BetterMe: Mental Health

Health & Fitness
4.7 (12.6K)
96.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
BetterMe Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BetterMe: Mental Health

4.72 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
1 year ago, LunaAngel27
Lifesaving App
I’m so grateful for this app. It helps me stay calm and reduces my fear and all my stresses. It’s soothing and relaxing, I just feel better when I am able to just be able to breathe. It helps me be more calm and feel like myself again. I’ve been having so many days feeling trapped, feeling overwhelmed and I just feel so deeply mired in my sadness. I can’t escape it. I need this in my life. Otherwise it’s just too overwhelming and I’m just not able to shake myself out of it. I wish…. I just wish and pray with all my heart that it would come back to me. My joy has left me and I feel so so broken. Please keep making more apps like this one. It’s so vital to so many people like me. The lost, lonely and forgotten. I just have to take things day by day and I just keep praying for a miracle to turn things around.
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2 years ago, zandergraphics
Specifically for women
After using this app for several weeks now it has become clear that this app is intended for women specifically. Many of the courses and articles speak only to women and do not appear to be intended for men, which is very disappointing. The breathwork section is not gender specific but is also VERY basic. The sleep sounds section is cool but needs more sounds to try. The bedtime stories section only has three stories so it's okay for the first few days but that's it. I don't follow the plan page really anymore especially since I had to stop the last course I was taking after a couple of days when I realized it was gender specific. We'll see how long I keep using this app, especially since I already have a Mindvalley membership that offers all of these things and more and isn't gender specific. Update: Since the developers are not going to be honest about the content and intended audience I will just clarify. I completed tho courses on the app and both of them had sections asking you to "focus on your womanhood" or to "concentrate on your feminine energy" and st least one article it suggested was something about "habits of successful women". Apparently they want you to believe that those sorts of articles are "good resources" for men. I disagree. That said, if you are looking to develop your "womanhood", I have good news for you as that seems to be a main focus of this app.
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1 year ago, No.Tanks
I’m not quite sure I understand why this app has a section titled “Heal Your Childhood Trauma” with a focus on Confidence & how the lack thereof is attributed to “over-demanding parents….[that] were constantly in your back…[and] put a lot of pressure on you to succeed.” The chapter goes on affirm that “parents want the best for their children…and can become overbearing” because they (the parents) “don’t know how to act.” This really, really annoyed me because having parents that care about you and put stress on you to succeed is the literal dream of children who grow up with truly abusive parents. It’s ridiculous that we are calling parents that seek to help their children succeed “traumatizing.” That’s not trauma. Trauma is the physiological reaction that occurs after a traumatic event, or series of traumatic events, leaving long term effects that cripple the wounded carrier of the trauma. Your parents telling you to spend your free time studying may be annoying, but it is *not* traumatizing. The idea of that being traumatizing almost felt like an insult but it’s actually just laughable. Although I held out hope for this app, the inappropriate mislabeling of “trauma” and subsequent blaming of parents that are well-meaning is just disgraceful. A focus on abuse would absolutely be an appropriate emphasis for a chapter on childhood trauma & the lack of confidence it imposes.
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4 months ago, Pax Domini Vobiscum
Mental health journey
Just beginning; would argue the app needs life-affirming stories & focused meditations. There needs to be some important options like speed rate of the ‘Voice.’ Furthermore, it should be an option to, for example, have choices for English language accents preferred, such as in my case, I would greatly prefer a British 🇬🇧 accent from perhaps Oxfordshire or The cotswolds near Oxford University; generally prefer an upper class English accent that’s from a clear-spoken Female or a mellow-bass & an Aristocratic & very upper class & an exceptionally well-Educated/Refined English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Gentleman, likewise from Oxfordshire, or ‘The Cotswolds’ area or even up around English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Northumberland or the Cambridge University area. Moreover, it would also be very preferable if maybe three specific types of English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 speakers, both male & female speakers were available to choose from as the “spoken voice” for all aspects of the App. As I requested, the ability to choose, say, a 1.25% faster or a 70% slower rate of speech would be most desirable.
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12 months ago, GreekGeek32521
Good, but I wish it was more accessible
I downloaded this app because I have struggled with my mental health and thought it might. I will give kudos to the creator for the thoroughness of the analysis questions. It really felt like they were trying to understand me and my needs, and this gave me hope that the rest of the experience would be this good. Bet when I finished the survey, I was immediately prompted with a membership offer. I figured there was some way to close this, but when I looked I realized the only way to use the app is to pay for it. It really does make me sad that someone would make an app to help people, an then expect them to pay for it. It makes the app unusable for many people, and they might really need the help. Update: I have found that the app is somewhat usable without the subscription, but it still frustrates me that some of the things that I need are locked. And I do understand that the developers do need the money, but I wish there was some app out there that was 100% free. I’ve been looking but so far haven’t found one.
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7 months ago, SaltyZeebra
Simply wonderful
Very uncomplicated exercises to help identify the root of imbalance. I have survived a spectrum of deep traumas since childhood. Always being in survival mode left me checked out or to locked into an emotional vortex. Being in that state for so long made adept at manipulating myself into a false sense of safety without truly processing anything. You cannot manipulate the app. The past few weeks have been enlightening in very small doses. The plans are simple and general enough to be applied to your everyday life. I’ve had several aha moments hours after doing an exercise. The reminders are gentle and easy to follow. I selected the childhood trauma and unpacking emotional baggage to start. The foundational premise is easy to understand, relatable, and honest. Love the guided meditations and sleep sounds.
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10 months ago, Bunnymundsfan
Helpful in addition to therapy
I have PTSD-DS and BPD and depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I’m in EMDR and DBT therapies. But it’s so hard to practice the skills without guidance or reminders. It’s a problem discussed in dbt regularly. This app has allowed me an organized way to make sure I’m doing the work I need to do by listing it out for the day, reminding me, and guiding me in the tasks. I’ve used many mental health apps. Every therapist recommends Calm. But Calm is both expensive and cheesy. I don’t want to go on some psychic journey which is how Calm feels to me. It’s cheesy and awkward. This apps has other options which I like.
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1 year ago, VeeVee217
Started out Great
I really liked this app initially. There a many glitches. The audio don’t match up with the workouts. I was assigned “couch” yoga and I’m just not a fan of working out on my couch. I requested suggest less exercises like this multiple times but they still pop up. Tracking calories is tedious in this app because it does not allow you to save your food nutrition facts separately it all compiled with other people’s. Even if you search exactly what you entered your food under a long list of other foods will appear. Support is not responsive at all. I reached out because my chapter for the day was stuck on chapter 9 for 3 days. No one has responded. A few days later it reset my chapter back to 1 and my data for my calories and workout from the previous day was erased.
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7 months ago, Maka.A
Warning: Cancellation Hassles & Unauthorized Charges
I cancelled my membership over a month ago and was dismayed to find that I was charged again today. This is completely unacceptable and raises serious concerns about the legitimacy of this service. Upon reaching out to the support, I received a response instructing me to sign up and log in again to manage my account. This is confusing and contradictory since I had already canceled my membership. During the cancellation process, I noticed the deliberate complexity involved, making it challenging to terminate the subscription. So I was carefuly following the steps and I am certain I canceled my membership. I've come across numerous reviews echoing the same concerns. This needs to be addressed. I hope my review serves as a warning to others. Be wary of unexpected charges and be prepared for challenging/impossible cancelation process.
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1 year ago, xX_kotabear_Xx
Really helps so far, but the things I need have to be purchased
I personally am loving this app. It’s helping me sleep, it’s helping me be more mindful of myself and how I should be, and I haven’t clenched my jaw in days (which is major progress). My ONLY ISSUE is it has a lot of things that I really need, locked. This is a mental health app is it not? If I wanted to pay for getting better mentally, I would sign up for therapy, would I not? So, I would recommend this if you need to get started on your mindset, but for deeper problems, go to a therapist. Other than this small complaint, love the app, it’s super helpful considering I’ve been through too much trauma, it’s really helped. Thank you <3
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1 year ago, Vu6548
I seriously needed this app!
I NEVER write reviews mostly due to time but I have to take the time for this one. I have Extreme Anxiety and just recently started trying to actively take control of it. The very first meditation session I did was veered towards anxiety & I can’t even explain it but everything the person was saying during the meditation was very needed. It literally made me feel great afterwards! I would highly recommend to any and everything but especially those who might struggle with anxiety, stress, confidence, and much more!
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2 years ago, warrenm5
#1 meditating app of the year
This app will help you through any of your pain anxiety, anger, sadness, ect I love this app it helped me through anxiety and my anger it can help you to I recommend you get this app now and you will thank me later for showing this app to you you adults can give this app to your teens or little kids or children so they won’t get mad or sad or anxiety over little things again get this app it is sooooooooo awesome
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1 year ago, OMG OMG WOW WOW
Aw man :(
It was good until the end of the survey. I was really excited about this app because I’m going to really cool and the way how it was stated in all of the reviews, but when I was done with the survey it told me I need a subscription to continue but I do not have money to do it and if I did it my mom would do something about it and I’m trying to keep this to myself. so I’m wondering if there’s another way to not pay and I could just use what is free but I’m pretty sure there isn’t because it’s not giving me an option to not pay. now I have to try to find a better app that looked better than this. I seriously said “Aw man” when I saw that I had to pay for it.
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2 months ago, Magic512
Do not sign up for this
I signed up for this. Answered all the questions. I was told I would get a personalized treatment plan. Well, I got a plan meant for women. I’m a male. I also got a plan that has nothing go do with my personal trauma. So I reached out and asked for my money back. They told me I had a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a lie. I reached out 2 days after I signed up and said my plan was meant for a woman and didn’t apply to my issues. They said they don’t really personalize the plans. They also said all sales are final. They do not care about helping people. They will tell you anything to get your money and if you have an issue they will tell you too bad. Horrible experience. I’m not done fighting for my money back either.
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2 years ago, Know - to No
Learning to appreciate (keep reading)
So - have had this app 3 weeks - waiting to get that email that says “your one month trial is UP “- so I can cancel as advertised - and THEN - it starts to click - I start to SEE and feel the value - my confused self that purchased this is still holding on tightly to “what I KNOW” but is that why I hit “trial” - to KNOW what I already know - in a word NO- I’m starting to feel what the process can offer (hopefully you might as well ) so keep trying - I think it is, possibly, going to be a “changer”
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2 years ago, gandalf7531
What Just Happened??
I downloaded this app today and skipped all of the bells and whistles pop up pages that happen upon opening some apps for the first time. I never clicked on any subscription option, but I’m not sure if I “signed up” just by downloading the app or not. I immediately contacted the help desk according to the instructions and have gotten a auto-response. My apple account is not showing any pending subscriptions, so maybe I wasn’t enrolled. The app SEEMS decent, but the shady subscription process has made me wash my hands of it. I’m going to follow up and make sure this wasn’t some sort of scam to steal my money. It’s not worth the risk, no matter how nice it might be.
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2 years ago, Blinklover27
Thank you!
I’ve had trouble with apps in the past that have almost no options if you don’t pay, this is not one of those apps. When you get the app, they do offer a subscription, but most of the time a big discount will be offered. Even if you can’t pay, there are plenty of things to explore. Better than Headspace, that’s for sure!
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7 months ago, 🎈🦄🎂💍🐶
Overall shady
I went into this app thinking this would be different from other mental health apps, but no. I finished the first part with it asking you all these questions just to find out that it’s locked behind a paywall. The main reason I wanted this app is because I thought it wasn’t locked behind a paywall and because I wanted to be a better person. Nope. I get it, you need money, but making people pay to feel better isn’t the way to go. I know this is how most doctors in the United States get money, but I think it’s kind of messed up. I wanted this app to be good, the advertising seemed good, but the paywall.
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11 months ago, Kitschmagnet
Cancelled the subscription - still charged.
I downloaded this app a month or two ago. I ended up never using it, so I canceled it. Today, low on money, I asked a family member to please spot me 30 or 40 bucks until the first. I’m on disability in on an incredibly tight, fixed monthly income. As soon as the money transferred to my cash app card, better me debited my account for a monthly subscription. A subscription that I canceled. I messaged them and explained how much of a bond this puts me in and that I won’t have money for food until the first. No response whatsoever. Maybe mental health is not the game that these folks need to be in.
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6 months ago, Jam9812
I have found my peace. This ap re-centers you. If you find time to commit to self-care, you won’t be sorry. I feel differently, I live differently. My anxiety has decreased tremendously. The interactive activities can’t be matched. They make you think and they make you feel. Find time for you, invest in you. I have other mental health aps but this one by far is my favorite.
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8 months ago, dogwriter
Cannot stop subscription
I tried to log in, it said my password was wrong. So I tried to change password, but they said they didn’t have an account with that email. I tried sending an email to support, it bounced back, blocked. I went on their page and clicked on the help icon on the lower right corner. A page came up with a space to ask questions. I filled it out but there was no “submit” button. It’s impossible to cancel membership. I did not use Apple Pay or Google Pay so going through their site is the only way to cancel. But again, that doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, juliaarmando
I tried cancelling my subscription, and I wasn’t able to, I tried emailing them about a month ago and yet they haven’t responded, and I just payed another $28 on an app I’m not even using, it’s very hard reaching out to them, it took them months to get an answer. Then they finally called me yesterday and told me a few days after I noticed the transaction on BofA that my subscription was cancelled. But I had to report BetterMe through PayPal that it’s a scam and I wanted my money back. I liked the app at first, don’t get me wrong. But there are way better apps online that I’d go to first before ever trying this one.
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7 months ago, The tired shopper
3 stars for now because I haven’t heard from customs support for3 days
I reached out 3 days ago because I was charged for different subscriptions on the same account. There was some kind of glitch and one was offered for a month on the website. I didn’t get an email confirmation so I searched the app. Then when i got the app and I tried logging in it made a new account for me instead and offered another subscription. I was charged for both and I just want to manage it so I do not get charged multiple times for different amounts just for the same account and service.
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4 weeks ago, Rachel 688
All the stuff on this app you can read on the internet for free. There are self help books and videos. All the same stuff…but for free. Healing childhood trauma takes more than just reading. I guess I thought this would be something more. I’m not impressed. Been here, done this. This doesn’t work for childhood trauma. You can read all you want, but you have to work through the trauma. People need actual therapy, like EDMR or internal family system…DBT/CBT…and so on. I feel like I’m being lied to once again and my mental health is being taken advantage of for someone’s personal financial gain.
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2 years ago, MariCuuh
Best App Ever!!!
Honestly I love everything about this app! It definitely helps with anxiety, fear, depression, etc. I also love how it teaches you how to meditate! The short stories & sounds when you can’t sleep actually help me fall asleep. As well as the guided breathing techniques. This is a WELL designed app & I truly feel like it is saving & changing my life! Thank you so much🙏🏾
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2 years ago, Bella5980
5 Stars Best Meditation app Ever
This is An Amazing app 6 stars if I could this app makes me feel calm and relaxed and it helps reduce my anxiety and feelings and it also helps me when I need to talk to someone but I have anxiety about it. it lets me chose what I need to get rid of from my anxiety to anger and sad, worried and a bunch more this app is The best Meditation app I’ve ever have
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2 years ago, ericaveronica
More expensive than therapy
I was interested in trying this out, but it turns out it costs more than what I pay for therapy LOL. I didn’t want the “free trial” that automatically charges me after 7 days, so I just deleted it. I know that apps cost money to create, but at least make something that’s supposed to help people somewhat affordable. Update: the developer responded with a generic copy paste response which is not at all what I said, so felt the need to let you know that this definitely seems like a scam now lol like… at least try?
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4 months ago, Asher Reid Condon
My review
I really have a good feeling about this app, and that I will be all fixed, and no longer stressed, depressed, angry, or having trouble sleeping! Also, one thing that I really like is the background music! I think it is so relaxing, and calming! I am also definitely sharing this app with all of my family!
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4 months ago, Narwilya Firewind
Almost perfect
I love the idea and the app overall but I wish for the "childhood trauma" it didn't only focus on the parents. Especially since most traumatic events are caused by people close too the family or immediate family members. Fairly often as well. I feel like after it from a Freudian perspective "all the parents fault" limits the audience, this app could help.
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2 years ago, BigQ300
This app is helpful and gives you ideas and things to practice that will uplift your mood and give you better habits to follow when you are having challenging times. I recommend this app for those who struggle mentally and even those who could use some encouragement
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1 month ago, lundyydeejayarax
Amazing app for being aware!
I love how this app helps me be aware of everything that is affecting me in my personal life. I love also how accurate it is, people that work on this app really know what we’re going through. Love the empathy and love they put on. You gurus are doing a great job.
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2 years ago, littlegreenspider
Pleasant and promising
Has potential to be a good tool for me to use. My advice to the company is to not overload the user with FOMO flash offers and deals so early on (twice in my first 12 hours). This turned me off of the app so much the first time I used it I didn’t touch it for over a year. Just let them get a taste of the app first before slamming them with deals.
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2 years ago, amesstewart
Really disappointed in this.
Any app that claims to be for mental health and has a “free introductory week” followed by a mandatory $100 charge is predatory. This app claims they will contact you before the trial is up, they won’t. There is not any option to try only a month and they bill upfront costs of $100. Considering many people have mental health issues tied to money and expenses, well this is pretty sick on their part. I guess I will keep using the very generic meditation app because I have paid for it. Not worth the money and very deceiving.
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1 year ago, Ntothezee
This is the only app I use outside of work every single day!!! I cannot express enough good and positive things about it. Thank you!!! I am truly grateful that it has also been made affordable in different plans so even those with hardships can use it.
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1 year ago, Ginny$
Review of exercise of meditation and deep breathing
I was totally engaged in meditation quickly and relaxing to dissolve my physical react ions I have been experiencing due to my depression and anxiety. The speaker ‘s voice was clear and it impressed me with her tone and quiet discussion with me. Looking forward to my next session’
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1 year ago, Ida Kween
Phenomenal app
Been going through a lot lately a lot of anxiety and sadness. Also depression and other things I’m not as consistent as I should but if I were him should I would help this is a really great app overall and I appreciate the creators.
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4 months ago, Shogunroman86
On ssi? Live alone, on disability with depression among other mental issues? Well here you can pay 15$ a month for an app…. Yea no thanks Can barely afford life as it is. Tired this now as I am really depressed. Then got hit buy a subscription paywall and cannot continue initial setup. I swear to god all people care about is how to make money off of the sick. Meanwhile keep the sick poor and unable to afford help to begin with. Thanks for nothing. Good thing I wasn’t near a bridge after this experience.
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1 year ago, sutsidktsmydm
Paid Free Trial??
I selected the free trial so I could assess whether this app would benefit me. Day one was pretty cool then day 2 I got charged for that free trial & I am completely turned off to even trying because of the dishonesty from these people. Here we are in day 11 and none of them have cared enough to fix their mistake. Thieves. Liars. Zero morals. Bad character. That’s what I get from the people behind this app. Stealing from single mothers. Shame on you! Stay far away from this fake free trial!!
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5 months ago, TheRealMJArtist
I love this app!!!
I love this app so far, it’s very beautifully made. I love how it has a person. talking keeping me engaged and interested. I highly recommend this app to some struggling with loving their self and overcoming their inner trauma in order to make peace with themselves😇
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2 years ago, Wolfgang393
Click bait AD on Instagram?
I don’t normally write reviews but this is strange. A mental health app that offers for you to “take the test” to find out your childhood traumas with a Rorschach type image and when you click, install and sign up - to take the test, there’s no test to take. Then while signing up there are no happy to neutral options for “how are you feeling” … no … Happy Neutral Calm Only … Anxious Angry Aggressive Huh? You can’t have a neutral - positive mood? But, I read some reviews and thought -let me check it out anyway. I’m just being critical maybe. To my surprise as soon as I opened the app ads for sleep products pop up. In general I thought the whole first 5 minutes of interacting with this app was a waste of time and sort of scammy 🤷🏻‍♀️.
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3 months ago, super dtair
"Not like the other meditation apps"
You say you're not like the other meditation apps but your exactly the same every meditation app asks for money like I have some mental problems and I want to heal but I don't want to have to pay to heal, and the add that I saw didn't include anything about having to pay for the app so I think that your exactly like other meditation apps just a bunch of apps claiming they'll help you when there just looking for money.
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3 months ago, Kira Nicole Richards
This app is great
I had so much anxiety worry and like keeping up with my grades worrying about my mom dad and brothers and now I can release all of that with this app it has help me so muchvand if you are reading this please download this app.
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11 months ago, Rose654321
Don’t give them your card info
I tried the PAID-for trial at $1, and wasn’t impressed so canceled given other free apps and everything they offered at $30/month. Looking at my bank statement, I was charged. Checked my account and it shows “no active account”, so I reach out to have the issue corrected. No response. Try again a few days later… No response. Try AGAIN a few days after that… NO response! Now I have to call my bank and dispute. Needless to say: I would NEVER recommend this company, there’s countless apps that offer the same and more for less or free and have customers service. If you do give them your debit/credit card, I suggest using one you can freeze to ensure they can’t wrongly charge you.
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5 months ago, Oink:)
Exited then not
I really was gonna use this app cause I thought it would help me when it asked about the free trial and said I would not be charged right away I was relived I could try this out before I started paying for the trial but when I got charged $30 a couple seconds after I was not a happy person for this reason I will not be using it any longer😔
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2 years ago, anonymous09636💖
This app is THE BEST
So for awhile I have been trying to look for an app to help me meditate and I couldn’t find one. Yes you CAN pay but you don’t have to and even if you don’t pay it still has amazing features. The first night I used it was the best night of sleep I’ve ever gotten!!
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6 months ago, Tristalikeswhales
I realize developers need to make money. I get it. But why do I have to subscribe right away to use this? I’m on a limited budget and got recommended this and I can’t even get through without doing the trial and then being charged $15. I wish there were more affordable and accessible options.
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3 months ago, Yaveah333
I feel inlove immediately 🩷🩷 this definitely top every other relaxing app. I LOVE ITTT! Not to mention it even has different mood swings and times to sit and just breathe! I’m always stress and on the edge but I really think this app is my new home 🦋
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2 years ago, Rae.Hope7
Actually very healing app
I suffer from anxiety and am currently dealing with a loT in my home life work and relationship. I’ve found that these activities to really help alleviate the burden and stress that I am feeling within the moment.
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2 years ago, SMMY42069
You’re trying to better peoples mental health and you can’t even make the X visible on the ad that is the very first thing you see you have to make it seem like the whole app cost $70+ that’s SO SLEEZY. I almost removed the app rig hey there but I want a good meditation app so we’ll see if these meditation exercises are any good. My advice if you want to actually help people stop behaving like a bank.
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2 years ago, philthy phil26
Love mental health app
I hope to get a year subscription as soon as I get my ne credit card cuz my wallet was stolen a couple weeks ago. But the app helps to work on everything. Thanks so easy to use also.
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