Health & Fitness
3.8 (110)
132 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BCBSOK

3.83 out of 5
110 Ratings
1 year ago, SJVavra
I will start tomorrow as a retired individual. So far setting up was easy and they were very helpful. Everything else is to see what happens!!!
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1 year ago, Jenim2012
Handy to have
As a mom to a special needs kiddo and a couple others in the family who have regular medical care, I check our benefits/claims often. This app is handy. Most of what I need is right at my fingertips. Like any app, it doesn’t have everything and I have to get onto the website occasionally but it’s great to be able to get the “typical” info I’m looking for. It’s pretty easy to navigate and find everything.
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3 years ago, Teltonsk
As a BCBSOK member, I would highly recommend them for your health care insurance coverage! I am very satisfied with the company and any questions I have are answered in a promptly manner. BCBSOK has been there to direct me to the right information on selecting Doctors in my in-network coverage! I know I can completely trust BCBSOK for my healthcare needs. I'm very grateful that they have an app I can download and log in to to see my updates on my plans and coverage at any time!
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4 years ago, HJourdan23
Pricy but worth it
I’m chronically ill. Last year I had two surgeries and this year I’ve had several pricey diagnostic tests. Yes, my premium is close to $500. But you know, when I got the bill for my surgery saying it was originally $78,000- I bawled and was so thankful. I’m appreciative that I can self refer if needed and they cover anything I need. They are the ONLY insurance company I’ve not had to haggle with.
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2 years ago, Unole13
Fix login issues
The app is simple but great…when it works that is. For the past two months I have been unable to login. It acts like it will launch the app, but then kicks you back to the login and gives an error message of “Something went wrong on our end, we’re aware of the problem and working on a solution. Please try again later.”
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5 years ago, UnicornPortal
This was a decent app once upon a time. Unfortunately, for the couple of months the only feature that actually functions is the ability to log in. Each and every time I try to use the in network “Provider Finder” I’m greeted by an error message saying “Something Went Wrong, Provider Finder cannot be reached at this time”. As a chronically ill 30 year old who met ALL of her deductibles by June of this year, I’ve paid my dues to BCBS. Is it really too much to ask that you make my life a little bit easier?
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5 years ago, Clockwork Cat
Haven’t accessed in a long time, and LO! It’s as not-user-friendly as ever and just as useless. I’ll stick with the website. (And my old review is gone... imagine that!) Update: Currently in the hospital and trying to get necessary information from the app. As usual, useless AF, and a lot of “apologies” for not- working features. Why do I even bother? I guess I get to call the dreadful customer service and wait (and wait... and wait) for “help” there. Why does BCBS even bother if their app isn’t even going to deliver the features on the app?
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10 months ago, TinknWar
Truly amazing company and app.
I just love my BCBSOK insurance plan. It’s been the best insurance I’ve ever had. Easy to deal with and great customer service. My family and I are so eternally grateful for all that you’re company has done for us. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Ivory_Sh
Great for info
This app seems to be very good for viewing your coverage and finding an in network doctor. However the liveMD virtual visit does not seem to work for me. I’ve been trying for a few days now and at this point I could have scheduled and attended an in person appointment
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3 years ago, annoyedcustomerrrr
No way to pay
I got this app just to have an easier way to pay my premium. I have the hardest time every month trying to pay it, online or over the phone. I messaged the live help on the app and waited for 5 minutes for them to come up with an answer to the simple question “can I pay my premium on the app?”, just to have them give me the number for customer service.
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1 year ago, 81070 country road
Just downloaded the app and it works fine and got all kinds information from my account that will assist me in getting my information from doctors appointments and pharmacy.
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1 year ago, Sunflwrh
Not working
Hasn’t worked in awhile. I get the same message ‘something went wrong on our end. We’re aware of the problem and working on a solution. Please try again later’. Weeks, if not months, of this same issue.
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4 years ago, Patricia74427
Lifeline for us
My husband is very ill and anything that helps me keep up with his medical needs is a lifesaver. At our age, online things can be worrisome, but Bluecross has made it easy. I appreciate it so much!
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11 months ago, White Gravyy
Great App
You’ll actually use this… it’s user friendly and helpful for anything from checking your remaining out of pocket requirements to checking on prior authorizations.
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3 years ago, Gale💕
I have always appreciated
Bluecross has alway been my choice if I had a choice for insurance. Lately I have seen changes that I don’t understand. I live on a state line and my insurance covered the doctors just over the boarder. But now I have to travel so much further to get care in my state
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5 years ago, CalDad3Boys
Pinnacle and simplified health ins endeavors.
Truly appreciate BCBSOK staying in the medical insurance game here in Oklahoma as many others fled. Pinnacle and simplified health insurance endeavors, min stress positioning. I have been for many years and will be a partner in health with BCBS, in lieu of a cold storage number. A real company for Family Health Care.
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3 years ago, Dumped28
BCBS OK is the best
My BCBS Plan 65 is the best Medicare Supplement you can purchase if you are a Senior Citizen eligible for Medicare. If Medicare will pay, BCBS will pay on the remaining bill. Get their mobile application for your phone and be up to date on your claims.
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2 years ago, kronpik
Facilitates accurate and speedy access to all necessary data and other information!
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4 years ago, bbf14
Bill pay
It would be nice if they have a bill pay button on the Home dashboard to make it easier for paying your premiums on their app.
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5 years ago, MalaveRacing13
App usage!
FANTASTIC app! Tells you everything you need to know plus more! You get everything you need right thru the app itself! A++++ Get it if you don't have it.
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2 years ago, Daddy@196850
Mr Shawn Stephens
BCBS staff are really friendly and helpful they corrected a problem that was conflicting with my Health insurance through my security company health insurance and the health market which was suppose to be closed on December 31, 2021
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3 years ago, leonardoedwards
The best
I will not ever leave Blue Cross and Blue Shield do you have been the best health insurance company I have had in a long time. I suggest if you or of needing some form of health insurance. Checking into Blue Cross they actually have you back.
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5 years ago, Phil3490
It has gotten much better. All functions I need to use that are available I can.
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1 year ago, Becca7707
Receiving help to access my account.
Very helpful and aloud me plenty of time to navigate the app and program.
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3 years ago, Hundred $ Bill
Always have taken care of my needs for insurance and for coverage!
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7 months ago, hattie_sue😽
Love it
So easy to use and helps me when i forget my card!
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1 year ago, J₴ӾØ₦
Medication look up
Need a button for that on the app
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3 years ago, Crickett2cool
I have not had any trouble with this app! Others can learn from it👍
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11 months ago, Rockin’W
I have a lot of trouble with my hands! This app is easy to use!
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3 years ago, DGDeckard
Expecting too much?
I’m new to this app, so I’m just learning. I am finding it relatively easy to find providers, but I was hoping to discover the cost of procedures for different providers.
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8 months ago, MistaTesla
Fix Provider Finder
I have been trying to use the provider finder for over a month now. Just sits there and loads until my session times out…can’t really do anything else with the app until I can actually schedule a doctor’s visit.
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2 years ago, Big Daddy Argo
I love this app. Always willing to listen to feedback but performs nicely each time I’ve used it!
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2 years ago, lokicountry
Highly recommend
Very good company. Have really been a big help.
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2 years ago, lannie36
Get email notifying a claim has been updated or paid. There is no way to find which claim has been acted on.
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5 years ago, Susanpinokc
Easy to use
I like the app it’s easy to use. Clear dashboard that’s easy to understand
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2 years ago, Moodoo79
Doesn’t Work
The app and signing in online doesn’t seem to ever work. I always get a message that states “we are having problems on our end and we’re aware of the problem” but yet it persist day after day.
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3 years ago, moody202167924
Dashboard issues
I have had this app before and it worked fine, but now I log on and I am COMPLETELY missing my dashboard information. Can this be fixed?
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3 years ago, Raymond Clouse
Great service
Always willing to help and very informative.
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3 years ago, arqcolmenares
Nice health App
It is easy to get your information with this app
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3 years ago, john hinrey
Very comprehensive
Very helpful service,a blessing to me and my family.
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3 years ago, La1248Tui
App is down 95% of the time
When it works it’s useful. However, 95% of the time you try to log in you’ll see the “something went wrong on our end. Please wait while we fix it.” Message.
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5 years ago, daisyeater
So you guys can have 5 stars when you add the option to pay my monthly premium through the app
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2 years ago, rebeccat64
Thank you Miss Renee
Thank you thank you thank you
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1 year ago, jak doe
Extremely pleased with my experience with blue crosses service.
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2 years ago, Artylee76
Great service
Thank you!
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9 months ago, Bj3387
James Cottman
Blue Cross Blue Shield’s has saved my life!! Thank you to all that helped
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8 months ago, TJayyBaybb
Great app
Very well designed
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2 years ago, mkhh21
App is terrible.
App never works. Always crashed. Rarely logs in. Have deleted and reinstalled multiple times. Don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, 1252626277229
Slow and not showing all claims
When I open the account and app was working . But after a while stop loading all claims
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3 years ago, Jackie702
App doesn’t work
My app no longer pulls up any of my information. I have updated and re-installed, etc.
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