Binaural Beats

Health & Fitness
4.7 (919)
8.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adlai Holler
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Binaural Beats

4.68 out of 5
919 Ratings
4 years ago, MissAshley48
I have to be honest when Dr. Schmalz, a clinical psychologist (if you didn’t know) recommended Binural tones I brushed it off as a strange not going to help app. Well I tried it, thought it was extremely weird. I doubted it but kept it going. Somehow a half hour later I was clam, so calm I was sleeping. ME the bipolar manic anxiety person who always had diificulty sleeping (as in final sleeping for more than 10 mins at 5:30a and has a toddler that is beyond up no later then 7:30a. Needless to say I continued using it. Now I don’t necessarily use it every night. But I do when I’m struggling with sleep again and started using it through the day to relieve stress and anxiety and relax and be able to focus (helps my ADHD also). I am not usually a person to use something like this or I would use it once and never again, I might think about it but constantly slips my mind. However, this app is AMAZING. I more then recommend it, I now also use it with my 14yr old son. Helps him focus before and during COVID-19. He is diagnosed DMDD, ADHD, unspecified mood disorder, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, specified learning disability and Executive Functiong. He’s a lot, but this app has helped him more than I anticipated!!!!! At least give it a try even if you doubt it initially try a few more time, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!
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2 years ago, SlotCarTom236
I urge you to try this app.
I never really paid attention to these sorts of sleep strategies - I know that if I concentrated on relaxing for example, I would fall asleep - sometimes. Some would call that meditation - maybe that is what it is, but its not always easy to “turn off” my racing thoughts. But the binaural effect that this app produced was quite dramatic, and this particular app consistently helps me drop off to sleep in a very short time, regardless of the chaos of my day. I would urge you to try it, play with the various settings to find a sound pattern you enjoy. I did just that, and never looked back. I’m a cynical person, but I was so pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this app. It is very easy to use - I applaud the clean minimalist interface, and the dark mode. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying this app. After using it for quite some time I ponied up with a payment, for no other reason than “a job well-done”! Thanks!
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6 years ago, dafoofoo
Best one that's free with auto frequency change
I downloaded about 6 different binaural sound apps this one is the best. In order for this to work you have to have headphones! 2nd app on my list is iMeditate that's if you like the sounds of munks praying. I think it's cool but too distracting for me. This app has 2 required features that not all apps had. Best feature is to automatically adjust the frequency to a final slower frequency. < This could be achieved quickly or slowly, you pick. << I usually set it to 10 min.> 2nd feature is to basically stop after a certain amount of time. < **Initially you have to find the sound that tickles your brain (should be high frequency since you're awake & everyday will be different), then the freq. as it slows down will gradually make your brain slow down too. Funny thing is that I wake up as if I had a really good sleep each time. No head aches! I'm glad I didn't spent $200 on a beanie with headphones & brain wave sensor. Because this free app works.
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4 years ago, 78DavisLD
Great App
I have enjoyed this app. It is great especially setting the timer for listening before bed. One major frustration is the app will regularly prompt you to pay $4.99 to remove ads and it took payment without my permission and I don’t think there is a way to get a refund as no details can be found in the App Store for this error. They should only prompt for payment when the toggle is changed to remove ads. This is VERY deceiving and a terrible practice. Change this in the app as I don’t see anything about charging for the app, but this tactic is underhanded and inappropriate.
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3 months ago, J911@Jay
This is the Best Binaural Beats app I guarantee
To the developer please make an updated verseion to the latest IOS 17!!!! Please!!! I really love this app I literally tried all the Binaural apps in the app store and this the best one and the only one you can really customize all the parameters and listen to it as a background sound while using other apps and listening to music or different audio 🙏please keep this app updated and leave it in the app store for as long as possible is it is really bring so much value Thank you for making this app
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2 years ago, The only name not taken!
No Hype-
Full disclosure, I helped to design manufacture and market a light and sound device in the early ‘90s. Of course we used Binaural Beats. Like this app, our device used simple straight-ahead Binaural Beats, without all the gyrations and hype. That’s exactly what this program does. I personally don’t believe that very specific effects can be achieved by various combinations of changing beats, other than a generalized deep relaxation, and generalized aware focus. Those two mental states are important enough. You can get them through this app.
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3 months ago, Juskers
Best Binaural Beat App!
This app is definitely the best app I’ve used for exploring binaural beats and frequencies. The ability to fine tune the binaural beat and tone frequency makes all the difference in the listener experience. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking to have full control over their binaural beat sessions. Thank you so much to the developer for making such an intuitive user interface and most of all for making this full feature app freely available. Much gratitude.
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5 years ago, Trent$K
Currently crashing . . .
This is quite possibly one of my favorite apps. 🎉 I use it for exercise, 🏋🏼‍♂️ work, 💻 study, 📖 meditation, 🧘🏼‍♂️ and sleep. 🛏 It has seriously been a life-saver! 😄 I’m grateful that you’ve made an update recently to keep this going. I have no idea what I’d do without it. 😅 The feature that I love most is being able to play this app in the background. That way I can read, play a game, or exercise with greater focus and intensity, or I can work or study with better peace of mind — all while listening to my favorite music. 🎼 😄 🎶 This is seriously the best app! Just wish that it wasn’t crashing as soon as I open it since update 1.5. 😅
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5 years ago, Jtercyak
Was The perfect Binaural App
You can control interval and frequency. Also has auto pilot to change interval gradually. Very nice. And plays under any other app. Perfect! Oh yeah, never crashed!!!! Now it crashes every time I open the app. I used it daily many times a day. I am sick over this. I hope the developer reads reviews and fixes it. Sorry to leave a bad review for an app I love. I even paid for it so the developer could make some money. Ever since I paid for it, it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, crazy white cat lady
Straightforward, useful
I have other, more complicated melodious apps for brainwave induction...and I never use them. I was looking for an app to mimic the utility of the old Brainwave Generator (bwgen) program for PC. While this app doesn’t have the expansive potential of bwgen, the simplicity and ease of use make it a daily go-to for me. I like how it runs in the background underneath my podcasts or music. If you know nothing at all about brainwaves and binaural beats, a little reading up on it will point you in the right direction. For example: for sleep induction I set the frequency to 4 (delta), decreasing to .5, with a tone/pitch of 90. Works every time! 😉 Delta waves are also good during the day’s normal activity to decrease anxiety without the need to intentionally sit and meditate—because ain’t nobody got time for that!
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5 years ago, MerceMN612
Hasn't changed in years for a reason.
Seriously THE BEST binaural beats app in the store. You'll be able to listen to music while this hums in the background. Has beat and tone frequency something most don't have. Enjoy! Use 639hz for tone.(Love hz) I use this for everything from meditation, manifestation, pre-sleep, accelerated learning and even foundation sound while tripping out on "mind altering substances". Transcend into all aspects of evolving. Thanks for creating this.
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2 years ago, Laine & Joel
Grateful for restored sleep
My naturopath recommended binaural beats when I was having a real struggle with my sleep. Listening to the sound frequencies on my headphones allowed me to fall back to sleep when I woke up in the middle of the night. I keep my iPhone and my headphones by the bed now so that I can reach for them if I need them. My sleep has improved considerably. I am very grateful.
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7 years ago, Thebeast106
Best binaural beats app in my opinion
The app has just about all features you could want in a binaural beats app. It has autopilot to gradually increase or decrease the frequency , allows to choose all the way up to gamma (Most I've seen don't do that) you can even go past that, but I'm not sure it works. It also has a tone frequency setting with the ability to change to any tone along with the beats.
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7 years ago, SloppyToes
Type in any frequency
I like this app because you can customize the frequencies. Other apps just have a few tones to choose from or have a sliding scale. With this one you can type in a frequency, so I can do 172.6 or 1.05 or anything else I want. Also it allows you to set a main frequency and a carrier tone. This is good because it allows for further customization. It works well for my purposes.
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2 years ago, General_Bedwars
Notice the realistic reviews
Like others, I tried other apps-but came back to this one. Better control, simple, and free. No pop up adds. To get the most out of Binaural beats in general, listen to the Huberman Lab podcast episode 57 timestamp 1:02:20-1:13:56 I use it for gamma waves at 40 hz (tone) to help my brain get ready to focus for school and work after I get up and go on a walk.
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9 months ago, VoiceOfReality
Less can be more
If you spend 15 minutes educating yourself about therapeutic sound, this app does what you need with simplicity and elegance. The other apps I have looked contain fluff and expense you just don’t need. I’ll give a developer like this 5 bucks over someone trying to sell me a subscription to relaxing sounds.
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2 years ago, DIDE2020
Great app
Very simple and customizable, you can set levels outside of the given limits by just typing in the boxes. Very helpful, I use it every day. One thing I’d like to see is the ability to save certain combinations of tones and beats for later use, instead of having to create the combos over and over again.
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6 months ago, andrew8989
FINALLY, a binaural beats app that is simple, easy, reliable, and attractive
Every few years, I decide to give binaural beats a shot, and end up getting turned off by the bloated, over-complicated, garish, unreliable apps I have to suffer through. Finally someone who gets that less is more and that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Bravo.
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7 years ago, SeecoolGuy
Best and easiest binaural app
I tried a few of these apps on the desktop and for iOS. This app is the easiest and most comfortable that I’ve used, it has a sleep timer, autopilot mode and also while it does have some ads, the developer keeps them out of the way... ultimately I paid to remove the apps because I love this app that much... It’s already ready for iPhone X
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2 years ago, leahw89
Just add beats
Sometimes you just wanna listen to your music and add beats, and this allows you to listen to anything you want to, or not, and still benefit from binaural beats. Recommend if you enjoy beats at all and just need to add them in. Autopilot mode is also great for when you are waking up or winding down for the day.
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6 years ago, DanTheColoradan
I've never seen ads but paid anyway
Update: woot! Came back to see the UI got some love and it works perfect. 👍🏼 Original: I paid the $1 for this app since it works mostly as it should. I would to see the developer work on it more. It's showing a bit of its age :) In any case, I like it. And in my case, free and never have had ads either.
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4 years ago, soupman450
Background noise
While the app is running there is a very odd background noise coming through. Sort of like a rotating or pulsing crunch/blip. It becomes active as soon as the play button is pressed and continues as long as the app is active no matter the phase or frequency. Pressing the pause button ends the tone but not the other sound. When the app is not being accessed by the phones operating system, the noise is not present, but will start and stop while the App Store is referencing the phones apps. The timer option is nice.
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2 years ago, The MoonShaman
Good day, If there’s a possibility to use it during phone calls and to mix it while music you love ❤️ and with restriction only possible to listen it on the phone the app is on it! So not share the music to share and change but share possibilities to send a link to friends 👌🏼 Groetjes Erwin
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3 years ago, Kareem_the_First
Changed my mind.
I gave this app 4 stars once due to the price of the app. It was an unfair review of an app that I’ve had and used for years. I have purchased the app (finally) and like that it has incorporated dark mode and has a very minimalist look. Give it a shot and support the developer’s hard work if you’re enjoying it!
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6 years ago, S1022
Near perfect
Exactly what I was looking for: total control over beat and carrier frequency, plus, it will play in the background while listening to music, etc. That last one was worth the very fair upgrade price to no ads. I would have paid more for this app knowing what it’s like after using it. Excellent.
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5 years ago, Anonymous835475
Volume slider doesn’t work
The app itself is great. Very simple with no ancillary features - it just plays two tones with minimal configuration to support that. The only hangup is that on my iPhone Xs Max the mixing volume slider doesn’t work. It mixes into music from other apps at the maximum volume, causing the binaural tone to be pretty loud. Without music it’s totally fine as you can just reduce the handset volume.
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5 years ago, Loclynn
Really simple
I love it and I am hoping to see it build and grow in function as more is learned by those researchers in this field of inquiry. For instance setting multiple frequency modulation in the timer and maybe the ability to interface with other app such as frequency pattern generators so that you can visualize the stimulus. Built in binary beats Ann so on.
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3 years ago, socks99
Great App
I had been looking for a good app for binaural beats and my neurologist Dr. Kerasidis and my psychologist Dr. Schmalz recommended this! He said to listen to it without headphones under my pillow instead and saw it yielded good results that way, also. It’s easy to navigate and use. 10/10!!! Pass it on to your friends!
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8 months ago, carshabry
App no longer works
I purchased this app in July 2023 to run through July 2024. It worked beautifully until yesterday, when the app demanded that I pay for another year into 2025! I now cannot use the app AT ALL unless I subscribe for a second year. I’m being held hostage by an app and I would like a refund since I can no longer use the app through July 2024. Forcing me to purchase another subscription so that I can use my fully paid for current subscription is an illegal business practice!
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5 years ago, Jay Odom
Crashing after update, but still five stars
It crashes in iOS 12. I’m going to update to iOS 13. I’m always a hold out when it comes to operating system updates. I’m going to update it right now. I still believe that this is the best binaural app you can get! Thank you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, dspardoe
Simple and Effective, I love this app. Puts me to sleep drowning out all the noises in my house.
I love the simplicity and effectiveness of this app. With decent headphones love this app this app has helped put me to sleep within 5-10 minutes every time. I have made my 8 year old son try it and he fell asleep with in minutes. Thanks
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3 months ago, Kevmanbear
Going to Donate to this App!
Autopilot feature is unbelievable. Go from meditative state to FALL asleep at any duration you want. I hope the developers are doing well, the majority of the world doesn’t know about these kinds of sound waves and what they can do
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3 years ago, Ciriun
Exactly what it should be
A lightweight app that does what it says with no extra fluff to complicate it or take up space. Simple interface so it's easy to use and works perfectly. If what you want is just binaural tones, this is app for you.
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5 years ago, Bebe Right
Updated so now it doesn't work anymore
I used to love this app but can't even use it now because it crashes every time since the "update" Update: you got on the fix fast and it seems to be stable now!
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5 years ago, bambooguy
Binaural beats
Does what it says, easy to use, adjust, and set. I like that I can play anything, with the beats in the background, even Utube videos. Slider allows for easy volume adjustment, to the point that you can’t even consciously hear it. Developer respon
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3 years ago, SeffyQ
Potential bug?
Great app, sure easy to use. Been using it for 3+ years. However after updating to iPhone 12, app does not allow users to play in the background. App mutes itself if you switch to another app. Pls fix. 🙏🏼
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5 years ago, Krazykemajor
Thank you for the latest update
Everything is working beautifully again & we also have dark mode. This is the Binaural Beats app to get folks.
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3 years ago, OregonLL
Simple and Effective
It just works. I appreciate that I can also play music over the top of the beats, but I often get the most benefit from just the beats. I prefer frequencies well below 200Hz and though I can type in my choice, having the slider include lower octaves would be a fifth star.
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2 years ago, AshCecil
1000% the best
I LOVE this app I use it when I’m listening to books studying but also while I’m listening to music while working. It’s the best app to do so with!
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5 years ago, chell 80
Very effective
I’ve been using for the past 3 nights. I hadn’t slept through the night in a long time before but have felt really well rested the last few mornings!
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2 years ago, bonsaipeople
Elegant Autopilot Feature Beats All.
This application, elegant as it is simple, is more effective than all others I’ve tried & I’ve tried them all. Having control of the step down timing of Binaural Beats is a feature unique to this application & one that increases the effectiveness tenfold. Simple, accurate, effective, customizable. A near perfect app. I can’t thank you enough.
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3 years ago, rhymeswithquiche
Technical issues
This app is great, when it works. Lately, it has taken to stopping the frequencies when my phone screen goes dark or when I go to my Lock Screen and I cannot make it continue the beats.
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3 years ago, ffabbiann
You can’t run it with the screen off
This app worked well then something happened where I have to have the app open on top and have the screen on otherwise the audio fades away. I can’t weave the frequency with the audio output of other apps either. These are features that for my use, I consider essential.
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3 years ago, Jerryboi511
Simple and amazing app!
I love the simplicity and effectiveness off the app. This versatile app does what you want right away. I would love other features such as: - Second autopilot mode for a more customizable binaural beat session - Handy guide that shows the recommended frequency, tuning, and timing for whatever situation/mental state you want to achieve Thank you to the developers for taking the time to make this app
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5 years ago, CrossingWinds715
Love this app
Love this app and have been using for years, however with the new iSO update the volume control doesn’t work anymore.
Show more
5 years ago, amgineBE
Life changing - life saving, perfect for the binaural beat journey-person.
The world is a better place because you made binaural beats available to everyone.
Show more
6 years ago, Silva Method
Best app of its kind!
I’ve tried many apps like this and this is the only one that gives you this level of control. I love it!
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6 years ago, Mar sen.
The best of the kind!
That’s what really helps me relax after a busy day and gradually leads me into a peaceful sound sleep... I’ve tried so many but this one surpasses them all.
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5 years ago, Life of ❤️
It was Great!
I really enjoyed the app wonderful to choose exactly the frequency you desire. It was perfect, until one day the volume quit working. Now I can’t get any sound from it at all. Can you help?!
Show more
2 years ago, WhoCaresAboutNicknames0101
Perfectly Minimalist
Binaural has little to no frills or fancy UI, which makes the app super easy to use. Just perfect.
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