Blink Fitness

Health & Fitness
4.8 (19.9K)
28.6 MB
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Current version
Blink Holdings Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blink Fitness

4.8 out of 5
19.9K Ratings
2 years ago, kyle_the_bug
Issues right at the start
So I was looking to get a Blink membership for a while. I downloaded the app and completed everything to sign up and once I submitted it, I got my membership number on a screen for a second, then I selected away and it disappeared. I don’t know if the app glitched but I haven’t received my membership confirmation email so I am unable to login and setup my account. Also I checked my bank and my card has been charged the membership amount. I’ve emailed customer service and it says there will be delays in responses. Wish I knew how long it would be because as of right now I am literally paying for nothing as I cannot access my membership. I will update this review as the issue is resolved, but as for right now, not very impressed with Blink Fitness.
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3 years ago, jackrob
Seems very well thought out
Just started using this app but it seems very intuitive and well thought out. It tracks how often you workout, has articles about nutrition and working out. You can also check the capacity of your gym (although it takes a while to reflect in real time so you should still call to verify). You can also check to see what gyms are near you as well. I like it, hopefully I get to use it a lot.
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3 weeks ago, DinaLove
More bugs
Updating my review below: Some of the previous bugs have been squashed, but now, like other users have commented, the new update keeps making me log in each time I open the app, which is unnecessary. On a good note, I still enjoy the ease of tapping my barcode when I enter the gym and I really like the workouts, especially the treadmill routines. **** I’ve contacted tech support multiple times and each version update fixes one thing then stops another feature from working. Sometimes the app just opens to a complete blank screen upon launch and stays that way. I really enjoy looking up real-time gym capacity and love the spin or treadmill workouts, but these don’t always load properly or at all sometimes. The workaround is to delete and reinstall the app but it’s a near-daily issue, so I’ve kind of given up using the app at this point.
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1 year ago, Gmia1221
App doesn’t work
I am a new member and I workout at two different locations (currently). I downloaded the app and the section that allows you to look at locations wasn’t working. When I told them at the gym, they said to delete the app and download it again. It worked…but only for a short period of time. The next day I had the same problem, did the same fix, and it worked for a short period of time then stopped. What is the point of using the app if I have to keep deleting it and downloading it again? The most important feature of the app for me, the location (and capacity) feature just does not work and I don’t see the same info on the website. It makes planning my daily workout difficult. I’m using an iPhone if that makes a difference. Please fix this. ***The location part just stopped working as I was using it. This is frustrating and annoying. ***
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4 weeks ago, Will Scrillz
One of the worst apps i have ever used
For the last month the app has been unable to find my membership despite confirming week in and week out that my membership is active and the email is correct. There is no option to search for it by number or link it or anything. Like what? Additionally it opened a second trial account in the exact same email as my current account. So now I have to active accounts and I cant cancel it because I will get charged. There are minimal options to even try to remedy it and I have tried with every one at the gym. I went in the other day and there was a line of people who were all having issues with this terrible app. I have to manually give my phone number every time. Honestly probably the worst experience with an app that I have ever had.
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2 years ago, KBP56
This is a joke right?
The app leaves much to be desired, it talks a great game about being able to workout from home, providing great nutrition advice, and being able to manage your account all from the app. It does none of this!! for example it aggregates all this great content and they give you the option to bookmark articles or workouts, but once bookmarked it’s never to be seen again. There isn’t a tab where they are collected to be reviewed later. It’s just a big disappointment because it’s a great idea they have for this app. It’s sad that planet fitness has figured out how to sync up with my Apple Watch but Blink can’t get it together for me to even bookmark a article from within their app. I gave it 2 stars because of potential.
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1 year ago, Wopiua
Pure garbage
It started out right at first. But for the past two-three months pure garbage. It freezes up on me every single day. Like the whole data and updates just freezes and stays frozen. You could go to the gym every day of that week and it won’t record. You have to constantly delete the app and reinstall. It would go crazy in the gym where sometimes it won’t scan and the personnel has to ask me my phone number and all. It used to have cardio video workouts available as well as other workout videos. Not anymore. Everything is blocked, unviewable and frozen. This has to be the worst app ever. It was working fine, but it seems like whoever was working on maintaining this app to keep functioning quit and no one has replaced this person. Straight do-do
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1 year ago, Lilu01289
The app isn't working well
I'm having issues with this app a lot lately. I have to logout and login again to see the real time gym capacity. It doesn't reflect my current billing status. At the beginning of the month the app tells me I have no outstanding balance, but I kept getting emails from blink that I do so I had to login via browser to see how much I owe. But then after I paid, the app tells me I have outstanding balance of xx amount for like a whole week until I logout and login again. I have to go on browser to look for gym capacity these days because its annoying to keep logging in and out. Please fix this issue!
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4 years ago, acfowler91
A mess
Since reopening during the Covid pandemic we’ve been able to use the app to make appts. Then a month or so after the reopen making an appt became mandatory. The only thing is that making an appt is nearly impossible. The app is horrendous at taking the reservation. Either the right times don’t show up at first, then when they do and you choose and appt time, there’s almost always and error message, which may or may not mean the reservation was taken. Then other times, past reservations you’ve already secured just won’t show up without constant refreshing. And it’s clear Blink isn’t taking it seriously. It’s only gotten worse. So all you can do is suffer through it until a reservation is magically made.
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4 years ago, Cool And
Horrible-App will not load past the privacy agmt screen
I’ve re download the app about three times in the past 48 hours. Every time I start it and enter my membership information, the app freezes on the loading screen which displays a check box to accept the user privacy agreement, which isn’t even functional because the page is just stuck on loading. At the Blink Grand Central, NYC, the associate erroneously informed that a reservation was required, which was impossible due to the inoperable glitch-full app. Luckily a manager clarified that a reservation is recommended, not required, to avoid any admission issues when the gym reaches capacity. If you are going to create a reservation system and strongly lean on customers to use it, at least ensure that the app is fully functional.
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2 years ago, Pisey Men
Horrible user interface and false advertising
Why do you guys advertise that members can check their gym’s capacity when we haven’t been able to for months since you made the announcement. It’s just a blank screen under locations, it’s never worked for me. I’ve never been able to check my gym’s capacity. Do not falsely advertise to your members if you cannot meet the demands. The app is so laggy and I’ve seen your replies to other people, stop telling people the bug is fixed. It’s not. I’m writing this on October 2nd 2022, the bug is not fixed and I’ve made sure to update the app and everything. Even tried deleting and redownloading to see if that would fix it, NOPE STILL NOTHING.
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8 months ago, jd12224
This app is purposefully confusing and sketchy
Firstly, don't go to a blink fitness unless you have to. Cancelling or trying to change your membership COSTS MONEY! I had the better membership since I thought I'd be going to a variety of locations but when I tried to switch to a lottery membership they try to charge me 30$. So why write this on the app review? Because the app is useless to help. Any actually changes you need to make the app takes you to a website, and then asks you to write in information contained in the app, meaning you need to close the window and lose all your progress. Information is hard to find, and the company uses sketchy practices. I'd cancel forever if I had another option.
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2 years ago, julez23874
Gym capacity function never works
Main reason I have the app is to see the gym capacity and yet it has worked once since I’ve had the app. I’ve mentioned it at the gym and I sent support an email that they didn’t answer let for two weeks. It worked today after deleting the app and downloading and when I checked an hour later it was down again? The function is actually for Covid purposes so you don’t attend at peak times and the protocol for Covid in a largely unmasked space never works?? Health and safety hello?? Other parts of the app are well thought out but useless to me.
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3 years ago, chrissyhinchee
Disconnect with Gym Information
While the workout videos are fine in this app, navigating around to get specific gym information and book sessions is confusing and difficult. It is much better to just call or speak with someone at the gym. After booking a session, I called to confirm the time with my trainer and they said it didn’t come up on their system because you have to book 24 hrs in advance. This is very frustrating as well as other issues communicating through the app to the actual gym. The systems need to be better connected and instructions clear so that I don’t miss sessions and book un-available trainers.
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1 year ago, Gabo DLR
Needs improvement
I like the gyms a lot and how easy is to get into the gym with the app but couple of features that I like but don’t really work are : -know before you go- and - locations. I have to go to different gyms and this could be a reason to use the app all the time for me. Know before you know do not present an accurate number and locations doesn’t load. Also, it’s hard to find a simple weight lift work out that doesn’t require to watch a video. That could also be a great addition to the app experience. Thank you
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2 years ago, passmediehl
Gym capacity viewing problems
Ever since I upgraded my membership I go to gym capacity to see which nearby gyms are at low capacity I can’t view anything it just pops up as a blank screen. I end up having to download the app all over again but the gym capacity page only last for like five minutes. After that it just goes blank and it never ends up loading and it frustrates me because I don’t want to keep going through this constant process of deleting and reinstalling the app just to see how full my gym is before I step out my house. What’s the point of using that feature if it’s not available to use?? It actually gets really frustrating.
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4 years ago, Monsterjet360
What happened?
I started going to this gym after they reopened after the pandemic. At first, this app was working fine. I was really sold on the sign-in achievement aspect, but after a couple of days not getting the credit for signing in, I lost interest in it. Now, after Daylights Saving, the app makes it significantly harder to make appointments. I can’t make an appointment without getting an error message first. An employee told me that deleting the app and redownloading it usually helps, but now I can’t even sign into the app. It’s frustrating because this app has potential, but it just doesn’t work. Please fix these problems soon...
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3 years ago, shateria29
First time
For my first time it was challenging experience but a great one at the same time. I haven’t work out at a gym in over 10 years so the workout pain was a bit much but I did my first training section with Chris he was amazing very motivating which is something I need so yes I look forward to coming back and Chris being my workout trainer it will be worth it pushing myself to do something I know I need thank you
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3 years ago, TEM4730
Just signed up via the app. went to my local location and they told me I would start getting charged the first of every month. I signed up on the 30th so waste of a month. Asked them if I can cancel and sign up again on the first. They said no. What a rip off Make sure you don’t sign up until the first or you’ll waste your money.
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2 weeks ago, LiZabetH.143
Good, but could be better
For the past month I’ve had to log in EVERY day I use the app to check in with my barcode. Also, I would like to have a section that has the gym hours. Nowhere in the app have I found my specific gym hours. It would be nice if they had the gym hours along with specific hours for holidays. The app is standard to most other gym apps that let you check in with a barcode and view gym capacity every hour. It also has workout plans that are nice and convenient to follow.
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4 years ago, Nkenna
2 years+ member
I joined this gym because it was a step up from PF. But when it come to transparency, app complications, and customer service accessibility, this gym is one of the worst. To reserve a spot for the gym you need to do it through the app no other way. Their app, however, is in a constant state of malfunctioning. It won’t show the reservations you already made talk less of making a new one. Their solution: call the gym every time you want to go. Fine. You call the gym no one is available to answer the phone for about an hour. At this point I’m exploring other options. Even PF seems to have a bit more of a handle on the situation
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4 years ago, joesgrille
App quits Immediately while trying to reserve
I have been trying for five days to reserve a spot to work out tomorrow. At first the app wouldn’t my membership number. After3 days, CS give me an entirely different number to use. That worked but as soon aa i hit the button to make a reservation the app INSTANTLY quits. I have not heard from cs. This is supremely frustrating as no one answers the phone. I understand that blink is an economy gym but they are still a huge, money making, for profit corporation and should at least be capable of implementing basic procedures for any members wanting to go back when their gyms open. This level of incompetence is ridiculous and unnecessary in already trying time.
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2 years ago, College sleep
App is Great but
The app is great but the new barcode style works much worse when checking into the gym. It takes multiple tries to scan. Please change to either previous barcode style or make it appear smaller on the Home Screen like the previous version. Even a dynamic barcode shouldn’t need a separate page load like that. Opening the app (or navigating to the homepage) can trigger the new barcode generation of which I’m sure the width of a phone is sufficiently large. It’s such a good feature to begin with that I’m shocked you worsened the experience.
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4 years ago, queens2022
Making a reservation is a nightmare
This one star is strictly for the app. It’s physically impossible to make a reservation through the app. An Error message always pops up whenever you have the perfect time for your reservation. Even at 12 midnight when the 3rd day of the reservation is open it’s still impossible. The thing I don’t get is, the app wont allow you to reserve a spot, for whatever reason but most of the time I head to the gym its empty. Meaning people probably reserve spots and don’t show. They should seriously work on this app. It’s so frustrating and annoying. And they should also have penalties for people who reserve and don’t show. BLINK FIX YOUR APP. !!!!!
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1 year ago, Bri 145 NYC
Terrible app
The app works maybe 10% of the time. Despite being logged in to my account, it almost never shows my actual information like when I’ve checked in or when I’ve scheduled personal training sessions. I have to log out and log back in to maybe sometimes see this information, which is an annoying enough process on its own. The app ends up being useless since it doesn’t actually keep my information. You’d think it would be able to handle showing me the training sessions I’ve signed up for. No idea how this app has such positive reviews.
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2 years ago, thisnamen0w
Needs to be fixed.
Initially, the app provided me with nearby gym locations and the Gym Capacity percentage, which I thought was helpful and accurate for my gym. I had to delete the app twice and download overall three times because after the initial download, the Location tab, from the bottom right (I’m using the iPhone 13), when reopened, did not load as usual. I found that deleting and downloading the app worked ONLY for the first time you tapped on Locations. However, it would fail to load after that. This was consistent after the third download. This happens despite closing out the app entirely and trying again, and I have checked Settings > Blink Fitness that Locations is on for While Using the App. I have also restarted my phone after each download. Please fix this issue.
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4 weeks ago, Gym scam
I’ve gone to the East Orange branch it is very unprofessional a bunch of young kids with attitudes for no apparent reason. Also they force you to get a trainer then when you want to cancel you get the run around. This gym has taken money out of my account for something I am not subscribed to. They gave me the run around about my money. Trying to speak with someone in office is out of the question these gyms AINT nothing but a bunch of scams. Get your own workout devices and get to work without having money taken out of your account ever month. As soon as I get a chance I will be canceling my membership
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3 years ago, QuilesCreations75
Great app for additional information!
The app is very helpful and informative! I found the preset work outs to be of inspiration coming into the gym for the first time in years. Scanning your phone at the front is convenient and cool! I especially like how the app checks you in to show your attendance record. Just another tool to inspire fitness!
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2 years ago, Neemanicole
App often FAILS
Blink wants you to use this app instead of the key tag but the app often fails. Today I wasn’t able to use the app to check in because the app instead of showing the barcode was asking me for the barcode. They no longer give you the tag with the barcode. The person at the gym asked me to refer to the email I received upon signing up over a year ago to retrieve the barcode. That’s ridiculous. Blink has long had issues with their app and needs to step up it technology.
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4 years ago, BOOFRIDAYTHE 13
My experience
The customer service was pleasant how ever the quest list is not convenient.I would prefer to scan my card and check in my quest with out having to have to get them to redeem a member card being that I am planning to bring multiple guests..But otherwise I am looking forward to experience your gym .Sincerely Laura Alvarez .
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4 years ago, Randall at Random
Like a lot of people, I got this app for one reason and one reason only: I need it to schedule appointments to work out. But as quickly as the time slots fill up, the only way to get one is to schedule as soon as the ones three days out open up after midnight. And for some reason, this app doesn’t function after midnight. Every time I try to schedule an appointment I get an error message, and the next morning all the slots have been snapped up. If I can’t get an appointment, I can’t work out. And if I can’t work out, there’s no reason for me to continue my Blink membership.
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2 weeks ago, Blink Member
Doesn’t Work
I’ve been a member of blink for 2yrs and always checkin via my app. In just the past month it logged me out and said because of system update to fix bugs I would have to reset my password and to check my email for a temporary password. After several attempts I never received an email and continue to not be able to login and use my app. I reached out to customer service but they had no answers. Currently have to stop at counter to give my information to be let in to workout. Not ideal.
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4 years ago, softwareEngineer3
Seems to have a lot of data loading issues on iOS 14.1. I have to show the person at the door my reservation so when I open the app, the cell with time reservation doesn't appear and Im standing there really awkwardly. I have to load this screen far in advance before leaving for the gym and I even screenshot my reservation just in case. Also, I experience a long wait time when I try to reserve the time slot and then I get the error alert. My advice is to strengthen existing features rather than making new ones.
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3 years ago, Colby_b
This app is a mess
The only way to work out at Blink Gym currently is by making a reservation through the app (or directly over the phone which doesn’t work if they don’t answer or are closed). It’s got a huge lag when loading pages, will show you don’t have reservations but not let you book because you already have a reservation and almost permanently gives you an error message instead of confirming you for anything. Yes I’ve updated to the newest version and closed it out/restarted. Just another frustration of dealing with Blink during Covid.
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4 years ago, jooooohnny v
App does not work
I spent 3 and a half hours constantly getting an error message when trying to book last night on a wide open schedule. I wake up this morning and of course there are no bookings available. Please fix this app. How can you expect people to pay to use a gym and be impeded by an app? Up a to a few days ago enough retries and app restarts would finally let something go through (on top of all the disappearing bookings nonsense). Now it just flat out won’t go through. For about 3 hours of nonstop attempts. This is absurd.
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4 weeks ago, SillySusieblahhh
Always Problems
I literally always have problems with Blink login on the website and especially the app. It’s always riddled with errors and now that I updated the app, it is stuck on the welcome screen. When I get past it by clicking something random, I can no longer access any of my check-in stats, which I need for my health insurance. It’s so frustrating and no one has been able to help! It’s 2024 and I don’t think it should be difficult for a major gym to have a basic, working app/website.
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4 years ago, alice.lopez86
Horrible app
So the Blink gym I go too requires a reservation, which I have absolutely no problem doing, however when I go do my reservation, I constantly get the “Uh-oh! Something went wrong.” Message. I spend sometimes a whole hour trying to get my reservation done, which is promoted to be an easy process, however a WHOLE HOUR to get a reservation to go through??? C’mon this is so frustrating and ridiculous!!! The best part is that blink won’t answer via phone nor emails, I am sick and tried of trying to contact them and will be cancelling my membership with them. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!
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4 years ago, charlesaokeefe
Great Workout Tips!
I’ve been going to Blink for a few years now, starting out in New York and then moving to LA where I continue to chose Blink for my workouts. Initially I didn’t use the app but later found out how many great workout tools and guides are right there at my fingertips. Definitely worth checking out giving it a shot!
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2 years ago, Xav6455
Data missing
The app has a feature that shows how full the gym is before I go, but it only works the first time I open the app. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app a few times now, and every time the feature shows up once but never when you open the app later. Separately, my membership barcode is frequently missing when I open the app.
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4 years ago, Boston NYC
Great app!
This app is really nice. It tracks your checkins which is nice to see how much you have or haven’t been going. Also, something I recently discovered, there’s videos you can use to exercise at home. In light of the recent Coronavirus update, this will be very helpful for me and others who won’t be able to get to the gym.
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1 year ago, DIYDude96
Clean, responsive, BUT inconsistent
App is well-designed with an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate interface. However, the “Your gym status” (occupancy %) does not show up most of the time with the recent update! I have to log out and then log back in for that to populate. Unfortunately, it is a reoccurring issue. Please look into that, devs. I will update my review when the issue is resolved.
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4 years ago, RudolphDay
New reservation system always has a problem
People that go to Blink in NYC have to reserve a time slot for entrance. There is almost always a proble, 9/10 times and everyone has the same issue, when a time slot is opened, there is an issue. They tell you to try again later and by that time, there are no reservations left. Then you miss out on going to the gym and even if you tell the staff members what happened, they still don’t let you in. At this point, most of us are just donating money
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4 years ago, RAYSTACKZ
The app won’t even let me get past the terms and conditions
This app needs some serious updates, I’ve redone loaded it a total of 10 times at this point, enter my barcode #, and can’t get past the terms and conditions page :/. I’m just trying to go back to the gym and this is highly inconvenient considering as well as we have to reserve spots which at this point are few and very far between because we’re in the middle of a PANDEMIC. This is suppose to be an easier and more convenient process yet it’s more difficult and becoming a nuisance.
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4 years ago, Francesco J Lozada
Why do I have to write an entire letter to let you know that I cannot pay for your service right now!! The virus has your locations shut down in NYC this app is still going to charge me bc of your ridiculous and unfair policy as if we live in 1974 and we have no internet. This policy is unfair to everyone that cannot afford it right now. We in NYC aren’t even supposed to be outside so how am I supposed to cancel on top of the money you guys have been taking from me. This is being a thief. It’s 2020 how can I not cancel a membership online are you kidding me??
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3 years ago, Cookeemon
One Suggestion
Hi, The app is great! I never write reviews but I do have one suggestion. If you can make a widget that always shows gym capacity that would be amazing. Idk if you are able to make it so that the widget disappears after the gym closes. However, just having that widget would be very nice. Thanks.
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2 years ago, desert bob-o
I been going in the gym for a couple of months now. The gym is clean and fresh. The people who work there are friendly and helpful. I had my 30 minute session with Robert he was very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend this gym to my friends.
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2 years ago, eliza elixr
Gym Capacity Function still doesn’t work
This hasn’t worked since I downloaded the app. I uninstalled then reinstalled, and the function did show up for a moment but I doubt that it’s accurate. I checked every location and each one said “less than 25%.” On a weeknight at 5pm, I highly doubt that’s true. It would be great if this could be fixed!
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3 years ago, Stankeyleg66666
Reservation bug
It is impossible to reserve time slots for days in advance around midnight when those slots first become available, you will consistently get a “something went wrong error”. This has been an issue ever since the reservations feature was released and there is no sign of it being fixed anytime soon. The only way to get a time slot is to wake up at 5am and hope the time that fits your schedule is still available. Awful.
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4 years ago, karastellarose
The app is well designed, but I tried doing a workout again on my iPad and it wouldn’t load... with not being able to go to the gym because of coronavirus this is frustrating. I deleted and redownloaded with the same issue. I can do it from my phone, but the screen is so much smaller.. i know this is a champagne problem but, its the little things and i have limited equipment at home so it would be nice to master a few workouts while I’m stuck here
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3 years ago, Sanpedrana22
It will never load the information requested
I have been trying for the past 4 days to get information about scheduling my workout using this app and it never loads anything. I am trying to go back to the gym after being in quarantine and having a baby. I just saw my credit card charge the membership and monthly fee, but the app which is the only thing I am able to use at this moment is not working. This app is so frustrating.
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