would then show up on the partner’s app, and the option to filter out alternative spellings for the same name. Another good idea would be the ability to select nicknames from the original that’s randomly generated. Overall, it’s an okay app, but For those of us who seek traditional names, you have a lot of “passes” before you get to a “keep”.
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5 years ago, ffffffucj
Good concept, poor upkeep
My fiancé and I had matched quite a few names, we were waiting to narrow it down and neither of us have had access to the app for several weeks now due to their servers going down. I thought oh okay, I’ll just try it again in a day or two. No such luck and no such updates to fix the bug. We also have no access to the names we matched on so we’re starting again from square 1. You should also be able to unlock more names by only one of you paying the upgrade fee for the couple, not both having to. As I stated in the title, I like the concept but it has a lot of work to do.
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7 years ago, FlyingAnnie
Fun but it's 80 different spellings of the same names
It's fun to use, but has a few downfalls. If I accidentally swipe left instead of right, there's no way to get that name back. It would be nice to be able to see if we matched on the same name, just different spellings. I feel like there's only a few names just spelled 100 different ways. It would also be nice to know how many names I have left. I feel like I'd never have to buy the expansion pack of names since I may have an infinite number of names left to go through.
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3 years ago, S20J22
Needs Work
Such a time waste. We paid for the upgrade, but there is no setting on the app to make it so that you don’t have to keep swiping no on the same names. I have swiped no on “Keegan” and “Egbert” more times than I can count. Paying extra $2.99 is supposed to give you an extra 5,000 names, but there’s no way. I have spent half an hour re-swiping through the same reject names, with no new names added to the mix. They also need an algorithm that prioritizes names you and your partner might like based on your prior likes.
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