Bedtime Fan: White Noise Baby

Health & Fitness
4.8 (125.2K)
264.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Indian Summer Media, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bedtime Fan: White Noise Baby

4.76 out of 5
125.2K Ratings
1 year ago, bmd82
Best Bedtime Fan Ever
This is the only fan that I have ever found that sounds like a real fan. I have tried a lot of apps and this fan on the low setting to me is the only one that sounds like a real fan. Ever since I found this app a few years ago I haven’t even looked for another (White noise) app again. I play it every night with my JBL Flip 3 bluetooth speaker. It still does the job to just use my iPhone 11 Pro max. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs white noise to sleep. I only wish I could get premium as just a one time purchase but as good of a app as they have made I can understand why they make it a yearly subscription. I am grateful that they let me use a small part of the app for free though, with next to no commercial’s. And the commercial’s that you do have to listen to are only about 5 second not 30 like most. I almost never write reviews on anything but this app is worth my time for how much it helps me sleep, especially living in the city.
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2 years ago, listener of facts
Amazingly PERFECT!
First of all, for all the “nay sayers” that left poor reviews, your reviews are either personal or just plain user error! I understand that this app may not work or be for you, but that is NOT a reason for you to rate an app with one star. If it’s not for you, rate it well and say in your review that it didn’t work for you or that it isn’t right for you. There is no reason why these people should be giving this a poor rating or actually take the time to write a bad review because of your ignorance of operating the app. If it’s not for you, say that. There’s no reason for a poor rating or a slander about the app. Now, this app is the FIRST relaxation aid or sleep application that actually WORKS! The “Fan”, “Crickets", “Crickets”, and “Camp Fire” sound extremely true! And with the ability of mixing more or less of the music and sound effects is perpetually perfect! Again, the sounds are true and life like! BRAVO to the developers!!
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2 years ago, JokesOnC
What happened?
I have been using this App for a long time and love it. The simplicity of it and the simple settings are all I need in a fan app. I show everyone it when we start talking about sleep. Lol So now I wonder “what happened” because suddenly I get this in-app purchase option that required me to download in the middle of the night (when I was trying to turn the fan on) and I am baffled why suddenly it’s no longer free. Unfortunately I followed the prompts because I didn’t have my glasses on and was half asleep. I’ve managed to cancel through the App Store (I hope that works) because I don’t want to pay for a simple fan sound. If I can ensure I don’t get charged I will definitely keep using this App since I do love it.
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2 years ago, Spugh77
Fantastic app, but…
Love the app. Grew up with a box fan every night, so really can’t sleep without that white noise. One of the “improvements” isn’t great for me personally. I can understand that the ramp down of volume over a period of time for a more calm wake up. The problem is that when the volume starts decreasing, it wakes me up immediately. I’m getting substantially less sleep because of it. My work around is to set the sleep timer for an hour later than I need, then setting an iPhone alarm to wake me before the volume decreases. The ramp down may work well for some people, but having a sliding bar in the settings menu to turn the feature on and off would be greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, Countrycrunchy
I never review apps, but after not having this app recently (it kept saying the developer needed to update it), I downloaded a few others and they’re just too busy. This simple perfect box fan sound experience can’t be beat and nothing to sort or search. I happened to search the Account Manager 3, Inside Sales of the app needing to be updated again and there was a new/identical one, and I was thrilled! I downloaded this and deleted the older version saying it needed updates by the developer. I live this app so much when I travel. I depend on my Vornado fan for white noise at home. This app delivers as close to the Vornado fan noise as I can get. Thank y’all so much!
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4 months ago, Jason's new iphone
Fan App
Love this app. It is perfect for when we travel and I don’t have my box fan, because I have to have the sound of my fan to be able to sleep. I can not sleep good if it gets a completely silent so I got this app cause it does sound like my box fan. I would completely recommend this app to anyone that sleeps with a fan and needs something for when they travel and can’t take there fan with them. Not only would I recommend it but I HAVE ALSO RECOMMENDED it to a few of my friends!! Thank you very much for having this app available. I also like the new sounds that was added as well!!! Very Satisfied, Rachael
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2 years ago, tampabaybuckanears
Love this app
So me and my family would always go camping or to our hunting shack but my dad would always snore and we didn’t have any doors or walls and he snores like really loud and I can’t stand snoring or hotels or something I just get on my last nerves because I know I’m up all night but I put on this app because I was looking up snoring apps or sound apps and I found this app and I was like I’m gonna test it out because I test out a lot of other apps and I did not like them because they made you pay or just weren’t good and I got this app and I love it it’s awesome recommend it
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2 weeks ago, Amandibles
Ahhhhhh on the road!
Does anyone else have difficulty sleeping in when hotels? Just when you’re finally getting used to the bed and strange sounds, it’s time to go home! The app has options for other sounds, but I prefer the simple fan. Set on low (there are three options for pitch), this fan sounds JUST like the air purifier in my bedroom at home, helping my mind to relax and not stay at high alert in strange surroundings. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, I can now get a good night’s sleep in a hotel! I’ve been using it for years… I have tried other white or brown noise apps, and I always come back to my tried and try Bedtime Fan. It’s a lifesaver!
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2 years ago, Duna Tune
This is me AND my 8 month son’s lullaby
I have been using this fan app for years. I use it for camping or when I am staying at someone’s house that doesn’t have a fan . I cannot sleep in pure silence so this fan app has helped many many nights for me . The fan sound itself drowns out any background noise. I have even used if for white noise therapy when my anxiety is through the roof . Now I use it for my baby boy to help him sleep . I’ve even turned it on while shopping to help keep him asleep . And with that being said , it’s FREE too . It’s a winner for me .
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3 weeks ago, Mrs.KMoore
Amazing Fan Sound!
I’m gonna just say I downloaded this cause we’re on vacation and sadly my fan is at home. We are listening to it on our party splash speaker and it sounds literally just like a fan! It’s the first app I downloaded to try and I’m happy to say I won’t be downloading any other white noise apps. Sadly, though, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to purchase it just to have available at all times. I CANNOT sleep without my fan and I just can’t believe how realistic this sounds. It’s like I brought my fan with me! 🥳
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4 years ago, HarryRulz
Love it!
I have slept with a fan all of my life. It really isn’t optional at this point in my life. I have tried many other white noise apps and recordings, they all fall short. This app really does sound like a fan! There’s even a slight vibration noise (very subtle) like you would have with a box fan. It’s not an annoying mockery of a fan like some. Granted, every style of fan has a slight difference in sound, so this may not be exactly like what you use. That said, it at least does actually sound like a fan. And it’s a lot more portable on trips!
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4 years ago, fxrdtvjbhc
Pretty good
I like this because it’s really nice if you just need a noisemaker for the night it’s you can go to like campfire and a fan rain and I think crickets The reason why I didn’t do five stars is because you can only do that for a limited amount of time we have to watch ads if you want to get two different things it’s a fan and you can pay 799 if you want to get no answer and you can get all of the sounds for free so I want is it’s pretty nice I would recommend it to anyone who needs noise at night just look up like at on the App Store white noise and it should pop right up
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2 years ago, Danny68 was cool
This app blows
First of all, I understand that I am in a trial period. But, the version that they provide is about as limited as you can get. This is done on purpose to get you to upgrade the app. You may say no duh but, their trial version is so limited that it is worthless. This is a very poor marketing strategy…most likely?? They probably figure most people will install this app because they really only want it temporarily because they forgot their fan or are in a hotel or situation of desperation. Of course after you download their data usage hungry app you need to HOPEFULLY remember to cancel or are too stupid to figure out how. I totally get the marketing approach however, this trial Isn’t worth the time to download!!!
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2 years ago, robloxfan_robux35677
This app helps me sleep
Whatever I can’t sleep I turn it on but whenever my sister comes I turn on the fan and make her go upstairs because it annoys her so thanks for making this up I can use it to make my sister leave me alone thank you I don’t know why people are giving you bad reviews I’ve been using this app for five years since I was five you are amazing also will you please add vacuum sound vacuum cleaners make me fall asleep so will you do that make it free please just like that soft
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1 year ago, whatnameisnottakenomg
Life changing
I used to always use “calm” and it’s amazing however as a person who personally likes loud fans it was AWSOME when I found this app. I choose the sound and I love it. After a while I missed my rain sounds from calm but found out I can put rain on this app also and have a fan! This app ended up changing my nightly routine for the better and somehow I now listen to “sooty” music in the background of my fan (which I can control how much) I love this app and it’s a lost used!
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3 years ago, Champagnelver
For my whole life my mom would always put a fan in my room for noise. She’s been doing that as a child too! Now, as I am getting older, I’m able to go to sleepovers! I cannot have a sleepover or sleep with no fan! I just cannot sleep! A couple of years ago I downloaded this app because I can’t bring my huge fan to my friends house.😂 I do have a small portable fan, but since I have a lot of bags, it would just be a big mess. This app works 100%! I love this app so much!! I definitely recommend it!!
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2 years ago, Curt Skeens
When I was younger I was stationed at Langley AFB and being a new recruit I was on midnight shift. During that time I became accustomed to sleeping with the fan on to drown out the noise of F-15 fighter jets flying overhead while I slept during the day. I’m now 54, on vacation with my family in Florida, they’ve long been asleep as I studied for my message Sunday. I open this app to set the fan so that when the central air of the hotel kicks off momentarily, I still have the calm, steady, background noise to remain asleep. It may not make sense to you but I’ve used it more than you can imagine.
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6 months ago, Stranger things 🙃
Love it!
OK I love this app because you may not have a fan where you are so you can use it when you don’t have one. Plus I love the sounds the is a fireplace sound that is so nice! and more sounds then just a fan it is probably the best fan app I ever used! Because the other apps are just boring they just have nothing. Also I love that you can put it on LOW MEDIUM and HIGH. Because then you will have many choices. So that’s why I think you should get this app it’s the best!
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3 years ago, Inkling1432
Best fan app for bedtime
This is 100% the BEST bedtime fan app EVER i use it every night to sleep, and now i cant sleep without it! If you need a fan to sleep and you’re going on a family trip get this app or if you need more charging space, then you can get rid of the regular fan you have and just use this app and use the extra charging space for whatever you want. In the end, this is a great fan app, save charging station room with the app, and your phone/ipad is never going to be bulkier than a fan
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6 months ago, jjjjjrrrrraaaaalllll
Was my favorite
I’ve used this app For a long time. The fan sound really helps me fall asleep. I don’t like it as much since they started showing ads, they’re annoying, tricky to close, and obviously not necessary. Getting a new app now after all this time. Re dev’s response- Unlike other apps, the ads in yours likes to change and hide where the X is, making you basically play seek and find with the X and often making it more difficult to close. Not cool and Too annoying for me.
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2 years ago, Hil_123
Most true to life sounds I’ve found!
I need a fan just to be able to fall asleep at night and I’ve tried many apps while vacationing or if I’ve forgotten to take my little fan with me. I found this app and was pleasantly surprised at how realistic it sounded. I’ve used it many times now and it has always put me right to sleep. Thank you for developing an app that actually sounds like a real fan! I tell everyone about your app now.
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5 years ago, Darling52
Almost perfect, best free app I’ve found
I love this app. It sounds like a real fan and now need it to sleep. It’s so soothing. There’s just one break in the sound at the beginning as it almost always happens when I’m about to fall asleep. I’m a light sleeper and use this app to block out street city noise. So when the sound breaks, even though it’s just a few seconds, it usually kinda wakes me up or make me more conscious/awake. To avoid this I usually just start the app before getting in bed but I’m bad about remembering. Love that it doesn’t need WiFi so I can use it on planes and abroad!
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3 years ago, sd2800
Started good but...
At first I loved this, steady background noise to block out sounds of outside (I’m sleeping in a spare room for a while and not my normal bedroom. This room is facing the street with cars and neighbors). But after about a week I noticed some weird noises in the background of the fan. Like tone changes or shifts, sometimes it sounded like there was background noise added to the fan sound. I heard chimes or beeping like an alarm, some kind of music, someone talking, and random noises like objects being moved. Per other reviews this is definitely a weird and annoying aspect of the app and I found it very creepy. It started waking me up and keeping me awake so I deleted the app.
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4 months ago, noes app
This app is amazing it helps you sleep also not only does it help you sleep you sleep the whole night if you don’t like noise I don’t recommend. This app is recommended by me because it’s amazing it’s also great for road-trips and more!!! This fan on the app lets you pick high medium or low for sounds also another thing is there is purchasing for different sound effects but the fan is completely free!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Ame 107
Good but needs work
I'm I never really do reviews but, this needs one. So this is a great app. The fan sound can be a little bit better like it doesn't sound the most like a real fun. I use this app because I don't have a good fan I can use and I need some sound to fall asleep. The fan sound has always help me fall asleep but this doesn't sound the most like a real fan. The good stuff tho is I like how it blocked out a lot of outside sounds. It is a very good app in end words. But the realistic fan sound should have a little bit more work on that. But a very good app
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2 years ago, hciendjcisnwxi
perfectly perfect!
i couldn’t say that it had flaws, because it doesn’t. i use this all the time because mommy brother snores, i recently i downloaded it bc i stopped using it, and found my sleeping life MISERABLE. i mean, no sleep for days due to the snoring. i’m now redownloading it, and wanted to describe my experience with BedTimeFan let me tell you, the person who made this app is an angel! so thanks for this awesome OnlineFan that i can use wherever i am Sincerely, A Reviewer
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2 years ago, ⓒⓗⓐⓡⓛⓔⓔ ⓚⓐⓣⓔ
get this app people
I’ve used this app for a very long time. One night at my third house I lived in, I downloaded it, never used it, then I was at my 4th house, I couldn’t sleep, we had just moved there, and there was no internet yet, and this app doesn’t require Wi-Fi, so, i used it!! Now on my 6th house, I still use it<3 (I’m using the numbers based off of how many house I lived in at the time/now) If you like sleeping with fans, get this one!!
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5 years ago, Bulldoggerjk
Almost perfect.
Glad to see they’ve fixed the faint tune in the background. I had quit using it for that reason. I’ll be back now. I’ve used a bunch of these apps and quit using them because I can hear when the loop starts over. I end up focusing on it. I’ve never heard a loop with this one. The only improvement I can suggest is having the option to change the pitch of the fan besides just the three settings. It’s still the best one I’ve used.
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6 years ago, PicklesNozdormu
Sweet sleepy embrace
I have tried countless noise apps on the App Store and every one of them is either annoying, doesn’t let you lock your phone and still play, or doesn’t actually sound like a real fan. I’ve slept with a fan my entire life then once I found this app, it sounded exactly like my fan. I use this every single night and I HIGHLY recommend this app. It’s simple, 3 setttings from low to high. This app is the only thing that lets me have a peaceful nights sleep.
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7 months ago, sdfffghujkkbvvcfyyiknbgdf
I travel for work and need noise to sleep. I usually sleep with a sound machine at home but don’t take it with me so my wife can still have it when I am gone. I looked up bedtime fan. This app definitely does the trick. I would have sleepless nights before work without it. It’s either free or cheap for a year prescription. I recommend this app to anyone looking for white noise while traveling….or even at home!
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8 months ago, Allstar Leah
By far the best white noise
It gives you the perfect white noise by using a fan sound. It gives you the true sound that you know is a fan sound but the deeper sound is the true sound of noise blocking out your surroundings. I have had it for years and use most when traveling. Hotel rooms are easier to block slamming doors, loud music, etc. mostly I’ve used it for hospital rooms. Great app that has kept me sane. Lol
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3 years ago, Mcb207
Perfect sleep
I’ve always used some kind of noise to put me to sleep, even as a child. But now after lugging a noisemaker that ‘I LOVED ‘ for years I found this app and my life is complete. I don’t lug anything except my phone. I bring my charger to ensure I have noise all night and set the volume on med to low. I sleep like a baby. I recommend this app to everyone because all you need is the sound of a fan to do the trick. This sleep sound app is the very best. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, TheRandomHuman:)
Looking for a portable fan? This is it!
“ Bed Time Fan” is the perfect app to use if you either don’t have one or forgot a portable fan if you were to be away from home. At night, I need a fan to sleep, so I will pull this out and it works great, just like the real thing. The 3 different settings are efficient to use so they can be more accurate to your preference, and others usually don’t find it to be a problem when they try to sleep.
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1 year ago, Bigpal
Horrible, Unrealistic sounds will keep you UP
First off - don't buy, they make it tough to cancel before you trial is over. You won't get any reminders or anything. On the actual sounds - they aren't realistic and they don't sound like a fan. It's like a car radiator fan that will only distract you and keep you awake. I don't see why it's so hard to make a decent white noise fan, like a common oscillating room fan. Who knows. Trust me, AVOID this one. I also tried to cancel my subscription and it didn't show up as a trial, but a week later I got nailed for $20... twenty dollars a YEAR for an app that should be $5 forever. This is a complete scam.
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4 years ago, ZiggysSmile
Ohhh my my my!
My fan went out and i have slept with a fan blowing away from my face year round for over 50 years. And i would fall fast asleep. So last night, the fan app gave me great comfort & i actually reached REM sleep! And today I woke up rested and happy. Not gloomy and tired. I truly am appreciative of this app! It even has low med & high! Just the simple stuff was all i needed. Thanks for the rest and the greatly needed rest that gave me a little song to my day. Ksm-indy
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5 years ago, Bgriff41441313
Please fix the bug!!
I use this app at night as background noise for my 5 month old. The problem is, every text, phone call, alarm, or any sound comes out of my phone- the fan noise shuts off. Then I have to either close the app and reopen it or choose a different fan setting. Even when using do not disturb on my phone to block calls and texts, my alarms shut off the noise. It would be perfect if you could just fix this in the next update. Thanks.
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6 years ago, CHRITOLB
Good app
I have seen many bad reviews but I have not had the issues they have had. The app still works while the phone is locked, not sure about the battery my phone is usually charging at night. I wish that it had a softer oscillating fan nose but that's all. People complaining about the sound need to try a better speaker or better headphones. A cell phone speaker isn't great and I found that it sounds much more like a fan with good headphones. Overall this is a good app.
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2 years ago, Bigman1972
Excellent!!!! Love it!!!!!
Easy to use. Has a auto fade out timer shut off. Free is great with more sounds if you pay. Visual ads are fine for an audio app. They don’t disturb and helps the developer make a few cents. Premium is a one off fee instead of a stupid subscription Doesn’t seem to drain the battery. All in all a perfect app. Btw I wrote to them and they responded in the same day. Fantastic attitude
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2 years ago, chattygirl65627
Love it
It sounds just like a fan it has high medium and low and it is just like having a fan right by you it even has a timer. Every night I put it on for an hour and by then I am asleep and I don’t need to worry to shut it off because it has the timer on it when the timer is done it will turn off this is surely the best fan app I have ever found!!!
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2 years ago, Drolljr
Best sounding fan app you can buy!
Pros and cons: Pros: App Bought this app a few years ago and use almost on a nightly basis. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, Specially when I travel. Pros: Service They had updated the app and I lost my purchased fan and it wouldn’t restore my purchase. Lee at bed time fan support was quick to respond and followed up to fix the issue once they released another update. After the update I still had an issue restoring my purchase. Not only did he respond immediately again This time it was fixed and back up running as it should. Thank you Lee! It’s hard to find good customer care anymore! Cons: Absolutely nothing at all!! Don’t change a thing!! Thank you! DR
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1 year ago, Trail running
Sucked all phone battery even while on the charger
Used this app at camp where I was chaperoning. Ran almost all night while phone was charging and suddenly shut off. Had drained all the battery while the phone was plugged in. First night, I thought maybe I didn’t have charger connected all the way. Happened again second night and the scary part was that my phone wouldn’t turn back on. I don’t know if it overheated the phone or what, but it was two full hours before my phone would even charge (a new iPhone). This app is also full of pop up ads. Highly discourage!!!
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2 years ago, LovePeaceQueen1776
Great but clicking sound
I have trouble sleeping so my husband and I downloaded the app to help. After several minutes we both noticed a clicking and/or chime sound and it won’t go away. It plays every few seconds. It’s enough to keep me awake. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but we can still hear it. My husband installed it on his phone too and it’s also doing it on his phone. The app would be perfect if it didn’t have the clicking/chime sound.
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3 years ago, RLstinerbutter
Best app ever!
My fan broke in the middle of the night while I was really sick and I can’t sleep w/o a fan under normal circumstances let alone sick. I don’t know what made me think there would be an app for this but then again there’s an app for everything so when I found this fan app I just about jumped for joy and then I fell right back asleep as if my fan was back on! Works great and really does sound like a big metal ‘jet’ fan.
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8 months ago, Serene the
Amazing free app!
I have to have white noise in order to sleep and that’s usually my fan. However, anytime I need to sleep on the couch, go on vacations, visit family, or where ever, I turn this app on and it sounds just like a fan. It’s helped me get to sleep on numerous occasions. If you need white noise and you’re going somewhere that doesn’t let you have a fan, this app covers you!
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2 years ago, Guardian141
Updated previous paid version
Recently, After updating IOS to latest version, when tried to open, said “developer needs to update app to work with this version of IOS.” * UPDATE *Developer responded to my rating via email and said to delete & re-download the app - it now works perfectly! Thank you, have used this app for years!!
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2 years ago, heathahum
Favorite fan app
This is by far the best fan app I’ve ever had. It recently just started having issues as to when someone calls or any type of notification comes in that it will shut off. It used to continue after the ringing or message notification was done. Now it just stops completely. I hope they fix this Bc I use it anytime I am away from home 😩
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9 months ago, WTaft
Best noise application
My wife and became accustomed to our white noise machine when our son was a newborn. so we had to put a machine in our room after he moved to his bedroom. This application is the only one I’ve downloaded for when we are traveling that is worth anything at all, and it’s great! I probably downloaded 5 other apps and they were all terrible
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5 years ago, DRae927
Super Fan!
I have a hard time falling back to sleep once I get up in the middle of the night. My friend told me about the fan app and I used it for the first time last night and it totally worked! Set it on low and I didn’t even hear my husband get out of bed. It brings your focus to the sound of the fan and not to any other sound in the background (like my husband snoring!). A whole new world!!!!
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4 years ago, Coolcollinluke
Awesome app!
This app is great! Especially when the power goes out. My iPod touch’s battery unfortunately drains. Luckily, all I have to do is have my computer all charged up and have the iPod charging. And of course when the iPod is fully charged all I have to do is turn off my laptop to keep the battery from dying in case I have to use it again the next few nights.
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2 years ago, Shaela M
Great app EXCEPT for
Great app, the sound of the fan on high is my favorite to sleep to every night, however, my phone is on silent at night and if someone calls me at night or early morning, the fan pauses and it goes silent for when the phone call is coming through which wakes me up when it goes from loud fan to no noise. If this issue of the fan pausing during the silenced call coming through was fixed, then I would give it 5 stars easily.
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