Beam Benefits

Health & Fitness
4.7 (1.4K)
74.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beam Technologies
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Beam Benefits

4.7 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
3 years ago, CryptoCattle
Problem Solved
My Beam app would freeze on my IPhone every few days but that has been corrected my a recent update which is excellent.
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1 year ago, Matatutia
Pretty looking app, but needs vital feature
App works good so far, I’ve only had it for a month since I started my new plan, can’t use it much due to no brush. There was no indication of how to get my free brush that comes with my plan, I had to contact customer service to “reopen” my enrollment, which shouldn’t have occurred since I did it the same day I signed up. So I purchase my brush, but it doesn’t have any information on the app on when it is going to be shipped or even order confirmation. There was a brief message when the order was placed (March 1) that the brush would be shipped on April 1st, but there should be an ongoing page or some feature that gives me order history or tracking information. Also I find it odd that the benefit has been paid for but brush won’t ship until the following month..
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11 months ago, Wendys foodie
This app is kinda cool even though I forgot my password
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11 months ago, Strem
Doesn’t load info properly
The app tells me it cannot load my insurance details and will not let me add a digital ID card to Apple Wallet. However, when I log in I am able to see my entire plan but the main screen still shows the error.
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12 months ago, lme13
App is hard to navigate
Hard to navigate. Followed all the instructions and selected the “complementary” set of Bluetooth brushes two months ago and have yet to receive them. I can find where I selected the colors we want, but can’t find anything saying they have actually shipped, or will ever actually ship.
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2 years ago, Bham Beamer
App Won’t Open
Every few days the app will not open for access. Instead I get a blank white screen. Great when it works though.
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7 months ago, Dana Archield
I love the card on the phone but my problem is that it will not let me see the plan breakdown or what is all included
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2 years ago, Rebece_lyn
How could you argue with a free toothbrush and discounts? Sounds amazing to me!
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3 years ago, Great for De-Cluttering
Not syncing
Sorry but it’s not working- it doesn’t pick up days showing you’ve brushed accurately, it randomly skips or only tracks half, etc.
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3 years ago, smilieface17
App doesn’t work on my phone. When I click on the app, it pops up on my screen and then quickly pops right back off. It doesn’t open up. Smh.
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10 years ago, Forty0z
This product is great!
I can't belIeve I'm the first IOS review! :o this brush is amazing for children or anybody looking to get into a better habit of brushing their teeth. Technology motivates!. For the devs, I was having trouble pairing 4s/7.1 my solution to get past calibration screen was to skip calibration by just pressing ok then going back and calibrating. I recommend everybody buy one of these.
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3 months ago, Grimkey
Not a great app
Each person on the account shares the same login and things are broken like Apple wallet integration.
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3 years ago, Nebo gazer
difficult to follow and work through.
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3 years ago, Fyritup
Insurance card
The card will not show up nor can u request the toothbrush with the app.
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2 years ago, _anon720
Beam dental
Bluetooth never wants to work and does t keep accurate track of when you brush so points are hella off
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12 months ago, Adpaulr
Broken with the latest update
My beam app has stopped syncing with my brush since the latest update.
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3 years ago, Toby104
Good start, but….
Stopped recording brushing after travel and 2hr time change. Back to my Sonicare!
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2 years ago, Griz 71
Haven’t received
I haven’t got the tooth brush yet. It’s been over three weeks waiting for.
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2 months ago, kompile15
Apple Wallet Broken
Cannot add insurance cards to Apple Wallet, it just outputs an error message.
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5 years ago, the neen
New app update is TERRIBLE
I am new to the network and was excited to receive the brush and use it with the app. In fact, I was so exited that I downloaded the app and started to use it before my brush even came! Well, once my brush FINALLY showed up, the app had been completely redone, much to my disappointment. First of all, my brush won’t sync. No matter what I do, nothing works! And there are no options as to what to do for help besides the beginning prompts. I have taken my battery out and replaced it, I have turned the toothbrush on and off, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing works. How am I supposed to get any of the “extra” benefits of having a brush that syncs up to an app that gains me extra insurance perks of it won’t connect to the app? There is no option to remove a user either. Also, what happened to the game and all the extra points you could earn after brushing your teeth? This app is very user unfriendly and makes my head hurt. Very unsatisfied. If I could I would give negative stars.
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5 years ago, tobiasjwm
Version 3 is useless
This version of the app does two things: allows you to log into your account and run a timer. Manually. I had the family set up with v2 and the kids loved it. Gamification of brushing was working. The kids were competing to get more points and having fun. The new app has no points. It completely erased their history. No more points. Worse, it no longer connects to the brushes. It displays a sync date, but the timer doesn’t work and bruising is not tracked. The app won’t let me connect to any brushes because all brushes are already paired. I worked with support but there appears to be no way to unpair the devices, either within the app or by resetting the brush. Again, the sync date updates regularly but there is no connection to run the timer and no display of tracking. V2 allowed you to display your insurance card and search for providers. Tapping on these options now simply kicks you over to Safari. Why not just admit, “We don’t really care about the app. Just go to our website.”
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5 years ago, ChelleNel
New Update From Bad To Worse
All incentives to use this app were removed when updated by developer. No game. No Star Count. No Rewards. No encouragement. The main feature, the timer, is already a feature included on every cell phone, which makes this app’s timer redundant. Children (nor adults) will find this app useful other than storing dental information and maybe the ‘Find-A-Dentist’ feature. Have not run into the bugs mentioned in other reviews: Bluetooth connectivity problems with brush & constant prompting to re-log-in. Restoring the former app format without previous bugs & constant crashing would be suffice.
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3 years ago, NickCarnes
The Brush Does Not Sync
My toothbrush does not show up in the app. My son’s does. He can adjust the strength and do other things with it. The only time the app records my brushing is when I do the manual timer. I used the toothbrush yesterday morning without the manual timer, followed the instructions for the sync, but it did not sync and shows an X for my morning activity. Last night, I used the manual timer and it recorded the activity. The toothbrush is connected to Bluetooth and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Disconnected and reconnected the brush and get the same results.
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9 years ago, dfabs
Great brushing experience
I recently got a beam toothbrush and I love how clean it leaves my teeth. Love the product! The app is nice, sometimes it seems to have an issue capturing my brushing sessions, but overall liking this connected toothbrush.
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5 years ago, vacationcentral
Remember when you had a fun insurance app??
The last version was a little buggy but it was fun. It definitely increased toothbrushing time in my household. Everyone was excited for the time to run out to shake the phone and earn prizes for the game. We were so disappointed today to open the app and see the game and all of our hard earned stars were gone. And the game was redesigned to look as bland as humanly possible. I really hope you bring back the gaming aspect.
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8 years ago, abumchuck
App asks me to log in at every launch
I used to love this app and toothbrush but recently that relationship has taken some damage. This app asks me to log in to my account everyday I launch it, which is something it never did before. The company has also never sent my brush refills despite charging me for them and promising to send them out next day over a week ago.
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5 years ago, Alyssa, Wyoming
No way to access brushing data
You have to run on good faith that the app is sending the data but there is no way to see your brushing history or data. I checked with customer service and they weren’t helpful, they said you can see it on the app but in fact you cannot. So all the app is basically good for is a timer to brush your teeth.
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8 years ago, Beam is Life
Amazing app keep it up!
This is awesome it has never made my teeth better. Please keep it up and don't let the haters keep you down!!
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6 years ago, Beardedlady lover
Such a great idea, just not able to use it
App crashed with every button I pushed after download. My two young kids were actually excited to see their brush and control it on my phone. Unfortunately the app has too many issues to even be able to open it and use it with the brush as it’s supposed to.
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5 years ago, Gmartinezmo10
The login information is really odd
I don’t have a beam account and I can’t create one since you only have the option to login. Without logging in you can’t use the features of this toothbrush that makes it so special. It doesn’t tell you how to make an account on the box of the tooth brush neither. Really frustrating app to interact with.
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5 years ago, Summer Stacia
New app doesn’t work!
I’m new to beam. I have the latest version of the app and no matter what I do, the app will not recognize the brush. I got the standard answer from customer service that you give everyone. You should have built a brush with regular on & off buttons. This whole experience has been a waste of time
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8 years ago, Wma.
My teeth have never felt cleaner!
This app is super cool! I didn't realize I wasn't brushing my teeth the right way until this app/toothbrush!
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4 years ago, shshwowlrjdbbcc x. dhaka
Dear beam
I can’t change the settings on my beam tooth brush . It says I have to sign in , and I don’t have an account with beam . I just thought you have to SIGN UP for it but no ! You have to sign in to be able to use it . I though you would just be able to sign up and be able to use the toothbrush the way i bought I for .
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5 years ago, phan of philz
Need to use timer on phone?????
I used to like the technology that this app had. The toothbrush used Bluetooth to send usage to Beam. Now you need to use the timer on the app while brushing your teeth. It’s as if you’re glued to your phone like some teenager. Forcing users to have their phone in order to brush their teeth???? What is this communist China????
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4 years ago, servbot007
Unusable feature
Can’t give zero stars for having a feature in the app that doesn’t work. On iPhone SE 2020 can’t enable Touch ID for signing in. App is broken and will not allow email field to be edited on the user/pass verification page. Only the password field appears to be enabled.
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7 years ago, the jbol
Love the concept - app keeps crashing
App isn't open for more that 15s before it crashes. Just synced the brushes for myself and 3 family members. Not sure if it's a brush or app issue. Either way, not useful if it's this buggy.
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5 years ago, JS98404
The latest update is defective
This last update is crap! I haven’t been able to get the app to recognize my toothbrush since. The app worked great for my iPhone before, why’d you have to change it? Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it now?
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8 years ago, Thourdin
It has been crashing without loading successfully. And when it was working before the update, it has been very difficult to use. I have no idea what is going on. My brush keeps turning on randomly and now it is broken.
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5 years ago, Bowtietoy85
Great concept, poor-ish execution
Great idea for kids to get excited about dental care. The app seems like it might be in a beta stage still, as it crashes after a couple seconds after startup. Would like to see more color options available besides just three
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5 years ago, cbsoren5
Can’t log in
The app looks like it could be nice, but it won’t let me log in. I can log in just fine online, but it doesn’t work on the app. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Grunberd
Not syncing - period!
Super frustrating. Went this far as calling customer support, changing login creds, dumping the app (on iPad Pro), getting a fresh copy and.....nothing What’s the point of the app then? Apparently, the Beam rep I called can still see the log up to date, but we can’t
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5 years ago, adrdro
App crashes when trying to access basic features
To add a brush to a user profile you can take a picture of the brush. Opening the camera in the app causes it to crash. Dentist search does not work well.
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5 years ago, @RonE
App freezes with every move and doesn’t refresh
Worst app ever! I’ve never downloaded an app that constantly freezes with every touch and then doesn’t refresh when closed/open. iOS iPhone 8 Plus
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5 years ago, Sinilau
Needs work
Great idea but the app freezes and doesn’t manage points properly. Some functionality that isn’t clear why it is on the app. Kind of a weird app in that it should all make sense but doesn’t.
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5 years ago, wallynext
Not Ready for Use
A really poorly done app. Can’t sense brushes. Changes brush owners at random. Doesn’t collect points or gives points to wrong brush. And so on. Have deleted and reinstalled app several times. Same bad experience. A major failure.
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4 years ago, eiebevejekdn
Activity tracker does update
I got everything synced and now with the weekly activity tracker it is just stuck on the same week. Why
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6 years ago, Brhdiebdvgs
Crappies toothbrush for anyone... you have to use an app that crashes every 4 seconds or freezes and uses Bluetooth... no instructions come with the brushes and it’s just a confusing price of crap... all that work for a toothbrush, pathetic
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11 years ago, Alienbike
Pairing hit or miss
Hardly ever pairs successfully. Also the brush is not very well protected against water penetration. Not what you want in a tooth brush where using water is required.
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5 years ago, msdawnab
Nice app that doesn’t work
Slick marketing and boxing - and a complete let down. App goes through and pairs yet when selecting a user it just locks up. Nice pretty toothbrush - that I can’t use. Big disappointment.
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5 years ago, tre3s
can't even log in
I can't even log in to the app. I have been dealing with customer service for days now and still can't even get into the app to know if it's any good!
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