Bumpy – International Dating

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4.5 (4.1K)
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Bumpy Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Bumpy – International Dating

4.47 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Pim Cathie
So far so good
Never rated an a dating site before. Have tried so many but never felt they deserve my rating lol. I wanted more than just nearby location people . Well if looking for an app that has a various options or foreign people then don’t go anywhere else but bumpy. This is where you can find various people from the all world. Just filter any country you like and you will start chatting . You can message for free but you will have to pay if want to have more options. The registration sign up is simple. Just a few days with this app and looks very promising . Will be back to rate if anything needs to be included. Good luck guys!
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6 months ago, DAWGGY02
15/10 Will Recommend
I was EXTREMELY skeptical when I first downloaded this app. I created my profile and started looking through my feed of people that were being recommended to me. I thought “this has to be riddled with scammers and catfish”. After a few swipes I got a notice that I needed to complete a facial scan so the Bumpy team could verify that I was the person in the photos that I uploaded. I completed the scan and realized that if everyone is required to complete the verification, they have essentially prevented the ability for people to come on and use other peoples photos to scam you. It’s absolutely ingenious. The app does have a subscription but it’s not totally necessary to yield high results. I do not have the subscription, however after spending a few days on the app I am genuinely interested in getting it. There is a very cool map feature so you can search by country for other people. If you are on the fence, give it a try! I love Bumpy! I have even convinced a few of my friends to download it and they really like it!
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8 months ago, ImagelessJt
Customer service actually services!
This is probably my favorite dating app I’ve used. It’s very refreshing. It’s transparent with how many likes you have left, and it doesn’t absolutely shove the premium down your throat. Obviously they advertise it but that’s where the money comes from so they have to. I’ve had more quality conversations on this app in the month that I’ve had it then in multiple years using any app made by the Match group (Okc, tinder, bumble, and the others that match group owns). I did get banned one time, but I contacted customer support and within 3 hours a real person looked at my account and saw the ban was not right, so they unbanned me. 3 hours!! Insanely good timing if you’ve ever tried to get into contact with customer service in any other app like this. If you’ve got traveling in your future or you’re looking for someone to practice a new language you’re learning with, this app is great to meet new people around the world. Highly recommend !
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3 months ago, Ty1364
Hand down one of the best and honest dating app
I’ve been to a couple of app and never once have I had the success as with this app here. All the other app in the market are either frauds or just full of scams. This app is very genuine and the people are real. Please Bumpy don’t take this away. Bring other features to the platform like e-gift or other types of game type things. It could make the app that much better. I mean this is an app that promotes different ethnicities. Not everyone is financially off. But sometime it would be nice if I could by a girl a cup of coffee in there country provided by Bumpy. lol, you get the gist I hope. Not mentioning any other sites that are scam cough cough “Sakuradating” this is not like those and is legit. Please try them out.
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10 months ago, Al2017-TX
Overall a good app.
Honestly, this app is superior to them all. It’s user friendly and there are a lot of active accounts, you just have to dig through the fake accounts and all the women trying to sell adult content. But that is literally on every app. At the end of the day, with minimal effort, I was able to make several connections in week 1. Was with buying because it actually yielded results. Just be careful about giving your phone number or social media information out. Oh and for what it’s worth, I’m just an average guy…nothing special… just have a female friend help you when choosing or taking profile photos. A woman’s perspective is always better. Good luck Gents…
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3 years ago, Kattiewuv1
Wonderful App
I enjoy meeting people around the world after having a few foreign friends coming to the us for work and school. I decided to give this app a try and to see how many nice people are out there. I didn’t use the app for dating. Simply to make friends so if your like me and looking for friends all over the world this is the place to go. I added few people on what’s app to stay in contact with. Videos calls also. A lot of the people I’ve talked to on here also Ofer to tech me there language. Very kind of them. I haven’t came across any scam account yet. But I’m sure there’s some there. What app doesn't have scam. Please leave your feed back also with this wonderful app. 😌
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1 year ago, Pump Crazy
Account randomly gone…?
Had an account for like a year, maybe more, and had some recent matches i hadn’t had a chance to talk to yet and never will. Because for some reason when i opened it i wasn’t signed in anymore. When i tried to sign in, it said i didn’t have an account. What?? All my profile info, preferences, fotos, and the many likes i hadn’t gotten to reveal yet (since they only let you see 1 every 12+ hours), all gone for absolutely no reason and with no explanation. I assure you i’d done nothing wrong. I just don’t have an account no and the recent matches will think i just never messaged them back. What the heck? Never had luck with the matched anyway since most don’t respond and the ones who did always seemed like catfish, but still. Some might’ve been real. No idea why they deleted my account! 😐
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3 years ago, reyknuckles
Honestly a great app :)
It is a very good app if you are looking to find someone to talk to from afar and perhaps have a long distance relationship, if that’s what you’re into. The map is a very cool feature and helps a lot with knowing who is more active. There is the occasional scammer but it’s not infested like most other apps. There have been reviews about photos not loading and that is true but it is not a big bug because you can simply tap on the pictures, wait a few seconds and they will load. Great app overall and much better than some other ones out there. I recommend it but only if you seek something long distance.
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3 weeks ago, Lolplay55
It’s good, but…
So I’ve been using this app for almost 2 weeks and one thing I noticed is it refuses to show me anyone in Europe unless I pay and single it out. If you have everywhere else checked, they all show fine except for Europe. If you have Africa and Europe checked off you only see Africa. This is not a normal feature if you are making this app international, it would be nice to see everywhere. Aside from that, matches respond and are quite real when verified. Still a good app, but I don’t like the singling out of a can’t continent.
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2 years ago, Kslykis
This app is definitely one of the best!
I’ve been using this dating app for about a year and a half, it really is good to chat with people that are actually interested in you from around the world and in your own country, you can also get a language exchange buddy, it’s always free to talk with people you match with and you will surely match with many people everyday! The blue verification mark is an effective way to screen out the ‘fake profiles’. The paid version is even better and it’s at a cost effective price. For me this is the best dating app I’ve tried!
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7 months ago, Whitefoxx13
Irrational action. Got banned for no reason
I barely got on this app and when I did got on it I thought it was cool. I decided to finally set up my account properly adding more pics and all the photos I added were selfies and fully clothed photos. HOURS after setting my profile and verifying my profile. I was relaxing and decided to check my bumpy account cause I was chatting with someone new on there and I was logged out oddly. I try logging in and I got a pop up saying I am banned due to inappropriate photo. Which I wasn’t warned or given any opportunity to remove the photo that was an issue. Bumpy IRRATIONALLY banned me and kicked me off the app. And I don’t appreciate it because I didn’t post inappropriate photos for one and for two I didn’t disrespect the app not one bit. They presented poor communication with the user hence me and didn’t give no opportunity to fix this issue. Just flat out banned me and it stated it’s a forever thing So I do not recommend this app to anyone because they are irrational and make poor decisions and have terrible communication just quick to make harsh decisions without warning.
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3 years ago, Jamire2021
Awesome app for meeting people internationally
I love to travel and meet new people from other cultures. So this app is exactly what I was searching for. I like long distance relationships and it not only helped me make money international friends, but I also met many eligible suitors for long distance relationships. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because you have to buy likes, but you can send a “wave” for free and still get the other person’s attention.
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2 years ago, HeathJustin
Awesome site.
I have tried so many dating apps seriously not even kidding so many apps and this one tops them all. I would post really good bios and awesome pictures on other dating apps and I would go months without getting a match. Almost as if they are over saturated. On this app though I get tons of match’s and have tons of conversations. I haven’t had one turn out to be a hit yet but I’m still getting so much more interaction with very beautiful women. 5 stars for sure.
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7 months ago, BKM2000
Interesting…Needs more options/filters
So after using this app for the past few days I have found that it has plenty of room for improvement. Unlike bumble which has more options to filter who you’d like to see, this has virtually none so you are endlessly swiping left. I’ve also found there to be users who show they are in your country yet are actually in another country because they use a VPN. It’s also virtually impossible to actually see swipes or likes without paying and honestly paying doesn’t really give you a lot for your money.
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10 months ago, Liv_72
Has The Potential
Really cool concept and app with some really nice people, easy to use and all that. ‼️However I don’t think I should have to pay in order to not have my exact location shown. ‼️ Privacy should be a basic right anywhere, apps included. I didn’t like at all that I could go on the map and pinpoint the exact street someone was on.. that is bizarre to me.. especially in todays world, there are some serious creeps out there. I actually feel extremely uncomfortable that I had my profile up there for as many days as I did not realizing that someone could potentially screenshot where I am easily. Privacy shouldn’t be behind a paywall in my opinion. I was bummed but I was forced to delete my profile because of that reason. If that were to become included with the profiles, then I would come back in a heart beat.
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3 years ago, Kwinterc
Great customer service and app interface
This is a great option for someone that lives in a more rural area. It allows you the ability to meet people from all walks of life. But more recently I had to reach out to customer services and they were able to assist me efficiently and effectively. Very impressed with the experienced considering how many options there are regarding dating apps.
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7 months ago, LG182!
Great but Not Perfect
It is a great app with lots of people across the globe. I am from the US and it is definitely for meeting people outside of the United States. However, there are fake profiles (even when verified). So they need to improve verification somehow. And there are some people who just want money. Avoiding those 2 bad profiles though, this app is fantastic. Well worth the investment each month for making new friends and contacts globally.
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3 years ago, Jjmarine18
I love it! Fun app!
I think we all know that A LOT of dating/meet apps have so many fake profiles/scammers. I have to say that this app has been great, met a lot of good people from around the world. Actual people! There are still some fakes who slip through the cracks but almost all verified people are real. At least the ones I have talked to. Some great conversations. Would recommend it to anyone looking to branch out.
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1 year ago, GeekZsquad101
Definitely a interesting app. My only problem with the app is that I had went ahead and got the Gold edition to unlock the rest of the app. But I can’t use the rest of the app because it’s saying I still need to get a subscription when I already have it. I tried contacting the support and still haven’t heard anything back yet. Like I said the app is okay but it is a little bit slow
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6 months ago, the_court
Messaging doesn’t work
For over a week messages never get delivered to the recipient. It’s beyond frustrating that I’ve already paid for a product that doesn’t work and support refuses to address. The concept is fine and it’s a nice place to meet people, unfortunately you can’t talk to them because they never receive your messages.
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12 months ago, London1993
Found my wife
Was having no success on normal dating apps in the USA and American dating apps basically being useless I decided to try this. Within a week I met the most amazing prettiest kindest Filipina woman and now fast forward we are getting married in 6 months and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone thought it was a crazy idea but I ended finding true happiness
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2 weeks ago, Matt Brown12457
Great app! Unbelievable results
I was so hesitant on an app named “bumpy” but whoa I was wrong. The cost is very reasonable, and I have met so many good People from other countries. The developers got this app right! It is full of real people! That you must verify yourself. The here are fake accounts too, that say they haven’t been verified but it is few. This is one amazing app!!
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3 months ago, Cur review
Great site that does not nickel and dime to death
I really like the site. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people, but doesn’t charge you for everything you do on the site. There are dating sites that charge to even chat. if you’re looking for somebody whether man or woman in your area it’s the best site I’ve seen
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2 years ago, shadow0275
Made good changes but just one problem
There should be an option to show or not show your exact location within a country for safety reasons. Like give us an option to reveal or not reveal what city we’re in within a country.
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1 year ago, holy spender
This app is very good and easy to connect with people all around the world , I started using this app for one purpose to meet people all around the world . But I have been able to meet good people who are open minded and free sprited to share their experiences and exposures with others . Bumpy is the best app ever you can admire to chat with ....
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11 months ago, Gettherhthym
Met my fiancé…
I met my fiancé while using this app. I am really happy. I really love the fact that most people on the site are encouraged to verify their accounts. Bumpy really takes care to reduce the likelihood of dating scammers from using the site. I highly recommend this dating app for finding both foreign and domestic lovers.
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3 years ago, Gatica38
This app has noting else but a high number of scammers; must off the people approaching me claimed that they were showing a location but they are not from there; at least 40% of the men who contacted my profile are widower with two kids and a Nani. 🤔 Really? And few of them wanted my number or to download applications that are obsolete at least in this country. I don’t think I’ll use this app again.
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1 year ago, i.tee
As for me the app is cool ,you meet people of ur choice n then again u meet annoying ones too ,at first day you download it u need to calm down because you can’t start chatting immediately,but when the time goes by truth me u gonna enjoy it ,n most people there are real 💯💯
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9 months ago, Healicas
Not as advertised
I paid for gold and “incognito” mode doesn’t seem to be working. It states that only people you wave to will see you but people who I haven’t even seen are “liking” me. Also, they need to have voices by country NOT continents and you shouldn’t be viewable in places you didn’t choose to look at. I regret paying $10 for it and will definitely be deleting the app after my paid time is over. 👎🏻👎🏻
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4 months ago, always focused
Best Dating App EVER.
haven’t used many dating apps but this one is the best one. i’ve used it for over a year now and i am yet to have any complaints. trying to find a wife elsewhere? bumpy is the answer. give this app a shot because this app is life changing!
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6 months ago, dadpop36
Better than most
Great international dating app where you don’t have to wait 10 minutes to text somebody back or pay to message somebody once you’ve matched solid app. Thank you.
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1 year ago, chey01134
needs more filters
It's absolutely flooded with people from literally every country except the ones I want to see, filtering by continent is too broad. Also, it would be nice if only the people from the continent I filter could see me. I have over 400 likes because literally everyone from any continent can see me, so I have my notifications turned off to avoid a like notification every hour. This makes me accidentally ignore messages
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4 months ago, Rain181900
Good to meet men around the world
Nicest part is you can pick where around the world you want most of your matches to be from. Only talk to verified people to be safe, unless you feel like the person is who they say they are.
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2 months ago, Grier17
Pretty cool so far
So many beautiful and friendly women on this app. It’s nice to talk to people from other countries and learn new languages. Just be careful of a few asking for money. That’s my only issue, but otherwise I’m enjoying it.
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2 years ago, rain393
I used love this app. Being able to speak to people all over the world is very fun. But with this new recent update and having an ad pop up on your whole screen every five seconds is the most annoying thing and has made me consider deleting this app. They should take something from tinder and have the ad pop up on the swipes instead of having an ad just interrupt your whole screen every five seconds.
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2 years ago, Nickpishkin
Great app
I just want to know I still have a message in my inbox but don’t see anyone who messaged me I deleted it and reinstalled but it’s still there what can I do . also I would love to see this app have a spin off for the Lgbtqi+
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10 months ago, Frustrated2023$
App got stuck while creating my account
As I was creating my account, I reached the section where it’s asking me what I’m looking for. I made my selection and the app got stuck. I close the app and re-opened it, but it goes right back to the section where the app became stuck. I reselected my option, and it says I already have an account. I also used my Apple ID to create my account. I can’t figure out how to log into the account.
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12 months ago, Jay2481
Scam + Beggars + Sugar Baby Wanna Be’s
You have to subscribe to see who “likes you” when you subscribe you barely get likes. When you are unsubscribed you profile all of a sudden gets 60+ likes from girls(probably bot accounts). when you do talk to girls most are just asking for money for “food” or “cell service”. Waste of time honestly.
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8 months ago, kyles12345
Met my future Wife
I met my future wife on this app. I loved it. Easy to use and a lot less scammers then other apps. Yes, there are people just looking for money, but that’s everywhere. I only connected with verified users. So happy.
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1 month ago, Delta Cooper
It looks very good
Of course I have just signup on the app and awaiting my photo to be verified by the support team, but I must be honest to say that I truly love the function of the application. I hope that I will find my life partner on here
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2 weeks ago, Natural plant
This is a very good dating software, you can meet friends from different countries, you can establish different relationships with them and share the fun of living in different countries
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11 months ago, Bagley thomas
Is there a reason I can’t login my app anymore since today keeps saying can’t connect to the internet? My internet is perfectly fine
Show more
3 months ago, Nilla🥲
We what free for a year
Please let us be able to see who viewed us and liked us it’s very very necessary not all of us can afford all that payment methods
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3 months ago, Beepbooppthethird
This is sad and no one can even get back to me
This app will be hearing from a couple lawyers here soon since my phone and date was hacked due to the people they allow on this app all from a single match my data was leaked pictures of me my socials even family who I no longer talk to this app will be getting hit with a very big lawsuit I would reach out very soon thank you
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2 years ago, teemonitee
Best app
If you don’t have account with this app then you are missing out , it’s secured because you have to verify before you could write people ..
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3 years ago, Luzylu661
Too many glitches
I bought the subscription but it’s not worth it. App has way too many glitches & it freezes often. I often get kicked out of app. There’s nowhere to report or get support for app. I’m not able to see any of the pictures I’ve uploaded on my profile only the one I have as my main picture. Save your money & don’t get the subscription.
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12 months ago, youngwarlockofwar
3 star for now
For the now I will have to give 3 star because let people build up conversations with people dat look at your profile and like your profile would be nice and letting you see who like and check on your profile too.
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2 years ago, anastandswithukraine
Це чудово, що я можу зустрічатися з іншими українцями і при цьому відчувати себе як вдома. люди приємні. Додаток чудовий. Дізнатися про інші культури – це неймовірно It's wonderful that I can meet other Ukrainians and at the same time feel at home. people are nice The app is great. Learning about other cultures is incredible
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4 months ago, Ikrgv
Little impressive
The app was impressive so I decided to check it out and then downloaded it . The problem now is that the app has limited likes/waves . I can’t reach out to people I want to . I wish something could be done about this . I still love the app thou , hoping to meet my better half there someday . 😍
Show more
10 months ago, ASW1493
Not enough free features
This app could use more free features. At least let us swipe more than three times a day. All the restrictions doesn’t make this enjoyable for me. Is more frustrating than anything. I think I might delete some.
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