Big Shot Boxing

3.7 (715)
40.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Colin Lane Games AB
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
15 or later
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User Reviews for Big Shot Boxing

3.65 out of 5
715 Ratings
5 years ago, kefkwfjwfjwf
Has a lot of potential
I love the game it’s super addictive and fun I like the way how it’s retro and has an arcade type of style and I have a 4 star because the amount of things you can do is very simple and also I would love it if you guys probably added a storyline i hated this game a few months ago because of how simple and repetitive it was but now after the updates I think a lot has improved and you can improve a lot more there should be more ways to earn money and different venues, you guys don’t have your game in ads on social media which is a reason it isn’t as well known and your game doesn’t push ads all the time like the game BitLife does (because of that it has mixed reviews) and sometimes when there are forced ads you can skip the idea of getting in game currency for watching ads helps both of us and is a good decision there are a few typos I noticed and also some glitches I also noticed the new characters look like Pretty Ricky Conlan, Apollo Creed, Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa (I think), Mayweather (maybe), Mike Tyson and Connor McGregor which kinda made me chuckle when I noticed currently it’s pretty linear and there’s not a lot to do but there’s always room for improvement, this game will go down as one of the best in the hall of fame if the fans get what they want!
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6 years ago, XxtaintxX
It’s okay...updated; it’s quite good
So I wrote a review when this game first came out and I was pretty sour about the game and really did not talk about the positives. After a few updates and more playing time, I must say this is a very good boxing game. And it’s even more amazing that it’s free and contains very minor advertising. It is rare nowadays to find a developer who truly cares about the audience they are trying to reach instead of the money they are trying to make. And you can tell by they gameplay and design that the developer was not worried about lining his pockets. He was more interested in making a very good game. The controls are quite simple. The gameplay is self explanatory. The addition of fighter bios are great and they almost give you a scouting report of your opponent. The upgrading system is simple yet satisfying. The “randomizer” seems to be a little more balanced now to me (I may have just gotten better lol). The game is slightly realistic. For example, You can’t fight until your 90 years old. Heck, it’s hard to fight at 40 in this game. A few things I would like to see are, a few more boxers obviously and maybe some venue changes. Other than that, if you are looking for a great game at a free price, look no further. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more updates.
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6 years ago, Pr0t0zer0
Really fun arcade style
I wasn’t even looking for a boxing game, I just downloaded this one on a whim. Really fun. They really captured something interesting in “gamifying” boxing. It’s not Punch-Out, in that it’s not just a game about hitting the other guy until his meter runs out. There’s a lot going on under the hood, hidden from the player. The punches that will stun you, the strength of your opponent in taking your punches, rhythm, random chance; all of these things must be calculated when stepping into the ring. You can’t just mash punch and win through sheer force, you really have to box. That’s interesting to consider with how simple the game and its controls are. Jabs don’t do damage, they help measure out distance and push your opponent into a corner. Blocking takes a step back, like a dodge, but takes you out of range, unless the opponent takes a wild shot, in which case you can counter with a devastating uppercut. Like I said, it’s all about timing and rhythm. Knocking a guy out doesn’t just mean emptying his health bar, it means hitting the opponent when he’s open, but at the same time managing not to take too many hits yourself. Heck, even matches that end up in a decision are fun to win, as you spend each rounds recovery considering how ahead or behind you are. Entertaining, stimulating, challenging!
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6 years ago, Greasy reviews 2341
Truly amazing game
I rarely ever write reviews about games but this is absolutely amazing. You can tell the developer has his heart in the project. Each punch you throw feels like it matters and each boxer feels unique. I never think about my “style” much in games but this one made me take into account how I prefer to fight and to match my boxers stats with it and focus on upgrading what will benefit how I box the most. I’m a fast starter and hit hard and fast out of the gate but I had to realize I fall behind in later rounds when my health gets too low so I had to work my stats around my weakness by upping my power and my health so I can land a round 1 knockout, and it’s always a nice surprise to fight a boxer who is the counter to your usual tactic. Solving these little puzzles is satisfying in itself. Having to play more defensively to beat a harder hitting boxer, or having to avoid an opponents uppercuts or pushing hard so they can’t back you into a corner. And it isn’t just a stat fight, somebody with baseline stats can take the champion title with a little skill and perseverance. The controls are extremely simple yet require a great deal of on your feet thinking without flashy stuff. And having bios of your opponents is a genius idea. I commend you for making such a stellar game.
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4 months ago, Dddddddd1028!
Very fun, needs polishing
I have been playing this game for weeks, and have enjoyed it greatly! There are many characters to choose from, allowing for a different feel each new game started. The controls allow for an easy to learn game with their simplicity, but are not too simple to make the game boring. There are however a few things that should be changed to make the game perfect. For starters, the text often is not fully inside the text boxes, making long texts harder to read, and when concerning the hall of fame, the text sometimes is not even on the screen. The second thing that could use some work is opponent diversity. In almost every game you start, once you are champion there really isn’t enough different opponents to face. In every game it seems to be a mixture of around 6 of the same people you fight. While the players character selection may be diverse, the opponent selection is not. Regardless, Big Shot Boxing is a pretty fun game, with a cool retro undertone.
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7 years ago, lyghterfluid
Pretty fun
I like the simple controls. I don't think a joystick or more buttons would improve the game at all. I do think making the buttons a little larger or a little farther from the edge of the screen would be nice. I have big fingers so occasionally I miss the button because my phone case keeps me from hitting the small buttons. (For the record, my phone case is pretty slim) I also think that some scouting reports would be a nice addition. It would provide some details about the fighters as well as give the game more depth. I do think Ray Roberts Jr. may be a little OP. Fighting him is really, really difficult on Pro. I often have to rely on some lucky hits to knock him out if I hope to win. I am all for a challenge but he seems quite unfair on Pro difficulty. Overall, this is a good game with some quirks that can be frustrating. It doesn't need a lot of work but a little would go a long way. Cheers.
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6 years ago, Tequi66
One of the best boxing games on mobile devices (imo)
This game is amazing. You’ve got a career mode, there’s also even a quick fight mode, you can even pick your very own boxer in career mode. Here’s some suggestions though. You guys definitely nailed the realism in this game with the damage system and the physics-based sweat and blood spray, same for the knockouts being physics-based. But here’s a suggestion for the knockdowns and knockouts. You guys should make it where the characters also fall forward when knocked down depending on the correct angle of where the boxer is moving, and depending on how the knockout punch lands. This may be difficult to implement in this game, but that’s fine I totally understand that. I kinda just want it to be as realistic as possible. One more suggestion, you guys should also try adding more customization to the characters. That’s all I have to point out, awesome game devs 👍 😀.
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7 years ago, Heath TAITE
This game is horrible
I’ve been playing games on my phone for as long as I can remember, and I’ve only written about 2 reviews, I write reviews for games I either hate, or love in this case, I hate. The game itself is a great idea and I believe it can go far, if it is improved...a lot... like, ALOT. You start out the game, with little to no instructions which frustrates me. In matches there is literally 4 options, block, jab, uppercut, or hook. Their should be dodging, and there needs to be a joystick that lets the player move. Right now I have 6 wins and 2 losses so you can’t count me as some salty critic that lost 16 rounds in a row and decided to go ham on the review. About every good punch that hits you, stuns you, and ends up knocking you out, (the blocking does nothing). I saved the best for last because this is what frustrates me the most. You can’t train your character. The only thing you can do is buy better characteristics which is what EA did with battlefront 2 and look how that turned out. Improve the game, make some sort of training system that takes time but is still free, and for God’s sake make a tutorial.
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6 years ago, Lizardtim96
Fun game few flaws
Very fun game for awhile. The aspect of choosing other fighters and starting with them instead is fun. The game is sometimes purely luck and not skill which is the only thing I have in disagreement with the developer as in having a maxed out stats character going against another opponent who could also be maxed out but you wouldn’t know and even though you knocked him out many times without him getting KOed he can get you once and the game will make it physically impossible to tap fast enough to recover. Just seems unfair as of unless the boxers had different max stats which they don’t and the opponent could have more health and hurt you more with you being maxed out. Other then that fun game could play some more but had my fun while it lasted!
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5 years ago, Thenyo
This game is amazing. Please don’t abandon it
This is the funnest mobile game I’ve played in a long time. I love the updates you’ve made to it since it’s release. The customization options, difficulty options, and the addition of more characters. I also love how as you progress through your career, new, harder fighters come to challenge you. I implore you not to abandon this game! It would be amazing if you continued updating. I can see this game being fully fleshed out with multiple events happening during career, rivalries, and characters moving up and down the rankings as you fight, etc. New characters/challengers appearing as time passes during your career, more customization options, I can see this game being absolutely amazing. More so than it already is. Thanks for creating this awesome game.
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7 years ago, huge comc
I’ve played the game for awhile now and like it’s a amazing game I believe the controls r good and the game itself is fantastic, but Ik you as one of those game developers that make small games that r fun nothing over the top. This game is different I beat the game already and well I don’t understand the point of defending ur title I believe you should add more characters even maybe expand on career so u can make your own character and maybe include differnt outfits and titles and even more upgrades, this game has a lot of potential and I see u reach most of it I’m jut saying what I would like Bc when o beat the game I wanted there to be more to it even tho it was amazing i just wish for like a expansion or somthing I hope to get a response if possible thanks keep up the Amazing games
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6 years ago, Cas529
This is a wonderful game. I’ve played a lot of boxing games and this has kept my interest for days. There are a lot of possible improvements that would make this game amazing. I would love to see a punch stat, also I think the jabs and boxing should count more toward scoring. One big improvement would be energy use, right now you can throw as many punches as you want and have the same energy. It would also be great to play against other players if possible. I would also like to see improvement in the scoring, right now you could have an amazing round and get knocked down once and it be a 10/8 round. Overall this has had me playing for hours and I get bored easily, I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, Teddydog10
Really solid game
This game has a relatively simple story/goal (win and keep winning until you’re the champ and then defend your title), but the fights themselves have great depth in them. Button mashing doesn’t really work, and despite the simple controls, you can’t keep one set strategy for fighting. Different boxers require different strategies, which I love. For example, Gerald Steele is best fought through dodging upper counts and countering with your own. But if you’re shading Roberts Jr., that won’t work as well. Also the elite level is a great and tough addition, and the new characters make it more fun. A more dynamic storyline would make it 5 stars, but it’s pretty great as is, and the fighting mechanics are perfect.
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6 years ago, Great stuff!?!?!?
One of the best games I have played in a while. I was looking for a sports game and this popped up. I wasn’t expecting much but I fell in love with the game. A few thing I think would make the game even greater are add tournaments and special events to make the career more interesting. Also you can add different divisions like a lightweight and heavyweight each with different play styles. For example the light weight players are really quick but the heavyweight division is full of power. I also think it would be cool if you could add a little bit more to the story like in between games. That is just my thoughts but it is a fantastic game. Thanks devs
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1 year ago, Put11n
Best boxing game on App Store
This is my favorite boxing game. You get to feel like a real boxer. The difficulty is not that hard once you get used to the controls. I won the elite title and it’s just a matter of playing extremely carefully, landing your uppercuts, not letting your opponent land their uppercut, and prioritizing to mostly win by points at the upper ranks. For the novice difficulty it’s just a matter of overwhelming your opponent, mashing jabs and uppercuts in between in order to deplete their health and ultimately KO or TKO them (certain quick opponents won’t let you get within an uppercut’s reach, so fight them carefully instead).
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6 years ago, SomethingFeirce
The game is super dope
At first it look kinda cheap or like it might not be fun. It’s super dope! There’s a lot of things to do like completing achievements and unlocking different characters. The gameplay is super fun and works well. The AI is good, you may demolish a fighter one fight and then in the rematch get worked. It’s inconsistent in a great way. I’ve had Rocky like matches where I’m getting pummeled the whole fight and then the last round something amazing happens and I knock the opponent down time after time. Overall. Really great game, no micro transactions (wouldn’t need them) forced ads are very minimal, but do offer you an ad to watch for a reward. I would highly recommend this game.
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1 year ago, meallthetime247
I love this game. But.
I wish you could play and be all the characters that are in arcade mode In career mode. Maybe add a update with more characters like some female characters and story line. The games functions and set up is great. More should be added to this game and I’d buy to keep up. Very very addictive. It’s how I wish more boxing games were. Please add more. Even younger characters that you can have longer building up and retire. This could go into a role setting where the money left over after retirement the boxer could buy a restaurant or something. Okay I’ve babbled long enough.
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6 years ago, *Papatank*
Too frustrating to keep going
I’ve had this game on my phone for a couple months and there’s so much about it that I love, but I just can’t do it any more. Every time I get hit by one unavoidable punch and the fight is over because the game makes it impossible to get back up, I get very frustrated. Sure, it occasionally happens in boxing (no where near the frequency this game presents), but so is getting cancer. I no more want my game to suddenly end because the random number generator decided to make me lose than I want the game to suddenly end with a flash that says, “You got cancer. Sorry that’s life”. That’s not a fan video gaming experience.
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6 years ago, Rlly...
Although this game is really fun, I wouldn’t recommend it to ragers
I wouldn’t recommend this game to people with anger issues, or rage quitters because this game takes serious patience in the sense that you most likely will experience defeat multiple times. I learned this while playing. I really enjoy the physics of this game and the graphics, but one thing I would suggest is that when you release the block and the opponent goes to swing it instantly hits you even though your hands are barely dropping from blocking. Other than that though I would say it is pretty amazing. Keep up the good work! 👍😁
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6 years ago, Yeetuz
Great, but a little unfair
The game is fun and addicting but I’ve noticed that in pro and elite mode as you get into the title bouts the boxers you face end up having better stats than what seems like max (Benny o Conner having more health than my maxed out boxer and Frankie herring’s crosses doing more than my well timed uppercuts). Whereas if the player wants to have higher than max stats they end up doing a trade off by losing one or more of their other stats. The cpu doesn’t seem to lose anything however, and it feels like all of their other stats just improve at the same time.
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7 years ago, Alamsnsnsjsj
I absolutely love this game
One of my favorite games from you was Touchdowners. Now this might just be my favorite. Everything about the game is great so far. It actually feels like anything could happen (just like in a real boxing match). The controls are great and the judges are actually smart. One thing that would mabye improve this game is to customize your own character. I know the completing achievements to unlock a character is cool but in my opinion customization of your player would be really cool. But overall I would really recommend this game.👍👍
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4 years ago, GG10 420
Good game lots of issues
This game is awesome. The new update has definitely improved the game. The one thing I would love if it was added is diversity at the champion level. In my last career, I fought till the max age, 55, and finished 78-1 with 51 title defenses. For my last 20 fights, I fought a rotation of just Akira Harada, Senchenko, Earnie Young, and Huberto Rios, who I fought 8 times. This game is really awesome, but I would love to not just fight the same guys over and over again. Update 2020: Needs support for iPhone 11. Recently switched to a new phone and the new screen creates display problems and makes my left side buttons (block and uppercut) not work consistently, which is obviously a problem.
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6 years ago, Joe Hollywood'
Very entertaining
The game is very well done with very advanced mechanics. I just wanted to suggest that you can somehow make the 'pro career' more challenging than it is currently, maybe make the road longer or make the opponents faster or stronger. I would also suggest allowing that during a quick match you can select your boxer and your opponent. I would also honestly love a multiplayer competition where you could play friends or play random people in a league. Naming and customizing your boxer would be a nice touch too
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6 years ago, Brys816
Great game but makes me feel cheated
This is one of the best boxing games on mobile I’ve seen it’s addictive and I don’t have to wait to play I can play an entire career in an hour and the gameplay is simple but complex. But the only complaint is that I feel like the game cheats me out of a win sometimes I realize that it’s supposed to simulate that a career can be changed in a punch but you can be flashed or stunned way too easy especially after about the 6th or 7th fight I wish that that will be changed a little to make the game a little bit more fair
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7 years ago, nerfthespears/lances
Needs a different opponent setup
This game starts out pretty good. You move through the tutorial and it sets you up well. Then you lose a fight. Whatever. So you train and fight and win and train and fight and lose again. Finally once you get over that one guy it seems easy for a little bit then get blindsided by fighting a guy that seems to have everything maxed compared to you. So you lose and go down on the rankings and then try to fight the opponent you recently beat with ease and he absolutely DESTROYS you which doesn’t make sense. He shouldn’t all of a sudden be better after he loses to you. I could see them getting more difficult randomly but not as much as they do in game. Also I would suggest an opponent description.
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6 years ago, The KO Kid7779
The game was decent enough to spend some time playing with it. Once I figured it out, I was able to keep winning with hopes of scoring and being number one on the overall title defense chart. However, despite going 71-0 with 71 KOs and full health, the game forced me to retire. Also, when forced to retire, there was a glitch with the words and I couldn’t read what the coach was saying. Overall it was a huge disappointment because they won’t let you get to a certain level or limited amount of title defenses due to a glitch. A fighter should be able to keep fighting regardless of age, if he’s capable to do so.
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6 years ago, Talos of tamriel
Fun but angers me.
First I’d like to say it’s a fun game. I like the boxing puns in the name and references. I like the inclusion of the country shorts. But I hate how “rigged” it seems. I’ll be having the guy in the corner popping the jab infinitely and catching em with counter uppercuts but apparently he outworked me. I’ll have very high health and chin yet I get dropped too much. I understand that some of boxing is luck and chance but this ain’t chance. I get stopped to much I get dropped too much. I wish I could specify more on how you can fix it. I do enjoy playing it. But the amount of times I got knocked out in the last second because I got caught by a straight right.
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3 years ago, TylerTTK
Health system
First of all, I love the game. I don’t understand the other reviews about how it’s a bad game. I only see one issue. The health system. It’s probably to make the game more difficult, but for example, when I knock the opponent down, they get back up with full health or close to that, and the other way around, I get back up with the health to survive 4 punches at most. I just find the health system a little bit unfair.
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3 years ago, iffgfey
Best boxing game
This is definitely one of the best mobile games I have ever played I have never written a review on a game in my life but this game just seems so simple but there is really so much too it I can tell the developer was really passionate in making a good boxing game I have been putting everyone from my school on this game I know this is probably not possible but if you added a online feature I would love to play against my friends
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6 years ago, P50535
Found a Bug
Hello! This is my second review and gotta say this game never gets old. Love it so much and love when new boxers keep getting added each with new strengths and weaknesses and some with their own story. Love it. There is a big I noticed at one point though when you are a champ and Frankie herring is challenging you but you can’t read the text your coach is saying about him because it looks like there is two text boxes overlaying one another. Besides that best game on the market
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6 years ago, Jv505
Surprising for a mobile game to be this in depth. Every hit on you and your opponent counts. You have to minimize your exposure to damage while maximizing damage output. Which means you can’t just rush at the opponent because you’ll get knocked out.(I learned the hard way) The game puts you on an emotional roller coaster with high and lows, no in between. Boxing by nature is extremely volatile which means higher highs, but also lower lows and this game puts you through that risk and reward feeling beautifully. Great game, good challenge, good job devs.
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3 months ago, MikeoXHype
So One Sided and Inconsistent
You could get someone to Red HP and still lose due to the game giving your opponent consistent flashes and stuns. Us the main character dont get anything its so unfair and just luck based if you win. Whats worse is when you unlock a new character they dont even have an ability like the game is supposed to give it just gives stats more in a specific area for an example Mike Tyson, The NPC obliterates health but if you play as him you barely do any extra damage. Dawg you gotta fix your game its ridiculous you make it this complicated for new players and many others 🤦‍♂️
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6 years ago, SatanMustBeStoked
Highly recommend!
Definitely one of the most addicting boxing games since Mike Tyson's Punch Out! My only issue is with the "flash knockouts"... there seems to be no strategy or reason, it just sort of happens randomly. And on Pro difficulty, the boxers aren't more challenging, it's just easier to get flash knocked out. Other than that, this is top #5 most immersive games I've played yet, and I've recommended it to anyone I know that's an iOS gamer. AMAZING JOB, and I hope to see a sequel!!
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6 years ago, frxjolito
I love the game, it offers great gameplay and really realistic boxing strategy for a 2d game. The only problem I have with it is the flashing lights; they irritate my eyes after 2 fights which is really annoying. Could y’all make it an option to turn them off? Edit: I changed my rating to 5 stars instead of 4 because the developer(s) actually responded to my request of having the option of turning off the flashing lights.
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7 years ago, ProbablyWalrus
Infuriating and Glorius
I get so invested in the fights that it actually effects my mood. If I win I feel really good and if I lose I get mad. But I keep coming back. The controls are good and the rng elements make it nerve racking. The only thing I could ask for is a create your own fighter. I also like how the developer of this game responds to comments and zings the people that leave stupid reviews. Keep up the good work, this game rocks. (Rocks, get it? Rocky Balboa?) I did notice and I appreciated it.
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3 years ago, iSak_W.
Good game for the price, has very little cons
I’ve seen that another person used to be a hater at this game but changed their review, just like me, the game is pretty good for the fact it’s cheap, imo i wish their was a pt 2 maybe costing money but with much more new things that i can’t think of at the moment, i could legit be 100-0 but the stun system is kind of bothersome and throws my matches, overall a good game
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6 years ago, bcdhbdthn
Super Fun!!!!
This game is so simple yet so fun. So many fighting games try so hard with graphics that the physics suffers, but this game does the opposite. That makes it so much better. I’ve been hooked for days. One upgrade that would be nice is speed. Sometimes no matter how high the rest of your stats go, you will get beat by the speed of the other fighter. It would be nice to have an option to be quicker. Overall 9/10
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4 years ago, Ahanu Ti
Impossible fight
I play this game all the time and i can get myself to champion and defend my title pretty easily until i fought Frankie Herring there was a match where I literally knocked him down five times in a single match and he still gets up at 4 and im down for the count after 2 or 3 knocks ive retried this fight at least 7 times and it doesnt matter he just wont stay down just nerf this dude other than that games great
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7 years ago, Mill_22
I often don’t write reviews but I read the one about missing the tutorials and I loved how you personally gave a response along with really enjoying the game it’s frustrating to lose but I love that there is no way for me to become so talented I can’t lose I really enjoy winning and losing never being a 100% given I hope to continue to see updates that make the game even better
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6 years ago, MicroSeth
Too random
Sounds like the app creator made the game he wanted to make. It’s just not my cup of tea. It seems pretty random to me. I know that’s what the creator said they wanted but it’s just not enjoyable. I could just as easily flip a coin and it would have the same fun value. After the developer’s comments I have to agree. I don’t have the random button mashing skills necessary to be successful at this game while there are throngs of people beating it with a perfect record while doing it blindfolded and one handed. Doesn’t really matter though because I deleted the game and now know who’s games to avoid in the future. Thanks for the explanation though.
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4 years ago, Elvis W.
If you play at any reasonable level of the game, be ready to be flash knocked out in one random punch no matter how high your personal attributes are, how young your fighter is, how you've done against the same fighter in prior fights, etc. At some point, your fighter will just become useless and his punches will have very little effect compared to the opponents' now superhuman strength. You can even set up perfect defense, but your opponents somehow penetrate through, even though it is near impossible to get a punch through on them when they have their guard up. Very bizarre and frustrating game that could be better, but it's not.
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3 years ago, Henry perkson frith
This Game is amazing
The career mode is very good for a mobile game are u going to make any changes tho it may get old but what I love about it is that it doesnt get old from winning and losing and when u win u actually have to defended that title i defended it 51 times and it did not get old once u put in work to be on the top and stay there and I like how the coaching chooses work it’s different from any game
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4 years ago, Gerson22_06
Great Game
I have been playing this game for a while now and I’ve never gotten bored of it but it would be nice to see some updates so it’s not the same things over and over again once you win the title. Some things that I recommend is a stamina bar, a clench, and maybe better graphics since it hasn’t been updated in a while. But all in all a great game
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7 years ago, J7J7B7
Awesome game
I got this game and I was surprised at how simple it was to pick up and play. Not to mention the unpredictability I love how you get worse with age and eventually you just can't fight because you will get knocked to the ground. The only thing I want is possibly a character creator. Ah also when you are old on the home stats screen the trainer calls you champ but in ring he calls you kid.
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3 years ago, EricWaugh
I love this game.
Definitely my most played app. It’s in my opinion the only good boxing app on the market and best of all it’s free. It’s extremely fun and timeless, very simple. And Arcade like. My only complaints are I wish when you are having a title reign you wouldn’t just face the same like 3 opponents Over and over. Add more opponents to the game. Also add more rings and arenas.
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2 years ago, DeDCorruption
New updates?
I’ve just started playing the game. So I don’t know when the last update was but I made it through a lot of the challenges quick and me and my friends love playing this during school to pass time. I would love too have more thing to complete and challenge me. All around great game.
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6 years ago, CStahl17
Great time killer
This game has been absolutely addicting! So simple, yet so deep and complex! My only suggestions are to not have the universe be so static. I’d love to start a career and see Benny O’Connor be champion, or if I’m defending the title I’d love to see an upstart Clubber Payne be up there just to add a bit of unpredictability! Also I’d like to see other boxers move up and down on their own regardless of my fight results. But like I said, amazing game!
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6 years ago, Sunogunow
1. Why do jabs not matter in this game? If I land a combo of 3 jabs every single time I counter, WHY DO I NOT GET ANY POINTS FOR IT???! 2. Please make the commentary from the coach more original. 3.Give us more fighters. Let us go into a welterweight/heavyweight division. 4.Allow a random factor to be injured and lose attributes during training. 5. Create celebrations after the match because it’s very boring to see your boxer quietly stand 6.Create a body modifier. Punches to the body will slow your opponent and make it easier to counter them. 7. Make more injury marks because I’m tired of the casual gash or black eye. Let’s see some cuts on the body if we hit them in the body. 8. Let us pick our boxer in quick fight. 9. Create a training/sparring gym for us to practice combos against a opponent.
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1 year ago, MetelX
This is a amazing game but needs a character update
I think that this games amazing and you should not change the experience in a boxing match and the characters are also amazing but I think you should add like 1 or 2 more characters to the game like a legend at boxing like Mike Tyson would be nice anyways this game is super amazing.
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6 years ago, The one and only... Rad Rater!
Feels like the game is cheating
This game is enjoyable, but no matter how high you boost your stats, it seems that contenders will always be better than you. Despite having maxed out power and chin, every cross I land does nothing. Every uppercut is like a pinch, and every time I get hit with a decent punch, at the bery least I’m stunned. Also, never throw a combination if you don’t want to suddenly get creamed. Combos in this game just seem to open you up to getting obliterated
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