Health & Fitness
1.4 (74)
72.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BCBSLA

1.39 out of 5
74 Ratings
2 years ago, Lerille Fam
APPLE WALLET - Medical Insurance Card
Please give us the option to add our medical insurance card to our Apple Wallet like many other states have using BCBS. Louisiana needs this option too!
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2 years ago, andrite719
Has not worked since downloaded
I downloaded this app about a month ago, and it hasn’t worked the entire time it’s been on my phone. I have even received a letter from BCBS informing me that I signed up for online services and the app, but nothing stating that the app is no longer in service. The statement upon opening the app says Functionality Unavailable, and that their app and website are under maintenance…..but like for over a month? It better be a 5 star app after it’s completed, because right now, it would obviously be a zero if I could rate it that.
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6 months ago, mattjohnson3
Absolute trash
I have no reason why this BCBS app is so bad in comparison to the BCBS apps of other states. Firstly, the app has limited functionality. Most of the app’s features just direct you to a webpage that opens up in the app. The app frequently crashes, stutters and lags like CRAZY. In most cases, I just give up and end up going to the website to do whatever I need to do. With all the money BCBS has, it’s a shame the app is this bad.
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1 year ago, X d iip
Finding health care
This app don’t do a thing as finding a doctor, or any health care. You ask why? I don’t live in the state of Louisiana and all this app wants to do is show you places in Louisiana, so what good is it to have this app? Why won’t help me find a doctor in the state I live that’s part of this plan that my employer has what so complicated about finding a doctor that’s near me?
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3 years ago, Lysav
Completely useless
This app and its corresponding website, are completely useless. Can’t register account, it keeps telling me my name is invalid. Then to enter a birthdate, are you kidding me? You have to scroll back month by month, year by year to get to your birthdate; you can’t just type in in, you are captive to their drop down menu. Waste of time.
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4 months ago, Brandon2569
Not An App - Just a web browser
This app has 0 functionality. All it is is a web browser for BCBSLA’s website. - Logging in to the app just opens up the BCBSLA website… the same thing that safari and edge already do. You’re better off visiting the full site in one of those browsers. Also, you can’t add your insurance card as a pass in Apple Wallet.
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2 years ago, rennug29
Does not work
I do not know if the app needs updating but it has not worked for me. I have to use a pc and go to the website for info on my plan. This is not helpful when you are in a doctor’s office asking for a recommendation for, say, a dermatologist and you cannot access the list for your plan to show them.
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3 years ago, dds51311769
Part of app’s functions unavailable for over 6 months
What happened? It worked okay for awhile and I wouldn’t call that great. But it is better having some use out of it since when I call into BCBS I get a queue call back which takes half the day. I have tried to delete it and redownload it. This is terrible.
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3 weeks ago, Arjun-Iyengar
Very functional app
The app has all the information I need. I love the id card feature
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2 years ago, mc89000
The app never works!!
Every time that I open the app, it says “Functionality unavailable. App temporarily undergoing maintenance”. It never works. Funny thing is that just today I received an email from them telling me that I should start using their app. Maybe I would if it actually worked.
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3 years ago, Bdanisiananababwbajahs
Member ID Card
I like that I can get my Member ID card in the app. An Apple Wallet integration would be an excellent next step.
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2 years ago, itditdiychf
Awful interface/not practical
This app is not functional. This app needs updating to become accessible to the people who use it. Updates could include: - Option to sign in within app (not a pop-up browser) - Option to turn off auto-sign out - Option to show ONLY what your plan offers - A fix to whatever bug makes the app quit randomly/exit the app These are just a few. Please consider an update!
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2 years ago, Combat Talon Loadie
Status Updates ?
People have already given feedback about the app, and they’re all correct. It would be nice if the developers would give an update on any improvements.
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2 years ago, Little scales
Why is this the only app that doesn’t allow you to pay through the app— is it too advanced of a technology? I just want to pay my premium but can’t on the app! Ugh.
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2 years ago, Arhodes88
Would give zero stars if I could
Literally nothing works on the app. There’s an error message stating that you have to visit the BCBSLA website to access any health plan information. Useless.
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2 years ago, lasouthern328
Won’t log on
The app won’t log on. I press the submit button after entering my password and nothing happens. Please update this dang app. I don’t understand why it’s always so terrible.
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3 years ago, Bs6839
Functions unavailable
It would be nice to have all functions working.
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2 years ago, PastyBabyface
Prob what we should expect from a health insurance app
This app is like a bad joke, and the punchline is that you don’t have any other option and the financial consequences of it’s complete inability to function can be ruinous.
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2 years ago, Mr.hands
App never works and the features this app is supposed to provide are so basic. I guess the repeated complaints from others about this app are meaningless to the developer.
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2 years ago, Black_beauty21
App has never worked
This app has never worked and I’ve been trying for 2 years. Would not recommend.
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2 years ago, 808chick76
When is it gonna work?
This app hasn’t worked since I downloaded it. How long will it take to update? It’s been over a month. So annoying.
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3 years ago, Poohgirl65
Not helpful
My main purpose in using the BCBS app is to pay my bill but it does not have the capability. Most anything will refer you to call or main website.
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3 years ago, Allie 1959
Claims has not worked for months
They wanted you to go paperless but you can’t see your claims. It keeps saying to check back later.
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3 years ago, PartyLady09
Can’t Get Much Information
I logged into the app. When I clicked on claims, it shows that it’s “thinking,” but I never see claims. I can’t see pharmacy claims in the app. It sends me to the website, but that does work either. What a Mess!
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7 years ago, Laytonsky
Not very useful
You can't setup autopay via credit card on their website, so since you need to manually pay via credit card every month, you'd think that would be one of the primary purposes of the app, nope. You cannot pay your premiums through the app.
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3 years ago, The bench press pro
Have to fight to register account online, once I finally got my information entered…it didn’t work
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1 year ago, J&D Multiservices
This app is a joke it never work can’t make payments or find doctor is just useless
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3 years ago, 💋💋💋kaylie is cute💋💋💋
Worst app I’ve ever used
This app is terrible. When are you fixing the claims tab? It has been down since July!
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11 months ago, Pettiss
Terrible app
This app is terrible! It never keeps me logged in and finding a doctor is impossible.
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3 years ago, BourbonAndConti
Nothing works
This app was good back when it was released. Now basically nothing works. Totally unacceptable.
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3 years ago, naureas
Nothing works
Basically it is a trash app. For such a big and wealthy company, yet unwilling to invest on IT support to provide quality APP. It say all.
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2 years ago, Teyt
Can’t enroll plan
Member ID has letters in it but site says “member ID must be numeric. In general you shouldn’t have to redirect to your site to enroll a user. Janky.
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3 years ago, basheR151
Can’t get past the login screen because I can’t paste my password (the keyboard is blocking it)
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2 years ago, Cityslicker New Orleans
After reading these reviews, I’m wondering whether i made the right decision even going with BCBS LA for my supplemental policy.
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7 months ago, DP6819
Absolutely useless. I don’t understand why the app even exists. Atrocious!!!
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3 years ago, goawaynerd
this app is bad
Can’t log in, can’t choose birthday, nothing
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2 years ago, BrandiMcRN
Does not work
App does not work at all.
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2 years ago, Huggster
Worst developers ever
Gave it time but still inop
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6 years ago, mhthree11
Good info about my plan.
I think the app is good. I was able to see where I was at with my deductible, see my copays and locate a doctor. It also shows my claims history. It gives me what I need to know.
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10 years ago, Joel1016
Nice app!!!
Nice app with helpful info regarding my insurance benefits. In future updates, I would like to see an option that shows a copy of your medical ID card and possibility of e-mailing a copy (to the doctor) in the case that you may not have the card in your possession.
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6 years ago, ejohnston522
Piece of junk
The one time I was able to get in it worked great. But anytime I log in it says my credentials aren’t valid. So when I ask to look up my password, it says my birthdate is wrong. I think I know when I was born!! The website is no better than the app either. It says the same thing. It’s utterly ridiculous that this app and website tells me my name and birthdate aren’t correct. Get it together BCBS!!!
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7 years ago, SCPgal
Used to be useful app
What is the point of creating/updating an app if it doesn't work? When I try to look at my claims, I get a blank screen. When I want to look at my costs and balances, I get a blank screen. When I email to complain, I am told to go on the website instead. Seriously, people. If you don't intend to maintain this app, you might as well withdraw it.
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6 years ago, connie27211
I like the app, it shows what your deductible is, and how much is left to meet for each person, and gives you claim info, great app!
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4 years ago, NPR Since Birth
Keyboard Won’t Go Away
The keyboard won’t go away after login no matter how many times I hit “done.” I can’t check cost and benefits as well as other items because of the screen obstruction. Could be a great app if this was fixed
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10 years ago, Barrettdelong
Resourceful but could be better
This is a good way to view policy details easily and to find in network doctors. I really hope they add the ability to pay in app soon and possibly have it push payment reminders.
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6 years ago, Jbabineaux
Difficult to get started.
Without your “PIN” which they don’t provide for you. You have to call and wait for an hour to get to talk to someone who can get you a pin #. Even after that the app isn’t very informative and all of the information it provides you doesn’t necessarily apply to your coverage.
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11 years ago, cheo712
Great app
This app has everything I need without having to visit the full website. I like the Urgent Care feature the best.
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7 years ago, Clintondnicholson
Good app but big feature missing!
Bcbsla has got a good app but what would make it great is being able to pay your bill and set up recurring payments on it! That's a big something it's missing!
Show more
9 years ago, cheo255
Easy to use
Found everything I needed in a quick and timely manner. Love the Louisiana feel.
Show more
11 years ago, JustMelody
Great App for Members
This is great! All of my essential insurance information is available to me on the go. Especially like the provider search.
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