Blue Shield of California

Health & Fitness
4.8 (20.4K)
68.6 MB
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Current version
Blue Shield of California
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blue Shield of California

4.82 out of 5
20.4K Ratings
4 years ago, YourAdRatioSucksCastleWreck
Don’t delete existing password after update
Needing to contact Teladoc, I was forced to update the app before usage. When update completed, the update no-longer took my existing password. When I attempted to login with some passwords I remembered and unsuccessful, my account was locked and your “forgot password” feature is not working. I was trying to do this on a Saturday of a long weekend. Now, your company customer service is closed til Tuesday and I’m stuck with a massive back pain thanks to that update!
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2 years ago, Checkm8-408
Not possible to create a new account from app
Restarted app and the phone but the app is flawed. We just started with Blue California this year (switched from another carrier). So I have spent 30 minutes to no avail trying to create my account. One cannot crest an account using their SSN because an email account is not on file. They are instructed to use r the ID# from the card. So I pulled out my new card and enter my member ID and DOB, and it finds me. Perfect, correct? It states “We found a member who matches the information you entered. Please confirm it’s you.” And yes it has my name below. But there is no option to select my name or continue. You just end up on a dead screen where the only buttons are on the top (the done button and refresh button). But no option to select your name and continue. The refresh button starts over by clearing out your information, and the done button simply closes out the screen and takes you back to the start page. Then one thinks that going to the website is better but it’s not. The same screens are visible from the website with no way to continue. So the app simply shows the web page with no way to sign up for an online account. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, LostTraveler47
Awful, despicable company that should be forcibly removed from the marketplace.
I have been trying to add my wife to my plan for 2 solid months. Filed all our information on time. We’re both in our thirties in good health, it should have been a simple process. Instead, I’ve been on hold for probably a total of at least 10 hours, had my calls dropped countless times, and the customer service is the most ruthlessly ineffective bunch of liars I have ever had the utter misfortune of speaking to. Consequently my wife has been uninsured for 2 months. During a pandemic. When I’ve done everything correctly and on time. I have had Blue Shield for 2 years and have hardly used it because again, I’m in good health. This is how this company works. They have no problem getting you on a monthly payment, but good luck if you ever need to make changes or speak to customer service in any meaningful way. I have spoken to health care professionals that dread when you pull out a Blue Shield card because they know they’ll be spending an hour on the phone just to confirm your enrollment. But hey, the app is fine. They earn that one star.
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2 years ago, dorianh49
App is buggy and contains dangerously outdated information
My young son got what appeared to be spider bites on his ankle. I immediately downloaded this app and logged into my account that I had previously set up using a browser on my PC. This happened at 8:00 pm earlier this evening. I was pleased to find two urgent care facilities near me, even though neither was open 24 hours. One of them was listed as closing at 9:00 pm, so I sent the contact information to my wife so she could bring our son there. On the way, she called the facility, got an answering service, and found out that they do NOT, in fact, accept Blue Shield of California insurance, despite appearing as only 1 of 2 in-network facilities nearby. They also stated that they closed at 6:00 pm, not 9:00 pm as indicated in this app. I then tried using this app to report updated information for this “in-network” urgent care facility (that doesn’t take this insurance and closes several hours earlier than this app states), but the screen that popped up where I would report the changes wouldn’t let me scroll to the bottom field, and brought up a keyboard that covered my text so that I couldn’t see what I was typing, and then couldn’t make corrections to what I typed, and THEN got an error every time I tried to submit the changes that I had typed. This app is absolute garbage.
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6 years ago, Otusworks
Does the job, and developers fixed crash issue within a week
Works well to get to most info. One quibble for the one missing star - login & touch ID are still a little flaky, and sometimes have to login and enable Touch ID all over again. It seems to be somewhat related to the app's state when last exited. Killing off the app between launches seems to prevent it. Also it pops up a "Your session has expired" error with a confirm dialog, instead of just prompting for fresh fingerprint as other apps do. Previously... Not sure what happened, but after latest update (4.1) or crashes after login on loading screen. IPhone 6s using touch id login.
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1 year ago, iPhonoah
Intuitive app, broken claims submission process
App is easy to use with a clean UI (kudos to the designers). HOWEVER, the claims submission process is awful! It doesn’t list the claim that I submitted on the app 2 weeks ago. I called Blue Shield today to see if they received the claim, and they are not seeing it in their system. They told me it might take another few weeks. I can’t comprehend why the app doesn’t have the ability to list claims submitted IN THE APP! Or send a confirmation email. So now I have no idea if they receive the claims, wasted 20+ minutes with customer service, and have zero trust with this app. Always interesting how companies make it easy to pay them but hard to get reimbursed… I thought Blue Shield was different.
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12 months ago, JCam7777
Great except Autopay doesn’t work
I have been a subscriber for a few years. I always set up autopay. It works for a couple months until it stops working. Inexplicably the autopay shuts off and my card isn’t charged when I asked it to be charged. A couple months ago I almost lost coverage because of this. Today I was informed via email that I missed my payment yesterday, it is now past due, and I should setup an autopay to not have this situation again. 🙄 I have made my payment and setup autopay again. I’m sure it will work fine for my next payment on Aug 31, but at least by November I will need to do this again as my autopay will again by inexplicably cancelled (and my payment card will disappear even after I have asked it to save my method of payment).
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10 months ago, E C 💀
Ok for basics
If you just need to pull up your medical card quickly, it works. But there’s a lot of functions that are useless- Teledoc mental health access is restricted to only the primary account holder. Forget trying to search for doctors on the app - the portal is clunky and the information is incomplete so you have to google/hunt for the info you need to even contact the provider- and since 90% of the listed providers are actually out of network or not accepting new patients, you’ll need to hunt through hundreds - good luck, the app times out for inactivity while you’re using it. I wouldn’t use it if i had better options.
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5 years ago, DeeGee216
Very Good app, lots of info at a glance
Overall the app is quite good at getting your benefits and cost share info quickly as well as search for doctors or facilities. What is missing for me is the ability to add your member card to the Apple Wallet and the ability to add all my physicians to “my care team” . Currently there is no add button to create my whole team. Only my primary care physicians name appears there and certainly one doctor does not make up a team of caretakers. It would be great to be able to have all the doctors I see (specialists included) in one place.
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4 years ago, Ktsf fan
First time user
This is the first time to use the app, and found out that it is a well layouts. All the information which you might want to look for is there, especially the 24/7 nurse line and telescope. These features are helpful to patients who are seeking help with medical condition or concerns. Needless to say, this is a time saving and money saving app that one should have.
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6 months ago, Mjb129
Never been able to login
I’ve literally never been able to login on this app. I also can’t login on a browser and nobody can tell me why. Why am I paying bills on the phone to get coverage I can’t use because I can’t access my account? I’ve spent over a year (and thousands on coverage) trying to just simply use my insurance and nobody can give me answers besides create a new account. Which I’ve already had to do, mind you they made me wait til open enrollment because they wanted me to backpay for the coverage they wouldn’t let me use? They couldn’t figure it out then and I went through all of their hoops just to have the same issues all over again.
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4 years ago, MinkinJoshua
App crashing constantly
Ever since I have been with blue shield I have used the mobile app. It’s so convenient and has many useful features. Unfortunately, a couple days ago when I needed to use the app, it crashed after I signed into the app. I figured it was a bug and would work if I tried again. That didn’t happen as it-still would crash at the same point of loggin in after multiple times of closing, reopening, and deleting and re downloading the app again. If someone could fix this problem I will give my review a 5 star.
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4 years ago, OiVeh!
Terrible, terrible, terrible.
The inability to upgrade or downgrade our plan to suit our needs should be addressed. The page where we can compare plans and select a new plan doesn’t work although it gives a “Successful” and a confirmation number. In verifying this the app says the account plan stayed the same and the charges for the old plan remain. It may be that the change doesn’t go through right away, but I will check back in a few days. The phone call I made to address this problem gave a very unsatisfactory “we’ll have to cancel the account, and then you can reapply.” WHAT?!!!
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3 years ago, DaveMan247
"Session Expired" during teladoc visit
During my past two teladoc sessions, after about 10 or 15 minutes the app signs me out and says "Session Expired". I think they need to disable the timeout when a session is live. Next time I will just try tapping the screen occasionally which hopefully will keep the session active. Additionally, the app crashed about 30 seconds after my teladoc visit started. But fortunately I was able to rejoin. Still annoying. It'd be great for these bugs to get fixed.
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1 year ago, Leland Burrill
Does not "remember"
The app has a "remember me" switch but the app will absolutely not remember me, and requires a new login every single time I open the app. Also, the medical cards do not have all the information they need to have to be useful. For example, LensCrafters wanted my account number, but that is not on the electronic card. All kinds of other stuff is, including the number we had to call to get my member number. It took at least a half-hour to figure that all out.
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5 years ago, BSOC member
Payment Application Illusive
Everything is well designed except the payment application is illusive and hidden. I cannot find it no matter how hard I try. My monthly payment premiums are not visible or easily accessible and neither is the ability to make a payment forcing me to call in each month. One of the reason I use the app or website is for this purpose and both have the same issue. This should be one of the most prominent elements and it makes it challenging to pay my bill. Frustrated.
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2 years ago, AlbuquerqueFan
Terrible Teladoc / Telehealth experience
Blue Shield CA is great, but this app is absolutely abominable. I’ve spent the last 70 minutes trying to connect to a doctor for my sick child, only to get a terrible runaround between Blue and Teledoc. Neither has any solutions, despite this being the preferred and only option for covered telehealth. If you use the Teladoc app, it works fine, but will only work without insurance (must pay). Everyone says to use the Blue app, but the Teladoc option isn’t present in this app, despite everyone saying it is. So you can only use a computer for covered telehealth. In 2022. Really, really bad experience.
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4 years ago, Goose Mongoose
Crashes every time
I updated the app this morning and now it opens and then immediately shuts down every time. I have tried restarting my phone several times, and I have tried logging in using my password instead of touch ID. Still shuts down every time. Please fix this Blue Shield of CA!!!
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4 years ago, jess9903
Messages and specialists disappeared
This app used to be better and then after an update in the fall things were no longer there. I had specialists that I had seen and were listed as part my care team and they are no longer there. Along with that all the messages I had from the specialists and my PCM are gone and there is no way to send a message to them. I emailed customer service twice about this with no resolution. I explained both times what the problem was and sent pictures. I didn't even get a response the second time.
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3 years ago, dgp1
Add basic obvious functionality please
1. It should let you put the insurance cards in Apple Wallet 2. Also my card should be available right in the first screen - even if you've become logged out. 3. When I'm viewing that card I'm going to want to be able to quickly tap to copy each of the numbers on it. Don't make me switch back and forth or get out a pen. Think about it, to look at that card is the ONLY REASON 90% of your users even have this app on their phones.
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2 years ago, Crazy A 442
Great app
This app lets you do so much, from viewing all your coverage to finding a hospital, doctor, etc. It gives you up to date EOBs and how much of your deductible/out of pocket expenses you’ve paid and how much you have left until you’re fully covered. This is one of the best apps I have and I really like it!
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4 years ago, NTewfik
App does not stay open after logging in
After app logs in, it doesn’t stay on, it closes There is no reasonable way to report the problem with the app. I already send 3 emails to there support and the first one was over a week ago, no answer or any attempt to fix the problem.
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4 years ago, seamles1
I have commend the people who answer the phones. There really go out of their way to get one the information one needs. I often say to the representative that if they were a hotel, they would be five star. Their service is commendable and really is one of the best parts of Blue Shield. Thank You Art Morales
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5 months ago, BritBrit559
Not much you can do with the app
The app is very basic and even basic functions don’t work. For instance I have a pop up right now that has an X on it to close but it won’t close. In addition I got an advertisement signed by the VP of blue shield of Ca to access teladoc through the BSoCA app but nowhere on any corner of this app can I find anything for teladoc. This is made even more frustrating when I have emailed blue shield for support and received no reply literally months later. Guess I’ll go to urgent care.
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3 years ago, Kato4moto
App unusable—keeps crashing within a few seconds of log-in
Even after deleting and reinstalling app, it crashes after being open less than 30 seconds. Hard to give it more than one star when it’s completely unusable.
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3 years ago, Ready Set Read
Not working
The app was working well until today. When I tried logging in, it says connection problems and to try again. But everything else is working fine on my phone and connecting. I even tried turning off WiFi and went to data plan, but still no luck. Something is wrong within the app. Please fix it! I rely on it for my mail order pharmacy orders.
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5 years ago, sngajc
Slow loading then locks you into a screen you can’t back out of when it doesn’t load. Can’t find info on mailin prescriptions. Am in New York but defaults to CA providers without directing me to out of CA list. Asks for zip then searches in CA returning ‘0’ internists within a 100 mile radius. When we were transferred to this new account I received cards only for myself and none for the rest of the insured family members and had to call and order them. Same for rest of our company it appears. Not feeling confident with BSCA.
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6 years ago, ba-ba-blacksheep
Doesn't crash for me.
First time user and was hesitant to download due to all the negative reviews but no crashing for me and it's been really informative and useful. Bill pay would be kind of cool but I use my bank's bill pay anyhow.
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4 years ago, Bob surf 49
Crashes on opening
I’d presumed the app a smart alternative to my physical card until it recently started crashing every time I open it. Resulted in my having to reschedule an appointment I needed to keep as unable to prove eligibility. I don’t need this app to do any more than show a copy of my card without crashing please. I’m also unsure why the developers would stop the app loading with access to the ID card with no internet connection. It seems that this functionality could be preserved offline.
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6 years ago, poncesd1
None of the information in this app is up to date. I had to switch my primary care physician 3 times because the information on the app was incorrect. I also used the app to find the closest urgent care facility when my wife was feeling ill. Only to get there and be told they only deal with workers comp claims. This app is completely useless. Don’t trust any of the information and call to verify before making any changes or driving to a location that is supposed to accept you as a patient.
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3 years ago, Lv4socr
Should’ve merged with Caremark like on website
You force us to go through your website to get to CVS Caremark and stated to delete CVS Caremark application. Upon trying to complete some of the pharmacy refills on your app it refers to Caremark application. You need to straighten this out which was already deleted for me as per instructions. 3rd party or not. Don’t force someone to use your website if the 3rd party just has a contract with you. Get your facts straight and fix the issues.
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5 years ago,
Worst App with Terrible Customer Service
I cannot log in each time without having to call to reset my password because the password reset does not work and the “new” password never works more than once. Then I have to sit through customer service trying it and realizing it won’t work for them before they reset my profile. There’s a glitch, and they can’t fix it. If I do get in, it’s a messy app - especially the find a doctor. Too heavy handed and sluggish in the search.
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6 years ago, Soggy_ssh
Works fine, but lacks basic feature
The app is intuitive and allows you to view your cards, but it lacks the ability to rotate your phone horizontally to view the ID card in full widescreen. This should be adjusted so the doctor’s office can easily scan from the phone.
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6 years ago, LBCgal
NEVER been able to log in!!
I’d love to tell you how this app works...except that I’ve never been able to log in to the app and I’ve had this health insurance for a year. I have called numerous times to get them to reset my password (along with just asking them whatever info i was looking for on the app, of course). They give me a temporary password, which I enter, then it asks me to change it, which I do, then it won’t take the new password....EVER. Might as well just install this thing.
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3 years ago, plumberdude1950
Easy to use
Easy to use and helpful. I realised I was being charged for office visits from my physical therapist even though my deductible was met. I was able to call it to their attention and now I don’t have to pay a copay for my visits
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10 months ago, armsaretired
Out of state providers
The user experience for members searching for providers outside of California still requires a lot of work. The app now opens a web view to the out of state portal where the “sign in” helper link redirects to a striking error: HTTP Status 400 - Error processing AuthnRequest. Error retrieving meta data. Less than ideal and the alternate portal system leaves the user feeling like a second class citizen.
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2 years ago, Califlygirl
Using the app
Went on and I use the app and it was very helpful. The phone number listed to call just completed everything I needed done and I appreciated it very much
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5 years ago, Deuteronomytmd
Couldn’t get any better
Your tech people who put this together, I’m sure with many others, has done an outstanding job. Everything is easy to find very quickly.
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6 years ago, FlyingFoxFrank
Way easier than the desktop website
Use this to get everything done instead. Fantastic job UI/UX Team. I found all the immediate help I needed easily and change from one shoddy doc to a better one
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3 years ago, Neng C
Changed my primary doctor
Vanessa took care of everything that I wanted. She was so professional & in a very friendly manner. She had an excellent customer service.
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6 years ago, yellow lama 86
Excellent app
So clean, super user friendly. Has everything I need to go to the doctor or get information or view my claims information. This is the standard that all the other health plans should follow!!
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11 months ago, Loreleijor
Too Sparse
I have the PPO Shared Advantage plan, and neither website nor mobile app allow viewing ID card. Mobile app in particular is sparse and needs more features to submit claims, contact/chat customer support, and view full ID card. Mobile app only offers basic information and a provider search. Pretty useless.
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4 years ago, S@€
It’s been 2 weeks!
Bugs! Since the COVID19 update 2 weeks ago, you know the PANDEMIC thing that’s happening right now and lockdown in effect.. so a working health insurance app might be very helpful at this hardest time of our lifetime probably. So... About the bug: 1. App (in less than a second) hides in the background as soon as successfully logged in, and 2. then re-login is required...the moment logged in for 2nd time, then the whole 1 & 2 cycle repeats.
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4 years ago, Sammers1971
Best care
I’ve always been in favor of my provider. I’ve had great service and help. The only time I’ve been miserable is when I was at Summerlin hospital because of kidney cancer. They couldn’t seem to figure my insurance out. I love blue shield blue cross.
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6 years ago, russianbeauty
Clean and simple to use
I can hardly remember what the layout was before because this new version is user friendly and easy to navigate. Also fast
Show more
6 years ago, bigdawg90
Best health app
I’ve had 4 different providers in California. This is the best app by far and so far they’ve blown away the competition in every way. If you download the app you won’t be disappointed.
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10 months ago,
App is awful
It does not remember Face ID, forces you to type your password again anyways, even though you told it to remember you, add to Apple wallet does not work and doesn’t give you any feedback indicating a problem. It just simply pauses and comes back and nothing is in the wallet. Do your job, app developers.
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3 years ago, Louise's Ears
Can’t find a doctor
No matter what filters or settings I change, when I attempt to find a doctor this app always says ‘no doctors found’. I’m in metro ATL... there is a doctor’s office every 5 feet and I know a number of them take this insurance and my plan. Even when I type my own general practitioner’s name in, no results. So I have to spend hours calling GYN offices asking if doctors are on my plan or accepting new patients. It’s maddening.
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6 years ago, AngryO1dMan
Nice app!!! Missing apple wallet add-in...
The app is easy to use!!! Looks great and never crashes. Only problem is you can’t add your medical card to Apple Wallet. I’ve used BCBS of IL in the past and you had the ability to add the card to your wallet. Would be really nice if this app had it.
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8 months ago, abostongal
So many login issues
The app used to be amazing. After two factor authentication was added, it glitches every time you try to login. It never remembers my password, or that I want Face ID, and it’s like I’m logging in for the very first time every single time. Besides that, the app is fine, but it’s so frustrating that I rarely use the app anymore.
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