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User Reviews for CalmDown

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12 years ago, irismac
I can't believe I paid for this
It's nice and all..... but this one should be free. Really. Very simple.
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12 years ago, Awesome Zen Master
Fight anxiety the high-tech way!
The more I read about anxiety and stress, the more I realized I need to pay attention to it for my health. When I'm at a computer and have a stress response (due to an upcoming deadline, aggravating news item, or stressful email), my body is just sitting there being damaged by a maladaptive fight-or-flight response (rather than running away from a caveman-era predator). This app is the solution. It lets me focus on calming down with a simple breathing exercise, and then I can move on with my day in a healthier way--both physically and mentally. Highly recommended for daily use!
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12 years ago, sweetmatter
Calmed Down
You know when you get iritated because there's just so much you have to do? CalmDown is the perfect app to help you, well, calm down. This app is great for anyone who needs to get stuff done but everything might seem overwhelming. Click on the icon and simply breathe.
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8 years ago, bob-dog
Doesn’t look like sample
I don’t see a range of colors like the sample screen. My screen just goes from solid white to purple to royal blue and back again. It does the exact same thing whether I click “calm down,” or "5 deep breaths,” or “10 deep breaths” or “take a walk.” So why do they even give you a choice?
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10 years ago, HART-OF-SWARM
Simple. Works
Thank you
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12 years ago, @ProfessorDave
Absolute Trash
Don't install this piece of garbage. Running on Lion with a 2009 iMag with 8GB of memory and this little toy brought it to its knees. Devoured both system and virtual memory - almost a gig of VM before I found it in Activity Monitor.
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