Beauty Meter - Are you pretty?

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7 years ago
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User Reviews for Beauty Meter - Are you pretty?

3.98 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Jilikki
This app was what I needed
I was feeling self conscious about myself and feeling all kinds of ugly so I downloaded this app to get some perspective. I’m not very symmetrical so I’m self-conscious even though I’m not ugly, I’m not conventionally pretty either. I used this app to gauge what I might look like to maybe feel better. So I used it and got readings around 71-77. I’m like okay~ guess I’m like a 7 okay. This made me feel bad which was super dumb bc I should be grateful for being alive more than worrying about my looks. So after reading a few reviews and people saying their score got higher when they made ugly faces...I gave it a shot and omg lol my score raised to the 80-90’s numbers. Lol. But yeah this app made my giggle for the first time in awhile and I’m sitting here with a smile on my face.
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6 years ago, Kaitlynnmgeathers
This is not for people too sensitive..
For all the people saying stuff that this app makes you feel bad about your self. It’s just a game and what could you really expect from this anyway.. you knew what this game was when you downloaded it. I don’t believe an app defines your beauty but I don’t believe you should talk about an app lowering your self esteem when you knew what kind of app this is before downloading. This app actually gave me pretty good scores but each time I did it I got different scores each time. Overall fun game to try out. And people don’t take this too seriously it’s JUST AN APP
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6 years ago, Chris813217
Definitely works
As you can see by all of the other comments, this app is definitely legit, however there’s just a lot of ugly people out there. Now I scored a 78, which rounds up to an 8/10 which accurately depicts my looks, however the people who’ve scored lower definitely rate the app lower, because they might have gotten their feeling hurt. The app is honest though guys, whether you like it or not.
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4 years ago, allison sainato
So the app does do what It says but I feel like an app should not be telling you how pretty you are, because everyone Is beautiful, so you don’t need something to tell you have pretty you are, I got 26 percent before and that’s really low, I don’t think I’m that ugly so this app really hurted my feelings because you don’t know what percentage you’ll get, It could be anything, and the app ages Is from 4 ages and up, being a 4 year old Is really young and If they used the app they would feel awful because young children are seeing this and probably are so hurt because an app Is basically telling weather your pretty or not, so I really think It’s very unprofessional for people to think It’s a good up cause It’s really not, but that my opinion, anyway that’s the YEAA
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4 years ago, Pastel Sylveon
Thank you so much..
So I’m a 13 year old girl who is VERY self conscious, I think I’m absolutely hideous and I’m really self conscious, I won’t wear 2 piece bathing suits for 1000 dollars. In fact, I hate my looks. Lots of people say I’m very pretty and I just shake it off because I 100% thought they just felt awful for me. I saw this app and when I took a photo of my self I was thinking I would be a 1 or 2... then, I got 91% pretty and I was so shocked!! Thank you so much, I don’t feel as self conscious anymore and this made my day! Thank you!
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3 years ago, sadie surry
Absolutly stupid
Hello, i was thinking that i must be pretty. I got this game to check it out. So it hurt my friends feelings i did it then she did. I got a much higher score then her, and she was very upset. After that i deleted it. I even looked up a beautiful pucture of ariana grande it gave her a 60! When me and my friends did this it just kept saying error error error. Why? This gane isJudge mental and you're very offensive. The only reason i gave this game 2 stars instead if 1 is because it gave me a 95 out of 100.
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4 years ago, CounterCBT
Not accurate
I tried the age feature first to check it’s accuracy. I’m currently 23 years old and it thinks I look 35 to 44. Then when I tried the beauty feature it gave me a relatively high score. But just to make sure I googled the most conventionally unattractive people I could find for comparison. None of them got below a 70, so the app is essentially just telling me what I want to hear. Which is probably for the best because we shouldn’t be seeking validation this way. Approval from others is a temporary high but approval from one’s self lasts a lifetime.
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3 years ago, Tt❤️🐳🐬
It’s fine, but don’t take it too seriously! 😊😋
Honestly I don’t think that this app is very accurate. I’m 12 and once it told me that I look 45-55. Usually it told me that I looked 17-24. Don’t take these apps too seriously! Everyone is beautiful! Even though it gave me scores from 79-96, (wide range), you shouldn‘t trust apps too much! Don’t make them feel bad about yourself! I wish you all a nice day and a happy life (your family too!)
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3 years ago, spoungebobfan
This is great but....
The highest the road ever get would be 89 even with the best people in the ages it showed like a three-year-old and they guessed 45 to 50 but the rest looks pretty legit and I think that most of them are pretty accurate
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5 years ago, TheSoftwareGenie
Easy to use
You’re always interested in Yourself, but what about your wife and the girl that you Could Have Married...??? I was amazed. I made out better than what I had previously thought... Also, those ‘Beautiful People In Hollywood’, they are not That Beautiful. I’m sure glad that I finally have an Application For That...!!!
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6 years ago, Public Polaroids
❤️Don't Believe this app❤️
I'm sorry if I put a huge paragraph😅 Your beauty can't be numbered or rated. We all just know we are all different and trying to be a the model on the front page isn't good, please do something without technology to keep you up on the latest trends so much. This app lowers your rating and lowers your self confidence. To proof this take a screenshot of the model in the preview then make the app rate it after you done that believe your even more beautiful than this app thinks whatever you are, Embrace your beauty however you like.👊❤️
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3 years ago, Gdvbs g
Somewhat good 😐
Old it made my self esteem go a little down but at the same time I because I’m usually the person that gets call pretty by strangers everyday but now that I’m growing up I find myself more ugly and it just brings me down to see all those pretty people around me and then theirs just me I really hate my nose I used to be in loved with it because of these beauty standers.
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5 years ago, name8742
Bill Cosby’s mug shot got an 89 over a model
Lol, I know I’m fairly attractive. Guys always have asked me out in high school and college, but today I was feeling very insecure (daddy issues - never called me pretty, said he’s proud really any compliments about me at all) and downloaded this app. When Post Malone sticking his tongue out with gross crap all over his face and Bill Cosby’s mug shot get an 80 & 89, and a selfie I posted on Instagram that I get approached by some advertising companies wanting me to be a “model” for their jewelry, and clothes, yet that pic barely scrapes by with a 70. I’m out lol. Don’t even let this app tell you what you are. Can’t have “computers” tell you, ask people on Reddit if you’re that desperate to see what you “are” to the world in terms of the physical. 0/5 if I could haha. I had a good laugh though!
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4 years ago, REK123445
I Love it with its little floss
I Love it but my sister hates it because now she thinks she’s ugly but like l like it because it sed I was 93 out of 100 which made me super happy so I’d say it should get 5 stars as long as you are okay with getting a lower rate if you’re okay with this you should totally get the app
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4 years ago, victoria rodriguez73682
Good if you want to know how young You look
The face attraction rate is definitely not accurate because I tried some celebrities and all of them were above 77 I even tried myself with a disturbingly ugly Snapchat filter lol but the age is rlly good I think it was really accurate the youngest age number that the app can recognize is like 18 so if u get that ur basically a baby but it’s Pretty accurate
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3 years ago, Fox lover 🦊🦊🦊🦊
This game is very horrible. When I wanted it to guess my age, (I’m 12) it said I was 18. This means that the beauty meter is a lie too. If this game lowered your self esteem, don’t pay attention to the game. Your beautiful. And people should not tell you otherwise. My friend tried it and she was African American and it said she was a 26. This game is racist, sexist, and it’s just flat out HORRIBLE!!! Do NOT download unless you wanna get bullied by the freaking internet.
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4 years ago, ellllllooooooooooooooo
Glitches and more
This app is horrible, I’ve tried on my friends and I and when all got low ratings even though were not ugly. Also you don’t need an app to tell how pretty you are, you should think your pretty just the way you are. Anyways on to the glitches, sometimes it would show up with other faces instead of mine, and it would adjust anything
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6 years ago, scav86
Ok so I tried this app. I’m the least sensitive person I know and I love brutal honesty, so I was looking forward to see what rating I would get. I know I’m not ugly but I also know I’m not a supermodel. I scored an 81. I was happy!! Until I freakin put a picture of Kim Jon un (North Korea’s leader- google pic if you want to know what he looks like) and he scored an 88!!! What the hell??? Lol I felt like crap after that...knowing I had scored lower than him. 🤣 obviously this app is fake. That man is ugly! He his daddie’s son!
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4 years ago, RateUmZeroYT
The same thing showed up for all of our friends
We (all six of us) got the same 86% pretty. We are all male, and we even tried to look ugly. We did the age one and we are all under 18, and it said my friend looked 60-70 years old or whatever. But continue to do it and he got 3 different ages for the same photo. It is all just chance and luck.
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5 years ago, Vienna Valentine
Nice appp
I’m thankful that this app doesn’t make you purchase anything! The 4 stars is because it doesn’t take very good pictures, and when I use something from my camera roll it says it can’t detect a face. It also thinks Lord Voldemort is 82% pretty. That scares me.
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10 months ago, Aldomale
All it does is calculate symmetry
This app measure the golden ratio of your face and determines a score. Usually people in 1.6 range are considered beautiful. This converts the ratio to a given number like 75. I took a picture of David Beckham and compared it to mine and he got a 75 and I got 74. Doesn’t mean I look as good as him and no way I think I do. So don’t go too deep into it.
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5 years ago, Ogkingarthur
This app is funny
I think it’s funny when people say this app is brutally honest, I took a normal picture and I got a 73, than I took the ugliest picture I could and I got an 86. I’m not exactly the best looking guy in the world and I know that but if I look better with a double chin and my mouth gaping than I have some serious problems...
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2 years ago, KicktheBuddyForeverfan
Cool, don’t take it seriously though
I just downloaded this app for fun. It gave me an 86 in rating, which was pretty cool. Though I’m 13 years old and the age rating told me I looked 30. Huh.
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3 years ago, lanoai
Fun I like it..!
Not sure if it’s accurate but either way really made my day since I normally get a 7 and that’s not bad but still I really like it
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3 years ago, regannnn83942
Don't let this make you feel like your ugly/not pretty because you all are pretty and this app is so fake, if I was in control of the app, I would give everybody a 100! I tried using the same picture twice and it was still a different number so, don't download this app or if you already have it then, delete it.
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4 years ago, J_1998
I personally don’t like this app...
Why I don’t like this app is because I don’t think an app can tell you if your pretty or not because everyone is beautiful in their own way and I don’t want this app to get people with low self esteem down in the dumps so please acknowledge that some people won’t like this app, I’m not trying to be a hater I’m just sharing my opinion and I hope you see this context.
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4 years ago, PANDA STRICKER
If you like this game you are crazy first of all it’s boring. It only has 2 things to do on it and the things on it would be something you’d only want to do once. Also it does not rate you on your looks because whenever I make a pretty face it gives me an 89 but when I make an ugly face it gives me like a 95. In conclusion do not get this game it’s terrible game and offencive
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4 years ago, Love Is Love No matter what
I’m 10 not good
I tried to get this game cause I thought I was pretty but obviously not, well I know I am but to this game if you don’t have flawless skin and your hair has to be the best your not pretty this a self esteem game this really hurts my feelings you should have game where beauty is in the inside let them take a quiz to see if their inside have beauty that would be a game everyone would want to see
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3 years ago, CharliAngel77
According to who? App is way off. Don’t bother downloading.
I put in a picture of Kim Kardashian and got an 81. Not that she should get 100. But we all know she’s gorgeous and higher than an 81 on a beauty app. This app is off and it’s not good at assessing the face. A face could not be detected in most of the pictures I tried. This is such a bad app. Save your time and phone space.
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2 years ago, weirdo bear C
What the heck!
This app is so stupid! I downloaded it, and all you do is take a selfie, and it guesses how old you are, or tells you how pretty you are. To test out if it worked, I put in a pic I found if my 3 year old sister having a toddler tantrum, and it gave her a 93 for how pretty she was!! It does not make sense, and it is just a really bad app. Do not download
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4 years ago, Hus1966
It was fine
I got a 76 for beauty and my age was accurate too, but I mean once I got my results there was nothing else on the app so I think they should add more things and filters.
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2 years ago, miri .S
It is really amazing. It tells me how pretty I am tells me how old do I look and everything else
Five stars
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3 years ago, Ethan870000
anything to boost my confidence at this point 💀💀
I probably shouldn’t trust an app with how good I look but y’know if an app says I’m hot then it must be true.
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4 years ago, 👀Slorf🙈
This app is funny and untrue. If you’re sensitive I do not recommend it. I put in Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter and she got an 84 😂😂 I think it just generates random numbers lol. If you’re like me, though, it’ll give you a good laugh. Also, don’t try to put in a dog or a cat face. It says it can’t detect it which made me sad 😞 😂 Gets boring too.
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10 months ago, Memphis James
Old fart still got it
I’m 47 years old. Got a 77 on beauty, but it said greater than 64 on age. Guess I’ve been living in the fast lane too long, but I look good doing it.
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4 years ago, Sandwich_Review
Not sure if accurate bc i got too high of a score
Ive been told Im attractive. But I’m not THAT pretty. I got a 91 and i honestly don’t think it’s accurate, but it was a nice self confidence boost 💀
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5 years ago, Maryf04
This app lowered my self esteem so much that I started crying. The fact that such an app exists is horrible. Why does this exist? Make an app that tells everyone who uses it that their beautiful, because they are. People cut themselves and kill themselves because they honestly believe their ugly. (I’d rather not say my score, because I am so embarrassed about it.)
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6 years ago, l3reel3
Helps you center your face
I like this app, it helps you center your face do you get a more accurate score
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5 years ago, 😄😀😄😃😀😄😃😀😄😃😀😄😃😀😀
Great app
I got a 93 out of 100 so I felt so glad when leaving! Boys tell me I am pretty and like me but I needed something that really will make me believe it! This did! 𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 𝓎𝒪𝓊!
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6 years ago, USA Nick
This is hilarious, I take a picture with a straight upwards angle making the biggest double chin I can it gives me an 80. Take a normal picture, 70... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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5 months ago, Hehzbeyhabghahaj
Interesting concept but lied to me.
I took the ugliest picture I could take of myself and it said 81 on a score and I tried it again with the same picture and it came out to 77. Sorry if I broke a few hearts but this app lied
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4 years ago, Chantel ❤️❤️❤️
I dunno
I really don’t know what I was expecting. I took a picture of myself. Every time I put a picture of me in it kept getting lower and lower.. On the age one I put in a picture of me. It’s said 25-30 or something similar. I’m nine. Welp
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4 years ago, blumonk123
I hate this app
This app just makes people feel bad about themselves. If I could give this app less then one star I would pick that. I put in different picture of myself and some were high and some were low. Everyone is a 100 not an 89 or 92 or something like that everyone is 100.
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7 months ago, SilverSloth8
Cannot detect face
I’m sad. Every time I take a pic, it says it can’t detect a face. Does that mean I’m ugly, or that it’s broken? Also, I tried various shots, yet still won’t work. Overall, would not recommend to a friend. Sorry.
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1 year ago, frkishmisry
What goes up must come down…
The beauty meter raised my self esteem (70s), and the age meter sent it crashing down (35-44). I’m 28! Noooooo!
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2 years ago, aloha0987654321234567890
This app is a joke
I did a picture and it was 86 then I kept doing other pics and it was in its 70’s. Then I made a funny face and made myself as silly and ugly as possible and it was in its 90’s. Did this several times and the ugly faces were in its 90’s. This is very funny!
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4 years ago, Ber365
I was curious (read: having a moment of insecurity) of how attractive I was. It indeed gave me a number, but there wasn’t even a range of numbers to compare to, or a description of what the number is based on. What’s average? Idk.
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2 years ago, dv528fc
Best game ever
I love it so much not a lot of ads and free!!!! I love this thing I definitely recommend
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5 years ago, Viol23
Generates random numbers, no logic...
First time I used it, no make-up or smiling I scored an 80. Downloaded pics of a few supermodels and they scored in the mid 70’s. Googled “ugly women” and got a picture of a abnormally strange looking person, scored a cat scored a 69 🤣🤣🤣’s literally just generated random numbers.
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2 years ago, Jreogerlhgherjk
please read.
This app randomizes your score. I tested it out using the same pictures, do not believe what it says. You are beautiful in your own way and don’t need this app. You are all off the top, over 100.
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