BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep

Health & Fitness
4.8 (347K)
353.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ipnos Software Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep

4.76 out of 5
347K Ratings
1 year ago, LucPlaysGames
Got this app years ago (and remember using it a lot)
Update: Got the developer to respond, and didn’t see the option as it is rather hidden I feel like (and unlike before where the music could be played in the app itself, it now just uses outside apps instead to help with sounds) but that’s fine to me because before music would just stop working when trying to play it in the app anyways. So rated 5 stars now for developer help and good answer! Decided to check this app out again after several years (I bought the lifetime subscription back before there was a lot of other subscription options) and remember being able to use this app with music I had in my iPhone, with the app itself. (So if you had relaxing music, you could have that playing while also having the sounds the app had as well) However I noticed, now it doesn’t use that as an option anymore :( Just wanted to write this review, in case the developer will check this review out with an answer to if there is a reason for this or not (I’d understand if Apple came back at them saying they aren’t allowed to use music from people’s music library, but otherwise I feel like it would be something they should add back in, if possible) It’s cool that they supply other music options, but would really like to use some music that I’d provide, just for myself personally. (I’d rate it higher, as definitely feels worth it, but taking that away as an option just feels like a downgrade too, unless again Apple forced that hand)
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3 years ago, Moonlight Zen
Love At First Site
This app caused me wonderful yet strange dreams. I’ve never, ever had them until my brain got creative and took me to journies never seen before! I’ve been having these dreams since when I downloaded this app! It’s so peaceful & helps me sleep better. 2013, so it’s 2020, 7+ years of AWESOME! I love Sweet Hour Prayer, Cat Purring, Music Box, and much more! They are so calming and pleasing to hear. You might like other ones, and that’s cool, too! HIGHLY recommend this beauty sleeper. I sleep better and have been doing so for 7+ years after downloading. I deactivated my old account & deleted the app because I wanted to live without it since I slept better, but times I needed the app again. I redownloaded as a result & suddenly I have the free sounds. I saw the sweet hour prayer locked and felt bad even the other ones I’ve had immense dreams with. After hearing the ones I heard now (because I heard them too), it took me back to the dreams I had when I fell asleep with the sounds. I know, sounds weird, but I have memories even with sound and then I remember the DREAMS I had so good. I remember from the middle (a little of the beginning) and mostly the ending of my dreams, so I can picture them thanks to the sounds. TLDR; Some dreams were a little eerie or perhaps crazy, but that are dreams. And I love sleeping so thank you very very much! I enjoy this app! 5 STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ P.S. I’m sorry for making a very long explaination.
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1 year ago, BlueNaboo17
Hands down best sleep/soundscape app
I’ve tried a lot of things for sleep sounds. But, year after year after year (how long have I been using this? A decade at least!), I consistently use this app. It’s always improving, even though I’ve never personally found it lacking. It’s amazing to have so much ability to customise mixes. I like layering multiple water sounds, brown noise, and a little quiet thunder. It’s created an almost Pavlovian response; I start playing my mix, and next thing I know, I’m asleep. I’ve struggled with sleep my entire life, partially due to just luck with biology, and also severe PTSD. I used to wake dozens of times in a night. Every small sound or shift in the room or house, and I’d be awake, full of anxiety. And certain sounds/frequencies bother me and/or trigger migraines, and that made it hard to play sounds that would both sufficiently drown out the tiny noises and also not leave me in pain. I’m a difficult customer. 🤷‍♀️ But this app is, and I cannot emphasise it enough, the absolute crown champ in its genre. Now in fairness, I’ve done a lot of work to reduce my sleep issues and PTSD symptoms, but it’s really nice to have an app that I can make work for me, for any kind of day, regardless of symptoms. It’s not a cure, obviously, but it never pretends to be. It’s just a sleep sound app that goes all in on what it aims to do… and it succeeds.
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1 year ago, starfox galaxy
This app saved my life
After my mother's bloody death, sleep became a distant memory. I was up all the time. Couldn't sleep. I still felt her blood on me, heard her panicked voice.....I never thought I'd sleep again. Then.....I discovered better sleep. It did what other apps don't. It turned my phone into my friend. Helped me relax through all kinds of meditations, bedtime stories and more. I began to find joy in turning on my phone, putting on a story and listening to the narrator as I fall asleep. It didn't take long for me to get hooked on this app. In a good way. Better sleep is like a friend. A life long dear's more's a compassionate experience like what you get when you're a child held by your mother. The voice overs are so gentle and inviting while the background music is so magical and mood inspiring. The stories are something you can't help but embrace. The meditations are guided by the narrator as if it's a teacher in your room. Better sleep is my hero. Wonder if this could have saved mom if I had known abiut better sleep back then. Thank you better sleep for giving me a future to look forward to. I was starting to think I would live the rest of my life fearful of sleep. Now I live my life normal again with a healthy view of sleeping, wrapped in the arms of my friend, better sleep.
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7 years ago, 0ceanStarz
Happy and Peaceful Escapes to Beautiful Worlds
This app has been the greatest gift to help me SLEEP! I can create happy sounds of the nighttime environment experienced when I was a child, taking me far away from the pressures and responsibilities of the days responsibilities to joyful happiness and peace. My breathing slows down, my body succumbs to a relaxed state and often a slight restful happy smile comes to my lips as my mind travels through space and time, enjoying imaginations created by gentle sounds, time and space. 3 years ago someone ran a red light and changed my physical world forever. I will never know the absence of sound or still quiet again because of the constant buzzing sound of tinnitus created in my head by the crash impact to my head. My form of tinnitus is the ability to hear the normal sounds of the brain functioning, which normally we can't hear. Relaxed Melodies has given so much to strengthen my life, rest better and feel positive. My brain may never experience quiet again, but the creators of Relaxed Melodies has given me something far better and more valuable to my life than experiencing 'quiet'. They've given me the ability to experience beautiful dreams and imaginations in waking and sleep states of mind. I will be forever grateful to their work and share it with as many people as possible.
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5 years ago, Rose74927483
Compare 5/5 Suggestion 4.5/5
I recently saw an app called “Calm.” It described something similar to how this app runs but you couldn’t customize your choices. The only difference is there is bed time stories. Also... Everything is locked. You have to pay $80 to actually get most things in that app. Plus it’s a membership... I could get most of that and more in RelaxMelody’s and still get the membership. In my opinion $5 a month is reasonable. $50 a year is so much better than the other. We have choices to keep our subscriptions and to buy the monthly membership or yearly. Either way we still have an easier time paying. With “Calm”, the membership is only the option for a year. That’s asinine... I was introduced RelaxMelody’s by my old therapist and I’ve never stopped loving it. I have zero complaints what so ever. Though I do have a suggestion... In an app I’ve used in the past, I got the option to watch a video and get that button/function for free (for a span of 24 hours)... You’d still get ad revenue but you’d also get people to be more interested in not wasting time on ads & just buy the membership. -Just an idea I liked. Thank you for making this app, I’ve honestly benefited from this way more than anyone could imagine. I love all the new updates, too...
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2 years ago, mohamadbagher
Great work
As far as I can remember this app represents great features, I remember in old days it had eye comfort wood sound and etc etc, but now it's changed and still is one of the most adorable ones, I do care about how a service can provide me best options because I have tried my best in other to be the best in my field, so I want the best, but unfortunately, I live in Iran and haven't access to pay the app for sounds, and it's really helpful, or it was, I do understand how complicated things are in developed countries but in Iran 😂😂😂😂 I can't find a good word to describe 😂 so please in some points think about some middle eastern countries like us that we don't have access to payments and even if we had we couldn't due to our economic problems but overall thanks for your hard work I have always been thankful for your app and hard work, great management sight well done 🤝❤️ What a great response dear Nat what a classy move well-done guys world-class phenomenon. Well done this is classy well done your answer made my day Nat. Well-mannered I am for one grateful to have this app and if I get to US I would definitely buy your app, have represented to others and I will we'll done guys well-done manager making this atmosphere well done 🫵🏽🫡
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3 years ago, Sherylc6
New subscriber , super excited!
I downloaded all the Ipnos apps ages ago, and they were some of my favorites. But, they became out of date. I recently rediscovered the fully reworked Relax Melodies, and it seems they’ve wisely decided to concentrate their attention on a single app with a subscription service. But, my old purchase with access to sounds was retained (before subscribing), giving me confidence that they are a good company. The strength of the app is the design / visuals. It is quite beautiful and relaxing to look at before you even use it. But, as a person who has long suffered with insomnia, it’s clear that the developers are actually dedicated to the function of the app. I love the random feature - choosing sounds added a bit of anxiety for me (as a perfectionist, I wanted to try them all and create unique combos). Luckily, I can pay ppl to do that for me, and it makes my life a little easier. But, the new expanded app is not just a noise machine. It has breathing exercises, meditations, and stories which make up most of the content. What started as a simple concept is now a one stop sleep app. I’ve also tried Insight Timer and Calm, plus various music apps, but this one seems like it might be my favorite for bedtime. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Judiemk
Great Sound Machine App!
Update: After using it a few days, I like this app so much that I decided to pay for the lifetime subscription! There's lots of customization available: there are many sound options (both ambient and musical), you can control the volume of each added element and you can even add binaural beats or isochronic tones to enhance your experience (e.g. deep meditation, relaxation, concentration). I've been looking for a good sound machine app and this app is a perfect fit. I use it mainly to concentrate & focus at work. But I used one of the meditations before bed the other night & fell right to sleep. So it's great for concentration AND relaxation. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to add some of my own recorded sound bites. I thought I could because it allows you to use your own music, but I have some clips of my dog barking, my phone ringing, background office chatter, etc, that I wanted to mix in with the included sounds and I don't see any way to do that. Other than that, it meets all my expectations plus there are some nice guided meditations. :) Previous review: I've played around with it a little and it seems great. You can mix custom ambient sounds and listen to them along with guided meditations. I'm looking forward to using it on a regular basis.
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6 years ago, Socksneakagal
immediate restless relief, it makes me go to sleep as soon as i press play. the sounds are great, and personalized- YOU pick the sounds YOU want! the downfall is some sounds you have to pay for which absolutely disappointing. i would have given it a 5 star review if there was no premium package that costs anything plus. the meditations are great- again, they are also personalized. the timers work wonderful- if you don’t want to drain your battery you set a timer for, per say, maybe 30 minutes and after you are sound asleep it will shut off and not drain your phone battery. this app also lets you set alarms that i can always get up too, i never have once heard it go off at any other time or not go off at all. if you don’t have an alarm clock or any clock where you need one, there’s an option where it says alarm clock and you can chose a style, and there’s a clock that stays open on your phone while you sleep. so if you have to get up to use the restroom or grab a drink, you can easily see the phones alarm clock on your nightstand. Love the app, just wish it was all free. This is the best sound/relaxing app on the markets right now! Would definitely recommend!
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2 years ago, ejones082003
Very very frustrated
I’m very frustrated because of a couple things… I did a free trial and liked the app, so I got an annual membership. The MOMENT the trial was done, which was of course in the middle of the night and woke me up, the app didn’t utilize my membership even after restoring it over and over, and repeatedly locked me out and deleted all my mixes and favorites. I ended up reinstalling and that seemed to fix it, although I had to start from scratch on everything… but now the best and only feature that compelled me to purchase premium no longer works. This app won’t play in the background anymore. And I can find any instructions, documentation, anything to help me find the widget button thing I read in the reviews. My settings screen doesn’t have anything like that, and I’ve tried looking in every screen so far and still cannot find it. Why can’t this app have a user guide? One that shows screens and buttons, like normal apps, and explains the settings and how to find things, etc. this is really frustrating since I still can’t get it to work and haven’t heard back from anyone. If you change features, tell your users and provide documentation. It’s that simple. Edit: changed to 3 stars after customer service addressed the issue. Still not impressed by the help site and lack of user guide.
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3 years ago, niqchu
One problem
I really like this app. I use it a lot since I need noise to fall asleep. I've thought about going pro multiple times but I haven't because you cannot preview the sounds and I think that is not only ridiculous but bad marketing! I would give 5 stars if you could but you cannot so 3 it is. March 2021 update: Not sure when I left my first update but I’ve been using this app for two years now and I know that because I’m super creative at titles here’s looking at you June 2019. Anyways I’ve always really been cautious about noise machines because.... OK I’m clearly paranoid. Like who’s putting what secret things in them or subliminal messages or you know what I don’t listen to the water ones because I don’t wanna have to get up to pee at night. Anyways March 2021 it has been discovered that my paranoia is justified because I have now discovered an extra sound in one of the options. In the monk chant there is the sound of what I believe is a keytar. I don't know if this is a glitch or what but again paranoid. This is actually the first time I used I guess somebody else’s mix and I have used the monk chant before and never noticed it maybe it’s because of the different volumes I put it at but as I write this it's the only sound playing and it's clear as day. Now instead of sleeping I'm scrolling through reviews to see if anyone else noticed it 😖😖😖
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2 years ago, 😘😘😘12😘😘😘
Pls look!
Sooooo. I used to really like this app but I need talking to fall asleep so this app doesn’t work read this review to find out about that. This review talks about goods and( mostly) bads so first is good there is a lot of sounds and you can make your own! Bad so there is like 2 stories that are free and like 4 meditations that are free so if your looking for free meditations then this is not the app for you. Also if you want all of the stuff unlocked then you will need to buy premium for like $60 a year. My parents will not let me buy anything on any app so this is me and my moms suggestion: what if, you did like you could unlock one storie/meditation/sound by itself for like $8-$10 dollars a year to unlock one at least take this in mind And also you guys always are like,” oh we understand your concern and we will try to fix it 😊💤💤” NO. You always do this! I have requested this for MONTHS and updated it every time! I’m so fed up with them sending me notifications that,” oh, a new story came out listen to it now😊💤” I just turned them off! Every now and then I check in and see if they UNLOCKED any thing but NO! I’m not using this app anymore! I’ll keep it just so that if they do take care of my request I can rate it but I’m not using this anymore I’ve found a new app. Thanks for reading this. Just take in mind that if you don’t want to pay... find a new app.
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4 years ago, Keka90
Not convinced
Upon downloading this app I was rather excited more so after reading a couple reviews on how this app really helped soothe, calm the mind and maintain the body at a peaceful state. But Im disappointed that the app doesn't even allow the user to listen to some of the program boxes within the Meditations section for a trial run. How am I going to pay for something I cant even have a glimpse of? On some Im really interested in listening to like the Kids, Deep Sleep, Insomnia and Napping, for example, they're all locked. One should be available for each of the sections, at least. I don’t understand this concept. Something else I have noticed is that it doesn’t save my favorites ever. I have made sound mixes and it doesn't save them . The app doesn’t even let me trial run that to see how it works! Also, if it was a one time payment for the app in order to have full access for life that would be better. Whatever the price they decided was decent for their company to sell it for on the App Store would be more reasonable than what theyre asking you to commit to paying to have full access forever. I was hoping for a better experience with this app but nothing convinces me to get it. And it’s seriously such a great idea for those who have trouble sleeping and relaxing or who need a pick me up, seems to me like it would work but how am I even supposed to confirm this? Gonna consider just deleting soon.
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5 months ago, A+0+S
One more subscription - No Thanks
I’ve had this app for years and it used to be fantastic. There were free sounds and premium sounds. Now, it’s all locked behind a subscription. Nope. *UPDATE After my initial post, the dev sent a canned response that mentioned that some of the free sounds are still accessible, so I fired up the app to see how I missed that. Here’s how that happened; as I said, I’ve used this app for many years, and during that time, the developers have consistently updated and tuned the app. What’s there now looks very different than what it used to, and in that, with all the change and move towards a subscription model, the UI is not clear upon opening the app the first time (since the change over) that the app isn’t 100% subscription based. It’s easy to miss the little “x” in the top left corner to move past the subscription pitches. Once in, as the developer stated in their canned reply, there are indeed a few free sounds. I counted sixty two plus about four of the frequencies, but again, I’ve had this app so long, I don’t know if all of those are stock free sounds, of if they’re previously purchased. All that said, the app design is excellent, especially the mix control. I’d easily give this app five stars, but I’m over being nickel and dimed to death by “one more subscription”.
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4 weeks ago, Super Kay A B
Great app, but one major issue
I've been using Better Sleep for almost a year now, and I really like it. However, I have one major complaint: sometimes the timer does NOT work. I fall asleep much faster with this app, BUT if I can't rely on the timer, I might sleep through my alarm—and that almost happened today. The timer ran out, but the music kept playing. (And the last time I remember seeing the timer it said I had 4 hrs left but it kept playing when it ran out) This makes me nervous about using the app because I need to be able to trust that the music will eventually stop. I hope this bug can be fixed because it's been an issue since I started using the app. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens often enough for me to worry about it. My other critique is the order of the timers. I've created a lot of them because sometimes, in the middle of the night, the app crashes and the timer resets, forcing me to set a new one. It would be great if the timers were ordered by duration. Right now, they're all over the place, making it hard to find the one I need. Sometimes I need a 2-hour timer, other times I need a 5-hour one, but they're all jumbled up. My app is fully updated, and I am using the latest full paid version app.
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2 years ago, Misspeller70
App crashing
I’ve loved and used this app for a couple years. But last night, I couldn’t get the app to start up. It crashes and dumps me out almost immediately. I rebooted my iPad, updated the app, and can’t find a way to keep the app going. It’s Sunday, so there is no one available to help me. The automated bot said to go to settings, find the app, and “clear cache” … but that option isn’t there. The other ways I’ve found to clear the app cache require the app to be open, which of course doesn’t happen. The kicker of this? My subscription just renewed, a couple weeks ago, for a year. UGH. Developer, please respond! Thank you! Update: I ended up having to delete the app and reinstall it. Thankfully all my sounds were still there when I opened it again. Dev seems to have missed the part where I said I updated the app. That was one of the first things I did. As much as I love my sleep sounds, I’m not sure I’ll be keeping my subscription when it expires next year. Their customer support isn’t very good - at least not what I’d expect for a paid app. Maybe they should have support available on weekends? Whatever update caused this, maybe don’t do them on the weekends when you don’t have support available?
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3 years ago, KAPTn_Murica
Yearly Subscription $$$
There is a lot to love about this app it’s crammed with so much, but still easy to navigate and it’s beautiful from start to finish. The reason I love this app is its beautiful sounds you can mix for a pleasing background noise while you sleep. That said I can’t justify another yearly subscription in my life especially because it’s not a cheap one either… there’s tons of free alternatives that aren’t as nice but get the job done. My ideal view on this app is a version that I can pay once for even if it’s somewhat costly or significantly less on the subscription say $20 a year? Strip out majority of the stuff that I don’t need or use if that’s what it takes. I want this app for its ability to mix and match beautiful varied sounds along with its beautifully easy to navigate design. I could totally do without the weekly in app content updates, the articles, meditations, stories, sleepmoves, breathe functionality etc. Basically, my ideal use for this app is how it was when it first released all those years ago but in its current modernized state. A beautiful easy to navigate app that has loads of sounds that are beautiful/varied and mixable. Remove anything else that causes the subscription to exist or be so high and I’d pay for that app or that cheaper subscription and give 5 stars in a heartbeat! Please consider it devs :)
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2 years ago, Xaviaraaa
This App is Everything You Dream Of ✨
This app is truly my favorite app-store purchase ever. I use it almost daily, and have for around 3 years now. I never really write app reviews but this one is truly worthy of it. One of my favorite aspects of this particular app is that it’s always growing, always evolving and always seems better than before. There are so many different things to explore in it; from making your own mixes of soothing sounds (there’s a ton of elements to choose from and they’re always being added to) meditations, bedtime stories, analysis of your sleep style, and even movements to do before bed. The interface is very polished and beautiful, organized, and allows you to save your favorite sounds, mixes, meditations, etc. Or if you’re not into that, you can choose from pre-made ones as well. Pretty much everything it offers will guarantee you a great night of rest no matter what soothes you. Big shout out and much gratitude to Aster - Your voice in particular has knocked me right out on many sleepless nights, as well as led me through some wonderful meditations that have greatly improved my quality of life. 😊
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6 years ago, Avid Policy protector
Super customizable
The best app that I could find. Number 1 option for me is that it stays working when it doesn’t have focus. I use it on my family vacations. So even if I do wake up early in the hotel room, I can check the weather or read the news and the sound keeps playing. That way the family can still sleep. Believe it or not, many other sleep apps can’t do that. Awesome feature... You can mix and match different sounds AND individual volumes for each sound. Ever get a sleep app with a pattern? Where the white noise or fan app is starting to chant at you? Like “there’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge.... There’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge.... There’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge....” Being able to mix and match eliminates all that. You can mix rain with rain on roof, rainy day, heavy rain, and even throw in some ocean waves. Who doesn’t like to take a nap on a rainy day near the ocean? You can save your mixes. There’s a shut off timer and wake up alarm. I’ve never tried the alarm feature. I just use the IOS alarm on my phone, which completely overrides the sleep app. I sleep to my rainy day mix and wake to Walking on Sunshine.
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2 years ago, e11enr0se
Long time user; annoyed
I’ve hesitated on posting this as I dislike giving negative reviews for products/services that I like, however, I’ve gotten too annoyed by this. I’m an early user of this app, back when it was called Relax Melodies, and I just have to say, please please please stop with the “LAST CHANCE 30% off” pop up. It has been the “last chance” for months now. Give an option to opt out or something, please. It’s not enough to make me abandon the app, because I love the mix I’ve made for sleep, but it’s frustrating to get a pop up I have to close every other time I open it. I understand that ad support is needed for free accounts, and that this annoyance may be intentional to encourage subscriptions to get rid of it, but please stop with the (false) advertisement that there is some discount that will be disappearing, because it hasn’t, and I don’t think I’m the only one frustrated by this. I’d be more willing to spend money on the app if it weren’t so persistent. Otherwise, I’ve been using this app 5+ years and can’t really sleep well without it so I’ve been bottling my frustration until now, so if you don’t mind frequent annoying pop ups to subscribe then I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Skydog007
Relax Melodies
I love this app!! It’s kind of like an escape from that state where you’re waiting to go to sleep- and thoughts and problems may keep you awake-this occupied your mind peacefully until sleep just kind of creeps up on you. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and dreaded lying awake at night. Now I look forward to a peaceful transition. Thanks Relax Melodies!! I’ve now had the app for a couple of months. In addicted!! I’ve had trouble sleeping all of my life. As soon as I start to get tired, instead of lying for hours in the dark, I put on a story—a new one or one of my very favorites—and sometimes before I’ve even listened for five minutes, I’m already out! I cannot believe it. Also, great meditation guides. I am not one to sit still long enough for any type of “meditation”. But at times when I am so stressed, and I can’t relax, I’ve gone to my room, turned out the lights and listened to a meditation. It has put me in a completely relaxed state and brought down my blood pressure and heart rate. Wow! I coughed up the bucks for the full version, which goes on sale fairly often, and it is well worth it. Anyway, a glowing report all around.
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6 years ago, Mandy10625
It Works!
I am a self-diagnosed night owl. So when I graduated college and got into my first big girl corporate job that starts every weekday at 7am sharp, I quickly realized I was in serious trouble. I had to be up by 5am to be on the freeway by 6:15am to be at work by 7am, but I could NEVER fall asleep before 12am. I usually have Netflix on in the background while I try to fall asleep, but Criminal Minds infiltrating my dreams wasn't helping me and I was not sleeping well until a friend recommended that I meditate before sleeping. Naturally, I googled meditation/sleeping apps because there is an app for everything and I stumbled upon this app. I absolutely LOVE it. Granted, you have to pay for the nicer things, like life coach and dreaming meditations, but what is available for free is more than enough for me. My favorite sound mix is called "Afternoon on the Porch." It has wind chimes and soft rain and gentle thunder in the background. It's a perfect mix to help me fall asleep. What's also nice is the timer, which exits the app after 30 minutes (or however many minutes you choose). I usually play the sound effects on my iPad and stand it on my bedside table. Perfect replacement for background Netflix—so glad I found it!
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4 years ago, PoolHead126
For Real?
I must say I’ve gone from being very disappointed with the developer of this app to extremely satisfied. I purchased this app years ago and recently changed my Apple ID. When I downloaded this app I found the developer changed to a subscription based service. I HAVE NEVER appreciated renting software and I stated that in my first review. I’ve dumped most of my Adobe products for started this ridiculous policy. Anyway, the developer read my review and reached out to me to restore my first purchase. WOW, we still have ethical people in this world. Way to go guys! As far as the app goes it’s one of the best I’ve used for sleep. Nothing else has done anything to help me sleep and I’ve tried everything from medical marijuana, CBD, and ambien pills. This app and a nice pair of headphones has helped immensely. I particularly like the way Tracks can be layered. If you desire you can created different track for every night for the rest of your life and never have a repeat. That could be a suggestion for a future release. Have the program randomly chose tracks and mix them. Thanks Again for restoring my previous purchase. Your the BEST.
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3 months ago, VinciPhoe
Love this app- worth the purchase!
I am so in love with this app! I don’t even know where to begin. The guided sleeping meditations have been a game changer for me- they have me falling asleep in no time! I do not think I have stayed awake to hear the end of a single meditation. Plus, I am an extremely light sleeper and my husband snores quite loudly, so I put on my comfy headband with speakers in it and open up Better Sleep and this helps comfort me and distract me from the horrible snoring sound. 🤭 There are so many options that I haven’t even explored yet, and I have had this app for weeks! I absolutely love that you can customize and name your own background sounds and choose how long they play- it really is great for someone who is picky, has changing needs or just loves exploring options. You have the ability to mark and/or download your favorites for easy access And on top of all of this, they are constantly expanding the library, so you won’t get bored of the selection. I honestly don’t know what more the app could offer, but I look forward to finding out. Thank you, Better Sleep for helping me to no longer dread going to bed!
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5 years ago, Thesmokinfox
The best of the best! Perfect in every way!
For sleeping, have you ever wished that you could find the right sound or mix of sounds and at the right mixed levels for each of the various sounds and select variations of those sounds and also not sound like a loop?! Have you wished that you could have a large list of sounds to pull from that are all over the place, like from trains, to cave water dripping, windy trees, birds, highway and street sounds, monks chanting, crickets, Tibetan bowls, ocean waves, camp fire, on and on?! Have you wished that that you could do all this and save numerous labeled mixes? And, have you wished that you could have complete control over when it stops? Have it play for say 30 min, 2 hrs, or never stop? Well, this app has all of this and more for free and without any signups, or asking for personal information, right after loading / installing the app! And, you could even go way beyond that by buying great extras that is has to offer! — Which pays for their various ways of working on this fantastic and appreciated app! I’ve loved it for years! It’s the best! Straight out perfect! Download it now! _Fox
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2 years ago, Anthonyissofresh
Doesn’t let you delete yourself
I don’t like any app that only gives you the option to request to delete or erase your information/profile. This should be automatic when a user opts to delete, it shouldn’t be a request. Had I known this was the case I wouldn’t have used the app in the first place. Beyond that if you’re attempting to use the dream journal there’s no way to erase specific nights entirely if something went wrong. So if the data is messed up there’s no way to undo the night, making the information it compiles useless. It also prompts you to upgrade far too much, I barely get a chance to test out the app before being bombarded by prompts to upgrade. Update: to be clear my problem is not the speed in which the information collected from this app is deleted, it’s the fact that it’s up to someone else to delete user information rather than having it in the users hands themself to remove. If for example I deleted the my information and was prompted it takes 24-48 hours for the app the fully delete my information that would be fine, but it’s that I am requesting my information be deleted. Hence the speed not being the problem. I should be able to choose to delete the information myself not request for someone else to look into the potential deleting of the data I have given to the app.
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2 years ago, blanchm1
Used to be an Excellent app..don’t bother now
Update: I continued to use an old version of the app that still had the clock and alarm and now they’ve taken that away too. So now I’m using two different apps instead of this one. Completely senseless that they removed the two basic features of a clock and alarm. I can’t believe leaving these features would have negatively impacted the app. I’ve pleaded with their developers but they have no interest in adding these features back. I’ve had this app for years and would have given it 5 stars up until the update when they changed the name. In fact, I recommended the app to multiple people who used to love it too. That update removed a bunch of features I used on a daily basis. Worst part is they didn’t say in the update text that they were removing features. After spending an hour trying to set my alarm and turn on the clock, I contact support and they inform me the clock has been removed. (And setting the alarm became way more complicated.) We’ll let the developers know…sorry. I had paid for the lifetime subscription and now I can’t use the app the way I want to. I held off on writing a negative review in the hopes that they would bring the deleted features back, but I guess they feel less is better. I’ll be deleting the app and looking for another one.
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4 months ago, aAdventureDood
Great sleep!
I love this app so much with all the customization it has. It has so many different sounds to choose from, and you can combine sounds together to get the perfect playlist to listen to and to fall asleep to. I have a hard time getting to sleep a lot of the time and using this app really helps me get to sleep faster. I can just set a sleep timer for 15 minutes and I’m usually out before the timer shuts off. If you don’t want to use the sounds, there are other frequencies you can listen to or white noise or what it sounds like to have a fan on. It really is cool. Also, I use this app in other settings too that have nothing to do with sleep. I just started playing DnD with some friends and I was able to make a cool playlist to listen to when we play. You can also adjust the volume on all the sounds too like a mixer. And for a whole year, it’s only like $40. I feel like I’m really getting my moneys worth. Anyway, off to bed now, listening to some light rain on the window, a fireplace crackling, and a cat purring. Here’s to getting some Better Sleep 😉
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6 years ago, Vegbian
Loved it, so disappointed now
Edit: after doing some research I found the app developer’s website and emailed Ipnos. They got back to me so quickly with easy instructions for restoring my premium features. I am very satisfied with their customer service! I hope everyone who had this problem realizes that they can restore their lost functions, perhaps Ipnos should send out some kind of notice that this is happening. But anyway I am so glad for the help and that I can once again use all the sleep aids I paid for!! — Like another reviewer said, I had purchased the pro version of this app for $9.99. I believed that to be a permanent part of the app that I owned. The purchase included access to a huge variety of additional sleep sounds and meditations that I used regularly to help get to sleep on restless nights. But suddenly, those are no longer available to me at all and the app wants me to pay a whopping $99 to have these things accessible again?! And for how long this time? This is a really nasty way to treat the people who supported your app when there are many similar free services out there. Do not recommend.
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7 years ago, vishwarupa
Loveqly Respite
Given the disharmonious discord of those challenging personalities or situations (that actually help us grow in ways unimaginable), the demands of competitive productivity, overwork, worsening traffic commutes, oppressive sufferings and ill-health in cultures, tribes and peoples in lands across the planet, even in communities immediately surrounding us, and driven by high velocity 21st century speeds and supersonic technology--with just a fingertip selection of one or combination of natural, vibratory elixir of sounds--a moment's respite may occur inviting taking a few minutes to breath slowly, deeply; creating a calming prelude to meditation or entering yoga practice may be invoked; or enjoy a companionable enrichment to a soothing cup of tea. All is easily invoked when listening to the variety of natural sounds offered on this app. It seems one is not at risk of insomnia, affects of blue light, radiation or other hazards of long hours and exposure using electronic equipment caused because a user is not required to look at the app long periods once sound features are selected. Just listen and enjoy the stillness in the moment, and comforting succor the natural and harmonious sounds of the earth can create within.
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7 years ago, Fire Fairie
It’s so hard for me to find sounds soothing enough to fall asleep to. I can’t stand the sounds of rain, crackling fire, crickets, or waves on the sleep apps. The hair dryer and vacuum are so high pitched. The oscillating fan noise drives me nuts, it’s pinpoint (narrow opening between the bars of the fan), high pitched, and inconsistent volume with the movement of the fan is so irritating. I get distracted by noises easily while trying to sleep because it’s already hard for me to fall asleep as it is without noises. I like lower frequencies or tones with wider opening sounds. I have found the underwater sound on louder volume with the Jupiter sound on low volume very soothing enough. I also like the thunder mixed with a couple other ones too. I like that you can change the volume of each sound individually. I found this app looking for sounds more like a clothes dryer (full of towels 😉) sound or air vent when the heater is on full blast. I found this and decided to try it. I’m still going to try to find an air vent sound or a clothes dryer sound (without the clanking of zippers or large items in it!), but until then, I’ll use this app.
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1 year ago, Brian Philhower
Love it! Worth every penny!
I’ve had a lifetime subscription to this app for several years and I Highly recommend. I have extremely sensitive hearing and I’m easily distracted or awakened. There’s countless combinations of sounds for every occasion. I listen to this app at night, when I need to concentrate, when I need to drown out annoying distractions, and in the background with audio books, etc. At night I listen to a combination of white, pink, and green noise, along with a hint of thunder, rain on the roof, and vinyl. Every sound can be adjusted individually, and the overall volume can be adjusted so that it doesn’t drown out music or audio books. I’m particularly impressed with the responsiveness of their customer service. From time to time over the years when I update my phone or the app, the settings get changed and I can’t figure out how to make it play simultaneously with other audio apps and they always walk me through how to fix it. They’ve even used my feedback to make immediate updates to the app. Like I said, I highly recommend! -Brian, Plano, TX
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2 years ago, Commando Wendo
I really like this application…
I have had chronic insomnia for decades, and I was convinced that I would never get more than four hours of sleep every night. When I found this app, I was very pleased. After a few nights of trial and error, I found several meditations/hypnosis that work for me. They help me drift off to sleep, generally within fifteen minutes. (In the past, I could lay in bed, literally, for hours staring at the ceiling!) DEVELOPERS PLEASE NOTE! I have noticed a ?change? Glitch? We once were able to click a repeat slider for each meditation so it would run overnight and kind of slide into my subconscious mind so I would “hear” it while asleep. Ever since I updated the app, the repeat button is grayed out and is inaccessible. WHY DID YOU DO AWAY WITH THAT?!? If i wake up deep in the night I have to futz with my phone(because, since no app is actively running, my phone shuts off). By the time I get the app running again I am wide awake. Which kind of defeats the purpose. DEVELOPERS PLEASE fix this!!! When it’s fixed I’ll bring my review up to five stars. Thanks for your attention.
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1 year ago, Jjrbs0313
Better Sleep
The app worked great at first, I don’t listen to music or anything when I’m trying to sleep. It told me how much REM sleep, how much light sleep and how much light sleep I got. It records every sound you make in your sleep. I learned I sneeze and talk in my sleep. It’s very interesting to discover the sounds I made, if a cat was purring or our dog barking in the middle of the night. I also discovered I sleep through the noises of the night. It suddenly stopped recording at night, I turned it on just like I have since I purchased the app. It also quit letting me know how much sleep I had. I went to Better Sleep to get help, it started working again. Now it’s back to not doing anything. I went back to Better Sleep for help again. I’m waiting for someone to reply, to walk me through the steps I need to take to get it working again. It’s a great app when it’s working properly. I don’t like to purchase anything then it suddenly stop. When it’s not working I feel like I wasted money. When it is working it’s great! I bought it to show my doctor how much restful sleep I get. It says it automatically renews yearly, I don’t like that.
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4 months ago, Poekie7
A godsend!
I love this app, so many options. I have trouble sleeping because of anxiety or pain after a recent operation. I’ll wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. But now I’ll grab my iPad or phone and put on green noise, or brown noise or listen to a sleep tale…it works every time! I have one problem/question…the meditation “over the rainbow of color noise” by Aster J. there special music for it? I know for many of the meditations there’s music that belongs to the session. But this one, no special music is selected for it. Or is it just my app? I’m assuming that there should be as the meditation is all about ‘color noise’ and I would really like to hear it with the ‘color noise’ added. I may of done something wrong to have changed this but I’d appreciate hearing how I could correct it! Please! I love your app! The only app I’ve ever paid for and not regretted one minute. I even used it in the hospital when I couldn’t sleep because of pain. PS: the narrators are great! They all deserve five stars as well as your app! Thank you.
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2 years ago, Calebtunes1707
Most sounds are the same sound
First off this app is useful for noise. Which is good for sleeping. Second, and most importantly, most sounds sound essentially the same. E.g., most the rain sounds and the fire sounds are essentially they same sound. They are the same crackling/beating sound playing at 2x speed. The fire sounds should be slower with an occasional “pop” to mimic an actual fire. As it is the fire sound is for a raging bonfire not for a fire one would sleep by. For anyone who has slept next to a fire the sound is actually slower and less furnace like. Third, the forest sounds are inaccurate. For a day time nap the sounds are good but for night time the sounds are of the forest in day time not night time. There’s no birds making sounds at night except an owl maybe. For someone who has slept in the forest and the jungle at night these sounds don’t make sense. Lastly, stop making all of the sounds so intense. Most should be relaxing and normal. Are these recordings of actual sounds or did someone make them on a computer? If you’re going to mimic real life sounds then use real life sounds don’t make them on a computer. They sound too intense, too rushed, and too repetitive. Allow them to flow and let us enjoy the irregularity of nature.
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12 months ago, <3 grace <3
More and more sounds locked by paywall
I’ve been using this app for years, since I was young and my dad showed it to me. I loved the interface and variability. I’ve used it throughout my childhood, tweens, teens, and into adulthood. It’s so calming to be able to create your own personalized soundtrack to a calm night, but it’s becoming less and less possible now. So many sounds I’ve been using for my custom mixes are blocked by a paywall, and I can no longer listen to the familiar sounds that have lulled me to sleep for a decade. It’s really discouraging and disappointing that so many sounds are inaccessible. I appreciate what the app is trying to do to get users to engage with their sleep patterns, but for someone who wants to simply listen to frogs croaking and a river roaring while I sleep, just like I did with my dad so many years ago, the era of this simple and free ability is gone. It makes me really sad to lose a part of my nighttime routine to paywalls, as a more and more absurd number of sounds become locked without a subscription. I wish there was an option to be able to just make sound mixes for free, or at least have more sounds accessible for free, because this app has helped me so much in the past and it’s losing a long time supporter.
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11 months ago, friendly shopper
Simply the Best
I’ve been using this app for so many years now…it just keeps getting better and better. It’s so much fun to create sound mixes and there is an amazing selection of quality sounds. Not only can you mix different sounds together but you can have them oscillate in and out which gives a much more realistic effect. You can also add music into the sounds which adds yet another dimension. There are stories and meditations and exercises and advice to check out. I love the stories best of all. The voices are soothing and there are a great variety of stories to choose from - something for everyone I would guess. I love falling asleep to someone reading a bedtime story for me. 😂 I won’t lie, there are other apps out there and I think I’ve tried them all. Some are very good but I truly think this one is best. Here’s what I love to do: create a playlist. I’ll start with a meditation then move to a story or two and then end with a sound mix - something like ocean waves. It takes me through most of the night. Fabulous!👏
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3 years ago, KermitKing0405
Why is most of the things locked?
When I saw this app in the App Store I was excited, I have trouble sleeping and have stress and anxiety so when I saw this I was excited to see what it had to offer so I downloaded it and then when I went in they started to ask me some questions so I answer. Then right after they ask for my email did that THEN after they ask for my email that immediately show me a yearly subscription. It said I got a “ Payment” and at this point I just wanted to check the app out but I found out what the payment was and canceled it. When I was finally able to check out the apps content I was dumbstruck to find out.......YOU NEED TO BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION TO GET MOST OF THE CONTENT. And why is it $40 year isn’t that kinda extreme? for an app you use just for sleep? But nonetheless this app has helped me get a better sleep and a better morning and has helped my parents as well. Also despite all the locked content the sounds and music are Crispy sounding and sound like they weren’t recorded on a $15 microphone So if you have the money buy the app but if you can’t afford just be careful so that you don’t fall into some trap and get charged for $40 dollars. Thanks for reading my comment!✌️👍😃
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4 years ago, Dreamlandia
we have been using this app for a while- years ago to help with sleep- and when we had our first child last year we used it to calm him down (vacuum and hair dryer is great lol) and for white noise. I loved being able to mix the brown noise with ocean waves or rain. I really think this apps sounds contributed to his better sleep! now that he’s a toddler he likes to dance to music and likes lullabies so when he’s fussy we put on something soothing for him. I love the versatility of the sounds in this app and the ability to make mixes. recently I had uninstalled it thinking I didn’t need it anymore- then of course I did. but when I reinstalled it all of my mixes were gone and half the sounds were locked. so I messaged the developers and someone emailed me back promptly and helped me with my issues and helped restore my purchase through our apple ID so all of our old sounds were back. I was impressed by their attentiveness and glad they were able to help me and honor our previous app purchase even though we weren’t subscribers.
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3 years ago, DonutBuildz
3 stars because..
Okay so I give it a three star rating because there is plenty of nice arrangements and sound to chose from. But I feel as if they are only purposely giving you a little amount if you don’t pay for the trial. Which makes me really sad because compared to a lot of different apps, this has much more to it and not some cheap ripoff. A lot of Meditations Which help me in the best way to get sleep, are not available because there are only 2 to repeat, and after a while it gets very disappointing to know the exact sentences that they say. As for the stories. Cute stories then again, not many to chose from. I have currently 2 CHOICES. The amount of sounds they have to put into the actual mix options is super generous considering how a lot off apps will just give you like 4 sounds in total or something insane. This app gives you 12! Which makes them give you specifically more to chose from in general. Have a nice day, or night! Really love this app otherwise! 🙂 Edit: what happened? All of its locked and its acting so laggy? All the stories i LOVED because I do the free version are GONE! why is this? Someone help me? Is it just me? :(
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1 week ago, XxXLexiPlaysXxX
All things are locked
Hello dear BetterSleep, I just wanted to say that the app is absolutely amazing but there is just one thing I would like to comment on. I’m only about ten years old and a lot of things like meditations and stories are locked because my parents will not let me spend money on stuff like this and I feel like this might be an issue for other people that are younger like in the age range of six through eleven. I have heard all the unlocked stories like spaceship 28, and The underwater city. I also heard all the meditations like, Dropping into the present moment. I would really like to hear something new for a change. Like if a teacher was to read a book and then read it again and again every day for the ten months your in school it probably wouldn’t be fun. Just like how listening to the same things over and over again can get boring and even annoying. It’s a very good app I’ve been using it for two or more years now and it’s prevented so much stress. But I just need a new story that I can listen to. All I’m saying is that the people who don’t have the things unlocked should have a bit more songs
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4 years ago, SpriteNoIce
For years age to age
We’ve used this app for several years for everyone in the family. Started with our kids at 6months all the way to my mother at 65 (May she rest with God). We began at CHRISTMAS time with only the tree lights on and our kids sprinkled about the couches and rug on the floor. Meditations brought the. To near sleep each night before going to their beds. I remember the night my husband, who falls for nothing and can be near spectrum with his emotions and analytipersonality. He thought the ritual was nonsense until he sat with us. He was snoring at the end of the meditation 😂 We even watched the neighbors kids the following year during the Christmas season while their parents went to shop. They cane to gather them (12yrs and 8yrs boy and girl both with ADHD) and they came to the door with it so dark and were shocked that at 8:30pm both of their children were nearly asleep and needed help to get to the truck to go down the block 🥰 we often use the longer meditations on relaxing each part of the body to help. You won’t regret this subscription purchase.
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3 years ago, MC Petersen
what an amazing app!❤️
O my gosh!!! This app has been so great for me. As a teenager who wakes up several times in the night, I need to fall asleep quickly again. This app has helped me so much. It’s so cool it has meditations and bedtime stories. I love the stories so much as they are so peaceful and calming. When it used to take me 1 and a half hours to fall asleep, now I’m asleep within 15-30 minutes. This app has been so great because I go to bed feeling relaxed instead of worried about not falling asleep or whatever’s happening the next day. I have enjoyed this app so much. Y’all reading this need to get this app because I’m so much more rejuvenated in the mornings and feel like I actually went to bed. Please get this app! It has a beautiful, clean format with so many different things to pick from. Oh! And you can make your own mixes! You can choose specific sounds and put them together in a playlist and choose how long you want to play it as there is a sleep timer. Anyway, thanks to the people that made this!❤️
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3 years ago, bethiedoodleedo
Relax Melodies helps me Sleep
I have had insomnia for 49 years since in utero, my mom has Keats talks out how I didn’t want to nap or sleep because I was afraid I work miss out on something. Well now I am the queen of Napping I really can nap for 6-8+ hours then sleep all night. But only when I am ill. I have been diagnosed with insomnia & take RX for sleep. It is not rebar I cannot fall asleep rather I cannot stay asleep. So I started a new sleep regime with CBD gummies & patch plus my RX plus a THC gummy. Then I can sleep through the night but am hung over or I do not get enough sleep. When I am wirh my boyfriend who lives 19 hours away in ND while I am in NM we both sleep so much better. He is arriving Friday or Saturday night this week. Then I will listen to his sleep sounds (MASH all night) but whenever. I am by myself I listen to Relax Melodies for most of COVID-19 I have been meditating more & the Relax Meditation is good but I wake up when it is over vs with Melodies I can sleep most of the night or wake up & return to sleep much more easily. Thank you!
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2 months ago, Tawcpruitt
Way better sleep quality!
If you are having trouble falling asleep or even just getting a good quality sleep after you fall asleep, try this app. I wasn’t sure how I would like it so I tried the free version and it was great! I fell asleep quickly and felt completely relaxed when I woke up over the first week of using it. So I decided to try the 2 week trial of the pro version, and let me tell you, there are seemingly infinite options to choose sounds, music, meditation guides , people reading stories and even clinical hypnotherapists who guide you to sleep through hypnotic language and hypnosis. You can create multiple different sleep session modes with up to 15 sounds, 1 music and 1 brainwave frequency playing simultaneously and you can choose the volume level for each thing. They even tell you what certain frequencies are good for , such as 4Hz is for dreaming, 10Hz is for relaxation and 20Hz is for focus) so you can choose for your specific purpose and not necessarily for sleep only. Oh, I almost forgot, you also have the option to record your sleep sessions. Doing this monitors and records sound and gives you a report card based on preset goals that you input during setup. The next morning, when you stop the sleep recording, it will give you a list of things it heard around you as you slept and you can play back those sounds. It even differentiates between snoring, talking, baby crying, music, noise and others. I am in love with this app! Better Sleep.
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10 months ago, fool4jesus
Great app but some UI problems
I really like the app. I like the meditations (spoken passages that relax you), especially the shorter ones. One great feature is how they play together with the other sounds, which can continue after the meditation. So the meditation gets you to sleep and the sound keeps you that way. The negative is there are way too many taps required to do anything. To cancel a meditation after the alarm goes off and get back to the main page, for example, you have tap to cancel the alarm, tap to cancel the meditation, tap yes I'm sure, tap go back (which takes you to the group the meditation is in), tap back again (which finally leaves you on the home page). So that’s 5 taps, and worse, the taps are in different places on the screen. A saying in the early days of GUI software was “don’t mode me in.” If this program learned that lesson it would be perfect. EDIT: The developer read this and said they would address my complaint in their current round of UI revision. We’ll see, but so far looks like great customer support!
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5 months ago,
Lovely…When it works. VERY glitchy!
Update: the app has gotten so much more glitchy. It randomly crashes and completely closes out multiple times every time I use it. The sleep tales randomly pause right at the start and begin again about 10 seconds later like clockwork - it’s very bizarre. The audio on sounds can be weird at times almost like it’s pulsating and then it stops. Also I pay for a yearly subscription so everything is unlocked for me however every now and then it kicks me out of my subscription even when I’m logged in and I can’t access what I pay for. I just have to completely close out the app and log in again for it to resolve but it’s getting annoying. For the amount of money the app is per year - it shouldn’t have issues like this! I really like this app, helps me fall asleep every night and I like how I can make my own combinations, with lots of different sounds and there's no limit of one or two but you can have quite a few sounds together. It can be glitchy at times, if I happen to be listening to it and I go to Facebook or IG, the sounds change on me. very strange but I always save my combinations so I just reselect it
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6 years ago, RedneckSweetheart
Used to be great
I’ve had this app for a few years and paid to have full access. I am legally blind and use this app to help me sleep, which it used to be great until they started doing some of the updates they’ve been doing. I’m not sure when the design changed, but when the design changed they left out the accessibility and also took some of the meditations. Now, because I am not able to see by phone it is very difficult and almost impossible for me to use this app because the voiceover on the iPhone no longer works on this app. They have also removed a lot of the meditations so now there is only half or less of the meditations available that used to be available when I first started using this app. This app used to be absolutely amazing and I wish the developer would put it back to the way it was and just leave things alone as far as the design and the meditations that are available. If the developer wants to add meditations and sounds that is perfectly OK, but stop making changes to the design. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. All of the updates you are currently doing, are making this app worthless. This last update has even made it to where when I click on meditations, there are no meditations available anymore.
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