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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
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3 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for BCBSTX

3.52 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 years ago, LeLe68!
BCBS Insurance has been great for me & my family
I am thankful for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance that we have. I assume the BCBSTX Insurance we have is a blessing through the company my husband works for and thank the good Lord for it. There is a few things I would like to be better; Lower out of pocket, these days with all that’s happening, it is difficult too pay that much out of pocket every year. Prescriptions, why are we only allowed 2 places, CVS & Express Scripts? And our CVS is so short staffed, we have to wait and wait wand wait. These 2 places makes it difficult for people to get some of their medicines the doctor prescribes and you have to go back to the doctor for them too rewrite a new one. (It’s happening to me right now). Let us go to whatever pharmacy or at least add some more. We like the little mom and pops places because they seem to care more and know who you are when you come in. Walmart NO!!! I know Physical Therapy is too much as well as the chiropractor. Especially when the doctor wants you to go 3 times a week. I like we have our own Accolade contacts to help when needed. And again there are some good insurance companies and some bad ones but like I said, I guess our BCBSTX has been good because of the company it’s through that my husband works for.
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1 year ago, Chasssie
BlueCross BlueShield of Texas Cust. Care
Blue cross blue shield has consistently employed very knowledgeable professional customer care agents. Each of my contact with an agent has been a positive experience even when I’ve been frustrated at the care given by certain practitioners and I’m giving the agent feedback about care. They’ve also been immediately Knowledgeable about my specific group health policy and have correctly answered various questions I’ve had. Thank you for your professionalism - reps & agents.
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2 years ago, maripuentes
Misti B
Misti, provided stupendous Customer Service via text. Her exceptional skills proved to be unwavering! She was able convey to me BCBS policies regarding which insurance takes precedence when there is a secondary insurance involved. She took additional steps to ensure that I understood the differences between the two insurances as well as making contact with the other insurance company to verify that their policy coincided with BCBS and provided me with additional information from the other insurance company as well. At the time I was only able to text, and knowing how difficult it is to communicate properly via text, Misti made it easy for me and took time to helped me out and explained it back to me in a way to where it was easy and non-frustrating. I really hope BCBS will take the time to appreciate what an exceptional employee they have. THANK YOU MISTI! From the PUENTES FAMILY.
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1 year ago, lc165555
Poorly organized and inaccessible
This app is extremely hard to navigate. It should be much easier to see information about my insurance but they hide all the links that are needed in layers of menus. The Messages link does not work so I can’t send or receive messages through the app. It just says “Promotional Messages” at the top of a blank screen. On the claims section (which is hard to find to begin with), the claims are sorted by date of service and can’t be sorted by the date the claim was processed. I keep getting notifications that a claim has been processed but I can’t find it because the link in the message takes me generically to the claims list instead of directly to the new claim. Usually I can’t find the claim that was just processed because the date of service was months ago and it is buried under dozens of other claims. I have started requesting all my EOBs to be sent by mail so that I can get the notifications of newly processed claims in a timely way. It’s a waste of paper, money, and memory space on my phone. This app does not allow me to stay updated on my insurance claims and it doesn’t allow me to contact BCBS with questions or to file an appeal. It’s a completely useless app. When I have opened a chat to ask about the problems with the app, they said it was a technical problem with my phone rather than their app. Not likely. This is a new phone that is fully updated and every app on my phone works as intended, except this one.
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2 years ago, CaliGirl726
Called for EOB
Called twice, first time spoke to Jason who was awesome and helped me get a copy of my EOB. Unfortunately the attachment wouldn’t open on my end so I called back. Second time I spoke to Jared who was also excellent! He helped me reset my password, login and then when neither the computer or phone worked he tried a third option. He suggested I try the app. I grew frustrated at my computer freezing on me but he was patient the whole time. He waited until I installed the app, logged on and found the EOB I was originally requesting. Plus, the app is way easier for me to navigate and I have quick access to all of the EOB and claims I was looking for. Huge kudos to Jared for his help and exceptional service as well as this app being user friendly and super helpful. Thank you all! 👏👏👏
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5 years ago, Slicerax
Broken app, Worse support
UPDATE: The app is mostly functional for me now. The coverage section is still iffy and I can’t see individual deductibles, but everything else appears to be working. Nice to finally add my insurance card to my Apple wallet after over a year of issues. Knocking off two stars from 5 for the remaining issues and the issues I had with support. OLD REVIEW: This app is almost completely broken for me. The only portion that works is the claims center. Everything else throws an error, so I am unable to even view my medical card in the app or my coverage. I’ve tried contacting the support email on FOUR occasions now. Each time I have gotten no response or a single follow up email asking questions and no further follow up after I provide answers. Each email response has the same signature and name, so it feels like it’s one person providing support on this that may or may not respond.
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5 years ago, Coredominator
Fire the Product Manager!
This app is horrible! 1) The location finder puts me 2 counties away from my actual location. 2) the search function is clunky, why click search just to type in a search criteria just to click search again? 3) once I get a search result with a list of providers, the “call now” button does nothing, takes me to a blank page with the “done” button in the upper left corner, no other option other than clicking “done”, which takes me ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE WRONG LOCATION! Start the clunky search process all over again. 4) don’t click the directions button either on a search results page, this too will wipe the search results away. 5) don’t leave the app to call or look for directions, this too will wipe your search results away! BTW, I’ve delivered half a dozen successful software products to market and understand the importance of a positive user experience, I would have fired whoever designed this app!
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6 years ago, [iPapi]
4.5.0 still Worthless! Response is fake.
Still no ID card with this supposed update. They add their fake response after your review that goes nowhere just to appear as though they’ve actually fixed something —but they haven’t! Claims to support Apple Wallet but doesn’t because it won’t give you your ID card. Still nothing populating most pages. They refer you to the Blue Access website and basically all you can see are claims and referrals. No phone links to call for preauthorizations. This is one of the worst apps ever. It’s just awful that a CEO can be given $milllions in bonuses annually but can’t get an app produced that works for the insured who pays his outrageous compensation. Not only can you not get your ID card to appear, but nearly every page refers you to a website, rather than provide the insured with their information. You can’t even see your coverages! Ridiculous!
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11 months ago, TraceyBowers
Review of technical support
I was unable to access my account and the email attached to the account. I have been having horrible migraines and really, really dreaded having to call for help thinking that I was going to have to “jump through hoops” and had put off calling for a couple of days. I couldn’t have been more wrong!!! A wonderful employee of yours named Malika helped me get everything straightened out and it couldn’t have been easier!!! She was so patient and helpful and she’s a huge asset to your team!!! I appreciate your support and will definitely recommend BCBS!!
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4 years ago, DraconisResina
Where is Logout?
This company’s tech is terrible. If you have multiple policies, like separate health and dental due to not having the same people on each policy, there is no way to merge under one account. You can’t have multiple accounts in a dashboard like geico either. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to logout from this app, to login under a different policy. Healthcare in the US is cumbersome and purposely complicated & difficult to work with. We need Medicare4All. I’d rather pay more taxes for a simple single payer system than spend countless hours trying to navigate deductibles, copays, coinsurance, etc with Corps that do everything possible to profit off disease and suffering. Yeah that escalated quickly but after decades of getting screwed by ins corps, I’ve had enough and am done being ok with free market health insurance.
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4 years ago, AyyyCearaJ
Useless and Horrible
This app used to be just only okay. The cost estimator never gave me prices (which I thought was the point??) and searching for a provider is just so odd and could be better. Over the last month of 2 I noticed that the Claims, Coverage, and Spending tabs DON’T EVEN WORK. It keeps saying there is either nothing to show or there’s an error. I’ve had this issue for over two months now and it’s just annoying. I keep having to log on to the website to get the information I need. I would prefer a working app that is easier to access but it just flat out does not work any more. I even downloaded the update today and deleted and redownloaded it and nothing is different. Fix the dang useless and obviously broken app please.
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3 years ago, austintreedweller
Out of date info
I spent half an hour calling the first several places that the app said were accepting new patients before I actually found a doctor accepting new patients (4 locations, dozens of doctors and none accepting new patients). I also found the interface very clunky and was not able to use the “back” button very effectively, but I didn’t expect much from the app. I just wanted to find a doctor. I thought it seemed reasonable that the app provided by my insurer would have current info about who is on the preferred provider list. Can’t say I’m surprised, having had similar experiences with BCBS in the past via their website and phone reps, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable. What a colossal waste of time and money. Can’t wait till we get Medicare for all.
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5 years ago, fondinganicknameisapaininthea
My Experience Is Great
If I had the same experience as some of the negative reviews I would be frustrated also. However everything is working as described for me. The info is concise and the app is easy to navigate. I had a question about coverage and there was a contact button that entered the phone number for quick dial (Now if I can just get a human on the line...). The app is much easier to access than the website and has most info needed. If it works on your phone a definite must have. (I’m using an iPhone XR)
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4 years ago, Npo4onskjy
Something Went Wrong
For the past several days at least (since downloading the app), I’ve received the following message after entering my User ID and password: Something went wrong on our end. We are aware of the problem and working on a solution. Please try again later. When my premium is due, I’m going to tell customer service I know my premium is late. I’m aware of the problem and working on a solution. I’ll try again next month. Am I going to get any sympathy? Probably not. Let’s make a deal, BCBSTX: I will pay you $25,000 a year for my healthcare coverage for my wife and me, any you supply me with a reliable app to access the information I need about my claims, coverage, and payment options.
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3 years ago, Becca in Windsor
Has everything I need!
This app makes it easy to find your claims, providers and even the reward system and your own health assessment. I really like how it rewards you for healthy living and connects with your exercising tracking apps and devices. So you don’t have to manually enter your exercise and steps, etc. which are things that give you points. I’ve gotten my AirPods and an Apple Watch just from healthy living! It’s awesome!
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5 years ago, Penelopehobbs
What is the purpose of this app if I can’t do anything?
Despite seeing the negative reviews I decided to download this app anyways, to find a doctor and find out my coverage, etc.. upon logging into my account on the app and clicking on the “coverage” tab I was greeted with the error message “we’re having trouble loading your coverage information. Visit Blue Access for Members (BAM) to view your information.” I visit BAM and I am still not able to access the information I am trying to seek. This is 2019 your app and even the mobile website should give members the chance to access all information, especially for the amount of money we pay to keep our health insurance. Very unprofessional.
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2 years ago, Shugytee
Excellent Service from Roberta in Customer Care
I am feeling so sick today and needed information quickly for my dependent. The first person I spoke to did her job exactly, but Roberta took her time, was very patient with me through the sneezing. Sniffling, coughing, and made sure that I had all of the information I needed. She offered to wait on the line for me to test it out. I appreciate and commend excellent service like this. Thank you Roberta, you are a gem.
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1 year ago, fnaf fun jr
App Review-Enjoying the Claims Tab
After doctors appointments, I like how I can reference the app for my balance dues. In the past, I wouldn’t have an idea of what my out of pocket costs would be until I got a bill in the mail or a collection agency call. Now I get to check on the “Claims” tab and check to see what I need to pay. It also helps clarify any discrepancies whenever I’m paying a “balance due” with the doctor’s receptionist.
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11 months ago, GoodPeaches
Quick feedback- limited app use
I was asked to review the mobile app based on my experience. I login twice a year. The survey question pops up as soon as I login. Because I can login, that experience is positive. That is why I am giving it a four star review. In order to get a five star review, the survey might come up after I’ve actually used some of the functions in the app. Then I would have better feedback.
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2 years ago, icesword2
Pretty good
This app pretty much does everything you can do from the full website, with one important exception. I have a health reimbursement account that requires me to upload explanations of benefits (EOBs) for claims, and while you can view EOBs in the app, it doesn’t have a way to save or export them, so you still have to use the website for that. If you just want to check on claim statuses and amounts, that works great.
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2 years ago, Erika Ramirez Realtor
Your health information on the palms of your hands.
Thank you BCBSTX for the features on the app, it’s important for me to see exactly where my family stands on our deductibles, how accurate is our billing information from providers, and most importantly giving us the knowledge and access to our health history as well as insurance card info. Thank you
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3 years ago, EBAJJ
Allstate car insurance
When deciding whether to renew with Allstate after buying a brand new car, I spoke with Yani at Steve Toman’s Allstate’s office. Not only did she end up getting me better rates, she walked me through every part of the policy ensuring that I understood everything entirely! Taking the time I needed and looking for savings while making sure I had the coverage I needed! Great customer service!
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3 years ago, bullschuck
Provider Finder is totally useless
Seriously, whoever approved this app needs to go back to their room and think about what they have done. Because if you list all the things that a provider finder is supposed to do, this app does none of them. If you specify a location, it ignores it. If you go to the map section and move around and click the search here button, it doesn't search there. It randomly interprets a click in a field as a request to zoom in, and then doesn't zoom out when you finish. Totally not useful. A waste of time and space on my phone.
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6 years ago, hhhghhggh
Well on target doesn’t work.
The link to the well on target will take you there but once you try to do your health assessment it pops up with a privacy disclosure and will only display the top corner of it. You can scroll down but it will not let you scroll over so you cannot except it and it essentially locks you out because you can’t proceed without excepting the privacy disclosure. It makes this totally worthless. I called tech-support but they were no help. I really want to like this app but they need to have better customer service support when an issue arises.
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3 years ago, TSBellaire
BCBS app functions fairly well
With more than 80% of all web interaction coming from a mobile device, BCBS has done a good job of getting most functions working well. While some Windows take you to a forced end, they’ve gotten better about giving a back function so you don’t have to start over after closing. Today’s functions are smooth.
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3 years ago, PerfectQdlo
Easy, fast and reliable!
I love being able to see all my medical expenses, to be able to track how much I have spent and how much remains on my out of pocket. Also I can see what my Drs. are billing without hassle. I was also able to show my card through the app at several appointments when I had forgotten my insurance card.
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1 year ago, Unsatisfied ExUser
Not a convenient app
I downloaded the app as encouraged by the company just for it to be way more frustrating to get into the app than it is exploring the website as a guest… The password does not work even when you know your password and when you change it with forgot password it still does not work. The app is not worth the storage space that it takes up on your phone and I would not recommend downloading it… Just utilize the website as a guest if need be.
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2 years ago, OctopusDarling
Absolutely horrendous, not to mention frustrating.
Passwords don’t work, resetting accounts doesn’t work, trying to figure out how to change anything in this app is a nightmare, and I even uninstalled and reinstalled and tried to start all over again in case it fixes something I missed. Over all, I don’t have the patience for this, when you need you appendix out, you don’t have time to fiddle around with identification numbers and make the obvious placating / caudling when really the issue is I just don’t want to die. Fix your app or give me a refund.
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6 years ago, Jim.shelt
No Access to Billing
There is no access to billing and payments on this app. Which is ridiculous. I need access to my actual bill each month. The only way to get it is to access their website and check each and every day to see if the “View My Bill” option is available. It usually becomes available around the 15th. That only gives me 15 days to print a copy and get it to my accountant. It should be sent to me with 30 days in advance by mail, email, text or carrier pigeon. I need the actual bill!!! Too much to ask?? It’s been a year, and I’m tired of doing this every month.
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1 year ago, Mrs Lawdawg
Love this app
I use this app weekly. I keep track of all claims and because I am so on top of stuff, I’ve been able to call offices before they even get the EOB back and they ask how I got info so fast 😆 I tell them from this app. I’m able to keep track of the whole family and our current expenses and benefits. Thankful for this app.
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2 years ago, sarrah876
Internet help
I had an issue with a duplicate account due to a recent name change, I had someone “help” me before and it did nothing to solve the issue. My last call Ken helped me a lot to get my issue figured out and was very patient even with my multi factor problem. He listened to understand and assist me with all issues
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5 years ago, Xrobles
Easy to use
I love the app! It’s easy to use and has most of your needed information. The member ID cards shown could be improved. I had to call to obtain the BIN # and PCN # for pharmacy coverage since my card had not arrived. Also, I have issues accessing prior auth info and visit/procedure summaries. It says sorry check back later (a few days.) It has its minor issues, but overall I like the app and it’s easiness to use on the go! (:
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4 years ago, Insert. Nickname. Here.
Inability to save EOBs limits usefulness
This app is about 60% useful, hence the 3 stars. The main issue is an inability to save the Explanation of Benefits PDFs. Given that claim details disappear after 18 months for no explicable reason—is Blue Cross really is cash strapped that they can’t afford the server space to keep claim records online indefinitely?—I like to download them locally once they have been finalized. Unfortunately, although one can view the EOB in the app, one cannot save them—there is not even an option—which limits their usefulness, IMO.
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3 years ago, Phoebe92fab4
Don’t bother unless you are single
New update doesn’t allow users to see deductible information of anyone other than policy holder family member. There are four of us!! It’s helpful to see each person’s individual activity. Would be nice if each family member could be set up as a separate user on their phones/devices as well and view information. My husband is policy holder but I handle all of the household medical stuff for the entire family, bills, appointments, insurance, etc. Worst app ever. But then again, BCBSTX is the worst insurance ever so… 🤷🏽‍♀️
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1 year ago, Jpaul565
Good job
Their coverage is comprehensive and affordable, and their customer service is top-notch. They have a wide network of healthcare providers, making it easy to find a doctor or specialist when needed. Their online portal is user-friendly and allows for easy access to information about my coverage and claims. Overall, I highly recommend
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2 years ago, Gpnaoh
Finally got it together
Blue Cross and Blue Shield has finally got their software together. I have been complaining various times to them that the software runs out and it goes into an error 404! they say they sent me a letter stating that they didn't understand what my issue was they finally got their head out of their butts and figured it out the software finally works
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1 year ago, Softballdunk
Quick access to info
App is user friendly and quick way to see claims but does not let you print. Easy access to find doctors in our plan whether in town or on vacation. It’s been a blessing and downsizes the stress. Hoping it moves to real time to help with meeting deductibles when visiting doctors. Amazing app for the info needed
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2 years ago, taylorgrandpa
Great customer service
I’ve been most impressed with the customer service. When I have needed to call, it’s been easy to reach a representative without long delays or multiple menu selections. They have been very friendly, efficient and have always answered my questions. Kudos!
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2 years ago, Chadzilla3
logs you out if you switch apps
2 major problems with this app… the first and most annoying is that if i switch apps to reply to a txt message for 5 seconds and come back to this app, it logs me out, and i have to start all over again.. mega annoying… the second problem is that there is no landscape option for the iPad … WHY? my iPad has a keyboard, it is always in landscape mode, but no, i would have to turn my head sideways… instead, i just deleted it off my iPad because it is useless
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3 years ago, Nathys Haasie
i don’t usually love apps. this app answered a question that i couldn’t find an answer to on their website and saved a possibly frustrating phone call. all within 5 seconds of installing. plus it is real time so i don’t have call back to find out my deductible balance.
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3 years ago, JasonL1973
Awesome service
This company is by far the best insurance company I’ve ever had to deal with they are very caring about the costumer I know they called me after some heart problems and they were so helpful I’ve never had a problem with anything else either Thank you for everything
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4 years ago, Greatefull
Excellent customer care
Was in extremely painful situations, so bad so that I forgot my insurance card and I was able to retreat the information needed with the use of an excellent Customerservice representative. Very impressed with this organization. Was a member of long time ago for over 20 years and was delighted when my new employer informed me of their carrier. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Chaluth
Do not use this app! Legal time bomb.
The terms of use for the app, which LEGALLY BINDS YOU, and which you HAVE to agree to before using the app, has several errors in it, switching BCBSTX with BCBS of Illinois. That’s a legal nightmare waiting to happen trying to figure out who has actual legal jurisdiction since you have legally agreed to both parties being involved. Even the “Contact Us” link in the terms of use takes you to the BCBSIL web page. Way to fail, Texas -.- Even your own legal and/or technical team can’t get your Terms of Use right.
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1 year ago, Noodles mommy
The app is easy to use, find info quick and is reliable.I appreciate when a banner is placed on the page as to when maintenance is going to occur and some items may not be accessible during the time listed.
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3 years ago, nikkiicano11
Mobile app
Having everything on my phone is so convenient and so easy. I don’t have to worry about my cards and all the information I need is on this app. Thank you so much for making things easier for myself and my family.
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6 years ago, janiebaustin
Great Website
The BCBSTX website is easy to use and has everything I need to manage my healthcare coverage. The only problem I have ever had was in reporting an error last year in a physician listing. My physician’s listing had another doctor’s information in it. The last time I checked it had not been corrected.
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12 months ago, Welder1295
Live chat
The representative (Erin H.) went above and beyond to help and answer all of my questions. If I could give her a 10 star rating I would. It’s so nice to speak with someone who does such a wonderful job. Unfortunately that’s not common anymore. I will definitely ask for her if I ever need help. Shelly Entler
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2 years ago, Prisyo
It’s great when it works
1. Initially logged one husbands account. Made my own. But it always defaults to his user name. Won’t save mine despite my toggling the switch for it to remember me. 2. Makes you verify via emailed PIN number everytime. Not even my bank makes me do that. 3. It used to show medical and not dental. Now it only shows dental and not medical. It would be nice to see both. Unless I’m just not seeing where I can look at both this app is crap.
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5 years ago, CurtisC2
Temporarily Down (for months)
I haven’t been able to login to the app in months (in early 2018, the app worked well). I keep thinking it might start working after each update. I’m disappointed. Every. Time. I get conflicting error messages about “temporarily unable to access your account” and “account not permitted” and am redirected to the website (Blue Access for Members) which works just fine. I tried emailing the the app support address listed in other negative reviews and didn’t hear anything. Don’t get your hopes up with this app.
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2 years ago, Tranzam350
Very Helpful App
I have a complex genetic disease, and I have needed to coordinate a team of doctors for my care. This year I am double insured with BCBS Highmark and of TX. BCBS of TX is a much better App than Highmark and has been extremely useful to find doctors while lying flat on my back in pain. Thumbs up to everything Texas. Bigger and better!
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