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User Reviews for Butt Workout & Fitness Coach

4.84 out of 5
57.2K Ratings
4 years ago, lindsayliming17
My favorite of all the fitness apps
This app deserves 10 stars in my opinion. My husband and I have been searching and searching separately for apps on fitness that we could do at home. We have been working out for many years and we have done the gym scene for many years as well. We just bought our house 9 months ago and it is in the middle of no where. The closest gym is almost an hour from our house so unless we have stuff ready and can go straight from work it isn’t worth the time and effort. We are 33 and 31 and have kids, dogs, a home and lots of property to care for. With all that said some days we don’t have much free time and this app has quick yet efficient workouts and some longer workouts for the days we have a little extra time. Anyways, I found this app and hubby found his match today too. So excited! We have turned our spare room into our little gym and can’t wait til tonight when we get to workout. Thank you soooo much!
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4 years ago, Jeka S.
A girly got thicc
What I love most about this app is the fact that there’s a huge selection to choose from. I usually visit my family in El Salvador every year for a month and given the lack of service, and activities to do there, I end up spend the majority of the month working out my legs. I used to be so insecure about how tiny and thin my legs were but ... and i cannot make this up... when I came back, I got so many compliments on how much fuller and toned my legs were :)) I even tried on jeans that wouldn’t fit me because they were baggy but then I ended up fitting in them perfectly and that was only after working out for a month! This app is my favorite thing in the world and I can’t thank the creators of this enough for being the reason why I love my body :) THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, ms veganista
Time from laying down to standup exercises not good
My living situation is different now so hard for me to go from laying down to stand up I have no room any where except for from my bed for lay down positions to go to the bathroom for stand-up positions. That back and forth was pretty exhausting to me. I then saw your floor only positions and did those too. Because of only having the bed to work on, one of the positions I wasn’t able to do as too difficult on the bed. But nevertheless Just one off is not bad. +⭐️I absolutely love the ab exercises; I felt it working on my abs. I’m going to take pictures of my abs and do a six pack challenge. I’ll send you the b4 and after when I accomplish my goal. +⭐️The floor exercises are motivating because it works my buttocks and abs; thank you. -☄️ I minused a star bringing the rating down to 4stars because for the transitioning from laying down to standup is still not time given. + ⭐️ However added the star back because I can pause it for the transitioning. +⭐️I like that after you unpause it it starts over. +⭐️ I actually feel results on my abs; I like that! That made me happy 🥰 +⭐️ I like your app concept and idea so added a star. - ☄️minus a star until you answer my questions below. •I like to know though if doing these exercises every day when should I see results? • Im a beginner beginner and like to know how long should I continue on beginner level b4 moving up to intermediate level? Ok result: 6⭐️ minus 2⭐️=4⭐️
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4 years ago, SydVicious420
I love this app. So many workouts to choose from, different lengths and skill levels as well. I really like how as you click on each exercise technique, it gives you a full description and video so you can ensure proper form throughout your workout. The app also allows you to set a reminder if you need an extra little nudge to get going, as well as tracks your progress and can link to the health feature on your smart phone. Overall, really great app and absolutely free, gotta love it! I felt a burn after the very first day, so for me, it proved the quality of the workouts and that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get in shape.
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5 years ago, workout_maniac1000
Made me sweat
I think that this is a very good app for working out. I think that it has a great way of keeping me on task with the workout and not allowing too many breaks. It’s really simple to use and it’s 100% free. Most other workout apps will say that they’re free but then end up not actually being free, while this one is free and only has one ad per workout which I don’t think is bad at all. They also have other great apps made by the same company and if you want to workout other parts of your body I would recommend getting them (they are also free). So I’d say that this is definitely a great workout app.
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5 years ago, gorly21
The best option out there
Forget the personal trainer! Or workout gym! All you need is a driveway/ open garage and your set! I love this app because it’s completely free, no hunches. Usually when you download a decent workout app as soon as you download it, the app makes you pay for a subscription, otherwise if you don’t that the app is almost completely unusable! But not with this app. It’s does the workout with you, connect it to your health app, and helps you along the way. These workouts are giving me muscle. I can see and feel it. I really enjoy this app and would recommend 10/10
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3 years ago, Rose_Evergarden
Color Me 𝙄𝙢𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙
I had QUITE the workout from this free app. Usually they aren’t good, but I thoroughly DIDN’T enjoy exercising!! That means that they’re doing something right. The video plays for 10 seconds before you exercise, giving you a break in between exercises. It’s also so that it can show you the right way to do the exercise routine. You have the option to pause at any moment, and honestly I felt my muscles as I continuously did them. I’m both sore and out of breath— Definitely download this app for some neat workout options.
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5 years ago, a.mae.look
Frequently work out and I love it
I frequently work out so I can get picky about apps being helpful. I really liked this one. I like the moves, it calls the half way point, counts down at 3 seconds, and shows a moving picture of the move the entire time. This app would be great for someone who is completely new and nice to follow for an experienced fitness enthusiast who’s just trying to get it in and not think and organize. Also I could do these moves anywhere, as with most. So this is great to have when I work out outside or out of town!
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4 years ago, JMoJeep
Easy. Simple
I have a bad knee so my normal weight lifting routine of squats and lunges is done for the moment. This has plenty of other moves- and easy to skip an exercise if I want to. The biggest plus is the ads are only in the beginning- and short. You are not pestered to upgrade or watch more ads. This is definitely on the easy side but great for beginners to slightly intermediate or those who may not want a harsh workout. Easy to follow. No outside equipment needed except a chair (one workout) and a mat. Definite recommend over the splashy stuff with annoying ads.
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4 years ago, Mooglit1
Simple but Effective
I can’t tell you how helpful this lil app has been for me! It makes adding a quick exercise regime to my day sooo much easier. Even when I’m feeling lazy, the notification shows up, telling me it’s time to work out, and somehow I obey 😁. The routines feel achievable. I always feel good about myself for getting thru one, and often go on to do a second. The exercises are not too difficult that I give up. I’m actually surprised and impressed by how much of a difference this lil app has had in my life!
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2 years ago, Niame No
Download it
I thought this was going to be something where I would ignore but I genuinely like the workouts and how easy to follow they are I just spent 10 minutes and already feel like I’ve gone through a great work out can’t wait to see what else is in store but for day one this was great just make sure you choose what you’re really looking for and what you can really do and not some thing too much or too little for yourself
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5 years ago, Im not a person u no
Actually really good
I was surprised by how efficient this app was. I didn’t have to pay for anything and I got great quality workouts! If you’re looking for an easy way to get a good workout without going to the gym, this app is for you. I also found an app from this same developer for ab workouts and even yoga! Unfortunately, there was no app for arm workouts so I had to find different app for that and it’s not as good. So please please PLEASE at least consider making an arm workout app thank you.
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3 years ago, Caaaaaaaaaams
Great for post baby body!
Just started using this app since I felt like I wasn’t doing anything productive when the baby would nap I would just spend my time eating or watching tv. So let me tell you, one day of doing three 7-9 minute work outs and my body is sooooorree. Uhhh i love it! It’s also helpful that they don’t count reps, I find it difficult to keep going when I have to hit a certain about of reps, thus it’s helpful that you can just do as much as you can during the time they give you. Going to for sure keep up with this app.
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4 years ago, Mama Lala 🥰
Amazing results already
So I’ve just downloaded this app no more than 2 weeks ago have done 8 workouts so far and I’m already so happy with the way my booty is looking. It was definitely in need of lift and plumpness (it was pretty nonexistent to begin) and I have already a little bump going on. I love how the workouts are fast but you definitely feel them when your done. Highly recommend! So excited to continue using to get my best booty yet! 😄
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3 years ago, JuanaFierce
Good Guide
It shows you the exercises before you hit start. I like if need help with how to do the move properly there is a video to show you how. All levels, so you can keep pushing yourself. I don’t like how the workouts are organized. Would prefer all the beginners workouts together, the intermediate together and the advance all together. An overall good workouts for beginners, people short on time, or if you need help switching up things to get you back on track.
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5 years ago, Jenni la raine
Finally working out!
I mostly did Olympic lifts before my babe. But ever since she was born (15 months ago!) and 6 months before that because of a complicated pregnancy.... I haven’t been able to get a sitter consistently enough to be able to go to the gym. This isn’t what I used to lift but IM DOING SOMETHING! It’s so easy to fit in before she wakes up and then at the beg of a nap without feeling like I’m wasting all of her nap time :). Some of them i can even do with her underfoot! Thank you guys!!
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6 years ago, LayLo707
Great App & I’ve tried many!
What sets it apart? Love that you can play your own music over the instruction, love that a video is attached if you’re questioning your form, simple and user friendly interface. One thing I’d like to see is a count down of exercises completed so you know close you are to finishing. That feature in other apps keeps me motivated, cause when you’re tired workout can seem never ending. Love this app otherwise, just what I was looking for!
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5 years ago, moca_Reloaded
Great App
Really good Home workouts, and i saw results last time with disciplining myself to workout everyday 2x a night for 30 mins with lots of intake on calories and eating lots of African food (Rice) 😂😂😂 and a PEACE of mind with lots of water and happiness and I got THICK THICK 👌🏾😂🙌🏾. So I’m back at it again after losing weight to gain that booty and thighs back . You can build your body however you please with a discipline mind and a great Plan for your body . Good luck in your Journey ❤️❤️🙌🏾💯💯. Love this App!!
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1 year ago, JeanlovesLife
Great App- Just Use It!!
I recommend this app to his many people as possible. It is just fantastic whether you have five minutes seven minutes 11 minutes or 20 minutes! Every time I use this app I know I’ve done something good for myself and my entire day feels energized and far more self-confident! Just download it and use it – can’t get anything better than this for free!
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5 years ago, _XxAshleyxX_
This is such a good app too use! If you like doing quick exercises to get a good plump booty I highly recommend getting this app it has good options to choose from and it’s not that hard I love how they give pictures on how the workout is suppose to look like, and they give you break between and telling you when it’s half way done I just got it today but I already know I’m going to love it!!💪🏼
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6 years ago, Jjaniahppppppp
Great workout
Honestly I just started using this app maybe 2 weeks ago but what I like about this app is that you can pick the certain work out you want also during the work out they give you breaks but you can also pause the work out when ever you want. They give an opinion for beginners too. I’m only 15 and I don’t don’t work out at all but if I can do this you can ! It’s worth it
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6 years ago, Rain 99
The 7 minute one is great!
I have a really busy life that leaves me with little motivation to go to the gym, but with this app it has good workouts that work the target areas and are easy to understand if you haven’t done a lot of workouts! I love using the 7 min one when I have some free time to get a workout in! Of course it has you lay on the ground so make sure you have plenty of room to kick your legs around!
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4 years ago, the only Nisha
Awesome app
I love everything about it. I would only ask that you let us be able to make a custom workout picking any exercises and as many as you want from any of the categories. Like one for all standing exercises and one for all on the floor. Other than that the app is great and is that is added it would be more awesome!! Definitely recommend to others!!
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5 years ago, 26765 app user
Definitely recommend!!
This app is so good it doesn’t scam you and make you do in app purchases like many other work out apps, so when they say free it’s free! All the workouts are good and it encourages me to do it everyday because if ur like me and you don’t have anything keeping check then you will loose interest and all the workouts are helping me get the body shape I have always wanted
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6 years ago, DeeMP88
Best app ever!
I know a lot of people probably say that like A LOT but it’s so true for me. This app is so convenient, I’m only doing the 7 minute for now but next week I’ll be pushing myself to do the 15 minute one and level up further down the line. Since i workout by myself i always need someone to count for me and this does it perfectly for me! I couldn’t ask for anything else...honestly !
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5 years ago, z84$3
Workouts Are Amazing.
I haven't been utilizing this app for a long time, however this has given me some great workouts that will lead me to progress from within my body. After my first workout from a while ago I felt like this was going to help show me the results I've been wanting. You should definitely choose this app over any app that asks for money.
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6 years ago, Tigerlily_73
Great addition to any workout routine!
You can alternate between three different workouts with different times. It keeps the workout fresh while working out the three muscles in your buttocks. You’re finished before you know and the results are felt right away. Within weeks I noticed new definition and tone. As a 44-yr old mom of four this has always been my hardest area to tone.
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1 year ago, jakes dinos
I truly love this app. I’m so unmotivated to work out and because i work allll the time so it’s nice to have something to come to when I just need a quick simple coach and motivation. The music is a great addition as well. One thing that I’m also into is that it doesn’t track your progress and shame you for not working out 😂
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4 years ago, Hales119
Great and Simple
Having never done this workout before, there was enough to get into position for each new move! Other apps I have tried leave me scrabbling. There is also a feature to give more time if the 10 seconds aren’t enough! This was my first workout since I had my dear son and I loved it! Will definitely recommend it. 🙌
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5 years ago, Evergrinc
My favorite app.
Really great app. Ive been using this app for 3 days and already i feel the workout! Especially in my glutes. I have always wanted to learn different exercises to work my glutes without using weights and this app is def. what i was looking for. The 7 min is just enough to get my heart rate up and allows me to reach muscle failure! Love this app and recommend it to anyone looking to grow their buns! 🍑
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6 years ago, NotYourNickname37
Amazing App
Helps you workout the muscles the right way! The first day I started I was in pain; I used that as an excuse to not workout for the next two days, but the fact that it reminds you about working out, reminds you again how much your really want it. Due the entire workouts given for 45 minutes. Remember you feel amazingly great after!!!
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6 years ago, qwertyuoopb
Love it! It’s perfect for anyone who is trying to shape up
I don’t really have time to go to gym and spend hours . So I downloaded this app to try and get active on my own leisure time . I mean why not it just takes 7-15 min to tone your muscle or start building your muscle , it’s like a little kick to start shaping up your bums or building strong core . And also it’s perfect for beginners like me . Best free app ever!!
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5 years ago, Goodlookinout1
Awesome workout app
I’ve been trying several ‘workout at home’ apps & this is my favorite so far!!! I chose to only have the person ‘s voice inform me when 1/2 way there combined with encouragement & a countdown from 3!!! I know this will be a keeper for those searching as you have many choices (all within 1 App. I.e. ... music & body part you want to exercise for!
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4 years ago, LindaKNd
The best workout ever!!!
I enjoy these workouts most especially because there are different experience levels and durations. I feel energized and accomplished even after the 7 minute workout and even better after the 20 minute one. So many workouts to choose from you’ll never get bored. I recommend to all!
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5 years ago, Panshira
Quick and straight-forward
I’ve really been enjoying doing this in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. A range of 7-20 minute options allow me to still squeeze in a short workout even if I hit snooze twice or a longer one while my coffee is brewing. They’re all exercises I’ve done but compressed together into a nice package.
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1 month ago, tmrgmz
Good app weird app photo
Good app it’s a great workout out guide . Can the app image stop getting more and more 😅 graphic and detailed lol . It’s used to be a purple outline of a human . Then a booty in shorts up close now a big booty in leggings . I have to place the app on the far side of my phone screen , it’s embarrassing if anyone catches a glimpse of it on my phone . Looks like an XXX app
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4 years ago, sassi gushee
They have many different options and the pace of the exercise’s are perfect. They give little tips to drink water and they keep track of the workouts that you’ve done and time total, with how many calories burned. You can also track your weight in the app and log it. I love it. I keep myself motivated and love the exercises
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6 years ago, AlyssaT14
I love it . i recommend so much !
this app helps you so much . it also helps you to not give up because when your about to quit it asks you “are you sure” and i feel like that’s a sign that you should not quit , you should go continue the fight . It times you and gives you different warm ups to do . I highly recommend this app . trust me .
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5 years ago, Buns of Waldo
Man buns of Steel!!
I’ve been really enjoying this app, especially after a quick walk and yoga session. This app really helps my lower back aches and I feel stronger in my core the days I do use the app. I’m not sure how I can continue moving forward without using this app. Thank you so much for the creator of this app. The seven minute workouts have become my favorite.
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4 years ago, ryryelizabeth2007
Love this!
This app is phenomenal if you’re trying to get your booty in shape! They showed great examples of how to do the work out and if you start to run out of breath you’re able to pause catch your breath and pick back up on the work out! You’ll break a sweat without feeling like death at the end if you take your time and do it correctly :)
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6 years ago, oovajava
Highly recommend
If you’re like me and have trouble finding the right workouts to do that aren’t to hard but still challenge you, this app is perfect! There are different workouts you can choose from to fit with what you want and have time for. It very easy to use and understand and the best part is: it’s free!
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6 years ago, Weepingangel13
Great, simple app but...
Please add an option to silence next exercise announcements, countdowns, etc. I like to listen to podcasts or music while working out, and this REALLY gets in the way. It is also annoying to have a reminder set for 10am, for example, but if you work out with the app before 10, it still reminds you. Also please add more workouts or maybe a chance to customize workouts!
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4 years ago, Scorputwo
I feel like I get a good workout every time. Add more variety, which I can’t wait to try. Instructions and pace are easy to follow, more videos of exercises are provided. Simple graphics but I want function and form not fancy graphics that don’t do what they’re supposed to. I would recommend to beginners through more advanced.
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5 years ago, cardibutt
It does work the first time or day you use it I is hard you feel like giving up but I recommend you to listen to your favorite music to motivate you to keep going and then with time you get use to it and it feels like a daily thing know and don’t forget to set up your reminder for your workouts!!.👌
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5 years ago, Michala94
I absolutely love the 7min workout apps they are so great for a person on the go. I can switch up the different workouts do several in a row or just one at a time. If you don’t know how to do a certain exercise there is videos showing how. Also love how there is different skill levels from beginner to advanced. I absolutely recommend!
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3 years ago, Emmine💋
Love it 🥰
I love that it makes me sweat; It makes me feel like I have actually really worked out; I also love the fact that the different exercises are not complicated especially for people who are not used to working out like me. I am definitely going to follow this through!!!
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3 years ago, ArtDebo
Second time using
I've used this app two days in a row hoping to stay on routine with it. I am using one of the beginner workouts. The video only takes 7 minutes of your day to complete. With alarm notifications scheduled when you need them it makes sticking with it much easier.
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5 years ago, esainer
Easy, fun, and has several options
I love this app because it’s so easy to use, has several options, and the structure is fantastic. You can do super quick workouts that still work, or if you have more time there are longer options that definitely leave you feeling the burn!
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4 years ago, JanieSanto
I ❤️❤️❤️ this app! I don’t need it anymore tho.
This workout app is one of my FAVORITES!! At the very beginning of 2020, I was looking for a great workout app to help me get back into a fitness routine. This app was so great for so many great reasons! But as we get closer to the end of the year, I do not need this app to assist me in that any longer. Keep making this app the best one out there! 💜
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4 years ago, Lau.gm
The free version is very convenient
All exercises are explained, timer is really good. You can have your music and the timer running at the same time and the timer volume can be set to lower. This app is best for beginners and intermediate level advance and intense are not here at least in the free version. You might want to repeat one session if you are looking for more intense workout. I recommend it.
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