Breeze: Mental Health

Health & Fitness
4.6 (42.9K)
242.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Basenji Apps
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Breeze: Mental Health

4.62 out of 5
42.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Rebecca Ruano
Really really nice
I downloaded this a track my moods as I quit smoking. It’s so nice!! I’m back to download on my new phone, because this app is so pretty and easy to use. I was able to retrieve all my input without creating an account. I’m so grateful for that! Thank you. When you delete a message there seems to be no way to restore it; there is no trash file. I think I like that. Yes, I’m okay with that. I love the cute little face on the weather-inspired-mood icons. Every day, the app sends me a reminder to make a note, at a time that I set for the day. I love this feature. I don’t do it often, and it doesn’t mind. I also like that I can include activities going on and I can create personalized activities! It really helps to see what else is effecting my mood. The only complaint I have: it sends me a quote every day. The SAME quote every day for 4 months now. I can’t find where to switch it up or switch it off. Edit: They have stopped sending the same quote everyday...they have stopped sending any quotes at all. I thought the idea of daily quotes was neat, but the same one everyday was silly. I'm glad they fixed that. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Jaci Jackzzzzz
In app subscription.
Now I’m gonna start off by saying that this app is great! I love the very inclusive and caring feel it gives for people who struggle with mental health, addiction, recovery, etc. BUT this is the downside. We have to pay. Now I know the developers have to make money somehow but that’s what ads are for. I don’t want to pay for a subscription for self reporting tests and mood trackers. Respectfully I feel like if the devs truly cared about improvement for individuals and their struggles they would make all resources in this app easily accessible and this could also be a non profit app. Not everyone is gonna have money for this subscription. I know I don’t, regardless of having a job I have other expenses to take care of so this app would just be a waste of space if I can’t use it to its full potential. I’m not saying the company and people who developed this app shouldn’t get what they earned but like I said before there are ways of making apps free and using ads to gain profit. I would much rather have a great free app and deal with ads rather than having what could’ve been a great app that I unfortunately can’t use because I can’t afford it. I understand nothing in this world comes for free but taking care of myself and health shouldn’t come with an expense. I hope y’all take my response into consideration cuz I really did like this app. Y’all just gotta make it inclusive for everyone and anyone who needs it not just people who can afford it.
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1 year ago, panda boy4211
only good if you spend money
I honestly enjoy the app, it’s calming and has fun activities to help my boredom. And when tracking your mood it has plenty of options to click which I’m grateful, it just makes it much easier. But… almost everything on the app you can’t do unless you decide to purchase the monthly subscription, WHICH IS SO ANNOYING. I haven’t bought the subscription yet because I have yet to be paid but I’m not totally sure I want to. It gives me a gift in the morning when I log in for the day but it’s always the subscription over and over again asking me to purchase the stupid free trial (WHICH IS ONLY A WEEK LONG, then $8 something monthly) There is the “don’t show again” button which is definitely helpful. But not even just that, you can only do several (if even that) of the tests/quizzes without purchasing the subscription. I’ve only been able to do 1 while being ftp!! And there’s so many tests and quizzes on top of that, so why can’t you make a little more than a handful free to do?! It also feels like I’m having the one WEEK free trial shoved down my throat anytime I’m on the app. So in conclusion, if you can’t or don’t want to buy the monthly subscription just don’t buy the app. There’s very limited you can do if you do decide to download this and not purchase anything.
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5 months ago, val58282
They will tip you off when you cancel after 2 days!
First of all the service of the app is horrendous. I’ve been studying clinical psychology for 19 years and their tests are absolutely laughable and ridiculous. They are not based anyway in science. Therefore, I canceled my subscription two days into the “”””free week trial”””” which I started on the 20th and it expired on the 27th and on the 31st they went ahead and charged me 1999+ a dollar randomly now I have to dispute it with my bank. And have multiple phone calls with them all week. Thanks breeze you’re really awesome about mental wellness that was sarcasm. They went ahead and charged me behind my back without my informed consent through my PayPal, which I never authorized, and I had canceled it two days into the subscription, because it absolutely is a useless app for a healthcare professional. Now with PayPal, I have to wait till July to be able to file a dispute so if I don’t get my money back through Basenji enterprises whatever they want to call themselves, more like switch and bait and lie to you-ji, I have to jump through all of these hoops to get my money back and I’m not working right now because I am taking care of my mental health and this app is absolutely going to take all of your money without even asking. Crossing this review across my TikTok Instagram with over 1000 followers Facebook and more. Don’t even sign up for this app. This is absolutely horrible.
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2 years ago, melz_vs_flatearthers
Don’t waste your money on this app
I’m generally a pretty easy person to please and I really don’t mind paying for apps. But I was very disappointed in the premium version of this app. The aesthetics are very nice, yes, but there is very little substance to the app. As of now, there are only 19 tests, most if not all of which can be found online. The tests are riddled with typos, and some questions make no sense at all. There is also a disappointing number of courses, and they really only explore issues at a very surface level. A paragraph and a few lines of text (at BEST) is what constitutes a lesson. From the high price and advertisements I’ve seen, I was expecting a lot more substance. I have been diagnosed with a few mental issues which are moderate to severe, and I’ve been in therapy for a while. If you’re considering getting this app and have tried therapy before, it will be a waste. If you’ve never tried therapy, you may get something out of the lessons but it will be very shallow. I recommend checking out other online resources. The ONLY redeemable feature of this app is the mood tracker. I like how you can easily see how your mood fluctuates, the ease in tracking activities related to your moods, and the ability to add a photo to the day is a nice touch. And this feature is absolutely free. In short, free version - worth it. paid version - absolutely not.
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1 year ago, Emma Swan_Pig
It has great potential! But has a major issue…
This app is really well designed and an overall great idea and nice features! The aesthetic is extremely nice and I can tell the devs worked really hard to give the users a nice experience. However, with that being said, the paid subscription feature is extremely ridiculous. Over $8 a week is a bit much if you ask me… I feel like the addition of a paid subscription at all is a poor choice considering it’s a MENTAL HEALTH app, designed to make people feel better. It completely goes against what the app is preaching. What makes it worse is that there are little to no free features without the subscription, so the app is almost useless without it. (Pretty much all the tests are locked and most other features are unavailable as well.) The daily mood thing is nice, and I like how it tracks how you feel each time you fill it out but that’s just about the most useful thing on there without the subscription. I feel as though the subscription should just be removed completely, because it seems really selfish of the devs to add such a thing. I understand that they might need money, but the high price they’re asking is just not right. At the very least, price should be much, much lower than it is…
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11 months ago, feeling=disappointed
I am unsure how to feel
The app was great until it randomly deleted all of my information. I typically used the app to log my good days so I could come back and re live those memories, and I loved how you could even add a cute little picture to your note, it really took me back and I could visualize and remember the day I was looking back on. Sometimes you forget about those little sweet moments, so I liked to be able to jot them down and keep them. Unfortunately one day I opened the app and everything was gone. I’m talking like a good couple months to a year of days and experiences I wrote down. It was so disappointing I don’t know what happened, I don’t recall there being a “delete everything” button. I didn’t purposely try to erase anything. I just use the app like normal every time when adding all my stuff. When I say everything was gone I mean EVERYTHING. Even the activities and emotions you can choose that it automatically starts with. I’ll have to go back and re add every positive and negative emotion choice and all the possible activities. Because now there is nothing to choose from. I liked how in the beginning how it already had those and I could add more if I wanted. So now I’m not sure if I want to keep using this anymore because like what’s the point of using it and adding everything back if all my data is going to get randomly erased again.
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3 years ago, Hjjohnson
Misleading advertisement
I feel part of the reason so many are upset is due to advertising on the apps end, I occasionally run across advertisements that say try for free, and sure I may not expect it to be free, however when you show a specific test, or someone using a specific feature thats locked behind a pay wall, i'd say there is an issue. Putting a try for free while also placing someone taking a test that you'd have to pay for is poor advertising, sure maybe you get someone to download it but it ends up being frustrating and misleading. Considering the app focuses on helping, it can be a huge let down for people to download an app, and realize they can't afford it and it's way too costly. I have downloaded this in the past, but not for the free features, and due to the features locked behind money I was fairly quick to uninstall. I only came back today due to an ad that was very misleading. Fix your ads for this because this app is not as free as you make it out to be. Once you do that i'm sure it'd be a lot better, because at the moment when I clicked it there was a lot of try for frees all over the site, when you only have a small amount actually accessible to people. I would likely retract my bad rating and review if that problem was actually fixed.
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1 year ago, Poprockoutloud
Surprised, helps inspire motivation
Was depressed to the point of hopelessness. Started using this app on a whim after seeing an ad bc I didn’t know what else I could do. While it is no replacement for therapy, I can say it has helped me learn about myself and find some direction. Initially I just hoped to notice patterns in my mood tracking, but then I found that logging those moods every day helped ground me. I have been able to figure out what parts of my life make me feel better and worse, and the guides/lessons do genuinely help me figure out how to move forward. Plus, the option of adding a photo w each mood card has cheered me up a bit just because it’s fun, it feels expressive, and it encourages me to DO things. F app subscriptions but I pay for this one and only this one.
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6 months ago, DomUsesApps
can’t do anything without paying
There may be some free features in the app, but I can’t find them. So far every feature I wanted to try tells me I have to do a 7-day trial to use it. I haven’t gone too deep into the app because that’s discouraging to me while I’m in the middle of a mental health crisis. I understand the need to make money, but it would be better to allow use of features for a set amount of days before disabling and asking for a subscription. Many other apps do this so I know it’s possible. The developers of this app just want to get users trapped in a subscription. I’m bipolar, you really think I’m going to remember to cancel a trial in the middle of an episode? The apps that I do eventually subscribe are the apps that let me try the full features before subscribing and don’t require me to sign up for a trial. I eventually purchase these apps because I get a chance to really try it out and see if it’s for me with no strings attached. The apps like this that force a trial without letting me see the value first… well, they get deleted. Just like this one. Edit: I appreciate the developer’s response instead of just saying “well, we need to make money” like other developers. I will keep an eye out on this app and try it again when the developers make that possible.
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2 years ago, KittycatWild
Payments are necessary for a lot of the content
This app was not a breeze for me. I really love the concept of this app. I think it’s a brilliant idea and can truly help others gain new perspectives, even benefit themselves! However, the payment factor is an unfortunate one. Not to mention, they’re expensive. You’re paying 8.49 a week so around 50 dollars 💵 per month. Have fun with that one. I understand the developers have to make money somehow and if they’re reading this, they’ve probably already seen a lot of the views have a similar saying. I honestly downloaded this app for the QUIZZES. I like taking such along the topics. However, only ONE quiz that I found, out of around 16 of them, is for FREE. Most of the other lessons weren’t for free either and pretty much all you can do is record/track your day, play about for games (which was my favorite part, and that’s honestly all that I can think of. The only reason I’m giving this game 2 stars is just because of the idea and game concepts. If they allow more quizzes to be free and other features, I think more people would stay around longer (as most you can just take along.) Either way, I appreciate them reading these reviews and responding back. Please have a lovely day!
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3 years ago, Maggiecook
This app is a scam.
This app doesn’t make any sense, there are typos everywhere. For example, the pre-loaded markers for “what are you doing” when you submit a mood (e.g. “sad”) have some normal things like exercise and eating, but also some that are not even activities like, “travel tips.” The quizzes have questions that aren’t comprehensive by any means, which would be ok if they made any sense. The questions are sometimes not just poorly worded, but actually nonsensical. I hope no one uses these quizzes to figure out if they have signs of anxiety etc. I don’t know where they got these assessments but they appear autogenerated or something. For example, it will say “how often do you feel sad?” And then the options will be “not at all, mildly - it didn’t impact me.” The subscription is incredibly expensive for what this app is, which leads me to believe this is a scam. I used it for free for one day before canceling. I recommend using a different app. Update: I received a response asking for screen shots. I sent one screen shot to the developer, however the issues I’m citing above are so blatant and everywhere that it’s difficult for me to believe this is a bug. I would encourage anyone considering this app to exercise caution.
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1 month ago, A Pethead
Scam won’t cancel your subscription
I downloaded this app hoping it would help my mental health. After about a week of using it, and choosing to subscribe to get more options, the app started closing every time I tried to access anything. I couldn’t view my past assessments or activity, do my daily check ins, or access any other part of the app other than my account information. After several days of not being able to use the app no matter if I made sure it was updated and even deleted and redownloaded the app, I decided to cancel my subscription and delete my account. Breeze has still charged me three months in a row after canceling my account. It doesn’t show up in your Apple app subscriptions, and once you cancel and close your account, there’s no way to access that information again. They wouldn’t offer a refund or cancel my subscription because I was told there was no account under my emails or name. I’m now having to go through my bank and hope to get the charges disputed and block Breeze from charging me again. Don’t waste your money and time like I did. Either use the app for free or don’t use it at all. But do NOT give them any payment info!
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3 years ago, RetaEdger
Full of bad results
I took the test for mood disorders, which is basically the test for bipolar. I’m able to answer yes to every single question, including the question that asks if a health professional has ever said I have bipolar. YES. I also was able to answer YES to the experiencing mixed episodes where you have more than once symptom at one time. The ONLY question I answered no to was having a hereditary or genetic disposition to it, no one in my family has been officially diagnosed. And this app over and over says I have a negative result. That’s about all I need to know about the credibility of this app, when I say yes to every symptom I’ve experienced with my bipolar II, yes to a medical professional diagnosis (which I have), and the app still says I have a normal range. This is a laughable algorithm they have developed. Oh dear. Cancelled the subscription after about three other tests were taken, results were less than impressive as someone who’s been heartily enmeshed in the therapy game for a long time. Not worth anyones time. Didn’t even last a whole two hours, and you get a free week subscription. Bye bye apple subscription. What a wasted click bait on an Instagram ad. Can we rate this lower than one star? No?
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1 year ago, hiddenblossom48
Not inclusive to disabled people in quizes
Some of the quizzes are great, but others are not. when it ask you about how your work effects you, how on earth am I as a disabled person who can’t work supposed to answer those kind of things? It assumes everyone can work, which is a bunch of boloney! Also, add some quizzes for abusive familial and friend relationships too. Not everyone has experienced a relationship, especially people like me who is autistic and has trouble with social cues, which makes it harder for people to like me. Not saying that is the case for every autistic person, but for me, my social cue issues come off too weird for people to want to be with me as a partner. A lot of people need help figuring out if their family or friends are abusive to them, so those would really beneficial kind of quizzes. Not everyone wants a relationship with people in a romantic way anyways. I do like other quizes such as the masculine and feminine psych test, which helped me feel affirmed with the result of androgynous. I also liked the ADHD and depression/anxiety tests, and so forth.
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2 years ago, Snowflakes101
Cute UI/UX, questionable tests
First of all, as a graphic designer, I think that the illustrations and actual app design is excellent. I do like the concept of this app and the games are more helpful than I anticipated. I’ve done a few of the quizzes and I’m not a fan of the polarization in the answers when they only give two answers. Sometimes we are in between answers…there should be a slider scale or maybe 5 different answers varying on how well the user identifies with the statement. As a cis woman, I was a bit surprised to see the sexist trends in the gender quiz. The ideas of ambition, assertiveness, etc ascribed to men and gentleness, empathy, etc. pinned to women is very reductive. Of course I got an “androgynous” result because I consider myself self sufficient and ambitious. I don’t think that makes me any less feminine. The other quizzes confused me in the results, as I very much resonated with every emotional burnout question and yet was given a “moderate” result. I also saw a few typos. Perhaps once the kinks are worked out, maybe this app could be more of a successful tool. At the very least, it’s aesthetically pleasing.
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2 years ago, kyle-e brotherington
imma start this off by saying this app is developed well and that it’s well organized and it could really help with your mental health theres quizzes to teach you about it but the down fall is that you have to pay. i understand that the developers need a way to get money but there’s other ways to get it like using ads or something and it’s not to much for the subscription but for someone like me i’m low on money and i thought this app would be able to help with my mental stability right now but i can’t spend my money on this app i already have trouble paying the bills like i said before there’s other ways you can get money besides having to pay a subscription. without the subscription you can track yourself and have a journal that’s about it with the subscription you get to take the quizzes and learn about your mental health and much more but if you really cared about the mental state of others you wouldn’t have the subscription on how to learn about it i mean i get the quizzes but we still need to be able to learn about our health and how to fix the issue. if you read all of that thank you for listening.
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9 months ago, Kristika87
Cannot cancel trial membership
I have been trying to cancel my trial membership but cannot get an answer from anyone. I have emailed your support as well as reached out on Instagram, where I initially signed up thru an ad you had there, and all I have received is what appears to be an auto-generated response on Instagram as no one has replied to me since then. I signed up thru your website, as I was directed to it from your ad, then downloaded the app after that. There is nowhere to cancel my trial membership. No options in the app, no links to your website and nothing I can find by searching for breeze or basenji, the parent company. I also checked subscriptions on PayPal and there is nothing there as well. The app seems nice enough but is just not for me and I want this cancelled before I get charged (I was on day 4 when first reaching out). The lack of response is extreme frustrating and aggravating. I am posting here because I don’t know what else to do and hope to see a timely response. Be very weary of signing up for the trial as there is apparently no way to easily cancel if you sign up thru one of their ads/online quizes!
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1 year ago, LKD17
Liked the app but no way to change email
This was a really great app. I saw an ad for it on TikTok and downloaded it. I loved the features and the graphics. I also liked the assessments and the fact that it really delved into mental health and the underlying things behind it, rather than just giving you run-of-the-mill information. Seemed well thought out. Sadly, I’m only giving it one star because there is no way to change your email if you type it in incorrectly during the sign-up process, which unfortunately I did. There is also no support email listed on the app, and I had to go to the website to find a support email. I emailed them a month ago asking if I could have it changed to my correct email, and I never got a response. This is very problematic because an incorrect email could be receiving your personal health information or other details, and there is no way to fix it. If I’m going to pay $8 a month for an app, I expect there to be a way to change your email or to get a response from customer service. I hope they fix this issue.
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2 months ago, ghrip9/7/21
Makes unauthorized charges for the subscription fee post cancellation
I’m not happy with the fact that I am now being almost forced to take action to protect my account from being hacked and charged multiple times daily always declined thankfully due to the security steps I have taken to protect the account but I have no active subscription whatsoever I was not satisfied with the service and cancelled the service during the time of the free trial which by the way is promised to make sure to notify the customer prior to the end of the trial period it didn’t also despite my service being cancelled I am still being charged multiple times daily and am not able to access the service due to now Apple Pay blocking any app downloads due to this issue and I have been very frustrated and unable to simply request assistance from this app’s customer service team to resolve this issue so I am not forced to cancel the accounts and open new ones and the same for Apple Pay please don’t be fooled into this apps lack of common decency please fix this issue now Breeze!
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6 months ago, Moomoo22511
Great App
I think this is an amazing app. I think it could really make a change in peoples lives because of its accessibility and functionality. I have connections with a nonprofit that has to do with mental health and wellness and I think an app like this being accessible to so many people can make such a big difference. The courses on the app are one of the things that I like the most, although I also enjoy the check up tests, because they give so much information without being overly extensive or boring. The reason I don’t give 5 stars is because of the premium option. I haven’t had the app for very long so I am not sure how much I’m missing out on by not having premium but I definitely think it would be beneficial to have more tests, other than just the check ups, available without it. Overall, the app can be very helpful and I am glad I downloaded it!
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5 months ago, Onioncry
I’m not one to write reviews, especially bad ones, but I’ve been very unhappy with this app. In absolutely no way is this worth $20 a month. All it is is an extremely basic mood tracker (go buy a journal for a dollar it’ll last for months) and some mediocre quizzes that make you question these people’s credibility. In addition to not at all being worth the money they charge, it’s also nearly impossible to cancel the subscription (I did a free trial) you can’t do it through the app, and for me it never showed up in my Apple subscription settings, it was also difficult to figure out how to contact support, and I ended up just deleting the account hoping against hope that that would make them stop charging me (it didn’t) anyway, throughout this journey I ended up spending about $80 on something that was completely useless to me and unavailable to me most of the time anyway. They will not refund you no matter the circumstances, so, just money down the drain that I could’ve put toward the emergency surgery I need.
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3 years ago, peachesandscream
Who made this?
I found this app because it advertised a “writing style” test on Instagram. As a writer, I was curious. After downloading, I took a couple of the tests - though none of it was relevant to writing or was the test I had seen advertised. The tests were all yes/no questions, and I reached an error screen after each, saying that my answers were conflicting and the app couldn’t give me results - and that I should retake the test again. Unlike Myers Briggs, which scores on a gradient of answers, the wording and grammar wasn’t very clear, and again, I got another error screen stating that my answers were conflicting. I am rating two stars for the poor grammar and quality of tests, inaccurate advertisement, and ridiculous pricing after the initial free trial. $35+ per month…?! For an app that isn’t clear or cohesive? The creators should really revisit their design, target audience, and pricing, because while I see the potential upsides to a functional app with these same intentions, this is just unrealistic.
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3 years ago, Laura is smart
Very expensive and many things lost in translation
Let’s begin with the most important thing: after your free trial, the app is $8.50 per WEEK. That’s $34 per month. That is a ton of money: basically as much as cable television, but for a mood-tracking app. I’m not sure what I’m paying for here: it features quizzes (like the now-discredited Myers-Briggs personality type) that can be easily obtained for free online. And I found it confusing that in the “what are you doing right now” section of tracking one’s activities and mood, there is no option for “work” or “chores”! So, this app would be great if you are a wealthy heir/heiress who never works and you want to track how you respond to eating, playing, and hanging out with friends. I didn’t need the full week’s trial- I knew right away that this wasn’t for me, and canceled my subscription after less than a day. While I can appreciate that this app was clearly designed by someone for whom English is a second language, there are so many typos, misspellings, and mis-translations that it becomes distracting.
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1 year ago, Lordhamwallet
Overly simplistic
The questions on most personality tests have two answers that sometimes are not things that you would identify with for either and sometimes the questions themselves are strangely worded or asked in a way you don’t identify yourself with, or agree with, instead of with neutrality or inquisitiveness. Some of the questions are odd in themselves such as being strangely worded, feeling incomplete, or as if they were translated from a different language. The mood disorders quiz feels way too short and simplistic to be telling someone to look out for possible bi-polar disorder when a lot of these same answers to their questions could be associated with ADHD such as impulsiveness, energy, and talkativeness Some of the quizzes can be insightful if they actually manage to ask the right questions and supply the right answers, and mostly if it seems to be a simple subject, such as a depression, anger, abusive relationships, etc. The daily mood log is overly simplistic, with only five options, ranging from very sad, sad, neutral, happy, to very happy with no other moods or feelings outside of that spectrum. All in all this feels like a kids app or like a very basic researched series of small quizzes in the back of a magazine. I wouldn’t use this if you actually care to understand anything serious about yourself unless you’re absolutely clueless about yourself and your feelings or the way you deal with things.
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2 years ago, Add me winkwinkannaaa
Please don’t download this app if you have actual mental health issues
I could absolutely guarantee that there is genuinely no science to back up any single thing on this app other than what has been ripped from official PHQ assessments which you can take by yourself for free anywhere. These BuzzFeed style “mental health assessments” are very degrading and please seek actual assistance from someone who respects you and you can trust to give you information like your “toxic trait” and if you’re a “manipulator”. I don’t even hate the idea but to label these things so negatively and then their added “cute” little graphics to represent it adds a layer of arrogance and doesn’t take mental health issues seriously. We all have toxic traits, the creators of this’ toxic trait is thinking they’re better than everyone else. Don’t waste your money on these pretentious people who want to label you, there are free resources to mental health clinics in times of need and if you’re feeling down on yourself remember these labels do not define you. Shame on yourself Breeze.
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2 years ago, the_goods_and_bads
Okay but..
I found this app. very cool but there is one.. not problem but thing I can’t do. I don’t have the money to spend on an app like this. I did the free trial and it was great but when it ended I could only access very few things. I understand that people need to make money in ways and that is how they make money but for people like me, who can’t spend the money on an app (difference between can’t and don’t want too) can’t access the whole thing and stuff that could and would help us. I’m not saying to change the whole app to be free cause I understand you need to make money as much as I do but I can spend my money on stuff like this. I understand your purpose of this app and I think it is great for people who have money to spend and think it would be a great investment to spend it on this I just individually can’t. But keep doing what you are doing and I think you will change peoples lives for the better. <3 Nikki
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4 years ago, dreamsofrotation88
Really helpful and actually free, wow
I recently started antidepressants and have been looking for an app to track my moods throughout the day. I had a hard time finding one that allowed for multiple daily entries that works without paying a premium or subscription fee. This one is really user friendly, allows you to add custom activities and tracks these and how they correlate with your different moods. This is super helpful for me for understanding other factors than my meds that may be influencing my moods, such as coffee or a stressful conversation. Overall just very helpful and easy to use for specific individual needs. There is like an ad watching for credit system but these credits are not needed for the main features, and so the ads have not been disruptive to my experience at all. Highly recommend.
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11 months ago, Daniella1019
My man downloaded this app to learn about both himself & I . He wanted to see his strengths & weaknesses & even see mine , but mainly to try & see what he needs to change in our relationship / with was so sweet . This feed back he received was spot on & literally helped him to better understand some things I had been telling home and he finally was able to take the feed back & realize the truth & now he is going to make a change 🫶🏼 I am not perfect & have admitted to my wrongs but am currently taking the quiz so I can work on me & we can both do better . ~ LOVE HARDER & FOREVER ~ 7 years & at a rocky patch in the relationship but tonight we had so much clarity . Thank you sm to this app 🧘🏻‍♀️❤️❤️❤️
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9 months ago, Ze Arum
Rather shallow - not useful if you’re already getting help
If you already have a sense of self awareness, or are already working on yourself through therapy or more, then this app simply is not worth your time and definitely not the cost of subscription. The tests feel amateurish and frankly too rigid to be of any help. Most questions have only two answers to choose from and it basically boils down to yes or no. That’s simply not helpful for me and likely many others like me who might struggle making black and white statements and decisions. Nothing in life is so simple as, ‘do you do this or that,’ and the lack of nuance and circumstantial answers makes me question the value of whatever results they may provide. This might be useful for people who don’t realize that they could benefit from self reflection or therapy. Maybe someone who never trusted therapy - perhaps this could be something like a gateway to self discovery and healing, and then they have an epiphanous realization that maybe they could benefit from it after all? But I’ve lived with whatever you want to call my issues for twenty some years now. I’ve already started trying to heal and feel better, and I’ve learned a considerable amount about myself in the process. So for me, and others who have lived most of their lives with these issues and illnesses and whatnot, this isn’t going to do much.
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2 years ago, BIueCat
Not worth it
I saw an ad for this app on IG so I installed it. I quickly realized if I wanted to take the tests I would need a premium subscription so I subscribed because I’m a sucker for internet quizzes. As many people have mentioned there is some weird language issue with some questions — and I also found none of the numbers show up. For example on the internet addiction test, it was like “I spend more than hours on the internet.” Right. (I am not going to email the developer with screenshots as I have already canceled my subscription and uninstalled the app.) I also found the results to be pretty inaccurate. I took the “introvert/extrovert” quiz and for the record, I am a complete introvert, but after answering all the questions that way, the result said I was 50/50 extro and intro, that I am outgoing and like to be out with people. Say what? 🤔 I gave it 2 stars because it was entertaining for about 30 minutes and the app is pretty well-made.
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2 weeks ago, Mememememe6969
The positive reviews are fake
They trick you into signing up for a VERY expensive subscription, then make it impossible to cancel. I regularly check my apple subscriptions to make sure I’ve not signed up for anything, and this never showed up (even though I only subscribe to things through apple). They have been billing me $20 a month under a different name so I really had to waste some time finding out who has been stealing from me. And I still don’t know how to cancel. All they do is send me form emails with instructions I can’t follow because I signed up through Apple. They will probably take money from me again next month and cause me even more grief and stress. Great “mental health” app. Thanks a lot, I could be using that money on my kid I have asked multiple times for a link to reset my password, and I never get a response. They do not actually have a way for you to access the online account they say is necessary to do to cancel. I can’t believe Apple allows this
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4 years ago, jessracha
kind of buggy but i really like it
i really love this app! it has a really cute design that makes me want to use the app even more often. i really like the slider feature to choose your mood. although, if it is after a certain time of day, it changes the entry to the next day, instead of the current day? and there’s no way to edit this. when i go into the edit section, it says it is some day in September 2018. also, i got rid of all the presets in the “what have you been up to” section, because i wanted to only have my own, but the ‘+’ button went away when i deleted a few of them. so there is no way to add more anymore!! i really like the app, and the design is so cute!! i could get past the sometimes having the wrong date, but i hate that i’m going to have to uninstall and lose all of my entries, and reinstall in order to get the “what have you been up to” thingys back.
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5 months ago, Akadimples_
I’m a huge mental health advocate and even have my degree in psych. I have issues myself and always doing self discovery and improvement. I downloaded this app excited to take some tests and was offered a - can’t remember if it was a 3 day trial or a week free trial - however I was charged randomly during a FREE trial that I was not suppose to be charged yet. That is a red flag for me as I was not wanting to pay for this app since all the tests can be found online and there are a lot of typos with only a paragraph of results which I thought would give deeper. I requested a refund since they took money from my card during a free trial which they were not suppose to do and denied my refund request which I am appalled by. I resubmitted a appeal on my denied refund request and going to be utterly disappointed if it is denied again. Don’t get this app they will take money out of your card during a so called free trial and not want to refund you for it. Still awaiting for a refund.
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2 years ago, pspspscrinkleball
Great app, but
Dude oh my gosh, I just took the “masculine or feminine inside” (idk if that’s the actual name I just clicked on it) test and it says I’m androgynous. Are you kidding? “Are you dominant, are you soft spoken, are you unconventional” that stuff doesn’t define what a person’s gender is. It’s misleading to people like I’m not the most gentle woman around but I’m very strongly a woman. Mentally and physically and I’m confident in that, I’ve always been a tomboy but that doesn’t make me internally a male!! It means I like doing the more masculine things sometimes like throwing a football with guys rather than going into a dance party, but that alone doesn’t determine my gender mentally or physically. I’m lucky I’m so confident in myself because if I wasn’t, I’d be questioning my entire existence right now. But the mood logging and other personality tests work very well for me
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2 years ago, Hallie Kat
Barely used the app
I just downloaded this an hour ago, finally went to try it and the second I was prompted with having to pay for the full aspects of this app I felt lied to with the ad I saw on Tiktok. False advertising at its finest. As an individual who is studying psychology to become a therapist it does annoy me that any “mental health app” out there you always have to pay stupid amounts of money to use features on the app. When will people understand that mental health and illnesses are not and should not be profitable. These are actual people having issues, trying to find accessible help and are being made to believe, as I was, that this is an app free of use. I also saw another review speaking on the same things of charging people and not being able to afford it with other living expenses, to which I highly agree with, and their response was all business talk, not really addressing the real issue. Nevertheless I will be deleting this app after submitting this.
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3 months ago, BellaD-P
Before downloading, consider whether you want to pay for the app
This review might seem unfair, as I haven’t been able to test much, if any, of the app. I came here from an ad on instagram claiming to “try for free” which displayed a test/questionnaire. Normally I don’t really mind when an app asks for money, I either use the free features or decide to pay. The problem here is that I couldn’t even explore the app at all to decide if it would be something I would like to pay for. From what I could tell, the app has both useful features as well as paid features that are widely accessible for free. This app could be useful if you like mood tracking or journaling digitally. I love the interface! All of the tests are standard or common so if you’ve ever taken therapy, seen a psychiatrist, or done basic personality tests online, it’s likely you’ve done these tests before. Not that it isn’t useful to track responses over time, but you don’t need to pay for these unless you want to. Some of the things I saw on the app seemed Freudian or pseudo science in nature which I personally disagree with. But it’s hard not to encounter that type of thing in the mental health realm lol. This app has potential. I think with added/changed features and a refined advertising strategy this app could be both helpful and reach its target audience.
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4 years ago, alonelypotato
Really like it!!
I haven’t been using this app for very long, but I already love it! I love that you can customize your activities and that there is a wide range in emotions bigger than going from “sad” to “happy.” I like that you can track your sleep; this feature has been especially helpful for me. There are, however, a few features I don’t like. I don’t like that you have to get gratitude points to use a passcode, I feel like that should just be a given option. There is a bug that doesn’t allow me to edit past entries, which is frustrating and would be much better if they could be fixed. I’m also unsure of how to delete entries, or if it’s even possible to do. Overall the app is great, and the pros outweigh the cons, but there are some adjustments that can be made.
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3 months ago, blahbfjoruwgxbj7153829
Charges you after canceling. Total scam
Major scam, they don’t reply to multiple support emails asking for guidance to cancel because there’s no option in the app and no confirmation emails sent and it doesn’t show up in Apple Subscriptions…. They wait to respond telling you how to cancel AFTER THEY CHARGE YOU. Major scam. Telling my bank it’s fraud. Oh update - I canceled my account (I have screenshots) a month ago and guess what happened today? They charged me AGAIN. I went back to the site to cancel and there was no account under my email… hmmm that’s strange. So I try my OTHER email that I never used and surprise!! They had created a whole new account for me and charged me there too. How nice of them. My bank confirmed this was not set up as a recurring charge but as a single charge processed by the site itself. FRAUD AGAIN. This time my banking account number and all cards have been completely changed and I’m pursuing further action. Don’t trust them.
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1 month ago, SouthernCaligrl
I have attempted to cancel the charges from the app several times over 6 MONTHS. Customer service has issued me “refunds” that I do not see in my account. They assured me that I would not be charged for an account that I immediately cancelled because the app is trash. I deleted my account, reached out to customer service for cancellation and at first they told me that they had no record of me requesting cancellation, so they couldn’t refund me. After I sent several screenshots of my email requests, ONE customer service agent said they’d honor my request and stop the charges. Well, that was a complete LIE because here we are 6 months later and I’m STILL being charged $5 monthly. This is FRAUDULENT and they will be reported and blocked by my bank. Please save yourself the headache and DONT download the app. The breeze app is literally a scam and is nothing like the ad on FB that I saw before downloading it. A complete waste of time.
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1 year ago, Pointer outer of mistakes
Subscription to mental health
No group that gives a crap about mental health would charge you $8 per week for something like this. This is criminal! Find a free mood log template online and fill them out with a pencil for free and don’t give these parasites a cent. This is exploitation and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. UPDATE Developer response: “As the company providing such services, we consider it fair and convenient to provide free and paid features. Breeze's key functionality is free and allows you to journal your mood, track what influenced it, see basic stats on your days, play relaxing games, and access the first course and test. A paid subscription helps these features stay free and gives you access to premium content that consists of tests and courses.” I find this very hard to swallow considering you are harassed every 5 seconds about buying premium; the mood tracking feature, the tests, and I am sure the games as well can be done for free online. It is ridiculous to use psychological manipulation to get people to buy a service to help them figure out if they are being psychologically manipulated and then turn around and be like “see we helped you!” No mental healthcare professional should (or probably would) tell people to use this app as it is now. $8 week is unjustifiably expensive for what you get in return.
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4 months ago, Mia<3😘
If I’m being honest this app has told me a lot about myself through the several tests. Some of the answers. I was not expecting, but answers that help me understand myself better so now based off the answers that they give me I’m able to work around the difficulties that I have, and get along with people, better and love myself more, I recommend this app for teenagers because you guys are on your phones a lot. I am one of them and sometimes you guys start to judge yourself. I just wanna tell you that everyone is beautiful and really show you the truth about yourself based off your preferences and might help you love yourself more and except who you really are.
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3 years ago, kathturn
Breeze Journal never available for me
A big part of this app for me has been the courses. There’s supposed to be a Breeze Journal in which to record each lesson exercise. The app doesn’t take me to the journal which it says it will, and I can’t locate it. There’s also no way to locate or reach support for this app. These two issues are making me give it 2 stars, and those stars are because the mood tracker is good. I have used it for a month and it gives me reliable information about how my mood has been during that time. But those are a dime a dozen. I actually paid for this. I expected more (like support and the journal that is supposed to be included). I also discovered I’m supposed to be getting a table to look at and fill in for the anxiety section, but when I click the link it doesn’t take me there. Really tired of this not working. Reducing my review to one star and would appreciate being contacted by the person who can help me with this.
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3 months ago, NPS_2024
Review from a licensed therapist
I try a lot of apps as a way to test and recommend to my clients. To put it quite simply, save your time & money with this app. As other reviews have noted, this app is structured in a way that makes profitability a priority. There are plenty of other apps that offer a more comprehensive and transparent approach. DBT Coach & Bloom CBT are my recommendation of app that have wonderful psycheducation component that is intentional and helpful. The activity components of these apps are also veasy to navigate at your pace. Both have a great journaling and tracking function that is leaps and bounds above that on Breeze. The main reason I downloaded and tried this app was for the assessment piece. However, other than their thoughtful marketing in getting someone to download the app—these assessments are generic and gives less information and insight than what can be found in a simple Google search. I thought the “games” would potentially be a promising, but that too was very simplistic and feels more like throwing labels of mental health benefits onto it rather than any real substance, other than the practice of distraction. Their customer service is responsive but not helpful—generic responses. I hope this was helpful in getting you closer to an app that actually prioritizes mental health and may of benefit to you.
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2 years ago, AriTorrence101
Psychology Student
There are many strengths to this app and many many weaknesses. Downloaded this to analyze for my clinical psychology course and found the app to struggle with a diverse collection for its users. The weekly $8.49 isn't a good idea to get users to directly want to pay. Perhaps a Monthly or Annual fee would be a better option to users who are likely rather than simply needing to use the app for a week or 2 they would likely need it for a month or longer. I don't feel like enough disorders are covered on the app. The only thing the user can use without a subscription is the mood journal. There needs to be more disorders listed, more inventories, more questionnaires... and perhaps less vague results for the users and a direct help of numbers stated if the person indicates a need for help. These are my opinions!
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5 years ago, MelMac929
Decent App!
I love Breeze because of how simple it is! I struggle with a bit of depression. I’m not saying this app cures depression, but I do find it helpful to keep track of what things make you feel certain ways. I love that the feed has simple things that one might already know and shows how to handle them! It’s a great way to remind me of what’s important each morning. To see improvement in the way I feel makes me feel so accomplished. Just like if someone was excited that their “B-” improved to an “A+” in school, I get excited when I see my mood improve. The best part is that this app isn’t doing it for me, I’m doing it for myself with just a little push of help. Thanks Breeze! I wouldn’t change one thing about your app!
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3 years ago, Personwithclass
I would give this 4.8 stars
It’s a great way to track your moods and reflect upon your day and it’s nice to see how much your moods fluctuate throughout the month. It’s also really simple to use if you only use it to track your moods. Not too big on the tests and videos but definitely can be used if someone is struggling with their mental health and emotional stability. The only thing I would complain is not being able to look back on how much hours you sleep every day. You can track your hours daily BUT you can’t look back at them in your stats. I’d like to see how much hours I sleep everyday since I’m tracking them and how that could effect my moods.
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3 weeks ago, Soryo
Can’t cancel subscription
Decided to do the 1 week trial in addition to paying the optional fee for staff time. I decided this app was not for me, but when I tried to cancel my account, my password doesn’t seem to work. I wanted to do a reset my password, but the option doesn’t exist, it just says to make sure it’s accurate. Went into the app setting to contact support, and the button doesn’t do anything at all. This is either very poor design or a quick scam. As for the app itself, it feels like it’s just a bunch of random personality tests that you’d find on Facebook for what kind of Disney ____ you are. Some of the quizzes very obviously are pigeonholing you into a position just to give something of an answer. No middle ground, which seems off for mental health related issues. You aren’t just branded with a title. Everyone is on the spectrum for everything. Whether it’s almost non existent to an exact match. This treats things as true or false. There are better apps to check in with. Heck, you can even ask chat gpt to keep track of your moods and chart them over time now. I’ve had it make an exercise program, as well as come up with recipes after giving it a list of ingredients in my fridge. I’m getting distracted. Me no like app. App not for me. Cannot stop payment. App sus.
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2 years ago, m@gp1e
the test: “determine your psychological gender” the questions: are you happy? so. that’s a bit weird. a lot of the gender test is like that, actually. the developers have said that this isn’t a diagnostic tool, of course, but…. i have been clinical diagnosed with major generalized anxiety, major depressive disorder, along with ocd for some time now. my results on both the anxiety and depression test told me i had “””minor””” depression and anxiety. i think this app has loads of potential, but so many of the tools they use are outdated and don’t recognize “non traditional” symptoms of mental illness. you know how a lot of psychology is centered around young white men? this is that, if that concept was an app. a lot of the tests are incredibly black and white, too. like, you can be both logical and sympathetic. those things aren’t contradictions. people are multifaceted. i don’t think i need to point out the obvious issue with the payment being insanely high for a low quality service. run ads, y’all, there is absolutely no reason this should cost 9$/ WEEK. but, nearly everyone else has already said that in better words, so. go check those reviews out. also, using someone’s independence as a way to measure their gender is hella weird. do better.
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2 years ago, linser7
Quizzes are awful, app is a scam
Multiple quizzes said I have low empathy. I have spent the last 10 years devoting my life to working with marginalized communities and helping others. Anyone who knows me knows that being empathetic is my greatest strength. After seeing those results, I couldn’t take any of the other quizzes seriously. They are honestly so bad and not research-based at all. Not to mention, so many of the questions are poorly written, make very little sense, and have multiple typos. Making customers pay $8.50 PER WEEK for such an unprofessional and fraudulent app is a scam. DO NOT use this app as a mental health resource. There are plenty of free resources online that are real and backed by research, not just made up. If you’re going to pay for mental health resources, your money will be far better spent with a certified therapist or on resources that come from reputable sources. Don’t waste money on this app.
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