bant - Simplifying diabetes

Health & Fitness
4.3 (262)
118.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
University Health Network
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for bant - Simplifying diabetes

4.34 out of 5
262 Ratings
4 years ago, TBKak
I love the timely reminders .
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4 years ago, Martinel3746
Too little, too much
Too little information from too many touches for data entry. All I want (need) to see is a simple line chart of my daily average mg/dL. Colored buttons are cute but don’t indicate a trend. I want to know if I’m improving or getting worse over the last 7, 30 or 90 days. Apple Health does better. I granted permission to read and write to Apple Health but data is not shared.
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1 year ago, christon girl
Good App
Only thing that would make it better is if you come in out what you eat each time so you knew what spikes you! Awesome app other wise!
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4 years ago, BarnesB312
Nice and simple
Very slick and simple and straightforward interface. I unfortunately can’t use because it doesn’t sync or allow importing of readings from Freestyle Libre (which I’m sure is no fault of Bant)
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4 years ago, Wish 4 more
Bant simplifying diabetes
I was unable to even sign up for the site. The message stated that my passwords didn’t agree. I redid them and double checked. However, I got the same message. Then, I tried to change the password. But, I wasn’t allowed to do even that. Nothing I tried, including starting all over, worked. There is no star for 0.So, I had to give them a1 just to send my message!
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3 years ago, jbg823
For all ages
Great app!! I’m 71 years old and there’s something(a lots) in the app for everyone
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3 years ago, Tucson2020
I use 4 different glucometers
You don’t have more than 2 choices in your Application and I use TRUEbalance, Oh’Care Lite, ReliOn Prime & ReliOn Premier Compact. It’s impossible for me to pair my glucometers with your Application. Can you add the 4 mentioned above to your Application and send me an email when you upgrade the same?
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4 years ago, either or
So far so good....!im ready to give this bant a go....!
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3 years ago, Red Hickok
Very helpful app. More to learn about this app.
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4 years ago, stusls
Great rate
It works
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13 years ago, tyler_h
Best free app for easy Type 2 monitoring
I was just diagnosed with Type II a few weeks ago, & I knew the best way to track my sugars (the way I would consistently do it, anyway) was with my iPhone. I tried several free apps & overall have been happiest with this one. I especially like the Google Health interface. My only request would be an option to manually input readings via some keypad/scroll wheel method like the other apps (perhaps this could be a user enables option?). I sometimes have trouble getting the slider exactly where I want it, & I just think a more straightforward input method might be convenient for some people. I had no problems setting up custom labels for all the different times of the day I check my levels. The Twitter feed is a nice addition to read what others are doing. Thank you to the developers for creating this free useful app.
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13 years ago, jpop825
I don't know what everyone else here is complaining about... 1. You can customize as many categories as you want, such as Pre-Lunch, Post-Lunch, Other, Fasting. You can set as many of these as you want. 2. it is very easy to place the dot. What you do is slide around until you find your number, then pause there for a few seconds and it will lock it in. You DO NOT have to let go at just the right spot. If it is wrong (which seems rare for me) you can just touch it and move it again. My only complaints are that (1) the X and Y axes of the graph are flipped compared to most blood sugar graphs. From left to right you have the reading, and up and down is time of day. If there was an option to change that so that it could be shown either way this would be a 5 star app! (2) Daily/Weekly/monthly overlay (by time) graphs would be nice too. Lastly, (3) I'd like not only a % in range but a % above and % below. Just more information. FANTASTIC app overall. Great job! Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, LuchoM
Great upgrade, modern look
Review update, Dec 6, 2016: This new version looks great and it now works flawlessly with IOS10. It now syncs with the Apple Health app, instead of the Microsoft Health Vault; you can choose different times of testing, pre or post meal time. Great update. As soon as I upgraded my iPhone 5S to IOS10, the syncing function with MS Health stopped working and gives an error message instead. This app needs updating. Review update: June 26, 2017: I am getting duplicate entries for every log. Why? The only difference is the occasion (post dinner v. post snack). This seems to be a bug.
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13 years ago, eonshadow
It's getting there...
Let me start with this statement. This app has potential. I absolutely love the fact the blood sugars are sent to my google health profile. My endo can see my blood sugars in near real-time! Now let's get down to brass tax. The interface can be infuriating. I want to be able to graphically see where my blood sugars are, but not have to place them graphically. An option to add blood sugars with using the telephone layout keypad would provide a fast entry solution. I would like to be able to send my insulin intake to google health. please add support for this. additionally, i would like to be able to log my carb intake. Granted, i know, there are many other apps out there that do things similar to what i am describing. I have used them and have only found one that does most of these. This app would be the best because of the google health integration!
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14 years ago, Ronski92
Simple to use - but most advanced
This is the only diabetes app (or any medical app for that matter), that stores your data to a real PHR - Google Health. Great work! Where's HealthVault though? Like the new ability to set your own context to anything you want. Love the twitter integration - all my diabetes friends are there! I'm not sure what Daiysed is taking about below - unless he's using an old version.
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11 years ago, DigitalDoug
Almost fills the bill
Really like the basic functions of this app, does the data collection and tracking suffice for me. Quick and Easy. However the main feature that attracted me in the first place, the ability to tweet, For me, it's iffy at best. Some times it will tweet, most times it won't, and I have to copy/paste over to the Twitter app which had no problem. Not perfect but, for free, it's OK.
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14 years ago, the_vermonter
Totally useless piece of junk...
As a type 2 diabetic, I've already tried and discarded many diabetic log apps. This one is the worst of all. The interface is difficult to use and even worse to figure out. You cannot limit testing to just breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. Entering readings is nearly impossible along with the time of day. No documentation means it is impossible to synchronize with Google Health. It may be free but that only means it aint worth nothing...
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14 years ago, goblinstar
WOW - Very Cool
This is an amazing App. Extremely well done graphics very intuitive and OMG I can share my results within my support group. AND its free. Thank you. Great job!!!
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14 years ago, Daiysed
much to basic no settings
This looked like it was going to be a pretty good app I liked the graphics ....but I Keep a different schedule only imput is from to 9 p.m. and you cant add Random or Fasting samples just B/L/D not ever gonna work for me very hard to get the time and Glucose levels input in the correct area Instructions would be helpful too!
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14 years ago, Dlimke
Skip this one
Nice that it's free, but very difficult to accurately drop the data marker in the right place. Also, you can only input data for meal times and I check at other times of the day, also. Nice that you can send data to Google Health account, thought. A couple of interface tweaks would vastly improve this app.
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13 years ago, T1_20yrs
Keep working at it
Tracking BG without any ref (except time) isn't terribly useful, add spots for short/insulin, and meds would be very nice. Also, food intake would be great. I realize that there other apps that do this, but none (that I've found) which link to Google.
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5 years ago, Vonnyvonny
Too confusing
I kind of like the app but there is no help menu and if you want to send feedback there is no send button so you can’t send it. Also all of my reading are duplicating themselves so using the app is pointless. The numbers are not accurate if they are duplicated. I’m gonna delete the app and try something else. Keep working on it and I’ll keep checking back to see if there are improvements
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7 years ago, Bronx1949
Does not Sync with MS Healthvault
After upgrading to iPhone v10 the Bant appt produces an error when and will not sync with MS Healthvault. MS Support says issue is with Bant. Bant Support does not appear to exist, at least they never respond to any queries on the issue. Bant responded to me and advised they will no longer support iPhone. So why is the app still available at the Apple Store to download.
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14 years ago, • Khai •
Pretty much useless
Too simplified, doesn't give you the option to enter random bg. And who would share their bg's on Twitter or store them at google health? There are many good apps to track your blood glucose levels so my advice is to skip this one...
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8 years ago, HellyJo
No instructions on how to use could not log numbers glad it was free even .99 would be to much also to write a review HAD to DO to MANY would not take nickname
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13 years ago, smartblond
I'll update when they fix this
For some reason there is no room for those of us that don't work traditional hours. My day starts at 1pm. This app won't allow that
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