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User Reviews for BetterHelp - Therapy

4.82 out of 5
135.2K Ratings
9 months ago, CNGJCG
Great option for someone with a busy work schedule trying to find the best fit for what they need
This has been a huge help with not only connecting with a high trained therapist but perfect for someone who doesn't have the time to make appts during regular office hours or hunt for the “right” therapist! It takes all the time, work and stress away from making any tough decisions and does it all for you. The app is so easy to navigate! You simply download the app, fill out a quick personal questionnaire and a bio if you so choose, and they match you with a therapist! And if you at any time feel the match isn’t right you able to makes changes when you so choose. The app (and your smart device) lets you know they’ve received your information and that they’re working on a match for you based on your personal needs. When you are given the therapist, you get a bio about them and their personal experience in all the categories, and get to freely message the therapist back and fourth through the app to set up a time that works for you and converse on any other things you might need to discuss! You also get options to get involved in group sessions and other opportunities to learn and grow. And lastly - you are able to get fantastic customer service with a live person with any questions or concerns you may have which has been so easy and helpful and quick in response! I’m very grateful for app and the people who work for this company!
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3 years ago, essdogg
Only wish I’d joined sooner
I’d been putting off finding a therapist because I was sifting through local recommendations and not finding a good match. Then I joined BetterHelp, answered a few questions, and was paired with a fantastic therapist within minutes. That’s the most important part and BetterHelp nailed it. The platform itself is well-designed and strong at facilitating communication with your therapist. We’ve shared links, worksheets, documents and more. It’s also super-convenient having the secure chat and video sessions happen right on the page (for desktop/laptop) or right in the app (for phone). It can run a bit much if you’re used to twice-a-month sessions but I’ve found (that and my therapist has encouraged) once-a-week sessions are both better for my mental health and make me feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck. You can even do more than that, plus chat anytime, if you feel you need it. For those who may be new to cognitive behavioral therapy, know that it can be daunting and you may not connect with your first therapist. BetterHelp makes it easy to get a new one if that’s the case—and you should never feel guilty about moving on. A good therapist will understand and want you with someone who is a better fit, too. With that said, the more you can come into this experience with an open mind and a healing spirit, the more you’ll get out of it. Just focus on your mental health and BetterHelp will be there to help with the rest.
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1 year ago, Melanie 👑
Simply amazing
I have been using better help for over a year now. First let me say that my therapist is the best one I’ve ever had. I’ve been seeing therapist since I was 14 years of age. I’ve had a therapist who forced me to exercise/calorie restriction at the age of 14. I’ve had another who didn’t see my mothers abuse. I’ve had others who just didn’t want to work with someone with my severity of issues. At some point I stopped going to therapy because it felt like rejection. It felt like no one could ever help me. I had seen ads about BetterHelp. I always put it off. However, my life began to flash before my eyes and I had enough. So I started BetterHelp when I was 21 years old. She is a black woman which is always such a rarity because trauma within the black community looks vastly different than trauma from other communities. Within the last year I’ve experienced great financial challenges and still am. I was almost homeless, lost my job, and my ESA had an emergency. I reached out to them because of these financial issues and they were able to provide me financial aid. Which has been really beneficial since I now get to continue therapy. I still am jobless and am trying to survive the best I can. However, with my therapist help I’ve still remained resilient. My therapist has been able to help me recognize a lot of abuse/trauma and has given me the tools to do better. She holds me accountable whilst also being kind and supportive. Thank you BetterHelp!
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3 years ago, Tiffany J. Kim
You Need to Keep Searching To Find Your Clinician
I appreciate this company and their support has been great. After trying Talkspace, I came to them and wanted to try them out, but didn't qualify for more than 5% financial aid, and they gave me 40% after learning that I had shelled' out for their competitor. It took me several tries, because some clinicians didn't respond or wrote very short replies, or (in one case), asked what I wanted out of therapy when I'd written a pretty detailed response to the initial questionnaire. After working with my clinician for several months, I canceled my account. I had to start the process over again, but when I reached out to support, they told me I could get back to working with the clinician I liked, and my session history was restored, just as if I'd never left. This clinician is great, too. His name is Lance Tingle, and he provides Thankful Thursdays and Mindfulness Monday exercises, along with the therapy. He is quick to respond, and he provides exercises, app recommendations, and articles to read. If you keep at it and find a clinician whom you trust and are able to work with, this can be a really great app. You have the means to write about your experiences on-the-go, so you can process things as they come up. Cancellation is a bit of a convoluted process since you have to click Cancel several times, and make sure you get the cancellation E-mail. Other than this, I highly recommend the company and its services.
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2 years ago, Cisco Nabisco
Feeling Better
I started using BetterHelp a few weeks ago. I was really in a rough place and I felt like I didn’t have time to take care of myself. I felt like I didn’t have time or the money to talk to anybody at a rate that I could afford. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to connect with a therapist that would be able to understand me and where I was coming from. BetterHelp allowed me to go through a list of therapists where I could see their background and their specialties and get a sense for who I would be talking to before I had even a first conversation. The communication started off as text messaging which was more comfortable for being able to share what was going on with me without feeling nervous to share certain issues I was having. Then I was able to book a video session with my therapist to discuss over video chat what was happening and to discuss my progress. I was able to learn new techniques to help better my own thinking and behaving and recognize what was causing me so much anguish. I was able to do it affordably and in my own time. When I needed a lot of communication, I could have it - and when I needed time to reflect, I had space as well. This is my long winded way of saying that I highly recommend BetterHelp to anyone who needs an affordable and convenient way to connect with a therapist. It saved my life and my relationships with my loved ones. Thank you D and thank you BetterHelp.
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4 years ago, Political Peach
Dynamic Platform with Caring Counselor
I have been using Better Help for a month and I am loving it, and finding it highly helpful. Make no mistake, it is not without the hard work involved in healing, I’ve seen other comments say that it’s like ‘counseling lite,’ which I highly disagree with. This has been some of the most healthfully challenging counseling work I’ve done, and I see myself making progress while feeling fully supported. The platform does make it much easier to connect and communicate effectively. My counselor is easily the best matched counselor I’ve ever had, I feel that I’m learning so much from them and with them. The fact you can communicate in different ways, both scheduled and not, with your counselor has been so beneficial. I feel it helps to paint a best picture of where I’m coming from - I’ll send my counselor a journal I wrote or a meme that resonates deeply and that helps me to process things but also gives us an understanding of what to lean into in our scheduled sessions. The fact you can match a counselor with your identity and wants and needs is amazing - as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and also being gender fluid, I’ve never felt my counselors understood me or cared about that aspect, but as soon as I met my Better Help counselor (also in the community) on our video chat, I felt understood and safe, like I could immediately open up. My only critique is that Better Help could be more cost effective - it’s rather expensive as a student.
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4 years ago, Asecretive
I’m ready for therapy
This is my first experience going to therapy/seeing a counselor. I’ve never looked down on the idea and was so happy for people that made the decision to do it. I put it off for a long time, because I “wasn’t ready to talk about my real feelings,” and “my problems are not that bad compared to others.” However, Since I wasn’t enjoying my life, I should have just forced myself to sign up right then. I am now to a place where I know I have the ability to make my life better and having a therapist easily available really helps me follow through with my small promises towards creating happiness. I love the convenience of this app. Making appointments is so easy. I love the journal section of this app - you have a thought, just type it in. No need to over think it. It also allows you to share sections with your therapist if it’s easier for you to write your thoughts and feelings out instead of verbally explain them. If you don’t connect with your therapist you can quickly and easily get matched with a new one. I have been recommending it to everyone that seems intrigued by the idea of therapy. If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to start feeling better about your life and you’re putting it off by getting lost in reviews. Take the first step and just sign up. If it really doesn’t work for you then you just cancel payment and delete it. At least you took the first step. ❤️
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5 years ago, Malo
Pleasantly Surprised
I was pretty apprehensive when I finally decided to try online therapy. I’ve done in-person therapy for 15 years and wasn’t sure I’d be able to connect with my therapist without being able to meet the person face to face. But I can’t afford to see my usual therapist because of my insurance coverage (or lack there of) for mental health services. So I did some research on which app was best and decided on BetterHelp. They have been very supportive, financially and emotionally, from the very beginning. My counselor made it very easy to talk to her. She’s very attentive, professional and makes me feel safe and heard. I never feel like a burden, even though I have constant access to her. So far I have only done text and phone calls. I may try video sessions in the future. It’s just so nice and comforting to have an outlet for all these thoughts and feelings I haven’t had a place to put for so long. BetterHelp is an amazing app that I am so grateful to have found. Even if I get better insurance in the future, I will likely stick with this form of therapy. It’s convenient - I can schedule my own appointments from the app and don’t have to worry about getting there on time or traveling far. I can do it all from the comfort of my home, or wherever I want. The price is affordable and my biggest worry about not being able to connect was a totally wrong. I feel very connected. They named this company right. I am getting Better Help!
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2 years ago, jjlovee
So thankful for my therapist!!!
I was hesitant to actually start this. I had one therapist before (not through here) and it lasted 3 sessions before I was fed up that I keep wasting my money to literally talk to someone with no solution out of it. My boyfriend can hear me whine for free, why do I need to pay someone?! So I stopped going. Obviously I still had my issues and once I started my new job, I realized just how much those things were affecting me. However, I refused to let myself sink. I had no expectations of this app, I just gave it a try because honestly, the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere or drive anywhere or worry about being on time, I would be stupid not to give this a go. How many times have we wasted money on stupid things?! Everyday!! This is for my mental health and sanity, which should be your top priority. And if you’re here reading this, you have to care about your mental health too! I have been doing my weekly visits with my therapist, Veronica Johnson, and within my first session I realized just how great this is going to be. I’m not “cured” , I’m not where I want to be in my life but dude I’m so much farther than where I was a month ago. I can’t wait to see where I am in another month or two. If you are reading this, I hope you know that you don’t have to be alone. If you can’t afford it, see if you’re eligible to get the price knocked down, it’s super easy!
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8 months ago, Alexhoneyyy
Extremely helpful and convenient
I was a little skeptical at first. My friend used better help and said he needed to change therapists a few times before he found one he liked, but I was just at such a desperate point in my life that I needed something. And since I travel for work a lot and I’m low-income, the convenience of BetterHelp (and all the podcasts ads that recommend it) seemed like a quick and easy solution. I was matched with Daphne and immediately felt relief. She has been overwhelmingly understanding, kind, and considerate. The fact that I can text her between sessions about what’s going on in my life means we don’t have the waste 15 minutes of our sessions playing catch-up before delving into everything is such a game-changing experience in therapy. I was so happy and she was the first therapist I matched with. Also, the classes and group therapy options are amazing. I’d never been in group before and having that chance to discuss my problems with others having the same issues was so interesting and new. And there’s so many varieties of groups to join and no big commitment to stay in a group that I can’t see every week or maybe I’m not finding as much benefit from is so stress free. I feel like I sound like a paid sponsor, but truly, I can’t believe something like this exists and how beneficial its been to me. I love Daphne so so so much.
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4 years ago, beachykeen254
So helpful - definitely life changing.
This is a WONDERFUL app. Especially during these unprecedented times, it’s great to have help in your own home at a better price, a more private setting, and with additional resources. Better Help offers the therapy I need at a fraction of a cost. My in person therapist would cost $150-$200 out of insurance for a 50 minute session. However, this is almost the price for the whole month of BH for FOUR 50-minute sessions PLUS unlimited messages in between sessions....AMAZING! In addition, BH offers various ‘groupinars’ that are totally confidential and cover anxiety, grief, relationship guidance, etc. with different therapists. In addition, my therapist gives me weekly worksheets to support continual improvement outside of our sessions. She sends these electronic worksheets through our private portal and I can work on them whenever I need to. I can also submit them to her to review. The app also has a virtual journal that can be shared with your therapist as well. Lastly, you can do phone or video so you don’t need to see your therapist or vice versa if you don’t want to. Overall, this is a great option. I know there are other services out there, but from my understanding they only allow you to message your therapist 5 times or less in between sessions rather than unlimited. Although BH is the only app I’ve tried, I feel it’s superior than the others available.
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3 months ago, Mel3318
Make sure it’s appropriate for you
After my initial experience with the first therapist, I initially decided to stop my association with BetterHelp, but I still had a month to try the group therapy and classes. After taking a group session, I wished that I could just do the groups because it was so VERY helpful. The second therapist they matched me to was in no way, shape, or form going to work just based on his profile and I decided not to trigger myself by even trying a session with him. The third one is PERFECT for me. After our first session, I immediately reinstated my account. I also have now taken classes which are fantastic and have tons of information and information about other resources (books). DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, use BetterHelp if you’re unable to detach yourself from another person’s reactions to your past trauma or have extreme PTSD reactions that can be easily triggered. If I had not been further along in my journey of healing, the reaction from the first therapist would have potentially caused me to self harm. Get help from crisis therapy in your area first to stabilize yourself if your trauma is fresh or complicated (as mine is) and you haven’t used any therapy before. This is a wonderful place to CONTINUE your journey to recovery of your mental health if you have been as traumatized as myself in your past. BetterHelp needs to better explain this in its advertising which is why it gets 4, not 5 stars.
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4 years ago, RoxanneMcDew
Pleasantly Surprised
This app has been great for me since I live abroad but want to talk to a counselor in English. My counselor calls me (instead of the other way around), so I don’t have to use any of the international minutes on my phone plan. The option to chat online is also useful when other people are around and I don’t want them to overhear me talking on the phone. I got to pick my preferences when I signed up (topics the counselor has experience in, if I wanted a woman, a gay counselor, etc). Apparently some people have changed counselors because they didn’t click with the first person they were assigned, but the person I was assigned is perfect. I feel like my counselor understands me and gives me great advice without just asking “how does that make you feel” like they do in movies. I’ve had bad experiences with in-person counseling in the past, so it’s a relief that this woman makes me feel normal and talks to me like a (wise) friend. She checks in with me a couple times during the week over chat too just to see how I’m doing. I really recommend this service, and it’s cheaper than in-person counseling too. If you’re not sure about it, just try it for a month and see what you think. You can always cancel it if you feel like it doesn’t help you (or if you think you’ve already gotten what you need from it in a short time). It’s been quite helpful for me though.
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3 years ago, Boobtickler
Love My Counselor
I know some people have had issues with counselor hopping or finding someone they connect with but I guess I got lucky. My counselor, Hope, is the first and only counselor I’ve had on the app. She’s one of the best therapists I’ve ever had, and I’ve had quite a few. She’s great at listening and sometimes she does a LOT of listening lol but she always has some kind of insight and thought provoking conclusion. She also has a wonderfully warm and caring demeanor. At first, I was afraid that maybe she, like any counselor on a phone therapy app, was nice but too basic. How well can you really connect with someone over a phone? And if someone’s a truly great counselor, don’t they have their own practice or belong to some renowned center with “Healing” or “Lotus” in the name, NOT some phone app company? But Hope has shown me that good therapy doesn’t require a lot of psychobabble and crazy experimental techniques and devices (I’ve done Immersive Sound Parasympathetic Reconstructive Therapy and EMDR in the past). Sometimes just talking thru issues, processing them and gaining good insight while being reminded to make time for myself makes all the difference in the world. I feel like those other, pricier, “renowned” therapists were all about throwing their techniques at me and seeing if they helped me. Hope has this really bizarre approach of just actually helping me.
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2 years ago, everything i put in is tsken
I’m finally living again
Hello out there people that need someone that genuine cares about your problems and well being. Someone that you can talk to when you don’t have anyone else or can’t trust anyone else. I’ve been with BetterHelp for just a little while now and I can honestly say that is the best decision that I have ever made. My therapist has been the best help for me just at the time I needed help so badly. I couldn’t talk to friends or family members about my issues but I can open up 100% my therapist from BetterHelp. I was in very dark place but not anymore. I get excited and count the days when I can talk to her again. I’ve never been able to open up before, I have been able to even talk to family now. They are very grateful for this program. I recommend you to give it a try, reach out and get what you need. A beautiful and better life. Don’t give up, just ask and you will receive exactly what you need. Get it off your chest and you will have an amazing transformation. I was a tough nut to crack, no more. I am so thankful to BetterHelp for helping me and settling me up with this amazing therapist, friend. Go for it, don’t be sad , angry or whatever may be troubling you. I can actually get up in the morning now with energy and contentment. I’m not about to quit now, there is a life for me now. Best decision ever.
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2 years ago, am33r
Incredible helpful, would like to see some app improvements.
I really like the flexibility of this service, especially as someone with a constantly changing schedule. I appreciate how easy it is to find a therapist and switch as needed. I also enjoy the different sessions types and being able to message my therapist whenever, so helpful. I’d love to see some improvements made to the platform. Adding things like dark mode and standard emoji support would be great. Also, it would be quite helpful to book out further in advance if scheduling is a challenge. I also like that you can pay for an extra weekly session, but it makes scheduling the following week more challenging as it delays access to the therapist’s schedule for the following week. My therapist is great about working with me, but having a system that is more automated for future scheduling would be helpful. For example, if I’d like to add an extra session, maybe it needs to be approved by the therapist before it’s confirmed. This method could also work for booking out future weeks as well. That way the Therapist is still in control of their booking and can work to ensure they’re not overbooked and unable to support other sessions. Also, please fix the video call layout on iPad, the preview window is cut off when the device is in landscape. Adding a mute button would also be really helpful.
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2 years ago, Sammy aka smilingsam
Life changing
I genuinely believe this has helped so much. I’ve been waiting to write a review until I could see my own progress throughout everything and taking everything my therapist has said into consideration. I was a little skeptical at first, I decided to stick with the first person I came into contact with that had experience in fields that I struggled in. We have been following a program throughout our time together that works on a different technique each week, along with ones we’ve already talked about, and how it’s helped. I’ve been open minded to every suggestion, and following through with it. A lot of my problems, my whole life it seems, stemmed from the one thing we’ve been working on. I didn’t even realize it, and it has definitely changed the way I react to a situation, the prevention of it, the aftercare… etc. Very accommodating towards my schedule, the price isn’t outrageous for the help I’ve been receiving, if anything it’s better because you can choose your rates. Tbh though I would’ve paid anything to be a better person and feel better about myself. This app has helped me to do that and find someone that I can talk to that can actually help me. I have zero complaints and the work put in shows how much it has changed my daily life. I couldn’t be more grateful!
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10 months ago, Miss.Pancake
In the worst and hardest of times
I genuinely wonder sometimes if I’m in an actual comedy/tragedy sitcom with the way life has been going. I know everyone has their own issues to deal w/ & we feel utterly alone at times, but I really hit a low this year. I’ve lost almost everything over the course of the last 9/10 months & was just getting by on fumes. If I hadn’t found this therapist…I just had no one. She knows how to keep me grounded, how & when to stop my tangents & redirect my thoughts & point of view when I cannot do it for myself. It’s not just nice but necessary to have someone in your corner. Someone who can see things in another light & remind you what’s important and that you deserve happiness because everyone does if they’re genuinely just trying to be & do good. Life is really hard, harder for some than others. I’m still running in fumes, I still have like $100 to my name & a heavy heart, but I see more clearly what I have going for me and what I can actually control- and that is WEALTH. Therapy is good for w wry individual and if you’re sitting here reading this novel of a review- I’d say you’re ready to sign up lol if you don’t find the right fit right off the bat, you’ll know it- switch and find the right person & it will help you. Please trust me on this- what have you got to lose??
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3 months ago, FreakWentFlyin
Superb experience both personally and professionally
An unprecedented business challenge appeared unexpectedly at the beginning of the year, creating huge time demands, and great pressure on me as the owner-a bona fide crisis management situation. Besides the specific business challenges, the situation was also affecting my sleep, stress level, etc. so I decided to give BetterHelp a shot. After answering all of the initial interview questions, Better Help matched me up with a licensed counselor who also happens to have a strong background in business. in the past, I had great experiences with a business coach, and the counselor I was assigned has proven to be pretty much a perfect match for my needs. Although he is always encouraging me to be more communicative, especially via texts, I am finding that the weekly video sessions have been providing all I need. In the past month or so, he has been able to give very specific, implementable advice, ranging from physical steps I could take to reduce my stress to Long – term, rethinking of my professional, goals and objectives. I am extremely happy with BetterHelp, with the counselor that was suggested to me, and I intend to remain a client indefinitely as the benefits are proving to be far more expensive than the business mess that first drove me to explore their services.
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4 years ago, Briannaanjelique
Great app... but..
I love using this app honestly, when I first used it I was skeptical because counseling wasn’t something that helped for me but the person I was first matched with didn’t work and then the person that came next she was perfect fit. She helped me out a lot, more than she may realize. I like that I have the option to set a appointment for live chat and or video chat. Being that I live with family and a lot of dogs who tend to bark a lot lol, this came in handy. The only issue for me is the pricing. I am a returning college student with many obligations to pay for (the adulthood stuff) who can barley make payments especially right now due to the pandemic. It’s super unfortunate that I’ve needed to result to ending my subscription TWICE maybe even three times now that I’m thinking about it because of needing more income in order to have access. they have offered financial aid for three months at a time which don’t get me wrong has HELPED tremendously but my suggestion is allowing us to do lower payments weekly and not having it be so high, maybe even the option to pay per minute on the chats or something unsure just throwing stuff out here. I’ve been struggling and wanting to get back into speaking with my counselor but have no way to afford it even with financial aid provided which is so unfortunate and I know I am not the only one going through these things right now— hoping that I can eventually come back and have the same counselor available.
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2 years ago, rileymax07
Better Help Talk Therapy
I did a lot of research before signing up for this program. I had my first phone session today with my therapist, and I couldn't be more pleased. In this day and age, going to visit a therapist in person sometimes can be very hard to schedule. Better Help allows me to be home, or wherever my phone is to have a session. It's very convenient!! The app also has more than just traditional talk therapy... There is a place to do an online journal (which can be private or you can share with your therapist), and there are group sessions based on many different "issues" someone might face. There is a monthly fee for this service - just like you would have to pay for traditional therapy. I don't think that it's too terrible... But you expect to pay for good or services you receive. I'm very pleased with Better Help. Their therapists are all certified, everything you'd want to know about their credentials is located in their biography. If you aren't happy with the one they assign you, you can change. It's a good program. I'm very excited to see where this journey is going to take me!! Better Help is so far a huge help to me!!! You'll get out of it what you put in. If you need therapy, go ahead and take the plunge!!! You won't regret it!!!
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8 months ago, Shannynigans
Great app, great service, but it’s all or nothing
I joined because I HAD to talk to someone and wasn’t finding anyone accessible in my city. Set up and joining was easy. I was able to start speaking with someone within 24 hours; maybe even 12. It’s been great having a therapist (of your choice) respond to my journal entries (if you choose), sessions in any form (video, phone, even text), worksheets to solidify what was discussed in therapy sessions. My therapist is respectful, listens, highly professional and I loved that she wanted to get my background before starting therapy; I really like her. My only complaint is the price of the subscription. Having unlimited access to all of these things and more is nice, $300 month is steep for me and most of society. I’m not going to be able to continue after this first month. They do offer financial aid, but still too expensive for my budget. I don’t necessarily believe their service is cheaper (about the same in my region) than what insurance could offer as they claim. I find unlimited access to a therapist is excessive, especially since my schedule only allows for sessions once a week. I feel like I’m being forced to pay for time/resources that aren’t being used. I wish they offered another “limited option” at a lower price point or accepted insurance (or allowed for reimbursement). I don’t like the all or nothing component of the subscription.
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1 year ago, primswhimsy
BetterHelp is the Best thing I’ve done for myself!
This app and the service that goes with it is a life-changer! If you’ve ever felt you needed therapy but couldn’t get to it either because of time restraints, convenience issues, monetary concerns, or even just lack of access, then you owe to yourself to check out BetterHelp. This app solves all those problems. It’s affordable, secure and private, convenient, and accessible. The quality of the therapy I’m getting is first rate—trust me, I’ve been to enough different types of therapists and therapies with my illness, I can tell quality and competence when I see it. This service has both. I live in a small, rural town and could not consistently get access to qualified, competent mental health care on a consistent basis. I was really struggling to cope. This service solved those issues and literally changed my life. The excellent therapist I have (Gerry W.) has been a real positive source of support, encouragement, guidance—but more than that, he’s taught me to cope with my illness and learn to accommodate and adapt so I can more successfully function in the real world. If you need or want excellent mental health counseling, this service/app is my number one recommended place to get it—no matter where you live. Try it, you will be glad you did.
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9 months ago, Bcshay
Well worth the cost
The benefits I’m getting from this service are well worth the costs. The key is to finding the right therapist. Great thing is you can change therapists at any time with the push if a button in the app. It took me changing therapists once to find the right person for me and I love her. You also have access to unlimited groups sessions on a range of all topics running all throughout the day everyday. It’s a great way to supplement your weekly live 30 min solo sessions. The app is great, simple, and intuitive. It’s seamless across devices whether that be joining a session on your laptop or doing it from your car via the mobile app. Customer service is excellent. They’re fast to respond. I had a few hiccups at the start of service but they resolved it and gave me extra weeks to compensate. I love it so much that I will be signing up for couples counseling next. I remember trying to find local, in office therapy, and they all were either not accepting new patients or booked 6 months out. Why bother with that when you have the convenience of BetterHelp to work for your schedule and like I mentioned the ability to change therapist’s at any time with the push of a button is HUGE! This modern therapy platform is the way to go!
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4 months ago, Tara Not Impressed
Great way to connect with help, but with limitations
I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars. I think this platform is a great way to connect with therapists in a relatively stress-free way. I did have to see two therapists because the first one wasn’t a good match, no one‘s fault, just not a good personality fit. The therapist I have now is absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad I kept trying, because after the first I was exhausted, and the thought of having to go through all that again with someone new was almost too much. But Jessica Owen is an absolute Godsend. The reason why this doesn’t get five stars from me is because of the video platform itself. BetterHelp is a company that is centered around telehealth communications, their video platform better be top-notch… but it’s not. The only device I have available to me right now during these sessions is my phone, which would be fine if only I could set my phone down (in landscape mode). But there is no landscape mode… so I either have to deal with a sideways image (my therapist too), or physically hold my phone up right (because it has to be plugged in). This is super cumbersome and distracting. Eventually I’ll get a new computer, and I guess this won’t be an issue, but for now it’s a big headache. And for a company that deals only in virtual appointments, you would think they’d have this figured it out…
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4 months ago, Its_Just_Haylee
So glad I tried this
I've been a little too depressed to get out of my house, so this was a perfect way to start back in therapy. My first match wasn't a good fit at all, but after mustering up the courage to switch therapists, I got to pick one I thought fit me better. So far, I am loving her. She is everything I wanted her to be. I love that there are journal entries with the options to share them with your therapist. I love that you can message them at anytime! I like to send my thoughts as I'm struggling with them and then she gets back to me when she has the time, or saves it for the next session. This helps me get my feelings out in the moment without me just forgetting to bring it up in the next session. I'm a verbal processor so it also helps me in the moment so I don't hold it all in. My only complaint is that the app/website are pretty glitchy, but it's nothing I can't handle. I just wish it were a little better performing. Definitely worth a shot! Plus, I can decide if I want a chat, call, or video session which is super useful for days that I wasn't feeling like talking or getting ready! I communicate better by typing sometimes so I like that I have the option, and to keep it engaging, they have a live chat option so I can see what she's typing while waiting for her to send the message.
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4 years ago, Foxara
So much better than in-person sessions
**UPDATE** Since Covid hit, I have had financial struggles and was worried I would have to start cutting things out from my budget. I reached out to BetterHelp and immediately was able to get some financial aid that I desperately needed. Couldn’t be more grateful for what this app brings to my life and how much of a difference it has made in the months I’ve been using it. Thank you so much to the creators of this, it really has made a difference like no other resource. For what you get from what you pay, this is a steal compared to in-person therapy. I can work with my therapist any day I need to, and sessions are very easy to schedule around my own needs. My therapist Karen is amazing—I have had lots of trouble in the past finding a therapist that wanted to really work with me, rather than just nod absently as I talked, but Karen truly helps me actively recover as she dedicates meaningful time and energy into our sessions and beyond. Therapy is not just a once a week thing where I talk about my problems and then forget about them until my next session, this app makes therapy a truly hands-on experience that you work on daily. I’ve never been more relieved to finally find the help I’ve been looking for, without feeling regret looking at insane weekly bills.
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4 years ago, Yiayia's Girl
There’s never been a better time for BetterHelp
I have known for a long time that talking to a therapist or counselor is something that I needed in my life but I never knew where to start and worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the right one. I have a bad habit of not prioritizing self care but between the pandemic, the civil unrest in our country and my own work and family dynamics, I was at a breaking point and knew it would help to talk to someone. That’s when I made the decision to sign up for BetterHelp. After all, how could it hurt? In a matter of hours, I had already been matched with a therapist based on my specific needs. With just a few simple prompts, I began to unload my worries and frustrations and paint a picture of my life for her so that she could get to know me. Just the process of doing so was cathartic. And to have someone bear witness to your pain, who can validate what you feel and help you see how all the pieces are connected, has helped me better understand myself and learn how to move forward in a positive way. At a time when the world is feeling more disconnected than ever, having a licensed professional therapist at your fingertips is quite literally a life saver. If you’re struggling, know that you are not alone. Take the first step to toward healing. You deserve it.
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3 years ago, xkushkittenx
Don’t Put It Off ! 💜
BetterHelp is probably one of the best things I decided to do for myself this past year. For years I didn’t attend therapy because I was worried about the cost, and worried about it not helping me due to trauma I already had about going in the first place (aka non consensual forced therapy) - I just wanted to leave an honest review that I really would recommend this app to anyone on the fence about therapy. I looooove its features, just like some other reviewers said I love that I can schedule sessions with my therapist as well as contact them whenever I may need to. The app also offers group sessions with different counselors in a wide variety of topics suited for each person and the classes change daily/weekly! It even has a built in journal which I’ve found to be really helpful. I have carpal tunnel so sometimes writing in a journal with pen and paper actually gets exhausting and painful and I can’t get my whole thoughts out, so the built in journal on the app actually really helps me and I’m able to share my thoughts with my therapist in just one easy click if I want to! If you are able to afford it, I highly recommend the app. It has been helping me a lot, my counselor was a perfect fit I feel as if they really pay attention to what you would like to work on. Happy Healing! (:
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9 months ago, Poolguy888
This is one tech / app that advances humans so far !!
It soothes my soul to find that some of this digital bombardment we all wade thru . Made counseling and therapy so available . Imo one of the most important services every human being needs in their lives along the way . The personal insight one can gain is life changing . I got lucky and mesh well with my first therapist. But I Love knowing if I didn’t . It’s literally nothing to try another and another if one needs . I found that to be extremely important in my therapist. For me to gain the best outcome the mesh has to be on point . Setting up the first appointment was easier than I anticipated. Of course at first I procrastinated. This service made the first contact to my first session comfortable and stress free . Scheduling is also quick and painless . I’m a guy so I just do that right away . That works best for me . I feel like anyone who needs some help opening doors to your mind . This is it !! You can do the session from anywhere u like . No driving tho . But if you like sitting in your car . No problem do your session in the car . I love it !! As hard as therapy can be to even afford . Better help make’s access and affordable possible on a level I’ve never experienced before !! Thank you Ginna !!
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2 years ago, XxShadowRainxX
I love the journal feature and I found a great therapist. BetterHelp’s features for what you need from a therapist and the therapist finding you was helpful and I think it perfectly matched me. The only thing is that the cost is not always necessarily “less” than other options you may have (that may also be online therapy at least). They do, however also have financial aid options! In terms of being able to write a journal, sending messages and having as many call/video sessions as you’d like in a month (according to your and your therapist’s availability), yes it is more affordable. However, if you only have one video call a month, and journals + messaging isn’t as effective for you, it isn’t less affordable than some of the other options out there. That is kind of sad for me since I really love my therapist so far and would love to stay, and I imagine if you get attached to your therapist and then have to move on for financial reasons it can be hard. If, however, you use the journals/messaging often, and/or you try to have two or three sessions with your therapist, it does balance out the cost better if you’re on a budget! Overall I’ve been having a good experience with BetterHelp and my therapist on here!
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1 year ago, Laurie.Ann.
Life changing decision to say “yes” to BetterHelp
I have chosen to be in therapy here and there over the years, dealing with this or that, and finally a couple years ago really delving into a past trauma. Not until arriving at BetterHelp did I see this life-changing result of therapy. The platform is brilliant. The messaging space is incredibly helpful in this modern world. The ease of a video call once a week for 45min is something anyone can do. Even as a mother of two young children, I can ask for this and it can happen. There is a way. For anyone looking for help in any form, small or large, say “yes” for yourself and just show up. Keep showing up and amazing things will unfold for you and your life will be better. Your problems and challenges will get better. They will soften; they will lessen. I promise. Just keep showing up, for you. The rest will follow. If there is any suggestion I do have is find someone who just clicks with you, where it feels trusting and safe. It is an amazing space to enter every week. I thank my incredible therapist, Catherine Stormont, for always showing up for me as I continue to show up for myself. The “trust in the process” is here in this wonderful BetterHelp environment and I am very grateful for it. Very very grateful.
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4 years ago, Hazel0923
Helpful and responsive
Four weeks in and I’ve had a very positive experience with BetterHelp. Creating the account was straightforward. They requested payment to register, and offered financial aid and different plans. I started with the monthly billing with a 10% off financial aid. I was paired with a counselor within hours, who sent me a message to initiate the process. When I didn’t respond in two days, frankly because I kind of lost the momentum, she checked in gently, which promoted me to respond. And it’s been great so far! I might have gotten lucky to be paired with a counselor who works great with me, and there’s always the option to switch counselors. I write daily journal in the app and rarely send any message. She usually reacts to my journal once a day, which from my perspective is adequate. During our first video chat session, she’s also set the expectation that she may only be able to respond once a day, especially during this new normal with the pandemic - I thought that was fair. I’ve always had great experience with the BetterHelp customer service team, which communicates via email. I was surprised that they responded to my emails to quickly over a weekend. Overall, I’ve had great experience with BetterHelp and intend to keep the subscription for as long as possible.
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6 years ago, LSpades
More helpful than you may realize.
This app/website has been a wonderful discovery. I discovered it thanks to the YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, and have been thankful ever since. My life has been one mental/emotional issue after the next, but I never actually got any real ‘help’, at least nothing that worked with me and for me. BetterHelp has definitely been the most properly advertised name I know, because they make it so easy to start and even though it’s not cheap, it’s definitely more affordable than traditional therapy. Thankfully I was eligible for some financial assistance, which they offer through their site! I’m a person that’s always had issue speaking up for myself and my own problems, which has always made it difficult to reach out, but now, I can reach out to my therapist (who can actually be swapped out at any time by the click of the button if you end up with someone that doesn’t work for you and you have too much anxiety to just tell the therapist what’s wrong). She has been so helpful and understanding in ways I haven’t experienced before, and has been providing some solutions that are working for me! Again, this is all within the first month of using this, and I can’t wait to see who I become with continued support and some BetterHelp!
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10 months ago, The Brooklynn Bridge
Medical and CPTSD
I cherish this service for helping me process the trauma of childhood abuse and sorting out my turbulent emotions following two liver transplants in six months. The counseling and coaching are allowing me to learn from my experiences and to think about them in newer, healthier ways. Now my emotions are starting to make sense and I am beginning to realize that how I feel doesn’t have to yield to someone else’s opinion about how they think I ought to feel. I never had a voice, now I’m finding my own voice. I live in a small town where mental health care and seeking care is gossiped about, considered weakness, and generally shamed. I understand now that it’s that shaming that kept me from being open about being abused. I finally have the tools and help that I needed for years but couldn’t access without being alienated, this allows me to get help in private any time I want, from where ever I’m at! I also qualified for an income based discount and I am able to pay for my physical AND mental needs. This is the best investment I’ve ever made. If you’re reading this, don’t repeat my mistakes, don’t wait. You deserve the help and the healing that I have found here. Healing is hard, but living without healing is harder.
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2 years ago, Jensen butt
Personalized and professional
I love how personalized the matching process is. You complete a questionnaire about what you’re going to therapy for and what you’re looking for in a therapist. You can request a therapist who’s a woman, black, a member of the lgbtq community, Christian. If you specifically wants someone who specializes in substance abuse, sexual assault, grief. You can put that all in your assessment when you make your account. They also take your income into consideration when deciding your price per session. I’m only paying $85 a session which is amazing when you take into consideration how much you get. You get the live session once a week, there’s live group seminars about specific topics like “dealing with childhood trauma” They have like 40 group seminars a week that you can attend. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this app And you might be thinking the therapists on here can’t be that good. I’m matched with a therapist whose the best and most experienced therapist I’ve ever had. And if you don’t like your therapist you can just request a new one, it’s that easy Best therapist I’ve ever had, easiest therapy process I’ve ever had, and the least amount I’ve ever paid for a session. Couldn’t be happier 10/10 lol
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3 years ago, Gothicchik45
I first saw the ad through Instagram, after a few random clicks and reviews I decided to give it a try. This is the first time I would be doing therapy and BetterHelp has made it very easy. The questions beforehand are simple and doesn’t feel like pressure answering them. The payment is also a great one where you pay every 4 weeks. After exploring both the app and the site which work really well and I haven’t had any tech issues I found out the patient can work on Journals. This is great for people who enjoy writing or need a minute to channel themselves. You can choose to write everyday and shuffle through each of the prompts. You also have the option of allowing your therapist to see your journal entries too which is up to the individual. The therapist that I was able to connect with was Lakiah Edwin-Bankston. After a few messages and a session with her I felt confident with myself. She is a great level-headed person that you can tell she enjoys her work. I plan on staying with her for as long as I can. I’m thankful I was able to be matched with her. Although sometimes when I do message her it takes 1-2 business days to get a reply she is able to help with what I have said.
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3 years ago, Criesevil
Become a better you.
I’ve had a rough go at life, and have broken down over the years. I’ve been down some dark roads, which led me into feeling helpless and alone. I’ve hit a point in my life, where I felt the one thing that kept me going was actually hurting me. I was defeated. I had no hope. But after finding out about BetterHelp, and getting told by so many people to talk to someone, I decided that this was the time for me. At BetterHelp, I found an amazing therapist, and realized I wasn’t crazy, I was just in need of some professional advice. After talking with my therapist, I can gladly recommend this outlet, not just as an outlet - but as an answer. Talking to a licensed professional, isn’t just an ad or a joke to me anymore. It’s become a viable option, just as much as it’s become the best place for me to learn how to become a better me. It’s helped me greatly, and if you’re reading this wondering if it’s worth the money, then it can definitely help you too, to become a better you. Now I’m not saying that I’m the best me that I can be. I’m just saying that I’m better. Better with the help, than I was without it. So do yourself a favor and cease the day, take a few minutes to try it out, give it and you a chance. Then you can seize it.
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1 year ago, Melisshdoene
Let me start off by saying, I was at a very low place in my life. My friend had recommended me to enroll in this therapy during the month of DECEMBER. She said it was super convenient because you could receive help in the comfort of your home, and at your convenience. At first I was skeptical, because I did notice it was pretty expensive. I convinced myself to invest in my health and proceeded to make my first payment and fill out my bio. After doing this, I noticed that it would take 3 days to connect me to a therapist. I then was able to see the session time compared with the price. I then decided to reach out to cancel the service. Let me make it clear that I’m not upset about the PRODUCT itself , it was my own decision to cancel. I am extremely disappointed in the SERVICE. It is currently March 14th, and it’s sad to say that after checking my email today… from 2 days after signing up for this I have sent over 20 emails trying to get my issue resolved. They have charged me over $1,000 for a service that I didn’t use. There is no phone number to call, only an automatic email that sends you in circles. I don’t understand how this is acceptable. THIS IS NOT “BETTER HELP” THIS IS “GOOD LUCK GETTING HELP, YOU NEVER WILL”. It’s sad that I had to report this fraud to my bank, and that my bank has to help me because no one could with “better help”. Think twice before you sign up!!! DO BETTER, “better help”!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, U tubers
Pricey for low quality care
I don’t know if I just got one crazy outlier of a therapist but my therapist seemed completely unqualified and spit up all the trauma back into my face when I didn’t comply with her orders anymore such as take antipsychotics and take antidepressants and go to the hospital and do IOP and do this and that. She would ask inappropriate sexual questions, seemed to not understand why I was in therapy, do the bare minimum and repeat the same thing she did every single week and would constantly threaten to call ambulances and cops. It seems like this platform is good for crazy therapists like her who can jump from platform to platform and not have their name tarnished because they don’t answer to superiors they’re just freelance and can bounce any time they get a bad review. There’s a reason they’re not in therapy offices in town. This is $60 a week for the cheapest price and the therapist can just take a week or two off and not notify you and you still have to pay the $60 each week that you’re subscribed to this plan. They can also just fire you at any moment to and not give you any referrals and no notice. I feel like BetterHelp gets such high reviews because they pay people to write good things about them. I don’t know guys, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this app. You’re much better off finding a cheap therapist through your insurance, they’re probably much much much more qualified than they would be here.
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3 years ago, calamilo
A wonderful app and platform
I became a part of the BetterHelp community when my previous therapist was no longer helpful in overcoming my issues and trauma and any therapists under my insurance that specialized in the areas I was looking help for weren’t available for months. My employer offers a discount and partnership with BetterHelp and I took the chance of online therapy. I was hesitant because I was used to traditional in person sessions but along with covid I knew that wasn’t likely to happen anytime soon. My therapists has done wonders for me and it’s not an exaggeration. She actually explains to me the psychology behind what’s happening in my mind and decision making along with hearing me out without judgment. I truly feel comfortable opening up to her and I can see her as a friend and not someone to be afraid of. I love that I can message her at anytime of the day because sometimes my anxiety can flare up and I don’t know what else to do but now I have her. I also enjoy the group webinars offered that provide more insight in addressing my issues. I highly recommend this platform to anyone who needs a trained, helpful professional to work through anything going on in your life. Whatever you pay is worth everything you get by being a member.
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2 years ago, Nathan Bell LO
The hardest thing for many people is to get started. I put off finding a counselor for months until I finally joined. Right away I was glad I did. They make the process very easy. After you are paired with a counselor, which in my case took less than a day, you can begin having a text discussion in a secure chat where you can also send audible messages or file attachments and indicate whether or not what you are sending is Urgent. From there you can make your first appointment for an actual session. The sessions can be done through a text chat, audio only or video and are all live through their app or website. There’s a journal section where rotating topics are provided and you can choose whether or not to share your journal entry with your counselor. As for your counselor, you can switch easily within the app or online at anytime. They provide a written bio and reviews for your counselor that you can view before even having a conversation with them. The counselor that was assigned to me is great. I read her bio and reviews ahead of time so I knew what to expect and it’s been very accurate so far. Do yourself a favor and start working on yourself today!
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2 years ago, Schwartz52
BetterHelp App
I find the BetterHelp app to be very user friendly. It is packed with helpful resources and is very easy to navigate. The layout is very clean and straight forward and makes sense. I also like the helpful email and text reminders for upcoming appointments and suggestions for daily journal writings. Although the suggestions are not typically subjects that I would write about or are relative to my work with my therapist, I do like the reminders. Having options to communicate with my therapist via phone, text or video is also a big plus for me. The best part of the app that I found to be so impressive so far is that everything works. All the tabs, the links, texting and video connections. I’ve had zero issues thus far while using the app. Most of all. I LOVE working with the therapist that BetterHelp matched me up with. And, it was the first match. Lastly. I tried other online therapy services. For what I am looking for, both in the service as well as the therapist, BetterHelp far outshines the other apps and services that I tried. I’m very happy with my choice and would recommend BetterHelp to anyone who is looking for a quality therapist backed up by a quality app and service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, #football4liFe
Never Too Late!
“BetterHelp” is a private, secure, & easy to use application for people both new or have had prior therapeutic experiences. Most people beginning therapy feel a little uneasy as it can be hard to seek help and feel comfortable sharing what issues one may be going through. It helps that the cost for treatment is more than reasonable compared to how pricey it can be when going to in-person therapists that charge ridiculous costs making it harder for people to seek help. I recommend that anyone even thinking or on edge about seeking treatment & bettering themselves to at least try out the “weekly plan”. If you have friends you can try together & help eachother out by each getting free weeks! Remember it is unrealistic to wake up one day & have all your troubles go away.. it takes work & being consistent. I believe “BetterHelp” can help you, like myself, heal & find happiness+inner peace in becoming the best person you always could be. Thank you “BetterHelp”, thank you, Farhat(my therapist), & thank you fellow readers for taking the time to read my review… -Jimi Hendrix “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world shall know peace.” A quote that has moved me & that I shall live by
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2 years ago, Lexxapeal
Great service so far!
Only been using it for about two going in three weeks and i really like it. How understanding my therapist seems to be to me so far, i feel comfortable telling her if i agree or dont agree with something or if i feel like something would/ working for me. I also like the customization aspect of choosing the right therapist for me. So many options, and if you find you dont like the therapist you can also change. Lastly with the few tools they have on betterhelp they are actually helpful (coming from a person who finds it extremely hard to find coping mechanism and ways to help myself. )I definitely recommend giving it a chance even if its just for a month. Its nice to have a therapist where i feel like i can message her whenever and would except a response within hours, 1 day at the max! Appointments a slightly easier to get and u can get them more often throught better help vs a hmo or other therapist offices, especially in this climate where its such a not really a back up of support and appointment availability’s at this time. This is a very honest review and i hope this helps at-least one person to even give the service a try
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3 years ago, Wild Lam
Saved my sanity saved my well being
Couldn’t ask for a better platform for therapy. When I discovered BetterHelp, I was relieved that I could have a therapy session from the comfort of my own home, or sitting in a forest or at the beach. I could write to my therapist anytime and she would get back to me in a timely manner, responding hang in there amongst other supportive words. I have yet to sit in on a seminar, having the option to learn about specific things regarding mental health and learning tools to help assist in problems I’m faced with is a huge help. I found that if I was at work and having challenges I would go to the staff bathroom and sit on my phone and message my therapist when I was feeling overwhelmed and emotionally couldn’t focus. It has really been a great aid for me, and even now after 3-5 years on and off using it I’ve still had the same therapist. I’m 37 now and I recently deactivated my therapy again to help assist in some situations I’m currently facing. I would recommend this to anyone to try it. You can video, phone or message with your therapist and it is affordable and if you need financial aid they will discount your cost. This app and my therapist have saved me. Thank you!!!
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3 months ago, The Second City
Just try it!
BetterHelp has helped me unload so many of my feelings and unlock pieces of myself that I’ve been holding in for years. I always prided myself on being an emotionally mature person but over the years I started locking up more and more of my day-to-day emotions. I found myself always wanting to be the listening ear but never letting others in to be my listening ear. I felt like the only way to be a strong, valuable person was to be the “put-together” person and it left me unable to be vulnerable with the people I love dearly. Through this app I’ve learned how sharing my feelings opens up a whole new level with the people in my life and it has me feeling stronger after each session. I truly underestimated how much our emotional health can impact our daily lives. I never believed therapy would have the impact it has. I can say confidently that prioritizing my emotional health has impacted all the other avenues of my life positively. I feel improved physically and mentally in a remarkable way. So if you are struggling with something specific in your life, or just wanting a space to let things out, I highly recommend using the app. You really won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, sarahcereal
Highly recommend
I went back and forth for a while debating whether to use BetterHelp. Like any good, real, professional therapy, it’s a hefty cost. I unfortunately waited until I was total rock bottom before signing up. I have been so lucky to be matched with the perfect therapist. My original therapist “match” wasn’t a good fit, but changing was super easy and I’m really glad I did. Traditional in person therapy is definitely more expensive and also hits on the social nerves—I don’t want to drive all the way to a therapist and then socialize in person. I’ve requested only chatting with my therapist through the messenger and she’s catered to that for me! Others have mentioned—this is a LOT of work emotionally and mentally. But I’m starting to like myself so much more than I ever have in my life. I’m learning how to beat back those thoughts that turn into feelings and ultimately are so self-destructive. If you’re considering BetterHelp and have the financial means to do it, stop hesitating and go for it! If you’re struggling financially, they do have financial aid options or discounts based on “where you heard about BetterHelp”. You can get so much out of this app if you’re willing to put the work in.
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2 years ago, AbbztotheJay
worth the money
listen. therapy is very daunting, not only bc you have to talk about sensitive subjects but because finding the right therapist can be a challenge. When I signed up for BH, it was my 3rd time trying therapy ( I stopped it for like 6 months). But this is your sign to not give up on yourself. Your mental and emotional and even spiritual (if you subscribe to a faith) well being are far more important than your physical. BetterHelp is nice bc you can switch therapists in no time, even when you’re matched with one, at no additional cost. You can also pick the different specialties you want in a therapist. I personally switched counselors around 3 times, in the span of 4 days because since it was close to Christmas, some had tight schedules, and I wanted to talk to someone sooner than they had available. Another therapist told me that she didn’t think she could provide me the best help I needed because it wasn’t as experienced in that specific area. Although it was disappointing to have to switch again, I was grateful that she let me know instead of just going along, and not really knowing what she was doing. Please do yourself a favor, and try it out. They have a few discounts for like low income, or students. Best wishes! :)
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5 years ago, dylanreed95
Misled Reviews
Before I decided to purchase the membership, I saw a lot of misleading reviews that concerned me about the quality of the app. Yes, it may be true about the trial membership not getting enough responses. You get what you ask for. Why would they want to waste their time on something you got for free? After purchasing and putting in some detail what I wanted to talk about, I got a match fairly quickly and the counselor was in my state. If you’re not putting in the needed detail, it will take longer for a match. They want to put you with someone who’s experience matches your needs. My counselor asked me a series of questions to start off with so she knows what I was going through. It lifted a huge weight off my chest after telling her everything. Then the questions stopped and she was able to respond with a summary. I was pleased it didn’t take her long to write back. I would highly recommend this app to anyone if you’re nervous about explaining sensitive topics in person, but you’re more open online. I was happy I could just message her when I needed to. Especially the journal which I was impressed with, I could load up negative thoughts and share it with her to find a better way of handling it.
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