C25K® 5K Run Trainer & Coach

Health & Fitness
4.8 (144.3K)
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Zen Labs
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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for C25K® 5K Run Trainer & Coach

4.75 out of 5
144.3K Ratings
4 years ago, JuliaJoySmith
I’ve wanted to get in shape for years but was convinced that I should resign myself to just being frumpy. When one of my kids joined track, I remembered how much I loved track when I was the same age. (At all other ages before and after I didn’t like running though lol) I’ve made small efforts here and there to adjust my lifestyle so that I could be healthier for myself and my family. Fear of actually winding up overweight and frumpy for the rest of my life, and fear that I’d never get energy back, be at a healthy weight, or see my actual knees and have real calves again, led me to decide to use the C25K program. I was surprised how many people hadn’t heard of the program, but I’ve been sharing it through social media and through word of mouth whenever I finish a session. The app makes it easy to share to social media so that my friends and family can cheer me on and keep me accountable, while giving me pride in seeing what I’ve accomplished. There’s a community area of other people using the program, and even a place on the app to locate local 5K runs to sign up for so you have a goal to push towards! I’m excited about continuing my journey, and happily surprised at how easy it is. I recommend setting up a playlist on your music since the app chooses the same series of songs otherwise. Just trust yourself to get the first few steps out of the door and let the app do the rest! HAPPY RUNNING!
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5 years ago, Amanda Koz
DO IT!!!
I never ever write reviews because I don’t care about this kind of thing enough usually to do that. But this app truly changed my life. I hate running. I hate exercising. I also hate feeling fat and gross after having three kids so I decided to make an effort by exercising. The problem is, I’m 33 years old and have never truly put effort into any kind of exercise so my body was all around out of shape. This app helped me completely ease into becoming a regular runner. I am one day away from completing the program and I’ve lost almost 20 lbs. I have WAY more energy to play with my kids and I feel like a better person all around. I plan to start the 10K training after I finish the 5k (today!) and I’m feeling so proud of myself. If you’re willing to just do the dang thing, you’ll find that you actually can. Don’t tell yourself that you’re not a runner. Don’t tell yourself that you’re too fat or out of shape to do this...trust me, if I can, you can too. My closest friends and family are now doing this app because I can’t stop talking about it...and guess what, they’re losing weight and getting healthy too! JUST DO IT!!!!
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6 years ago, Daalgrim
Back into shape and an active life
I used to be an avid runner- my Mile was down to 4:50 pace. As you get older, muscles and dynamics change especially if one does not keep up with fitness. I was trying to get back down to 6min but was going about it the wrong way with a slow jog and getting mileage in. It was frustrating and would take a lot of time just to run. I couldn’t keep at it because I also had this sore on the side of my knee. Come to find out I was going about my run all wrong because of my defeated mentality. This app has changed all that. The mixture of walking and jogging encourages a faster pace and to kick up your knees. The reason; because it’s only 30 min- it’s like that carrot dangling to encourage one to run harder and correctly to build not only calve and thigh muscles, but also the glutes. I cannot emphasize enough on how this app encourages kicking up my knees and picking up my pace during the running portion, thus targets the correct muscles and taking pressure off my knees. Because of all those factors, I can remain consistent and actually look forward to it. I still don’t like running- but 30 min isn’t that long and is a nice escape either with music or talk radio. The best part- being active helps me keep up with my son when I’m playing with him. Just 30 min of my own three days a week- enables me to go the extra mile with my son after a difficult day at work.
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6 years ago, gcrowland
Life changing app
I’m 46 years old and haven’t exercised regularly since high school. My philosophy about running has always been that it can’t be worth it because I’ve never seen a jogger with a smile on his face. But once I realized that I was 30 pounds overweight and was out of breath after just a few minutes of basketball with my 10 and 7 year old sons, I knew I had to make changes. I saw this app and decided to give it a try. On my first day it was all I could muster to run for 60 seconds, but knowing I had 90 seconds of walking afterward gave me just what I needed to get through. That pattern continued each day as the app gradually ramped up my running time. Suddenly after three weeks I found that I was able to manage the work load with a bit more ease. Encouraged, I thumbed through the next two weeks to see what was ahead. However, I forgot to thumb back to the day I was supposed to be on when my next run started, so suddenly I went from the end of week three to the beginning of week six. To my amazement, I was able to do it! So, I just kept going. This morning I ran 5K and felt exhausted but great afterwards. I have lost 20 pounds and have gone from barely able to run for 60 seconds to comfortably running for over 30 minutes. This app works! I doubt that I have a smile on my face while I’m jogging, but I sure do have one afterwards!
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6 years ago, gopipsqueaky
Shhh...just trust the app
Ok so I have always hated running and running for even a minute straight was tough. I laughed when I saw some of the workouts through out the weeks on here...me running 5 minutes straight? Several times a workout?? Hah! Well after reading the other reviews and people with similar background having success I gave it a try. It’s like the app puts a finger up to your lips and says “Shhh...just trust me.” You nod your head in silence and reluctantly jump on board. Some how, some way, you get through the workouts. Each week they get a little harder, but somehow you find yourself being able to sustain longer run times. You can’t believe it, it seems too good to be true. But you just don’t think about it and keep going. Because in the back of your mind you are afraid if you do think about it you’ll wake up and it won’t be true. Next thing you know you are running for the longest you’ve ever run in your life!! It’s a miracle! You feel great and your confidence is through the roof! Then it asks you if you want to start training for a 10k. And the panic and self doubt sets in all over. But it works!
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2 years ago, Lmreynolds
This is awesome!
So thankful for this app! It’s a great way to stay in shape and take care of your body. It’s really helpful to have the app pushing you along and sending notifications. Sometimes it’s really hard… but finishing is so rewarding! The gradual increase is good. It’s also really helpful to have accountability and people encouraging you to keep pushing. I’ve been doing this app with some friends from school. I totally recommend it! Even if you can’t run a 5K right now, or even close to a 5K, this app will get you there step by step. I will admit that some days are harder than others… I couldn’t finish Day 1 of Week 4. I had to walk the last two minutes of my final five minute run. It was really discouraging in the moment, but I’ve learned to take it one day at a time and I keep getting stronger, day by day, week by week! Being able to do a 5K doesn’t mean being able to do it without any discomfort, it means having the patience, endurance, and strength to finish even if you think you can’t. But it does get easier. You got this!! 🎉 Cheering fellow runners on!
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6 years ago, Proverbs3118
Good Progression
If I can keep going so can you. I am about halfway through, I think I am on week five. It has been decades since I was physically active on a regular basis. I have never been a runner; I still do not like running. But I keep going with the help of this app, for three reasons: 1. The pacing is just right. I have been surprised how quickly my endurance is building up, and I’ve not yet once felt like it pushed me too hard; 2. I’ve noticed running gives me better clarity and brain function the rest of the day, no doubt because I am feeding my oxygen-starved brain; 3. Each workout begins with a little inspiring quote to remind me of the mindset I am establishing through this new habit. As for this particular running app, I really like the fact that it allows me to listen to podcasts or training videos while it runs in the background. The prompts to change from running to walking are just loud enough to make the switch without interrupting whatever multitask thing I have going on. I am a 55 year old mother of six and looking forward to running my first 5K.
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6 years ago, rocky6290
This app is changing my life!!
I’ve kind of been putting off writing a review, because I don’t know if I can accurately put into words exactly how I feel about this app & how it’s helping me.... I’ve never been a runner. Never thought I would become one. If I ever made it into a gym, I would leave before really doing anything. I felt just as uncomfortable in the cardio room as I did in the weight room. I finally had enough & became miserable enough to do something & make a change in my life. Someone suggested this app and I reluctantly tried it. I couldn’t even run for 30 seconds before I started using this app. I just completed week 6 day 2, running two 10 minute stretches. Every day I run using this app, I’m just speechless. It’s helping me build my endurance & confidence more than anything ever has. Coming to the gym isn’t a chore anymore. I actually enjoy it.. it’s a challenge, but I know I can do it now! I just signed up for my first 5K :) and I got my best friend to try it with me... she’s in her 50s, has never run either & every day is progressing with this app!
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5 years ago, Chicken Marie
Makes running FUN by pairing music that motivates YOU
I’ve never understood runners that run w/o music. Some like peace & quiet and taking in the run but I’d rather not hear myself panting :) Cheap me actually purchased the $50/yr music that plays with the C2K5 run as I can change genres, tempos, etc and it’s not the same ole music that I already have. So fun to be in the middle of a run & hear a song from “the good old days.” Also figured that if I ended up stopping after the 8 weeks that the prorated amount would be small when I canceled the music. The app is SMART too. I got through 6 weeks and then concentrated on another health issue for a few weeks and was a bit intimidated to come back to C25K, knowing that I hadn’t run in a few weeks. Well, it actually took me BACK a week for every week that I missed so that I didn’t start over but it also didn’t put me in a position of taking on too much/potentially injuring myself (or my psyche :)) coming back to more than I can handle.
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3 weeks ago, zanzibartree
I used C25K pre covid and felt that it really positively impacted the way I look at exercise. I’ve since changed my focus to other forms of exercise and it’s been really enjoyable! I have never wanted to be a runner - but I am now dating in a family full of dedicated runners. After a few years of dating, I’ve finally been invited to run a 5k with my partners family. Years ago, this would have been a horrifying offer to me. I didn’t fret however because I knew I could go back to my old friend C25k. I’ve just reached the fourth day of training and I am more than dissatisfied. I’m actually quite angry. To add a paywall to a life changing app that used to be free is infuriating. I’ve read through a ton of reviews to try to figure out on what planet the developers thought this would be a good idea and I’ve found nothing. I know I would have been happy without paying because I’ve already completed this course without having to pay. I never felt like the app needed enhancements. You can try all you want to justify the pay wall but at the end of the day it’s ZenLabs being greedy. Don’t come on here and claim to care about people’s wellbeing when all you care about is money.
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4 years ago, Kitagrl28
App design did not work for me
This app is super annoying, even with the subscription. The “disable sleep” function does not work, so the app goes black on your phone AND watch unless you manually turn off your sleep mode every time you use it. (And even then, the watch still sleeps) And then the vibration does not work on the watch, so when I put my phone in a pocket and tried to rely on my watch, it not only kept going dark, but it also never notified me that I needed to switch to a run. Maybe it is set up to use the voice reminders through headphones, but I wasn’t using headphones because I was running with a partner, and we were chatting. If the app is created to disable sleep function and to vibrate when it’s time to switch, then those features should work on an iPhone X and an Apple Watch 5. When I decided to just carry the phone and watch the screen, every time my skin even barely touched the phone, it would fast forward or back up to a different location in the run, screwing everything up. Basically I wasted a week of trying to run, using this glitchy app. I’ll figure it out myself from now on. I still plan to run, but not using some clunky app that slows me down.
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2 years ago, CB MACH
Great for novices and seasoned runners returning from injury, alike!
I started using this app several years ago when I decided I wanted to start running. I have always been fit and active, but couldn’t run a mile to save my life. I believed my asthma prevented me from running. What this graduated plan does is methodically ease you in to running, building a solid base of running fitness and endurance. I will never be terribly fast, but I became an average 9.5 min/mile runner, and ultimately discovered a love/obsession with the sport. I have run several 5ks and my now favorite distance, the 1/2 marathon. The last six months I have had 3 big setbacks: major surgery, taking care of an ailing parent, and the dreaded COVID. I couldn’t run a mile…again. So back to this app I came. And because I haven’t lost all my fitness (just my lung capacity 😩) I can already feel my running legs bouncing back. If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate. Best new running/back to running app, ever.
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4 years ago, naz meg
Now a runner
I was not a runner. I hated cardio. I love long walks and hikes. I can spend a ton of time on the elliptical or stationary bike. I could do any yoga class. I loved the weight machine. However, when my gym shut down and some of that equipment became unavailable, I knew I needed to find something new to keep me moving. Today I completed week 7, day 1 of the program. I have my fastest mile time since high school. I need to officially expand my running loop. I have shaved 3 minutes off my mile/minute time. I never thought I could run for longer than a few minutes at a time but today I ran for longer than 25 minutes. I have been working through the C25K program with a clean eating focus. I am down almost 20 pounds. All of my clothes are fitting better or too big. However, those have not been my favorite accomplishments. Rather I am proud of the progress I have made. I am proud to call myself a runner. I am looking forward to starting the 10k program after this.
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7 years ago, Mishi 8402
Great for beginners!
I've never jogged in my life and I had poor cardio endurance. I had never jogged more then a minute and a half, even that was a struggle. I am a physical therapist assistant so I know a little about exercise. I believe this app has helped me lower my hate rate and build up endurance. I thought I would drop back a day or two because of the lack of confidence and faith in workout apps, but this app was perfect. I haven't repeated one day yet. I can tell they did a lot of research and put forth a lot of knowledge to prepare this app for anyone. I'm not a person who gives many apps 5 stars. I only thought of one thing I would change in this app. The way the music is set up. I am on my fifth week and excited to run my first 5k in July. I believe I am a healthier person and I'm excited the designers of this app have done an exceptional job in creating a way to make it easy to be healthier. All you need is motivation and drive and you can succeed!!! Good luck!
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11 months ago, dababyicegurl
Wish app in sync for phone and Fitbit but this app is amazing!
Besides the fact I wish the app on my Fitbit watch would sync to the app on my phone, the only other thing I could ever ask for, but don’t entirely need, would the app adjust the tempo of your music between jogging and walking sections. In the meantime, I just keep a good playlist rotation. This app is amazing for beginning cardio to advanced and you don’t even need to actually be running in the beginning if you are deconditioned. You can slow walk then speed walk during jogging or you can jog at the walk and run at the jog sections. The versatility on this app with its training is the reason why I recommend it to friends, family and patients/clients. The visuals for the sectioned areas work wonders in making myself push if I’m starting to feel the need to slow down. As someone with ADHD, it is good incentive to keep going when I can see my progress. I can also appreciate that even the free version allows you to return and redo sections. It helps when I had to take break (e.g. I broke my ankle, pun unintended) and have to start over or I found the last workout particularly difficult and want to do it again before moving on to the next. If I could afford to buy the upgraded version, I probably would. In the meantime, thank you C25K for bringing something to the table that can help people, especially those without the means to pay for all these other apps and programs!
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4 years ago, Squeaksy
Ads at Unfortunate Times
Overall this app is GREAT. I can put my phone in my pocket and have music on and this app will come through my headphones and tell me exactly when to walk and run. The weeks are organized and set up so I don’t have to keep track of ANYTHING. HOWEVER, the LAST thing I want to do when I’ve finished a 30min exercise and I press “DONE” on the app is listen to a loud, annoying ad that stops my music and doesn’t let me X out until it’s fully played. It’s super annoying. I also don’t appreciate how many of the features you have to pay for: you CANNOT sync this to your Apple Watch on the free version and it’s wont give you any stats on the free version. It’s disappointing. UPDATE: I haven’t received an ad more recently, so I’m updating my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars. I’m not sure if they changed something or if it was just a fluke - but I’m enjoying ending a workout and not having to watch an impromptu ad.
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5 years ago, Travis528
Keeps crashing on my IPhone XR
I’m really disappointed that this app didn’t work out for me. This app crashed 2 of 3 workouts that I tried to use it. This app does not give you any distance, map or heart rate stats unless you pay for it. Which is fine but the app apparently doesn’t like it very much or there are some bugs. I ALWAYS have my apps and IOS software update and restart my phone just in case if I start having app issues. The first time I used it everything was going great but my Apple Watch detected I was doing a workout and I started the outdoor run, shortly afterwards my app crashed and lost my workout. Day 2 I used the default workout app on my Apple Watch and everything was fine no issues. Day 3 did the same steps as day 2 and the app crashed halfway through my workout. It’s extremely frustrating losing your progress so I downloaded a competitor and if it’s stable during my 7 day trail they will probably get my money. Sorry C25K you missed out on some $$. I at least gave you 2 stars because I did like the app layout and the screen lock feature for keeping the app in the foreground.
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4 years ago, Burnam92
I NEVER write reviews.
I did this little app on a whim. My girlfriend had been wanting to be in better shape and take control of herself and her life meanwhile my fat self couldn’t have cared any less about myself. I decided I’d do this app with her to help keep her motivated and get myself into some sort of shape, though skeptical as to how I could go from not running since high school sports to now about ten years later and be able to run a 5k In 8 weeks only running three days a week. Well we stuck with it and from day one I was shocked as to how strenuous but not at the same time it was. Long story short yesterday I ran a 5k, i never thought or dreamed I’d do that again In life and here I am, almost 40 pounds down and running no less than 2 miles every time I go out to run. If you just wanna get in better shape this is the app for you. Very great would recommend to anyone.
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6 years ago, faster than my kids
It works! From the Couch 2 running 5K
Started using the app this year. My goal was to run a 5k this fall. Now it took me longer than eight weeks to finish this. The reason being was I doubled or even tripled the weeks. At the beginning I was over weight and extremely out of shape. Today I ran over 5k in 30 minutes. Could not be more self satisfied. At the start I thought there was no way I would be able to run continuously for more than two or even three minutes. I stuck with it, changed my diet, and started working out. I have lost over 35lbs and only 10lbs from my target goal. Now I know I can finish and will be starting the 10k app soon. Also looking forward to this fall where I know I will be able to run my race. Thank you C25K the app is awesome, also like the messages when I open the app. You guys rock! It would have been more difficult without this app.
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4 years ago, AmberFinnSimm
Basic Functionality But Doesn’t Reach 5k
I’m just about to graduate week 8 of C25K, and I am debating whether or not I’ll continue to use ZenLabs’ app to continue working toward 10k. Unless you pay for ZenLabs Unlimited, the features are extremely basic, including no Apple Watch integration. The voiceover for the intervals is really the only perk here, but it is helpful and motivating to have your runs set up three days a week. My biggest complaint is that once you’re through the first half of the program, you begin running longer runs to use the stamina you’ve built, but the app assumes people are running a 10 minute mile. If people are truly couch potatoes, a 10 minute mile in only four weeks doesn’t seem realistic. Right now, I’m running the final 28 minute runs at a 13 minute pace, and so I’m going to need to keep training to reach 5k. Despite having a distance goal, this program uses all time-based intervals (ex: run 5 minutes, walk 3) rather than distance. The app is really rudimentary and if I could do it over again, I’d recommend everyone use another app.
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7 years ago, RedFocus
Got me running again after 10 years!
I was a competitive runner in high school but after a couple of injuries in high school and college I stopped working out consistently. This past winter a friend suggested we run a 5k together. I had been wanting to try running again and this seemed like the perfect opportunity plus I had someone to hold me accountable. It has taken me longer than the plan laid out in the app but that was by choice. I figured if I came back slowly this new habit would be more likely to stick. Every time I run it gets a little easier and I get more confident. This weekend I will be running my 3rd 5k for the year. I'm not sure I would've gotten to this point without the app. Thank you! My only suggestion for improvement would be to allow me to lock my phone while the app is on. I found that if I lock my phone and allow my screen to go black the app will stop speaking. Other than that everything works great!
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4 years ago, pamasaurus rex
Love it!
This app is everything I’ve heard it is and more! I’ve never been a runner, never really worked out or played sports. I don’t struggle with my weight so I just never saw a reason. This year though I wanted to get truly healthy by giving up some bad habits and getting fit. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but it’s set up to keep you challenged without being impossible. The running/walking ratio keeps gradually moving toward the goal. I was never so sore I didn’t want to run, but I felt myself getting stronger and my endurance growing. I’m now starting week 7 and it’s such an amazing feeling to hear that ding notifying one minute left, and knowing I just ran 2+ miles without stopping. AND without feeling like I’m going to die lol. My first 5k is in 2.5 weeks and I’m so excited. Strongly considering doing the 10k app next! If you’re out of shape and want to get fit, I definitely recommend this app.
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9 months ago, HCone1
It’s absurd that a once-free app switched to locking even the most basic components of the program behind a subscription paywall with the reasoning that they did it “in the best interests of our customers.” As there are other better free alternatives, I’ll definitely switch and continue running with another app. Past day 4, you are required to purchase their “pro version” to continue running with their program. In other reviews, they claim they can justify this change because they have added music and other accessory features within the app. However, I’m sure that, like many other users, the basic running program is the main focus, especially if you’re unlikely to touch the accessory features when you can listen to music through other apps. Instead, there has been incredibly poor decision-making on their part by locking the app's main selling point behind a subscription paywall. A smarter model would preserve the original running program as a free experience and promote the pro version as an optional upgrade with accessory features.
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7 years ago, Kiki482
Awesome Trainer!
Just completed my first week and I'm on top of the world! C25K is so user friendly and gives me the confidence and guidance I need to be successful. The goal actually feels attainable. I love especially the ability to sync with your music on iTunes and this app called RockMyRun that adjusts the tempo of the music based on your strut or even your BPM or Heart Rate. It also syncs with my Apple Watch which is quite handy and allows me to just feel and see when I need to switch to walking from running and vice versa as opposed to solely audio cues through my headset, which I have found that I'm not always alerted, one of the reasons I gave the app 4 stars. I also gave the app 4 stars because if I happen to go into the forum, there seems to be no way of exiting back out to the main area of the app for training without quitting the app and reopening. But other than the quirks I mentioned that need to be fixed, this is an awesome trainer overall!
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3 years ago, brittanydiblasi
I’m not a runner
I’ve never been a runner and I’ve never enjoyed it, until now. I live on the beach in San Diego and always envy the fit runners on the boardwalk and beach. I’ve always wished that were me. This app has allowed me to finally feel like I’m capable of becoming a runner. I randomly downloaded it and decided I’m going to try. At first I wasn’t hopeful but after the first week I found I looked forward to my next run. I’ve been running barefoot in the sand along the waters edge. Not only is it physically great for me but the mental benefits have been awesome. I feel happy, taking in the air, the earth. It’s freeing. And when I finish my workout I feel even more accomplished and stroll back home looking at the ocean. Anyone who’s been afraid to start running, I promise, this is the app for you! You’ll love it! Thanks C25K for getting me outside and breathing.
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7 years ago, Ashley Arug
Best app for beginners
If you hate running but want to start running because your friends are runners and you want to be like your friends (or just improve your overall health), this is the best app to start with. I've always hated running. I couldn't even run down the street without stopping and bending over, trying to catch my breath while holding up one finger saying "I'm fine, just keep going". I wanted to change up my workout routine so I thought I'd overcome this inability by learning how to run. I heard about this app and decided to download it while eating a bowl of chips. I was going to start tomorrow. And I did. I'm on week 3 and I gotta say, now I can run down the street, around the block, to the corner, without bending over. It's a great feeling. If you're a new runner and don't know where to begin, this is hands down the best app to download (from my experience).
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5 years ago, Ulta Crazy
So far so GOOD
Just a little background story, I have never ever jogged/ran in my life unless I was being chased and that has never happened. I am on my fourth week on the app. When I first started my first week, I thought I was going to die by the end of the one min jog and this also happened as the weeks progressed. Yet, I am alive and loving it!!!! The app suggests three days a week I go with four days a week just to build my tolerance and I think it works well for me. I am in my third week and about to close it. When the three min jog first started, I thought I was going to die and I was about to hit STOP on the treadmill but I kept going and didn’t. By the third jog, I actually thought the three mins went by fast and I’m excited!!! I hope you will give this app a try!!!! It really works and I can’t wait for my fourth week of feeling (I’m going to die)!!!
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7 years ago, Chella F
Optional slower pace of progression please
Running isn't easy. Starting out running is even harder. Trying to start running when you have asthma feels impossible. Running will help build lung endurance, but the asthmatic runner has to understand that while their perseverance will get them to the same abilities of running as someone without asthma, they will progress slower. That being said, how about a slower paced option on this app? It took me three weeks just to get past week one of this program comfortably. Perhaps you can have a setting option (you don't have to say it's for asthmatics, who should seek medical advice - just for anyone who would want or need the feature) where a user could select a slower pace of progression through the program. You could have a slower course with easier transitions. That would be nice to try to help someone who needs to exercise but not get discouraged or frustrated because they can't keep up. You'd be the only ones to have such an option - making you more valuable.
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4 years ago, MrsGriffinger
Good, but not Great
It does a good job of starting simple and building over time, but there are a couple big cons for me that keep me from giving it 4 or 5 stars. Pros: - pre-designed training sessions so you don’t have to research, build a training schedule and figure out when to walk vs run each day. - built in playlists - when using their music, the coaching can still be heard easily so you don’t miss a cue Cons: - music variety isn’t great, you can only skip a couple times, some playlists aren’t long enough to last the 35 minutes if you skip 1 song - if using another music app, you can’t hear the apps cues/notifications, they’re extremely quiet and it doesn’t lower the volume of your music. - the noise indicating to start/stop jogging is the same as the halfway/1 minute notification so when your jogging you hear the ding and start waking only to find out it’s just updating you on where your at in the session, this could easily be a different noise so you don’t loose your rhythm - to hit the distance goals, including the final 5K run, it assumes your running 9min mile which for a couch to 5K app is ridiculously unrealistic - on the final Run a 5k session, despite having built in GPS tracking, it just starts a timer for 30 minutes, absolutely nothing about distance so I guess if you haven’t hit 3.2mi at exactly the 30min mark your out of luck and on your own to figure it out.
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7 years ago, Havetowakeupearly
Helping me become a runner!!
As an adult, I had stopped running because it hurt my knees too much (I'm more of a swimmer). I tried this app to prepare for the 5K for Wanderlust. I love how it starts out easy and it builds up as you build up your stamina and endurance. It still hurt a lot the first time, but it was short enough that two days later, I was willing to do my next round. I found that I was able to keep up AND, I was blessed with tips from runners on Instagram on how to land, to take smaller steps, and to pace myself. I'm only on week 4 but I'm so happy that I can run 5 minutes without stopping!!! It made me motivated and I bought new jogging clothes and audio books. I'm so excited now about running that I've run three days consecutively without a break! Who would have thought this would become a "habit"! Lol. Thank you so much for this app!!!
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4 years ago, cancoom
If you’re picking up jogging definitely download this app!
I started this app with the worst expectations. I didn’t think it could ever help me. I just knew after having a baby I needed to get back into running. My sister told me about this app and I thought it was too good to be true. Especially looking at the weeks ahead on the app. I thought, “there’s no way I’m gonna be running for five minutes straight I can barely run for a minute”. This app gave me 100% hope and inspiration to keep going. I’m now on week 3 and feeling better than ever. If you really stick to it and don’t give up, this app will definitely help you get into shape. Don’t second guess it, download this app! You can pay for the premium but the good thing about this app is it works just fine without paying for anything! Just download it! You won’t regret it!
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3 years ago, Kay-seee💕
Never thought I would be a runner
This app is amazing for helping you build up your stamina and endurance. Prior to starting I couldn’t even run half a mile without feeling like I was going to pass out. Now I’m one workout away from finishing the app, and down 20 pounds! I will say that it took me longer than 8 weeks to finish the work outs (more like 12 weeks). I had to repeat some days and started out only using the app 2 days a week instead of 3. But I really like how it gradually eases you into running longer distances. It really helps in slowly increasing the intensity of workouts and avoiding running injuries from increasing your distance too quickly. If you’ve never been a runner and are looking to give shot this app is a must! I’m about to move onto the 10K app, I never thought I would be able to run like this!
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7 years ago, ucandothis
Awesome app!!
Always scared of running! Not in shape and didn't know where to start but this app is awesome. Yes it will challenge you but if I can do it so can you! It's designed to help us couch potatoes put down the bag of chips and work those legs! So far I've kept up with it and excited to see the end results! I don't know if i ever want to run a 5k but being able to not get winded so easily and getting in shape is with it! Always scared of running! Not in shape and didn't know where to start but this app is awesome. Yes it will challenge you but if I can do it so can you! It's designed to help us couch potatoes put down the bag of chips and work those legs! So far I've kept up with it and excited to see the end results! I don't know if i ever want to run a 5k but being able to not get winded so easily and getting in shape is with it!
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6 years ago, MaryLelia
I’m a C25K Graduate! You can do it, too!
If on a scale of 0 to 10 you rate the love of running at zero, you can absolutely complete this app. I had such negative thoughts when I downloaded C25K because it expected you to be able to run the whole 5K distance in 30 minutes, but before I took off on Day 1 I thought to myself “Some is better than none.” Each day and week, I followed the time suggestions instead of the distance suggestions located at the very top of the screen. That helped me build my running endurance. Since completing Week 8, Day 3, I’ve been able to reach the full 5K distance in less than 35 minutes. I never thought I would see the day where I could run a 5K without stopping. Practice makes progress. Have the drive within yourself and just get started. Now on to an official race!
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7 years ago, cprunning89
Goal Complete!
I am not athletic. I go through spurts of being active (elliptical and lifting weights mostly). I am overweight, asthmatic , and have never run a mile in my life. However, when I made my bucket-list a few years ago, I put on it to run an entire 5k. I downloaded this app and completed day 1 in March. It may be an 8-week program but I took almost 22 weeks to finish it. I had to repeat days until I could complete them, I repeated the last day of week four about eight times 😂 HOWEVER! I did persevere and I FINISHED!! I just completed my first 5k two days ago and ran (albeit slowly) the whole way! I signed up for my second 5k today hoping to be able to increase my speed and I am going to start training for a 10K this week! In fact, I just got back from a two-and-a-half mile run and I feel great! ✅Bucket-list
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3 years ago, SHMALH
Get off of the couch and do this
If someone told me 8 weeks ago I would be able to run 3 miles without stopping in just short of a few months they would be getting multiple awards for comedic performance from me This works. Like it really, really does work if you stick to it and don’t give up. The hard part isn’t running its getting up and putting your shoes on to get out of the door. There were a few days where I fell short and I wasn’t able to complete a day, but I just redid it a few days later and I’ve always progressed This is the only thing that has truly worked in changing my life for the better. My endurance is the highest it’s ever been in my entire life and my leg muscles have noticeably grown since starting the program.
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4 years ago, Specialist 101
Worst App
App with incorrect workout information I am surprised with the reviews as the App makes it hard to follow instructions. Seems like fake or self-generated paid reviews. The only thing it really does without a paid subscription is says: “start walking”, “start running” during the App. Which would be fine for free service but it does that at wrong intervals and throws a person off their momentum in the middle of the workout. I started using the App over 10 days ago. The guidance that the App gave during the run did not match the initial overview it gave for the workout that I would be doing on any particular day. First day it happened, it threw me off during the run. I immediately forced myself back into the rhythm and just tried to follow what the app was suggesting. I thought, I may have missed something along the line. Next day, same thing. I kept thinking, I missed something or its an error on a particular day’s workout but the same thing repeated everyday. So today I closely looked at the breakdown of each days workouts the App has provided and the total time of those workouts, which is give or take 30 minutes for each days workout. I added up the breakdown given and it was off by 6-8 minutes on every one of them. Didn’t make any sense. Other than this information(which is incorrect to begin with), the app doesn’t give any other information without a paid subscription and they expect people to pay for bad app.
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2 weeks ago, W8ing2ride
Just Do This!
I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions about 5 years ago because it always seemed to revolve around losing weight and getting shape. I have, over my vast years, equally succeeded and failed those tasks. My 2024 “resolution” is to do things I have always wanted to do but, for whatever the reason, haven’t done or failed to complete. I have wanted to do this program for so long and over the years have started/stopped at least 5-6 times. This year I made the commitment but, if I had to be honest, I never actually believed I could do it. I mean, a 5K in 8wks?!? Last month I FINISHED!!! What an amazing sense of accomplishment. I am seriously considering moving on to the 10K trainer. Now I just go back to the days I want to run and use it to keep me motivated and on pace.
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7 years ago, syxx117
Best I have felt in my entire life!!!
This app is the best thing to ever happen to me. I've been exercising for the two months trying to get back in shape. My friend recommended this app to help me prepare. I set a goal to do RAGBRAI next year( bike riding across Iowa) and he thought this would help me out. I've been chunky most of my life. Even when I played sports in high school I was in decent shape but never have I been able to jog longer then a minute. Well, I've been using this app for the last 2 weeks and I just completed week 4 day 1( a week in the app is 3 days). It's intervals of 3 min jog, 90 sec walk, 5 min jog, 2.5 mins walk, and 5 mins jogging for the finish. I have never been able to jog for that much or that long!! This is the best I have ever felt in my entire life! Thank you so much for app. Jogging made easy!
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8 months ago, MichLeeGal
Absolutely Love but $$
I fell in love with the free version of this app, really was excited to watch my progress and enjoyed the format of it etc. it’s simple, straight forward, syncs up & keeps pushing you. The increments of running is really well paced too for someone who is not a runner. I felt it gets you to a runners shape quicker than other running apps. I signed up for the paid version and sadly I think it’s just a bit too pricey for what it offers. I wish I could buy it outright & not have to pay $15 every 3 months. It feels like subscribers have to make up for people who only want to use it for a month or two, when I’d like to continue using it for years. Even an annual price would be less jarring than every 3 months. Still a great running app and if you can budget for it, highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Bcsquard
Success story
Started using the C25K app in October after more than 18 months of ZERO working out. When I started, I had serious doubts about whether I would be able to do that 20 minute run at the end of week 5. Never missed a run (it’s only 3x per week), and after completing 8 weeks, I ran 5k for my first run of week 9. Have run 5k 3x per week since, today being run 3 of week 11. Time is slowly getting better: today was 33:34, not including warm up and cool down. I only did the free version, as I have an activity tracker that does pulse, distance, cadence, etc. I just needed the plan, and the app really helps when you’re still in the walk/run parts of the plan. I highly recommend it. Thanks, zenilabs, for making the basic version free.
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6 years ago, Landisclan
I was NOT a runner...until now
I always hated running. Just running a mile in high school was miserable for me. But I gave this app a try hoping somehow I would learn to pace myself enough to actually enjoy it. I will never forget the day the app tells you to run two miles without stopping. I read it and thought to myself, “there is NO way!”. But I gave it a shot. At the start of mile two, I wasn’t even winded. This huge smile burst across my face. I was running. And I liked it. And I didn’t feel like I was going to die. I finished the 8 week train by registering for a 5k race. I put myself at the back to start because I thought I would be one of the last to finish. Much to my SHOCK, out of 200+ people, I placed 3rd in the race! C25K turned a 30 year old that hated running, into a 5k race winner.
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3 years ago, brandylynn81
3rd time is the charm.
I have used this app previously and ran my first 5k after the first time! I got off track when I had to take care of a terminally ill family member. After a year or so I went back to the app and started again but couldn’t find my motivation, so stopped. January of 2020, I was battling depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, pre diabetes and my weight was at its highest in 15 years. So I started again with the C25K free app. I am proud to say that 18 months later. Im running 4-5 miles 3 days a week, strength training 2 days a week, I’m down almost 50 pounds, cholesterol is down 43 points, depression and anxiety is resolved and no more pre diabetes. This app gives you the tools you need to be successful and I’m super thankful for it!
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5 months ago, Mom of 3 adventurers
Not free anymore. :(
I have had this app for a couple of years and used it as a way to just tell me when to start running/walking during intervals. The whole running plan was free! I don’t need anything more. I was disappointed after finally getting through the first week (I don’t have loads of time to run so it took me 2 weeks) I was informed that I now needed a pro membership to continue past the 4th workout. I was so disappointed that I have to go back to timers or find something else. It’s otherwise great if you don’t mind paying for a glorified timer...every month. The couch to 5k plan is excellent and I have used it many times without fancy apps to ease back into running after an extended break. The price tag is a limiting factor as I don’t need much from the app and hate subscriptions. Off to find something new…
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2 months ago, rogue.
You don’t need a New Year’s resolution you can start at anytime.
Wonderful way to start getting in shape I’ve always wanted to be a runner and would like to do a marathon at least once but I’ve never been able to stick with it or start right. This app helps me do both. It is easy to use even in the beginning. Even if you start out slow, you start getting faster, feel better and get into a rhythm as the days and weeks go by. I can’t always go daily, but I can go regularly. When I finish this app. I’m hoping to go to the next step. The only thing that I see is a drawback is it doesn’t give you time in between to stretch, which is very important. With some luck I will reach my goal.
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6 years ago, Joku toinen myös
This app made me a runner!
Believe it or not, I can finally run 2.5 miles! I am not overweight and not in terrible shape either. I just had this terrible mental block about running. I didn't think I could run more than a block, ever. But, I kept trying to advance with the help of this app. I would repeat ’days’’, when I didn't have the courage to skip another walking section or stretch the running portion (you can get a preview of what to expect). So for probably two months straight, I kept repeating the same ’day’ with 8 minute running sections. I don't get opportunities to run more than twice a week and I take breaks for vacations or bad weather and sometimes extended breaks for the summer... But, lo and behold, I finally ran 2.5miles! It probably only took me 2 years!
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6 years ago, Juchyt
My stubby self can now jog a 5K
I was never a runner. I’m the give me a weight and I’m solid kind of chick. I decided to give it a try this summer as I work near Central Park. Walking around the park, you will see hundreds of people within an hour. A large percentage of that are runners! I thought to myself, I can workout and enjoy the scenery around me in one shot. I gave it a go with this app as a friend had recommended it (it’s free, like hello, free app and a free workout). This app is awesome in that the countdown is always on time and I’ve never had an issue with it blanking out like my music app does. Which is why I continue to use this app even though I’m not consistently running anymore. I finished the program and kind of fell off the wagon but keep it around for motivation!
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5 years ago, Tu2gen
I love this app!!! I was a complete couch potato and decided I needed to change. I chose to download this app after seeing all the positive reviews. I did week 5 day 2 today. It isn’t easy, but it is possible! I never imagined myself jogging like this and now I actually can envision myself being able to eventually do a 5k if I wanted. My end goal wasn’t a 5k as most people’s is. Mine is just to be healthier and a stepping stone to get into shape. If you have motivation, this app is a must! (If you lack motivation, honestly most diet/exercise apps won’t work for you. Sorry.) I did make the mistake of picking July to start this app. Lol. I stuck with it and will keep it up. This app is perfect for beginners and I will suggest it to anyone looking to get into a new exercise routine.
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1 year ago, JGL2015
Good app but could be better
I have been using this app for a week and love it so far. I used to run regularly 20 years ago and this is a fabulous app to ease gently back into running or for total novices. You warm up for 5 mins then it’s walk for 2 mins run for 1 mins walk for 2 mins run for 1 mins etc till you get to 25 mins then cool down for the last 5 mins. After 30 mins your workout is complete. The idea is you get to 5 k I believe in about 8 weeks. My only complaint is that you can only do 3 workouts per week which I suppose is good as it’s gentle but it would be nice if they had an option for doing bonus workouts. What I do is repeat days which basically deletes my data for the day I have completed Other than that an excellent app.
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6 years ago, FromhollyWouldtohollyWILL
Safe but Challenging
This app is great for beginner to intermediate runners who have some experience with running but want to train for a 5K. Now it is a little challenging at times if you are not used to running the distance it tells you for what level you're at, but I have seen results in my body from doing this training. I do wonder if the app takes into consideration that a person should be on a particular diet to run each level as it comes or you should be in particularly good shape but otherwise this is a good app and if I feel like I am not ready to go on I just repeat the session before until I'm ready to move on, which prolongs the process but it keeps me moving. I'm going to continue through until the very end, and then write another review. #runon #dontquit #fromHollyWouldtoHollyWILL :-)
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