Health & Fitness
2.9 (68)
31.8 MB
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Current version
BariatricPal LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BariatricPal

2.93 out of 5
68 Ratings
3 years ago, gabbyd45
Can’t update bio/profile
When I try to add picture, app blinks a sign that says “validating session”
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7 years ago, chuswysly
Feel at home here......
After my vertical sleeve surgery I felt very isolated and had many questions about how I felt, what to eat, how to get enough protein and water. BariatricPal's forum is full of people who are all going through the same things.....some new, some experienced. It's terrific to have a place where I can ask questions and feel supported. Really grateful for this app!
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7 years ago, ElysiaDee
Great app
Very useful and helpful. You're able to learn what others experience so you have an idea what to expect and support each other through the entire process. You know you are not alone in what you go through with this journey.
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7 years ago, BellaItalia088
I am about to undergo surgery and everyone here has either been or is going to be going through the same thing. It's great to have a network of supportive people to get information from and bounce ideas across such as recipes and the best powders ;)
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2 years ago, soozett
Unable to log in
I log in and use the website on my pc or phone with no problems, however I figured the app would be so much easier to access and check/change my subscriptions…BUT I have NEVER been able to log in using the app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it about 5-6 times now but I’m done! Its so stupid to offer an app when you can’t even log in!!!!
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7 years ago, Roxygrlj
Life saver
This app and the people on it have helped me get through this whole process! It has everything you can think of from support to recipes. Love it and use it everyday!
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7 years ago, Bringkaseythehorizon
Great support
Never found a better support system. Thank you for this app! It's making my struggles much easier to manage!
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4 years ago, djm448
After using my laptop to access the full website and get some good resources, I downloaded the app in order to have easy way to utilize all the information and services. Disappointed that the app would never save anything, could not access message boards, completely useless.
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5 years ago, MamaBear413
Not Working
I downloaded this app and it wouldn’t allow me to log in most of the time. Every now and then I would see content. Hoping to fix this glitch I deleted & reinstalled it. Now, it COMPLETELY will not allow me to sign in or sign up. I gave up & deleted this app. Really disappointing, because I had heard so much about it.
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5 years ago, K8lynncutie
Not working at all
I logged in but yet there is literally nothing in the app. No forums, no posts, and nothing on my profile saves. I can’t search anything either. I refreshed and logged out and closed the app out and still nothing. I guess I will just use the web version for now. I used to love this app!
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6 years ago, Adolfhitlerrrrjoe
It's ok!
I can read a lot of info on the app, but very super hard to try & follow & figure out posts & commenting on posts, it's a bit confusing. I quit Facebook & wanted a similar bariatric support group to interact with. I guess I'm use to the Facebook set up too much.
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7 years ago, Heather8100
Lots of info!
This app is great. Very easy to use and provides a ton of info and support
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4 years ago, sndko
Needs updated
This app is amazing but it needs software updates it glitches and doesn’t upload pics or updates profile pics. It’s horrible and need updated!
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7 years ago, Mark&Geri
Great Support!
Love this app! Get to my group quick and easy
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6 years ago, Jgirlnyc
Errors errors!
It would be good if it wasn’t so glitchy. There’s constant pop up errors. It’s difficult to get anything done in the app.
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1 year ago, Candiwk
I have an account but the app tells me I do not have an account. It would be nice to use the app and not have to google bariatric pal all the time to pull up account.
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2 years ago, bke1986
Defective App
The app doesn’t save any information, there aren’t any drop box items on drop box answers, and my doctor doesn’t show up in app
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6 years ago, N@¥^@¥
My review was somehow deleted. So I’ll write it again. The app use to be good but now it is horrible. And when you reach out for help no one ever responds or tries to help you so I wouldn’t download it’s awful!!
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6 years ago, nln0317
Profile won’t save
Is there a reason why my profile will not save? I’m not able to write any post or comment on post I’m assuming until my profile is complete. Please Help
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4 years ago, driving Miss Barb
Pounds and inches, please!
I don’t relate to cm and kg. Welcome to America!
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5 years ago, Strong_Butterfly
When trying to scroll down in the forum it will go to a sponsored ad.
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5 years ago, Regena111111111
Can’t use
Tried to sign up all tries to sign up with different accounts says invalid account so then I try email and that just says invalid email. Fix it.
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4 years ago, kovach66
First time to try
Logged into it today and there was absolutely nothing on any of the screens. Immediately deleted this app.
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5 years ago, Sanpat1
Doesn’t work
I can’t even put my own information. It keeps freezing. Bad design bad functionality
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6 years ago, 17Pix
Unable to view or post anything tried logging off. Deleting app and reloading...
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7 years ago, M. Shack
My Tribe, the Sleeved
Gives a place to talk and meet. Thanks Bariatric Pal!
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6 years ago, Sahney
Stopped Working?
Unable to login - keeps asking my password and then nothing!
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5 years ago, JLSGeorgieBean
A Terrible Interface
This app is utterly terrible. It is far from streamlined. It wouldn’t save my information. It’s a real mess.
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1 year ago, Sharee__
Why no updates in 3 years?
Loved this app in 2016. Subpar now.
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1 year ago, MZulli
Use the website
Great forums, bad app
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7 years ago, Keenikwe
The best!
Very helpful
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7 years ago, Starlight queen
The best!!!
The best app ever I love this app
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2 years ago, estellec23
Nothing there
So disappointing!
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2 years ago, 🥀🙏🏾
Go Forward
Great faith in knowing that God is with you.🙏🏾
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8 years ago, MissAnne32
It's filled with advertisements...
I have been using Bariatric Pal for several years and appreciated that it was informative, especially because of its members. There have been changes in the past year that include selling food & vitamins. That's ok but the latest update is to fill the site with sponsored information. I'm glad I'm further out from surgery and don't need the site as much.
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10 years ago, Sharon56
6 months out
I had a gastric sleeve in July of 2013 and have done well since the surgery. I started at 238 (5 ft 5 in) and lost 50 pounds within the first four months and then stopped losing and have not lost a pound since. I continue to restrict my carb intake and try to take in at least 50-60 gm protein a day. I have the greatest difficulty getting never 4 glasses of water a day. I have a moderate physical activity level. I feel good but would really like to lose at least 25 more pounds. Am looking forward to the spring and summer to increase my physical output. I try not to get discouraged with the plateau and just be thankful that I feel as good as I do and am pleased with the physical changes I have undergone in the last six months. Amy suggestions from anyone?
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7 years ago, Emndarmic
Great app!
Really love this app. A lot of great advice and knowledge floating around. As far as the app goes ... I wish it were easier to figure out how to start your own topic!! They say a little pencil will show up and you click on that to start your own topic. I have only seen that once but didn't realize at the time that was how I start a topic. Now I can't seem to find where I seen that pencil again. It's like it's hidden and not openly available all the time on the app or the computer version. Other than that I have learned a lot and am grateful for it!
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8 years ago, Constantly battling
Love this app!
I am a bariatric patient and use this site multiple times daily, both pre and post-op. It's very easy to navigate and the members are extremely helpful if there ever was an issue. Having access to this app and the members on it made my surgery and after so much easier. I have never met and don't know any of these people but feel like I have made hundreds of new friends. It is a wonderful support group and I HIGHLY recommend!!!!
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11 years ago, Fabulous amazinf
Awesome, Informational and Supportive
This is an amazing app for anyone considering or who has already had weight loss surgery. BP is a wonderful community of people who are there to offer advice and support whenever you need. With this app, you have that support with you anytime, anywhere. The developers are fantastic and quick to respond to any questions or problems you may have. I definitely recommend this app.
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8 years ago, Bristol and Jase's mom
Amazing tool just like WLS
I am only in my pre-op stage and have tons of questions and the you find this app that has people from all over the world sharing their triumphs and lowest moments. I have learned more about this whole process of getting a weight loss surgery just by getting this app. I have it a 4 because while there is tons of information the accessibility is kinda hard to figure out. Anyone starting this journey good luck and remember you got this!!
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10 years ago, Jeanne_Marie
BariatricPal review
BP has been very informative. It is nice to have somewhere to go when you have questions, want to read other people' experiences, need to brag or just need to vent. I have found the people on this site to be friendly and willing to answer questions. They are also happy to celebrate your losses and joys with you. I am very happy that I came across these forums. Summer
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10 years ago, Stabuch
Wonderful supportive community
This app provides a way of getting support on-the-go, 24 hrs. There have been baripals from across the world, willing to answer questions, offer suggestions an encourage me along this sometimes very difficult journey. There may be some technical improvements needed, but for support, you can't beat this community and the access this app allows. I'm with another reviewer and say "be patient"!!
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11 years ago, Shtuppie
Getting greaaaatttt
I must have gotten this app when it first came out. It was as bad as the others said. You couldn’t read all of the old posts or get into the chat rooms. But things are starting to work, so I’m pretty sure they’re fixing it. I like the new site – cool design. I don’t know what I would do without this app with me all the time!
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9 years ago, animalcat
Very happy with the app
I spend a lot of time on the app every day and have been very happy with it. I also visit the website from my laptop, especially when I want to enter longer text that would otherwise be clunky to type out on an iPad. Love the site and the people who post on it!
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7 years ago, bveith
Love This App!
This app was suggested by my nutritionalist. She showed me how to use it all many of the helpful features. I like scanning what I eat; it saves a lot of time! I'm not sure what premium gives you, but the free version is just right for me. I really like that it incorporates your steps right to your daily diary and adjusts your calorie allowance.
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11 years ago, Hhotz79
Not broke DON'T fix it!
Why "fix" something that wasn't broke? So frustrating! Can't see past page 4 of 17 try and click higher pages and says "no page available" won't let me post to that thread and people know I had surgery yesterday and I'm sure they are waiting for an update! Can't even t Reply to a private message! Why because I can't go to have 2 of the Convo! Grrrr! Please stop fixing things that are not broken! And now it's telling the IP chat room limits reached! I can't join the chat until someone leaves?! Really?
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10 years ago, Meee$1$
Love it
Works great! Was sleeved four months ago and have used it faithfully since July. Some ppl you just have to ignore on it, 'know it alls', well at least they think they are. Just move onto the next. Great place for support, questions and so on. Local support forums or you can start your own as well.
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9 years ago, darksilvereyes
Guidance and real advice at your fingertips
This app is fantastic. It gives me access to information and advice from people just like me who have been through and are currently going through the same weight loss process. I'm thankful everyday that I found this app.
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9 years ago, DarbieH
Love this info.
This is exactly what I've been looking for. Real info from real people that are living it and are willing to pass on their experiences and advice. It's a little hard to find your way around and then return to where you want to go but that's because (IMO) there is just so much going on. I'm happy with it.
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11 years ago, gitif
good app
This app is Awesome Good App You know how sometimes you feel like the app is just a part of the website, and you’re missing the true experience? Not so here. It has everything, and better yet, it’s quick to load. I love BariatricPal!
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