Bivy: Trails, Waterways, Climb

Health & Fitness
3.5 (105)
95.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Headgate Studios
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bivy: Trails, Waterways, Climb

3.5 out of 5
105 Ratings
4 years ago, TheRealSteveDavis
I have been a Bivystick user for nearly a year and this recent update to the app is light years beyond the previous version. Love the improvements to the interface, it makes navigation back and forth between the map and messaging a breeze versus the previous version requiring you to back out of and close windows. The only thing I find missing (and the reason for not giving 5 stars) is the ability to create a waypoint directly from the map. The only place I can seem to add a waypoint is from the waypoints submenu on the home page. This is a big issue as I use waypoints extensively in my other trail mapping apps and not being able to drop a pin directly on the map page is a deal breaker for this replacing my other mapping app entirely. Love it for the tracking, messaging and SOS features but add that feature and Bivy becomes my primary off-grid navigational tool.
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6 years ago, stewedslacker
Good everything app
I have a dog and I’m constantly out and about so this app is good for us because it has suggestions for all types of activities, not just hiking. I love the idea of crowdsourcing adventures, and I find it interesting seeing what other people have to say about different areas. The app has come along way since it’s launch and I’m sure there will be some more things fixed as it goes along but you couldn’t ask for a better tracking system with the satellite image maps.
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2 years ago, Gifferz
App not free, must purchase prior to download
Back in March 2022 I was able to download the bivy app from the apple store without being charged on several different devices I have. After I had an issue with one device I removed apps including this one. Then, as of the April 2022 app update for “battery optimization” I went to download the app again. However this time it required a in-app purchase be made for “Premium One Month” even though I had not even entered the app itself. Once the payment was completed then the app finished download and I could enter the app. Labeling the app as “Free” with in-app purchases is fraud since, in my experience, to simply get the app downloaded so you can open it requires a forced in-app purchase.
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2 years ago, 남자0691210
It's better than nothing.
After buying a Bivy stick I quickly found that when searching for places the results are that of paid advertising many hundreds of miles away from the location searched for. Also discovered locations cannot be searched for in lat lon ie you cannot enter a coordinate and have it take you there on the map. The only way the places searched for were found was via topography land marks and then The location was saved so it could be found again. This app could use some improvement. It should be able to search places on topo maps and should have an option to opt out of paid search results. Hopefully they get the message HERE.
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3 years ago, Dognose
I had high hopes for the bivy device, tested it on a few small hikes and had some weird results, but put it down to learning curve and device glitches. The app itself is just noisy and confusing: so many fonts/button/tabs/options and yet finding out if the bivy is WORKING and tracking seems to be lowest priority. Just got back from a backpacking trip and it was sending checkins with locations from the day before, the tracking stopped in the middle of the day and missed most of the hike, but when I hooked to bivy and looked it seemd to show my location (hint: it was using iPhone's GPS position). All this "adventure" stuff is noise and detracts from using this as reliable tracking/communicating tool. I wish they had a basic app that didn't have all of this social crap in it, that let me know: * is Bivy working, if not how long since it was * what is the link for spouse to follow (no adventure!) * are communications/tracking being delivered
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5 years ago, Smith42804
The Best!
This app is amazing! I really enjoy the time details for paddling and hiking routes, so that I know how long to plan for. There’s tons of adventures on here but not as many as some other apps - so hopefully the count increases. It looks like the only way to add an adventure is to do it and track it yourself. This helps keep the very informative details for each one but also limits the adventure count. I’d also like to see a way to exclude campgrounds from your map if you’d like to.
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6 years ago, Knight Photography
Cool new adventure app
This app has a lot of useful info about the trails/adventures displayed in an easy to read format. I like the recording feature that shows your distance, speed, etc. Overall it has been great to use for finding and tracking adventures and I look forward to more and more trail data being added to the system.
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2 years ago, Cambridge Cory
Doesn’t work when you need it to
I hadn’t used my Bivy stick in over a year, the app has been updating regularly. When I opened it I had high hopes since it looked like it had been worked on. When I went to send a text it instantly crashed every single time on my IPhone 11 Pro. It used to only crash with special characters but now it crashes all the time. Absolutely useless. My wife was able to use her iPhone 12 to send the text we needed. What if she wasn’t there? I think of this device as a lifeline and it is not reliable. I will be switching to Garmin.
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2 years ago, Saorsail
App is a problem can’t even activate Bivy
Purchased a Bivy yesterday and have been trying to activate it ever since. The app gets the user name and sets up sos info but won’t activate. Trying to “activate” results in a screen that simply tells me I am logged in. I log out and try again, same thing. I tried to send a support message from the app and that doesn’t work either. You think for the price of a monthly plan and their revenue from the plan activating would fool proof. If they can’t get that working right, what can you expect for the features you need?
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4 years ago, taykahike
The app needs some work. Why is there a “Shop Now” banner in an app that already requires the purchase of the device? Too much screen real estate for branding at the expense of necessary functionality. I expect to use this app primarily for messaging and SOS capabilities (I use other apps for maps and tracking), so I would prefer to have the app emphasize the UI for those functions, and for providing information about the satellite connection.
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3 years ago, Haberpro
It mostly works
The BivyStick itself is a fantastic product. The app works and allows me to send messages and get weather information with no issues. The app itself is very colorful with lots of buttons… But, as others have mentioned, the app is bloated with stuff that is completely unnecessary in the backcountry, making for a convoluted interface that can be rough on phone battery life. Also, the only way to clear out contacts from message threads that have been deleted is to delete the app and then reinstall it. Clean up the app, remove all but the needed stuff, and include a way to clear out messages and contacts and this thing gets 5 starts.
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6 years ago, Climbing J
A few tweaks
Overall, an awesome app, however if I’m searching for only one specific type of climbing type, don’t include others in that. Most prominent example, do not include trad climbing routs when I only specify sport in my filters. This tiny thing has caused a fair amount of frustration. Though, as my 4* rating suggests, I’m happy with the overall app.
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4 years ago, Frisbee Lady
Great Adventure App
I am an avid trail runner and I am always looking for new places to explore. Bivy has been a great resource for finding new trails. It is especially helpful when traveling to new areas that I am not familiar with. The descriptions have lots of useful info. I am looking forward to using the app a lot more this summer.
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4 years ago, Wildfire_kiki#1
Great variety
This app has so much variety for anyone who loves the outdoors. Camping, hiking, off-roading adventures, and more! I have used the bivystick orange and blue and the device is super handy when I’m out of cell range enjoying no cell service....but need to stay in contact with my family.
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2 years ago, lbhiker
Password pain
Can’t tell you what a pain it is on iOS to get a password in. If it’s strong then you can’t paste it. Also can see the password to make sure you’ve got it right. Please, please fix. Enable paste and enable visible text on password if desired.
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3 years ago, Angel00018727
App needs update still
Although this app does help figure out about what places are near by on the map but is still several updates away from being perfect.
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3 years ago, sarahla93
Recent Log In Trouble
I used this for the first time a couple weeks ago and had no problems! Was able to send texts and location in an area with no service. Now I can’t even get the app to work at all. Refuses to let me log in. Constantly says no connection even when I’m on wifi and good cell reception areas. On the website itself I can log in with no issues but the app is useless to me now.
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6 years ago, Pittoman
New version is great.
So nice that it tells me when I am off track. When I am hiking and accidentally head down a game trail or something, this app will give a heads up. Plus it keeps track of my pace and mileage. So I know how slow I really am.
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6 years ago, Me47949
Must have adventure app
If you’re looking to get out and find new adventures, this app is a necessity. Tons of filters to pinpoint exactly the thing you’re looking for. You can even share adventures that aren’t already on the app. It’s amazing!
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2 years ago, Mark_Mark
Still not so good
I bought my Bivy stick a year ago and had many problems, some that were quickly resolved with the new platform. A year later though, there are still big issues. For example, lost message responses, app initiated tracking issues, Extreme phone battery usage (50% over 24 hours without even using the app), etc.
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6 years ago, hippiewithapixie
Best app
This is literally my favorite app! I didn’t think there was anything to do around me till I got this app. This has everything! I love how it gives me the intensity and approximation of the time for the hikes. Everything screams perfection! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, Criggity
Bored? Find a trail
This app is amazing, found multiple trails in my area that I never knew about and I lived in this area for 20 years now. I highly recommended getting this especially for outdoors type!
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4 years ago, Anon333
Needs work
Basic editing functions don’t work. Moving between screens sometimes doesn’t work. For example I was editing my standard checkin message and the app got to a point where the keyboard won’t disappear so you can’t save the message or cancel the edit. You have to force close the app. Hardware works great so far, software a little half baked.
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3 years ago, hannajyra
Love the new update!
The most recent update is a game changer for me. It is much smoother and more intuitive. I was recently down in Goblin Valley, Utah and I stumbled upon a cool trail that I just submitted to the database. It’s cool to be a part of it all!
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4 years ago, Kayaker 3125
Great app
I don’t normally review apps but this one deserves it. Great app that helps me not only find things to do but also helps me track and record adventures when I do them.
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2 years ago, Stealth63
This should be two apps!
The Bivy Stick features should be their own app. To much going on in one app.
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2 years ago, tbdm147
Do not buy
Really horrible interface that glitches out when tracking (can’t back out of menus), doesn’t properly send updates or receive messages, and crashes when looking at the user guide and a few other menus. Really regret this purchase
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3 years ago, tango fail
App stopped working iPhone 11 ios 14
The app stopped working but they keep charging me. You have to open the app to cancel. It’s too bad they allow this. I like the stick when the app worked during the Summer but I just feel cheated the last few months. Can’t turn off billing.
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7 years ago, scathefire
New version is awesome!
No load times, super quick, and easy to use. Love the new interface, it’s probably the best trail app out there.
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3 years ago, DanPl
Not easy to use for main purpose
This application tries too hard to do too many things, it has sales experiences in the core user interface wasting precious space, way too many colors, too many icons, etc. For this reasons I don’t recommend people buy this device or use this application.
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2 years ago, Sailorman1963
Not good for people with poor vision
The fonts and color of the fonts are difficult to see for someone with anything but 20/20 vision. The map legends and narratives can’t be zoomed and are tiny. It seems to be grey on black. Difficult to see in daylight.
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3 years ago, Light-Fun
It is a start but needs work
Ok I am an older person But very tech savvy and do app design work The text is really hard to read it is a very light grey with small font - so bright day good luck. Also the routes are done in a light green that is easy to miss on a green topo map The green route does not have any arrows to help you know which way to go on trails that are loops.
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3 years ago, Bivysucks
Better get yourself a Inreach
Wow What a terrible device- App. Coming from using a Garmin Inreach I truly regret this purchase. Do yourself a favor and all the hassle, get yourself a easy to use and operate Garmin Inreach. This thing is light years behind the competition.
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2 years ago, hodlhodlhodltheline
Return or do not buy
Garbage. App crashes on start every time since last update on an iphone Xs Max. What a waste of money. Idk what I was thinking getting a satcom device that requires an app to hit the SOS button. Buy the inreach.
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5 years ago, galaxin
Suppot iPhone10,11
Bivy app not yot optimized for iPhone X and 11. The top part of Bivy app’s screen is clipped bcoz the screen doesn’t match for iPhone X and 11. I want Bivy to solve this issue ASAP. Thx
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2 years ago, aikon66
Constant Crashing
The app is terrible. It crashes constantly. I will give it one update but will return it and switch to Zoleo if it doesn't improve.
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4 years ago, Hondusbrahms
Find Me does jot work
My brother has a bivy stick on his sail boat - he has friended me and yet I cannot locate him from this app or from the website. I also cannot find him by searching by name. The Find Me linkbis completely dead.
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4 years ago, cachappmania
Not Impressed
I know for a fact one of the river trails in my area is incorrect and you will be getting out on private property. I submitted this weeks ago. Heard nothing at all and it’s still wrong. What good is this app if it puts people in danger?
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2 years ago, CarissaH1
The app crashed while in the backcountry and I was unable to send messages until I had service and re-installed it. Don’t risk your safety or families peace of mind
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1 year ago, Hannah91983
Awful App
I’m returning my Bivy stick, piece of crap…the app tracking is nonexistent, crashed on startup constantly…not worth the 60 a month…get a HAM radio 📻 walky talkie or a Noah weather band radio 📻 you’re better off
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2 years ago, Chuckjb
The app and the BIVY stick are less than desirable. The app and the mobile device has NOT been throughly tested. You will be very disappointed.
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8 years ago, danirooeez
So useful and reliable
My husband and I are super intense outdoorsy people, but this app could help us become those people. Bivy has every kind of outdoor hike or "adventure" and the fact that you can sort them out by difficulty and location rocks. We used it last week to find a moderate to easy hike for us to do on the weekend. Seeing the reviews from previous hikers really gave us an idea of what we were getting ourselves into. Bivy gets my 5 star rating mostly for the feature of helping me get to my location. Sometimes I never know how to get to the start of my hike. Bivy tells you the directions and gets you there. Love this app definitely using it for future endeavors.
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4 years ago, Meme nemesis
On iPhone 11: device heats up and battery drains
There’s a bug that is draining battery on iPhone 11. Makes the device physically hot as well.
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2 years ago, big 9647
Terrible app to navigate and nothing is explained very well, the tracking is a joke(if you can figure it out)
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7 years ago, pebbles_1234567
Not functional
App doesn’t work. It sat on the “Downloading Adventures” screen for over 15 minutes before I gave up and uninstalled.
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8 years ago, JollyWaffle
I have been looking for a trails app that had more than just hiking and biking on it. I saw the ad on Facebook for Bivy and tried it out and I love it! I had no idea there were so many things to do where I live. I found a new trail about 20 minutes away that i wanted to try so I took my dog and we did it in an afternoon. We finished 1 hour before the app estimated we would but i walk fast so I wonder if the times are based on just a normal steady walk. I do wish there was an option to save favorite activity types so I don’t have to enter in each one every time but other than that I love this app! I will try the tracker feature next time I go out.
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8 years ago, you wish you were us
Awesome app to find new adventures!
I've lived in the same area for 10 years and thought I knew where most of the trails were around me. Turns out I don't. Bivy is awesome because it brings up tons of trails for all sorts of activities all around your area. I found new trails and camp sites that I'm really excited to try. Also love that there are detailed descriptions for trails, campsites, etc. In campsites it says how much a night costs and that's been super helpful when trying to plan a trip.
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7 years ago, hikersuz
Bivy is great
I have done several hikes using Bivy. I love easily seeing which adventures are near with the click of a button. I think it is great to be able to see the difficulty of each hike and narrow down the choices. I like sending my feedback and getting a response from the Bivy team quickly. I am able to keep track of my elevation, the hikes I've completed, and I have posted my own photos of trails. Bivy is great!
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8 years ago, Fekete_13
AMAZING!!! Where has this app been?!
My husband and I are always looking for new hikes. When I first signed up, I was surprised to see hundreds of hikes around where we live! The app also maps out your hike from beginning to end so you'll never get lost. It's an all in one kind of app--definitely worth the download!
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8 years ago, Hansentt
Such a great app
I love this app. Anyone that climbs can tell you that finding a wall can be a challenge. With the live tracking this app takes you right to the wall. No more guessing if you are on the right track or if you are getting close. So useful and an amazing tool for any outdoorsy person.
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