Beauty Scanner - Face Analyzer

Photo & Video
3.5 (379)
89.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tan Ho Nhat
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beauty Scanner - Face Analyzer

3.52 out of 5
379 Ratings
4 months ago, xxwhitericexx
Beaty score showdown
You can’t pull photos from your gallery. Only complaint
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6 years ago, ChattahoocheeDog
Can’t get past ad page
Open up the app, select a photo, then get an advertisement and can’t get past that page. This is using an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6. Although it may be a problem with the ad, rather than this app.... I found the link to remove ads- it’s under the “mask” option. Well worth the 99 cents. The documentation has a long description of how the golden ratio applies to things like pine cones and sunflowers, as well as faces. However, I don’t see any description of what the mask function does.
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7 years ago, taonhatstore
Best face analysis app
Great working app. Was able to put my 5 year old niece to the test. She has blond eyebrows and the app had not trouble taking her measurements. The golden ratio is an amazing thing. I am a photographer and do Photoshop retouching . Love the app. Would be nice to have something similar in Photoshop. Keep up the good work. By the way my phone is a ip6 your app works fine on it
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4 years ago, Maxwell1230
Doesn’t work! Don’t trust your score.
I uploaded faces that were deemed unattractive by real life Golden Ratio studies and this app gave all 3 of them scores of 9 or better (10 being most beautiful and 5-7 average). I scored an 8.9, which is considered attractive. So I am in no way upset with my score, but believe the software is faulty in its calculations. I honestly don’t think I would really score that high and seeing that the “unattractive” faces scored so high really makes me question validity of results!
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6 years ago, CMS nak
Won’t save
I can see my score and for $0.99 more you can purchase the mask (geometric overlay on your face). There’s an option to save images to the photo library, but it says “error” every time I try to save. I also didn’t give the app access to my photo library when promoted, but it still accessed it!!
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9 months ago, JLJ12234
Great; if the software would take the image and make the changes that would make it 10/10.
What I’m typing in the review isn’t showing up on my screen
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6 years ago, JCrewgirl98
Please add more info
I was hoping to learn what my numbers are, what they mean (as in categorization of face shape, eye shape, etc.) and how I could use this information to choose hairstyles and makeup application. I have my ratios and the mask, now what do I do with it? It seems this app is incomplete.
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3 years ago, fsmilwaukee
Couldn’t detect any faces
I’ve felt invisible in some social situations, but geez. I din’t feel too badly as the app couldn’t detect faces in photos of other people as well. It may work at certain angles, I just lost patience with it. A LOT of advertisements slowed me down and I moved on to something else.
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3 years ago, Karen94500
It works
Only works on full front face pics without a smile. My favorite victoria secret model is a 9.7 while Kendal Jenner is a 9.2
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4 weeks ago, Anonymous8502
It was super annoying to use and the adds would pop up so often. I’m not too sure if it was even accurate but whatever
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3 months ago, art926
I took a pretty bad photo of myself in the morning and it gave me a high rank, so it looked fishy. I downloaded a few photos of pretty and ugly faces from Internet and tried those in the app. It ranked my of the ugly faces higher than pretty. Actually, the results looked quite random.
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3 years ago, Mpls grl 2011
Awful do NOT buy
I paid $9.99 for the full app and none of the features work. It won’t save the photo (no I’m not out of space) and it won’t overlay the makeup app - it just keeps spinning and spinning. Nothing works - going to write a complaint to Apple for a refund. This is a scam.
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4 years ago, vasodeagua.
It’s never stopped loading
I was willing to pay for the mask but now it won’t load to the next part ... Is this app a hoax? Seems like it 🤷🏼‍♀️
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3 years ago, HwangHoTse
Not saving and adds keep appearing
I’ve already paid for the app, but the adds keep appearing and I can’t save the Face analysis . On top of it all I don’t find any support either from their site , Facebook page and they haven’t answered my Messenger message.
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6 years ago, nfirszt
Great app!
The app works great for me. I’ve used it on all kinds of photos just to see the score... I’m assuming it’s a 1 - 10 scale.
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3 years ago, Kaylaaaaaaaa!
Over priced
For $9.99 to use the mask feature is just insane. Way overpriced. I would purchase for maybe 0.99 y’all are just ripping people off at this point. I do like the measurements and how it rates your face, so far ONE the best “face rating” apps out there. The price kinda ruins it for me though.
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6 days ago, Hello this is mee
This app made me so much more confident, and it told me what I need to fix and how to fix it, download itttt!! 😍😍
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5 years ago, amns78
I got my number
What do the numbers mean at this point? 0-10 being 0 is the worst or best? Need more clarification on scoring scale please!
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2 years ago, Audrey_Keeler
Don’t pay for the extras that’s stupid. Works best with straight faces. 👍
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1 month ago, Bush Wackerr
Used to be free without ads
It used to be free unfortunately I will be deleting since now they require you to either spend money or watch a ton of ads to use it so goodbye.
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5 years ago, a1120000
Very Consistent
If it’s consistent, it has to have some degree of accuracy.
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5 months ago, OskarMillrr
Before when I had it, I wasn’t forced on with any ads. But now it won’t show my face results unless I watch an ad, and it won’t even load an ad.
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6 years ago, GalaxyStar095
Is 8.27 a good number? And I’m 11
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1 month ago, carrie g.
DON’T!! There’s no way to unsubscribe
Literally don’t do the free 3 day trial—even if you cancel after you install it. Apple will still charge you even if you chose to cancel it!
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5 years ago, GrubsForMyXP
Nice and fast
But what do the numbers mean? Is 8 high or terrible?
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6 years ago, l3reel3
Total scam
I found online photos of people who needed corrective jaw surgeries, and other people with very obvious facial flaws and serious asymmetries. I put their faces in this app and they came up as 8’s. Like how? I would NOT PAY for this app.
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4 months ago, Lilzjixybinius
Fix your app. It always says, “sorry, there are no adds available.” (It Has said this for the past 2 days)
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6 months ago, Fw_Dark
Fake app
My friend got a 9.99 score and he’s chubby and my score is a 8 I have a better jaw line then him :/
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4 years ago, Jae Lemon
Cannot use more than once
I was able to analyze one photo, then the program got stuck.
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4 weeks ago, Hshsbegehe
The ads won’t stop I can’t do anything because of them.
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7 months ago, geeenberries
I love you
The woman on the logo is so hot
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3 years ago, Sam71639373
I paid 9.99 for the app to remove adds and show how to contour correctly.... the ads remained and it did not give any further info. Scam.
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4 years ago, Buttsexu
This app is broken. I’m scoring up to a 9.75, I’m tall, fit, and educated yet I haven’t had sex since I was a teenager. I’ve been rejected multiple times by girls...
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6 years ago, oopsieme
Won’t recognize face
Tried several times, in different lighting, and different distances and it couldn’t ever detect a face.
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1 year ago, gje86
Who’s scoring??
Your app is crap! So, just to check, I used your app to score Miss Universe 2022 and she scored a 5.57. I on the other hand, scored a 8.81. Stupid!
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4 years ago, L456iz
Not accurate
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6 years ago, GingersRule!
Terrible rip off.
Paid but can’t use b/c it doesn’t work. I want a refund!
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3 years ago, $unshine*123
Don’t even waste your time.
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6 years ago, Applegeek2018
Total rip off for what you get
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3 years ago, 65894AS
Wow 9.99 asking price to put a mask over the photo. That’s, bold.
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4 years ago, Carolpanaro21
The worst app I’v ever used! And they took your money also!
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5 years ago, my3lilmonkeez
Not free
It charges you to add the golden ratio to a picture.
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11 months ago, Moistminion111
Dont download
Im ugly and i got a good score its rigged dont downlaod
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8 months ago, Swiftiemia
it rated brooke shields a 7 and me a 9
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2 weeks ago, Gunnerrrrrrrrrrrg
I got 9.99/10 I’m not that good looking tho
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7 months ago, Joey😉
Bets app ever
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5 months ago, koolemii
B can
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4 months ago, Allergic
Inappropriate Ad
I received an Ad in which a woman is talking and then flashes her butt in a thong. Feedback on the ratio feature is random
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4 years ago, Jacob RP
Suspicious App
Won’t work if on airplane mode, as if collecting everyone’s pictures is part of the code.
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