Health & Fitness
3.7 (505)
20.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
KHN Solutions Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BACtrack

3.65 out of 5
505 Ratings
4 years ago, Benjim4nBurnett
Great product, fine app
When I first opened, I had to read the manual to understand switching between the app mode and the manual mode. Not sure why it isn’t just one mode together. Additionally, the app doesn’t seem to be optimized for the newest iPhones. I have an iPhone 11 and when I get it connected to the app there is an option at the top to “swipe to test your friends” but it’s sorta hidden under the top notch and no amount of swiping works. Overall looks like a clean app, just needs some optimizing and I love the device!
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5 years ago, Sanjias
Fantastic and a must have for responsible drinkers
This is fun to use at home to see exactly how well my body processes alcohol. I love putting those double shots of whiskey back, and I always seem to hold my drink above the rest of them in parties as well. However, now that I can actually see where I’m at in the ‘real’ world... I should probably start admitting that I’m more inebriated than what I truthfully feel that I am. I was stupid to trust my feelings in the past (now all those drives I took, etc... I am filled with regrets even though nothing happened). Also this is a MUST HAVE FOR PARTYING AND BUSINESS TRIPS. This is hilarious to use with friends and coworkers and after all the laughs your group tends to make better decisions without needing to be stick in the mud in the night. Using the BACTrack breathalyzer must have saved lives by now. I’m a huge heavyweight when it comes to handling many, MANY drinks, but this breathalyzer doesn’t lie, I’m more human than everyone else or even I think I am. Drink responsibly folks. Cheers! 🥃
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5 years ago, H@RR1$0N
Good app but misleading
The only reason this app didn’t get 5 stars is because of the heath kit feature. It says it will sync to health kit and I know for a fact it used to when I had purchased an earlier model but I stop using the app for about 2 years and just bought a newer model and when I used the app I found out the health kit sync feature isn’t supported anymore even though it says in the settings that it is. This is very disappointing as this is one of the main reasons I bought the model that uses the app I hope they will start updating the app regularly like they should be at the time of this review the last app update was almost 6 months ago...
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7 years ago, Lovemyelement
Reliable, Handy and Affordable!
It is a handy device to have. I do not drive if I've had more than one or two drinks anyhow, but I've been playing with it at the house. Seems to be pretty accurate. I had one many years ago that I always gave very erroneous readings. My father, a Police Officer, told me to trash it. It was all over the place when we compared itto his "real" breathalyzer. This one seems to be very consistent and it seamlessly Bluetooth's to my iPhone and is super easy to set up. Bought it at Costco for a reasonable price. I highly recommend this one!
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2 years ago, byDargo
Almost Great…
The App works as described/designed; It is still missing needed functionality. There needs to be the ability to choose estimated BAC to the same decimal point as the readings; Why can’t I guess 0.025? That’s one of the magic numbers. Also, why is there no search option at the top of that cocktail bar menu called a drinks list? Maybe an easy/obvious way to add drinks on a favorites list? I should be able to compare my absorption rate of different brands, I know there is one; But having to use a generic label in not conducive to quick analysis. There should be an OFF or Sleep Mode timeout like in standalone mode. Why does the C6 stay on draining the batteries just because BT is on? Can’t BT handle remote restarts and shutdowns?
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7 months ago, Sir Textalot
Doesn't work at all
I ordered this and waited for the shipment to arrive and when it finally did it did not work at all. It would turn on and connect to my phone and when I would blow into it as instructed it would send me a notification that it didn't accept my breath test and try again. I tried probably 30 times. I powered the breathalyzer down and back on again multiple times and tried breathing harder and softer and every time I got the notification that the breath was not excepted into try again. What a waste of time.
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4 years ago, Ravib123
works ok, randomly super slow
This app is randomly super slow when switching views, have had it just crash when setting up results. If I didn’t know better I’d say it isn’t a native app, but I suspect it’s eavesdropping features in the backend causing the slowdown.
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4 years ago, Ataturk
Have two devices and I think they interact to give false results
I like the app in terms of usability and functionality and the device has a great form-factor. However I do get false results. I can be stone-cold sober and still see a positive result - albeit low. Not sure what’s going on but I think it might have to do with one faulty device - it almost always gives me a positive rating - and when I go to the second device it, too, will give me a positive when I’m sober. Think I need to return the devices to get them recalibrated.
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5 years ago, duffytn
Why no Apple Watch
I haven’t used this in a year since I was not drinking in the setting where I needed to check my alcohol content before driving and noticed that the Apple Watch app has disappeared ! That was my favorite feature especially now with a new Apple Watch that works better than any of the other ones.. I really hope that this is reviewed and they create the app again I never had an issue with it myself it worked every time ! I’d change my review.
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5 years ago, Juan C Fernandez
The BAC solution I was seeking
I bought both the C6 and the Pro. Both give consistent readings, and roughly jive with what my alcohol readings should be based on quasi controlled comparisons to calculators based on intake, weight, etc. Both work nicely with the App on my iPhone. The C6 also works as standalone, and it’s small - perfect to carry along. I’m happy.
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3 years ago, Husbandblue
Battery low issue
Brand new iPhone 11+ the app downloaded brand new batteries says battery as low. Got new batteries reloaded the app still same issue. Trying to switch to manual not having any luck when it did work it worked very well and I was impressed but these issues are frustrating and I’m not sure I will recommend this to anybody unless I can get fixed.
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2 years ago, narwhal>
Not reliable
After a year of using the device it forces me to use my phone and guess where “I” am before using the device. My friends also use this so it is not always me and I don’t like it using my location. Also, the device requires full battery or it won’t work claiming you have low battery. Super annoying when I’m trying to be responsible.
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7 years ago, Msputzgrilla
Lack festures
If you have the vio version, reading will be totally off if battery is low, which takes about a month or less to happen. The app lack an important feature IMO, graphing your BAC readings, so you can track your daily drinking habits in a continuous way- track your progress. Not very confident about the privacy it offers as well. So, good but room to improvement.
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3 weeks ago, HeadphoneJackster the 2nd
I have owned several breathalyzers over the years. This is by far the easiest to use. We have given them as gifts to friends that we have a hard time convincing not to drive.
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2 years ago, elpapaworm
Needs update to work best for newer iPhones
I saw that somebody already made a review about this a year ago and it seems to still be an issue. I have an iPhone 13 mini and the top notch overlaps the app at the top of the screen. Also the app looks ugly. Product aside from the app seems to work tho
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5 years ago, madcracker
Software is junk
The device is by no means accurate (I work in PD) the readings are way off and not consistent at all. The device (smaller BacTrak unit) should have an on/off switch as it’s difficult to tell if it’s going to stay on after holding down the button for 2 seconds (it randomly shuts off) then you have to forcibly close and reopen the app to register a second try. Glad I didn’t actually spend any money on it.
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3 years ago, Austinatortion
Definitely needs an update
Don’t get me wrong. It’s cool to have this integration. But the app is in need of being updated. Not only is the watch app no longer available. But you can tell that the app did not keep the Notched iPhone design in mind. Likely hiding some screens that people are talking about. For now I’ll just use my BACTRACK in standalone mode.
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7 years ago, Marcus Morgan
Could be better
I love the breathalyzer system but the actual app could be a little more user-friendly.
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5 years ago, Craig11111
No buyers remorse
It’s nice to know where you stand. You will find yourself testing regularly. Once you learn your normal drinking behavior you can predict your % level of intoxication. It will be popular at a gatherings. If it saves one life it’s worth every penny. No buyers remorse!!!!!
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3 years ago, thhamill
Use your email
I had an issue of getting past the registration. I was putting in my serial number. But your supposed to use your email.
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7 years ago, Marty Mack McHenry
Very innovative product
This is a neat product that is fun and also has a very practical use. A great value at $100. Would recommend to anyone who drinks regularly or needs to keep up with a loved one.
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3 years ago, Isamarvelous
Needs work but is okay.
App won’t update readings. Still shows old readings so I have to keep track on my own. Originally I got it because it was advertised to have Apple watch integration but when I emailed them inquiring about it, they said “nah jk”. So that’s fine…but when I go to check my readings it won’t update the new readings. So at this point the app is completely useless.
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3 years ago, Tarfoo
Somer screens not compatible with iPhone 10
I’d like to give a higher rating for the app but it doesn't work well on my iPhone 10. Specifically, the account setup page doesn’t allow me to see the entire page so I’m unable to enter all the info. Needs an update to fix this bug!
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2 years ago, trinity_rei
sadly, stopped working
I loved my little keychain sized BACtrack. It worked great in the beginning. But as of lately, even with a brand new battery, it shuts down whenever I turn it on and try to pair it to the app. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. Still it shuts down whenever I try to pair the two. I’ve emailed customer service a month ago, and still no reply.
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5 years ago, badgerfan67
Won’t connect to iPhone
So I bought a brand new c8 and I can’t get it to connect to my iPhone. I’ve followed what limited directions there were, but no luck. The app doesn’t offer a FAQ or contact a rep option. Hope I didn’t waste my least the analyzer seems to work. Could’ve spent half the money on a lower level device.
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5 years ago, bdndbdjkskskwkw
Incredibly Unreliable
I let some friends try it out at the bar and they had crazy different results. We had all stopped drinking a half hour or more ago. One would blow a .06 and they would try again in a couple minutes it would say 0. Then they tried again a couple minutes later and it was a .09. I wasted $70 on this stupid thing. Save your money.
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6 years ago, Wtf909
Product works well
Would purchase this again
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5 years ago, JLO1977
App crashes.
I guess it was not a great idea to spend $100 on a device that depends on an app to get results. The app is crashing and I’m unable to use this breathalyzer... So epic fail. I’ve restarted my phone and the app twice. Tried to test my BAC 5x but the app crashes right after I blow. 😕 Otherwise the app and device seemed to be great.
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1 year ago, tzk623
Low battery
This app is absolutely useless. Pay $100 for the higher end model that works with the app only for it to error out as low battery even when fully charged. Better off buying the cheaper one that digitally reads than one that needs the app
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4 years ago, galvanized2320
It stopped working
This thing worked great on it’s own, BEFORE I connected it to the app. I used it for about 4 months, the little machine would give you your BAC reading and it was pretty accurate. I decided to download the app, and that’s when the breathalyzer stopped working. I’ve been fighting and troubleshooting for months with no luck. Absolute garbage!!
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1 year ago, SoberQ
Excellent gadget!
It works as advertised! It’s on my keychain all the time. The App is fine. Instructions not there, but anyone should be able to figure out how to connect and use, with a bit of intuition. Start using at home. Results will surprise you! This is as useful as a current driver or walking license! Obligatory it should be. Take care. V
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3 years ago, jen ferris
No longer works on my phone. It just closes upon opening. I was using this app often to check my friends before they head home after drinking. I also have BACTrack View on my phone and my strong belief is that this was disabled. But it doesn’t seem right if the goal is to save lives.
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7 years ago, corvette
Best BAC app and device!!!
I'm a bartender, and this is a wonderful tool for work, fun, and for my own knowledge of whether or not I should be driving. Get it, you'll thank yourself.
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3 years ago, themeparkdad
Needs update for newer phones and iOS versions
App is great but lowered rating because I struggled so much to get this app to work. Kept telling me to swipe up (old phones with home buttons) and to enable Bluetooth (it already was). iOS added extra security for Bluetooth so this app needs to be updated with the correct instructions. Here’s the fix: Open Settings, Privacy, Bluetooth, scroll down to BACtrack and select ON.
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2 years ago, soberguy77
Registered alcohol when not drinking
My friend blew a 0.12. I waited five minutes and got a reading of 0.01 on myself. I had not been drinking!! I waited 10 minutes more and it showed I had 0.007. As a recovery alcoholic that is trying to prove my sobriety to loved ones, this device failed me. Now no one believes I wasn’t drinking. Thanks
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1 year ago, Yo dadadad
Yo mama
The device it self it an off reading but the app woth it seems to be 99% accurate
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6 years ago, Gkrikkrt
Great program, but...
The latest version only allows you to keep your BAC history if you sign up for cloud storage.
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6 years ago, Statzi54325
Worst thing ever
I bought this and it worked for about 3 days. Now it shuts off automatically every time I try to connect to the app. Has been useless for months now. Thought that it was an app issue but updates have been done and still no fix.
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7 years ago, Owhite517
Needs i.d on mouth pieces
I like this idea of a friendly way to ask a friend to get an uber. However, can the manufacturer put numbers 1-3 on the spare mouth pieces so I'm not spreading the flu?
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3 years ago, Jplaing6464
Can’t add friends
It’s an amazing app but the friends tab doesn’t work. Please devs fix it. Me and my friends got it and the friends tab doesn’t work
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3 years ago, Chris Foust
Doesn’t work
Can’t even get passed the “Register Device” screen. No matter what I type, I can’t get passed it making the app absolutely useless to me. Why the developers decided to force you to register your device before you could even use the app makes no sense to me.
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6 years ago, Ben RayRay
What Happened to the Watch ⌚️ App?
Please you guys, bring it back; the watch app helps me to not have to rely on having my phone with me when I go out. CDOT would be happy too. 😜 Peace and blessings.
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3 years ago, paigeash0718
Won’t let me connect
I’ve already registered my bac track c6 online and when I try to use the app it won’t let me past without registering so I put in the serial number but it won’t let me press done so literally can’t use the app
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7 years ago, Bry154678910
Small, Accurate, Friendly
5 Stars. No complaints.
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5 years ago, 250stunts
Works amazing and very easy to setup and use seems very accurate
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3 years ago, jay l d
History no longer working
After the recent update all the history is gone I can’t see any results. What’s the point of having friend results if it doesn’t work?
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6 years ago, mstephen1954
This is one of the single best uses of what used to be just a phone.
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3 years ago, Standards Gal
Worked until it didn’t.
I have had mine for a while. It worked great. Now it won’t even connect and I can’t get an answer as to why or what to do about it. I was told I should buy a new one since I have an old model. #plannedObsolescence #thievery #Crooked BusinessPractices
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7 years ago, SZimmie
Not Accurate
We tested the accuracy, and it gets a complete fail. It registered 0.05 after 6-7 shots of Vodka and waiting 30 minutes. Other bac units were registering 0.14 which was about right. We repeated the tests throughout the night. This unit never registered over 0.05. Completely unreliable.
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5 years ago, Chrisgchris1997
Terribly inconsistent
I was very disappointed by this product. It was very inconsistent. I had 2 beers and I first blew a (.25). I then blew again and blew a (.29). Tried a third time and blew a (.18). I was doing everything right and using the BACtrack exactly how you’re supposed to according to the instruction manual. Will be returning it for sure.
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