BODi by Beachbody

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Beachbody, LLC
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BODi by Beachbody

4.88 out of 5
280.4K Ratings
5 months ago, Kirah Lee
Literally Changed My Life. Forever Fan!
I’ve been a Bodi fan for years. I saw an infomercial for a new workout called P90X and thought it would be good idea for an ex-military man. We were both out of shape and wanted to change things. He decided to get a gym membership and never used the DVD’s lol. I tried the gym but was embarrassed when I couldn’t fit a towel around my body, so I started using the program and saw drastic changes. When I first started, I was smoking a pack a day and had been unable to even go on certain rides at the amusement park because I couldn’t fit. I lost so much weight and got healthier, quit smoking etc. I remember my brother saying he could finally put his arms all the way around me. Since then I’ve stuck with Bodi and have had success with p90x3, insanity, PiYo and more. As I’ve gone through ups and downs, I’ve always been able to rely on Bodi to give me a full program that makes it easy. The nutrition and workouts are planned; just follow them. Recently, I gained 40lbs in the pandemic and also had surgery to repair my torn ACL and meniscus last year. Trying to fight being depressed at my extremely slow recovery and 40lb weight gain. I decided to go back to basics. I signed up for Bodi and am so happy I did. I’m currently doing the morning meltdown 100 and 2B Mindset nutrition plan. I signed up January 1, 2024 and am already down 6 lbs. I’m so thankful for Bodi.
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2 years ago, Grinz0005
Great way to work a few improvements to get 5*
I have subscribed to BOD for over six years and I am enjoying having access to all of the workouts and the portability of being able to workout when I travel. The app is laid out well and it is easy to use. Having access to all historical BB workouts is great and allows you to mix and match or just try something to see if you even like it before committing to the entire workout A few items to get it to 5 stars: 1-while there workout tracker rather than having to print out paper versions of the trackers the old p90x app allowed you to track your weights and reps in the app so would like to see that feature added. 2-don’t make the app subscribers wait months for new content as we are paying the annual fee so release it to the app at the same time. I get you want to maximize profits to get people to buy new content but give loyal subscribers access. Maybe if you have been a BOD member for 3 years or something you get preferred early access to new content I have not tried any of the live stuff yet. I just did 645 and enjoyed this as a good mix of weights, cardio and stretching. Not a high calorie burn so just a heads up on this. Joel’s Liift 4 and mbfa are still favorites as is 22 min hard corps for a quick workout with high burn. The new 645 platform works a whole bunch of different body parts for functional fitness so it is helping me since I am in the over 50 category and trying to stay stretched out.
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1 year ago, BoryBreezy5
Lift4 is so amazing, I had to write a review
I am one of those people who do not like working out, but I do to maintain my physique and for health reasons. However, I still don't like to. Cardio is the worst and lifting is hard because I tend to hurt myself somehow or the gym is too crowded. My dog is so attached to me so I felt like I abandoned my baby when I go to the gym after work. So I signed up for Bodi several months ago. I completed a few programs and they were alright. I did them but they really didn't do much for me. However about 8 weeks ago, I decided to start the Lift4 program. I was a bit nervous about it because I was afraid it was too hard for me. But after Week 1, I was hooked. The trainer, Joel, is amazing. He's funny and of course very good looking, to say the least. Besides his personality, the program is wonderful! His workouts are laid out 4 days a week with variable exercises, break day in btwn, and you do not have to look on a calendar to repeat a certain workouts on certain days. He gives you 8 weeks, 4 days a week, 30-40 min exercises. I lost only a little bit of weight, but the change in my physique is noticeable. I completed my 8 weeks, but I'm going to repeat and will work to build up on my weights. I feel strong and I feel great. Check this program out.
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4 years ago, b1kensk1
Didn’t think I would actually look forward to working out !
I have have been struggling to find energy just to complete basic everyday tasks , the thought of exercise was impossible! I would wake up counting down the minutes until bedtime ! I have had multiply back , knee and other joint related surgeries over the past 20 years , struggling with physical pain daily ! I have tried everything from vitamins , stimulates caffeine , and spending thousands on very product that claimed Weight loss ,give me endless energy and would love the results it came down to either I didn’t follow the instructions or they just didn’t deliver what they promised !Being trapped inside like everyone else has taken the last of my motivation ! After seeing the ad on tv for beach body I figured I had nothing to loose so I signed up ! I discovered after just a few work outs that the miracle quick fix industry-who manipulates , Control’s and gets rich by exploiting those desperately searching for help trapped in a cycle of disappointment! The very first work out ( my only physical activity was bowling twice a week ) it was not pretty but fun ! That day I didn’t sit down all ! I discovered only I have the power to change my life ! I have never felt like this in my 52 years of life ! I will update each week of my progress ! Thank you
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3 years ago, Trstnikki
Beachbody LLC BOD
I love it.. Although I don't want to lift lol.. Has never really been my thing.. I don't discriminate against anyone who wants to. But .. I do love working out and this gives an option to work out at home and also if you choose to use other program materials offered in the Beachbody LLC program. But ..I think someone is in the app store editing Beachbody LLC end terms. Along with some others only bc I can tell by the change in font.. The style and I remember what it said before and it wasn't that. It was/ is positive so I just thought I should let someone know. It is the right thing to do . But overall still a 5 js. I love it. And will continue to use it regardless of anything. More ppl should try to be healthier all the way around. This program is a form of therapy for many. So keep being you . And .. Working out for me has never been an issue. And every person is differnet and works out on different levels..programs etc. I just enjoy cardio... And I eat pretty healthy and anyone could eat better etc.. I just choose to cook or eat what my body craves. I've been told.. That your body craves what it's lacking. So I don't use supplements etc . They aren't for everyone unless consulted with a physcian first. But I am always open to trying new things.
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6 years ago, TKflare
Worked great for a long time...until now
I’ve been using this app for over a year and it’s been working great until now. I hate going to the gym and I’d much rather work out at home with the kiddos nearby so this app is great for getting a good workout in the comfort of your own home. I always stream the workouts to my tv via chrome cast but after the IOS 12 update, the chrome cast icon is non existent. There is a message from the support center on the troubleshooting page stating that they are aware of this issue and they give a suggested tip for a temporary fix (which doesn’t work for me) and they assure us that they are working quickly to resolve the issue with a permanent fix. My concern is that we’ve been waiting for over a month now and I have not been able to use this app at all since then. I have tried everything as far as the suggested tip of turning off Bluetooth and even WiFi and closing the app, uninstalling the app and reinstalling and I check for updates on the daily. I have already paid for my annual subscription but have lost over a months worth of workouts due to this issue with no word on when it will actually be resolved. Now I’m just throwing money down the drain. Somebody needs to work faster to fix the issue or start comping the subscriptions for iPhone users.
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7 years ago, Jealco
Needs Major Work With Integration
I love BeachBody and would normally rate the app with a Five Star. I bought the Apple Watch second generation just because of the compatibility with BeachBody. It worked perfectly for a few months and then just like one other person stated, I as well started having problems that the Watch kept disconnecting from the app mid workout and now the iPhone app would not synchronize with the iPad/watch or appletv app/watch. If I airplay from my iPhone the watch connects and keeps track of my heart rate and calories but if I play my workouts form the iPad app or the Apple Tv app neither my iPhone or watch detects the workout. I've deleted all apps and reinstalled from all devices, signed out and back in and I can't seem to play all three devices when working out. If away from home I do t want to watch ny workouts from my phone screen and prefer the iPad but still want the Apple Watch to track calories or when home I don't want to be streaming from my phone when I can play it straight from the TV. Please correct the issue in conjunction with Apple as I first thought it was just me (my devices). The app workout tracker is also not tracking my workouts. The last workout tracked was on June 13, 2017.
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4 years ago, angthewizard
BODGroups needs some help
I loved the My Challenge Tracker App, but the BODGroups feature needs some help to truly replace it. It’s very buggy and difficult to use. There’s no way to expand comments on posts which appear automatically truncated, and some show just the poster’s name with no content at all. The sync feature no longer logs the full name of your workout in blue and leaves space for you to write a post - the whole reason I liked sync was that the blue title text gave more detail than “logged a workout”. It was easy and intuitive to add text and a photo and log the workout. Now it’s impossible to add a longer note without first posting and then editing, and the sync feature is basically useless. It also no longer sends a notification when sync has logged your workout reminding you to post, but maybe I just haven’t found that setting yet. Settings are hard to find. Sometimes clicking the notification button just does nothing. Scrolling is broken in the group feed so that if you accidentally scroll up a giant header comes down and covers all the text. This whole update took an app I loved to use that was starting to replace Facebook for my daily social scroll, and instead made it bulky, unusable, and frustrating to do even the most basic tasks. Please give it some love to bring this app back to the 5-star product we know it can be!
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6 years ago, CoCo__Redd
Insanity!!! Lost 55 lbs
I hate the gym! I barely have time to workout. I get super intimidated by all the people in so much better shape than me. Weights are not my thing. I just kept paying for monthly membership and never going. My mom suggested I try a workout video since my brother lost weight doing P90x. That’s when I found Shaun T. The first time I did the original Insanity for 60 days and followed the nutrition plan. I lost 55 lbs. I never sweat like that before in my life! Then I got pregnant. I didn’t keep up with activity or the nutrition plan & I gained it all back. I thought with a family I’ll never have time for Insanity some of the workout are almost an hour. Then I found Insanity max 30 it’s only 30 minutes y’all! I am already down 10lbs just 2 weeks in! I fit in at whatever time in the day I have time even if it’s 10pm! The fit life is a journey & it takes dedication. Shaun T is the perfect person to go on that journey with me even though I don’t know him we are besties. Lol When I’m feeling lazy I can hear him in my head you have to conquer your mind to transform your body. When I’m working out & I want to quit I can hear him saying this is the time to dig deeper you got this! I recommend him to anyone who is just like me!
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7 years ago, skateboardmom
I had been using the dvds at home and loved them, but now BBOD and so many others to work out with. I find myself working out for hours without even thinking twice. The Cize 8 count Abs is gruesome, I still can't keep up sometimes , but it's worth it .... let's be honest ,I could look at Shaun T the rest of my life but seriously , my abs are looking more defined!!!!! The App does have bugs, I have used customer support each time (3) I needed help, each time worked it out to my complete satisfaction. It took about 30 minutes each time, but twice I was signing on to a computer in hotel room or friends house and once to start with my Apple iPhone . I would not recommend buying app through i tunes because the BBOD customer service is far more prepared and helpful for site support. They won't hang up till it's solved. I liked the app so much I called during a year subscription amazing deal and they actually credited my monthly payments already paid on to the year special making it a even better deal. I love this app it's changed my life exercise routine definitely positively improvement for me . Oh Btw I'm 57y/o mom who Hip Hops with Shaun T in my home every night!
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3 years ago, hudd7038
Great All Around Fitness App
I’ve used BOD for >3yrs. Decided it was time to write a review. It’s a great app, I got it when I was in the worst shape of my life and it has helped me get into great shape (sorry BOD, not the best shape - 20s are hard to beat!). It has a great variety of workouts, yoga/HIIT/strength/bulk/more all tailored to at home workouts. Some workouts require basic equipment like dumbbells or balance balls, others require no equipment - there’s several options both with & without equipment. Their programs are well put together ranging from 3wk-12wk duration - most have workout and diet plans, plus other supplemental info. The workout videos are well produced and the coaches are positive and motivating. You can cast to a TV for a bigger screen. My only complaint. While the app is easy to use and functions well, it acts like it’s the first time I’ve used it…every time I use it. It asks my permission to access my WI-FI for casting even though I’ve clicked OK 5-6 days a week for the past >3yrs. There’s a couple other prompts that the app should remember after the first response. Minor inconveniences but it does get old.
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4 years ago, slds171
Love the programs, the app could use some work
I have done beach body programs for years and love them so I decided to sign up for beach body on demand. I find the app to be very disappointing and not user friendly. I’ve turned the workout tracker on but it doesn’t ever automatically bring up the workouts I’ve done in the tracker, I still have to enter them manually. I’ve had to reset my password for no reason because I kept getting an unknown error when trying to login. When logging into the app, it doesn’t save any information so I have to type everything in every day. If I leave myself logged in the next day I have either been logged out or things are frozen so I have to login every day. The last workout I’ve done is not what shows up first in the workout list so I have to search for it. I think the app should be smarter and know if you’re doing a certain program-it should be able to recognize that and suggest the next workout when you open it. I am using chrome cast to cast from my iPad to the TV and the chrome cast connection is never there when I first open the app in the morning so I have to power down and reboot the iPad. I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still have the same problems.
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3 years ago, Buffy Vaughn
Physical health and recovery
I started Beach body to lose weight. I spent less time fitting a workout into my daily schedule because there is no drive time to the gym. I seen results immediately. MBF (muscle burns fat) program gave me what running and group classes did not; targeted muscle gain. I lost 20 lbs the first four and half months and became stronger. During those months of working out I had other health issues leading to a hysterectomy. The surgery went better than planned and my doctor stated the overall physical improvement contributed to that success. We thought this was just routine surgery. The doctor found cancer developIng and she was able to remove it intact leaving me cancer free with no radiation or chemo needed. I give God credit for the healing and for the timing to use this program that helped in my recovery. It was a contributing factor to the surgical success and recovery. After surgery I was not allowed any physical activity. During that time I continued to loss weight.# Muscle Burns Fat. I am back to working out and I am down 30 lbs even with the 8 week no exercise restriction. . Thank you Beach Body and MBF.
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4 years ago, kpinyan
21 Day Real Time & The App
“21 days to build a habit” my Dad always told me. My “go to workout plan” when I have fallen off the exercise and eating right is 21 Day Fix. I am coming back after a knee injury (and honestly I started feeling sorry for myself). I love the Real Time 21 Day Fix because I was essentially starting from the beginning (since all I had been doing is PT for 6 months). I love Autumn’s encouragement and her spirit! As I head into the last day of 21 Day Fix, I am trying to figure out my next workout plan. I do love app! I remember the early days of trying to use the app. They have done a great job at correcting the glitches. I love the flexibility of the app. In years past, I have downloaded several workouts before a cruise. I was able to continue working out offline. If I am remembering correctly I think downloaded material only stays on your device for a week (maybe longer). One thing to remember is turn the WiFi off in settings on your phone, otherwise the downloaded material will not play. Thank you Beach Body for putting together easy to follow plans and continuing to offer gym membership quality workouts!
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5 years ago, GRN&DKN
Busy moms wanting their bodies back!
I’ve always been an athletic sport player mainly soccer and softball,but after having 4 kids in 7 years it’s been impossible for me to have time for myself. I tried Beachbody 21day fix extreme after my second child 4 years ago and lost 40lbs. I was in the best shape of my life and got pregnant only 10 months after my 2nd was born. And since have had 2others almost back to back. All by csection! Which does a number on your body and I’m also a full time cosmetologist so I needed my body to be strong for my job as well as my mommy life. I know my body will never be what it once was prechildren which I’m fine with, I’m very blessed and grateful that God chose me to be their mommy but for my sanity I needed something that works with my life and going to the gym wasn’t an option. On demand is amazing bc you have so many choices and can do it on your time. Thank you to all these amazing instructors and the overall program. Doing the 21day fix containers also worked for me and it’s the only program that I’m never hungry. Shakology is also an everyday easy part of my life.
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4 years ago, slm6142
Ya know that excited feeling you get when you want to workout? If so, then you also know how quickly that urge can leave your body when you have to wait for technology to work properly. I downloaded this app, selected a program and was ready to get to work. I was impressed with the selection and options. The wide variety gave me hope that I wouldn’t get bored quickly. I started with the intro video for Country Heat. It was about 15 minutes long and they just show you the moves you will be using in the actual workouts. I cast the video from my iPhone to my smart TV with no issues. When the intro video ended I was ready to move into my workout but was quickly halted because now the app won’t cast. The video starts on my phone and when I press the cast button it pauses, spins and shuts off- taking me back to the list of available videos. After retrying several times and trying to cast other videos as well, I reached out to customer service via chat. They were of zero help- telling me to connect my device and tv to the same WiFi (they already are). I’ve got kids, I work, I've got a house to keep up with and when I am ready to exercise because I have the time to squeeze it in, it need to do it during that allotted time. That’s part of what was so appealing about this app. Bummer. I really wanted to love it.
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12 months ago, Snoopcobbiecobb
Be Careful
I had a subscription in June 2022 that I immediately cancelled for auto renew (the auto renew cancellation shows up in my purchase history). I’ve used it intermittently. I logged in at the end of June 2023 not realizing my subscription was up and instead of getting an error or notification that my subscription is up, my card on file was automatically used to sign me up for a subscription without my consent. I guess they’re using logging in to count as consent? I just happened to notice the charge on my credit card - didn’t even get a receipt - literally had no clue that I was signed up for a subscription. It’s after hours for beachbody’s help desk. I’ve contacted them via text asking if anything can be done. Just want everyone to know to be careful. Update: apparently you sign up for two subscriptions - BODi and Beachbody annual and you have to cancel both, which was not clear to me. It was my understanding that one cancellation would cancel everything, which is not the case. I talked to customer service, and they were really helpful in helping me understand what happened and helping me cancel.
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1 year ago, Kingzrule2
Health Esteem really has helped me become a better person!
I have been on Bodi for a little over a year and it has been life changing physically and now mentally with the mindset content! I love that there are so many options with programs for all levels including stress management, meditation and yoga. I am 62 and my previous physical activity was running and stretching but in the winter it was not my favorite. I needed a strength training program and this fit my schedule perfectly. The 30 minute workouts are easy to fit into my day and it has really changed my body getting rid of that flabbiness. I was not in need of weight loss just increasing muscle and at my age muscle loss is a problem. Not a fan of the gym because of my busy schedule. My Bodi partner “coach” Kat Boger is amazing and always found ways to motivate our group with challenges menus and her own fitness journey. I love the mindset platform and the Facebook group is always inspiring with Petra leading the way! I have been trying to get my family and friends to try Bodi because I love it so much!
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2 years ago, Gypsy quintessence
Great decision, happier every day!
I’ve never been disciplined enough to keep up with a workout regime. I feel like beach body has provided me that opportunity. Not only do I have a scheduled workout that I know I’ll be doing 5 out of 7 days a week but I have sooo many more workouts at my fingertips. After I finish my workout, I stretch with yoga or sometimes I even do a second workout with something more fun, (like one of the dance fitness classes). I’m also learning what kind of workouts I like and which ones don’t seem to be a good fit for me. The groups, also cool- I can follow along with others who are right there in it with me. Although I’m just getting into the food side of things, it’s been incredibly easy to pre make meals and keep up with eating what Autumn recommends I should. (She’s also super funny to workout with and inspirational, 21 day fix, real time, she kicked my booty and made me work harder than I would have). One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I know that being at the beginning of my journey!
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6 years ago, Misslmg
Doesn’t work
I’ve been using this app since November now and the quality was great, the only bugs were after using the app and coming back to it later nothing would load so I’d have to close out of it on my iPhone and reopen it to load everything again. Super annoying but worked. NOW I’ve done the update and I don’t know if it’s because a million people are starting their resolutions but the quality of the videos are so bad I can’t even see what moves they’re doing, I can’t even use it at this point. I went online to watch them and yesterday it was great quality except absolutely no sound so I had to play to get sound from my phone and play from my computer to see the workout. Today I tried doing the same thing but the workout I wanted to do is having errors and can’t be played. It’s extremely frustrating creating a routine and forming a habit of working out every morning to better myself to then not be able to use this app I pay for and miss my workout because quality is garbage. If it is a streaming issue it’s unfair to me that I have to rearrange my entire schedule and workout during off times just to use this product, because maybe at night when quality is better I’m no longer in the mood to do a workout and then I miss mine for the day.
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10 months ago, Jfkdodsn
Bodi Blocks are a Bust
I’ve been a BeachBody user for at least the past 7 years. I started with P90X and have made my way through it multiple times as well as PiYo, mbf, mbfa, 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession and Morning Meltdown. BeachBody has in the past provided excellent production quality and comprehensive materials, ensuring the success, and safety of participants. But these Bodi Blocks are a bust. Awkward trainers (apparently filmed “live” with no editing), lots of stops and starts, awkward (and poor form!) random people working out in the background, and very disjointed workouts. You could end up doing legs 3 days in a row, because each day is taught by a different amateur trainer, and it’s obvious the trainers do not communicate with each other to put a comprehensive plan for the block! It’s obvious that, despite almost doubling our membership price in the last year, BeachBody is skimping on costs with these low-budget hack-job workouts. Even the set is a cheap printed background image as opposed to filming in a real gym or workout studio. BodiBlocks are a bust. Give us back well-planned workouts, demonstrated safely with professional trainers and a comprehensive program.
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5 years ago, Bigdeeh
Change my life!!
About a year ago my wife had a friend who lost a lot of weight through something called Beach Body. At first I thought it was cheesy and watched from a distance. I had been a college basketball player and always worked out 3-4 days a week. Unfortunately I travel a bit for work and my eating habits had gotten the better of me. I was overweight but active... it was frustrating but I didn’t know how to break the cycle. I tried one of the videos then started the containers and finally got in full swing! The short videos were easy to do at home and the buckets helped me figure where I had gone wrong in my diet. I dropped 30 lbs over the first couple of months and have kept it off for over a year!! I feel the best I have in years. I feel the system overall is easy to maintain and I am so glad our friend started talking to us about it. This program changed my life! I remain incredibly grateful for the simplicity and impact of Beach Body!! Even after I broke my foot this winter I was able to modify the workouts and stay consistent.
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6 years ago, maikawari
Best work out app there is!
I love beach body programs - fun and easy access! I tried size it and 21 day fix ! Both Shaun and Autumn are awesome and fun! From what I’ve tried so far I found that it really gives you what it promises! You just gotta stick to it all the way and just as they say! No short cuts or breaks in between! I end up starting from the beginning when I decide to take a break in between ( well depends on how lose your break is). It’s amazing how I’m noticing a difference from the first week with Autumn and lost half an inch already and feeling so much lighter! I’m sure my 3 inches yet to lose are locked up in week 2 and 3 :) can’t wait to share my final results ! With size it, I lost at least 15 pounds from doing it for 4 weeks! Barely felt like I was working out , I mean it was a sweaty session at the end but I find it so much fun learning all these cool dance moves so it ties your mind off the calories burn! These moves came in handy on some dance floors and at home when I’m bored and feel like envisioning my stage performance lol
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2 years ago, Tatiana###
App only works with an
I love the app. However, it only works if I am connected to the internet. It does not matter if I downloaded the workouts previously, the app crashes, the screen freezes and the player stops working. The video starts lagging, pauses, and it becomes pixelated even when playing it at the lowest video quality setting. I called customer support, and they asked me the perform the typical troubleshooting steps to apease me: change the password, install and reinstall the app, remove all of your downloaded videos, set your phone to airplane mode. This worked for about a month but I am back to square one, and I’m extremely irritated to be paying for a service that only works occasionally, and when it does it does not work well. Their customer service was adequate, but did not call me back as promised when I first called them. The videos, of course, are incredible and I am very happy with the programs and trainers, but not being able to use the videos while I am on the go, is very inconvenient. I am not sure I will get my money back, and I really don’t want to cancel my membership, but I don’t want to pay for a service that does not work all the time.
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4 years ago, drlgtenryz
Needs some work
I’ve been using this app for about five or six months. It seems to play the work out videos pretty well. The biggest problem I have is that, despite turning on the notification setting, I still don’t get notified when someone in my group posts a comment. I am also disappointed that there is no place to track your nutrition. You can track almost everything else and nutrition is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Why wouldn’t we want to track it? I also have problems with the work out videos multiplying themselves in the tracking section. So if I do one work out, it might double it in tracking and I’ll have to delete one. My group has noticed that the workouts will not go into the group feed unless We include a comment with the work out in tracking. This is despite the setting for it to go to the group feed regardless. Our coach posts videos from Beach Body in the group feed which we cannot access either. So there are a number of bugs to work out. Hopefully the developers will take this to heart and make it a truly useful app. That will only help us take our journeys to the next level.
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6 years ago, Bethany2415
Very unhappy
The reason I joined Beachbody was because I was told all about the wonderful work out videos and how you can download them from the app making it possible to watch anywhere from your phone or iPad. I joined in October 2017 and the app worked well for me until I wanted to do A little Obsessed. That was in December. Since then I haven’t been able to download any videos without them coming out blurry. I have contacted costumer service three times. The second time they told me that it was the first time that they even knew about the issue. What?! Then the third time I was told the same thing as the first time, “This is a known problem and our technical staff is working on it. Please be patient.” How much longer do I need to be patient? Another month? Two months? At least give us some kind of an update on the progress of what your technical service is doing. I’ve heard that I can unsubscribe but I won’t get my money back. I was really looking forward to the 80 Day Obsession and will try to figure out how to be able to watch it instead of downloading it to my phone. If this isn’t resolved, I won’t be renewing my membership next year. I think it is poor business when you offer a product and you don’t get what is advertised. I’m not even sure if that is legal.
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7 years ago, All star-p
Really Sad App for Great Workouts
I’ve been a Beachbody user for many years; started with the DVD’s which were very good. With the advent of mobile apps and the discontinuation of P90X app I thought for sure they would have all their ducks in a row with testing all phases of the BOD app as the replacement. WoW I was very surprised that has not been the case. I initially tried the app went it first came out and was disappointed due to a lack of synchronization with my Apple Watch and iPhone. I then went back to the DVD’s for close to a year. Several days ago I downloaded the app again hoping there would be improvements; my goodness how I was surprised once again with the same issues occurring. When staring The Shop my watch tells me to accept the disclaimer. I accept it and the dumbbell hourglass continues to spin and doesn’t disappear. I’ve attempted this 4 times yesterday and today and finally gave up and used the mixed cardio routine on my watch. Come on Beachbody; have some real developers and tester validate all the features. You are charging people for a product that isn’t fully functional (the app is no doubt included in the monthly fee) with no resolution to these issues since it was rolled out. Please add to and not take away from your good reputation because of a poorly designed app.
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3 years ago, Krazy Kit
Great program!
I’m currently doing the 9-week control freak program and I love it! I would totally recommend this program to any of my friends. It’s especially great for beginners looking to start out and work their way up! The only problem I had was not receiving everything with the package I ordered. I ordered the performance stack package and when I first got it I did not receive the control track. Luckily, customer service was amazing and I got that within a week. However, the main problem was that I had no handles for the resistance bands for the control track. This took me 4 1/2 weeks to get and multiple phone calls with no one understanding that all I needed was handles. All of the service workers were very nice but kept misunderstanding until the last one finally understood that I needed handles. It might have been I was not being clear but I’m glad that I finally got handles halfway through lol! This has not affected my outlook on the program and I know it deserves all 5 stars!
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5 years ago, CCatofPL
App on apple watch won’t work with iPad
I used to able to do my work out on my iPad and use my Apple watch to track the work out on the watch app. I would just click on the work out on the watch app, and the watch app would start running. Since the last update, the Apple Watch app will not run unless you are running the work out on your iPhone, not your iPad or TV. It says you must log into the Beachbody app on your iPhone. If you login on your iPhone, this is not enough, you must be running the workout program on your phone. I can’t see the video on the tiny iPhone so when I’m traveling I like to use my iPad for it. This causes me to have to run the workout simultaneously on my iPad and my iPhone and burn out my iPhone battery for the day. Also, The watch app freezes up a lot since the last Apple Watch system upgrade so every couple of days I have to turn it off in the Apple Watch section of my iPhone and then we loaded. Not sure if that is an Apple Watch problem but my other apps don’t freeze.
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6 years ago, Cheene1
80 DO Review
This is my 2nd round of 80 DO & although I have tried and loved multiple BB workouts, this one is epic!! Absolutely amazing and so far my favorite! The realists I have seen with it have not jut met my expectations, it exceeded them beyond my what I thought was possible for me! I am 49 & by far in the best shape of my life!! (And I have been active & fit most of my life). I look at myself in the mirror or in the pics & cant believe it’s’s like someone pasted my face on an elite athlete’s body! But that’s just the bonus...the BEST part is the way I FEEL! Amazing!! Thank you B.B. & Autumn Calabrese for changing my world! When you do this program, go all in...workouts (leave it all out in the floor) AND nutrition!! It makes a huge difference! People pass in the nutrition & ‘just eat healthy’...and say ‘sure I would get a little better results if I followed the nutrition plan, but I Good results already’. NO!! With the nutrition plan you will get not just ‘a little better results’ you will get ASTOUNDINGLY better results!! So go for it! Nutrition is a game changer!
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4 years ago, gameonJulie
Awesome value!
I have been using BOD for a little over a year. I had bought Beachbody DVD’s in the past and really liked them, so I thought this would be a good fit. I could use some of the same programs I bought before with modern convenience and maybe also try something new. Boy was I in for a great surprise! I needed to lose weight ! I started just using the Turbo Jam / Turbo fire I KNEW. I lost some weight and felt stronger and decided to try out some of the other programs. I did the 21 day fix real time series, the LIIFT4, Barre Blend and 10 Rounds! I also occasionally throw in some extra yoga. All in all I lost 60 pounds and at 52 feel stronger and healthier than I did at 35! I have eliminated 1 prescription and massively reduced the dose of the other. When I gyms closed due to COVID I had no panic because my favorite workouts were still available to me any time and anywhere!!! I am now enjoying the new relaxation and meditation series! How does it get any better? Thank you for this great product, it is truly life changing!!! ❤️
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3 years ago, WMR
Easy to use and packed with motivating content!
I’m not your usual workout person. I’m more like a late night snack loving Netflix binging couch potato. But this app combined with my Beachbody Coach and her amazing group keep me motivated! I’m now waking up before my alarm (5am weekdays and 7am weekends) to do my workouts 6 days a week! Even on the days where I stayed up too late the night before and I’m feeling tired I still get motivated to do the workouts because I’m seeing results. My clothes are fitting better, I’m standing taller, my back doesn’t hurt like it used to and I’m sleeping better. I’m 6 weeks in and plan to do this going forward. Btw, I’m turning 56 in September and I have 2 little grandsons, so I’m hoping to stay healthy and energized for them. Also, due to menopause, Stress from work and binge watching during this pandemic I had gained 20 lbs on top of the 10 lbs I was already overweight, so my journey has just begun, but I’m loving every minute of the workouts and healthy foods.
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4 years ago, fit for pandemic
Nice but could be better
Workouts from beach body are excellent. No argument or issues there. The app however doesn’t even come close to offering the full extent of what the “on demand” feature is all about. This app lacks the following: 1. there is no place where you can search for any specific workout programs you are interested in, 2. You cannot favorite any specific workout programs for quick reference to them without downloading them to your phone/device (which in my opinion shouldn’t be necessary to “favorite” something), 3. Out of the thousands of on demand workouts they offer, only about maybe 50 or less can actually be accessed on the app. For me, I downloaded the app and the on demand plan so I could access numerous workouts wherever I wanted so long as I had internet access. Like doing a workout outside by the pool or in the yard. But if I can’t access the workout program I’d like to do on my phone/tablet through the app, and have to actually go onto the BOD website instead, then it defeats the purpose of the app and the potential it has for convenience.
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12 months ago, CCorson214
Has Good Potential; Needs Water Lock
This review is specific to the Apple Watch app. So I have been using the BODi app for about 3.5 years. I really wish they would include a “water lock” feature that many 3rd party activity tracking apps have. Too many times has my activity been paused or cancelled by accident due to movements and/or inadvertent contact. If the “water lock” was automatic, that would even be better. Plus, when viewing a particular completed workout in the Apple Fitness app, it would be nice to have additional details beyond just the program you did such as the name of the actual workout (e.g., P90 with Sculpt C as the detail). Lastly, now that Beachbody has adopted the BODi methodology, it would be nice if those programs/blocks were included as an option. All in all, it’s a good companion to track your Beachbody workout. The metrics seem to be on par with the Apple Fitness tracker as well as some other 3rd party trackers, BUT there could be functionality improvements such as the all important “water lock” especially as the workouts can lead to accidental pauses or stoppage.
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5 years ago, ALFBianca
Does not integrate well at all
I love Beachbody On Demand and have done various beachbody workout programs for years. The app is fine if only using to stream the workouts on your phone but useless if trying to utilize the app through my 3rd gen Apple Watch, which is the only reason I dl it in the first place. Choosing a workout on my watch is fine and tracks my workout, but that’s where it ends. It does not transfer information to my iPhone XS Max properly at all. In the last couple months only 3 workouts show up in the app on my phone (I workout at least 5 days a week). Forget checking my heart rate because that doesn’t show up at all. When looking at workouts through my watch app on my phone, none of the workouts show up on the proper days and might not show up at all or duplicate themselves. So it completely messes up my monthly goals and personal goals. Downloaded material does not show up in my downloaded section either. But when I go to download the workout again, thinking it must not have actually downloaded it says the video is already downloaded, THEN WHERE IS IT???? BOD gets 5 stars from me but the app is awful! Will be going back to the apple activity tracker and getting rid of this app.
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6 years ago, MaxcBaby18
Incredible! Life Changing
I am obsessed with BOD! Ever since I was young I’ve been obsessed with exercising videos! I’ve always wanted to be fit and strong! Through tragic loss of my Mom when I was 16 made me put on the pounds. Luckily I’ve been able to keep my weight to about 120... but every once in a while it would sky rocket up to 140 and I would feel so uncomfortable! Now I’m back down to 119... and truth is I want to push it this time! So I’m going for 108!!! Which is my ideal weight at 5’2 but being lean and strong! I basically threw out the scale and take pics now! I eat a vegan/vegetarian/gluten free clean diet mostly with little dairy every other week... so I got the nutrition down! Now!! I just push myself with BOD WORKOUTS! I’m starting off with Clean week and next is 21 day fix! After that is 21 Day fix extreme!!! My goal is too look, feel and be, slimmer, sexier and stronger in my next 29 years!!! I’m going to the J-Lo and Gwen Stefani look!! Ageless!!! At 48 even at 58!!! It’s possible! Thank You Beachbody! You are my savior!
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3 years ago, Bonel09
The Best!!
It’s been the best app for as long as I’ve been using it which has been SEVERAL years. I used to think i could never workout at home, but now I prefer it. I can take all my excercises on the road with me as i travel for the military and my personal business. The only issue is having to have internet in order to log in for my DOWNLOADED videos. When i know I’m traveling or in a location where internet speed is not high, i will download my workouts. In my experience though, i have always needed internet to log into my account, then i can turn off internet to use my downloaded videos. Other than that, i have no issues with this app at all. I am not usually a product review person, although i read others. But felt i needed to give this app a review for all others considering making their workouts something they want to do at home to save time, money, and having to travel to a location.
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6 years ago, 84u552
No iPad specific app, Loading issues, Clarity issues
I use my iPad for my workouts but I can never get a Full Screen view. I don’t think there is a Beachbody On Demand app made specifically for the iPad. Also, all or some of the videos (p90x3, 80 day Obsession, yoga, T25, etc.) “On Demand” are very blurry for about 2-3 minutes when they start at any given time or the video simply will not load. I purchased the app close to a month ago and this has happened 7 times so far. Don’t get me wrong. It is great when it works properly but unfortunately, I have had an issue or 2 once or twice a week so far. It’s good to have every workout that Beachbody has ever made, and any future new ones, at your disposal anytime you want for just $99 a year. I think that’s a fair price for what you are getting. The problem is, you are not getting the product/service “anytime you want” on some days. It would also be nice if I could “cast” the videos to my TV screen. However, I don’t want to overwhelm Beachbody! Let’s get the basic technical issues, that I previously mentioned, fixed first. If Beachbody fixes the iPad issue so that I can see the videos Full Screen on my iPad and the sporadic loading issues of the videos and the clarity issue so that the videos are not blurry for the first 2-3 minutes, then I will be more motivated to renew my subscription next year. Other than that, I will put that money towards a local gym membership.
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4 years ago, julinabox
Love the workouts, but app is inconsistent
I’m new to this, a little over a week now. First let me say, I do love the program, I love the work outs, I love the samples of shakeology I tried but still waiting on my order to be shipped. Now for the frustration of the app...It took days to get into the group because it just continues to have the loading icon without opening. Finally got it to open, great! Had to re take my “before” pic 3 times because it disappeared. I can’t actually download the workout videos. Everytime I do the app force closes before the download has completed. When I open it back up it still shows its downloading and then force closes again. Takes days then I decide to cancel the download. If I don’t cancel and I just try to stream the work out, it force closes my workout with in minutes. Very annoying when you’re pumped for your workout and you have to watch a few min. Stop, re open everything, try to skip back to where you were and so on. So I’ve just stopped trying to download. Not easy to search through workouts either. Very time consuming.
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4 years ago, DFM Rik
Excellent value
This is a fantastic program with a wide variety of workouts. If you are one of those people that hate going to the gym this is perfect. Don’t let the advisory warnings scare you. I have back problems knee problems and arthritis however I modify the moves whenever I need to. There is no instructor or other students to impress. The only person I’m competing against is myself and this takes a lot of the pressure off. The best part is I can work out first thing in the morning without having to get up early get my stuff together and drag myself to the gym. It also illuminates the excuses like I don’t want to drive in this weather or I don’t have time to get to the gym this morning or my hair looks bad or my clothes aren’t clean. You get up have your morning cup of coffee put your workout clothes on and get busy. Then you can hop in your own personal shower and start the rest of your day. You can also work out at night or whenever you want.
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6 years ago, Karen K Chicago
❤️ Beachbody
4 years of Shakeology & workouts! The on demand workouts are awesome; so many to choose from! It was an awesome improvement when on demand was introduced! I’m currently on my second round of LIIFT4 & it is my favorite program so far. T25 is a close 2nd. Country Heat is awesome when I’m feeling sluggish and need to get moving, it’s a great beginner program if you like country music! And I can’t forget PiYo! That’s the program that got me hooked on Beachbody! Great combination of Pilates & Yoga, harder than I anticipated it would be, awesome workouts! As far a Shakeology, I can’t say enough about it! It keeps me healthy & I notice a difference if I skip a day. Beachbars are a tasty good snack to kill the mid-afternoon cravings. Lastly the performance products. I was never really into the performance products until I started LIIFT4 and realized how beneficial they are to get me up and going before my workout and to help relieve the soreness after the workout. Thanks Beachbody for keeping me healthy & fit!
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5 years ago, Bullesarn
Used It Since Inception
I have used this app since it’s inception and witnessed all of its ups and downs and pros and cons. The current state of this app is pitiful. I don’t know if Carl Daikeler is pushing for the streaming/download capabilities of this application to replace DVDs, but lately I’ve been unable to consistently utilize the app to workout. I’m fine with streaming or downloading to use offline provided it’s reliable and stable, but this app is neither of those. I’ve done everything from changing streaming devices constantly, speaking with my ISP regarding internet speeds, and even spoke with Beachbody about it. The result? “We’re working out some bugs.” as per Beachbody. No solutions. I’ve been a Beachbody member since P90X came out (and have done P90 as wel), but the inconsistencies of this “flagship” app are having me reconsider Beachbody products. No application is 100% reliable. I understand that. At this point thought I’d take 75% reliability and this product is not close to that. If you’re considering joining Beachbody for the ease of access and working out at home, don’t rely on this app to help you get into the best shape of your life. Stick with the dvds.
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6 years ago, Johnny Wayward
Do It. It’ll make a huge difference.
100’s of workouts and a huge variety. You can do any of them at your own pace—they stress constantly that you should only do what you feel comfortable with and there’s always someone on screen modifying the workout for an easier pace. When you go at your own pace and take it slower whenever you feel you need to you always get better and soon you find you don’t need to modify anymore. And you find you’re losing weight and more importantly you feel better. When you take the stairs at work it’s easier. When you have to run to catch a train you’re not gasping for breath anymore. When you pick your kid up over your head and run around the backyard you don’t need to lie down and rest for an hour. I’ve found that I eat better because I don’t want to ruin all the effort I put into the workout. Anyway I love Tony. He’s a goofy and ripped trainer that always keeps it interesting.
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1 year ago, Julesy100912
BOD has everything you need, and then some!
I’ve been a BOD user since day 1 of it’s release. It’s so comprehensive and other than swimming, I think they’ve got nearly every fitness interest covered! I’m 57 years old and have tried I’m pretty sure every single program at some point! I also like swimming, biking, hiking, and trail walking/jogging. To say these programs enhance and compliment all those other interests would be an understatement. Anyone participating in road races, biathlons, triathlons, and so on will find many programs here that will improve your performance and enhance your fitness overall, making your other active pursuits more enjoyable. There are even active workouts you can do just for fun w your kids, grandkids, friends too. The best workout to do, is one you will enjoy! So skip around check them all out and just get up off the couch and move!
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1 year ago, JamesFestini
Festini says it’s good
So it must be. I just really only use P90X and insanity and I wish that I could just pay for those two programs and not continually get billed. I have already purchased the DVDs 10 to 15 years ago, I understand that it costs money, but I would love to be offered an opportunity to digitally upgrade, my programs at a cost and never have to worry about buying them or searching for CDs again. If you use the programs they are worth it but I seriously only want P90X and insanity on my iPad and the cost to do it. It’s just way too much for someone like me who only wants those two programs. so although I am giving this a 1 star review, I should give it a 5 star and admit that I am ripping the two workouts via screen recording to save them on my iPad for future use. And I will do this through the free trial, and only pay one months worth to give me the time necessary to rip the screen recording. Sorry Beachbody, but you really should figure out a solution for those of us who invested over the years. This does not include my wife purchasing everything that Chalean Johnson has done..
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2 years ago, linda mom of 4
80 Day Obsession
I have done all of the P90X programs 1,2 & 3. I have done other programs from Autumn on Beachbody too as well as the Brazil workouts. And nothing I mean nothing has even come close to how incredible this program is for my lower body. I love the beach body app. I can workout anywhere with it. But this 80 day Obsession is exactly what I need for my lower body!!! I don’t think it works out my upper body like the intense upper body workout days in P90X (original or what I call P90X1). But wow! Can Autumn put your glutes on Fire! It’s changing the way my shorts/pants fit for the better:-) Also-the food program is sooooo easy to follow. I don’t have to think about if I can eat it I just lay it all out and I’m done. I really like that! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Autumn and all the creators. I can really hate you for about 60 minutes a day but LOVE you the other 23 hours!!!!
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6 years ago, Wergs
Blurry videos
BOD is nice to have for the simple fact you can choose from many workouts and do them when ever it is convenient for you. But how can you perform a good workout when 80% of the time the video I'm streaming is blurry??!! This is especially difficult when doing a workout that is fast paced (like focused T25)? I've used the app on both my iPhone and iPad and have same results. Frustrating at the minimum and infuriating at the most when it takes 10 minutes or more to get a workout video to even begin loading! And who has an extra 10-15 minutes to monkey with the app so it will just load a workout? I also expected a little more variety and more workouts to choose from. I do a BOD workout 3-5 days a week and have since end of December 2017, but am now seeing that it is difficult to find workouts that don't include dancing, yoga or extra equipment beyond weights and a mat. Would be willing to pay to keep app if it were to work 90% of the time-where it loaded in less and 2 minutes and wasn't blurry. Beach Body will you work on fixing this??
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4 years ago, sprintin sammy
Beach body going on 15 months
I was 54 years old, a previous distance runner and triathlete before that. I injured my knee when I was 53 and had to stop running. I did a little of this and a little of that to try and stay in shape. A friend told me about T25, insanity and P90x. I bought the discs for T25 because I wasn’t sure if my knee would tolerate and I only have 30 Min a day to commit. 15 months later, I have gone through T25 Alpha, Beta and Gamma at least 2x, maybe three in alpha and beta. I then decided to get the app because I needed a change up and it offered so many workouts. I can take it anywhere and get workout in whenever I travel for work or play. I dropped 12 lbs initially and and am now back up about 4 lbs because I got bored and started LIIFT4 and put in muscle weight. I feel great and it’s great to know I can keep up with others who are half my age. Can’t say enough about Beachbody! Thanks Beachbody.
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2 years ago, myNameIsTakenWTF
Makes fitness life simple
Beachbody is obviously great and always has been but the app takes it to a whole new level. I love I can take it everywhere I go on any of my devices and get a great workout or catch a live class. Honestly, the live classes are everything I didn’t know I needed. Needless to say I am a fan. But, from a straight technical view, this app is easy to navigate and does exactly what I want from it without some of the more common glitches and NO ADS stopping the flow- they do throw a few in at the end of the workouts but, they are the best version of an ads as they respect MY decision as to whether I want to learn more about a specific thing or not. I am not forced to be “sold” through marketing aka manipulation and THAT ALONE is enough for me to sign on. I could go on, but I won’t. If you love to workout but don’t live at the gym, this is a great option.
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4 years ago, Emtriple
Disappointed with BOD & tracker
I have been a Beachbody customer for years, and absolutely love the programs and results I see- but, this app... is not friendly to results. Previously, with the MyChallenge tracker app through Beachbody, you were able to log photos, and measurements, and weight - and be able to see all history and even a graph for the change. Plus, you had your own personal page that was like a “feed” of your logs. When they “merged” it with the BOD app so you can use it for your teams and checkins (disabling the tracker app) you no longer can see that. I have looked everywhere and talked to coaches, and there is nothing remotely like the old app in the new one. The only way to attempt to find your history is to page through the weekly lists of workouts and weigh ins and try and find your history. And then, it doesn’t compare it to what you currently are at so you would have to write it down and compare it yourself. Just very disappointed as it was one of the best features of the old app.
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