BMI Calculator – Weight Loss

Health & Fitness
4.6 (11.6K)
12.8 MB
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Current version
Steffen Mayer
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for BMI Calculator – Weight Loss

4.58 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
1 year ago, 133128677
Fixed my problem in under a day I am very thankful for the developer quick response
Dear Sirs, I just upgraded my BMI Calculator to 1.8.3. I started getting ads which didn’t make me happy. So I purchased this app for 99 cents and yes the ads were removed. I then upgraded my phone app the adds were still their and I had to purchase a second license. I was very pleased with the developers response. He fixed the problem in under a day and added a restore purchase button to the app that allowed me to register the same app on multiple devises and it now works flawlessly now.
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4 days ago, scarygirl134
Please think before you download this app.
I am a ten year old girl. I have a ten year old 5’1 best friend that weighs maybe 125 pounds. The poor girl was curious and downloaded this app because she felt the slightest bit of overweight. She wanted to download this to see if she needs to loose a few pounds. She put in her height and age and gender, excited but nervous. We were on the phone while she put in the info as I looked at my screen to see my best friend on the verge of tears. I asked her what was wrong and she showed me the app while it was almost at the end of the overweight scale. I tried to help her to understand that her home scale is probably false but she didn’t understand. I looked at the reviews and apparently it is false and people are gaining EATING DISORDERS. I read out these reviews to try and explain the the app is only false but it didn’t help. All she was looking for was to see if she needed to loose some weight as she was feeling a little insecure..a ten year old should not have to feel like this after she has been bullied so much. She is not overweight nor obese..I don’t know why she would use this app but all it did was make her feel insecure and sensitive. Please fix this problem before it continues to hurt other kids perspective of themselves. Please and thank you.
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1 week ago, Ellie Ravetto
inaccurate information caused my eating disorder.
i'm a 16 year old girl who's struggled with bullying my entire life, usually about weight. this app has been telling me im obese for months, which has been a direct cause for my ED. there are obviously other factors that contributed to my ed, but this app was the biggest. i'm not huge, but im 4'11 so weight is gonna look different on me than it would others. i'm 120lbs and 4'11, this app tells me im obese, while multiple other university-made websites say that my weight is normal. i've lost 30lbs this year. im not upset at the developers, nor is it the developers fault. being wrong is human, and nowadays everyone says something different so its hard to get accurate information. please look into fixing the data so this doesn't continue to happen. As well as possibly a reminder in-app about staying healthy and eating HEALTHY 🫶🏻
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1 year ago, Gabbyvu
Does exactly what it saids
It gives you your bmi. I see all the reviews about it telling you your overweight or obese. The app gives you your bmi and if you not happy with it do something. Its not the app cause the app is doing exactly what it saids. I don’t know what people expect. And in reviews I see people just include there age and weight. Its mainly about your height not just always about your age.
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2 months ago, cardio gorilla
Promotes eating disorders most likely
I’m a around 5’6 12 year old male and I weigh at a hefty 145 lbs and I have looked at various Body mass Index charts and they say I’m at least healthy, while this app is telling me I am overweight. I’m involved in a very active sport and I don’t eat that much😒. And sometimes I throw up my food after eating because I feel fat. So basically this wretched app put my fears set in stone just to tell me. “Hey kiddo your a big back”. One of my biggest goals is to not ever gain a eating disorder but this app isn’t helping. Thank you, for making an app that just tells people they’re fat.🤭 and also I did some messing around and turns out I would have to lose about 10 pounds just to be in the tiniest sliver of the healthy section. ❤️much love
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3 months ago, Dark_AngelGacha
Don’t take it to heart
This app might be good for just an average but it cannot account for muscle, bone density, and other things. If your play sports or build muscle this app is definitely not for u to see if ur average or not. Muscle weighs much more and means ur fit NOT fat or overweight, same goes for bone density some people’s bones are simply heavier then others no matter how silly that sounds. This app might be nice in very few circumstances but not to tell u accurately if ur underweight overweight or average. If you really want to know go to a professional for this type of stuff . NEVER MIND how the weight scale for this is pretty much the same for boys and girls even though our bodies are completely diffrent
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8 months ago, Alexandra.ka
I don’t think this is valid.
I don’t think this is valid and here’s why. I am a 13 year old girl that is 5’5 I am healthy and I take care of myself. I would also like to mention that I exercise daily because I play basketball. The last time I went to the doctor they said that I weighed the perfect amount due to my age and my height. I then went home and downloaded the BMI calculator and put my age, my height along with how much I weigh. It said I was Obese, not overweight but Obese. I am not obese and I am not anywhere near obese, anyone that knows me can tell you the same. I do not recommend this app and I think it is very false.
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10 months ago, Everest0704
This is not okay
I have had this app for years. It has always told me that I am overweight. Let me tell you.. I went to the hospital and they told me I am extremely underweight. Now that I’m trying to work on it. I am having an extremely horrible time mentally and physically. This app is what I was using to get to my ideal weight and now I have to spend near thousands of dollars in medical bills to make sure I DON’T DIE. This app is a fake and dangerous to everyone. I do not recommend downloading this, especially if you are already self conscious. Please be careful and know that you are not defined by your weight.
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1 year ago, TccsH1988MM
Just what I was looking for!
If all you are looking for is a BMI calculator, this is a great app! Simple, easy to use & no ads. Love the graphics showing where my weight falls within the ranges. Yes, BMI is not perfect for everyone, but for many of us it is a good indicator of where we need to be for a healthy weight and I like the added visual incentive.
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1 year ago, yayoi kasuma
Unfortunately this is is false.
Hi, I’m devin and I’m 4 foot 8, 11 years old and only barely 131 pounds. My doctor says devin is normal average weight and very healthy, although, this easily is fake. Tell me again I’m fat app! Because I won’t believe ya! I know that the calculations are wrong because I know I’m basically normal height . Also, who ever made this app is promoting baking cookies with vegetables in them because you wouldn’t normal eat that unless you were obese . Class 1. Which I am not lol. I will delete this app because I heard that it’s false and messed up. Also I got very very sad. I still will eat . You won’t fool me 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
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3 months ago, dry beans
This app is seriously harsh. I am 14, I weigh roughly 130 pounds from when I’ve last checked. If I’m even a pound over, I’m classified as overweight or obese. I got this app just to check it out, but it’s really making other users see themselves as ugly and try to use it for an excuse to classify themselves as obese when they are perfectly skinny and a normal weight. I am a swimmer and diver so I put in a lot of muscle, and I know I’m not 100% skinny I am NOT even near overweight. This app is jsut to make people feel bad, do not download.
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1 year ago, KMC2304
Gender doesn’t change bmi range?
I use this app for my job. Noticed that changing the gender doesn’t change anything about the bmi. Am I missing something? I know for a fact weight range for bmi class should vary based on BOTH age and sex. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong, maybe change gender first? Not sure and feedback would be appreciated. Generally accurate though I believe, just confused about the weight range.
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1 year ago, everlyay
For me, my results are exactly normal. The app tells u your bmi and it is accurate. All these reviews are like 5th graders that are 4’9 and weigh 140 pounds and them getting mad that the bmi says overweight. No crap you are. I’d recommend downloading it, in my experience it was accurate and a well app to use.
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1 year ago, I Hte Enter
Exactly what it says
It does exactly what it says. It gives you a full review on everything and think it’s an amazing resource, but the only thing I don’t like is if you are a bit overweight or underweight it can make you feel a little insecure, but you download the app for a reason so I would recommend getting it.
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12 months ago, 🥽𝐴𝑠ℎ𝑙𝑒𝑦👻
Great app, but…
This is a great app and is very well programmed. <3 Just wanted to say though, if you are using this insecure about your weight. Just remember you aren't alone and it's always ok to ask for help if you are overeating or under eating (ED / eating disorder) <33 You are beautiful love, mwah 💋 (no hate to any creators of this app)
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1 year ago, Weight Loss All Star
Used to be my favorite
I loved this app. I used it every day in my job as a Bariatric Coordintor. Then the formatting changed and it no longer shows the info in a usable way. At least not for Apple iPhone 12. Bummer cuz it was the Best of all the BMI apps out there.
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7 months ago, little roblox lover
Not Accurate and Concerning
As a 12 year old girl that is 5'5" I am underweight and on the BMI i am on the "normal (🙄)" scale but it is still very close to obese. I checked and the weight that would be considered completely normal for my weight was 104 lbs! That is completely unrealistic and only realistic for a 10 year old. It's honestly concerning because it's unrealistic body expectations like this that promote eating disorders in young girls because they think they are overweight. Please fix it to be realistic this app is bothersome...
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1 year ago, Wildest800
Very Helpfull
This app is very helpful when it comes to watching your weight, it really helps you track progress, and see what habits work, and what don’t. 10/10 would recommend.
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2 months ago, SHARKOBAIT
You aren’t obese, dw
Hey, so I’m really insecure about my weight. I downloaded for the fun of it but then I realized it’s terribly bad. If your 130 at 12 or 150 at 21 you aren’t obese, those are actually pretty okay. It doesn’t matter how big that number gets on the weight just as long as your healthy, and I think a lot of people forget that. Not everyone is gonna be 90 lbs so you don’t have to worry. I’m proud of you.
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3 months ago, Scared Fix
Cons and Pros
I get incredibly insecure about my weight while using this app but, it also helps me realize that i could be doing more to get my weight up and instead of going through the embarrassment of going on the scale i can do it in private on this app.
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8 months ago, julius2@
helps me understand where i’m and helps me work on what i need to. This app may be stressful for some people but i think if you put in the work you too can be “normal”
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10 months ago, XxSAPHIRE_DEVILxX
Read before downloading
Im 12 years old and almost 13 i have an eating disorder and i weigh 120 im 5’3 and i looked at my bmi and it said i was overweight i cried don’t download this app cause now every time i eat i feel guilty and stop eating and my moms worried and my friends are worried whoever created this app wasnt in their right minds this app is just to make teenage girls feel guilty and sad and developers dont even try to defend yourselves what you do is horrible
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3 days ago, Fix it fee
App is not okay
Please do not listen to this app or let this define you it’s very unrealistic and just dumb stay healthy and eat take care of yourself and never let an app have an impact on you there’s no such thing as a “normal” weight ur all perfect this app is extremely unhealthy and it can cause eds on even young kids this is not right at all love yourselves for who u are and don’t let these silly numbers define you being healthy🫶🏽
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1 year ago, 1028374732829293747383928363
Whats listed as normal is underweight and what yall call obese is normal
Telling 12 year olds that they’re obese at 100 pounds is not encouraging anything healthy or positive you have already or are gonna start an eating disorder for someone. The average 12 year old is 100 pounds or above. With all respect to her the one 12 year old I do know thats listed as your idea of normal weight is malnourished and skeletal and thats even listed on the end of normal so???
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9 months ago, Chicolver
This app is wonderful and I think it tells you straight up that you’re either obese or perfectly fine. I love the way ALL ages are able to see their BMI and work on their health. Great app!
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3 months ago, ang1106!
this app made me so insecure, I was always insecure about my body. But this just hurt, knowing that I need to lose weight and I’ll never be happy with my body,
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1 year ago, kai_u34
Why 1 stars???
Okay so I see this on TikTok and I want to download it because I know if I comment on it then they’re not gonna ever make a video about me so I download it and I put all my information in and it said that obese when I’m actually really skinny I think this app is busted or something because when I put in another fake information is said the same thing and it’s just not right…
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3 weeks ago, Bmi doesn’t define your values
This app is literally the reason I have a ED it’s very easy to get obsessed and the weight isn’t exactly accurate and it is very stereotyped. I really hope you don’t get caught up with your weight with this app. Yes it does the basic calculations but muscle weighs the same as fat but looks so different. If you are worried about your weight please remember to talk to someone experienced or a medical professional.
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2 months ago, leahashefan1an
Honestly its a great app but i wish there was more features for example tasks for our breathing running tasks etc…But overall its a perfect app
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3 months ago, sofritos3322
This app told me I’m overweight when my stomach is completely flat, it didn’t ask about muscle, breasts or anything like that. I work out 5 days out of the week so I have a lot of muscle, I was just curious about this app… this could very easily cause eating disorders and make people very uncomfortable. There needs to be more context especially with woman because of breasts.
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2 weeks ago, Heath Monroe
I live this app because it’s VERY Realistic, it tells you the truth and I actual enjoy seeing the truth instead of just seeing something that’s lying
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2 months ago, Kylak245
i hate this app
this app made my 13 year old daughter cry for over a week straight this app is disgusting for not realizing the damage it is doing to young children who already deal with enough emotional stress as is but to put this image in there head that they have to be perfect is just affecting there mental heath even more the fact that this app has a “normal” weight limit is just ridiculous and vulgar to make it seem like if u are not normal than u are fat or underweight it puts this image in young people’s minds to think that if they aren’t that then they aren’t normal there for i hate this app and would like it to be shut down for good
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1 year ago, acknolging
It’s nice and not
Hi, I’m Angie! I’m not hating or anything to the app. I’m simply saying it will hurt your feelings. Also I’m not completely sure it’s true. My doctor said I’m normal weight and he’s impressed with it. And the app said I’m overweight… I don’t understand but whatever. I’m just saying! Not hating.
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8 months ago, M4gg0tb3lly
This app gives people extremely unhealthy views on themselves.
First off, with the minimum normal BMI on this app supposedly being 17.7 they are practically promoting people to become underweight. A bmi of 18.5 and below is underweight. Normal weight would be from 18.5 to 24.9 bmi. A bmi of 25 and up is overweight and over 30 is obese. Do not use this app if you want accuracy. I recommend MyBMICalculator for an accurate calculation.
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4 months ago, Benshapirolover
Really good
Nothing more to say, does what you would expect, no bad things to say
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10 months ago, Jd0183
Don’t base self worth on this number
I typed in my current weight, I’m an average sized woman. App told me I was obese 1. I typed in the weight I was 10 years ago (when I was a size small), still overweight. This doesn’t take into account your muscle mass. I’m a runner and obese? A number on a scale has nothing to do with how great you are! Please remember that!
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3 months ago, good qality
Horrible and un accurate
So I download this calculator to see my weight and to my results of me getting this I was thinking it would be a great idea so I could easily track my weight loss, but instead I was met with grief I feel like I am an average size girl for my age and height and this made me break its scale like I was Madea or Caso I cried and it’s very disrespectful.
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4 weeks ago, zombe11
Please do NOT use if offended easily
I just want to point out, if you WANT to loose weight. Perfect. But i am 12 years old, and 5,3. Im into performing arts, so im not a sports person. But im very healthy. I weigh a good 127 pounds, but i look pretty bony. Even though it said im a solid 6 pounds heavier then i should be, im still very healthy. My advice is just dont take it to heart please.
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1 year ago, roperry
Great app
Does what I need it to do. Provides BMI and classification per WHO or DGE classifications. Doesn’t ask for unnecessary personal information.
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5 months ago, Ellie283728
Not 100% Accurate
This app doesn’t take into account your muscles mass or anything like that, I work out everyday and don’t have fat just muscle and it’s obvious if u see me, but the app says i’m overweight. If u really want to know ur bmi and muscle mass go to the dr cause this isn’t it
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3 weeks ago, Literally, Lakisha
I don’t think this app is real. What I mean by that is I don’t think this app is accurate. I was putting in random ages and random weights. I put in 11 year year-old girl 108 pounds. and it said it was the obese level. I just don’t think that’s accurate. don’t get it if you want accurate stuff.
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1 year ago, joe 🥸🥸
It helps
only use it for the truth so you can see what you to do
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2 weeks ago, A m bcfchbh
This app is horrible it says you’re a beast when you’re perfectly healthy makes people self-conscious of their body weight even if they’re healthy this app should be taken off of the App Store it is rude and not healthy for people to think they’re obese when they’re not
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3 months ago, janny sanmag
Don’t upload it
People that are trying hard to lose weight but some people I mean a lot of people download this app and certainly want to hurt themselves because they’re overweight so please if you’re trying to hurt yourself by just looking at yourself in the mirror don’t
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8 months ago, yourmomsspellybutthole
Stop it
I am 5’0. 600 pounds and the app called me overweight!😡😡😡 stop making people feel bad about them selfs!
Show more
1 year ago, chromosomes😳
please don’t download
This app made me insecure about my weight please dont download im 10 and my height is 4’11 i think that this app is just toxic but its true about ur weight i just don’t recommend it because its rude and makes u insecure ur perfect the way u are <3
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3 months ago, Pumpkin9959
I hate myself now
I hate my weight
Show more
12 months ago, Dippyspal
Needs more input
Really handy tool in device and user friendly. Why does it include age groups and gender? Needs that to be accurate
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7 months ago, Pls help it won’t workk
Not valid
I am an 10 year old girl that already has to deal with so much then this app is telling me I’m overweight which is pretty insane, this app is making people feel bad about themselves including me this app I definitely not valid at all👎
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9 months ago, bearded_dragon.XOXO
Works well but makes me cry
very short thing to say, I put in the info and it said im overweight. this is why I starve myself <3
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