Breathwrk: Daily Breathing

Health & Fitness
4.8 (16.7K)
153.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Breathwork Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Breathwrk: Daily Breathing

4.81 out of 5
16.7K Ratings
2 years ago, TypopathicPsychopath
Pricey (UPDATED)
Update March 30th, 2022: The developers contacted me on this comment and directed me to fill out a form for a scholarship. When they said “Buy One, Give One”, they meant it. I can tell you, if you can’t afford Breathwrk, they will absolutely do their best to help you. I received a scholarship from them directly in around one day. Since then I’ve been using a multitude of their premium breathing exercises, and I’ve fallen in love. Breathwrk is helping me daily now, and I regret nothing. If you like this app and you can, please do pay for this app and support them. It helps people like me who can’t afford it, and it helps them keep their program alive. I’m a kid whose dissociation and anxiety severely impacts their ability to live and perform in things, and breathing through things is one of the only things I’ve ever found that works. I appreciate what Breathwrk has done for me to no end. OLD REVIEW: I would love to pay for a pro account, I really would, but I honestly cannot afford the price given. This app would be a nigh-indispensable tool to help me deal with dissociation, and it sometimes does, but with so many timers locked behind a paywall, I find it difficult to justify paying such a high price. It’s more like it’s the price of convenience more than the price of content. I really do love this app, I love the way it looks, the way it works, and it helps me more than the developers would ever know. I wish I could use it more.
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2 months ago, Alyna.marie03
Breathwrk review
I really enjoyed the app, I have been testing it out this past week for one of my classes. I would use the calming one the most when I was feeling more anxiety and it definitely helped calm my breathing down, that was my favorite one. I also gave all of the free breathing exercises a try. A few of them such as the winding down and calm down one were basically the same exercises so I didn’t understand why they had them both. Other than that they were great ways to help calm down my anxiety. Often times, when you are feeling overwhelmed or worked up just getting control of your breathing can help relax all of your nerves, heart rate, and all other sensory’s. In class we did a similar breathing exercise to the calm down one and my teacher asked how we felt and many students reported feeling relaxed. Why this is, is because deep breathing activates our parasympathetic system, which is part of our nervous system (not the one that activates fight or flight) and when we do the deep breathing exercises it sends signals to that part of the brain to let it know you’re safe/okay and there is no need to activate the fight or flight response and gets more oxygen to the parasympathetic system instead or the sympathetic system (fight or flight response area in our brain) so our body knows to remain calm. It is a very good way to help calm one’s anxiety down.
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3 years ago, Natakristine144
Thank you for making fixes
Update to the update: app seems to be fixed for the time being… thank you Breathwrk! Update: latest version of Breathwrk is super disappointing, especially as a paid subscriber. The Calm breaths (1, 3 and 6 minutes) aren’t synced correctly, which is very frustrating and feels stressful. There are similar problems with other breaths. Please resolve these issues ASAP, Breathwrk team!!! It’s been months with no resolution, no communication, or transparency about what’s going on. I used to be the biggest Breathwrk enthusiast and champion (see my first review below), but now I’m just frustrated and disappointed. Original review: Before Breathwrk I struggled with anxiety, heart palpitations, back and neck tension… so many physical and mental symptoms of stress. I have tried everything short of meds to manage stress and anxiety - therapy, MBSR courses, meditation, exercise, journaling, yoga, etc etc - and those tools are all so helpful, but I was still struggling to control my breath during moments of stress. Cue Breathwrk - magic sorcery for stress! My favorite is Calm, the 4 in, 6 out timing keeps me chilled out throughout my work week. I love the soothing sounds and visuals, it’s like a spa for my mind. Seriously one of the best apps ever invented - THANK YOU to the wonderful people who developed this app!!!
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2 months ago, Randallemma
Very good!
I am in college and in my psychology class we talk about how breathing exercises can help reduce stress. The reason breathing exercises are said to reduce stress is because they activate the body’s relaxation response. The deep breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain, which improves focus and tension. Aside from helping manage stress I've learned from my mom that using breathing exercises help reduce anxiety and help her during anxiety attacks. I remember her saying how it helps ground her or gives her something else to focus on. I could see that as in the moments of practice I'm only focusing on breathing and nothing else. I used this app for the last week because I have been experiencing a lot of stress myself and I would have to say that it does help a lot. Doing it multiple times a day really helps me relax and focus on what I’m doing instead of freaking out over it. The music that plays while you inhale and exhale also is a good touch because slow music like that is very calming. It was interesting to do something like this because I never have been consistent with it and now that I have I can tell that it actually is very helpful. The most I’ve done for breathing exercises is the ones we practice in class, from now on I will be using this app all the time.
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3 years ago, FoundationTruth
I can sleep again and rarely take my anxiety meds after starting my breathing routine.
I highly recommend Breathwrks! I signed up with Breathwrks to help with my anxiety disorder due to me having a panic attack that caused me to quickly develop insomnia and an anxiety disorder. It took me half the night to fall asleep and I take an anxiety medication twice a day or as needed which was getting to be way too often. I went online to search for an answer to help me with my problem and I found Breathwrk. I started the recommended sleep breathing routine when I went to bed and I fell asleep soon after my head laid on my pillow. I woke up the following morning fully rested. I’m now at the end of my free trial period and I fall asleep quickly each night without any tossing or turning. Also my anxiety seems to be under control. I’m already down to one anxiety pill a day. When I feel any anxiety I do a breathing exercise Instead of taking an anxiety pill. Hopefully I won’t need any anxiety meds soon! Also I have more energy after my first week of uninterrupted sleep. Again, I highly recommend Breathwrk! Good luck!
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2 years ago, MoonMello
Well that’s different
I did not try the paid version. I tested two different free ones. One seemed ok so I tried the calm one while in a anxiety attack that was leading to panic. I’m not sure where they got the idea that breathing in and out fast was going to calm anyone. During the 4 minutes it changed the breathing technique several times. Almost seemed as if on purpose to confuse the body and mind. After the season I still felt jittery but overall confused. Not calm. Then we’ll maybe calm. It did seem to break my thought process which often times doesn’t happen with deep breathing. The other one I tried was their stress series. That one seemed pretty good and almost convinced me to buy the full version. Thankfully I tested out more. I’ve been doing breathing exercises for years due to anxiety and panic. Typically I use the mindfulness on my watch or the calm app. I wanted to try something different as having choices is nice. I’m still not sure if this is for me. The quick breathing felt odd and as if at times it was increasing the feelings I was looking to calm. I am grateful they give users an opportunity to try things before buying. So many apps do not allow such access or they give a free trial trying to lock everyone in to a plan.
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8 months ago, unbridled_beauty
Give Us a Chance
I've had Breathwrk for a good while now and think highly enough of it that I bought the premium version. It is so worth it, as I like to do longer meditations to work on the flow of breath. It's helped me literally take in & release oxygen greater than I've ever known how to breathe Lol. When I feel the vibrations of the inhale it soothes me. The reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because of the daily streaks. I am a neurodivergent, busy mompreneur. I'd be more apt to use it daily if the developers gamified or incentivized how we can keep the streak run if we miss a day or so. Please consider allowing us 2-3 available days to freeze our streaks so we won't lose it altogether. We could pay for a streak freeze through earned rewards, (premium like myself), or cash. I then become disappointed in myself but understand life happening when I go back to the app the next time. The disappointment visually to be back at 0 days after missing one sometimes will keep me away from the app. To always start over vs. pause is unreasonable to me; it'll cause me to have further anxiety (a need to breathe). Please look out for the neurodivergent/ADHD/autistic folks of the world who are naturally more forgetful and busier minded than typical.
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3 years ago, rph9121
Skeptical at first but this app TRULY WORKS!!!
Breathing exercises have been what I’ve needed the most for most of my adult life. I never thought it could really help (like every therapist told me!). I’ve been suffering this year with severe depression, anxiety and Complex PTSD. When I had my worst panic attack earlier this year, I was in my car and couldn’t breathe (along with all the other classic symptoms). I remember thinking that I just needed guided breath work that I had learned in PHP. I tried to Google but couldn’t think straight. It was awful and terrifying. No one I asked knew of any resources for moments like these. But I finally found one. And it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve only had it less than a week, but IT IS AMAZING!! IT REALLY WORKS! They have so many different moods and situations to choose from depending on what you need at the time. AND, you can schedule the short breathing sessions for whatever days and times you choose- MY FAVORITE FEATURE! I purchased the yearly subscription after the free trial and it’s one of my best purchases ever!! GET THIS APP. RIGHT. NOW.
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11 months ago, Justin 7677
Good Exercises, Poor UI
The breathing exercises are great and the visualizations and instructions are good, but the app is over-complicated. There are too many additional screens that pop up after finishing an exercise, the “now” page feels overwhelming with an exercise sort of shoved in your face that auto plays, I avoid that tab completely. The schedule is nice, but after my phone has been on airplane mode and I click an exercise it often brings me to the “Subscribe” page, where I have to either close down the app or click the plan I already have, only to be told I already have it, then the app begins functioning again. Also some instructions for exercises are above the visualizations and some are hidden in the info section and a couple of the primary circular visualizations wont show. The ability to turn off vibration mode for the exercises (which drains phone battery rapidly) should be in the settings tab for all exercises, so I don’t have to manually shut it off for every individual exercise. App UI was better a year ago. Not sure what they are trying to do, it could be so much simpler and more functional. I want to love this app. Literally remove the excess and it’s 5 stars. This is a breath app, keep it simple.
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4 years ago, Willisistible
Well researched exercises!
I’ve used this app ever since it was new, and in development. It is full of useful breathing exercises that are applicable to many areas of life. Just as important, it is built of a team of people who seem dedicated to improving not only the quality of the app, but also the efficacy of these useful exercises. I’m one of the people who has had a chance to speak with a member of the Breathwrk team, and although I cannot say much in this regard, I think the app is going in a very good direction. There have been some issues as they’ve been updating the app to include pro membership, but the team is very quick to try to resolve these problems. They are very dedicated to the success of the app, and it’s effects on people’s lives. These exercises really work, and at the very least I recommend them to people I know... even though I get some funny looks when I tell them about the concept. I recommend giving it a shot, or at least looking into breathing exercises and what they can do.
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3 years ago, akgreenleaf
Absolutely love!!
i have bad anxiety & panic attacks. i’m 11 years old and i use this to help calm me down, fall asleep, or just to give myself a friendly reminder that i’m ok! i rate this 5 stars because you don’t have to pay for it, it really helps (me personally), it can be used for many things such as, calming, sleeping, waking up, and many more!! this is great for people like me who are trying to become a better you (i have bad insecurities) and that’s something i’m working on. you don’t have to be perfect all the time and i honestly want to spread this message. your beautiful just the way you are no matter your sexuality/nor gender. this app can help with that stuff. bullying, abuse anything because it makes you take deep breath’s which calms you down. i just want everyone to know that god loves you no matter what. no matter if you don’t believe him he is there just say a prayer if you need everything will be ok! i want everyone reading this to have a awesome day… your loved!
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2 years ago, Stiegelmeyer
Love although not appreciating the new update since it didn’t keep my previous info
What a helpful app. The alleviate and calm breathings are my favorite! I have a terrible tendency to hold my breath which I’m sure is part of whyI love this appmy blood pressure is too high. I shared theses breaths with some family members the next day after we had gotten into a yucky fight. All four of us breathed together using these two breaths (you can talk even the most cynical into doing something for 1 min 20 seconds) and then they were happy to continue for the 1 min. I wish it was available for huawei for my mom I look forward to to buying the whole app soon. In the in between time, I am happy to be able to breathe better. Updated sept 9 I’m still amazed, greatly enjoying and utilizing this healing breath app and would love to purchase it. It helps me with my multiple sclerosis quite a lot, unfortunately it’s this same multiple sclerosis that keeps me from being able to afford the $69. 99 yearly price tag since I can no longer work. I’m glad at least to have access to the free app version. Thank you 🙏🏼
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3 years ago, camala cat
Just to let you know I’m a 10 year old girl and starting middle school in a few months. My mom is a therapist and works with a lot of people with anxiety and knows a lot about it. I get really anxious at times and when I have anxiety attacks my mom helps me breathe. I live a few blocks away from my school now when I switch schools I’m going to be like 10 blocks away. And I know in middle school I’m going to be very stressed out especially knowing that when my sister went to this middle school she was up really late doing homework and I’m not gonna have my mom there help me breathe. So I downloaded this app to help me practice breathing if I ever have anxiety during school. It’s a great app and I’m starting a routine of doing the sleep sessions for five minutes. It really works and made me tired after doing it!! If you have anxiety I really recommend getting this app!!without the subscription they have calm,sleep ,awake , and recharge. Because of his kid friendly as well!! Great app 😁😁😁
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3 years ago, Ayva Van Yr
Love it
Hello there I just wanted to say that this app helps me so much I’m in high school I’m 15 and I go through a lot of stress and I have serious anxiety that I work with every day and it’s so tough to relax when I don’t know how to control it this helps me so much and it’s just amazing you should totally download it also it gives you opportunities to start new habits of like meditating and then it said it lets you set goals for yourself which I think is very helpful when I was little I think first grade I was put into small classes because I have a learning disability which makes me learn like slower than other people and I’ve had so much anxiety from that because people used to make fun of me and I still am in those classes and I really made so much friends in those classes that are not in those classes anymore and that are still in those classes I just definitely recommend you getting this up it really really helped me so much improve on how to help my anxiety and it’s just so helpful so five stars
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1 year ago, 1993474;$
Amazing app!
I love this app! It’s so useful, especially for those with anxiety and depression. I use this app every day to recover from my chronically disabling anxiety and major depressive disorder. I wake up and use this and every time I use this app I feel hope that this is rewiring my brain and my body for a healthier mind and physical state. My favorite free breaths on this app are ‘calm’ ‘panic button’ and ‘uplift’. My favorite premium breath is the ‘euphoria’ breath, it boosts my mood and makes me feel more energetic. I love the recent update that shows you the place where we are supposed to breathe from being added into the video so that I don’t have to keep double checking every time I do a new breath. I’m glad I found this app. Don’t let the low amount of downloads on this app fool you into thinking this is a low quality app. This app is high quality and criminally underrated, I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you to the person who made this app, God bless you. ❤️
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1 year ago, Soph loves animals
Thank you plz read
Thank you(please read) Hi I deal with a lot of stress and I am only on middle school. My sister drives me crazy. It is not like a normal sibling thing because my brothers don't do that to me and none of anyone I know has this bad of a sibling. My sister makes me feel like I'm going to have a bad panic or anxiety attack. My parents never see my side of the story. This app is very helpful and the first second I download it I felt better. The only thing I don't find amazing is the ranking. I understand it is a good addition to the app but sometimes I feel a bit of disagreement towards that because I feel like you should not be ranked from an app to help you feel better. But other than that it is a great app and anyone should love it. I would really enjoy a response because it would make me really happy that y'all saw my review because love this app and it help me so much.
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2 years ago, kalie chrystler
Breathwrk Review
I found this app to helpful with monitoring my breathing, which is something I have been working on throughout my life. Although breathing may seem like a simple task, it can be more difficult to accomplish. In my PSY 250 class in the beginning of our semester, we discussed and practiced a breathing technique. I found the form of breathing we practiced in class to be very beneficial because it allowed me to feel at peace and to be very calm. It also gave me a sense of feeling in control of myself. The breathing technique we practiced included counting breathes of inhales and exhales. And making a hum noise when we exhale. This technique may seem odd, but it was especially helpful for me since I have anxiety. I liked this app because it allowed me to track the time of day I did my breathing exercises and sent reminders on my phone to breathe. I was able to practice the breathing technique I learned in class on this app. I feel much more confident in my ability to breathe, in order to feel a sense of peace and control.
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3 years ago, Jan474~
Finally things fixed..
Version 7.25 spoken too soon, sound still doesn’t work when starting session.. —->Version 7.20 finally stuff below fixed. Also correct adding to total breaths seem work now, so far if I did 60 in Energize it was adding nothing or handful at the end. I’m glad of fixes, unfortunately for many weeks I had to cope with all of it and my feedback was ignored, and that is not right.. ——> This is for latest 7.15 and basically still not fixed: sound out-of-sync with visual for Stimulate, Sleep.. For example Sleep which is 4 inhale-7 hold-8 exhale and I pick 2:32 duration and about half time on inhale sound visual already shows hold counting. Energize , Dream, Calm often no sound when started, have to pause, go to Sound and tap it off/on and resume to get sound working. The stuff above may work first time if you completely close app. I’m paying for it but I feel like I should be getting my money back while app do not work as it supposed to. I have been voicing the same issues for last 3 updates and I’m slowly giving up. It’s rarely you see good app with such bad execution.
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3 years ago, sierra514
Anxiety helper
Great app with the guided and timed breathing exercises and the reminders for sleeping, waking, calming, and recharging breaks to breathe throughout the day. Anxiety is something that so many people struggle with and the gentle reminders to just pause what you’re doing and to just breathe is such an incredible asset to have. We learned a similar breathing pattern in my psychology class that I use regularly to remember that something’s are out of my control and I need to stop and relax. We learned in my psychology class that most times our anxiety spirals out of proportion and I feel as of this is a great tool to use to combat those feelings before they get too strong. Anxiety varies greatly depending on the person and we all have different things that cause us to feel anxious but I feel as if this app is a great tool for all because it’s so broad and helpful to many different situations.
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4 years ago, 15627393JJ
This works great
When I was in school we would do these breath exercises and I never liked them because I always felt so silly and never saw a use for them I then saw this app on social media and decided to try it and boy did it work I was feeling very stressed and upset about how the school year is ending and it was getting bad and within 5 or so minutes I was calmed this isn’t saying that it will make you forget your problems but it helps you deal with them and it does so very well that is why I am giving this app five stars because not only does it work I don’t feel silly it’s more personal this way it’s just you sorta like meditation anyway if you have made it to the end of this long review I hope if you need it you will try it because you should always try something before you turn it down (unless it’s murder or something) 😉👌👍🏼😅
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3 years ago, ladylib33
Excited for further development
I just recently subscribed, and I’m so happy I did. This is the first app of its kind that doesn’t feel phony or overly pretentious to me. The visuals and vibrations help keep me centered and focused. I also love hearing about the science behind why breath work is beneficial to our mind & body. I’m really excited to keep learning and using these techniques in my day-to-day life. However, I decided to hop over here and write a review because I feel slightly discouraged after not being able to do a lesson on focus due to my deviated septum. I understand that there are some techniques I simply just won’t be able to practice because of restricted airflow in my left nostril, but I would love to see more accommodations and lessons geared towards those of us out there with nasal obstructions or sinus issues. The app is still amazing though, and I look forward to further development!
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3 years ago, MWBreathwrk12345
Effective and elegant app
I’ve never written an app review but I had to for this app!! I found it on Tiktok and got interested enough to check it out. I love that the exercises are short (the ones I’ve done are a couple mins) so it doesn’t feel like a time commitment. It’s simple and it makes me feel so good to do them. I love the vibrate feature so I can do the exercise with my eyes closed. Also love how it keeps track of streaks/total breaths. The Habits feature is great & also love the different “pre-set” daily habit options - makes it easy to set up a routine throughout the day without doing all the picking myself. Overall great app, really helpful for mental health and relaxation, wonderful features and sleek & friendly UI! Also reasonable price for the year long subscription - I will be subscribing!
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3 years ago, Daikonium
Amazing app, small suggestion
I’ll preface this by saying that I absolutely love this app & actively recommend it to anyone and everyone. Proper breathing definitely can have a positive effect on just about everybody’s daily life. This being said, I would love some more customizability. One of my primary, daily uses for this app is before and while at the gym. I would love to see a “mute” option or something of the sort so that I can go through a breathing exercise while keeping my music on and staying in the zone. In addition, instead of 3 length options I would love to see more of a drag-to-desired-length option, where you choose the amount of breaths/rounds you want to do. If either of these are implemented in the future I’ll be beyond happy! Love the app, and definitely will continue recommending it to friends and family.
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6 months ago, Stary55436
Small, annoying glitches
I paid for the app for 1 year. I used it almost daily for breathing before bedtime with my kids. They loved the calm and bedtime options and I loved that the breaths were short enough to incorporate into a bedtime routine. However, there were a ton of small, annoying issues that never improved. (I sent an email and never received a response.) The sound effects don’t line up with the image, the ball doesn’t follow the line, the breathing cue doesn’t match the ball or the music- it varies depending on the breath (and some work perfect every time). Every time we used the wind down breath activity on the home page, the app crashed when we finished. For an app that should be relaxing, it was annoying. Also, there didn’t seem to be anything new added for casual users. The kid breaths were great but very limited. I am just not sure what my $40 (bought it on Black Friday 2022) went toward. I did not purchase it again this year.
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3 years ago, lizz7560
10/10 recommend
I love this app! After consistently using this for a couple weeks, my breath hold doubled. It’s so easy to use and I use it ALL the time. I use it when I wake up to help wake me up, on my breaks at work to re-energize me, and before sleeping. Using it before bed has been particularly life changing, I’m able to fall asleep much faster and stay asleep the whole night. Something REALLY cool is that Im a chronic mouth breather and it caused me to snore and drool. Since using this app, I’ve noticed it’s easier to breathe through my nose and my roommates commented that I’m snoring less. Im not very good at mediation because of my adhd but this app has small breathing sessions you can do; They help ground me and calm my brain. In addition, by consistently using it, my focus and breathing has improved.
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12 months ago, lisa4911
I love this app, I’ve used this almost everyday since I first discovered this app. It really has helped me when I needed a break from the world. But I cant say the same now. The price is utterly ridiculous for a monthly subscription, I’m on a fixed income and i just cannot afford something like this anymore. The $10/month price tag is just unjustified at this point and the sad part is— all of my favorite experiences are locked BEHIND the paywall! Especially the ‘migraine’ exercise which helps with managing my migraine attacks. You’d think something as debilitating as migraines are that thousands of people suffer here in this country could at least be a free resource. But no, they really be greedy imo. I know they have this buy one get one thing and they usually do giveaways but unfortunately since I was subscribed to them in the past I’m pretty much unable to get the discount. Oh well, it’s been a good 3 years but I really cannot afford this anymore.
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4 years ago, elsafaya
Amazing and calming ✨
I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately and when I saw this app I ignored it, finally I decided to download it because my stress was getting worse. As soon as I downloaded I was myself my stress went down to its lowest. Also you can set up a schedule for dial detoxes and pick what days you want, it’s like an alarm for breathing and de-stressing. Also once you’ve done a breathing activity you can pick if you would like vibrations, music, or shapes. Which is so helpful, when you’re done with an activity it tells you you’ve gotten to a new level and you can share to your friend or family to share your level. I highly recommend this app for people who struggle with anxiety or stress, everything’s going to be ok and you’re not alone ily 🤍🤍🌟
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4 years ago, Bolt547890
it’s great BUT ...
so i have only used the app a few times now, and so far i do like it. it’s simple, teaches about helpful breathing techniques and free, which is really awesome. how ever when choosing my lung capacity i choose small, but still the inhale part of the exercise is too long for me. i don’t have any breathing conditions so my lungs should be fine. what i think might be an issue is my over all size. i’m 5’1 and 110 pounds so my lungs probably aren’t as big as the average person? still if they tailored exercises to a woman’s body i think small lung capacity should have fit me. kinda makes me think they might have based the timing of how long to inhale for/exhale for based on an average male body which doesn’t fit my body even when i’m on a “small” setting.
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2 years ago, forpsyclass!
I really enjoy this app!! It’s a great way to take time out of the day to calm down and take a few minutes for yourself to reset. I really enjoyed that it creates a personally schedule for you and guides you through it. It also gives you notifications so you don’t forget!!! Another feature I really liked about this app is that you can do challenges to better your sleep or have more energy. Breathing exercises can be beneficial because stress is a big part of everyone’s lives and abdominal breathing helps to control the nervous system and brings the body back to homeostasis. It also help to slow the heart rate if one of feeling anxious or have anxiety about something. Breathing helps the body and mind to feel calm and tackle the issue at hand. This is a great app, highly recommended!!!
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3 years ago, hswimmer22
This app made it very easy to relax and reset. I could work on my breathing at any time of day and there were so many different variations that targeted specific things. Breathing techniques are very important because they allow us to fully relax and relieve tension. It allows us to be able to just be in the moment and not have to focus on other things that are going on. It calms us down and slows our breathing. Breathing techniques can help us reset and refocus and this app did a good job of helping me to do this. I specifically liked the calm one and the sleep because they tell you the exact number of seconds you should be inhaling and exhaling which made the process easier for me. I was able to focus on my breathing which calmed me down and it was able to relieve some of my stress.
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12 months ago, Jeanettikroketti
Love the app but can be improved
Edit: i signed up for a free 7 day trial for the paid version but all the features are still locked, even after reinstalling the app. First of all: I use the app daily as it supports me strongly on my health journey. But: I find that I prefer the “old” visualizations better (circle following a line or circle growing small and bigger) instead of those newer visualizations (text in front of a moving landscape) of the daily classes. Why? You can’t see how long you are supposed to breathe in and out, so you are always guessing the first time around and you can’t anticipate what happens next with those newer visualizations. If you could at least add a seconds timer which counts backwards under the breathe in and breathe out line, that would help. And I find that the moving landscape back and forth stresses me out, but I am not sure if that’s just taste. Besides: keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Why_do_I_need_a_nickname?
Encountered a non-blocking bug but support has been responsive
UPDATE: I am still dealing with a bug that appears to be an edge case. The bug is annoying but not a blocker. Breathwrk support has been very responsive, understanding, and helpful. I will update this review again after the bug is hopefully resolved and I can completely use the app. Is saving a new or edited habit a locked paid option? When trying to do either, I have a big, black “Save” button at the bottom of the screen but tapping it does nothing. I am trying this app before purchasing a subscription and deleted one of my daily habits and now I can’t get it back. My iOS is updated and I have the most current version of the app installed.
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2 years ago, 2enjoyitallwas
Best Purchase of All Time
While this was accidentally purchased, it feels serendipitous & I realize was meant to be. This is the best purchase we have ever made, App or otherwise. Becoming a master of our own breathing is delightful & empowering in so many ways. Breath work is the most transformative & easily accessible practice possible. This app makes it so fun to explore play with breath work but also the science behind it. I’d love to know more about scholarships, and how gifting them may work. I think anyone curious about this can be gifted it, & with an “Appreciation Economy” the practitioners who have available resources will surely be more than happy to purchase this invaluable tool at the higher price point, helping the business end of the app remain successful. And still, I’d love sharing this with others, possibly with an option for them to donate later (? Once they realize it’s immense value?) Also, this app would be an AMAZING educational supplement to Yoga Teachers in training, or anyone in the health field really. Just a thought, you guys are likely already on it! Again, BRAVO & THANKS for this awesome and FUN app!!!
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3 years ago, JDelly
Great app! Keeping me on track
Love the design of this app. It’s the first breath work app that has actually been keeping me using it regularly. I like the descriptions of the different types of breathing exercises, as well as the option to choose different amounts of time, so it never feels like a big commitment if you are busy. The preset schedules provide easy templates that you can further customize to meet your own needs and schedule. I find myself looking forward to my next breathing session, with the notifications keeping me on track. Yes it’s a subscription, but it’s such a small amount per month on the annual plan for your mental and physical health. Would love to see the ability to create my own exercises, but super happy so far.
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2 years ago, Addicted mom
It gives me a healthy way to calm down
As a teenager I find i still have issues when dealing with my emotions. More specifically, when my mom would sit me down to look through jobs or college ideas I’d become overly upset. Even though I knew I was being over-reactional, I couldn’t find a healthy way to calm down. At least until I downloaded Breathwrk! When I feel mad or like crying at someone or something I’m able to remove myself from the situation and take a second to breathe. It helps put my head back in the game to tackle difficult situations and if anyone has problems like this as well, I highly recommend at least trying this app!
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1 year ago, Courtney97584226
I like this app except for one major thing
I really like this app except for one thing that has been bothering me for years: there’s no way for users to manually set their day so the counter automatically determines when your day starts and when it stops. This is very frustrating when you are trying to get a certain streak number. In addition, I don’t think that it is right that we don’t have the opportunity to turn off the streak counter. Sometimes that distract me and gives me anxiety, which defeats the purpose of this app! This app should not give me anxiety while also, trying to help me take it away. I also suggest that the music in the guided meditations was available for the non-guided meditations. I would love the continuous music and the breathing cues without the talking.
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3 years ago, niblzz
Making a difference in my life
I have been dabbling in conscious breathing for a couple years now and while I have always known how important it is, I have not found a great way to get control of it. I have tried Wim Hof and a couple other 'yogi's' and have picked up a thing or two from each of them, none took me to the next level. I feel like this app is taking me to the next level and in reality excited about it. The only thing I wish they would do is have more guided courses. I loved the intro course and really wish they had some more. I would even pay for sessions with a coach so I hope they add something like that in the future.
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4 years ago, Shanitzle
What’s with every app requiring subscriptions
Originally I gave this app one star because I couldn’t actually use it. It would crash every time I tried to open it. Now, everything seems to be working and I have been using it for the past couple of days. I love the concept of the app that it is just focused on breath work. I have tried meditation, but could never get into it. However, what is up with almost every app offering a subscription? I have had IPhones since they first came out and have only paid for three apps total which were all one time fees. At least the free version of this app is still great, but I don’t think the paid version is worth it. There doesn’t seem to be that many added features with the subscription.
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1 year ago, mtlanda
I was deleted by the app- Breathwrk is no help
I changed carriers from AT&T to T-Mobile. When I tried to log back into this app, it told me that “user has been deleted“. I have since sent two emails to the developers and I have not received any kind of help. I have been without this app for almost 2 weeks already. I paid for a full year subscription. I’m only 4 months in to the year subscription and I’m not able to access the app. I feel like my emails are being dumped into this vast hole of emails that they don’t intend on responding to. This is very disappointing and upsetting. I have recommended this app to numerous people. It has help me with my anxiety and with my panic attacks, but this is ridiculous. I paid for this app and I can’t get any access to it because I was deleted by the app and no one can help me get back in.
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3 years ago, onewhohides
Why didn’t I know about this sooner
They literally have a breathing rhythm for every situation one might find themselves in stressed they got that worried got that too can’t sleep or do you need to focus guess what they got that too broski having ADHD it can be hard to focus or even staying present in the moment or situation at that time this app has help me not only control myself but has given me the ability to adapt it has given me the tools needed to stay laser focused to remain calm and to have a clear mind with a few minutes and some simple controlled breathing I become different and things become clear it’s so simple it’s advanced
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3 years ago, E.J E.J E.J
I’m 10 years old and have a little anxiety. I got this app because of that reason. I have a super hard time trying to sleep at night but since I’ve been using this app I have been getting to sleep SO much faster! But this app doesn’t just help with sleep, it also has a HUGE variety of things to help you with. Like, energizing,anxiety,stress,and health improvement. (They really work) You can also be helped improved with different habits like meditation, yoga ect. The best part about this app is that it is FREE!! So you can get helped without worrying about paying all the time. So please get this app and give it a try!! Thank you!😊 🙏🏻 😇
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2 years ago, Ashlp
Generally Decent
I really enjoy this app but there are certain aspects that could be improved. I tend to get frustrated with instructor breathing as the count tends to be off and I’ll be mid-breath cycle and they restart a breath cycle as if I was supposed to be holding my breath for an extra ten seconds while they talked. If there were a visualization like the app uses for the standard breaths, that would be helpful but might not be worth putting instruction over it since it tends to go off the rails (the two I’m thinking of are sleep, guided by Davi Brown, and Breathing for joy guided by Ace). There are some with instructors that are just fine but it can be a gamble so I try to avoid them. The wake up, calm down, and wind down functions are also novel but would love a preview of what breaths are coming so there’s an expectation of when to change, especially with wind down when I don’t want to be watching my phone for cues as I breathe in bed. The vibrate during wind down is so faint, too, that it can be tough to follow with eyes closed. I use this app at least once a day but hope there are some tweaks to improve.
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2 years ago, hannah the mixed girl
This really helped my overall I love this app and whoever made it. I have adhd and I get nervous going into class at school I’ll make sure to listen to these more often again thank you so much also. I would have gave it 5 stars but you have to pay to get breathing exercises for stomach aches etc? I would recommend maybe making like stuff to unlock more stuff to use and better things not like the breathing exercises but like I said. Overall this is a wonderful and great app for me and other people that have breathing problems like asthma etc thank you for taking ur time to read this and sorry this sentence is so long but thanks one again for making this app have a good day!.
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3 years ago, fhdjwux
Great app! But that notification sound needs a re-do
This app really helps a lot when I need to calm myself down. A+ on the layout and experience. The one thing that isn’t calming, however, is that notification sound, which is the very realistic and unsettling sound of someone deeply and sharply breathing. When I first heard it alone in my dimly lit room, trying to take a nap, it took me about a minute to realize that some unwelcome intruder was not lurking in my midst. I promptly put my baseball bat down and turned off your notifications. On its own, it isn’t a terrifying notification sound, but when you thought you were alone, it’s a proper jump scare. Please change it to anything else. Thx
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3 years ago, najakk
Just breathe
I really like this app it’s easy to work and understand and it give u lots of different options of different breathing techniques and relaxation methods such as reduce anxiety, get energized, improve sleeping patterns, increase focus, etc. this app and these methods r beneficial because they help u control ones anxiety, decreases ur heart rate, reduces stress, irritability, fatigue, and helps u with concentration. These exercises r simple and easy to do most of them consist of listening to the directions spoken to u by a calming gentle voice and inhaling and exhaling when told to do so for a specific period of time I would recommend this app if u r struggling with anxiety and have a high stress level.
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3 years ago, Joeyzapatos
Great app for quick meditations, but needs a few improvements:
The app is great way to combat panic attacks, or what I call “spiraling thoughts.” A lot of the exercises can be utilized for free, and it’s very easy and engaging. However, the app could be better. 1) As of right now, there are only a handful of voice guided exercises. Once more voice-guided exercises are available, I’ll subscribe. 2) I wish there was more extensive data on how many minutes/breathes you’ve completed. A lot of meditation apps keep charts and graphs of your progress and activity, but this app just tells you how many breathes/minutes you’ve done in total.
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2 years ago, CheetosNDoritos
Amazing, but…
The work and time put into the app is shown for sure. It has time set schedules, classes, different breathing exercises for different purposes, and a lot more. The only problem is the subscription. I would definitely consider getting it if I could but there’s just no way. I’ve been running and working out a lot to prepare for Marine Basic Training, and i’ve always had problems with my breathing while running. The app definitely can help with stress, calming down, and relief without having to pay for it. I would recommend downloading it because it may be exactly what you’re looking for, but for me personally, what i need Id have to pay for.
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2 years ago, Dotsclg
This app makes me so calm and when I have MCAS like Tomorrow this app will definitely help me be calm and if you have a panic attack or have stress you can go on calming and pick the one that’s happening to you for example I was just so stressed not that long ago and I came on this app and took the calm breathing test and it helped a lot and if you have TikTok you can go to link and put this app on the link so that others have a chance to be calm and release some stress cause it’s good to think of others as well and this is why I give the app 5 stars because it’s amazing by the looks and help it can give you and others!
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2 years ago, sophiafernandez121908
Faithful for this app
I didn’t think this app would help with anything when I first got it but it has gotten me through breathing when I was hiking it helped me wake up when I was to tired to get up for school it has helped me sleep when I had a lot on my mind and it has kept me calm when I’ve had panic attacks and stress. I am great full this app is a thing, the app did a better job than a person would and I plan on keeping it. I highly recommend if you stress easy or panic or have trouble catching breath. It has many different types of breath work and different ways to practice your breathing.
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3 years ago, rzadigi
Good app
I use this every night before bed for some breathing exercises and occasionally at other times for specific needs. I like how each exercise is explained in detail and somewhat customizable. I don’t like that none of the exercises become progressively harder, even though you do them often and regardless of whatever level the app tells you you’ve unlocked. Meaning that the effects aren’t as beneficial as they once were when you started and they’ve become too easy. If this function isn’t added in the future I probably won’t renew my subscription.
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