Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Health & Fitness
4.9 (100.1K)
173.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Elevate, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Balance: Meditation & Sleep

4.89 out of 5
100.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Calyne22
This app helped me through the worst year of my life.
I have never reviewed an app before but really feel compelled to for Balance. 2022 was unfortunately a very terrible year for me due to personal loss, mental health, and a soul crushing ending to a 10+ years long relationship, and as usual it seemed like all of these things hit at the same time. I was struggling so badly and really didn’t think I was going to make it through at times. While trying to get medical help, I found the free year of Balance offer somewhere and figured it couldn’t hurt to try at that point, though I’d never really been a big believer in meditation. I am so happy to admit how wrong I was- this app helped my emotional health so much before and after I got the additional help I needed. The sleep modules in particular were so helpful- Ofosu’s voice alone is so calming and peaceful, and the meditations really help my mind stop wandering until it can relax and I can fall asleep. There are so many great non-sleep modules as well for different situations - it seems like there’s something there anytime I need it. Sometimes I go in knowing I will feel emotional, but sometimes it sneaks up on me in an unexpected and beautiful way too. I just purchased the lifetime plan- even though I don’t rely on this as a crutch like I used to, it has become something I want to do instead of something I have to do to get though the day.
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4 years ago, Fitnesslovey
• • A M A Z I N G • •
This app is beyond amazing! I love it so much. All of the single meditations are like little bites of joy when you need it, or a helping hand for the soul if things are rocky. I was already using another well-known app pretty regularly, but the set-up of this one is just perfect. You can choose to follow along with a plan or open the app up for a quick single meditation based on your specific need at the time. And the best part is, you can choose the duration of time that works specifically for you. Usually it’s 5 or 10 minutes but with some, they go down to 3 minutes or up to 15. I cannot say enough good things about this app. Thank you for being so kind and generous with your software during this wild time; it does not go unnoticed. I will happily sign up for the paid subscription to this beautiful app when the time comes. ❤️🤸‍♀️ Some kind suggestions: I would love to see more single meditations added on a regular basis, or different variations of the same ones. For instance, with the concentrate meditation, I was surprised that it didn’t include visualization. On that note, I would LOVE to see an entire guided plan for visualization practice/learning how to visualize. It would be cool if there was a log to see which meditations you did on which days. Also, different breathing techniques included in different meditations — I adore the ‘energize’ single. That’s all for now. Thank you again, you beautiful humans! xoxo
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1 year ago, PracticallyPerfect99
Best and favorite app by far!!
I had been hearing the many benefits that meditation has to offer, but hadn’t ever tried it. I was skeptical at first but I downloaded the Balance application just to see what all the fuss was about. I was absolutely amazed that after only one session, I felt so calm, relaxed and just better in general. I guess I wasn’t aware of exactly how tense and stressed I was. I have since recommended this app to all of my family and friends and they too are very impressed. With all the things we have going on day to day, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and we don’t realize how important self are is. The Balance app does just that, it helps you balance and manage those day to day stresses and make life more manageable and enjoyable. There’s truth in the saying “you need to stop and smell the roses,” and this wellness app helps you do that! I love the fact that Balance makes a personalized program to suit each individual’s needs based on how you answer questions within the app. There are also “singles” you can do that are helpful if you’re feeling a certain way or having trouble sleeping or focusing etc…I’m not usually one to write a review on an application but I highly recommend this app to everyone!! If you are open to exploring the benefits that meditation has to offer and want balance and wellness in your life, then this is the app for you!!
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4 years ago, Jared Leal 75
Finally, a meditation app that works for me!
I’ve wanted to build a meditation practice for a long time. After trying numerous apps, I just gave up. I either fell asleep each time or my mind wandered constantly. I just couldn’t get it. When I received an email to try this new Balance app, I thought to myself, “just try one more time.” I’m so glad I did. I now have a streak of 34 days, and find myself taking moments throughout the day to just close my eyes and use the skills I’ve been learning without using the app. It’s changing my life. I pay more attention to what I’m doing. I find that I listen better in conversations. Just an overall improvement in my awareness and peace in general. This app worked for me because it started off with short sessions and easy skills and builds from there. I now find myself wanting to do the longer sessions. I love that this program builds on the success of each session and gives you multiple techniques for your meditation toolkit. Initially, I was disappointed that each meditation didn’t have some soothing spa music. Now I’ve come to welcome the silence because I can really hear myself. This is a fantastic app and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Please know that I’ve never written an app review in my life, so this is the highest compliment I can possibly give. Thank you for making meditation so accessible and easy to develop into an everyday practice.
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2 years ago, Polkadot515
Eternally grateful for this app
If you’re looking for a pretty, consumer-driven app that’ll charge you for their good looks and trendy appeal, this is not it. It’s obvious that this company actually has a true passion for helping people, judging by the work they’ve put into it and their free one year subscription! Their methods are evidence-based, no frills, and straight to the point so you can focus on learning and progressing your meditation practice without the type of trendy mind-clutter you get from Calm. Of all the meditation apps I’ve tried, Balance is the most user-friendly. It’s well-organized, tracks your progress across different skill sets, and although it’s evidence-based, it won’t overwhelm the lay person with scientific details. Though if you do prefer more scientific explanations, I would recommend pairing this app with FitMind. I find that they complement each other quite well. (FitMind also has accessible options for those who can’t afford their prices). Running this type of business requires hard work, and providing one year of it for free is unheard of in this broken capitalist society. Thank you Balance, for making this invaluable service accessible to everyone. As a broke grad student this means the world to me, and I promise I’ll get a job when I graduate so I can give you my money.
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1 year ago, Karie Summerfield
An Incredible Difference
Halfway through my graduate school program and the tragic death of my mother, dealing with my father’s grief, as well as my own, my stress level was so high, it put me in the hospital. I discovered Balance through Instagram. I’ve always been reluctant of “meditation” but after my first session, I cried because almost everything I was suppressing was slowly revealed. Suddenly, I realized that there was now someone who was willing to listen, had the patience to wait until I was ready, help me through the chaos, and made me realize that my emotional needs are not being met by those closest to me. In the past seven years, I’ve been taking on the problems of those who can’t seem to handle their own, and I have been neglecting myself in the worst way. Sometimes, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I underestimated the power of taking a few moments to myself to focus, re-center, to be selfish for 10 minutes or less, and to know that if I am not functioning properly, everything else goes by the wayside. What an incredible difference Balance has made in only two sessions! Honestly, I find myself looking forward to the next session because it’s a place that I find solitude. My mom always said, “A person who really loves you, will guard your solitude.”
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5 months ago, Beachmama64
One of the best
This app is one of the best apps I have found for meditation and mental health. I have actually purchased and used this app consistently for about 14 months (I am now a lifetime member). I use it almost every night with a sleep meditation and use it consistently during the day as well. I applaud the group who developed this app for offering a free one year membership because that gave me enough time to realize that I would use this consistently enough to make it worth my while to actually purchase it. I love that it asks you questions and adapts your meditation to your answers. I would recommend more new badges to earn along with more levels to earn on existing badges (ie: the daily badge went from earn for doing a meditation every day for 30 days to every day for 365 days. No badge for 3 months or 6 months). I also believe there is no way to look at what badge you have earned would be nice to be able to go back and see what I have accomplished. I would recommend a menu where you could learn more about the different coaches. I believe when I first started using this I was given a very brief introduction to my coach, but I wasn’t paying attention and I’d like to go back and review that but there’s no way to do that.
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2 years ago, olivia939
The best for sleep, waking up, or calming down :) I love it
Okay so this review might be kinda long but I swear just read it. I have to say, this app is perfection. I play the meditations when I want to sleep if I seem to be having insomnia or even if I’m not having sleep problems because it makes my sleep that much better. I use Leah’s voice (there’s a male and female voice so you can choose what one you want) and anyway it works like a charm every night. I loved it so much that I played it for my sister one night and she actually fell asleep in minutes. The vibrated meditations are super calming too, and keep my mind at ease since I usually visualize things as I’m thinking (especially at night). I haven’t tried every meditation but some let you answer a few quick questions before you start to make it even more personal, one example being the frustration meditation (I think that’s what it’s called). One time I was absolutely LIVID because of someone, and the meditation really gave me some perspective and calmed me down in the heat of the moment. Thank you so much to Balance for the free year, I’ll definitely be purchasing it when I can, and I have sent a link to get the app to my sister so she can continue to fall asleep in minutes.
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2 years ago, vthap
I genuinely thought meditation was Nonsense
As someone who never mediated and was uninformed regarding this topic, I couldn’t see how just simply closing your eyes and sitting in silence could have any benefits….And that’s true because it doesn’t, because that’s not what mediation is at all. It’s actually way more layered and complex than I had ever imagined. I was so wrong about all of it. The idea of meditating seemed counter intuitive through the lens of anxiety and adult ADHD, both of which have kept me in constant motion from task to task. So I figured meditating would just increase my anxiety and make me more restless so I made up facts about it to myself and never tried. The barrier to entry is always what makes trying new things hard but for mediation Balance was a seamless and relaxingly simple experience. I started out with only 3 mins a day and instantly felt my stress, anxiety, restlessness dissipate, while my focus and mood improve drastically. Honestly I used to think the only way to feel this kind of relaxation and lowered anxiety was from a few drinks…’s great to know there is a much better, healthier and sustainable option. 10/10 I would recommend Balance to everyone and I’ve suggest it to everyone I care about.
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4 years ago, UlfhedinnErmana
Personalized, smart meditation. Best app I’ve used
I enjoy this app a lot. I’ve been a subscriber of Headspace for years and like it, but Balance is more engaging for me. I like that it has a small element of gamification that shows you your “levels” and experience in certain meditation techniques. I find the guy’s voice really relaxing. I also like that it is personalized, asks questions about where you are at on your meditation journey, and shares little bite sized information tidbits about how certain techniques are beneficial for us and why. Engaging, modern, interactive app that looks clean, easy to navigate, intuitive, and I even like the little sounds when you expand an information tidbit. It feels like a mediation app that’s been brought up to today’s standards of ease of use, personalization, data and being fun to use. I’ve struggled to keep to a habit with meditation but I find Balance makes me *want* to MAKE time for it, rather than maybe doing it if I have time for it. I have ADHD and get bored easily. I tried Balance when accidentally stumbling on an article about it when looking up smart health gadgets. Liked the idea of it. Really glad I did. This is now my primary meditation app instead of Headspace.
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3 months ago, John kariker
Truly Life Saving
I’m a college student working towards nursing school. The workload has been rough and I had some friendship issues. Suffice it to say, I was recently in an all time low. I got a add on instagram and I decided to check it out. I was skeptical and had the idea that this app was probably going to be a money grab or something in that manner. I was completely wrong. I was so amazed with how I felt after 1 session. I always had the idea that meditation was sitting with your legs crossed while you hum. I was very wrong. After 10 minutes of laying on my bed, breathing, and following instructions, I felt like a new person. It sounds very over exaggerated but I have never been so in tune with my mind and body. The fact that there are various exercises for almost every daily situation is amazing and it makes it easy to utilize the app. The way the lessons are made make it seem like the coaches are really there with you and want to help you. I really don’t know where i’d be mentally without this app. I definitely would’ve been in a worse situation than I currently am. Even if you are perfectly healthy and happy, this is still an amazing app that i’d recommend to everyone.
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4 years ago, Squares12345
I’m writing this review after a week of using balance. I’m just a week I’ve noticed a lot has changed within myself. Not big changes yet but I’m sure with more use that will change. I feel more positive. I also feel more motivated after each meditation. It encourages me to do chores around the house before it becomes a problem vs back then when I let the dishes get ridiculously stacked and the house get really dirty. I’ve used the S.O.S. single about 2 times now. Both times I was crying and feeling so much anxiety and stress. Both times I was having an anxiety attack, and both times I felt better and calm after taking the S.O.S. meditation session. I suffer and yes I do mean suffer, from depression and anxiety. I’m currently also coming off my meds with decreased dosage. This app came at the perfect time. I’ve had high stress due to covid-19 as well. I rarely do anything at the house because I have so little energy and intense mental drainage. Life feels almost impossible at times but thank God this app came into my life because oof I’d be lost without it. I recommend trying it for at least a week and really relying on the singles for a week to get a taste of what this app can do for you. Definitely worth it.
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4 years ago, DLily406
I have long sought a way to learn meditation that would work for me. All felt too long at first, and asked for most focus than a beginner could ever have. This App is OUTSTANDING. Short times at first, yet the meditation WORKS. 5 days in, I extended my time to the longest available and was sad two days in a row when it was done so soon! Currently on the 7 day free trial before paying for a year, as of 2 minutes ago. I want more! I want to meditate as long as my brain will allow, and it’s currently so worth the subscription to me! I will be exploring the benifits of a paid subscription over these 7 days, and will come to update what I decided. Already, was thrilled to be able to move onto the next step in my plan tonight without waiting until tomorrow. Excited to see the other plans it unlocks. I’m a believer!! When I finish every night I sincerely feel... better. Peaceful. Calm. Working in a retirement community during COVID, this is a big deal. I told someone last week I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. I am feeling like that is lessening and I feel stringer daily in my head and emotions. If that improves with the added features of a subscription, it is worth WAY more than $50 a year to me!
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4 years ago, LPCONGAS
One of the Best if not the best Mindfulness meditation tool box in the market today!
I couldn’t agree with Jared who also took the words out of my mouth. Although I have been through some formal trading in a grip setting with a Counsler and even have a therapist this app is fantastic. It’s starts you off slow and had me actually pick up on some of the things I missed in my class. They start you off slow and ask you personal questions so that they may build the sessions around you on a personal level. I love that! It’s like a real one one and it keep me wanting more. I retired now at 55 with a full pension with Medical and now I watch a spend time with my grandchildren. But who would have ever thought the rest of my life sound peaches and cream. I suffer from anxiety and stress that I know I bring upon myself which gets me physically and emotionally sick! I can’t watch my grandchildren like that. I have to be wit a sound mind loving and caring and let go and let God. I love this app as it allows me to do just that!!! Please continue to grow and help others as this is a blessed app for all that need it!! Happy holidays to all and may you find your peace! ❤️
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4 years ago, anxietyposs
The only thing that has gotten me into mediation
I have been trying for years to get into mediation but it has never worked out for me. It was impossible to quiet my mind or keep myself from distraction, and I would end the sessions more frustrated than I started. From the first Balance mediation, I was hooked. What I needed was GUIDANCE— instruction, someone teaching me to mediation skills, not just mediations telling me to quiet my mind and me not knowing how to do that. I have mediated everyday since downloading this app, and each day I learn how to do it better and better, which makes me keep coming back. It’s the best app for meditation, hands down. The foundations classes are fantastic for this, but also the singles are great as well — I use the wind down and sleep ones every night before bed, I’ve used anxiety and SOS many times in acute emotional states. It’s helped me stop relying on substances as much to regulate my mood, because I’m able to do it with the skills I learned in this app, or I can turn to the app for help instead. I got it for free during their coronavirus promotion (bless them) but I will pay full price every year for this app because it is worth it. Try it out, change your life.
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2 years ago, Kunalvai
Changed my life for good
I am writing this review after using Balance app for 6 months (got 1 year free). Will buy the full version soon. Have used all the meditations in the app whether it be a plans, singles or the immersive (these are pretty interesting too). Short summary 1) Bit size meditation will help you form the habit of getting into meditation which is pretty cool. 2) Each plan will develop a specific mental skill and continue to strengthen your mental well-being 3) Skills it will help you develop : Focus, Communication, Breathing, Relaxation, Concentration, Positivity, Labeling (i might be missing few) 4) Labeling skills is so great which allows mediator to bring back their focus if you wondered during meditation. 5) I like both meditators but Ofosu is my personal favorite. Overall i have learned over the period of time from great people that keeping myself happy is my responsibility 100% and no one else’s. I am fortunate that along the way , found Balance app which has changed my life for good. Disclaimer: This is not a paid review nor the balance app will ask you 100 times to provide a review. I wrote when I felt encouraged to write one.
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4 years ago, jasjac4
The best meditation app
Truly, this app is outstanding. The way I’ve built my meditation practice up from 0 and implement these teaching into everyday life is amazing. You learn and are encouraged to keep going even when you feel like you’re “messing up”. They really know what the pain points are for biking a strong meditation foundation and help you overcome those barriers. Also their rewards system in the app really does keep you engaged. They keep track of your days in a row that you’ve practiced and I can’t tell you how many times I was thinking “ah I’ll skip today” and remembered my streak and didn’t want to break it because I was so proud of how long I had stuck to it. They track your time and progress so you can really see how much work you’ve done! All of the above is just what their foundations plans provide. They have soooo many other meditations for everything you might struggle with like eating, procrastinating, holiday stress you name it. It’s not just the normal “reduce stress and find inner happiness”. They really do it all and I’m so grateful! Whenever I can afford to buy the lifetime membership I will because it’s truly that life altering to me. 💜
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1 month ago, jolord20
Transforming my life and ADHD
Let me start by saying I’ve only used the app for eight sessions and already have seen incredible benefit. If I had known how powerful meditating is, I would’ve been doing it my whole life. The truth is that after 10 minutes of meditating over the course of two days last week, my anxiety and stress was non-existent this week (even though it was an unbelievably challenging week); it was the only change I made, and it provided a massive increase in my mental health. The research on the effects of meditating while having ADHD is compelling and that’s why I tried it to begin with. I’m pleased to say it is transforming my mind and giving me a sense of control over my feelings and impulses. It’s improving my focus, my mindset, and overall mood. I never thought I was the kind of person who would be meditating, until I tried it and now I won’t stop. It’s like a drug — all the upside without any negative side effects. The Balance app has taken all of the guess-work away for beginners, and the instruction and clarity are extremely empowering. I’ve recommended to all my closest friends.
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3 years ago, leesto0107
I am loving this app!
I started using Balance when I clicked on an Instagram ad offering a yearly subscription for free. I’m a sucker for deals. I had tried some other meditation apps, but I just never stuck with any of them. I have a history with teaching mindfulness groups, so I do have some experience with this material. So far with Balance, I have a 41 day streak completing four foundations plans! I really love the layout of this app. They do a really good job of explaining different skills and it’s really interactive. You can click on icons and it gives you an explanation in case you forget what a term means. I appreciate the little quizzes before some of my meditations to keep the things I’ve learned fresh. There is a lot of positive reinforcement and I’m constantly congratulated and reminded of how well I’m doing by simply just showing up and trying. I also love that they are interactive on Instagram. I’ve attended two of the Instagram lives where Oofasu answers questions and does brief meditations. There is just something about the setup of this app and the people that I love, and I look forward to my daily goal of meditating. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, snackpack95
I’ve found solace through meditation
This app teaches you so much about different meditation techniques and it has been amazing for me. I struggle so much with letting go of strong emotions that I feel. When I’m sad, I’m sad for a long time. When I’m angry and frustrated, I can be angry and frustrated for the entire day. These guided meditation sessions have been able to help me let go of those emotions, not to push them down and to hide them, but to simply let go. It also helps me because I can get so caught up in my own thoughts that it becomes so tiresome being in my own mind. Meditation helps me shift my focus from those thoughts. I’ve been trying to meditate at least once a day, and it’s a little difficult some days. But the days that I do take the time for myself to meditate, I feel lighter and happier and like I’m able to step out from under the dark cloud of frustration, stress, worries, fears, sadness, etc. I’ve seen an improvement in myself over these past couple of months and if it’s something that you think would be helpful for you, I hope you can find solace through meditation.
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2 years ago, U2wannaB
I am only on my third day of using the Balance app for daily meditation and am LOVING it! I am new to meditation, but have heard great things. I currently have a lot of stress with work and also manage anxiety, depression, and Bipolar disorder, so I am always looking for new tools to help maintain a healthy balance with my mood, and in life. Specifically so far I have appreciated the smooth calming voices, the positive encouragement and reinforcement, the education of the effects of meditation on the brain physically. I love that I am learning so much!! I also have had issues falling asleep and staying asleep lately, and the sleep stories and sounds have helped greatly! I would like to thank the creators, developers, and anyone else who has made this app what it is today. You are making a difference! I also appreciate that you have offered a free one year subscription(with the option to donate) to fully try out the app before committing to purchasing. Most apps offer one week, and that is just not enough time to fully know if the app fits a person’s needs and lifestyle. THANK YOU!!!
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2 years ago, Kindasweetish
Love this app!
The meditations are aligned with your specific needs based on analysis which is one reason I left Headspace. I like that it builds on your level based on my input, asks how I felt about the meditation, reviews what I learned. It beats Headspace because it’s tailored to the individual and guides me to what plan I should work on using my data. The only improvement I would make is the badge system. There should be more badges to reach quickly to encourage continued use. I know there’s something towards intrinsic motivation but for something that many people aren’t used to including in their day, early accomplishments will motivate until it becomes a natural part of the day. It’s hard to get 10 days in a row but 3 days is doable for first timers. Also 10,000 minutes is almost 3 years of meditating daily for 10 minutes and there’s nothing in between 10 days and 10,000 minutes. That’s a huge gap. I doubt many people will reach that milestone so maybe remove the badges and just share how many days/hours of meditation or add more badges to encourage use.
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1 year ago, chatblanc7
I really love this app but…
TLDR; please consider keeping smaller amounts of time for all of your Foundations courses, or at least a slower build up (5, 7, 10). In the Foundations courses, the jump from a choice of 5 or 10 minutes in Foundations 1 and 2 to only the choice of 10 or 15 minutes in Foundations 3 really turned me off. I know I would like to work up to 10 minutes, but I should be allowed to do that at my pace. I feel strong armed into it which makes me resist (plus, sometimes I really only can do the 5 minutes, which is actually more like 7-8 minutes with all the prep talk before meditation starts). So this shift in Balance also makes me feel somewhat ashamed that I’m not able to always delve into 10 minutes easily (or that I’m not taking that time for myself). I also know that I can do the singles, but I would like to continue on Foundations. I know this is all on me regarding the feelings, but if the app touches those pressure points, it means something’s not working. So, long story, please consider keeping smaller amounts of time for all of your Foundations courses, or at least a slower build up (5, 7, 10).
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3 years ago, Dubsack4209779
Locked Trial?
First off, I really like the app. The sleep meditation narrator’s voice is extremely peaceful and helps you fall asleep quicker. The software is easy to use and well thought out. However, this “1 year free trial” barely has any options. This is the only free trial I’ve used where the software appeared to be fully locked. Free trial means you get the full app for a certain amount of time, to see if the subscription is worth the cost. Unless other options are unlocked through using the app, it appears as though they are locked due to being on the free trial version of the app. It’s not a free trial if the software is locked. Just saying. I cannot give this app a higher rating right now as I cannot use 99% of the features, therefore I cannot evaluate how they work. If more options open up during use or the developer addresses my concerns of locked software on a year free trial, I will update my rating. Opened the app today and all items appear to now be unlocked. Unsure if it had a timer or the reasoning behind locking software. Updated to five stars.
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2 years ago, dezzz333
Fantastic app
I have been struggling for years to try and figure out how to release all my bottled up stress. I was an avid runner and went to the gym daily. I was in a car accident that has prevented me from being able to much of any physical activity. When I was stressed I would always go for a run but for the past six years that wasn’t an option. Since I was a small child I have also always struggled with severe anxiety and ADHD which makes it hard to focus. This app has given me many strategies to help stay grounded even during stressful times. I really enjoy the positive redirection and guidance during the meditation sessions. As my mind goes a million miles a minute it’s nice the app will help refocus your attention to the now moment. I also work in special education with low income students that have many struggles in their lives. I try to bring in coping skills from this app and else where into the classroom. This app has been a lifesaver. Also, if you enjoy the app there is a podcast that they host you may want to check out as well.
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1 year ago, MamaChile
Profound personal growth using this app
Prior to subscribing to this app, I already had experienced life-changing benefits from meditating, using a meditation book as a guide. However, the tools I have been given through the practices in the Balance app are priceless. I have been using this for about a 1-1/2 years, and have finally become disciplined enough to use it almost daily. Today I completed one of the lessons within an advanced plan which took me three tries to complete (I was trying to do the meditation before bed and could not stay awake enough to complete it). Tonight I decided to do the lesson earlier in the evening while I was still wide awake but relatively relaxed. HOLY MOLY!! It was mind-blowing. I truly had a life-changing epiphany! The tools I acquired today will forever improve my life. I am so grateful. —- Don’t miss out on the benefits of meditation and the Balance app. Leave yourself a note on your fridge or To Do list to use it every day as a reminder. You will be better, more at peace, spiritually freer. You will find yourself in charge of your happiness.
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5 months ago, Beneficial App Seeker
Purchased over a year ago, still going strong
This review is long overdue. When I first purchased Balance, I was needing urgent help with mindfulness during a very stressful time. I figured that even if it only helped with sleep, I’d be grateful. Instead, it’s become a regular part of my daily life, beyond sleep assistance. And the best part is that the app continues to grow and consider users’ needs. I may not utilize every new meditation or sound offering but it’s comforting to know that should I need or want it, the options will be there. I go between Ofosu’s and Leah’s voice depending on my preference in the moment. I love that choice too. I highly recommend this app. I can’t even remember how I first trialed this app but the fact that Balance now offers a year trial is amazing. That is a perfect amount of time to give this practice a real try. This app is best for people who don’t want or need the more visual stimulation/meditation guidance. The interface is soothing in its color palate and drawings too. Overall, very considerate app. Try with confidence!
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4 months ago, td196647
Absolutely essential for life!
I don’t know what I would do without this app in my life. Training in meditation has been so incredibly helpful to my wellbeing and my ability to deal with anxieties I picked up in my middle age. I bought the lifetime subscription, because I want to always have this at my disposal. The lessons and techniques make a real difference, especially if you stick with them. I absolutely love Ofosu and his calm and loving demeanor. It would be great to one day shake the man’s hand. If you have any struggles at all with anxiety or stress, do yourself a favor and at least try this out. You won’t regret it. Suggestion for the dev/UX team. I would love the ability to set any meditation to automatically load a soundscape when it completes. This would be especially helpful for the sleep meditations (and would make the most sense here). I suffer from Tinnitus, and while I might fall asleep with the meditation, the sudden silence wakes me up at the end. If it were to load a selected soundscape, I would stay asleep and that would be a lifesaver!
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4 years ago, devildoll.x3
Helped me to find my “Balance”
I don’t leave reviews. Ever. This app is AMAZING. The plans are great. Even if you are experienced in meditation, the plans help you build onto what you already know. If you’re new to meditation this app has the foundations plans with different levels. You finish one plan and you move on to the next. The immersive music meditation is absolutely beautiful. All of the immersive meditations are beautiful and unique. I’ve tried to find similar meditations on other apps or even on the web but can’t find them. They are unique to Balance. Balance has... well.... helped me find my balance. Over 15 hours spent meditating and it doesn’t get boring. They keep adding new plans and I can’t wait to finish them all. I’m currently on the Fear plan, the Fear plan isn’t my favorite one that I’ve done so far but it’s still extremely helpful. Can’t wait to see what else is to come! If you’re new to meditation or want to deepen your meditation practice, get this app. You won’t be disappointed with its user friendly interface and it’s beautifully designed meditations.
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2 years ago, kmeggs
Life changing!
As someone that has dabbled with meditation at various points in my life I thought I knew what to do. It seems easy right?! But, I can say that actually doing this program and staying committed to it is really laying a beautiful foundation to build upon. I love that it is very customizable and even on the days when life is busy I am still able to keep my commitment to daily meditation. In the past I would feel overwhelmed about not getting everything “right” with meditating or having wandering thoughts. The way balance addresses this, helps you to acknowledge, and bring it back is really encouraging. I love that today the message was meditation is a workout for your mind. This analogy gave me an immediate flashback of starting to workout when I was overweight and how “bad” I was at it and I compared it to now and how strong I am. I found this app on an IG ad and I can 100% say I am so happy I followed this ad and joined! The free offer was enticing and I will stay committed to using this app even after I start paying for it.
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2 months ago, Lycan7rop3
Thank you Balance
I suffer from anxiety more specifically sleep Anxiety and more recently I noticed my stress was way to high, and it accumulates in my shoulders and neck via tension. Which is really annoying. Meditating with balance and guidance with Ofosu is incredible, while not relaxing me 100% After a session I feel more alert, focused and my neck and shoulders are more relaxed. I only used the guided sleep scenarios once but I noticed before it was over I was out lol.. Thats a first for me, I usually have to smoke (Flower) to fall asleep with my sleep anxiety, last 3 days had been an accomplishment as I haven't reached for my pipe once and just zonked out. Im grateful for the free year honestly as This summer im finally getting in touch with my weaknesses and what it means to be me, adopting a growth mindset instead of fixating on the negative like ive always done. Its challenging but Im willing to take it on! For a better version of myself! I am happy Balance and the wonderful Ofosu is part of my climb! Highly recommended! The only app that had worked for me!
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1 year ago, Nicaraguan76
Best for learning to meditate
Over the past 5 years, I’ve used several apps and platforms for meditation and mindfulness, most of which have been helpful. Balance is on another level. Even though I have several years of experience, I decided to start the program at the beginner level, and I am so glad I did. I am re-learning old concepts, and material is being presented in a more academic style format that is extremely effective in its delivery. I’ve only completed 4 modules at 10-15 minutes each and I feel like I have absorbed more than my entire ‘career’ of practicing mindfulness. The sessions are typically focused on a particular skill, and then as you progress it builds on previous knowledge. I feel more confident than ever that I will get the most out my mindfulness practice now that I’m going through this series. I actually look forward to my daily sessions now. I got my first year free, but I would absolutely purchase this program if it hadn’t been free. It is an incredible value for your time.
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4 weeks ago, RebbyDooNBoniToo
Love this app
I just downloaded this last night after my son who also suffers from PTSD told me it was helping him. I’ve meditated before but always found my mind wandering and didn’t realize until last night that it’s ok for your mind to wander. It’s quite normal. I was having bad anxiety and couldn’t fall asleep. I was wide awake at 2am. When I first opened the app it asked me if I was wanting to go to sleep. I said yes! It then asked me if I’d like to do a sleep meditation. I thought I won’t go to sleep but I’ll check it out. I turned on the meditation, got comfortable in my bed and laid my cell next to me. I wasn’t 3/4 the way through it and I was sleeping. I can’t begin to tell you how wide awake I was with an anxiety attack. I woke up a few hours later with my cell still laying next to me. I’m going to be using this app every time I feel anxious or any other feeling that I don’t want to have. Thank you for the free year. I’m sure at such an affordable price I’ll keep it after the year is up. Blessings 🩵
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3 months ago, CaliG2321
This app is everything and 1 yr free has me hooked
I have forced those I love to try balance, and they too have become hooked! I have my s/o doing meditations with me and on their lunch break at work solo. I’m obsessed ! The entire structure is greatly thought out and the fact that these people know how healing the app is, to give such a long free trial was a boss move and speaks for itself! I downloaded it at a time where I was very low and I’m immensely better mentally and more in control of my racing thoughts and anxiety! I can truly attest that I use this app to fall asleep, to wake up, to calm anxiety, to get grounded, you name it ! You can adjust the time frame from 5min up which is how I started and now I do longer sessions. The voices are soothing and familiar like! You have to prioritize yourself for just a few moments and it rewards you for it ! Very very well put together project I applaud them and will be purchasing and using it forever ! Legit changed my life I know it sounds mad corny but Thank you! 👏💯 -Cali
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9 months ago, dandelionlion
Life changing app
I started using Balance during COVID and it’s now been three years of using this app daily. I had tried meditating using other apps, mainly Headspace and Calm. I found both overwhelming and the apps were bloated with features. I even had a subscription for free and never used it :/ Balance does such a great job at keeping things simple. You just open the app and can get right to a meditation. I love that there is no decision fatigue because it’s super curated. Leah is the most amazing coach. Her voice is so soothing, but not robotic. She finds the balance between calm and not cheesy. I have completed almost every plan in the app. I wish there were more. I think the app is moving more towards being a sleep support app. The new meditations are only the Individual ones. Those are fine, but I like the plans because they’re a curated set of meditations that compliment and grow from each other. You really feel like you’re accomplishing something with each meditation. My one recommendation to the app designer is to make the meditation intros optional. Please include a SKIP button. There are three or more questions you are required to answer before the meditation even begins and it’s super annoying. Also, there is a transition state after finishing the questions, which claims to be personalizing the meditation. But just close the app and it skips it! Best bug ever. Please keep this! Thank you for making such a wonderful app. Has absolutely been life changing.
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11 months ago, Diamanté labios
So Grateful For This App
My sister suggested Balance to me a over 6 months ago and now I’m suggesting it to my Friday and family. I can feel myself changing, I have gained the skills through meditation to calm myself when stressful moments come up. I have learned to be kinder to myself, I no longer dwell on negative thoughts. Balance has guided me to a new way to think about everyday thoughts that arise and it’s provided me the skills to embrace every one of them. I am so grateful for this app, it’s really difficult to put into words. I’ve tried other meditation apps but there’s something about Balance, maybe it’s Ofosu’s voice!!! His voice is so calming and comforting, I feel like he’s actually there with me. What can I say? I love everything about this app, even on days where I don’t have 20-30 minutes to meditate there are options for a 10 minute daily meditation. I enjoying all the skills I am building for myself and I’m more in tune with my thoughts and how to approach them. Thank you Balance♥️
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2 years ago, ss1984sd
Actually teaches you to meditate
I have used other meditation apps and they are either overloaded with too much stuff I don’t care about or don’t really teach you the basics of meditation. I love how this app builds on each skill and explains the reasoning behind doing it and clarifies what you might be thinking when doing it. I actually was able to use the skills in learned in the first few lessons in real life to calm my anxiety. Furthermore it really is a free year. It seems a lot of people in the reviews don’t understand how to navigate an app or how to cancel a subscription before it renews. There is an option to donate a few different amounts for the year or to use it completely free so don’t let those reviews dissuade you from downloading this truly fantastic app. I will be deleting my other meditation apps and purchasing the lifetime membership in a bit. Please keep this app clean and simple like it is and don’t jumble it up with an overwhelming amount of weird content I don’t care about 🙏🏻
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3 years ago, Antara.A
I finally got unstuck thanks to Balance
I have wanted to have meditation be a core part of my routine for a long while now. For the last two years, I have ardently fought finding this journey through an app. I didn’t want to have yet another routine dependent on a gadget. But I realized that depleting my energy by resisting the support of an app was beginning to outweigh the benefits of starting somewhere. I share this because Balance has addressed my trepidations of app-based meditation instructions. The UI/UX is thoughtfully designed to not have the app be the core focus. It doesn’t ping me everyday for my attention. It is there when I am ready for it. It’s Ofosu’s coaching and guidance that has made it stick for me. I especially love the feedback loop, which accurately personalizes the meditation foundation for my needs. Thank you, Balance and Ofosu, for this incredible contribution to our community. I have my good days and my bad about the tech world (as someone who works in it too!), and you have proven all of the benefits that it can have, when done right.
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2 years ago, Supersmith36
Fantastic app!
This app has helped my family and me to get a better nights sleep over the past year through the one-year free trial that they offer. The app is unique as it offers a new customized meditation every day. They have a good variety of meditations for kids and my daughter loves to choose what to listen to based on the pictures. The more I explored this app, the more surprised I was by the amazing variety that this app offers. I used this app frequently over the last year and still found new and surprising features. The team that put this together seem to really care about keeping things fresh. There really is only one issue. This app does not support family sharing. I was about to purchase the lifetime subscription, but I would have had to buy it twice so my wife could have it on her phone to help put the kids to sleep when mine wasn’t available. I really could not recommend this app more. I have searched for other apps that do support family sharing, but the most they could offer was a small selection of pre-recorded meditations that will stay the same when you listen to them multiple times. Balance shines when it comes to audio quality. Most other meditation apps just don’t sound nearly as relaxing. If you are in a situation like mine and you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting the lifetime subscription to this app. I just couldn’t afford to pay for two subscriptions just for my wife and I to listen together on one device 95% of the time anyway.
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9 months ago, Hdkbfkghkbcfrf
Love this app!
I typically never write reviews for an app because I tend to think that most apps for me are just used to pass time. I really love this app, I downloaded It about 30 minutes ago because of an ad I seen on instagram saying a free year trial, have to say that when this trial is up I’m most likely going to renew it. It’s awesome. It’s asks you questions at the beginning so it can personalize things that are aimed directly towards helping you as an individual. Covers a wide variety of things you can do. I’m really restless when it comes time to try to sleep and I was testing through the features of the app and found one where it helps you towards not biting your nails anymore, as I struggle with that. Anyway, within 5-10 minutes I was in an extremely relaxed state of mind and didn’t feel like my mind was running rampant. I would have fallen asleep if I wasn’t purposely trying to stay awake to test the rest of the app. Amazing. Would 100% recommend
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3 weeks ago, A.woww
Please read
I love so many things about this app. It’s helped me tremendously. There are two things I’d like the developer to consider. 1st- the idea that you can be halfway to a 365 streak and lose it over one day is devastating. There really should be a way to recover that without losing the entire streak you’ve put into it. Second, for those who meditate late or could be on a different schedule. My meditation ended at exactly 12 o’clock midnight and it told me I skipped a day. I intentionally started it at the time I did knowing about how long it took. It was a longer meditation than usual and so it ended right at midnight. Broke a streak again. This is very frustrating for me because I was working on the consistency very hard. It bothers me a lot. My life is extremely busy and hectic and chaotic it’s one of the reasons I started doing this in the first place. The fact that I fit it in every day is amazing and to have those streaks broken that way is quite frustrating.
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2 years ago, Lrwaugh09
More calm, clarity, peace post-breakup
First of all, I never write reviews. NEVER. But this app is helping me SO much and I had to share in case it helps someone else in a similar situation. I have never really meditated but have always been interested, just wouldn’t carve out the time to do it. The Instagram promotion for a free year of Balance caught me at exactly the right time—going through a difficult breakup and finding myself experiencing lots of confusion, anxiety, negative thoughts, self-doubt, fear you name it. I have been waking up sad, grieving, lots of rumination and swirling thoughts, but after taking time to go through a 5 minute guided mediation after waking, I find that my brain feels more clear, I’m a little less anxious and slightly more positive/invigorated. These are fractional improvements, but improvements nonetheless and I’m grateful for that. I’m only on day 4 of the Foundations program and can’t wait to see how my brain transforms over the next few weeks, months, and year.
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2 years ago, MrsKM5
My favorite meditation app, but…
As someone who has meditated for years, I felt the need to have a refresh and broadening of my skill set. This app appealed to me because of it’s claim to adapt to the user based on usage and feedback, and that it has plans for people who have more experience with meditation. I succeeded in my goals to refresh and expand my skill set, and I’m actually still using it daily. However, I wish there was an unguided option that is *completely* unguided, since even the “unguided” single still has vocal cues. There are times where I still want a minimal reminder of how much time has passed. So, I still use a different popular meditation app that has an open-ended meditation option, which has further options such as no bells or a bell after a certain time interval. I truly hope the Balance app adds this option, because it seems very easy to do, and the other app has these options as a free feature in their app.
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4 months ago, kswan1234
perfect for ADHD
really enjoying this app. i used to think that bc of my adhd i wouldn’t be able to meditate but the past 2 years i have been actually trying to meditate and this is seriously a way healthier alternative to a prescription drug. i recommend meditating, deleting social media, reading, and limiting distractions as a way to cope and treat adhd at home. i can’t wait to buy the lifetime when i get money, i’m a full time college student rn so money is tight. i love the guy who does the voice overs. i am already intermediate level when it comes to meditation but i still like the foundation plan everyday bc he teaches me things i didn’t know even though i’m not new to meditation. it also makes me more confident in my meditating abilities since i can do a lot of the exercises easily for long periods of time. i also enjoy the sleep singles it helps with my insomnia. it’s also very cool to see that they support having easier access to mental health solutions
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2 years ago, Reba247
Amazing App Definitely Download
I can’t rave enough about how much I’m enjoying this app. I struggle with focus (ADHD,PTSD). I’ve been trying various apps for months. And now I’ve been consistent for over a week now. I actually look forward to opening the app. I crave it throughout the day to settle my mind and body 1. The immersive experience of reporting how I feel then having the instructors adjust to it best feature hands down. It feels like I have a personal coach. 2. The Design is clean and not many distractions which is why I prefer it to Calm. One coach multiple options. 3. Walking meditation, procrastination meditation, so many body scans which I love. Who new 10 mins could be so life changing. 4. The educational part isn’t overwhelming. It comes in bite sizes over time. I appreciate the questions along the way that show me I’m learning. 5. There’s a feature showing how many hours I’ve done total and it checks off how many days I’ve been consistent(streak). I could go on but I’ll stop there. I’ve shared it with everyone I know who would value it. I just want to thank you the creators. This app is really impacting my life in the best way and I couldn’t be more grateful. Well I might be, every new meditation I try I appreciate the app more. Did I mention the walking meditation is a game changer. Thought I was present on my walks until I was shown a better way using this app. I’m looking forward to walking way more now.
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2 years ago, BO1060
Free year… not. Deleting.
Very disappointed. I saw an ad offering a free year subscription to try out this app. Looked it over. Set up an account. Jumped through all the “let’s get started” hoops. Was very excited & hopeful. Only to find that the “free year offer”, is only “free” once you load enough money to cover the price of a year’s subscription into your Apple account. I realize that this isn’t the only company that does this. I just got so hopeful and liked what I saw(I’ve been wanting something like this for so long)that I jumped in, forgetting that so many apps use this crappy tactic. I do not keep an Apple Wallet or keep any large amounts of money in my Apple app. Nor will I ever! I only keep the barest minimum to cover what few things I wish to purchase. And I load that through small increments gift cards. I will never attach my credit card / use Apple Wallet. I am not comfortable with either option. If I had benefited as hoped from my “free” year, I would have continued on, with at least monthly purchases as I could, OR a year if possible. So, a waste of time and thanks for getting my hopes up. I’m so tired of this crap. 😖FREE isn’t Free-with-strings-attached. Your version of “Free” is bogus.
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3 years ago, PaigeNorton
Favorite Meditation App for Newbies
I am REALLY enjoying Balance. I signed up for it because they advertised a free year, which is pretty incredible these days! I have tried a few other meditation apps but nothing really stuck, and I’ll be honest I’m still new to this one too, but it feels different. Reasons I love it: • The Design: Hats off to the designers and developers, you guys did a fabulous job of making a pretty, minimalist, and not-distracting app (which are my favorite qualities in an app). • Customization: From the first moment in the app, you begin creating a custom program based on your needs (stress management, focus etc), and from there you can even choose the voice of your Guide. You are also able to choose the length of meditation you wish to complete, so whether you’re overwhelmed by the idea of sitting still for 10 minutes or just “don’t have time” you can always fit it in. • Content: The techniques used in the program I am following feel far more effective in capturing my attention than other apps I’ve tried. I feels like a it clicking more this time. There are also lots of to choose from when you are in need of something specific. So while I am still new here, I am very much enjoying it. All of the above factors make this app worth revisiting on a consistent basis. So if you’ve been in the market for a meditation app or just want to try a new one, I would highly recommend Balance!
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11 months ago, CleverTry
From disbelief to a strong advocate for meditation
I never gave meditation techniques a fair try until my personal and professional life recently turned into a mess. Now, I’ll swear by it. Within the first 4-5 lessons and with some self awareness, I have seen my anxiety and stress levels drop significantly, even into the next day during my commute to work. I suffer from racing thoughts at night and have a horrible time falling asleep due to chronic back issues, but the Balance app has helped me drift into a deep sleep with ease. I find myself going to bed earlier and looking forward to the next days’ lesson. There’s also a lot to explore pat sleep and anxiety. I just started another lesson to work through some past trauma. The app also builds your programs and sessions based on the feedback you give it. And for the record, I don’t get paid for reviews. This app seriously has had a very positive impact on my life, and in no time at all. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, malibuphoenix
1 Year Trial?!
I got this app upon finding a social media ad that said the app was free for the first YEAR. Yeah you heard that right. 1 YEAR! After the 1 year it’s $50. Obviously I was skeptical because as with many trials you think the company’s just hoping you’ll do it for a few days and then forget about it and in the end paying for a full cycle accidentally. Well I’m here to say that the app is AWESOME and for a little more than $4 a month I plan on keeping the app after the year and this is only after 4 days. All the meditations offered is perfect for ANYBODY! Kids, older people, younger people, professionals, ANYBODY! The quickest meditation is 3 minutes and I believe goes up to 10 minutes on some. I find the questions asked on some meditations before and/or after a meditation makes it more like a ‘Choose Your Own Meditation’ adventure. With just a few minutes everyday this app blows every other app for meditation out of the water. Don’t hesitate! Take the 1 year trial before it’s gone!
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7 months ago, Kaiden Zabel
Best app for meditation by far…
only been using it for a week now, but let me say haha I’m feeling great! This app really works on a lot of things mentally, it can either be work stress or say you wanna meditate on the go? No problem! You can walk while meditating, which if your like me with Cardiophobia than this will be the best app for you trust me! also if you have a interest in ASMR like me who loves it, then the night time section really works great! we’ll actually I must say all the selections do! Also the loving souls that narrate everything are amazing at there jobs, they sound amazing! and so far there’s only two as of what I’ve seen, but they feel all my ASMR satisfactory needs lol seriously though you must listen to them! Plus you just feel warm, welcomed, and best of all you feel loved by these amazing people! And what’s amazing about this app is they truly care for your mental health because what’s better than 1 year free? Nothing.
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